A Pokémon Alolan Misadventure!

BY : Haunter_Rayne
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A Pokémon Alolan Misadventure!

By Haunter Rayne


(Message from author: Hello everyone, this is my first ever attempt at writing a fanfiction even though I've been an avid reader for over a decade. Comments and reviews are highly encouraged! Let me know what you did and didn't like. Let me know if you would like this to continue as a running story or if you would like to see different one shot stories from me. If I get positive reviews I'd be happy to take custom requests.


Now about this story, this is a strong edge fetish piece because those are the kinds of stories that I like to read. This is a Pokémon story about a young female trainer in the Pokémon Sun/Moon islands. There will be be masochism, blood and just a little mutilation. There will be Pokémon on girl intercourse. There will be voyeuristic yuri incest and a short girl on girl scene but no actual sex unless I get requests for it. This story is mainly from the viewpoint of a young, naive, perverts mind. No viewpoints in this story should be taken as reality.


If you want to skip the back story entirely then just do a CTRL F search for the word “week” and it will pull you to the current story. There's no pokephilia before that because I got kind of carried away with the back story.


This one shot will be half back story and half about a single moment in this character's life. This is not a story about her full adventure. There is a lot that is possible for before or after this point but I will only write that if I get requests for it. Mainly I am writing this to see if people find my writing style interesting and to express a thought I came up with while starting to play Pokémon Sun/Moon.


So without any further delay, please enjoy my story.)


- - -


Soft hushed moans panted out through the young girl's room.


It was a warm tropical day on Melemele Island as the sun shone brightly through the clear blue sky and the sound of the shore rang a chorus of tranquility for the local residents. Wingull flew through the breeze above Iki Town while Slowpoke would yawn and watch people blankly as they bustled about their daily chores. It was late morning already and most of the denizens of this island paradise had been up for hours, already eaten and washed and active upon their tasks for the day. The island fisherman were long since gone for the shoreline, the scent of morning barbecue still lingered in the air and the Kahuna wandered to make sure that all was right with those up and about for the day. However despite the active lifestyle of the island village there were still those who lingered, already awake but far from rising out of bed even as the sun crawled its way towards noon.


The warm tropical breeze blew in through an open bedroom window. The soothing gust crossing over an exposed chest, tingling along hardened nipples that shook and  quivered. A now sweaty face dripped down its brow above a clenched pair of eyes and a young mouth that gasped sharply with squeaks of bliss.


“Oh, oh, uh, mmmmmm…”


Moans and gasps continued from the youthful pink mouth of the young girl lying in her bed. Bedsheets had become bunched up at the foot of her bed from her wrestling with herself in morning bliss. Two little arms were stretched down between her legs as her hips rocked upwards bumping into her wrists. “Ahh, ah mmm!” She moaned biting her lip as she played with herself as she had been for the last several hours.


Loud wet noises came from between the girl's legs as she was soaked with her own juices all over her bottom and up her thighs. She went back and forth from plunging two to three fingers as deeply into herself as she could while her other hand pinched herself around her clit as sharply as she should. “Hah! Mmmmmm, sis…” she hissed as yet another orgasm dripped around her finger tips that morning while she thought back to memories long passed.


~ some years ago ~


The sky was dark but the sun had not yet descended over the horizon for the night. Thick storm clouds covered the island. The cold weather and gloom had most families indoors while the main workforce of adults were distracted pulling in the fishing boats and sheltering up for the storm. This however, left prime opportunity for mischievous kids to sneak away.


A young little Madison walked into her sister Audrey’s room. “Hey there, mom and dad aren't around and it's too humid to go outside. Do you want to play?” The little island girl asked stepping into the empty room. “Sis?” She said confused, looking around wondering where her sibling could be.


It was just then that Madison heard a sound from her sister's window. Looking she saw that it was only shut most of the way with a bit left open at the bottom. This being unusual behavior for a storm coming in Madison stepped over seeing the top of two little heads dashing off outside around the back of the house. “Oh now I've got to see what you are up to!” The inquisitive sister said to herself, dashing outside to see what trouble Audrey was getting herself into.


A few minutes later her little tanned fingers gripped the edge of the house and peered around the side. “Where did you go?” Madison whispered, creeping along as silently as she could. As she turned around the back end of her house she was disappointed to see nothing but the end of their property. There was nothing back there other than a fence as they lived against the shore with a little cliff drop into the water. “I couldn't have missed her, I came outside too fast.” She huffed feeling a little annoyed about being abandoned for what might have been an adventure. But then as she stood there listening to the waves crashing nearby Madison also heard other sounds like hushed whispers even closer to her than the water below.


Since this was an island community they were very accustomed to storms and occasional flooding of the island. This is why all of the homes were constructed on a raised foundation that left a hollow space below for water to pass through freely. Having not thought to check there until she heard voices Madison peered below underneath the back of the house and saw what she thought were bare feet in the dark space. Quickly ducking back to not be seen she found a better vantage point to peer in below the foundation undetected. What she saw under that foundation though surprised her so greatly that it ended up changing how she looked at things for the rest of her life.


