Silent Shadow of Amestria

BY : Emereld_Kitten_Tail
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The world was warm around her. She couldn’t see anything at the moment but she felt like she was floating. Kicking her legs out she felt something against her toes. It was weird so she tried again. To her it felt flesh like but that doesn’t tell her where she is. Then ever so slowly she can see a thin ray of light. The thing around her contracted a little around her and she was pushed towards the light.

"Come on Mrs. Elric, your almost there. Just a few more pushes and you'll be done." A warm voice hit her from outside the light. It was a woman’s voice. The thing squeeze her again and she moved a bit closer. Now she was just a few inches away from the light. But what could it be?

Better question is what happened after she died? Did her babies make it or did they pass along with her? Hopefully Dion was taking care of them like he had promised her. The pain in her chest and tummy weren’t there no more, so she must have moved on to her next life.

Wait was that what this was? Was she literally being born into the world? She was inside her new mama, so that light she was seeing was her mama's vagina open for her to come out. But what was this mama like compared to her last one? Would she be born to a loving family or a hateful one full of resentment.

The contraction came again and she felt her head touch the opening. She could feel a pair of fingers touching her head. Was this what they did during a normal birth or was it just how they did it here? So much she needed to know but no one would be able to answer for a few years.

"Just a little bit more dear. Let’s go on three okay? One...two...three!"

The moment the lady said three she felt her body getting pushed out of her new mama. The velvety lips of her mama stretching to let her pass through. Soon her head wasn’t in the liquid no more. Now there was emptiness around her. She could feel the cold hitting her skin. She started crying for the warmth of her mama's womb again. It had felt so nice to be in there.

A towel wrapped around her body as it whipped her down. She whimpered when the hairs on her head were pulled during the cleaning. It had hurt more than her little body could handle. She wanted to see this world, through her new eyes.

Slowly she opened her eyes to see a pair of eyes above her. They were molten Amber like Atu's had been and they were attached to a man. His smile was large and his teeth gleamed as he flashed them to her. In his arms, there was another baby. He was wrapped in a blue blanket that looked super soft and warm. She reached out to it but couldn’t reach. This man laughed at her attempt while she heard the tired giggles of her mama behind her.

Now that she was all clean the brown-haired woman wrapped her in a blanket like the other baby. She looked down at it and frowned. She didn’t like pink but would suffer through it just because it was warm.

The doctor soon took her over to her mama and laid her in the woman’s arms. Her skin was pale and it contrasted to her dark brown hair and blue eyes. There was happiness running through them and she couldn’t help but think this family was going to be nice.

"Oh, she's so precious. With those Warm Amber eyes and golden blonde hair. She's going to be a beauty when she gets older." So, she had that man’s eyes and hair. Was he her father? It was going to be weird having a daddy around all the time. And this one looks smart with his sharply dress clothing and glasses.

There was a light cough from the brown-haired lady. This got all both mother, father, and daughters attention so they looked at her. She was around the same age as her mama if not a little older, but she looked nervous as she bit her lip.

"Trisha, there's something you should know about this child. While Edward was born a healthy baby boy, this one has both a penis and vagina. I’m not really sure what we should do for her papers. This is very rare to happen and I’ve never run a crossed it except in my medical texts."

Both her parent’s eyes widened a little while she just gurgled at them. It wasn’t like this wasn’t normal for her. Her mama gently started undoing her blanket. She whined at her to stop but it did no good. As soon as the blanket was away she felt the coldness on her privates and wailed. Neither of them listened, more focused on seeing if what brown haired lady said was true.

Gently as she could her mother lifted her little scrotum to expose her lower lips to those around. Her mama gasped and gently poked it to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. It felt funny to her baby body and she was thankful when here mama stopped.

"Hohenheim, have you ever run a crossed something like this?" her voice was filled with both wonder and fear. It made sense to her seeing as she had no idea what she's looking at. Her daddy easily handed the babe in his arms to the other doctor and made his way over. He crutched low and examined her like mama had. His fingers were rougher and it hurt her skin. When she screamed at his touch he pulled back a little before sighing and shaking his head.

"The only thing I’ve known that was close to this was when the king of my lands son naturally matured into a woman during his years of puberty. It was discovered when they died that they had the entire reproductive system of a woman but no opening. their penis was just a tube of excess flesh. This is more different than that. It’s like she's a mix of male and female. The only way we can tell what she is when she is older and starts developing."

She was shivering now and her mama was nice enough to wrap her back up. She cooed a little at the warm feeling that enveloped her.

"So, what should we call her? We are going with girl, right?" her daddy nodded before taking on a thinking pose, mama giggled at his funny stance.

He was silent for a long moment, "Elfriede, Elfi for short, it was common back in my home. It meant elfin strength. Elves were told to be tricksters that confuse the minds of man. With her body, I can’t think of anything better."

Her mama was thinking it over and she could easily see she liked the idea, Elfriede did to. To show her liking of it she wiggled a little while giggling. Her parents looked at her for a moment before chuckling.

"I guess if she likes it then that’s what we'll pick." yes score on the fun name. Soon after some paperwork was signed and they were dismissed the new family of four headed out of the small clinic in their village of Resembool.

Along the way Elfi cuddled into her mama's arms as she listened to them speak.

"You know we didn’t plan on twins. We had everything set up for one child and now we have two. What are we going to do Hohenheim?" she could easily sense the distraught feelings growing in her mama. So, she tried to cuddle into her to show it would all be okay.

Daddy sighed and didn’t answer for a moment. She could see him but she had a feeling he was looking at the sky watching the clouds as they floated across the dark blue sky. Finally, he found his answer.

"I'll ask the Rockbell's in the morning, I’m sure Pinako wouldn’t mind helping out. Besides it would give Winry someone to play with when they grow older. Maybe even teach the kids a little about automail if she was willing." Mama's worry seemed to felt away at the mention of the Rockbells. Elfi couldn’t help but wonder about this Winry girl. She could always use a childhood friend. But what’s Automail, is it like the internet or something?

