A Haunting Pokémon Escapade

BY : Haunter_Rayne
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Disclaimer: **I do not own Pokémon or any named characters/creatures/settings. This story is for parody entertainment purposes only, not for profit**

**Authors Note** Hello again. So I am filling in another chapter or two of this story. I like this character that I have created and there isn't really anyone else I've found who writes Pokémon stories as violently as I do so I figured I might as well continue this one a bit. I am not sure how long I am going to have this story go. At the moment there might only ever be another chapter. We'll see how far my inspiration goes. 


This chapter is going to get a little more into the personal lives of the characters and the murder mystery the police are working on. It will of course still include lots of sex, Pokephilia and extreme fantasy horror though. But I have to keep up the story to keep it interesting for me. An important note though is that I do not have an editor for this story like I do for my MLP series. Even though as far as I know, nobody is reading this. But, if you see any mistakes or lines that don't make sense then I apologize.


A Haunting Pokémon Escapade

Ch 2 Familiar Ground


“Unbelievable!” Screamed a large man as he slammed a folded newspaper down upon the desk in front of him with fury. “This situation is a disgrace to our entire department. Furthermore you are allowing the media to make a laughing stock of us!” Shouted the man wearing officer's suit.


“Commissioner, we can't possibly be everywhere at once. This killer seems to have no discernable pattern, his attacks happen at random. We're doing the best we can!” Retorted an officer Jenny who stood there with one sister and two other male officers behind her.


“The best… the best you can?!” Shouted the commissioner in outrage. “The latest victim was found up by SnowPoint by the local news crew because of the smell of the body! You have access to the missing persons cases to give you the area and you couldn't find with resources what that flock of media vultures found during a drive by?!”


Ten minutes later an infuriated Officer Jenny stormed out of the commissioner's office, slamming the door and startling several other officers at their desks who had been pretending not to listen. “Insubordination my foot. I'd rather suck a Muk than listen to this abuse any longer!” Jenny yelled as she stormed out into the walkway holding a warning of suspension crumpled in her hand.


However in her rush to vacate her commander's office she did not see a young male intern who had been walking by with the mail cart. They unavoidably collided into one another causing both of them topple over the cart to the ground. “Oww.” Jenny sulked from the sudden pain of crashing to the floor but then she heard several cat calls and laughter from the other officers. “What's so funny?” She spat out in annoyance before she finally regained her bearings and saw the situation she was in.


She had apparently knocked the intern to the ground and was pressing tits right into his open hand. Through no fault of his own the boy was getting a handful of the largest chested female in the precinct. Furthermore her skimpy blue skirt had ridden up exposing her lacy underwear to the rest of the desk workers. “I'm, uh, really sorry ma'am.” The intern spoke nervously as he squeezed her chest in an attempt to pull his hand away but it was literally pinned in place. Jennys jaw dropped as she screamed and shot upwards. As soon as she was no longer straddling the young man her white glove resounded loudly across the side of his face.


“You're lucky that I was the one who crashed into you otherwise I'd be arresting you for assaulting an officer you little pervert!” She shouted while crossing her arms over her chest.


“Y-yes ma'am.” Said the intern, not even minding the red handprint on his cheek as he walked away smiling. Several other male officers and even one female officer gave a high five the intern in envy for the handful he just got to enjoy. Jenny just turned and stormed away shouting, “If you don't mind! We have something far more important than my chest to be focusing on!”


A few moments later she was tearing off down the road on her motorcycle to patrol for trouble and maybe catch a lucky break finding the murderer. In actuality though she just needed some time to herself. When the intern had groaped her he managed to pinch her nipple with her badge. That combined with the rise in blood pressure from arguing with her commander had Jenny feeling especially flushed. That tension building within her was now crying for release, leaving her dripping through her panties in her motorcycle seat as she was riding down the road. She gave a heavy sigh as she thought to herself. “Sometimes a girl just can't catch a break.”


