Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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Archduchess Finé sat in front of her bedroom mirror and passed the brush through her long blonde hair. Despite the conflict which continued to rage around her, the great upheavals that had shaken the very foundations of the world, some things persisted. Feeling the slow glide of the brush through her golden hair, she found the rhythmic push and pull so calming. While she never considered herself vain or overly concerned with appearances outside of the appropriate social functions Finé admitted one of her secret pleasures was the serenity she found in her twice daily grooming.
As she reached the end of her hair and prepared another pass she suddenly felt the warm press of fingers against her, staying her hand.
Izetta girl who could both make her presence on the battlefield known and yet could move so serenely with barely a footfall when off it. Izetta accepted the brush from her beloved Archduchess and resumed her work with even greater care and attention than Finé had taken. Despite being raised as the Princess of Eylstadt Finé had always sort her independence and self-sufficiency where she could, taking on daily tasks surrounding her such as styling and dressing herself traditionally delegated to servants of the house.
“You know you don’t have to do that Izetta” Finé said, admiring Izettas warm smile reflected in the mirror.
“It’s not that I have to, Archduchess, it’s what I want to do” Izetta continued to pass the brush through Finés hair, careful not to unsettle a single strand of golden blonde hair.
Finé had to concede Izettas truth. Despite her frequent assurances that Izetta was free to do as she wished it seemed there was little to dissuade her from deciding that this was how she wished to spend what little free time the war had seen fit to grant her. Rather than attempting to continue a ceaseless struggle Finé swiftly realised that it was far easier for all involved to simply indulge Izetta in her wishes. The fact that Finé did not find the experience unenjoyable, if a little embarrassing at times, almost certainly played a role in her decision. 
Finé leant back in her chair and embraced the feel as the brush passed through her hair. There was something nicer about the way Izetta brushed her, a serene gentleness to her strokes which seemed to wash the tension from her body. Izetta leant over to replace the brush onto the table when Finé felt it, the touch of the tip against the back of her arm.
“Izetta, is it bothering you again?” Finé asked.
Izetta yelped sharply, surprised that Finé had so candidly brought the subject to bear.
Historically there was many justifications and defences given to the persecution of Witches as the daughters of some satanic pact. Among those was heralded their ability to sire children without the intervention of a man. Perhaps such a superstition was brought about amongst the ruling class of men fearing their ability to control the procreation among their societies to be under threat.
Despite it being a publicly known if obscure facet of the Witches’ histories, this was a secret maintained even from even from the inner most circle of Eylstadt. The truth was only known to Archduchess Finé herself and the few discreet medical staff necessary to ensure Izettas health.
In her previous life Izetta had always have been able to take care of herself, having never dared to freely reveal her secret to anyone other than her Archduchess. But as the war escalated, and with it the stress and anxiety of everyone involved, she found herself needing to tend to her needs with greater frequency.
“You need to relax” Finé reached back to hold Izettas hand in her own.
“It’s nothing” Izetta responded.
“It’s not nothing” Finé chastised. Izetta was the kind of person who was always prepared to put herself last for the sake of those closest to her. As much as she cared for Izetta she knew that sometimes she had to take a stand to ensure her best interests. “You’re not just a tool of war, Izetta. You’re a person and you need to be treated as one”
Izetta could not bring herself to retort, instead Finé decided to act for them both. Raising herself from her seat  Finé gripped Izettas hand and lead her towards their shared bed. Sitting her down at the edge of the bed Finé, dressed only in her silken white nightgown, headed towards the door to her room. “Wait here, I’ll be right back”
Returning a few scant minutes later a small part of Finé had expected Izetta to have fled in unabashed embarrassment but another part of her knew that Izetta would never disobey her Archduchesses. Poking her head around the doorframe Finé found Izetta sitting right where she had left her.
“Izetta” Finé called out. “Are you ready?”
Izetta looked up as Finé stepped out from behind the door. In place of her elegant, pale purple night gown Finé was dressed in the flowing black dress and snow white apron of the royal maids. Although a little small on her Finé carried herself with the same poise and grace no matter what she wore
“Since you’ve become an international celebrity you’ll need a maid to tend to you” Finé bowed in respect to her new lady. “I am at your service, Lady Izetta”
Izetta turned her gaze down, her hands restlessly fidgeting in her lap.
