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The Reunion


It had been over fifteen years since I last saw my sister Suguha.  One day, when she was seventeen, she just disappeared out of nowhere.  


Naturally, our parents (actually my adopted parents, but that's another story), involved the police, eventually switching to private detectives, but in every case the result was the same: they found her and they confirmed she was alive, but she made it clear she did not want to communicate with anyone in the family.


Eventually, both our parents reluctantly gave up the search, leaving only me.  The results where the same, either no one could find her or they just couldn't convince her to come back.  Push her and she'd just run off somewhere else, they told me.  But I couldn't give up.  I needed to see her again.


Finally, after all this time, I got some good news.


It didn't come from any of the useless detectives, unsurprisingly enough.  One of my fellow SAO survivors, a gaijin who went by Agil said that one of the employees at his new club matched the photo he'd seen on my phone pretty well.


I was shocked by the news.  The place was a Western-style strip club, mostly frequented by foreigners here on business.  Not the type of place she was likely to be recognized, of course, but I couldn't imagine my sweet sister taking her clothes off for money.  Still, I knew Agil was a good man and I couldn't disregard any tip at this point.


Agil gave me the address for her apartment, letting me know with an encouraging shrug that it could all be a mistake and then I could make an excuse and leave, with only a little embarrassment for my trouble.  I thanked him profusely but he just smiled and said we survivors needed to look out for each other.


All of that ran back through my mind as I prepared to knock on the door, checking the address on my phone for the millionth time.


My knock came out hollow and dry against the thin door.


"One second," came the muffled voice.


My heart nearly exploded with anticipation.  The few seconds as I heard her fumble with the door stretched on forever.  Then the door finally opened.


Suguha looked as shocked as I did, of not more so.  At 32, she was just as beautiful as she always had been, her frame petite save for her amazingly womanly curves, but her look youthful innocence had been replaced with the sensuality of an experienced woman.  The flesh exposed by her tight white v-cut shirt was well tattooed, not covered like a yakuza, but lightly speckling her neck, arms, and a single rose over her generous expanse of cleavage.


"Oh," she said at first, unable to say anything else.


I was silent as well, if the wind could have blown through the hallway, it would have.


Finally, she said "I guess you better come in."




For a long time, we sat in silence.  I distractedly tried to take in her small and battered apartment while the cup of tea I didn't not remember receiving got colder in my hands.  Suguha's body language was even colder, she had put on an oversized jacket and was huddled together in a ball in her chair.


Finally, after what could have been an hour or could have been ten minutes of single sentences floating in oceans of awkward silence, I finally said "why did you leave?" 


"Why..?" Suguha was shocked.  I couldn't believe I had said it myself.


I couldn't stop though.  "How could you leave us?  Don't you know what that did to mom? To me?"  My tone was harsh, all those years of emotion coming to a boil at once.


It was clearly hitting Suguha like a brick wall, too.  Her small face was crumpling in surprise and pain... and more than a little rage.  I was just about to try to apologize when she angrily left her sleeve and pointed to a prominent tattoo on her arm displaying a blonde, green-clad elf girl.  "Do you remember Leafa!?" she asked, tears welling in her eyes.  "Do you remember our time together?"


Again, I was dumbstruck.


Everyone expected SAO survivors to never want to put a VR device again, but in practice most of us were back on within days or weeks.  It was generally accepted as a type of PTSD, that we couldn't function in the real world any more, but I think that those of us who weren't in Asuna's final party (or perhaps all those except Asuna herself, the epic hero that cleared the game), had a feeling of lack of accomplishment.  So, many of us spent all our free time playing through other VRMMORPGs, trying to be the hero they could never be in Aincrad.


For my part, I spent most of my time online exploiting the other great discovery the SAO survivors brought back: the Ethics Code off.  Publicly, the official word had always been that any attempt at sexual interactions would be flagged as Harassment and banned from the games.  The ability to turn this off, an ability later traced back to the game's creator himself.  It was never too widely known, even within the game, which is why it took a few months to be discovered and shut down in the post-SAO VR games.