“Uhh, aahh, mmmmmm!”


Madison’s eyes spread open wide and her jaw dropped just as far. She had found her sister alright but she wasn't expecting to find her sister completely stark naked. Audrey did not have a shred of cloth on her and was bent over on her hands and knees rocking back and forth. Not quite as surprising as catching her sister outside like this in the first place, Madison also saw that there was a boy behind her leaning over her back also just as naked and was hitting her sister's bottom with his hips. “They're having sex!” Her juvenile mind screamed, full of confusion and excitement. She didn't know who the boy was, he definitely wasn't a local. His pale skin contrasted against the dark islander skin of her sister as they both rocked together.


At this point in her life Madison was still a virgin, even though that would be spoiled in the next few days, but Madison still understood all about sex from seeing Pokémon mate a few times before. Her eyes were glued to the sight of her sisters swaying body. Sweat dripped from her skin from the humidity and their activity. Audrey’s nipples were rock hard and jutting from her small swaying mounds. While the boy seemed fairly tight lipped during their intercourse her sister was having a hard time remaining quiet, gasping and moaning from the feelings down below. “Is he hurting her?” Madison’s naive mind wondered, feeling an urge to get closer. She wanted to get a better understanding of how her sister was feeling and if she were honest with herself she really wanted a better view as well.


Knowing she had to be quiet or it would ruin everything, Madison crawled on her hands and knees along the dirt around the side of the foundation up to behind a nearby support block. From here she was so close that she reach around the other side and touch her sister's hand if she wanted to. From here she could see everything and she couldn't believe it. She could see her sisters pussy between their legs and the boys member that pushed into her sister. Audrey was so wet that her entire groin was shiny with her juices and it was very squishy as the boy pushed into her. Now that Madison was closer she was surprised at how loud Audrey was and was glad their parents were out or else she might have been heard through the floor.


Audrey was grunting like an animal and was having a hard time holding herself still. Madison thought she looked like she was being tickled with how she was moving about but her sister wasn't laughing. Concern for the sister she loves winning in her mind over perversion she decided it might be worth it getting in trouble to interrupt them if this boy was hurting her but then Audrey said something that Madison’s little mind didn't know how to compute. “Ugh… harder.” She moaned out.


“What?!” Madison thought in disbelief and watched as the boy slapped his hips into her sister harder making much louder noises from their impacting one another.


“Uh, uh, oh harder dammit!” Audrey swore as she moaned, feeling the boy drive into her deeper with every thrust. The pale boy then grabbed Audrey by the arm and twisted it behind her back. She made no response to this as Madison then watched the boy push her sister down until she fell forward into the ground and used her arm as a handlebar to pound into her pussy. Audrey started a series of high pitched moans and her legs kept kicking behind her. Then the boy grabbed the tropical island slut by the hair and pulled as he pounded his weight into her.


Madison almost started to cry, she didn't understand at first why her sister was asking for it like this. She wanted her sister to enjoy sex because she had always understood it as a good thing. But as she watched she only became more confused.


“Uhhhh mmyyyy, yes! It feels sooo good! Harder! Uuh!” Audrey moaned biting her lip about to climax with the strange nameless boy. Madison raised a brow. Clearly her sister knew much more about these things than she did, the evidence staring her in the face. Seeing that Audrey was obviously enjoying herself Madison stopped crying but then tried to figure this conundrum out. Madison watched observantly as Audrey quickly grabbed the boy's hand and brought it tightly over her mouth. Once she had, she closed her eyes and screamed into it as her body began to shaking. Madison thought Audrey looked like a horror movie victim being stabbed to death by a killer but understood that for some reason this was a good thing.


Audrey shook and screamed and cried through her orgasm as she unknowingly perverted her sister's mind for the rest of her life. “I know that sex is a wonderful thing that people do for pleasure,” Madison thought, “but, is sex supposed to hurt?” Now lost in thought Madison sort of missed seeing the boys testiclea throb. Audrey’s eyes went wide as she could feel it but still had his hand over her mouth. She struggled slapping back at him as he groaned, unloading his balls deep inside of the helpless island girl as she flailed beneath him.


By this point Madison had turned away, leaving them to finish their business in privacy and not get caught when they left. “Sex is supposed to hurt.” She mumbled to herself pondering this statement. “It seemed like Audrey really wanted that boy to be rough. Does that mean the more sex hurts that the better it feels?” She considered to herself, trying to unravel this mystery. She wandered slowly back into the house, so distracted that she missed her parents saying hi to her as she walked right passed them. With masturbation being nothing new to her at the time, Madison was subconsciously on a mission now to head to her bed but this time while playing with herself she was going to experiment in a very different way that she never had before. The sights of her sister fresh in her mind, Madison began to toy with the possibilities of masochism, an interest that would captivate her more and more the older she became.