“What’s the matter, Izetta?” Finé asked with a wry smile, giving Izetta a playful twirl of her new outfit. For a moment Izetta was convinced that she saw a flash from beneath the fluttering hem of her skirt that looked like-
No, she wouldn’t. Archduchess Finé would never wear such an outfit and not remember to put on…
“Am I so ugly that you can’t bear to place your eyes upon me?” Finé asked.
“That’s not true!” Izetta yelped. “You’re beautiful. Your hair is silky; your eyes are dazzling your bust is gorgeous-” Izetta clasped her hands over her lips in shock but the words were already out, there was no way she could stifle them now.
“What did you say?” Finé asked.
“Nothing” Izetta snapped back, turning herself away in a vain attempt to conceal herself as her cheeks flared as red as her hair.
“Come on” Finé teased. “What did you say?” Izetta was too embarrassed to even respond. “Did you say my bust was gor-”
“No!” Izetta thrust her outstretched fingers to Finés lips, stifling her response before it could take form. “I mean, what I meant was-”
Izetta felt a warm feeling across her fingers, something she couldn’t quite decipher. Izetta looked down to watch as Finé passed the tip of her tongue across the length of Izettas fingers, leaving a warm trail in her wake.
“Duchess Finé!” Izetta tried to pull her hand free only for Finé to hold Izettas wrist lightly in her hand, leaning forward to take Izettas fingers into her mouth.
Izetta suddenly found herself at an impasse. On the one hand, she could not make a move to resist her Archduchess. But at the same time same time she could not allow Finé to continue to dirtying herself by-
No, not dirty. Nothing about Finé is ever dirty.
Finé released Izettas moistened fingers from her mouth with a wet pop, trailing a final elegant lick along the length of Izettas fingers to catch the persistent layer of saliva which lingered there. Meeting Izettas eyes all Finé could do was smile warmly at her and await her ladies’ instruction.
For almost as long as she had known her Izetta had insisted on raising Finé upon this pedestal above all else, but Finé relied on Izetta to keep herself grounded and stable. While the world sang her praises as the new Archduchess Finé knew Izetta was someone she could rely on to see her for a person. And for Finé, she needed Izetta to see herself as just as much of a person.
“What is your request my lady?” Finé asked.
“I don’t, I-” something finally gave within Izetta. All the energy and the adrenaline that had been sustaining her fled her body, leaving her to do little else but fall limply back into the mattresses soft embrace as the light faded around her.
Izetta awoke unsure of precisely how much time had passed. She opened her eyes to find herself resting in Finés lap, the Archduchesses bright purple eyes gleaming down at her.
“You had me worried there for a second” Finé said, caressing her fingers through Izettas long red hair.
“Your lap is so comfy” Izetta shifted to snuggle herself into Finés lap. “I might just fall asleep here instead of our bed”
“Our bed?” Finé asked.
“Wait, I didn’t mean-” Izetta leapt to correct herself. Her attempts to raise herself from Finés lap were met with gentle but firm resistance as Finé placed her hand to Izettas forehead, imploring herself to return to her lap.
“It’s ok, Izetta” Finé said. “You can relax now”
Izetta allowed herself to lay back and embrace the comfort of Finés lap. As she laid there she felt the warmth radiating up from underneath her, a gentle pressure which felt as though she were laying her head atop the softest and most delicate-
Izettas mind froze as she realised something else. In place of the black dress accompanied by the snow-white apron she had been wearing all Izetta could see of it now was the apron draped across her Archduchesses bare shoulders, Finés clear white skin shining beneath the light cast from the lights above. But if that were true, then that would mean she-
Izetta tried to pull herself off Finés lap once more, this time with a far greater sense of urgency. Finés startled attempts to keep Izetta in place only served to exacerbate the situation. Reaching the height of her resistance Izetta inadvertently rolled off the bed and collapsed onto the floor with a loud thump.
Finé and Izetta froze. With the heightened security around the castle they feared that someone would come to investigate the noise. Neither Finé or Izetta were sure how they could possibly explain this to whoever happened to stumble across them. To their shared relief the castle remained silent and still.
