My best friend's sister

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My best friend’s sister

“Come on Davis, where are you?” TK sighed as he stood outside Davis’s door having been waiting for five minutes straight, Davis’s soccer uniform tucked under his arm as he had offered to let Davis use his washing machine since his was broken down and now TK found himself returning it rather than Davis turning up himself to come get it

After several more minutes of knocking TK was about to give up and go home when he heard quick footsteps coming down the stairs “idiot must have been sleeping” he sighed as he heard the door unlocking

To his surprise however instead of Davis answering the door it was his older sister Jun and what surprised him further was the fact that she was soaking wet and wearing just a bath towel “sorry, I was in the shower” she apologized without a hint of shyness in her tone as she let the towel hang from her curves alone “so what’s up?”

Realizing he was staring TK quickly cleared his throat making Jun titter “I’ve brought Davis’s soccer uniform” he told her holding out the clothing for her to take but instead of taking the uniform when she reached forward Jun took hold of his wrist

“He should be home soon, you can come in and wait for him” Jun insisted dragging TK into the house before he could protest, pulling him into the lounge insisting he sit down and wait for her brother

Sitting down TK decided that it was probably best to just sit and wait for Davis expecting Jun to excuse herself to resume showering but to his surprise she sat down next to him, her towel leaving nothing to the imagination as she sat back to relax on the couch causing the bottom of the towel to ride up so much that TK was given a teasing view of her bare pussy “so how’s things?” she then asked him as casual as can be as if she was fully clothed

“They’re good” TK answered trying his best not to stare, aside from Kari he knew Yolei, Sora and Mimi were fair game but Jun was never mentioned on the ‘free to fuck’ list so he didn’t want to cross any boundaries, forcing his eyes to remain on Jun’s face

Unfortunately for him his actions weren’t lost on Jun who simply raised an eyebrow at him “I’m not going to bite TK, you can look” the maroon haired girl smirked reclining back further to give him an even more teasing view of her body under the towel “I’ve heard a lot about you”

“Oh? From who?” TK asked again trying to keep his eyes level despite how much they wanted to look down as her tits threatening to bounce free from the towel

“Kari and the others, girls talk TK” Jun stated with a quirked lip as she reached over to squeeze his thigh

Staring at Jun’s hand feeling his body immediately reacting to her touch TK began to wonder if Kari had given Jun permission to make a move on him or if they had simply talked about their sexual encounters in the past and Jun was just taking a major risk “you planned this didn’t you?”

“Nope, completely winging it, to be honest I was going to wait until Mimi’s next party to jump you but you turning up now just makes things a lot faster” Jun explained moving her hand further up his thigh making him go rigid “relax, this is cool with Kari, I made sure to ask her when she wouldn’t stop talking about how big your dick is so we’re good to go” the maroon haired girl then grinned as then then blatantly cupped his groin

The moment Jun grabbed hold of him TK was almost immediately at full mast, whilst he had always had some level of attraction to Jun TK had never put much thought into the concept of having sex with her especially since she was Davis’s sister, at that moment however no didn’t seem to be an answer and knowing Davis he wasn’t going to show up for a while so he decided to just go with it

As she continued to caress him through his pants TK suddenly took hold of her towel, whipping it off to reveal her tight curvy naked body underneath “oooh! So rough” Jun tittered as TK then shoved her back onto the couch, his hands going straight to her tits groping and squeezing them hard “mmmm fuck you like my tits don’t you? Don’t think I never caught you staring” she moaned biting her lip as her hands went to his pants, working them open to free his erection

When his cock fell free Jun’s eyes went wide and her jaw dropped at the sight of it “holy shit…Kari said you were big but…how the fuck does she even walk?!” she exclaimed gawking at his huge ten inch length

Smirking at her reaction TK then moved up to straddle her chest, making the maroon haired girl shudder and moan as he pressed his thick cock between her full CC cup tits pressing them around his shaft “god yes, fuck my tits” she moaned reaching up to grasp the arm rest her head was resting against as the blond started to thrust between her breasts

Groaning with pleasure as he pressed Jun’s tits tighter around his cock TK marvelled at how full and soft they were, easily bigger than Kari’s, Sora’s and Yolei’s and only just smaller than Mimi’s easily making her the second bustiest girl that he knew “fuck your dick feels good” Jun breathed craning her head down to spit on TK’s cock, helping lube it to make the tit fuck smoother as her slit began to drip with arousal

Squeezing her breasts harder TK picked up his pace, his cock throbbing in perfect synchronicity to her heartbeat, Jun arching her back as much as she could to press her breasts harder to his cock all while poking her tongue out to let his cock head rub against it with every thrust, soon tasting precum making her hum at the salty taste of it

“You want to cum don’t you? You want to cum all over my tits?” Jun panted moving her hands to her breasts starting to pump then along TK’s thrusting cock, the slut wanting his cum just as much as he wanted to cum “Kari says you cum like a shotgun, fucking prove it to me!”