~ some years later ~


Here Madison lay stark naked in her bed with both her teenaged wrists frantically working her hands between her legs. Sweat dripped from her head, chest and legs as she had been at herself for hours, not realizing how much of the day had escaped her. She bit her lip crying out with yet another orgasm, feeling her juices pour from her between her fingers. She kept three fingers from one hand as deep into her sex as she could stick them while her other hand pinched at her sensitive lady parts as harshly as she could manage. Her groin was now a series of angry red welts from her self masturbatory abuse. She had red bruises and scratches up and down her labia, around the rim of her vagina and several across the hood of her clit which she was now digging her fingernails into in the throes of her climax.


It was about this time that she felt like she had finally had enough. She collapsed her sweaty legs on the bed and took a deep breath opening her eyes to look at the ceiling for the first time that day. It took her a moment, as she stroked her sore labia, to realize that there was light on her ceiling. Not sunlight but what looked like light from the hallway. Her brain not firing on all cylinders yet, Madison looked up dumbly and there in her doorway was her sister Audrey staring at her dumbfounded with her jaw open. “What are you…” Audrey's voice trailed off staring at her sister naked in bed touching herself where she was a complete sticky mess between her legs. Suddenly Audrey broke the silence with a deafening roar. “This is what you have been doing?! Do you have any idea what time it is?!”


“What?” Madison asked groggily. She never saw it coming as a hand seemingly materialized out of nowhere slapping  Madison sharply across her face. “Oww! What the… ah!” She screamed startled, her senses finally coming back as she tried to covered her naked body with her hands, her blankets no where in reach. “What are you doing?! Get out of here!”


Audrey retorted sharply, “Do you have any idea how long you've been in bed for?! Mom and dad left for work hours ago and you have chores to do! You need you stop being nasty and get cleaned up and get dressed!”


They stared daggers at each other for a moment. “I'm not nasty you room invading slut!” Madison shot back and Audrey gasped. Madison jumped up out of bed trying to stare her sister down in a challenging pose. “I said get out of my room!”


Audrey laughed seeing her sister's hand go for her bare hip. “What are you reaching for nasty girl? You're NAKED! Remember?”


“Oh yeah.” Madison said bashfully, looking around her room for her pokeball. Unfortunately Audrey was fully ready for the day and she launched her own pokeball at her cringing sister.


“Caterpie, use strings hit on my nasty sister!” Suddenly with a flash of red light a small bug Pokémon emerged and set off a torrent of web which wrapped around Madison’s ankles causing her to topple to the floor. After that a second volley bound her wrists to each other leaving her helpless. “Thank you Caterpie, return.”


Madison couldn't believe the turn of events she was having. “What are you doing?!” She screamed wishing she could have put clothes on before their fight.


“I told you, to get cleaned up!” She screamed stepping up to her fearful sister. Madison screamed as Audrey grabbed her by her hair in one hand and of all things her left nipple with the other and dragged her kicking and screaming in pain out of her room down the hall. Madison thought she could see stars from how badly it hurt. She had never experienced anything so painful but more bothersome than that was she was fighting the urge to have enough orgasm at the hands of her own sister right in the middle of the hallway. This was like a new highest peak of excitement for the young masochist but this was not how she wanted to experience that.


Still cursing loudly Audrey threw her naked sister onto the bathroom floor eliciting another sharp cry of pain from her as she hit the hard tile. “Ok, ok!” Madison whined out in defeat, understanding that she HAD to get ready for the day now but of course her annoyance came through her voice making her agitated sister be deaf to her pleas in the middle of their catfight. Audrey reached into the tub and turned the water on and placing a stopper in the bottom so the tub would fill. Madison’s eyes went wide as Audrey came back. “Sis, what are you doing?” Ignoring her, Audrey picked Madison up behind her knees and neck and started to carry her towards the tub. Suddenly Madison lost it thinking that her sister was going to drown and murder her to finally end off of their sisterly fighting. “Wait! I'm sorry! Don't! Aahh!”


She screamed as she was dropped into the water but then settled down when she realized she was sitting upright. It wasn't too deep yet and her sister had even been kind enough to balance out the water so it wasn't too cold or too hot. Looking up a bit in confusion now she watched Audrey soaping up a hand town and her hands. “Sis, I can do this mys-” but was silenced by a mean look from her sister. Madison knew she was mad but wondered if Audrey really thought she was so helpless. Audrey quickly grabbed Madison around the ribs and started washing her stomach and sides and then under her arms. She was being very rough and scrubbing very hard. Then Audrey's hands when to Madison’s breasts and the little masochist had to bit her lip. “Sis, please, stop.” She mumbled softly, not really meaning it but heavily embarrassed. This rambunctious morning had taken place in less than 5 minutes from her last orgasm and Audrey manhandling her breasts had started to feel good.


“Shut up!” Audrey barked shortly.


“But sis please!” Madison begged, finding it an odd sensation to feel her eyes and her pussy swelling up at the same time.