- Far from across the Sinnoh Region in Twinleaf Town -


It was early in the afternoon as a young man clad in black stepped into town. Twinleaf had always been a small and quiet settlement. Usually around this time of day there weren't many people lounging around outside. The youngsters were still in school, the adults that worked already went off to their jobs. Hobbyists were already lost in their craft. This allowed the dark haired trainer to stroll right in unaccosted. The modest town homes were fairly spread apart and were all nestled together in between a thick treeline. After looking around a bit Rayne made his way along the east side of town to a small one story house with a blue roof.


It was a well maintained property with a small vegetable planter along the outer edge of the home. There was no fence but there was still a small white gate with a mailbox that sat out front. As Rayne approached he could see that all of the windows were open and the smells of something baking was pouring out. But then he heard voices coming from inside. First a young girl's voice followed by the response of an adult woman.


“Okay thank you! I'll visit again soon!”


“Not a problem, you're welcome anytime.”


Just then the front door opened and a teen girl came skipping down the walkway. She had light brown hair in a long, straight ponytail running almost all the way down her back. She had a small, white vest that covered her shoulders over a thin red top. The flimsy shirt left her flat, pale, stomach exposed. Furthermore, while it didn't show any cleavage it did a poor job of hiding how big her chest had grown for her age. Below she wore loose fitting, blue jean shorts that cut off high on her thighs. She had a black belt with a row of pokeballs inset along her hip. In her hands though she carried a pie basket as she smiled making her way to the town center. “Haun, hau, h…”


Suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks as she thought she heard an ominous sound. It was super faint, barely a whisper. But she was sure that she had heard it. “He-hello?” She called out. Turning around she didn't see anything but something told her to take a closer look. Walking back to the house she avoided the front door and walked around the outer side against the treeline. There she saw a shadow and a dark dressed boy standing alone. He looked to be about seventeen or so, a year older than her. His brown hair seemed to be about the same length of her own but his was much heavier. While she was dressed joyfully and carefree this boy seemed covered head to toe in sturdy clothing. Also while she stared at him surprised, he stared at her with meticulous interest. “Oh… hi.” She said softly, taking a step or two closer to him behind the house. “What are you doing back here?” She asked, trying to sound helpful.


The boy just seemed to grin. He looked at her features admiring the shapely curve of her neck, her smooth pale belly, her long toned legs and the sweet tender voice that she had. “Come here.” He said mysteriously, not moving from where he stood below one of the windows of the house.


She raised an eyebrow feeling a bit nervous. She realized that her pulse had quicked and she hadn't failed to notice that no one else in town could see them back here. “What… do you want?” She said cautiously, taking a few steps toward him. “MM-MFFPHT!!!” She screamed in surprise as he suddenly lunged toward her and placed his hand over her lips. Quickly he slammed the girl's back against the hard backing of the building which knocked the wind from her for a moment. His eyes fluttered in delight at how soft her lips felt against his hand and how smooth her body felt as he pinned her to the building. He leaned his face into her hair and loved how she smelt of wildberry body wash mixed with her own scent from sweating in the summer heat. He pulled his hand from her lips and suddenly kissed her full on the mouth. He held her head in both hands as he pressed his tongue into her mouth.


The young girl was definitely taken by surprise. She stood there as if a Deerling in headlights. It wasn't until she felt his hands drop down to her breasts that she started regaining her senses and struggling. She pushed on his shoulders trying to get his persistent mouth off of her own. But as she struggled to speak, his lips pulled back only to be replaced with his left hand again. As she tried to grab at his wrist, she hadn't been paying attention to what his right hand was doing. She gasped in surprise as she felt her loose shorts be pulled forward, providing no protection from his hand pushing straight down inside of her underwear. Suddenly she went totally still as his fingers pushed down caressing between the lips of her pussy. She shuddered nervously as she felt two fingertips slip up inside of her opening causing her to blush with embarrassment. Her eyes looked back and forth over the hand covering her mouth, hoping now that no one would walk by and see her being fingered out in public like this. She gasped into his palm and grabbed his wrist with both hands as he shoved his fingers deeper and started working them in and out of her.