“Izetta, you need to be more careful” Finé called down to Izetta still laid splayed out on the floor in front of her Finés calm tone turned firm. Finé reached down to help Izetta up and sat her at the edge of the bed as Finé knelt in front of her. Sufficiently cowed by Finés chastisement Izetta offered no protestations as Finé passed her hands from her calves up the full length of Izettas shapely legs, passing her fingers beneath the hem of Izettas nightgown. Finés fingers caught the hem of Izettas matching nightgown, drawing it up across her legs to reveal Izettas swiftly hardening erection tenting against her puffy white underwear.
“You really need to tell me if this is causing you discomfort” Finés fingers closed in from both sides, following the boundary where Izettas underwear met her thighs in an elegant contrast of fabric and bare skin. “So that I can help you”
Finé gripped the fabric of Izettas underwear between her fingers, tenderly pulling the fine garment down across Izettas smooth legs. Passing the curve of Izettas knees a single tug was all that was necessary to pull the garment free, discarding the garment at the foot of Finés bed. 
Finé took a moment to admire the full beauty of Izettas member now that it could rise unrestrained before her. And underneath her pussy lips already glimmered with wetness in anticipation of the pleasures that were to come. The perfect union of the feminine and the masculine into a single perfect body.
Finé touched an explorative finger to the head of Izettas cock, feeling the roll and give of the tip beneath her fingertip. Finés fingers touched, caressed and explored as if this was some new undiscovered territory ready to be uncovered. Every movement elicited another twitch or chaste moan from Izettas lips. Daring herself to delve deeper Finé followed the underside of Izettas erection, tracing her way down until her finger touched the top of Izettas moistening lips. A trace of her index finger elicited a shiver which cascaded down her body.
A joke that had begun circulating amongst the troops was that the White Witch Izetta was Eylsadts answer to the Panzer Division: Unstoppable and in constant need of servicing. When Finé had privately quipped to Izetta that it could just as easily apply in private as much as in battle she soon discovered a whole new shade of deep red that Izetta could summon to her cheeks.
Finé kissed her lips against the tip of Izettas member, tasting the sharp tint of the pre-cum forming at the head. Pressing herself forward Finé enveloped her lips around Izettas cock, feeling the warm member slide effortlessly past her lips to come to rest inside her mouth. Finés tongue began to move of its own accord, licking and sucking in tandem to illicit the greatest reaction.
Izetta clutched the loose bedsheets tightly in her hands in a desperate effort to steady herself, her breath catching in her throat as she struggled to keep herself from erupting in an endless moan of pleasure. As Finé focused her attentions on Izettas member Izetta was left to fight a continuous battle against herself, resisting the overwhelming urge of her hands to reach out and force her Archduchesses lips further down her length. As much as a small part of her wished to the experience the boundless reaches of pleasure that would bring she fought to hold her feelings in check. 
Finé removed her lips from Izettas cock with a wet pop, Izetta both thankful for the momentary respite to recompose herself while at the same time despairing at the sudden loss of contact.
“Is that nice, Izetta?” Finé asked.
The heated brush of her breath against Izettas moistened skin sent a pleasurable shiver through Izettas body she could do little to resist.
“Yes Archduch-” Izetta stopped herself before the words could leave her. “Finé” she forced herself not to use Finés title. “But this shouldn’t just be about me, what about you. I should be…” This was a common occurrence during their lovemaking, with Izetta feeling out of place if she was not giving as well as she received. That’s why Finé had devised a solution.
Raising herself off her knees Finé climbed onto the bed to straddle Izettas lap, feeling the warming pulse of Izettas hardening member clasped between Finés thighs. Finé resisted the urge to take Izetta there and then, that was a pleasure best saved for later. Finé leant forward to press her lips to Izettas, Izetta rising to meet her and return the kiss.
Finé raised her arms to hold Izettas enflamed cheeks in her hands, feeling the warm glow beneath her fingers. Izetta raised her hands to meet Finés, their fingers intertwining in a gentle embrace. With only the smallest push Izetta allowed herself to fall back onto the bed with a bounce as the bedsprings flexed and rebounded beneath their combined weight.