It was dark out by the time the family was back home. Elfi liked the blue color it was painted. Once inside daddy turned on the lights and lead the way upstairs. Mama followed close behind him. They passed a few doors along the way and eventually entered the last one.

Inside it was like any other baby room. The walks were a soft cream color, while the carpets were green like grass. There was one large crib in the corner, a changing station not far from that and a thing of toys in the corner.

Gently mama put her inside before giving her a light kiss on the forehead. It sent a tingle though her body and she giggled again at the funny feeling. Soon after daddy put Edward in next to her. The boy was already asleep with part of his hand in his mouth. Her parents left soon after and she was left in the dark with nothing but a tiny light in the corner that did nothing for her ability to see or move her newborn body. Simply said she was stuck and can only get lucky to kick and roll herself over onto her tummy.

After a few minutes of trying she soon found herself exhausted. Seeing as she had nothing better to do she too fell asleep. Life would be nice here if today was anything to go by.




It’s been a year since the Elric twins were born and things couldn’t have been better. Over the year, she listened to the conversations of those around her and finally started figuring out what they were saying. It was frustration sometimes to know three other languages from your first reincarnation. But she managed to finally figure it out.

Today she was going over with her mama to see the Rockbells while Edward spent the day with daddy. Safely secure in her mama's arms Elfi was looking all around at the world around her. She had been doing this from the start of her life but now she had much better control of her neck and could turn it without it sagging. Mama was humming some song that she couldn’t understand yet but it sounded really pretty.

Today Mama had put her in a something similar to bloomers and a shirt. She had tried dresses but she would always try and pulling it up. Mama thought she was just curious with what was under it but that wasn’t true. she just didn’t want to wear anything. Now mama used a belt to keep her from taking off her bloomers but she somehow always got her shirt off. Daddy would chuckle to himself whenever she would do it when Mama turned around but he never reprimanded her for it, although mama would yell at him for not stopping her. She had this thing about how humans needed clothing on at all times.

She still felt her eyes widen when she saw the Rockbell home. It was bigger than her home up on the hill. there were two floors to it while over one area there was a balcony that looked great for tanning when she got older. The building itself was made out of wood and stones. They even had a little rock-wall surrounding the house that went down one side of the driveway.

Pointing toward the house she clapped trying to get her mama to hurry up. What she wouldn’t do to be able to talk. Mama seemed to get the idea though and sped up just a little. Walking up to the front door mama knocked twice and then waited for someone to answer. When the door did open, she was greeted with the sight of Pinako with her pipe in her mouth, like usual.

"Pia!" throwing both arms out at the woman she looked at her with wide eyes. The woman chuckled with a gravelly voice.

"Oh, give me the child Trisha. Diana is in the other room going over some textbook of hers. Honestly if she put as much effort into Automail as she does those medical books she would be set for life. " The woman grumbled the last part but Elfi could still hear it.

Mama thanked the older woman before gently handed her over. The old woman smelt like oil and stew. It was an odd smell but it was granny Pinako's smell, so it was fine the way it was.

"So, what would you like to do little one? Winry's taking a nap at the moment, so she can’t play." a pout filtered over Elfi's little face before a big semi-toothless smiled took over. pointing at the hunk of metal on the work bench.

"Auho" Pinako turned around to see what she was talking about when her eyes landed on her workbench. She was working on a new type of port to link up the nerves to the automail. It was hard to figure out but she was still going at it.

"You wanna watch me work? You sure? It can get very noisy." she nodded her head wildly. Auto mail looked interesting. Her mama had talked about it a few times and daddy would say that the slaves in his home would have been much better off if something like automail was around back then. Her daddy was weird like that though. Always talking like her was way older than he was. Little did she know that he was hiding s massive secret.

Chuckling to herself Pinako walked over to her station and pulled up her chair before putting her on the empty side of the table. Seeing that Elfi was looking at her with utter curiosity that she had only seen in Winry when it came to automail. Maybe she would be able to pass on her knowledge and skills to someone else besides just her granddaughter. And to think it was Hohenheim the alchemist child that she was going to do it to.

"Okay little one, ill teach you but you have to do what I say during these lessons. okay?" the little babe nodded making Pinako grin. "You definitely have your father’s intelligence."

From there Pinako started teaching her the human body. It was more advance than her old biology class as Persia but it was interesting. By the time a year had gone by she would have been able to recite most of the basic information on the human body. She learned of muscles, bones, tendons, nervous, and blood vessels. Once that was done granny started going into the history of automail and the different designs that have been tried.

At first, they were just prosthetics that they had to pull strings to move correctly and needed a big bulky harness just to keep it attached. Now they were able to implant it into the body and sync that up to the nerve endings before hooking up the limb. She found it all fascinating. It was like how science in her old life had advanced through the years. The more someone nitpicked something until they found a better method.

Elfi would have proffered if granny started with the history first but she didn’t get to direct the woman. One thing that she wasn’t sure how to take was Thalia just randomly showing up.

Elfi was two now and her mama was letting her outside to play. Edward was being a grumpy butt and was stuck inside because of it. Seeing her mother sit in a chair while reading her book Elfi quickly shedded her dress and started running around. Mama told her not to get it dirty so she folded it up and put it on her rock. Her rock was more like a small pile of flat stones her daddy had set up for her so she could run around naked and not have to throw her clothes on the ground, which made Mama mad.

Taking in a deep breath as she felt the sun on her skin she stretched out on the grass. The birds were flying around chirping and the cat that liked to walk around town was somewhere nearby meowing at nothing. Just as she closed her eyes she found a long-wet tongue lap at her face.

"Hey! no licking!" they did it again and she swatted at it, can’t she just enjoy her sun in peace. There was long deliberately slow lick from her belly button to the top of her chest. It tickled like crazy, making her go into a giggle fit.

