Gray, Lucy and Co: Warm and Wet Affair

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Hi! I’m Gray Fullbuster and I’m 24. I’m a PhD student and work in a lab set in a former old nun asylum. The building has been renovated, but I’m sure some ancient spirits still remain.

I like to work till late in the lab because it’s when things get freaky. Most of the staff leaves the place and the maintenance staff starts its shift. They are interns considered safe and able to work, but this doesn’t mean they can be defined as regular people.


Today I plugged myself to the dream simulator. It’s basically a pressurized isolation tank where you get a good inhaled narcotic. Before falling asleep, you set some ambiance parameters that help in “seeding” your dream, then you focus very hard on the dream you want to have. When the drugs come into effect, likely, you’ll dream something similar or related to what you imagined, although you never know what you’ll end up dreaming.



Chapter One


It was half past six in the afternoon. The lab was almost empty, with just the maintenance people and maybe some other researcher about to leave. Like usual, I was still working. I worked in the computer while waiting for an experiment to finish. The tranquil and smooth movements of the maintenance stuff fostered the slumber that started to overwhelm me. Since I still had an hour and a half before my experiment finished, I decided to go to the experimental dream simulator. At that hour, nobody was there, so like I had done several times before; I powered on the equipment and entered in the machine. Upon closing the hatch, the gauges’ hands slowly moved forward and a narcotic slumber invaded me. I sat the whole process to last for forty minutes and the clock started to count down. There, I focused on nice, warm and soothing things I like. 

In the dream, I woke up in a nice sunny day. I was laying in a deck chair, sun-bathing my pale skin, and I could smell the sea. I was in a boat. Then, Alzack brought me a drink. Alzack Connell is the tall, tanned and super sexy student who works with a colleague of mine. A shame he isn’t more cheerful, but being so handsome, I can forgive his lack of sympathy. I sipped the drink. It was a delicious caipirinha. Then I sensed the young student getting closer to me as he bent over. He had a characteristic intense smell. A manly scent that marked his lovely presence. I liked that, because I fancied him. Next I felt his hands gently push and slide along my back. Alzack was a waiter and also a masseur in that boat. His magic hands relaxed and pleased my tired back muscles. Not that working in the lab was especially physically demanding, but sitting all day on the safety cabinet and working on the computer made my back ache.

After taking good care of my back, he told me to turn. Oops, now I had my dong semi hard. I struggled to focus and put in a position I could hide it well below the swimming trunks. He seemed he didn’t realize it. Good!

He massaged my legs; he was using some sort of massage oil and had his hands slippery and shiny. I looked at him. He had that stunning and perfectly cut and kempt haircut and beard. Short shiny intense black hair, highlighting his majestic traits that universally defined him as handsome and sexually appealing. His mood and character: the usual. Pretty reserved, generally unenthusiastic and calm. His outfit: the usual skinny jeans with sneakers, leather bracelets that highlighted the slender but strong arms and, instead of heavy metal bands black T-shirts, the boat work polo.

With deep and smooth voice, he looked at me in the eyes and asked “Gray, do you need something?”. Without noticing it, I had been staring at him for a while then. “Sorry, my mind went blank. Yes, now I remember! Do you know where we are and how long for the next stop?” I answered a bit nervous.

Alzack: This boat isn’t going anywhere. It’s just a floating hotel docked at the harbor. Are you awake, Gray?

Gray: Oh, yeah, now I remember. Sorry, I’m a bit sleepy.

Alzack: I’ll go for your arms and chest now, breathe slow and deeply.

It was a bit uncanny, like most of my dreams. Usually I forgot I’m in a dream and don’t know what is going on. Everyone behaved very normally and I didn’t want to stand out and seem crazy –what if instead of a dream I really was awake?!-, so I awkwardly behaved like nothing weird was going on, like let’s say… Alzack giving me a massage in a floating hotel.

Alzack kept massaging me and I left aside my awkward situation to just enjoy the moment. I loved the pressure of Alzack’s tanned skin on mine; it was so relaxing and sexy. “Damn, when will he take off his shirt? I really want to see what’s underneath it!“– I thought. Alzack started to shake me, instead of massaging, now shook me and poked me in a bothersome way while asking me in phantasmal voice: “Hey Gray, what are you doing here? Are you OK? Can you give me hand with something for a minute? Hello?!”.


Suddenly I woke up and found myself again in the real world. I was in the dream simulator and I saw Alzack in the other side of the glass, calling me. He had stopped my dream simulation… something you should avoid doing for a safe experience.

In a couple of minutes I recovered operational consciousness and in another minute, the pressure in the chamber equaled to the external and I could open the hatch. What the heck did Alzack want to interrupt my eccentric nap?