“I said shut it!” Audrey snapped, grabbing Madison by the shoulder and lifting her to her knees. “This is all your fault, I'm going to get yelled at, ‘Audrey, why aren't the chores done; Audrey, why didn't you wake your sister.’” She said in mock tone of her parents reprimanding her. “All all because my sister had to stay in bed playing with herself down here all day!” Madison didn't think that even Audrey realized what she was doing yet as she watched her sister's hand move right down between her legs and start scrubbing her sensitive mound harshly with her bare fingers, the washcloth being held in the other now absent mindedly fallen hand. Audrey continued in a rage, “You think you get to ignore your chores and just play all day making me do all your work!” Audrey wasn't even looking at her sister as she said this while hand scrubbed Madison between her labia and across her sore little hole.


“Audrey please, I can't hold it back!” Madison cried, her willpower breaking as she was forcefully molested by her own sister who had only meant to was the cum off of her.


Madison’s eyes shot open as suddenly Audrey shoved her fingers up her vagina and felt her insides start to quiver. “But no,you just wanted to play with this all morning didn't you?” Audrey continued. “How long had you been doing that for? I've never seen so much cum on a girls thighs even after letting a boy cream inside me. How did you do that by yourself?!”


“Audrey I'm I'm sorry!” Madison screamed at the top of her lungs which snapped Audrey out of her spaced out rant. She suddenly wondered what she missed seeing her sister apologize so hard until Madison moaned like a whore right in front of her and then she felt a tight squeezing around her fingers. Audrey’s face was suddenly stricken with horror as she realized she had just accidentally given her sister an orgasm with her own bare hand and she wasn't even using the washcloth, just her fingers. Audrey froze, she didn't know what to do and just watched Madison have the hardest orgasm she had ever seen anyone have in her life. It made her blush. Especially when the water finally dissolved the webbing holding Madison’s wrists. Her naked sister lunged at her and at what she thought at first to be an attack was instead a passionate kiss.


Madison couldn't handle the lust running through her and as she felt her arms come free in midst of her orgasm and her sister not removing her fingers she just had to go with it. She threw her arms around Audrey splashing straight out of the tub and locked lips directly with her own sister. When they both hit the floor behind Audrey, one naked wet girl atop one fully dressed but stunned one, Madison went as far as to shove her tongue into Audrey's mouth like a lover. That was all it took and she started to orgasm again, right on top of Audrey as she forced her tongue in swirls around her sister's mouth.


Audrey was like a statue for most of this. Her body knew how to respond to an embrace, having becoming very experienced with local rising stars and traveling trainers over the last few years. She followed along with how things played out for a moment for no other reason than not understanding why this was happening. But as she watched in disbelief as her insatiable sister had ANOTHER freaking orgasm she decided that this had become weird enough as she thought she kind of liked it. “Madison stop!” Audrey yelped, pushing her sister away and scooting away until her back hit the door.


Both girls suddenly looked sorrowful but Audrey saw that Madison was actually crying. She had never seen her sister look so ashamed. “Maddie…” She tried but wasn't sure what to say. Madison crawled back into the tub turning on the shower instead of the bath and turned the water to cold as it rained down over her back. “You don't have to be sorry. This was my fault, I extremely overreacted and you have nothing to be embarrassed about.” She turned and opened the door but stopped to turn back and say, “And sis, I'm sorry. I don't think you are a nasty girl. I play with myself too, everyone does. It's normal. But just, you can't stay in bed all day when you have things to do. Alright?”


Audrey didn't wait for a response before turning to leave. Madison now stood up from her squatted position in the shower. Her mind ran through the events of the last 10 minutes over and over. “Why did I kiss my sister?” She wondered to herself. Shivering now in the cold water and her libido now under control, she adjusted the water temperature to a more suitable amount and proceeded to have an actual shower. Meanwhile her mind wandered once again trying to explore her emotions.


“I have never been interested in girls before.” She thought as she washed through her hair. “Not that I have anything against it but it's just never come up. You don't see a lot of new faces living in a remote village on an Island.” She rinsed out her hair and started soaping up her body. She winced looking down realizing her sister had left some scratch marks with her fingernails. “It's not like I've ever thought of having sex with Audie. Sure I masturbate all the time while thinking about her but I've seen her naked and having sex before. It's not like I ever thought of me and her together before.” Bending down she began to rub and lather her legs and feet, relaxing as the soap soothed down her muscles and running between her toes as she washed them. “Was she mad about me kissing her? She didn't seem mad.”


After her shower Madison wrapped herself in a towel but was surprised to find a full outfit folded for her on the bathroom counter. “Did Audie set these out for me?” Madison knew she surely didn't have time to grab clothes on the way into the bathroom. She was touched by the sweet gesture and giggled at the thought that this was Audrey’s way to ‘kiss and make up’ after their fight. But despite this she was still an insecure teenage who loved her sister so Madison wanted to check in on Audrey and make sure things were ok with each other. They had crossed a line and the little masochist needed reassurance. She walked out through the house not seeing anyone about. “Hmm, I guess mom and dad are still out.”