Finally, when she opened her eyes to see what it was that was licking her Elfi's eyes widened to saucers. There right in front of her was a very familiar white puppy with electric blue eyes and black markings on her forehead.


"Nope" if it wasn’t for the cheesy grin or the fact that she spoke she would have bought it, blame the toddler body. "I must say you look cute in this form. But where are your soul things?"

Totally ignoring the question, she grabbed the puppy in her arms and dragged her toward her mama. she could talk later. Along the entire walk, Thalia just whined in despair. Even as a toddler Elfi was still manhandling her.

"Mama Mama! Look a puppy!" She held up Thalia to present her to her mama. Looking up from her book Trisha first noticed the cute little puppy in her daughter’s arms Then she saw her daughter was missing her clothes once again.

"Elfriede! How many times have I told you that you are supposed to stay dressed! Its indecent for a young girl to run around without any clothing on." Elfi felt tears coming to her at her mama's words. Her old mama had been so supportive of her differences and yet her current one didn’t seem to like any of them.

Thalia having an idea of what was going through her friends mine whined lightly and bent her head back and gave her a gentle lick to her cheek. This time she didn’t swat at her but she did tighten her hold a little.

Seeing her daughter in tears while clutching the pup was just too much for her to deal with. "Alright as long as we are at home, and only home, can you go without clothing. It kills me to see you cry like that." Sometimes she wished Hohenheim was sterile but he wasn’t and now she was pregnant again. She just hoped that this child wasn’t as bad as Edward or as random as Elfriede. She didn’t like thinking it but it was hard not to.

"The puppy?" both Elfi and Thalia turned on their puppy eyes as they stared at her mama. Trisha could only stare in horror at all the trouble her daughter could cause with that pup but she caved instantly under the double pressure. Beside it was just too darn cute.

"Fine but you’re walking it and washing it." Some might think she's a bad parent because she was going to make her child to these things at two but they don’t realize one thing. Her daughter is much more capable than any seem to realize. Considering the fact that she could already run without falling and talk without stumbling it was amazing. And she just has this stare that tells you that something more complicated was going on in her mind than any toddle had the right to have.

Elfi squealed in delight before running back to her spot in the sun. Placing Thalia back on the ground she swiftly sat down as well.

"So, what happened after I left?" it had been two years since she died but that didn’t mean she didn’t think about them.

"Dionysius took his promise to you seriously and is raising them on the boat with Reyna. Reyna was pregnant the last time I saw here. With your egg or sperm, I don’t know but she was." Thalia placed her little furry head into her friend’s tiny lap. It almost filled it but in a few years they will have to see.

"that’s good. I hope they are doing alright without me. And I don’t know why my soul items haven’t gotten here yet. Considering how long it took you, I guess I’ll see them in a few years." It sucked big time but she could wait.

"So, what is different about this world than ours?" slowly Elfi started scratching the pup behind the ear. She had to stifle a giggle as her friend’s tongue rolled out.

"Well they have this thing called automail that’s basically mechanical prosthetics that you can manipulate like a regular limb. There aren’t any gods to my knowledge but there are people with powers. They call it Alchemy. Basically, matter conversion science with the equivalent exchange principle. Give it to get it."

the pups head popped up and her tail waged in excitement, "do you think we could use it to turn me human? that would be so awesome."

She shook her head. she had heard whispers of what happened during human transmutation and she didn’t want to touch it with a ten-foot pull. She took a minute to explain the things she had heard to her friend. Thalia was of course disappointed but there was nothing they could do in this world. Maybe the next.

"So, what have you been doing since coming here? I doubt you've been just sitting here twiddling your thumbs." if there was a way that dogs could smirk then Thalia was doing it. stupid wolf.

"I’ve been studying automail under out neighbor, Pinako Rockbell. Her granddaughter has start joining me in our lessons but she's a little behind me. Although she is excited about it."

What she didn’t realize was that in the years to come she was going to need her knowledge in automail.




Running around with Winry had become her favorite thing to do. The girl was a bit of a tom boy and wasn’t afraid to get a little dirty. So, today they were playing in the background of the Rockbell house. Her Mama had thought it would be a good idea for her to come over here for the night. She wouldn’t say why but she knew it involved daddy. In the last two years, he had started camping out in his study for longer and longer periods of time.

Ed and Al were still over there but that’s because they didn’t want to play with them. Boys were so silly. Right now, they were laying on the grass just acting like they were controlling the clouds. Winry was trying to make a bunny while Elfi was making a wrench. She had become absorbed into the world of Automail in the last two years. And thanks to her pushing Winry had finally caught up and was having just as much fun with it as her.

The most recent thing that they built was the fingers for a human hand. It was tricky but they managed to get three of them done so far.  Granny only did body models of limbs. Not a single one of her designs had a weapon of any kind in them but that’s one thing Elfi liked about her version of automail. It’s used to help the body replace what was lost, not turn into weapons to hurt others.

Thalia was laying in between them just snoozing on her tummy. She had gotten a bit bigger but not much. Honestly Elfi was starting to think the wolfs growth was stunted by both level and how much she could grow per life.

Their little chatter was interrupted when Elfi felt a familiar weight around her wrist and neck. She jerked to a sitting position. Looking down there was her Moon pendant with her camp beads just lying there against her bare chest like it never was missing. Blinking she looked down at her wrist and right there was her bracelet with all its new charms. When she went to move her hand to touch one she paused at the ring on her finger.

It was made of pure silver with a small amythesis for a center piece. This was the ring Dionysius slipped on her before she died all those years ago. Instantly tears filled her eyes as she fiddled with it. She hadn’t forgotten him but she couldn’t hold onto him except in her memories. She wouldn’t see him again and if she did it would likely be a different version of him.

"You okay El? What’s wrong?" Winry had sat up as soon after she did. Elfi could tell the girl was looking at the jewelry that had suddenly appeared on her but not questioning it until she was ready.

