Gunz' Blazing Love: A Dan x Gunz x Shun Story

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story or the franchise itself but I do own my story's concept. I am not making any profit from this. Enjoy!

Warning: This series contains extreme Yaoi and explicit sexual scenes between two Bakugan characters, Dan and Gunz. I refer to this as AeroblitzShipping. It's meant to be a sign of the bond between Gunz and Reptak and Dan and Drago and how they work together as one. Bakugan series, which continues in my fan-fiction series, Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Next Generation, which features a trio pairing, Gunz x Shun x Dan.

The Haos brawler will make his debut in Chapter 3: Bad Reputation. Until then, please enjoy this alternative series. If you do not like stories containing Yaoi, please don't read them and hit the back button on the top left corner of the screen. Otherwise, enjoy!

Edit: The pairing is actually known as Aeroblitzshipping.


Gunz's Birthday: October 3rd, 1994

Dan's Birthday: October 3rd, 1996.

Gunz is older than Dan by merely two years but they met in the second grade in this series.

Gunz's PoV

I know, it's totally cliché for me to just say this out loud where everyone can hear it, but I wasn't always the best person in the world. I used to have quite a bad reputation in the past, but that was shortly after graduation from Bakugan Academy, located in Durham, New Hampshire where I started doing professional Bakugan Brawling. Haos Reptak and I were really close pals, and we still are today. I graduated back in 2014 with Dan but we both ended up getting our diplomas the following year. We both repeated the second grade and were in the same class.

Albeit, I didn't get along too well with Dan in the second grade but over time, we became best friends and we did everything together. We pulled the coolest pranks, we got detention together, we both were really mischievous and when it came to brawling time with fists, we fought side by side. He and I were best friends til the bitter end and we did have quite a few enemies but only 'cause they picked a fight with us first.

Reptak and Drago, short for Dragonoid, ended up taking human forms at the academy and we both ended up graduating with highest honors. Even with all the trouble we caused, the fact that we were star students protected us from taking any GPA damage, both of us graduating with a perfect GPA at the end of it all.

We were all in a band together called the Pyrus Halos, and we sang a mix of rock and pop songs, occasionally doing J-Pop or J-Rock, usually J-Rock though. Dan and I shared the lead vocals, and Drago was on drums, Reptak was on keyboard, Shun was on electric guitar, Marucho was on bass guitar. Together, the Pyrus Halos ended up dominating when Battle of The Bands came to town. We always won first place. People knew we were all renowned for causing trouble but the people loved us on stage. We were all in sync when we played as one.

Now, it's 2017 and 3 years have passed since our formal graduation, meaning walking with the rest of the class, and the Pyrus Halos still have the same members and we've gotten a record label, Marukura Records, run by Sony Music, and there were some other new members who were usually placed on reserve when one of us had to go elsewhere for business.

Some of our new members were a Gundalian chick named Paige and her older brother Ren Krawler, a Neathian chick named Fabia Sheen and her younger brother, Rafe Sheen were also part of the band, a pair of siblings, Keith "Spectra" Clay and his sister, Mira Clay were also new members, Jake Vallory, a dude who was a good friend of ours was part of the band too.

Mira's friends, Baron Leltoy and Ace Grit were also new members and there was also Spectra's boyfriend, Gus who was also part of the new crew. People rotated roles when one of us needed to go elsewhere.

Tonight, we were performing a gig live, at the Verizon Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire and Ren and Paige were taking over for Marucho and Drago who was sick tonight, luckily, Reptak was well. Paige was taking over for drums in Drago's stead, and Ren took over bass guitar. I smirked, knowing everything was all set.

"Alright Pyrus Halos, what's our motto?!" I shouted, leading the band's cheer.

"Ignite the Light!" Everyone who was on duty tonight replied.

"Yep, let's KICK it! It's showtime everyone! 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4!" Dan shouted.

"We don't give a damn 'bout our reputation!" 

"You're livin' in the past, it's a new generation!" 

"A guy can do what he wants to do, and that's what we're gonna do!"

"And we don't give a damn 'bout our bad reputation! HEY!" 

"Whoa, no, no, no, no, no, no! Not us, us, us, us, us, us, us!" 

"And we don't give a damn 'bout our reputation!" 

"We never said we wanted to improve our station!"

"And we're only doin' good when we're havin' fun and we don't have to please no one!"

And we don't give a damn 'bout our bad reputation! HEY!" 

""Whoa, no, no, no, no, no, no! Not us, us, us, us, us, us, us!" 

"And we don't give a damn 'bout our reputation!" 

"We've never been afraid of any deviation!"

"And we don't really care if ya think we're strange!"

"'Cuz we ain't gonna change!" 

"And we don't give a damn 'bout our bad reputation! HEY!"

"Break it DOWN!" 

"And we don't give a damn bout our reputation! HEY!" 

"The world's in trouble there's no communication!"

"And everyone can say what they wanna say!"

"Well, it never gets better anyway!"

"So why should we care 'bout a bad reputation anyway?" 

"Whoa, no, no, no, no, no, no! Not us, us, us, us, us, us, us!"

"We don't give a damn 'bout our bad reputation! HEY, HEY!"

"You're livin' in the past, it's a new generation!"

"And we're only feelin' good when we got no pain!"

"And that's how we're gonna stay!"

"And we don't give a damn bout our bad reputation! Yeah, yeah!"

"Whoa, no, no, no, no, no, no! Not us, us, us, us, us, us, us!"

"Oh no, oh no, not us! Oh no, not, not us, not us, not US!"

"Great job everyone! Good night, Manchester, New Hampshire! And thanks for coming! See you at our next concert in Boston, Massachusetts! Remember Pyrus Halos fans, what's our motto?!" I shouted.

"IGNITE THE LIGHT!" The crowd cheered, clapping and applauding and, screaming, rose bouquets being thrown at us by major fans of ours.

"All right, guys! Great job, everyone! For those of you who are coming home with Dan and I, hop into the 2016 forest green Honda Pilot. Everyone else, take the van home. We'll see you guys at home after you're done taking apart the set!" I called to the group.

"Got it!" Marucho said, starting to take down the set with Ren and Paige. Shun, Dan and I hopped into the Honda Pilot, driving back home, sexual adventures waiting for the rest of us at our mansion.

"Mmn, Gunz, babe, happy birthday, you've really got great guns when it comes to muscles and singing and the works when it comes to sex." Dan said, kissing my pecs. I shivered and moaned in excitement and arousal. Things were just getting started but I was ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

"Babe, just remember that you might get pregnant thanks to Shun and I. Are you willing to take that risk, babe?" I replied, kissing back.

"Yup, I'm more than ready. Let's get it on." Dan replied, smirking.

With that, I knew our love blazed brighter than ever with Shun in the picture as Shun kissed Dan's pecs in turn, feeling his toned muscles and six-pack as Dan kissed and felt my toned muscles and six-pack. We were both ready for parenthood. What comes next is all up for time to decide.

Alright guys, that's Chapter 1, done! Next chapter will have a Dan x Gunz x Shun threesome lemon! Hope you're ready!

Remember, Ignite the Light!

Catch you later!

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