As one of the few to bring this information back, as well as yet another SAO survivor with no real heroic achievements, I used this knowledge for all it was worth.  Romancing female players (or at least sparking their curiosity enough to get them to give it a try) became my new goal, just like leveling up and clearing them game had been for most.  Some girls were game right away, some of them (the ones I enjoyed most, honestly) could take weeks before I'd even mention the Code.  But the goal was always the same.


I remembered playing with that blonde ponytail, carrying that tall, curvy body to the bed in my inn room in ALfhiem Online and kissing those lips...  But I didn't know if I was honestly remembering Leafa or if I was a composite of vague memories from far too many random girls.  Either way, the thrust of the situation was obvious: I had accidentally had sex with my adopted sister online and, as a result, she had ran away from home.


"Suguha..." I gasped.  "I'm so sorry, I..."


I reached my hand out to stroke her dark hair and, to my surprise she allowed it.  She sobbed gently.


"I... If I knew it was you, I never would have..." I whispered softly in her ear.


She brought her tear-reddened face back up, only centimeters away from mine.  "That wasn't the problem..." she said with a sniff.


"What?" I asked, confused.


"I've know you're not really my brother... I've know for a long time... The whole time you were in a coma," she said, absently brushing her hair against my face as her head shook back and forth.  "I used to dream about you waking up from the game and us being together..."


"Together?" I repeated, not believing what I was hearing.


"I wanted you to hold me... kiss me..." she admitted.  "I knew you never would... I mean, look at your face now," she laughed without humor.


"I started ALO because it made me feel close to you, like I was finally starting to understand you," she continued.  "I hooked up with Kirito because he reminded me of you...  When he told me about the Ethics Code Off feature, I was so excited... I thought it was as close as I could ever get to giving my virginity to you."


I stroked her hair again to comfort her.  "How did you realize it was really me?"


"Kirito logged out after we made love... I mean, he was polite about it, he didn't just roll over and log out or anything, but..." she joked awkwardly.


"Right," I said, encouraging her to continue.


"I needed to talk to someone, it was all so overwhelming..." she continued fragilely.  "Your door wasn't locked, I tried knocking, but you didn't respond, so I just pushed my way in..."


I felt a lump in my throat, I knew where this was going.


She drew a breath.  "Your cock was out... you were... touching yourself," her tone and choice of words were odd given her current line of work.  "And then I heard it... I kept hearing you say my name over and over again... Leafa!  Leafa!"


I nodded in humiliation.  While this was pretty standard operating procedure for me at that time, but it had pretty shocking for Suguha.  No wonder she ran away from it.  "I'm so sorry...  I was so gross back then."


"I told you that wasn't it," she repeated.  "I learned to touch myself thinking about you, I can't really fault you for doing it, too...


"No," she continued.  "I left because in the moment I realized I had had the one thing I wanted more than anything else in the world... and I would never have it again."


She closed her eyes.  "And I realized I could never face you again, either."


She started to cry gently.  I couldn't stand to hear, it tore me apart inside.  


Before I knew what was happening, I brushed my nose against Suguha's and kissed her lightly.  Unlike my younger self, I had no ulterior motives, I was just trying to comfort her and this just seemed like the natural thing to do.  Her lips were sweet, soft, and innocent in a way that made it feel like she had transformed back into the young girl she used to be.


Suguha was passive at first, but soon returned the kiss, matching my gentle tone at first, but soon showing the experience and passion of an adult woman.  I found myself matching her skill, letting my hunger overwhelm the lingering feeling of how wrong this was.


"Huh... Huh-huhnn..." Suguha gasped as she finally broke away.  "That was..."


"Mmmm..." I said, still holding her loosely.  I leaned in for another kiss and Suguha pulled away slightly.


"Wait," she said softly.  "You don't have to do this...  This is what I want, not what you want."


"Please..." I whispered.  "Let's just... let's not stop.  Not after so long..."  She seemed surprised, I couldn't let her think I hadn't grown since then, so I added "I promise, it will be better this time."


"Are you sure?" she asked.


I didn't answer her, just kissed her again, hard and strong.  She was tense at first, but soon relaxed and we resumed our kiss.