Reaching up she whipped the tears from her eyes before taking the ring off her finger. It just didn’t feel right to have it there now. She twirled it around in her hand before undoing the loop holding her necklace to her and slipped it on the empty side. it clattered against the pendant but it was where it belongs.

"I’m okay, I just wasn’t expecting it that’s all." Winry gave her a funny look before turning her eye back to her items.

"They sure are pretty though, where do you think they came from?"  She could only offer a shrug. She honestly didn’t know if they were trapped in her soul or stayed on her old body until jumping lives.

Looking down at her wrist she wondered if her gamer charm still worked. Throwing caution to the wind she reached down and touched the green gem. Instantly there was a screen appearing above her wrist.

Elfriede Elric

The Gamer

Title: N/A

Level: 5

HP: 250/250

AP: 125/125

STR: 2

SPE: 1

Flex: 2

INT: 11


First human- you were created by the titan Prometheus as the first human being with both genitals Thus making you a creature without limits. Each time you die you are reincarnated but will have your memories of you past lives. (Permanent)

<Cerilia Atu's merging: 100% complete>

Natural Nudist- you don’t like wearing clothes but no one ever questions you on it. You could go around naked and not even the police will stop you. Beware higher risk of sexual assault. (Permanent)

Past life family traits^

Queen of shadows- controls shadows making defensive barriers and restraints, while also opens a storage for user. 1/25

wolf's life- Heighten senses, gets hormonal easily, cravings for raw fresh and blood, and viciously protective of those in your close circle. 10/10

Permanent Skills^

Archery: 68/100

throwing knifes: 57/100

Chain blade: 41/100

Fencing: 10/25

Rockbell Automail crafting and implanting: 2/ 200

First Aid: 6/100

Languages: 1/???

*French: 5/20

*Ancient Greek: 20/20

*Amestrian: 3/20

True Blood form 1: 15/15~ Final form at the peak of both mental merging and powers in 1st reincarnation

Aura: 27/1000 ~ 4 minute and 30 seconds of use. floods area in something similar to Godly power that match user’s presence in the world

Presence: 16/1000~ how much you effect the world around you when released from your limits.


Type- (?) Alchemy:  1/100

Soul bound items^

Flask of Liquids- Red and silver flask found in the junkyard of the gods that grants the user unlimited liquid of their choice

Bracelet: 3/5

*Scythe of the soul - originally the scythe of Kronos titan of time but now it is yours. It’s made out of Celestial bronze and mortal steel. This gives it the ability to wound monsters and humans. When someone is slashed with this weapon it feels like they are having their souls ripped from their bodies.

*Gamer charm V1

*Chain blade charm- Dark green blade with blade with stygian iron edging and a molten amber wave design, chain made of pure onyx crystal and a black handle.

Necklace: 3/10

*moon Bow pendent ~ light lavender color with a black swirl design all over it. Gifted to her my the 100- hand-ones.

*Camp Half-blood beads.

*Dionysius' Engagement ring

Companions: 1/2

*Thalia the wolf

Neat so her skills didn’t diminish like she thought they would. It sucked that she had to start over with the Shadow skill but that was fine. At least this time she knew what she was doing and it was only half as big.

Calling up on her tiny control of the shadows she pulled out her flask. Smiling she happily started sipping her favorite red liquid from it. If there was anything she learned in this life it was that Mama would not appreciate her having to clean up the blood from her. IF only she could find some meat and she would be good.

It was a weight being lifted off her mind as she gorged herself on the ruby liquid. Finally, she capped it and tossed it back into her shadow before looking at Winry. The girl was pale to the bone.

"Winry are you okay? What’s wrong?" The girl didn’t move. It was then that it clicked in her mind. Winry was scared of the dark and seeing her control shadows must have scared her stiff. Getting up on her knees she scooted over to her friend before plopping herself down on the girls lap and gave her a hug. Slowly she started to rock a little and that calmed her even more. It took her a good ten minutes before she could.

"What was that? You controlled that shadowy thing." the girl shuddered into her chest as she gripped her in fear.

Sighing Elfriede started telling her story.




"So, all that stuff and the shadow thingy were from a past life? And they all do different things?" It took here until lunch to explain to the other girl exactly what was happening and why. At times the girl had questioned her sanity. In the end, she believed her but it was shack.

"yes, and so is Thalia. She was my friend but we messed with fate and this was the only way to full fill what was required. Now she will follow me into every life I have and will never leave me a moment of peace and quiet again."

"I resent that! I’m usually napping while you’re doing things. Do I need to remind you of your trip to the Roman camp? Now that week I never got any sleep. you and that girlfriend of yours were so freaking loud!"  Even though Winry didn’t know what they were talking about it sounded funny to her which made her giggle. Soon all three girls were laying there giggling.

"So, what else can you do? I bet your all super powerful and stuff." There were stars in the blonde’s eyes at the thought of her friend beating up all the mean boys in their class. They had been teasing her ever since her parents had died in the ishvalian war.

Elfi shook her head, "Nope not really. I usually only get a power when I go into the next life if at all. The first time it was an animal’s desires like: love for blood and raw meat, protection of the family, better sense of smell, hearing, and sight."

"B-blood!" Winry's voice went all squeaky at the thought of it. Hmm...maybe she really is weird for a human.

"Yes, blood but only animals. I’ve kept what little I had of them suppressed but when this all came back the craving jumped up a lot. but don’t worry the flask takes care of the blood part. It can summon any kind of liquid I could want. I use it for that or any drink. Saves me from having to ask Mama for something and getting yelled at for drinking so much of everything. My old Mama did that a few times." A shudder ran through her at the thought of her Mama doing that to her here. There are somethings you don’t do and that’s make mama mad, well unless it involves your clothing staying on.

"So, you could have juice or milk or pee?" the girl blushed at the last one but she had to ask. Thalia and Elfi just laughed.

"Yes, all of those could appear in it if I wanted it to. Would you like to try? I’m pretty sure you can use it as well." It was an honest guess but she wasn’t sure.