With his usual tranquil temperament and smooth voice, he asked me: “Can you help me with something? By the way, what are you doing here, Gray?”

Gray: I was… I was taking a quick nap. It’s not a good idea to touch the machine while I’m inside. What do you need?

Alzack: I’m working on a webpage for a bioinformatics subject and I don’t remember how the path to access a directory is. It’s a sub folder of the lab’s main database. Could you help me?

G: Yeah, give me a minute.

We walked back to our laboratory, sat on the computers and he showed me the code.

G: I’m terrible at this but I think in this language this goes like this…

With my modest help, Alzack typed some more phrases full of slashes, hyphens and other symbols and then pushed “compile”. Immediately, the whole building started to tremble, the lights blinked, our computer screens went blank and cold smoky vapor filled the room.

A loud sound numbed our hearings and Time Traveling Cop Mozart materialized in his time traveling piano (if desired, see notes and read about Time Traveling Cop Mozart Adventures origin and stories). The piano with great thrust pushed us and a swarm of laboratory material into a time tunnel. Instants later and still from the thrust of the piano crash, we exited the time tunnel and materialized six meters above a dark body of water. Because of gravity and the time tunnel speed, we fell in diagonal and hit the water violently. Totally disconcerted, we found ourselves submersed a couple of meters below the water surface. I swam upwards desperate for air and reached the surface. I breathed deeply and as my eyes got used to the darkness, I saw Alzack ten meters away.

G: Are you OK?!

A: I am; what about you?

G: Yeah. What the heck did just happen?!

A: No idea.

Female voice: Hello? Can you hear me?

G: Lucy?! Are you Lucy?!

Lucy: Hi Gray! What the hell are you doing here guys?

G: We don’t know, we just sort of got teleported here and fell into this wet hole. I’m with Alzack, from the lab.

Lucy: It looks like we are in an open ceiling cave. Like a cenote. Do you guys see the border?

G: In our side it’s very dark. I think the cave continues there.

L: My side it’s a bit lighter and I can see the border, though it’s narrow.

G: Good, better than our side. We swim to you! Let’s go Alzack!

A: Yes!


We met with Lucy and headed to the border. Once out of the water, we could rest for a moment and observe the natural spectacle around us. We found ourselves in a huge sinkhole. Above, sunrays penetrating through tree tops of a leafy jungle. After a fleeting wonderment, the view and situation troubled us. With a quick visual scan of the sinkhole, I couldn’t see how to exit it.

A: I’m not seeing an easy exit from this hole…

L: Me neither. By the way guys, how did you end up here?!

G: Good question. We were working in the lab office and everything started to tremble, then flashing lights and cold smoke filled the room and someone with a wig on a flying piano dragged us into a tunnel of madness. We crossed the tunnel wall and appeared in this place.

L: Ok, I couldn’t explain it better. It happened the same to me. The dude with the wig and the flying piano must be Mozart.

A: The old composer?

L: The same. Just that instead of a flying piano, it’s a time travelling flying piano. He calls himself Mozart Time Travelling Cop, and I don’t exactly know the details, but from what I was told, someone in the near future invented a way to travel through time. Yeah, that crazy, but it seems time travel, backwards, is possible and in fact someone soon will invent it. When such guy invented it, he was the first human to try it. On his first journey through space-time, he landed in Salzburg, at Mozart’s epoch, and specifically, at Mozart’s place. And essentially, Mozart took his machine, fused it to his keyboard –Mozart was super gifted, not only for music- and became Mozart, Time Travelling Cop. Ever since then, he has been traveling across time and modifying key elements of recent history.

G: In other situations, I would call you crazy, but I think I’ll choose to believe this nonsense. You know what, moments ago I was in the dream simulator of the neighbors’ lab, just having a nap and playing without permission with their expensive toy. Now, apparently I switched to another location and presumably, another time period. Let’s just exit this hole for the moment.

A: What’s the point of using the dream simulator?

L: Under certain circumstances and with proper training, it’s possible to choose what you want to dream and Gray has tried it sometimes and apparently likes it.

G: How do you know that?

L: You just confirmed you used the machine today, plus, I’ve seen you late in the afternoon wandering the mind immersion lab. I don’t blame you, to be honest I also want to try the machine someday, we can arrange one day to try it together.

A: Why don’t you just ask the mind immersion lab staff?

L: We’ll do it.

G: Yeah, maybe, hopefully they’ll agree. Anyway, let’s focus on our current hairy situation. If you look at the sky, the sun rays fall inclined and only light up a part of the wall. It’s probably afternoon and in not much time we’ll run out of light and, I don’t want to stay the night here. We must find a way to climb to the surface!


//End of the chapter//

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