Finally, I slipped my tongue into her small, sweet mouth.  I circled her tongue with mine, Suguha's tongue matching my movements, so eager and precious.  As our tongues caressed and danced, her little tongue stud became fully evident.  I couldn't help but wonder how it would feel to have that little pierced tongue go lower, over my shaft and balls, but I tried to focus on the purity of our kiss as I held her gently.


After a few moments, I reached between us for the zipper of her little jacket.  My hand brushed her soft breasts for the first time as I slowly pulled the zipper down from her small body.  Suguha shrugged out of the jacket one arm at a time, never breaking the kiss before letting the jacket hit the floor.  Underneath, her thin shirt clung to her fabulous body.  It was very soft and very, very low-cut, exposing her cleavage and a tattoo spilling out on one breast.


"Sugu..." I gasped in awe.  "You're so beautiful..."


Suguha blushed.  "Still no doubts?"


"Not a one," I grunted.  Those breasts were so large, yet so soft on a perfect petite frame.  "Can I...?"


Suguha silently answered, taking my hands and guided them up to her breasts.  I gently squeezed those big, round breasts, making her purr with pleasure as I kissed her neck and collarbone.  I groped and fondled those lovely orbs through her top for several minutes until I couldn't restrain myself any longer and reached down to lift it off of her.  Suguha lifted her arms above her head to help me undress her, I yanked the shirt away and threw it across the room.


"O... onii-chan..." Suguha said, shivering though the room was warm.  "Please tell me to we're not stopping tonight..."


Now Suguha was nearly completely topless, her sweet torso covered only by a very small, silver bra, her big, well-shaped breasts beautifully supported and pushed up by the scrap of fabric.  Her body was toned, but not too thin, a womanly curve to her tummy.  I was mesmerized by the way she was marked by a seemingly haphazard series of tattoos, not covering her, just doting her here and there.  The exposed skin was very pale, giving her an innocence the tattoos belayed, and so very soft.


"Not a chance," I assured her.  Drawing a breath, a turned my attention to her heaving breasts.  I ran my fingers over the straps of her newly exposed bra.  "I knew they'd be large," I whispered, making her blush.


"I'm just so small everywhere else," she tried to deflect.


I shook my head, cupping her bracups.  "No, they're absolutely perfect.  So pretty."


Suguha smiled shyly glanced down as I massaged those beautiful boobs through that low-cut bra.  "Mmmm... You really have wanted them for a while, haven't you?"


"You have no idea," I admitted for the first time, even to myself.  They were so lovely, the feel of them under my questing palms so enthralling... "I really like this bra," I told her, bringing head down for further inspection.


"I actually wish you I'd been wearing something more special," she admitted.  "This one is really boring, honestly."


"Hhh... Not on you, it isn't," I grunted.  Then I licked my way down the slender strap as I kept groping her big boobs.  Suguha gasped as I worshipped her bra.  "Mmmph!" I kissed that strap.  "Mmmm... Suguha!"


"Ohhh!!" Suguha gasped.  "Oh onii-chan!!"


At last, my lips met my hands at her bracups.  I gently moved my hand away and began to kiss the left cup, still fondling the right breast as I did so.  My nose and lips pressed against the soft material of the bra as I loudly and wetly kissed the undergarment.  "Oohhh... Suguha... Sugu..." I gasped with rapture.  I was so hard... so horny for her... I'd been dreaming of this girl for so long and now she was going to be mine.  "I need you..."


"I'm not going anywhere," she promised huskily.  "Never again..."


At last, I peeled down the one bracup to expose her pale, plump breast.  


"Oh, Kami-sama..." I gasped.  It was so large and beautiful, a simply perfect tit in size and shape capped with a small, pale pink nipple.  But that wasn't the most striking feature: Suguha's wondrous little nipple was made all the more show-stopping by sporting a strangely captivating nipple ring.


I wanted to show proper respect to that fascinatingly pierced breast, but there was a question that I simply had to have answered.  I reached behind to unhook her bra, which she helped me remove before.  I tossed her bra aside, now free to gaze on her completely naked chest.




Her right breasts had the same pretty piercing as its twin.  I thumbed that nipple absently as I observed it.  "Didn't it hurt?"


"Sure..." she admitted.  "But I like pain."


"Ohhh..." I gasped, as I lowered my face back to those big boobs of hers.  Did she have any idea how perfect she was?  "Sister!  Sugu..."