"Ahh...maybe when I’m older." was that a promise or a hint of the girl’s curiosity?




"What do you mean daddy's gone? he was just here yesterday!" Elfi had just gotten back from her friend’s house and she was told this the second she walked inside. Her mama was crying into her hand on the steps just blabbering about nothing intelligent.

"He left baby. He wouldn’t tell me why but he said to give you this." She lifted the front of her skirt to show a paper wrapped item. Her mama bent down and picked it up. With a few swipes of her hand to get all the fuzzies off, she handed it to her.

Elfi looked down at it for a moment before throwing it down the hall. There was the sound of paper ripping but she didn’t care. Tears started falling from her eyes as she sunk to the floor.

"Daddy! Why!" her voice echoed off the walls of the house. No one answered her nor did her mother come to comfort her. Soon she heard a pair of feet heading up stairs and she knew her mother had left her. It was faint but she could hear the crashing of furniture upstairs. Guess Ed was more violent then she is.

Sniffling she crawled down the hall to find the book her daddy had given her. It was mean and insensitive of him to think a book would fill the void he left in her heart but it was still something from him. Finally, she founded it peeking out from under the coffee table.

Scurrying over to it she picked it up and scrutinized it for any damage. Thankfully it was just the wrapping paper that had ripped. Clutching it to her chest she sobbed into it for a minute longer before looking at it.

Alchemy: The Wind That Destroys All

From what little she knew of Alchemy there was only earth based Alchemy; she had never heard of anything about the other elements. Could this be the power she needed to master for her to succeed in this world? No, she could do great things with her Automail but what if she integrated it? According to Granny no one has ever combined Automail and the Alchemic arts before. But how would she do it? She can’t just go off half-assed, she will need to build the best that she can and master this branch of alchemy before daring to try and meld it together.

But first she needed to know more about both. Granny would be a good base for her Automail studies but she will eventually need to branch of that. She didn’t know where she would do that just yet but she would. At the moment, the only place close enough to her that had anything involving Alchemy was her Daddy's study and the secret room her had in the basement.

Picking herself off the floor she went over to the basement door. Daddy had only let her down there because she needed a place to practice her Automail making or cleaning without making a mess of the house. But she had never been down here on her own before. Would it still look the same as Wednesday or would he have taken things with him? She couldn’t see him leaving with much but that didn’t mean he hadn’t.

Opening the door, she slipped inside and only held it open long enough for Thalia to slip in before she closed it. Pulling on the cord above her the light turned on. It was a lot less creepy to her down here when the light was working. Not that she was scared of the dark, just her mind plays tricks on her when she spent too much time in it without her shadow powers. Hopefully now that they are back she won’t get the hebbie gebbies.

Walking down each step she had to stop herself from jumping at every creak that they made under her light weight. hurrying it along she flew down the rest, barely managing not to trip. Breathing hard at the bottom Elfi put her hand to her heart. It was beating rapidly under her flesh but it was slowing as the seconds flowed on. Thalia didn’t seem to have that problem judging by her amused looking grin.

When she finally could breathe again Elfi headed over to her work station and started putting everything she had into her storage, Even the table and lamp. Once her area was totally clear she turned to walk over to the other side of the room. There wasn’t much on that side besides a really big suite of armor that look positively ancient, but in a good way. This was the key to finding the entrance into Daddy's secret room.

Striding over to the wall she stood there just scanning the wall for any difference. Then she saw it. It was extremely light but scratched into the surface of the wall was a transmutation circle. She didn’t really know what all the symbols meant but she did know how to use a little bit of Alchemy energy. Focusing inside herself she searched for the ball of ever shifting energy. She had a theory that the reason it was always changing form was because of Alchemy in nature. The change of shape or material for something else. This was doing the same, except it always returned to the ball shape after changing once. It was kind of fun to watch.

Ever so gently she tapped into this energy and brought it into her hand. Opening her eyes, she was a little amazed to see little sparks of energy shooting of her fingers. Could everyone do this or was she just a weirdo again?

Shrugging her shoulders, she pressed her fingers against the circle. There was a brief flash of green that had never happened for her daddy before the wall slide open. Hesitantly she took a step inside and nearly peed herself when the door slammed shut as soon as they were both in.

The room itself was rather huge compared to what it was connected to. If she had to guess it was as large as your neighborhood Walmart. One side had row upon row of shelves just full of books with what looked like a small sleeping area set up at the end. On the other side though it was broken into halves. One side had what looked like a half-finished Transmutation circle with a small wall acting as a barrier from the last part. This one was completely empty except for the shower, sink, and toilet in the far back corner. Sadly, her daddy got a sitter and not a squatter, curse that silly man.

"this place would be good for me to work in peace. I know Ed and Al are going to come down here now that daddy is gone" She was looking into the basically empty section trying to get an idea on where she'd put everything.

"and how are you going to get in here if they are down here?"  

"Remember I got my shadow powers back yesterday. It will take some training again but I’m sure I could shadow travel into here."

"oh yeah. I can’t believe I forgot you got your things back from your last life." there was a light dusting to the wolfs face but she didn’t comment.

"I honestly forgot I even had powers in my past life for a little bit. So, no worries. just wait until this happens for the tenth time. We’ll be sick of it." Growling at the idea Thalia headed off to the sleeping area to find a good napping place. If there was one thing the wolf didn’t like it was work and learning.

Turning to her knew play area she got out of the silly old-fashioned clothing her mama made her wear. Seriously don’t they have any cute clothing in this place? At least the underwear if anything.

Sighing to herself Elfi started reconstructing her work station. She was eternally thankful her daddy built shelving both up top and down below the flat table. With all her tools up top she put her books down below while keeping the wind book inside her storage.