“Arceus, you are so pretty!” He whispered lustfully right below her ear. He stroked her walls inside and used his thumb against her clit making her wet. He breathed into her hair again just at the base of her neck and then licked up her cheek slowly to her faint perspiration. She didn't move, remaining there like a statue too embarrassed to do anything as she was molested out in the open. He pulled his left hand from her mouth and was pleased when she didn't try to scream. He tried guiding one of her own hands to his groin to feel how hard he was but she quickly snapped her wrist away. “I'm going to take you now, right here against this wall.” He voice was dripping with desire as he reached down to start unfastening his pants.


Her eyes shot open wide as she heard his words and she quietly muttered. “N-no!” He single handedly opened the front of his jeans and pulled his erection out. Panic started to return to her as she once more, struggling to spider climb back up the wall away from him.


“Hold still!” He growled and then suddenly two purple hands appeared in the air out of nowhere. They quickly snatched up her wrists and held them outwards to her sides against the building. Then telekinetically she watched as her shirt was lifted over her breasts and her shorts with her panties were pulled down her legs. She could almost feel her boys eyes taking in the sight of her body. His left hand roamed across her 36c breasts. He seemed to enjoy rubbing her puffy areolas and her light pink inverted nipples. Meanwhile Rayne's right hand slipped his fingers out of her and reached forward gently caressing the tight firm ring of her asshole.


“NOO!” She suddenly screamed at having her anus touched and very quickly he wrapped his left hand around her throat not wanting to let her get too loud. She looked down as he stepped up closed to her with his hips. She choked a bit with his grip held tightly around her throat. Gasping and holding onto his shoulders she felt him push into her pussy and immediately begin grinding his hips forward and back. She watched as he immediately groaned from how warm and wet her passage felt as he took advantage of her. However now he brought his right arm up and began choking her tightly around the neck with hands.


“GULKPT!” Her mouth spat as she struggled for air. Rayne grinned feeling her vaginal canal tighten as her lungs struggled for oxygen and this encouraged him to pound the girl into the building behind her even harder.


“Uuuhh you feel as beautiful as you look!” He praised her for the body that he was taking advantage of and leaned forward now trying to suck her miniature inverted nippled back into extended place. Enjoying every ounce of feeling he was getting from her he tightened his fingers harder until her mouth opened and she began to claw along his leather coated arms. He enjoyed how her legs kicked in desperation for air as if her hips were bouncing to fuck him back. Meanwhile he was so transfixed at how wonderful her breasts tasted that he wasn't even noticing how her face was turning a darker and darker shade of red.


It was actually just then that an absent minded face appeared in the window above. An attractive woman in her late thirties stepped up her kitchen sink rinsing out a mixing bowl that had recently been used. She hummed cheerfully to herself, lost in thought, until she noticed movement from the corner of her eye. Looking out the window she suddenly saw that someone was behind her house. Quickly looking closer she saw a mostly naked young girl with somebody else pressing up against her. The girl's face was a deep red, turning purple. Her eyes already seemed to be bouncing lazily in her head, no longer able to retain vision. After silently gasping in surprise she saw a young man pull back into her line of sight. He was pulling on one of her nipples with his teeth while furiously ramming his penis into her and strangling her. In all of the few seconds it took the woman to take this all in, she suddenly saw the teenage girl's arms and legs both fall limp to her sides. Immediately the woman ran from the window, back through her house, desperately rushing as fast as her bare feet could carry her.


Just then as Rayne saw the girl's arms fall limply to her sides he looked up seeing the darker color of her strangled face. As his hands let go of her throat there was sudden, sloppy, gurgling intake of air as oxygen once more filled her lungs but her eyes continued to lull in her head in the absence of consciousness. That was the last thing Rayne saw before he noticed a large open hand right in his peripheral vision. That was just before there was a loud ringing sound and his vision began spinning.


