Fate Taboo War

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Entering the Holy Grail War :


Ryu Matou is resting on his bed located in the clock tower.He was one of the so called child prodigy.he rembered the look on the old zouken face when the wizard marshall came to the house to train him.now after many years he is one of the powerful beings along side with zelretch.he mused on how his crush converted step sister is doing.he smiled warmly remembering how his sister used to follow him like a lost puppy.they were inseperable but he didn't know why but she changed drastically after being adopted.she was a shell of her former life.due to his training he didnt have the chance to spend time with her.

He mused as a voice saying "darling what are you thinking?".he looked down to see his lover stopped her blowjob and looked at him.he simply said that its nothing as his lover stood up and lowered herself on his dick.he grabbed her boobs massaging them as he asked "come on bazett cant you stay a couple more days".

Th woman revealed as bazett moaned at her lovers cock.she was one of the enforcers in clock tower.she kissed him on lips saying "dont worry with a servant like her how can i lose".the said servant stood few feet away from them looking at their activities.it was hard to say but the servant was more beautiful than his lover.

There stood scathach summoned under lancer class.they were trying to summon cu chulain but instead summomed his mentor.it was sheer luck they summoned her from a unknown place rather than from legend.even though she is hundreds of years old she is still beautiful.her beauty was ruined by her scowling face red in color.

She turned to bazett asking "master is it necessary to stay here with that man".bazett sighed at her servant behaviour.she didnt know why but from summoning she was vary of her lover.she stopped her riding and said "scathach untill you learn proper manners you will be punished like that.dont forget that he is also supplying you with mana".

Scathach punishment was ryus idea.from a few feet from them scathach stood dressed in skimpy maid outfit.it did nothing to hide her figure.if she even jumped a small heght she will be flashing them.ryu smiled at her saying "whats wrong scathach.you look sexy in that".

Scathach can only seeth at him but was unable to move.around her neck was a chain preventing her to move.she heard her master screaming as she was forced to watch them fucking like rabbits.they failed to notice a trail of precum dripping between the servants legs.

After a long steamy shower ryu and bazett dressed themselves.he heard her cursing as her bra broke due to her boobs.he smiled at the result of the mana infused massages.he saw her servant standing in regular outfit.bazett kissed him on lips saying"dont worry darling.i will return fast before you know it".he saw her leaving and turn to her servant and bowed his head saying"please scathach.i know you hate me but please i cant bear to watch her in harms way.please protect her".scathach was shocked at his moment.she shooked her head saying "dont bow to me.like i said before i dont want to stay near a monster like you.i will make sure my master lives through the war but not on your command".

Ryu luaghed at her tsundere reaction as she vanished.ryu left the room but cant shake the uneasy feeling.

Days passed as he go no phone from bazett.he thought that she may be busy with the war.he saw a figure across the hall.he smiled deviously as he crept slowly behind her.he slapped on her ass hardly as the woman turned behind to kill who ever did that.but she was silenced by a pair of lips on her mouth.she moaned into the kiss as ryu massaged her aching butt.after the kiss he narrowly dodged a sword strike that can kill him.he ran saying "comeon lorelei you liked it".the people shook their heads as the head of clock tower chased him like a daily routine.

Lorelei was slammed agains a wall as ryu molested her.she made no rejection as she was enjoying his massage.she moaned as he put a finger inside her pussy.he whispered silently saying "please ryu not someone may see us".they are in a abandoned location in clock tower.if one looks up the building they can see her moaning in heat.she gasped as she felt his cock entering her.ryu continued to fuck her while viewing outside looking if there are any peeping toms.

His relaionship with her is complicated.she was in a sense his psuedo lover.one moment she is trying to kill and another moment she want to play dominatrix and fuck him to submission.after their fucking lorelei and ryu walked through the halls.lorelei dress was messed due to fucking.her hair was a mess but no one knows due to his illusion.lorelei said goodbye as she was about to enter her class to teach.ryu crept silently again and slapped on her ass hard.he teleported and the last thing he heard was lorelei screaming murder at him.

Zelretch was in his office drinking wine as he saw his apprentice entering the room.he was glad that he took him under his tutelage.he also was devious like his teacher but more in sexual manner.he rembered the day when he was worries that ryu was sent to kill a apostle but ryu fucked the vampire to coma and absorbed her powers.he shut his eyes as a bright light shined from ryus necklace as he dissappeared.

Ryu was panicking as the necklacr connected to bazett shattered.he teleported to her side fearing the worst.he teleported to church and saw bazett on floor bledding with a hand missing.a preist who was supposed to be the supervisor held her hand in glee.ryu lost sanity as he charged on the man.

Kirei was glad that his plan worked.he absorbed the command seals.he was about to marvel at them but he felt a shockwave tearing into him.the last thing he saw was a pair of red eyes.