With a few more thrusts TK proved it and then some, thrusting his entire length through her cleavage so that his cock head was pressed against her face before he came hard hitting her point blank, making the maroon haired girl exclaim in both shock and arousal as her face was covered in seconds as well as her hair getting stained with several thick streaks of his cum

“Oh…my…god…” she gasped as TK released the last few streams of cum onto her face, when Kari had told her that he came a lot she had expected like maybe six or seven shots per cum load but it felt like someone had thrown a full can of paint on her face

“Sorry about that, it’s been a couple of days” TK apologized rubbing the back of his head as surprised by his release as she was

Luckily for him Jun was far from angry as she licked up the cum around her lips with a sultry grin “that better not have been all you had” she purred as she then pushed against him, coaxing him to recline back on the couch as she climbed off of it to kneel between his legs

Eyeing his still rock hard cock hungrily Jun leaned in to properly taste him, running her tongue from his balls to his cock head shuddering with arousal as she did so “mmmmm fuck” she moaned running a hand down her body until she reached her dripping slit letting out a little gasp of pleasure as her fingers made contact with her cunt

Rubbing and working her pussy Jun wrapped her free hand around TK’s cock stroking him as she then began to finger herself, leaning forward to lick his large heavy balls making him groan with pleasure “so damn big, Kari scored a fucking winner with you” she panted lustfully placing a firm kiss on both balls before moving up to take as much of his cock into her mouth as she could

“Fuck” TK gasped as Jun bobbed her head along the first half of his cock whilst her hand worked the rest, the maroon haired girl showing great oral skill that would borderline put Kari to shame as her tongue skilfully worked the first half of his dick “damn that’s good”

As TK groaned louder and began to buck his hips Jun tittered around his cock head before pulling away to speak “I’ve had plenty of practice, ask Tai” she tittered giving him a wink before going back to work in sucking and stroking him to his next climax all while her fingers worked her towards her orgasm

Gripping the couch cushions TK reclined his head back as Jun then moved her hand to deepthroat him, taking all ten inches down her throat nuzzling her nose against his pubic bone without any resistance proving just how much practice she had under her belt, her free hand moving to clutch at his waist whilst she fingered herself faster and harder feeling her stomach clench as her climax approached

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum” TK gasped suddenly cupping the back of Jun’s head to hold her in place making her moan at the sudden dominant action, tightening her throat around him as her middle finger suddenly pressed hard against her g-spot setting off her climax

Her sudden hard orgasm making her scream around TK’s cock setting off his second release much harder than the first, his hips bucking hard as his cock erupted down her throat making her gag as his cum flooded her windpipe, his cast iron grip keeping her head in place as he unloaded in her mouth and throat

“Fuck, that’s it, take it all” the blond panted as he continued to buck his hips, fucking Jun’s mouth throughout his release feeding her every drop of his second load “swallow it all!”

Somehow getting even wetter from his demanding tone Jun obeyed happily gulping down every shot of cum he dumped down her throat until his load finally ran dry and only then did TK release his grip on her head

Licking her lips clean of his cum Jun then scrambled up to climb onto his lap, pressing her dripping slit to his fat cock before teasing herself with the head of it “oh god…this is going to go so deep…” she panted as TK gripped her hips to help her balance before pulling down on her to make her sink all the way down his thick length

When Jun said it was going to go deep she had never imagined just how deep it would go, her eyes going wide and her jaw falling slack as it felt like he had entered her stomach, her groin and lower abdomen bulging out around his girth as she went limp for a few moments whimpering and babbling as her body went into temporary sensory overload to the point that she actually had a small orgasm from the penetration alone

Taking a few seconds to regain her senses Jun then grabbed hold of TK’s shoulders for balance before starting to ride him with everything she had, planting her feet on the couch at either side of him to help push herself up and down his huge cock “oh god…fuck…your dick’s so fucking big…” she mewled as she bucked and gyrated her hips

“You’re fucking tight” TK groaned back feeling like his dick was being crushed in her hot tight little cunt, his hands moving to her firm round ass for purchase, squeezing it hard making the maroon haired girl moan and ride him harder to which he delivered a hard firm spank to her ass

“Oh fuck, you like my ass?” she mewled before gasping again as he responded with another hard hit to her behind making it shake “hurts so damn good”

Smirking TK then took hold of her sides again, gripping her harder as he then began to thrust up hard making her bounce even harder on his cock, the action making Jun go rigid as his cock punched into her womb making her orgasm yet again “oh fuck!!!!!”

As Jun began to spasm and shake on his cock TK moved her faster, fucking her like a sex doll as he felt his third release building up, the maroon haired girls spasming cunt milking him harder than he could deal with and before he could hold back he was unloading his third load directly into her pussy and womb

Grunting as he unloaded entirely into Jun’s welcoming womb TK then slowly pulled her off of his cock, standing up to lay her face down on the couch before moving behind her between her legs, resting his cock against her firm ass cheeks making it obvious what he wanted next making Jun stiffen, she had never had anal sex before but she was eager to try “go slow” she moaned raising her hips slightly to help him as she felt him press against her tightest hole

Nodding TK gently held her hips as he slowly pushed forward, gritting his teeth as he gently eased himself into her tightest hole making Jun gasp at the rush of sensations it caused “oh god, you’re so big!” she gasped as the penetration made TK feel twice as big as he had before, her toes curling as she felt him push all ten inches into her tight ass

With every inch buried inside of her TK held himself still to let Jun get used to him, her ass feeling incredibly tight and hot around his shaft as he kept himself buried inside of her “so tight…” he panted as the urge to just rail into her was overwhelming

After several agonizing minutes of waiting Jun rolled her hips back to signal him to continue “mmm TK…fuck me…you feel so good in my ass…” she moaned biting down on the couch pillow as TK immediately complied

Within moments the living room was filled with the sounds of TK’s groin pounding against Jun’s ass followed each time by a sharp cry or gasp of pleasure from the maroon haired girl, her eyes rolling back and her tongue hanging out as her body could barely deal with the sensations TK’s cock brought her causing her to black out several times for several moments at a time

When TK finished Jun could barely feel him pull out of her ass, her entire body thrumming with blissful aches and with what little strength she had left she simply reached over to the coffee table where her cell phone lay and took a picture of herself

With that she then proceeded to send the picture to Kari with the message of ‘your boyfriend is an animal!’ to show off just what TK had done to her

Within a minute of sending the message Jun got one back from Kari, a picture message of the young brunette just as cum covered as she was with a message of ‘I know, your brother’s not half bad either’

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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