She then turned back down the hall to peek into Audrey's room and see if she was there. What she saw caught her breath in her throat as covered her mouth with her hand. There was Audrey sitting on the edge of her bed with her back to the door. She was still dressed with her shirt on but had her skirt and underwear down to her knees and was furiously rubbing her pussy in circles with her fingers while moaning softly. “Uuuhhh, uuunnghh, Maddie, ohhhh, Maddie, kiss mee, uuhhh yesss!” Audrey hissed out with one hand softly stroking her lips while the other continued to rub her clit. Madison blushed a deep scarlet and leaned back into the hall closing the door as quietly as she could. “Well, that tells how she feels about that.” She said to herself with a smile, still flushed in her cheeks. Having gotten all the validation she needed she walked outside to let her sister have time for privacy while she finished up all the daily chores still needing to be done by herself. “Thank you Audie.” She said looking back at the house as she stepped outside.


~ one week later ~


“This feels dirty.” Madison thought to herself as she lay bent forward on her hands and knees with her skirt flipped up and her panties around her ankles. She moaned softly but uncomfortably as she allowed a horny Rattata to hump into her with its small erection. This isn't what she was looking for when she decided to go out and get herself laid. Her sister was so good at attracting boys to have sex with but for some reason Madison couldn't attract anyone but the village pervert. She had thought she could be wild and let some exotic Pokémon ravish her womanhood but the only thing she could coax so far was this little rodent who wasn't satisfying her and in fact this was making her uncomfortable.  


Turning back over her shoulder she looked at the little thing humping away for all it was worth. “Look, I'm sorry little guy. I know this was my idea but I'm going to have to ask you to stop.” It seemed to not pay her any mind and hissed at her when she tried to move a little. “Hey now, cut that out.” She said pulling her hips away from the thing causing it to fall to its feet. It growled wanting to finish which started to agitate the girl. She tried to push it away from her but it bit her harshly on the leg and then scurried off into the tall grass.


“Oww! You dirty, ungrateful little rat!” She cursed after it seeing a little blood running from her leg. “Well that's just great! Now I'm bleeding and have a long walk home after this and I'm still so freaking horny!” She said to herself pinching her hardened nipples through her thin top. “Stupid Rattata had to go and bite me on my leg. If it had to get upset it could have at the very least bit me someplace nicer like on my…” Suddenly she froze in place still holding her tits as a new idea suddenly came to her. “Hey, if there is nothing to fuck around here then that might be a better way to get off at least!” She said, excitement and lust filling her again as she headed off down the off road trail.


About an hour or so later Madison had hiked with through a mountain trail to a remote part of the island. “Here we go, this looks like a nice spot.” She said, sitting down to make herself comfortable. Looking around there was no sign of civilization in sight. She was leaning up against a rock wall from a nearby hill and was through quite a bit of the jungle trees with tall grass all around her. Truth be told it was rather a dangerous spot to be alone in but being a masochist that was kind of the idea she was going for at the time.


She set her pokeball with Wingull inside down on the ground nearby. She kept her Pokémon inside but close enough so that if something went too wrong she could call for help. “Alright, well this is it. If you're going to do this Madison then you might as well go all the way.” She said stripping out of her clothes entirely. “Who knows. Maybe I'll get lucky and be raped by a Growlithe.” She said, sarcastically knowing that there was supposed to be Growlithe on the island but never having seen one before in her life.


A minute or two later and there she was, toes in the grass, sun beating down on her exposed skin, laying as naked as the day she was born out in the jungle. She hadn't told a soul where she was going and if something unfortunate were to happen to her it would be likely that she would never be found at this spot and no one would ever find out what happened. “Why does that makes me so unbelievably wet?! Gosh, you'd think that I want to die out here or something.” She said as she split her thighs apart and started rubbing her slit that she found to be gushing with her arousal. “Ok, now to just sit and wait and see if anything feels like attacking a poor defenseless naked girl.” She mused to herself, getting wetter every time she saw the wind blow the tall grass that was nearby.


It didn't take very long before she heard something approaching. She saw whiskers followed by a sniffing nose. She blushed, wondering if playing with her pussy in the tall grass was working like some sort of Sweet Scent for the Pokémon. There was a brief anticipation that built before a Meowth walked out through the grass. They both stared at each other for a moment,  both surprised not having expected to see the other. The Meowth looked to the trainer wondering why she was on the ground and naked while Madison pondered the Meowth in return. “Well not what I was expecting but Meowth have teeth and claws and stuff, right?” The Meowth tilted its head seeing that the trainer wasn't throwing a pokeball at it. “Aww but look, you're a girl Meowth aren't you?” Madison said a little disappointedly. The pokemon sneezed and then scurried away back through the grass. “Oh wait, I guess that didn't really matter. Oh well.”