- Less than ten minutes later -


The young man sat on a couch wincing as Haunter floated beside him, using a cotton swab on a stick to dab ointment onto a blister cut on his cheek. The ghost pokemon was trying to be careful but fine medical care was clearly not his strong suit. Meanwhile Rayne was staring through an open doorway into a bedroom. There he could see the legs of the teenage girl laying in the bed, slightly kicking as she choked and gagged from having been strangled. The older woman leaned over her, trying to use medical tape to hold ice packs to her throat while she coughed and wheezed.


A minute or two later the woman left the girl to rest and closed the bedroom door behind her. Then she walked up to the boy and glared down at him with a furious expression. Haunter leaned back looking nervous as he glanced from the woman to his trainer and back again. Rayne looked up seeing the worry in her eyes. The woman was beautiful, not having lost an ounce of her charms to her age yet. She had shoulder length hair that was as black as night. Her fair skin shined in the light of the windows. Her figure was shapely being large breasted with wide hips but a very slender waist. However at this moment the delicate, symmetrical proportions of her face were twisted as she stared down at him in anger.


“What the hell were you thinking?!” She screamed at him. She gave him a glare that made even Haunter shrink at the sight of. “I can't believe what I just saw!” She yelled again, now moving to close the front door so they wouldn't be overheard by neighbors. “Rayne, I can't believe what I just had to stop you from doing! I raised you to know better than that!” She was almost panting from how hard she was shouting at her son.


“Mom, come on. You know I'm sorry. I don't know what to say.” He sighed. “I know I was going way too hard on her but-"


Suddenly she knelt down and looked him right in his eyes, interrupting what he was saying. “Oh stop it Rayne. Look, I'm not mad for catching you being kinky with your girlfriend. I've been listening to you two having sex and her asking you to choke her for the last two years. What I'm mad about is not only did you almost seriously hurt her, how many times have I told you to stop making her have sex with you outside!” She lectured him.


“Mom, I know, I know!”


“What if somebody saw you two?! Getting caught being lewd in public would be bad enough! You know that Kate is terrified of that. But honey, if someone else had seen you they wouldn't know that she is wanting you to choke her! They're going to get the wrong idea and call the police on you! Or worse, try to intervene themselves thinking they need to save her! I've always been okay with raising you to be open minded and having kinks is a normal, healthy, part of a sexual relationship. But the two of you have been close since you were children and so look at her like a future daughter in law already. I don't want to see her or my son getting hurt due to reckless behavior! If you're going to play your games of pretending like you are raping her then by the fire of Moltres please do it INSIDE!”


Rayne took a deep breath and nodded. “I promise mom. I don't want you to think that I don't respect your advice. I really do and I have been careful. I was just excited from having just gotten back into town. Kate and I had talked before that she always wanted to do a roleplay one day. If I ever just got back in and she saw me outside with no one else around… to choke her until she passes out and then wake her up with sex out in the woods. It's kind of like a kidnap fantasy of hers. I just go distracted and didn't realize she was already passed out while I was still choking her. Is she okay?”


His mom smiled at him and reached forward to push his hair back out of his face. “She’ll be fine. But you're going to like the bruises that you put around her neck though. She's going to have to be wearing turtlenecks in this summer heat for the next few weeks.” She knew her son and what he was like so she saw no point in pretending otherwise. But then she looked over to the other side of his face. He was red from his chin to his eye with a small line of his skin split on his cheek. “Oh my poor baby. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you so hard. I was just scared you actually hurt her this time. Come here and let me help you with that. It looks like Haunter dabbed every part of your face except for-" Then suddenly she scowled over to the ghost Pokemon wondering if he did that on purpose.

“Haunt, haun, haun!” He laughed returning to his sinisterly joyful self.


Several minutes of peaceful silence went by except for the occasional coughing from the next room. Rayne's mother tended to his cheek, pretending not to notice as her son was looking down at the cleavage of her low cut top. “You didn't get to finish with her did you?” She asked as she started packing the medical supplies back away. Rayne didn't answer but just looked at her bottom through her long skirt as she walked to the kitchen placing the medical pack back on the wall. He knew she was going to see him do it and she knew that he was going to in the first place. She then walked back over to the couch and rolled her eyes, leaning forward and pulling her top down to expose more of her chest for him. Rayne didn't hesitate reaching forward and feeling the tops of her 38DD breasts. She raised an eyebrow at his boldness and asked, “Am I going to be raped next since you didn't finish with Kate?” She gave him a stern look seriously asking and not just being coy.