Lifting her flask, she took a quick drink. Smacking her lips, she ran her tongue over her pointed canines. That was one of the few changes to her the other day. She had picked up on the animal traits once more and she even had markings on her again. the markings however were only covering her left arm and now pure black. It was strange especially without the trident or skull mark anywhere on her person. Truthfully, Winry had been very thorough in her search.

Now that was all finished she should probably go check out what books her daddy found too important to have in his study. Slowly she skimmed the shelves with a small ladder slung over her arm to look at the higher shelves. There was everything here from Xerxes history to something called Alchehistry from Xing.

Seeing no way around it she started with the first book in the Amestrian section and worked her way down. It would take her a long time to read it all but in the end, she would be much better off for it.




It’s been two years’ sense she found the workshop and her daddy disappeared. When Elfi wasn’t studying with Granny and Winry she was either at school, taking care of Mama, or down in her workshop. Ed and Al had taken to studying the books from Daddy's study but they could only do simple things like turn stones into very poor sculptures. Mama would still smile at them and tell them how good they were getting. Elfi could say they were okay for six-year-old and a four-year-old but still.

Elfi had taken over the household chores while Ed did the yard work. Mama had been getting weaker and weaker as time passed but still tried to take care of them as much as she could. Elfi had tried to make her mama smile with her work in both Alchemy and Automail but she would always find them in the trash no less than a week later. When it came to her attitude she had stopped talking to any of the Elrics besides her little brother Al. Ed dismissed her while Mama was against everything she did.

She remembered this one time when she was studying a book on automail while watching over her mama when their relationship took a turn for the worst.


Elfi had just gotten home from school and it was her turn to watch over Mama. When she peaked into her room she found the woman sleeping soundly in her bed. Sliding across the room she checked her temp and made sure to replace the rag on her forehead with a new one. Once she did that she pulled up a chair to the side and curled up in it.

Seeing that Mama didn’t usually wake up until around six or so she could get some reading in. Manipulating the shadows, she pulled up a book on Automail joints and their purpose. It was rather fascination how they could build machinery that could bend the same as a regular arm with just a few pieces of metal. To be able to turn you forearm was so much more complex than she ever thought. that’s not counting how you have to figure it out with automail, that’s even more complicated.

She was just getting into the chapter on sprockets and how a single missing bolt can ruin an entire arm when Mama suddenly leaned forward. Elfi gently closed her book and hoped off the chair. Her mama just watched her as she moved.

"Do you need anything Mama? I can run and get it for you?" She tried to sound casual but by the frown on her mother’s face she didn’t think it was.

"What are you doing? Isn’t it your turn to do the cooking?" her mama had helped them set up a schedule where one would work on homework, the other make dinner or breakfast, and the last would take care of her. They rotated rolls each day and this was the second day in a row that she was doing both the cooking and watching over their mother.

"I would but Ed ran into Daddy's study as soon as he got home instead of coming up here and Al's doing his homework. I thought I would make sure you were okay or needed any help before I started. I was going to make meatloaf with green beans and mashed potatoes."  her frown only got deeper.

"Did I ever say I needed you to look out for me? Your job was to cook and that was it. If you can’t follow a basic role like that how are you ever going to attract a husband? What kind of man would ever fall for a girl that can’t do her job around the house or smells like oil all day?"

Elfi Flinched at the woman’s words. She had started being like this ever since daddy left. Always forcing a husband wants down her throat. Honestly, she wasn’t even sure she wanted to love a man in this life. It was too soon after Dionysius.

"I don’t smell like oil. It’s called hard work for what I like doing and am good at. I just don’t understand why you go against everything I like doing!" Her voice came out a little louder than she intended but she was getting frustrated with this talk always happening.

"Because I don’t like having a freak for a child!" She hissed out. "With your insistence to always being naked whenever I turn my back, the weird marks on your arm, and don’t get me started with your freakish genitals. It’s bad enough you have them but your need to flaunt them like that is disgusting!"

Something in Elfriede broke at that moment. Her love for this woman that called herself her mother turned to dust and scattered in the wind.

"Fine, I’ll do the cooking and cleaning but don’t think you will ever see me around the house. I’ll be the ghost floating over your shoulder that always disappears when you look. If you want someone to look after you ask my brat of a brother Edward or gentle Alphones. I’m sure you can use the extra time to corrupt them." Walking back to her chair she picked up her book before storming out the door. Never did she see her mother’s shocked expression.

*Flashback end*


It’s been a week since that night and she did as promise. She cooked and she cleaned but not once was she noticed. Al had come looking for her many times but the moment he got in the room she would hide in the shadows. She would always cry inside when she saw the confused and hurting look in his eyes when she did this. But she was anything if a woman of her word.

Even though Thalia didn’t like it she had managed to convince the Rockbells to take her in for the time being. She wasn’t sure if Ed would get angry at his alchemy work and try to attack her. So, she was over there. One thing they figured out was that the past life system worked for her as well.  It was literally a shocker but Thalia was now able to manipulate electricity again. So far, the only thing the wolf can do it let a little bit of it spark along her fur to make her look downright frightening for a small adolescent wolf.

Seeing as she no longer had much time on her hands Elfi had spoken to her small towns school’s principle. She had asked for a test to allow her to finish her schooling early. At first the man had outright denied her but when she asked him to ask her some questions only a senior at the school could possible know he caved and did. One turned to two and so on and so forth. By the end, he had to test her or feel like an idiot. Sadly, for him, she buried the test in the ground with her advance answers and well written papers. The most amazing thing was that it only took her about three hours to finish.

In the end, she had her diploma and was considered an adult with only her principle and the mayor knowing. She had to beg that they don’t tell her mother but they gave in eventually thanks to her puppy eyes.

Now she was able to even out her schedule a little bit but she would have to go talk to granny and explain what was happening.

Walking down the road she was more than a little surprised that the village had picked themselves up so much since they were attacked by Ishvalian rebels a couple years ago. They had destroyed about a third of the entire village and half of the local farmer’s crops, and the train station. The station had been rebuilt pretty quickly but it took a little longer for everything else to get back to normal.

