Of Lightning and Long Locks

BY : Rhov
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Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail nor do I make money for this fanfic.

For Fraxus Week 2017, I decided to take all of the prompts and create a single story out of them. With Fraxus Eve and Bonus Day, that means 9 chapters... although my OCD is screaming at me to make 10 chapters because round numbers! Plus I would like one NSFW chapter at the end, although the other chapters can get VERY suggestive.

Chapter titles are named after the prompts for that day. Some chapters will be long, some will be very short. I was just trying to make this story work within the given prompts.

The "Long Locks" part will be in Chapter 3 (Day 2 of Fraxus Week, but Fraxus Eve is Chapter 1) so be patient to see Laxus with Rapunzel hair. Or Cousin Itt.

Of Lightning and Long Locks

a Fairy Tail fanfic

by Rhov


Chapter 1


With how often the Raijinshuu went on missions, one would think they would be experts at traveling. They walked to avoid anyone finding out that Laxus got just as motion sick as any other Dragon Slayer. They mostly camped but sometimes stayed at inns if one was nearby. They were gone for sometimes months on S-Class missions, only the best for the strongest team in Fairy Tail.

Yes, one would think they knew precisely what to pack for these journeys, how much food, how many changes of clothes, and at least they would remember to bring their toothbrush.

One would think that.

One would be wrong.

Very wrong.

The Raijinshuu were not even planning on a long mission. Two days to walk there, maybe a day or two to do the mission—a simple task for them, of course—and two days to walk back. They had not even bothered with lugging around a cart, opting for a single magical satchel that held all of their supplies, including tents, all four sleeping bags, and enough food for two weeks, just in case they got delayed by the weather. They each had placed their supplies into the satchel, where it went into a pocket dimension. It was not as elaborate as Requip magic, but it was a similar idea. Freed had not bothered to double check all of their supplies, or at least not something as mundane as toiletries.

Now, he rubbed his eyes, trying his hardest—his very hardest—to remain respectful to the man he idolized.

"You … forgot … a toothbrush?"

Laxus, for all his insane power, looked like a scolded child, sitting on a tree log, arms folded, bottom lip jutting out, scowling and pretending he did not hear Bickslow and Evergreen giggling over by the campfire.

"I had it," he said in defense. "Then I used it this morning. It's probably still sitting by the sink."

"It's always sitting by your sink. That doesn't explain how you also forgot your comb."

"It's … also … by the sink. Next to the toothbrush." That lower lip shot out even further as the scowl deepened.

The laughs from the campfire got louder, and Laxus' face turned red.

"That's the third time in just this year."

"The hell! Are you keepin' count now?" snapped Laxus.

Evergreen whispered to Bickslow, "Freed's playing Team Mother again. Poor Laxus might get sent to bed without his supper."

Laxus glared back at them. Maybe Freed could not hear their whispers, but he sure could.

"I don't need a comb," Laxus insisted stubborn. "My hair's fine."

"True," Freed said in disdain. "Lately, it barely looks like you combed it even on a good day."

Bickslow laughed so hard, he nearly fell into the fire pit.

"However, you'll end up with cavities at this rate."

"I ain't never had a cavity since I was a kid."

"That's because I've been reminding you to brush your teeth since the last time you ever had a toothache."

"Momma Freed, Momma Freed," Bickslow sang in a secretive whisper.

Freed shrugged widely. "It can't be helped. You'll share mine until we get to the next town."

Laxus drew back in disgust. "I ain't sharing your toothbrush."

"Would you rather share Bickslow's?"

"Hell no!"

"Then you'll use mine. You may even use it first. No arguments." With that decided, the captain of the Raijinshuu returned to the campfire and set about helping to prepare dinner.

Laxus grumbled as he helped in small ways. He fetched water from the river, he hunted some meat for their dinner, and after they had eaten, he and Evergreen cleaned up everything, which was fair since it was mostly Bickslow and Freed who cooked. It was all routine for them, and they had done it this way for years.

Then it was time to get ready for bed. Freed wordlessly thrust his toothbrush at Laxus, and the look he had showed that there was no use arguing about this. Laxus snatched the toothbrush away, accepted the offered toothpaste, and took a bowl of water they had boiled for drinking. Then he went down to the river.

Their evening and morning routines were also a habit. Bickslow always went first to set up the best area for bathing, somewhere not muddy and with a slow river current. He brushed his teeth, and then took a quick dip in the river to wash off the dirt and sweat of the day. Laxus arrived while Bickslow was bathing to brush his teeth, then Bickslow handed him the soap and went ashore to dry off while Laxus stripped and washed himself. Freed would arrive next, brush, get the soap from Laxus, and wash in the river. Last was Evergreen, who always waited until Freed was dressed and gone before getting into the river to wash. She then brought back everything from the washing area.

