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Author's Note - This story picks up near immediately after "P&H Inc.". If you haven't read it yet, you can find it on my author's page under Stories Written>Anime. Please read all Content Tags carefully.

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The travel to Alola had been an ordeal. Tanner realized on the trip that he was quite prone to seasickness and that Mark was a sympathetic vomiter. The unpleasant consequences left Tanner in bed most of the trip with saltines and ginger ale while Mark stayed in a different cabin with Raine.

"Thank Arceus," Tanner sighed in relief when they finally stepped off the boat and into Melemele Island's marina. His stomach was still rolling, but at least the ground didn't move with the waves like the boat did. He gave a weak smile as Mark rubbed his back, and slowly wheeled his bike along as Mark carried what little luggage they had brought: clothes mostly, Raine's supplies, Tanner's laptop, and Mark's surfboard. Everything else had been left behind. Mark had even dropped his car off at a dealership for a few grand before they had left.

"Do we actually have a place to stay here, or are we stuck in a hotel?" Tanner asked, glancing around Hau'oli City as he wondered if the place even had a hotel, it was a tiny city compared to the one they had come from.

"I made a buncha calls while we were on the boat and managed ta find a small house for rent just outside the city, on Route 1." Mark pointed out towards the northeast side of town where he could see the road heading out of Hau'oli and past a mountain of some sort. "They're chargin' an arm and a leg per month, but if things work out well here, maybe I can just buy it when my old house sells," he sighed heavily, "it's not like I'll be goin' back."

Tanner gave the older man's hand a reassuring squeeze before they left the marina. Following the road took them through the entire city, and the locals seemed to be friendly enough, sending smiles in their direction or waving as they passed. The house was only a short twenty minutes out of town, and that was at a pace where Raine kept stopping to smell the strange new flora and scare off any potential wild Pokemon.


"It's... kind of empty," Tanner stated as the three of them looked around the inside of the house. The large main room had only an L-shaped kitchen counter with a built-in sink and stove, a refrigerator, and a pantry. "At least they gave us appliances?" He gave Mark a meek smile as he watched the man sigh and rub his face. He sighed a little himself as he and Mark went to check the two other rooms, Mark taking the left door, and he the right.

The room was almost empty save for a washer, dryer, and some wire shelving on the wall. 'At least we can wash our clothes.' He thought back to his old apartment building where the laundry room was communal and pay-to-wash. That was a nightmare to the point that he used to wash his clothes in the bathtub and hang them out to dry on his balcony. There were two other doors in the room, one on the right wall and one on the left. He opened the right to find a simple bathroom with almond wood cabinetry and porcelain fixtures.

"They gave us a bed," he heard Mark call from the other room and opened the only remaining door that linked the laundry to the bedroom. Well, he was right, they did give them a bed, but that was the only piece of furniture inside the room. "Ya know," Mark sighed, "when they said it was furnished, I kinda expected more." Tanner nodded in agreement, staring at the full-sized bed with some apprehension. They had yet to share a bed together, having instead slept in separate rooms in Mark's old house to let their relationship develop slowly, despite its intense beginning. Would Mark be okay with sharing? Or was one of them going to be sleeping on the floor?

Raine trilled at Mark impatiently as she pawed at their bags on the floor, spinning around in tight circles as soon as the two men looked over at her. Mark chuckled at her as he stepped over to the bags to pull out her food and bowls for her. Tanner left them as he stepped out onto the side porch, folding his arms atop the railing as he leaned on it and stared out at the peaceful scenery wistfully. The island was so beautiful, so serene, and yet it did little to quell the heavy anxiety that had settled in his chest. They were essentially fugitives, while they hadn't been served any warrants or subpoenas, it was only a matter of time before the investigators in the case against P&H Inc. found videos or paperwork that linked to them.

He pursed his lips as he attempted to stifle his nervousness. Even if—when—even when they found evidence that he and Mark were part of it, there wasn't a trail to follow, right? They had both closed their bank accounts and paid for the boat ride in cash, so how would the police find them? And even if they did, they didn't have any jurisdiction in Alola. Things would be fine. 'Things will be fine,' he reassured himself, forcing his grip to relax on his arms as his nails dug marks into his own skin.

He inhaled sharply as a hand settled on his shoulder, and glanced back to see Mark looking at him with concern.

"Are y'alright?" Mark asked as his hand slowly slid down Tanner's back to gently rest on the far side of his waist. The touch was soft and caring, and Tanner felt it ease away some of his worries. He smiled up at the older man and leaned into his chest, taking in his calming scent. The smell of his sandalwood soap was distinct, but there was an underlying smell that was purely him, musky and similar to well-cared-for leather.

"Yeah, I'm just... thinking about things. About P&H and everyone we left behind." He closed his eyes as he leaned against Mark and smiled as he felt his muscled arms wrap around him. "Do you think they're all okay?" He wondered about Alice mostly. She had been so kind and understanding with him, he couldn't imagine her going to jail.

"I'm sure they're fine, Tanner." Mark gave him a gentle squeeze and rested his chin on Tanner's head. "Kathy tried her best to make sure that if something like this happened, the least amount of people would get in trouble." Tanner nodded into the crook of the man's neck tried his best to stifle a yawn. Being sick the whole way there had left him exhausted, and the naturally warm weather of the island wasn't making it any easier to stay awake.