Returning to entertaining herself with her fingers Madison waited for her next encounter. She was pleased that she didn't have to wait very long but couldn't help but laugh at the Metapod which hopped it's way by her. “Hahaha. A Metapod, how about that? Well I suppose I could certainly pick you up and have sex with you now couldn't I?” She smiled reaching out and petting the bug Pokémon making its eyes shine with glee. “So how bout it? Want to use tackle on my pussy a few times big boy?” She had a hard time saying the words with a straight face and then smiled as she shooed it away gently back into the grass.


It was right then that something caught her off guard as it came out of the grass and hit her hard right in the ribs. She rolled a few times in the grass and opened her mouth to scream in pain but all of the wind had been knocked right out of her. She struggled desperately, clawing at the ground to breathe as she heard an angry growl right beside her. Getting her first breath in she moved as something almost hit her right in the face. It was so forceful that it would have knocked her unconscious for sure. Madison realized she was really in trouble because she had tumbled away from her clothes and was nowhere near Wingull’s pokeball.

Looking around she realized she was cornered against the hillside wall and the attacking Pokemon was between her and her belongings. She waited and watched as her attacker slowly crept out of the grass towards her and into view.


There was a very angry Yungoos growling at her with its large sharp teeth bared menacingly. Madison looked up in wonder at the Pokémon threatening her. “Yungoos! That's perfect!” She exclaimed, quickly backing away as it looked like it would run at her again. “Easy boy, easy there.” She said in a calm voice, wanting to move down into a submissive and non threatening position. As she moved she rubbed her hand along her ribs and shuddered in pleasure feeling them start to bruise but despite that she didn't want to experience a direct tackle again.


“Easy now, there there.” She soothed out seeing the Yungoos flail at her in agitation. “You're a perfect little boy for me, aren't you? Yungoos are supposed to always be hungry and willing to bite anything, right?” She said spreading her legs and touching herself to feel her excitement dripping down. Yungoos hopped a bit waiting to see what Madison’s response would be. Making sure that her fingers were plenty wet she then slowly stretched out her hand and waved her finger tips. “Here you go little Yungoos. Go ahead take a whiff, you'll like it. There was just a Meowth by earlier appreciating this.” She watched it smell the air and then look back to her again. “There you go. That's it. Come on, it's nice. I have a very clean pussy. I think you'll like it. That’a boy, please don't bite my fingers off.” She said softly watching the skittish Pokémon inch it's way closer.


Madison raised her fingers to her lips and slipped them into her mouth. “Mmm see? Tasty, hehe. I didn't actually know how good my juices tasted until right now Yungoos.” She smiled seeing him lick his lips as she reached down fingering her slit more to recoat them in her now steadily flowing juices. She let Yungoos get close enough to lick her fingertip. She felt him testing the flavor and open his mouth to insert more of her finger. She began feeling nervous as those sharp teeth held her fingertips in place while it licked. They were so sharp and as they started to hurt Madison started to have strange fantasies wanting him to go ahead and just bite down. Still being new to this, when she felt an opportunity to pull her fingers out of his mouth she did so before it was too late.


Almost immediately the Yungoos started to get riled up again, now upset because it wanted more of her nectar as he understood it to be. “Oh boy, ok settle down.” She smiled at the thought that this might possibly be working out. Reaching down she fingered her pussy extra deep to make sure she got her fingers good and wet this time. Not missing where the nectar seemed to be coming from, Yungoos made a sudden push right for her crotch. “Oh no way!” She said startled trying to push him back with her free hand. “I may be a self abusing, Pokephiliac, masochist but I don't think I'm ready to let a Yungoos’ teeth anywhere near my clit.” She said struggling. “Here, here!” She said drawing his attention to her wet fingers that she lifted to her chest. She saw his eyes follow the glistening moisture as she rubbed her fingers around her nipples smearing both her buds and areolas with her juices.


As soon as she was finished the Yungoos practically scampered up her torso to attack her breasts. Madison fell back in surprise and gasped as there was no time to react before the fanged rodent was harshly suckling upon her tit. Instantly her arms were around Yungoos as it licked and sucked and bit at her tender mound. It had attached quite firmly to her right nipple and was nibbling on it as if it were a treat that would be taken away if not finished quickly.


Still holding Yungoos in her right arm her left arm shot downward as if she couldn't touch her pussy fast enough. Her eyes were squeezed tight shut and her mouth was held in a steady “O” shape which she wasn't sure if it was from the immense pain or the pleasure it was giving her. Madison plunged her little fingers into her pussy and started rubbing herself so fast that her free tit shook from her motions. This jostling also caused the Yungoos to be more aggressive and Madison screamed feeling the Pokémon actually bite into her chest instead of just nibbling her.