I kissed all around that big, round breast, licking over the tattoo over her generous mammary before at last opening my mouth over the hard nipple.  I looped my tongue over her nipple ring, tugging it gently between my teeth to give her a little (but not too much) of the pain she so needed.  


"OHHHH!!!" Suguha gasped, thrusting her crotch upwards with lust.  "Onii-chan..."


I was latched onto her mesmerizing tit, my mouth closed tightly over my adopted sister's chest, savoring the soft, yet firm, pillowy breast and the exotic piercing enhancing it.  Suguha shuddered under my treatment, I measured her responses, trying to give her as much pleasure as possible.


"Onii-chan..." she gasped.  "You're so careful... So loving..."


Her tone made me realize that while my beloved sister had been no stranger to sex over the years, she probably hadn't had too many lovers attend to her the way they should have.  It made me more determined than ever to do right by her.  To give her what she truly deserved.


I continued to suck and play with her large, luscious breasts, but I needed to feel more of her, all of her, as I was consumed by my lust for her.  Slowly, my hands drifted downwards, over her pale, beautifully inked ribs, lightly petting her pale back before finally coming to rest on that big, round ass of hers.  I squeezed those full cheeks once to feel their fantastic softness, then slipped my hands down the back of her pants.


"Oh, yeah!" Suguha gasped.  "Please... be rough there..."


I obeyed my curvy lover's commands, squeezing and caressing her hot ass inside her pants, feeling the plump flesh through the fabric of her underwear.  Her butt was so soft, so round, and without realizing it, I was impelling myself on her small body in my lust.


"Onii-chan!!" she cried.  "Yes!!"


Soon, my full (admittedly not too impressive) weight was bearing down on my adopted sister, my hands harshly rubbing over her wonderfully round ass, stretching the fabric of her slim black pants, playing roughly with the panties separating my hands from that irresistible rump of hers.  My hard-on was pressing against her thighs, fully evident even through our clothes.


"Ohhhhh... Yeasssss...." she moaned.


At last, I reached for the button at the top of her pants, eager to have her completely naked.  In my haste, I ripped the button, tearing the top of the zipper in the process.  I blushed guiltily, but Suguha either didn't notice or didn't care, and I moved onward.  I peeled the tight black pants from her thin legs quickly, then threw them across the room, eager to have her after so long.


"Kazuto..." she gasped.  In her small, green panties, the wet spot of her eagerness apparent, my tiny dancer looked simply delectable.  The exposure of her panties to my eyes, even with so many customers having a chance to gaze at them, brought a shy blush to my sister's cheeks.


"Sugu..." I whispered.  I had to have her now.


Finally, I eased her panties down her slender, tattooed legs, past her small feet before tossing them aside.  Again, I let out a gasp.  Given her tattoos and piercings, I expected her pubic mound to be completely shaved, but aside from a few low-set tattoos, her black bush was full and lovely!


"Sugu!" I gasped, running my hands through it.


"I got a little lazy," she admitted shyly, blushing with her face downcast.  So, I was right, she was the type of girl that kept a shaved bush.


"This is so much better," I assured her.  I dived down between those well-inked thighs, kissing them slowly before descending on that beautiful black patch, kissing the girlcum-slick hairs, tugging them between my teeth to give her a taste of the pain she desired.


"Ugh!!!" she grunted and gripped her fingers into my hair.


Then I seized both of her deliciously round, temptingly tattooed asscheeks and gave that sweet peach of hers a powerful squeeze.  Suguha squealed with delight and then I lifted her legs over my neck on either side.  Then I started to eat.


"Ohhh... Yeah..." Suguha moaned.


I feasted on her, my face buried between those pale, tattooed thighs.  My tongue traced her pink nether lips, licking her precious vulva and making her shudder.  Then I went deeper, stretching her wet, wet walls, drinking her honey as I explored her: diving in and out of her womanly channel.  


I simply adored plunging my tongue deep inside her sweet little slit.  And she was sweet.  As well as tart and salty and... a different, special flavor that only Suguha possessed.  


"Mmmm..." she purred.  "Yessssss..."