Rayne smiled at her and said, “I just needed some time back at home. I missed my roots and wanted to know if I could stay for awhile?”


She smiled to him fixing her top and leaned forward giving a kiss to forehead. “Of course sweetie. You know your room is always open for you.” Then she raised her long skirt to her knees and knelt down to the floor. “Is everything okay? Did something happen out there?” She asked, but now she ‘was’ being coy and not saying as much as she suspected. Reaching out with her long graceful fingers she began unbuckling her son's belt and opening his pants.


“I've been having a great time on my latest journey. I just finished collecting all eight badges from another region. Haunter and your girlfriend never let me down. You know I will always do well with them by my side. And you know… your boyfriend is still a pretty effect powerhouse in my arsenal as well.” He teased as he watched her pull his still hard erection out of his pants.


She held it in her smooth hands, feeling the stickiness from Kate's pussy still on it. Leaning her head down she ran her tongue from his balls up to the tip of his shaft. She looked up at him with a scowl saying, “That hulking thing is not my boyfriend. And please tell me that you didn't actually kill any gym leaders Pokemon this time?” She smiled when he shook his head. But after a brief pause Rayne could definitely see the lust in her eyes as she asked, “But how is she doing? I haven't gotten to see her in while.” Then without breaking her eye contact for him she put her son's dick into her mouth and started sucking along it up and down. Rayne immediately started to moan as he felt her tongue flicking along his skin and watched her polishing his rod with her mouth.


Rayne chuckled, reaching down to run his fingers through her hair. “Don't worry, Scyther will be happy to see you and you can play with her all you want later tonight. She is doing extraordinary lately. Her coat is looking particularly fit and tight.” He loved how his mother's body shuddered in lust, fantasizing about the insect pokemon’s slender frame with envy. This made her push down to swallow her son's cock even harder.


However eventually Rayne noticed that his mother's mood seemed to change. It went on for several minutes like this of tight lipped cock sucking. Eventually though she pulled her mouth back and gave Rayne a sorrowful expression. “Please tell me that it's not you…”


It was barely a whisper and Rayne almost missed it. “What do you mean?” He asked. Although he was entirely sure already of what she was asking him.


Standing up from the floor she reached under her long skirt and pulled her black lacy thong down her legs. “The murders… on the news. Please… tell me it's not you hurting those girls.” Then she hiked up her skirt until Rayne could see her pussy. She had thick dark hair above her slit but it was trimmed neatly down her sides allowing a perfect view of her swollen slit. Climbing above her son she placed her knees on the couch over each side of his lap. Then she dropped her skirt but reached down stroking him up and down with her hand while she waited for him to answer her.


“Why would you ask me that?” He said, breathing with pleasure from his handjob but there was still an underlining darkness to his tone.


She sighed and leaned forward. Holding his cock in her hand she guided her pussy over the tip of his dick and started sitting down upon it without any hesitation. “Because every time you come home, you wait until it's late at night so I don't know if it is going to happen or not and then you always let your filthy Garchomp rape me.” She groaned in pleasure at the feeling of Rayne's wonderfully sized cock now stretching her open. She began rocking her hips forward and back, fucking her son vigorously. “Because ever since that day I was bitten by that Seviper and had that fever, my son has been obsessed with harassing and hurting me.” Now she started lifting her hips and dropping her tight middle aged ass onto his thighs repeatedly.


“But that's not…” Rayne started to say but then stopped when she lifted her shirt. Without stopping pace from riding him she held her top up over one half of her chest. There in front of him one of her large, beautiful, breasts started to bounce in his face but Rayne's eyes were looking just below that.