"C'mon, let's go ta bed early tonight and unpack tomorrow." Mark led him back to the bedroom, and he crawled into the low bed gratefully. He closed his eyes happily as he sunk into the soft mattress, spooking a little when he felt Mark climbing in next to him. He blushed as he felt Mark's firm body pressed against his back and an arm wrapping around his waist possessively. "G'night," Mark whispered into his ear, and he inhaled deeply, trying to ignore the excited twitch in his pants.


Waking up fully clothed was strange for Tanner, but waking up to Mark's erection pressing into his backside was even more surprising. He took in a shaky breath as he felt the larger man's grip tighten around his waist and pull him closer. He could feel Mark's hips rocking, grinding his cock between Tanner's cheeks and making him quite aware of his own straining arousal.

"Mark?" He whispered, glancing back at the man. Mark was obviously asleep; his head tucked down into Tanner's neck with eyes closed. He swallowed back the lump in his throat, unsure if it was better or worse that Mark wasn't doing it on purpose. He shut his own eyes as he gave his arousal a squeeze, trying to relieve its persistent ache.


Tanner started as he heard Raine trill and hop on top of the both of them from the foot of the bed, forcing her way between the two men and headbutting the now awake Mark under his chin. He sighed but gave a small smile as Mark chuckled at the Vaporeon and rubbed her neck affectionately. Tanner flushed though, as Raine turned around and crouched low on her front legs, leaving her backside high in the air with her tail raised and sex presented.

Mark's groan sent shivers down his spine and straight to his cock, but he gritted his teeth and climbed out of bed, turning away from them. "I'm uh... going to take a shower," he breathed out, leaving the room in a hurry and heading into the bathroom.

He could hear them having sex even as the shower ran, and it filled him with both lust and envy. At the same time, he felt ashamed; he couldn't be angry at either Mark or Raine for their relationship, it had existed far longer than his and Mark's had. He took a seat in the tub and stretched out under the spray of the shower, gripping his erection firmly as he closed his eyes and listened to Mark's grunts and pants from the other room.

He thought back to when Mark had grabbed him at the studio, stroking himself ardently as he remembered the feeling of Mark's cock pushing into him. His breathing grew heavier as he tugged at the same rhythm that he remembered Mark's thrusts to be, inching closer and closer to his release but feeling like it wasn't enough. He ached for something inside of him, and after a quick glance around the empty shower, he groaned in frustration.

He shifted his legs up to rest on the sides of the tub and stayed the hand on his cock as he reached down with his free hand, giving his balls a gentle squeeze before he went lower, rubbing two fingers against his pucker. He shivered at the touch, his balls tightening with pleasure and anticipation. He pushed his fingers in impatiently and gasped at the unexpected friction, having thought the water might be enough lubrication.

He stroked himself again to take his mind off the discomfort and pushed his fingers in deeper, moaning as he relived the memory of Mark deep inside of him, stretching him pleasantly while his cock rubbed against the man's firm stomach. He whimpered as he rubbed his fingers inside of him, searching out the spot that made him see stars as he fervently jerked.

"Fuck, I'm so close. Keep going," he whispered to his fantasy of Mark, starting to shudder as he heard the shower curtain move. "Ah!" He cried out as he came just in time to see Mark's surprised face. His eyes shut tightly as his body trembled, hot cum spurting onto his stomach and chest and muscles clenching around the fingers inside of him.

When he finally opened his eyes, he briefly saw Mark with an odd look on his face before the man left, making him sigh heavily as he spread back out on the floor of the shower and slowly cleaned himself off.


They shuffled past each other awkwardly in the doorway after Tanner had dried and dressed, Tanner's eyes downcast to avoid Mark's face. Tanner unpacked their meager belongings silently, lost in his own thoughts. He spooked as Mark sat beside him.

"Sorry about bargin' in on ya, I thought we could share the shower to save on water, I didn't expect ya to be... busy." Mark apologized with a sheepish look.

"Why not, you were." Tanner spat with more venom than he expected, surprising even himself. Was he that upset about it?

Mark's eyebrows shot up in shock before his features settled into something apologetic. The silence following was stifling.

"Do you like her more than me?" Tanner whispered, his gaze turned away from the man.

"What?" Mark sounded incredulous, "Tanner, please, I love Raine, we've been together for a long time... but she's still just a Pokemon." He tilted Tanner's chin so they could look each other in the eyes. "You're my boyfriend," he punctuated it with a peck on the lips, "my feelings for you and her are completely different.

"Besides, I thought we were tryin' to take things slow, I didn't want to pounce on ya just 'cause I was horny." Mark smiled down at Tanner, his expression loving and sincere.

Tanner couldn't help the smile that spread across his own lips, his gaze softening before he leaned in for another kiss: slow, sweet, and romantic. Things were going to be fine, he could just feel it.

Author's Note - That's right! I'm back! I am so, so sorry for how long it's taken me to update this story but I've been dealing with some very serious health problems this past year. Thankfully, they're being managed well enough that I can start writing again :D

I am currently working on Chapter 2, but I wanted to extend this chapter a bit first, as I wasn't entirely happy with where I had left it off originally. I hope you enjoy the addition and the chapters to come.

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