Madison felt her loins instantly tighten as the adrenaline pushed her right to the edge of orgasm. Sadly though Madison’s body would not get relief as satisfaction for the immense pain she received because her scream had been enough to startle the Yungoos into letting her go. It quickly leapt from her grasp and then stood there before her, still posturing but Madison noticed with blood on its teeth. Quickly she looked down to her chest and saw a horrible bite. She saw a bleeding ring in her skin just above and just below her right areola. The bite marks looked like it cut deep and already the skin around the wound was swelling and bruising. This she knew could take months to heal from and she would need stitches or it would leave a scar on her forever. “Oww! This really hurts!” She whined to herself. “Well what did you expect dummy, you're letting a wild Pokémon attack you after all.” She scolded herself and thought of trying to leave but when she tried to put force into her muscles to stand, the burning unsatied lust in her groin held her to the ground like gravity. “Dammit Yungoos, you had to hurt me this badly and couldn't even have finished me off?” She yelled out, more to the situation than to the growling Pokémon itself.


Returning to a furious bit of masturbation Madison huffed and whined trying to get herself to the point of bliss. However she couldn't help but notice the agitated Yungoos now trying to bite her legs. “Alright we'll try this again but easy now this time. At this point I don't think I could get off without you anyways.” She said returning to her calming voice as she leaned up onto her hands and knees to control the positioning this time. Not wanting her right tit to get any more hurt than it already was she moved her fingers from her pussy with a big thick line of juice running to where she rubbed around her left nipple. This time Madison was very precise in coating only her bullet hard little nub and not the whole front of her breast. “Alright now, easy does it. Come and get it.” She said alluringly, shaking her chest at the beast like a Miltank calling young to feed.


Madison was careful this time as Yungoos crawled over. She pulled her chest away a couple of times as it snapped at her, wanting to make sure it's teeth clamped her nipple and not her breast. She also enjoyed seeing it get enraged a little, biting at the air harder with every snap. “Stop lunging so much, it's right in front of you! Just the tip Yungoos.” She said, coaching it along. “See how hard my nipple is? It wants you to bite it. It's just like a little berry.” Now Yungoos looked up to her. “Yeah, like a berry. You understand that don't you? You don't bite the whole stem the berry grows on, you just bite the good part.” She said hoping he knew what she meant. Now she got ready, leaning down on her right elbow and fingering her pussy quickly while holding her left nipple out with her left hand supporting her up. “There you go. Nice and close Yungoos, I won't pull away this time.” The Pokémon stepped up to her and sniffer her juicy nub. She smiled at it and waited, then saw the Pokemon do a vicious little chomp.


Madison started to orgasm immediately causing her to close her eyes in bliss. The pain was different, hurting both more but better than when her right breast had been bitten. It burned where her nipple was feeling the sharp teeth sink into her sensitive skin. She knew he must have broken the skin on the first bite, feeling something wet and warm run like a line down the underside of her breast. Her mind's eye filled with thoughts of blood on her chest as this Pokemon chewed on her. “Ugh, why, uuhhh why does that turn me on, oooh, sooo much?” Yungoos pulled back while biting causing a blinding spike in pain for the orgasming girl. As her sensation limit was breached Madison gave a soundless scream and spasmed as her pussy convulsed and she had her first squirting orgasm of her life. Her contracting walls spewed a spray of cum passed her knees out between her legs as she kicked and twitched in a level of bliss her young body wasn't meant to understand yet.


When it was finally over all of her muscles and nerve endings burned. She had cum so hard that she was sore between her legs. Madison was a little frightened because she was too naive to understand what happened to her. “H-hey there Yun-ngoos. How about we sto-o-op now? Please?” She whimpered out, half from orgasm overload and half from excruciating pain that was making the young lass start to cry now. She was passed satisfied and no longer aroused and was now legitimately afraid Yungoos might end up killing her. “Dammit Madison, now your going to die from a stupid little Yungoos because you couldn't even think this through!” She scolded herself mentally for not planning out a better end strategy. She hardly had strength to move, her limbs feeling limp like jelly. She surely couldn't defend herself. With great effort she managed to force herself to sit up on her bottom and look down at the damage. As soon as she did though her tanned face went very pale.


“WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!” Madison’s tear filled voice screamed through the jungle. “NOOOOOOO!!!” She wailed tears streaming down her cheeks. Several Pikipek and Spearow flew off from nearby trees in fright from the unexpected sound. Madison sat there a naked dirty mess on the ground holding the left side of her chest as blood spilled out between her fingers. Crying heavily she looked down again hoping she was just dreaming. Upon her chest she saw the beautiful dark skin of her areola covered in blood from a torn gash in the center where they was just a bleeding hole big enough to insert a single finger into. “You bit off my nipple!” Madison screamed in rage and sorrow at the bloody faced Pokémon. “Why?! I JUST WANTED YOU TO BITE ME! Not tear it off!” She wailed. She looked down again knowing that stitches were not going to fix something like this. Her lovely nubile chest had been mutilated and there was nothing she could do about it. She looked around in meager hope but then resigned herself to the fact that that Yungoos had probably eaten it.