A scar of two baseball sized puncture marks marred her pristine white skin, one just below her breast and the other lower in her ribs. Immediately she felt her son's cock jump inside her and she smiled knowing that was going to turn him on. “After that day you couldn't look at me without getting an erection. That went on for months. And even afterwards you could never stop putting your hands on me. You were always so rough, I knew you had developed a kink.” Now she gasped out loud, feeling her insides tighten as she coated Rayne's balls with her own dripping pussy. Pulling her top all the way off she reached out and guided Rayne's hungry mouth to her large nipples. She held him tightly letting him suckle, even as she felt her tits beginning to leak for her son's lips. It turned her on just just sexually but also sensually feeling him gulping her breast milk down as they made love together.


Running her fingernails through his hair she caressed his scalp and leaned down to whisper in his ear. “Please stay home this time baby. Stay here and get married to Kate, please. I know you sleep with other girls when you go out traveling. I don't mind but she trusts you. It would break her heart if she were to find out.” Her voice was a mix of depressed pleading and orgasmic bliss. She leaned down and gently bit his ear as she whimpered having a strong orgasm around his cock.


Rayne held onto her with his arms, letting her enjoy the sensation of being held as her climax rolled through her system. “I love Kate mom. I probably am going to marry her one day. The others are to just pass my desires. I don't love them.”


“I can tell…” She said simply into his ear. “Are you really murdering them sweetie? The news has said terrible things.” She had intended to continue riding him but was surprised when Rayne pulled her sideways and forced her to lay back along the couch.


“Do you really want me to answer that?” He asked as he leaned over her spread thighs. She bit her bottom lip and then shook her head no. As Rayne began pushing back and forth he simply looked down and said, “The news isn't releasing all of the details. It's worse than whatever you've heard.” Then he grabbed her by both of her breasts and started pounding into her very hard. But being an experienced woman she was more than capable of taking the pounding her son could give. She wrapped her legs around his back and let him use her body to sait his lust.


His mom didn't know what to say. She had raised him to be open minded and she knew he had always had a dark spirit but she never raised him to be aggressive and she certainly never put anything in his mind to aspire to murder. She allowed him to grunt and empty his balls into her as she held him while he came. She gave a warm and welcoming smile feeling him flooding her insides as he squeezed upon her breasts. When it was all over she kissed him gently on his forehead. “I love you Rayne. You are always welcome here. I don't want you doing anything dangerous or getting yourself in trouble but if you have to, you don't get caught! You hear me?!” She said sternly while looking into his eyes. He nodded understanding that for better or worse what she was concerned about was his well being.


“Awww heeey!” Suddenly a different voice broke the feeling in the room as they both turned seeing Kate standing in the doorway. The other two looked up seeing the young girl standing weakly in the doorway. Her voice was a bit raspy but she could clearly still speak. Rayne did notice that while her face had returned to normal coloration, her neck was indeed a multitude of blacks and grays. She was looking at the two of them now with Rayne's cock still buried deep inside and Kate stomped her foot angrily. The mother and son both blushed sheepishly but neither minded because Kate had been involved with their incestuous relations for years. “Did I miss out on all the fun? I'm the one who just got strangled and I don't even get to have my boyfriend's cum?!” She complained, almost laughing from the absurdity of what she was complaining about.


Rayne was rather surprised when his mom pushed him back and extended a hand towards her. “Oh of course you do sweetie Come to mommy.” She said and Kate smiled as she stepped over.


The teenage girl was positively grinning as she moved passed Rayne. “Hehe, yes mom. Thank you Rayne, the two of us had wanted to try this for FOREVER but you weren't here so we haven't been able to until now.” She said vaguely as she knelt down on the floor beside the couch. Rayne couldn't believe his eyes as he watched his girlfriend press her tongue in between his mom's thighs and then give a loud slurp. Almost immediately the mature woman laying before him groaning as Kate pushed her face in firmly and started sucking his semen out of her freshly fucked hole. Rayne watched Kate's throat moving as she swallowed like his mom were a drinking fountain. The exchange was very noisy as his girlfriend licked and slurped. Even after all of his sperm had to have been licked out she continued her oral affections to the older woman until Mrs Rayne was holding onto Kate's head feeding her a fresh orgasm of her own.