Her whole petite body quivered with passion as my tongue explored Her.  I was going so deep, my steadfast vessel taking in all that she had to provide... only to pull back and barely tease the entrance... then repeat the process all over again.  I felt Suguha's petite, irresistible body quake under my ministrations, her little foot tapping wildly against my back.  I started going faster and harder until at last she came, filling my mouth with her juices.


"Oh god!" Suguha panted.  "Oh, fuck!!"


I threw her back down on the bed after her first orgasm.  I spread her thighs wide and lustfully devoured the panting woman beneath me, licking and slurping her well-lubricated prize.  I added my fingers, two of them attending her love button, pinching and teasing her little clit while my tongue continued to flick her inside.


"Uhh... Huhn... Hunh..." Suguha gasped, her body completely slave to my touch and taste as I went down on her.  


I lifted her ass up again with one hand, eager to squeeze those precious cheeks as I gathered her juices and diddled her clitoris.  I massaged her ass roughly, tracing the curve of it as I did so.  Suguha really responded to this and soon I felt her cum again.


I pulled away to watch her beautiful body and face as she came down.  Suguha's angelic face was so lovely, so grateful.  She reached me down to me to pull me on top of her, and I knew it was Time.


"Make love to me," she whispered.  "Take me, onii-chan."


I answered her request and climbed atop her.  I held her naked body loosely, beholding her luscious form.  Though petite, her curves were generous.  Her breasts so full and large on that small frame, majestically crowned by her pierced nipples, a triad completed by the piercing in her little belly button.  My hands rested on perfect round asscheeks.  Her beauty was only enhanced, not distracted from, by the irregular ink splotches of her tattoos.  "You're the most beautiful girl in the whole world," I whispered in awe.


She lowered her sweet face shyly.  "No one's ever treated me like this," she admitted.  She'd had her share of lovers, but no one ever treated her so special, made her feel so safe and loved.


"It's what you deserve," I assured her.


Then I entered her, my dick slowly easing into my sister's hot wetness as her form clinched around me.  "You're finally inside me," she gasped.


Then I began to move inside her.  I felt her taut little body writhe beneath me as I thrust my mighty cock into her sweet pussy.  Her sex was better than I could have very imagined, even sweeter than dreams.


"Ohhh... Yeah..." she moaned as she dug in painted fingers into the bed.


Suguha was so hot, so wet... So positively irresistible as my hard, twitching member traveled deep in her tightness.  I had never made love to a woman as beautiful as her before, never been more determined to bring a woman pleasure.  Her big, beautiful tits squished softly beneath me as I rode her sexy body, her piercings peaking against my chest.


"Kazuto!!  Uhh...  Nnn..." she cooed with pleasure.  


I moved my hands down her luscious frame, placing my hands on her hips as we moved together.  Our movements we already in perfect synch, but I wanted to feel more of her as we made love.


"Lower..." she begged.


I followed her request and reached down to squeeze her round ass desperately, plunging deeper and shallower as her love channel clutched at my pike until at last she told me she was about to cum.  I fucked her even harder then, watching her back arch majestically, her huge, pierced and tattooed tits quake with the power of her climax as her small body shudder with orgasm.


"YESSS!!  OH FUCK, YES!!!" she cried as her sweet juices drenched my cock.  Then she let out a final, bestial cry as she came.  "Aaaahhhh..."


"I love you!!" I gasped as I thrust into her again and again.  "I love you so much!!"


"Huhh hunh huh!! Cum with me, Onii-chan!!" she pleaded.  "Cum inside me..."


At sound of her voice, I lost all control.  I felt my hot seed erupt inside her, filling her with my love as I came again and again, the most powerful orgasm of my life.


"That was... amazing..." she sighed.


"Yeah..." I agreed, collapsing forward on her beautiful breasts.   "I love you..."


Suguha smiled.  "I think you've proved that nicely."  She kissed me lightly.  "I love you, too."


We kissed again, deeply and strongly.  When we broke away again, I said "you were totally worth the wait."


She smiled wickedly.  "Wait until I show you some of the tricks I've picked up lately."


I had never been particularly kinky, but looking in those devilish, cat-like eyes, I knew I was about to start.


To Be Continued... If you want.

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