"Why hello there Little Elfriede. How’s your mother and brothers doing?" turning to the old man she was almost tempted to ask who but managed to hold it back.

"Mother still isn’t well and my brothers are trying to ignore her issues by sinking themselves into Alchemy. not really sure how that’s going seeing as I don’t really talk to them that much." The old man was nodding at the news but winced at the end. It wasn’t unknown that there had been tension in the Elric household since the twins were born and that only gotten worse when Hohenheim left.

"Sorry to hear that. And what about you? I heard a rumor that you were picking up automail from old Pinako. Is that true?" She gave him a small smile and nodded her head, delighted that someone on town knew of her achievements. "Amazing, has she been nice or is she still the same strict old lady that we've all known for year?"

Elfi couldn’t help but giggle at that, "Both. At times when she's explaining things to Winry and me she's the best person ever. Although the moment we start working she is very strict but she will easily explain our mistakes as we are doing them. Makes everything take longer but the work is better in the end."

"Sounds like the old girl. I remember when she yelled at me for letting my son through a rock through my trucks carbonator. I think I was deaf for a month after that." He turned to look at the other farm workers and sighed, "I’ve got to go back to would now Elfi but it was nice talking to you. Make sure to stop by again, some of the boy would love talking to pretty young girl like you." He winked at her before walking off. Was that a compliment or was he flirting with her? A shudder ran down her back at the thought. He was like 50 something.

Shaking off the creepy thoughts she got a move on to Granny's. Thankfully she didn’t run into anymore weird old men.

Not even bothering to knock Elfi walked inside. Granny was at work on her bench just filling something down a little while Winry was sitting at a desk in the corner that they used for reading and other things Granny assigned them. Seeing that granny was busy she headed over to her best human friend.

"Hey, where were you today? I didn’t see you in any of our classed." the worry that was shining in her friend’s eyes was almost hypnotic in nature. Like it was strong enough to make even the most closed off people spill their secrets.

"I went to visit the principle before school started. I took a test and he graduated me from school entirely. Even had to convince both him and the mayor not to talk to my mother about it." The venom in her voice as she talked about her mom was heard by all, even grandma Pinako had heard.

While the event had only happened a week ago, the Rockbells had known about the girl’s mother's treatment of here for a few years. Pinako had spent a record 10 minutes yelling about how she couldn’t believe how close-minded her daughter had become over the years. To think that she had a problem with the way her daughter preferred to live her life when she was married to a man that had left for no reason that was over four centuries old. That was also when she managed to get out of granny that she knew her father when she was in her early twenties and they had been drinking buddies. To Elfi it also cleared up why her daddy had so much information on Xerxes; he had been a citizen of the country.

"What do you mean child? How could you be able to graduate this early, I know your smart but this is a little extreme." Granny had stopped her work and walked over to them by the time she finished speaking. Seeing the open chair the older woman easily hopped up into it.

"I don’t sleep much and daddy left me a few texts that are really well informed. I’m half sure he wrote a few of them but I can’t be sure. And I’ve been using those to fly ahead in my school and alchemy studies." pulling out the diploma she gently sat it face up on the table. Instantly both Rockbell women were looking it over to make sure it was real.

"amazing child but why did you do such a thing?" She knew it was serious when granny put down her pipe and she had just done that.

"I was getting to stressed. Between school, homework, learning under you, cooking and cleaning at home, and then my own alchemy and advance studies I was just stretched too thin. Seeing as I can’t get out of cooking and cleaning while I don’t want to stop learning under you or stop my studies. That left school and its homework which you have to graduate to stop that. So, I did." Winry looked at her like she was crazy for doing all that at once while granny was rubbing her chin in thought.

"And what will you do now that you’re not there? And how will you keep your brothers from noticing your absence?"

"I don’t have to worry about Ed, he ignores my presence anyway, while Al is in a lower grade so I barely see him until I get home seeing as both of them either go play somewhere or run straight home." Winry actually growled at that. If there was one thing believed in it was equal distribution of the work. "But I was thinking about doing my days like this. Cook breakfast, come here every other day or study in daddy's basement, and then at night around 5 or 6 I start making dinner."

granny hummed in thought for a minute before giving a jerk of a nod. It would work. "But how will you get here without anyone see you? I doubt you want anyone to see you if you don’t want word getting back to your brothers and then your mother."

Elfi looked at Winry to see what she thought she should say. The girl looked her straight in the eyes and nodded. Pursing her lips, she decided to go with her friends call. she wouldn’t tell the woman everything but just enough for her to understand.

"Have you ever heard of Reincarnation Granny?" The older woman blinked at her a few times before nodding.

"Yes dear, but it’s a myth and has never happened before. What does this have to do with you sneaking over without being seen."

Holding up her charm bracelet she pointed to it, "I got this in my second life, this is my third, and it’s all due to how I was created in my first." there was a skeptical frown on her grandma's face but she could see the curiosity as well. “In my first life, I was known as Cerilia Atu, the first human ever created. Due to this my soul is sent somewhere else where humans strive to be reborn. In my second life, I was a demigod, half- human and half- god. My father was the god of the underworld and darkness. This gave me the abilities to control shadows to transport myself from one place to another or create a storage area to hold things."

"Let’s say this is true, and I don’t know if it is, then why would you tell me? I’m assuming Winry already knows?"

"Yes grandma. She was there when I first got them returned to me. Apparently, they take a little while to jump to the next life. They came two years ago, and Thalia came two before that." That picked the woman’s interest.

"So, your dog is from this past life. How is it that she came to be here?"


"She's bonded to me. When I die, she will carry on for a while before travelling to me. Apparently, it takes time for things to come to me. She talks to but good luck not getting a smartalic comment back. She was like that as a human and only became worse as a wolf." Granny's jaw actually did drop this time.

"Where is Thalia? Winry?" both females turned to the girl in question only to find her blushing like mad.