Suddenly Madison was brought back from her sorrow to the reality of her predicament. Fangs snapped right in her face, catching some of her hair and eliciting a scream from the girl as she was pulled forward by it. A bit of struggling and she was free but it was clear to Madison that strike had been intended for her neck. “Stop it! Get away!” She cried, now showing her age and curling back from the danger only to be reminded she was corned up against the dirt wall behind her. Reasonably she thought of calling for help but knew was unlikely for anyone to hear her and then considered that she would rather die a slow death by Yungoos than die of embarrassment from anyone finding out she did this to herself. “P-pleass Yungoos! I was only playing around! -sob- I'm sorry!” The rodent licked it's mouth and it was clear that it had developed a taste for her, juices or no juices. She was a giant meal to it now.


Yungoos lowered down and readied for another strike. Madison shrieked not caring if this was for a tackle, a bite or anything else. “Please don't! Somebody help me!” She covered herself with her arms anticipating some sort of immediate pain but she opened her eye when she heard a strange thudding sound and didn't feel anything touch her. Peaking open one eye she saw something green in front of her and what looked like Yungoos on the ground further away. Moving her arms down now see saw a very hardened looking Metapod standing bravely in front of her staring down the Yungoos who was standing back up. She didn't really understand what was going on. “Is this that Metapod that I saw before?” She wondered. Yungoos charged once more, not wanting to give up. It tackled the metapod but with its hardened shell it bounced back and attacked Yungoos again for another successful tackle. Then the bug Pokémon turned back to Madison and gave a nod towards her for her to do something.


“What?” She asked still confused. Then after a moment common sense sunk in. “Oh right!” She called out. Her muscles ached and her body hurt but now with Metapod to shield her she scrambled to her feet and lunged for her belongings. Quickly she finally reached Wingull’s pokeball and when she threw it she made sure it went passed the Metapod to the Yungoos. “Wingull, use Water Gun!” She cried out. Instantly the Wingull saw the furious rodent and launched a steady stream of water which struck the Yungoos dead on. With the damage it had already taken it was knocked backwards into the tall grass and did not reemerged as far as Madison saw. Following this, Metapod clearly panicked seeing a bird Pokémon floating above it. As much as she would have liked to thank her savior she understood when the Metapod also fled into the grass.


Now the lass was left with a difficult complication though. “Wingull, don't turn around!” Cried the young trainer, still naked and coated from chest to hip on her own blood. Quickly she darted behind a nearby tree. Wingull had froze in place, confused by the order it was given. “Ok Wingull. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to alarm you. Thank you for helping me with that Yungoos.” She sighed, teenaged guilt and shame wracking her brain being in front of her friend like this. “I need your help Wingull but I need you to trust me on something ok?” Her Pokémon titled it's head to the side. Her Wingull loved her and trusted her very much so it was confused by the question. “Wingull, I was attacked by the Yungoos before I could pull out your pokeball.” Wingull suddenly chirped and took a few steps forward. “Now wait, don't worry I'm alright Wingull. But it attacked me while I was changing so I don't have any clothes on and I don't want you to look.”


Madison felt bad having to only give half of the truth to her friend. Her Pokémon seemed to understand and find no problem with turning around so she could change. “The thing is Wingull, I got very dirty when I was attacked and I don't want put my clothes back on like this. Could you possibly turn towards me and when I say, use Water Gun on me with your eyes closed?” Wingull turned seeing her face poking around the tree. He seemed perplexed for a moment not sure exactly how to do that. “Pretty please? for me?” She asked sweetly. Wingull couldn't resist his darling trainers sweet voice and he gave an affirmative nod before lifting both wings and very thoroughly covering his eyes. Madison was so embarrassed but she was covered in blood and couldn't go home like this. Looking around again she stepped out and sighed. “Ok Wingull, let me have it. Not too hard now, just try to give me a long gentle stream if you can.” Wingull nodded and opened his mouth. He gave a thick but gentle tunnel of water that stretched out about 6 feet in front of him.


Madison walked up and started to give herself as a simple bath. She did all she could to not make a sound of pain as she washed her mutilated breast so as not to disturb Wingull. Then she remembered she had been crying and made quick work of washing her face. After that she quickly ran over to the pile of clothes she had and pulled on her panties. “Ok Wingull, that's enough thank you. I'm still getting dressed but you can look now.” She said. He looked up seeing her in her underwear with her back to him as she started grabbing other clothes. He then turned and stood guard of the tall grass while she finished dressing in privacy.


“The bleeding stopped but it's still an open wound. Ugh, it looks even worse now that it's been cleaned. I better put on two bandages in case I bleed through one.” She said. She was thankful she had packed a small first aid in case she got some heavy scratches or cuts but she hadn't expected anything like this. Placing some bandages inside her small bra she then pulled on her shirt cover it all and made sure it didn't look too bunched up in her chest. Then pulling back up her skirt she was dressed.


“Okay come on Wingull. Would you mind flying beside me on the way home? I don't feel like being alone right now.” She asked him and he cooed happily as he floated along with her. It was a quiet walk home though as the solemn girl thought to herself. “I'm going to need stitches and I'm going to be missing my left nipple for the rest of my life. How am I going to live like this?” She pondered as she made her slow sore way home. “I can't believe this happened. I hope I don't I don't lose anything else the next time I do something this stupid.”


~The end

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