Ryu looked at the bloodstain which was former priest.he looked that his hand remained.he absorbed the command seals as he heard a voice saying"not bad mongel.even iam surprised at that new power".he was about to turn but was chained with golden chains appearing around him.he recognised the chains as enkidu and immediately know that the person before him is gilgamesh.he know that one wrong move can kill him.

Gilgamesh turned to him seriously saying "i dont who you are mongrel.but with your power you will be a pain to my side.be glad that you are the first human to be chained by these chains.now do me a favour and die mongrel".

Ryu saw a sword coming at him.he closed his eyes and gathered mana.he felt sword about to touch his heart as he mumbled"replace".reality ripped as gilgamesh found himself bound to his own chains as his sword pierced his heart.red glowing eyes and words 'absorb' are the last thing he heard as he vanished.ryu fell exhausted due to mana depletion as he obtained the kings powers.he cried at the loss but heard a small mumbling.he rushed to bazett and saw her that she is still alive but barely.

He summoned his personal dimension gifted by zelretch as he placed bazett on his bed.he saw that scathach was no where nearby.he searched the armoury for healing item and saw a ring.he summoned it and placed it on bazetts remaining hand.he kissed on her head as he teleported into the clock tower.

Lorelei was bashing her head due to the paperwork but felt someone teleporting into her room and saw ryu.she immediately lunged at him with a intent to kill due to his slapping.she thrusted the sword at him and was shocked that ryu didnt dodge it.she looked at him and saw his serious face.lorelei removex her sword immediately to ask what happened so that her lover is that much angry.ryu turned to her saying "lorelei we need to talk".she shivered as he was never serious at her.

Ryu explainex everything that happened at the church.she shivered knowing that he absorbed gilgamesh power.it was one of the reason she feared him.she turnex to him saying "so what do you want to do".ryu turnex to her saying " i will be going to fuyuki to monitor the war in place of kirei.inform the church of his activities".he rembered feeling children corpses in church under ground.he decimated the church into ashes.he said bye to his lover as he teleported to bazetts side.He caressed her face and grimaced that her hand is gone.he suddenly jerked as he rembered scathach.he summoned scathach as she stepped into a wormhole left by him at the church.

Scathach was roaming through the city scouting the whole day.she returned to the church to see it reduced to ashes.she feared for her master but stepped into a trap teleporting her into a dimension.she was immediately on guard but was unable to summon her weapon.she saw ryu standing before her.she scowled saying "what do you want monster and where is my master".

Ryu was angered at her arrogance he closed the distance and slammed in her stomach as scathach was slammed into the wall.she coughed up blood.she was summoned from her realm so she dont have any spiritual body but a real one so she wont dissapeae but simply return to her place.she saw ryu glaring at her as she was lifted to the air by neck as she heard him saying"dont talk back to me servant because of your negligence bazett was a step away from death.i even bowed my head and pleaded you to take care of her but you abandoned her to rot and die".

Scathach eyes widened as she saw the unconscious form of her master on bed.her eyes widened as she felt no connection beween them.she turned her head for answers but was dropped to ground by ryu.her neck tightened as a seal was placed around her neck ss she struggled for breathing.ryu saw scathachs face turn blue due to lack of oxygen as he released the hold.he was getting more angry at her by minute due to her incompetence.

A switch was flipped in his head,as a beastly roar alarmex scathach.the next thing she knew the monster lunged at her ripped her body suit.he eyes widened as she saw what he was about to do.she screamed as she felt his cock entering her.she screamed and pleaded for him stop only for him to slam her against the floor.she closed her eyes as she succumbed into unconsious after some hours.


Ryu gained sense and opened his eyes and saw that he was in his dimension.he looked down to see that he was naked.he gripped his head trying to remeber what happened.he moved his eyes and saw something that shocked him.

Before a few feet away crom him laid scathach.she was completly covered in his cum and her pussy and ass was gaping leaking their mixed cum outside.she was shivering and her entire body was covered in scratches.he came to a realisation that he raped the servant against her will.

He got up leaving her unconsious form as he raced to the washroom.he emptied the contents in his stomach as he was disgusted by himself.he like sex and he already sunk deep into debauchery but he dont like rape.every girl he fucked succumbed into luzt and asked for more.he never fucked a woman against her will.the act disgusted him.

He saw himself on mirror and bought a hand to his face and mumbled to himself saying" but why am i smiling".ryu thought in horror as he saw his smiling face reflecting him.deep inside a part of his heart he felt satisfied that he raped scathach.he determined that the war was the reason that bazett was injured and leading him to rape the servant.

He smiled deviously at he laughed insanely forming plans on how to fuck up the holy war.he returned to the room and saw the still unconsious form of scathach as he thought of a plan.he slit his finger and began drawing on the servants body and inwardly felt sorry for her situation.




Hello guys this my first fic in nasuverse.hope you liked it.there will not be any rape scenes.but he will force some woman to jave sex with him by other methods.

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Next Chapter : meeting his sister -Sakura


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