“Wow…” Was all Rayne could say when it seemed to be over. He was too stunned by what he had just watched. Previously he’d had sex with both his mother and his girlfriend on several occasions but had never seen them be sexual with each other. And now he noticed the both of them giggling excitedly as he was once more rock hard. “Heh, I guess it's time for another round.” He grinned.


“Okay my turn!” Kate cheered.


Rayne was happy to oblige. “Sure. Sounds good to me. But what's going on here?” He asked.


The girls both laughed as they each leaned in closer to him. His mom spoke up first saying, “Well your girlfriend and I have become quite close while you were off on your last adventure. She likes to sleep in your room while you're gone because it still smells like you. And since she is over so often now it's like I've practically adopted her. I see Kate more than her own mother does.” She laughed as she was now stroking Rayne's cock with her hand.


Meanwhile Kate and leaned forward and was licking across his balls as she chimed in, “Mhm, it's true. And since I know that you've been fucking your mother for years then I'm sure you won't mind your girlfriend pretending to be your adopted sister hehe." Then she raised up and wrapped her mouth around her boyfriend's dick, eagerly sucking it down her throat.


“Lay back Rayne.” His mother told him and given the circumstances he was happy to comply. Mrs. Rayne stood and pulled Kate up to lean over her son. Rayne was still feeling her hungry teenage mouth swallowing his rod up and down but now looking above him he saw her pretty, young, pussy right in his face. Reaching up he took hold of Kate's ass, squeezing her cheeks firmly as he pulled her down and eagerly stuck his own tongue into her slit. He moaned while sixty nining with her right on the living room couch. Now he heard his mother's voice again as she spoke proudly. “Now there is a beautiful sight. You two deserve each other, never forget to please each other's desires. Lust is a healthy thing in a relationship.” Then her voice dropped out as she stepped over to her son's discarded clothing.


Reaching for his pokeball belt she snapped the second ball off and placed it in her dress which was now laying on the floor. Whispering to herself, “My son is back with his girlfriend so it's only fair that later tonight I get to spend some time with mine.” After pushing her dress out of the walkway she then went back to the horny teenagers who were still orally pleasuring one another. Taking control of Kate again she pulled her up and flipped her around on her son. Everyone giggled as she held her Rayne's cock in one hand and pushed Kate's vagina down onto it with her other hand.


“Uuuhhhhh!” Kate groaned, feeling herself being impaled.


“Hehe, she's been wanting to have you back inside her for such a long time…. Always laying in your bed, touching herself to the smell of your pillow…” Mrs. Rayne teased.


Kate's eyes snapped open as she blushed. “Mom! He's not surprised to know that! Dont tel-UUHH! Oh my go-OSH!” She grunted loudly as Rayne interrupted her by bucking his hips up into her hard.


Pushing the teenage girl forward onto her son Mrs Rayne just laughed. “Oh be quiet and fuck my son haha.” Then she climbed onto the couch as well and leaned down below Kate's bouncing bottom. “I'm going to make sure you enjoy your visit home Rayne. Maybe this time Kate can help me convince you to stay.” Then after pushing Kate to lean all the way forward she stuck her face underneath the girl's pussy and slid her tongue right along Rayne's asshole.


“OOOHH fuck yeah haha.” Rayne cheered, feeling Kate's tight vagina squeezing wetly along his cock while his mother licked her tongue around and even up inside his asshole. “If you two keep this up then I'm not going anywhere.” He laughed and started to suck once more on Kate's beautiful pink nipples.


**Author's Ending Note** Okay so that's it for the second chapter. It has plenty of kink with the incest and the asphyxia going on. Not so heavy with the pokephilia but if I decide to write the next chapter then that will be pretty heavy with a bisexual Scyther scene and a straight Garchomp rape scene and maybe even some of Kate's Pokemon might come into play. There is also some room for me to work with Officer Jenny to release her frustrations. If you have any requests then let me know. And you can always tell me if you want to see a chapter get lighter or darker in this story. 


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