"Umm...she mentioned something about heat and then Spike followed after her. I went to see what was going on and he had m-mo-mounted her and she was making all sorts of noises."

Pinako and Elfi grinned at the girl, both for different reasons. Pinako because she had walking in on the life of sex while Elfi was smirking because she remembered Thalia swearing to all that would hear her, which was a lot of people, that she would never mate with a real dog. Guess she was missing her machine and decided to try the real thing.

"I see...Well Elfi I’m guessing that those charms of yours do something? They can’t possibly be for show." Darn Granny was to perceptive for her own good.

"Two of them are weapons, one my father Hades had created for me of my own design and the other is a scythe I got from defeating a titan. Of course, said titan then shoved his hand through my chest and I had to have an emergency sea section to have my babies out before I died. My boyfriend also slipped his ring on me right before I passed on which is now on my necklace." that seemed to get their attention, "Oh don’t look at me that way. I may have died at 16 but I did a lot in my time in that life. and before you ask I still miss Dionysius but I’m happy here, with you both, and wouldn’t change it for a minute."

In return for that she was meet with two crying Rockbell women wrapping her up in a hug. It felt nice to be in their arm. the last time her family had hugged her, minus Al a few weeks ago, had been her Daddy. Soon she was in tears but they were happy tears from the acceptance she felt from them.

When they finally broke apart she was able to continue, "the necklace around my neck was actually made in my first life, about 10.000 year or so ago. When I channel energy into it my bow will appear, the same with the other two."

Pinako was looking at her in interest, "Could you summon them now? I would like to see what they are made of and how well crafted." Seeing the issue, she channeled her alchemy energy into each of the items and in a bright flash she soon had a bow over her shoulder, a scythe two and a half times taller than her in her left hand and her chain blade in her right. Ever so gently she placed them down on the table.

"Just don’t let the scythe cut you it has this uncanny feeling of having your souls ripped out. The titan was a bastard through and through." Winry scooted back farther away from the dual metal scythe while Pinako was much more careful in her inspection.

Each one she would pick up and test out. She nearly jumped when an arrow appeared all set when she drew the bow back and did when she picked up the chain blade before turning away from them and swung it and had the blade fly out. Luckily it didn’t hit anything or they would be doomed. Pulling on the chain she eventually had it back in a pile, not correctly but it was all there, before moving on to her scythe.

"this thing feels like a killer and I haven’t even touched it yet." Pulling her hand back she motioned more her to return them which she easily did. Along with that she pulled her flask out and take a few heavy drinks. "I have never encountered these metals before. Do you know their properties? Maybe this world has something similar."

"the metals are meant to hurt immortals and monsters. I highly doubt there is anything like that here." thankfully the Rockbells weren’t to disappointed. Although Elfi couldn’t help but shudder at what kind of Automail they could make if they did have some.

It was then that Granny's eyes locked in on the little green gem charm on her bracelet, "And what is the last one?"

biting her lip, she gave them a brief rundown of what the charm does. She made it simple for them and said it was like a heart monitor for her soul and the abilities that are absorbed into it. Granny even laughed when she said she only had the Gods create it to see if they actually could. It’s been pretty nice so far so she couldn’t complain.

"So, what are these perks and trait you spoke of? They sound interesting." so she had to give the woman a rundown of exactly what the perks did and meant along with her traits and all it entailed. In the end the old woman was just staring at her, "So you prefer being naked and you’re like a humanoid and scary intelligent wolf?"

"Yes Grandma" The old woman looked her up and down for a moment, just taking in all the new features she had never taken time to notice before, like the black marks on her arm and the longer and sharper canines. nor did she ever really notice how the child usually wore easy to remove clothing. She thought about it for a minute and remembered Hohenheim mentioning a few times that his daughter was like a hairless puppy at times and how she had a tendency to run around naked. It made a little more sense now.

Inside the girl, she was worried to know what her granny was thinking. Would she see her as some kind of freak like her daughter did? But then again Granny had always supported her for who she was and not for what she also had. Maybe she would accept her?

"I don’t care on bit about how your different compared to the rest up us. To me you are still Elfriede and always will be." The older woman gave her a soft smile, "do as you please here. I think I speak for both of us when we say we won’t judge you. Heck if Winry wanted to join you I wouldn’t stop her, except I must ask that its only on the property no need to attract the old farmer’s attention, do we?"

Elfi was grinning from ear to ear at her words. Yes, she had the same stipulation as Trisha but she had a much better reason for it. Her property was rather close to the farmer’s field but far enough away that they couldn’t see anything. Grabbing the hem of her dress she easily slipped it up and off her shoulders with much practice, not even a hair out of place, before calling up her shadow and storing it away. Looking at the Rockbells she wasn’t surprised to see Granny grinning like made but Winry's light blush was new.

"You going to join me Winry? It will be just like a few years ago, when my powers game back." the blush deepened a little at that but it had been innocent back then and still was now. Pinako was looking back and forth between the two and wondered just what they had been doing behind her back.

Finally, Winry cracked under her friends smile and was quickly out of her own clothing and neatly putting them on the table. She tried to cover herself up like Granny had told her but managed to keep her hands down after a few twitches.

"So, who wants lunch?" Both girls nodded happily, "Winry, is some chicken salad okay? Elfi, I’m going to guess some raw meat?"

"OOH yes please! I haven’t been able to have it in forever! And bunny gets old after a while." Pinako blinked at the girl’s strange admittance.

"Well that would explain the lack of rabbits. Give me a minute and ill have it all ready for you. Do you need yours in doggy bowl or off the floor Elfi?" She could tell the old woman was teasing her but still might as well give her what she wants at least once.

"Bowl please. I feel like embracing my cravings for once and say screw manners for once. Don’t be surprised when I’m licking the blood of the floor or am covered in it."

Pinako and Winry looked at each other, both thinking that they might have just unleased a monster into their home. But in the end they grinned, at least wouldn’t be boring with her around.

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