Finé was the first to dare to break the lingering kiss between them, admiring Izettas adorable expression as her mind circled ceaselessly with thoughts of pleasure. Lifting Izettas legs up from the floor Finé daintily laid her lover out across the bed, Izettas raging erection now standing proud above her flat stomach. Finé clambered onto the bed, passing her leg over Izetta to straddle her chest in a 69 position. Settling herself on top Finé replaced her lips to the head of Izettas cock, a duet of tongue and lips playing a tune across the shaft of Izettas cock.
While Finé was deeply enthralled at her end Izetta continued to remain idle. Despite her lingering reservations in receiving and not being free to return in kind Izetta could not bring herself to act upon Finé in return. In truth, a small part of her still needed to hear the request from Finé herself before she could are to-
Izetta bolstered her resolve, for once in her life she was going to take bold action on her terms. With renewed vigor Izetta threw her lips against Finés dripping pussy lips, burying her face between the Archduchesses quivering thighs. Sucking, licking and teasing ravenously she set about repaying Finé with inhibitions unrestrained. 
Finés response was immediate and clear, releasing Izettas cock from her mouth she threw her head back and howled deeply into the air. Izetta yelped and pulled herself away at the unexpected response. “I’m sorry, I-”
Finé lay herself down on top of Izetta, her whole body shaking in so much pleasure she could barely contain herself. “Izetta, please…” Finé panted. “Don’t… don’t stop”
With her fears cast aside Izetta redoubled her efforts, returning her lips to Finés she allowed her tongue to run wild with reckless abandon. There was little technique or skill being employed, instead the embodiment of a near lifetime of longing was let loose with the single goal of proving how much she truly cared for Finé. As Izettas ceaseless caresses bombarded her Finé felt herself being swept up in the endless tides of pleasure which flared and smouldered before flaring anew with invigorated passion. 
It was all Finé could do to raise her trembling hand, determined not to be the only one benefiting from the experience, she pressed a trembling finger to Izettas pussy. Calling upon a practice not dissimilar to Izettas Finé caressed and touched and pinched all that was within her grasp. Soon their shared cries of desire began to rise higher, each relying upon the exuberance of the other to sustain and elevate their own desires.
In the end, such intensity could not be sustained for long and the two lovers soon found themselves laid beside eachother on the bed. Their lungs burned with the intensity of it all as they desperately gasped in air to sustain themselves, a momentary respite while they each reflected upon what they had just achieved in service to the other.
“Izetta, what is it you want?” Finé asked, her gaze lingering on the ceiling above.
“I want what you want Finé” Izetta responded.
That answer was not acceptable for Finé. Scooting across the bed Finé shifted herself until she was laying head to head with Izetta, peering down on her smiling face as she propped herself up on her elbow. “This isn’t about me, Izetta. I want you to tell me what it is you would like” it was a rare thing for Izetta to make requests during their intimacy, despite Finés coaxing to the contrary. Finé was determined to change that.
Izetta blushed before shuffling closer to whisper softly in Finés ear. “Could you use… the ‘thing’?”
In the moment Finé couldn’t be sure if Izetta genuinely couldn’t remember the name of it or if she just couldn’t bring herself to voice its name. Finé decided to indulge in teasing it out of her a little. “You want me to use what?”
“The… the thing” Izetta hesitated. “On… me”
“I’m not sure what it is you mean” Finé continued to play the innocent, tracing a teasing finger along the nape of Izettas neck. “You’re going to need to be more specific”
Izetta elicited a high-pitched squeal at Finés last request. Izetta jammed her eyes shut, straining a she steeled herself to blurt out her response. But before the words could erupt from her lips Finé placed a finger to Izettas trembling lips.
“It’s ok, Izetta” Finé cooed reassuringly. “You don’t have to say it”
Finé had told Izetta of this items existence around the time their friendship had been blossoming into a far deeper love. Or more, Izetta had clumsily stumbled over the box it was kept in while she had been visiting Finé in her room. It was partly Finés own fault for leaving such a thing out in the open while she searched her closet but it would take someone like Izetta to manage to stumble across such a thing purely by chance. Unfamiliar with its use Izetta had innocently asked what it was. What little detail Finé could provide before Izettas cheeks had erupted red with embarrassment had been that it was a secret passed down to female members of the Royal Family for the instruction of the future Archduchesses. When they came of age, the device would be worn by their most trusted and experienced handmaiden to provide the Archduchess hands on experience in pleasing their future husband.
Leaving a delicate kiss on Izettas lips in her wake Finé rose from her bed stepped across the room. Finé reached behind her back and released the tie of her apron, removing it with a generous wiggle of her bottom as she laid the garment aside. Finé opened her closet, having decided to keep it further out of sight to avoid anymore ‘unanticipated discoveries’, she retrieved the box from the bottom of the closet. Opening the box, she admired the fine craftsmanship of the item inside.
Finé passed her fingers across its length, the fine leather of its six-inch shaft passing effortlessly beneath her touch. Given its secretive nature no one was quite sure how old it truly was or if it was even the first of its kind to be used by the Royal Family. There were thinly veiled references and mentions in diaries and letters going back to her great grandmother in the middle of the 19th Century. Yet despite its apparent age the straps remained taut and the leather shaft supple and smooth. Additionally, one of its special features was a shorter shaft intended for the wearer, allowing them to feel the movements of their partner with every thrust.
Finé stepped herself into the straps and pulled them up to her waist, gently bringing the shorter end to snuggle inside of her moistened lips. Although Finé had never worn it herself she soon worked out how to tighten the straps around her waist, even as her quivering fingers did their best to sabotage her efforts. As she secured the final strap she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the standing mirror, admiring the juxtaposition of her feminine physique counterbalanced by the proud erection from her waist.
Satisfied with her work Finé glanced up to see Izetta, having removed her nightgown and laid it aside, crouched on all fours on the bed presenting herself to Finé. Finé climbed onto the bed, kneeling behind Izetta as she shuffled to make herself comfortable. Finé leaned forward and placed her open palm to the small of Izettas back, her fingers enjoying the soft caress as the tips of her fingers drew elegant circles across Izettas back. 
Supporting the base of the shaft on with her free hand Finé guided the tip of the dildo to the lips of Izettas pussy. The first gentle brush of leather against skin caused a low moan to escape Izettas lips.
“Ready?” Finé asked. A curt nod from Izetta was all she needed. 
Finé gently pressed her hips forward, the tip of the false member passing through the boundary of Izettas lips. The initial thrust was followed by a slow retreat, another thrust, a slow retreat. With every advance the dildo pressed deeper inside of Izetta, exploring places no other had dared venture. With every thrust Finé felt the shorter dildo shift inside of her, a pleasure brought forward by Izettas movements.
Yearning for an even greater height of pleasure Finé pressed her hand into her own breast, feeling the nub of her nipple rubbing against her open palm. Her fingers rolled, pinched and pulled her pert nipple as her hand dared to act of its own accord. Leaning down to press herself into Izettas back the adventurous fingers of her free hand traced up Izettas side to take the full form of Izettas breast into her hand. Although a small inkling of her could not help but feel envious at the ample size of Izettas bust all those petty jealousies melted away when she remembered how perfectly they rested in her open hand. Pinching Izettas nipple between the base of her fingers she began to gently massage the breast with her hand, tracing regular lines to the boundary of her areola before replacing her fingers at the top of her breast. From her previous teasing’s she knew just how sensitive Izettas nipples became when she was in the mood and her actions were soon eliciting the desired effect.
Reluctantly removing her hand from her own breast, Finé made an advance towards the curve of Izettas outer thigh. Following the graceful arc inwards her fingers found the fiery base of Izettas member. Taking it daintily in her hand, grasping it as she would the most delicate woodland creature, she slowly began to move herself up and down. As the moments passed and her pace increased Finé began to time her movements along Izettas member with the thrust and retreat of the fake member teasing her pussy.
Through their natural affinity enhanced by their shared intimacy, they could each feel eachother ascending towards the peak of their combined ecstasy. But just as the point of no return felt to be within their grasp the pleasure subsided and their ascent towards their climax wavered.
With the utmost care Finé withdrew herself from inside Izetta, her fingers unwrapping from around her engorged member. It was all Izetta could do to lay there panting as she watched her Archduchess unstrap herself from the device, taking great care as she removed the shorter dildo from herself so as not to tip herself over prematurely.
Even as it might have seemed from the outside there was method to the Archduchesses seemingly sudden onset of madness, Finé was no cruel tease. Laying herself down on the bed next to Izetta there was one more thing she needed to ask. “Izetta, may I make a request?”
“Of course, Finé” Izetta replied. “I would do anything-” Finé touched her finger to Izettas lips.
“I don’t want you to do anything for me” Finé said. “I want you to do it for us” Finé leant forward and touched her lips to Izettas ear, whispering her wish. “Do you think you could do that?”
Tears began to well in the corner of Izettas eyes, but for once in her life they were tears of joy brought on by possibly the best thing anyone had ever said to her. “Yes, Archduchess Finé” Izetta spoke, fighting back the quiver in her voice. “I can do it”
With those words Izettas arms wrapped around Finé and Finés around her, their embrace ever tightening with each passing moment. Summoning the Witches power from deep inside her she felt a strength and confidence to her power unbound by the whims of the earth’s natural magic. This was an energy all her own, born of a boundless love and a happiness she never thought she would ever call her own.
With barely a flutter of the unsettled bedsheets beneath them the intertwined lovers, bathed in bright golden light, rose off the bed eclipsed in each other’s arms. No more words passed between them, they didn’t need them. Izetta pressed herself forward and entered Finé, her lover accepting her with barely a hint of resistance. Izetta retreated from the warm embrace of Finés lips before thrusting herself forward again, delving deeper with each repetition of thrust and retreat.
As the witch-enhanced pleasure reached its peak the lovers were soon overcome by the warm embrace of their shared orgasm. People had always feared her Witches power, but now she could share it with the person she loved most in the world.
Finé and Izetta lay together beneath the bedcovers, having redressed into their light purple nightgowns they savoured the warm afterglow of their intimacy. Izetta was already drifting into the embrace of gentle slumber, their lovemaking often taking a lot out of her. Finé allowed Izetta her momentary respite even as thoughts of the future plagued her mind.
Finé knew that once this terrible conflict was over she would be expected to produce an heir to the throne of Eylstadt. Before the war began she had been willing to surrender her birth-right to her cousin in service to her country. Now she would be expected to continue to serve as Eylsadts monarch in peace as she had in war, with all the duties and responsibilities that entailed. She remembered her offer of marriage to Prince Henry of Britannia, a promise that had been made to secure her countries future in what had seemed their darkest hour.
How much her perception had changed since then.
But the truth was, in her heart, she knew she could never find comfort in the arms of a man, even to ensure Eylstadts future. Further still, she could not bring herself to see a child raised in a loveless family, born solely to serve their role as heir to the throne. The thought of adoption had crossed her mind but many amongst her court would never accept such a child as a true heir. Others still would see it only as an opportunity to open the line of succession to pretenders from every corner of the world.
But then her thoughts had turned to Izetta, her wonderful Izetta. While still undoubtedly controversial amongst the staunch traditionalists of her kingdom her hope was that her own popularity and Izettas position as the hero who saved Eylstadt would help to smooth the inevitable upheaval of a woman being wed to the Archduchess of Eylstadt. Even the question of succession could be answered through stories of some advanced medical breakthrough, silencing questions that would arise from two women’s success in siring an heir to the throne.
But such were questions for another time, a gentler time when she hoped her reign would be occupied by more mundane affairs. Shuffling closer across the bed she carefully wrapped her arms around Izettas sleeping form. Izetta, either consciously or unconsciously, responded in kind and tightened her embrace.
For now, Finé simply held Izetta close to her and let herself drift to sleep to thoughts of a life lead in the embrace of her fiery redheaded Witch. 


Anyone who's read my previous stories will likely be aware that my writing schedule isn’t exactly fast, with a lot of times several months to a year passing between chapters (I still have some stories technically on-going from about 8 years ago). Which is why it was a surprise for me to suddenly have this story written out and ready to release in 3 weeks from start to finish.
Having started out with about a page of vaguely scribbled notes I sat down one morning to see about making a bit of progress and then sort of never stopped. For those three weeks, I scribbled down endless pages of ideas and dialogue all throughout the day and then typed it up in the evening until I reached the final form. I can’t give a reason for this sudden enthusiasm, since its release I’ve only watched the series twice with the second time being as much for research purposes while writing this.
For those of you wondering if this instance will change my release schedule for the future, probably not I’m afraid but do please keep reading.

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