So when Laxus walked down to the river, Bickslow was splashing in the water, his helmet off, scrubbing out his wild blue hair.

"Are you really going to use Freed's toothbrush?" he asked.

Laxus grunted as he moistened it and squirted on the toothpaste. "Like I got a choice."

"You could just not use it and say you brushed."

"Freed would know. Somehow, he always knows about me."

"Somehow, huh?" Bickslow said with a devious chuckle. He waited until Laxus already had the toothbrush in his mouth and was building up a good foam over his teeth. "You know, since that's been deep into Freed's mouth, it's sort of like he's tongue-fucking you."

Laxus spewed toothpaste all over his tiny mirror. "What the hell, Bickslow?"

He laughed, splashed around in the river, and pointed at him. "Your face is red."

"That's not even funny." However, for the rest of brushing his teeth, the mental image was stuck in Laxus' mind. This toothbrush had stroked over Freed's teeth and tongue, over his gums, to the back of his mouth. Now it was in his mouth, scouring his back molars, and the idea of Freed's tongue lapping over him would not go away. He grumbled profanity around the toothbrush and through foamy toothpaste.

Bickslow rinsed off in the river with a secretive grin. He had thought Laxus would just be a little grossed out by the implication. He had not expected his flushing cheeks to get brighter and brighter the more that toothbrush plunged into his mouth.

Laxus ended much quicker than normal. "Times up. Hand me the soap."

"That's way too fast. You should suck on Freed's toothbrush some more."

This time, Laxus looked furious. "Shut the hell up and hand me the goddamn soap!"

Bickslow knew he had pushed the joke too far. That was fine, mischief was achieved, and he could hardly wait to tell Evergreen about what he had said. When he got back to the campsite, he thumbed to Freed.

"Your turn. You might want to wash your toothbrush off better. Laxus was really shoving it into his mouth."

Freed lifted an eyebrow at the oddity of that sentence. He ignored Bickslow—he sometimes said truly bizarre things—and went down to the river.

There, he saw Laxus in the water, covered up to his hips.

When they first formed as a team and set up bathing order, Freed had insisted that Laxus go first. Evergreen went after him, then Bickslow, and Freed took the last slot as a symbol of humbleness despite being team captain. Evergreen quickly demanded that she should go last, blushing every time she went after Laxus and had to see him naked, and something about a crude remark Bickslow made early on. (He never made any sort of sexist comments after he realized Evergreen had no qualms against turning him to stone.) She insisted, she only felt comfortable seeing Freed naked since she knew he was gay, and she wanted to go last so none of the men saw her. Although Freed could have allowed Laxus to continue going first, he shifted things around so Bickslow went first and he went after Laxus. Evergreen and Bickslow winked at one another when he made that choice, but they said nothing.

Freed figured they knew. He loved to gaze on Laxus' body. It was pure admiration at first, in awe at his muscles, adoring his scars, wishing he could be like him one day. It changed over time, but he did his best to hide it. He knew his place. Laxus was the man he protected, charge by Makarov himself to be his bodyguard. He had sworn to protect him and keep him from getting into too many unnecessary fights, and one thing Freed never did was break an oath. That was worse than breaking a rule!

So the most he could do was gaze upon him from afar and feel honored to be this close and trusted.

Laxus soaped down his limbs as Freed put toothpaste on his brush. A part of Freed realized, Laxus had just finished using this, so in a way…

Laxus was really shoving it into his mouth.

Maybe it was defiance, but Freed plunged the toothbrush into his mouth. Of course, Laxus had cleaned it off as best as he could, so there was no lingering taste, nothing that magical. Still, this brush had just been inside Laxus' mouth, and now it was in his.

He tried so hard to shove the mental images away, but they were still there. As the toothbrush moved in and out past his lips, there was no way Freed could not imagine things.

Over in the river, Laxus was unusually quiet. He normally talked to Freed turning these few minutes together alone. He trusted Freed with anything, so he could admit if he was tired and ask in privacy if Freed could allow him to sleep in a bit in the morning, or he could request a back rub if a mission was hard, and Freed leaped at the opportunity every time.

Now he was left with Bickslow's teases churning in his mind.

You know, since that's been deep into Freed's mouth, it's sort of like he's tongue-fucking you.

It had been deep in Freed's mouth, and then it had been in his mouth. Now it was back in Freed's mouth. Did Freed at all think of this as pervertedly as he had?

Of course not! Freed was so refined and serious, it probably never crossed his mind. This was sharing items with a teammate, no different than if he was sharing something with Bickslow or Evergreen. Besides, Freed had not at all hesitated to start brushing his teeth. He had not washed the toothbrush off a little extra in disgust, he had not started off with hesitation, nor had he made any comment about it at all. Laxus watched as Freed gargled and spit to finish up the cleaning. Nope, obviously he had not hesitated to share that toothbrush with a friend.

It was all Bickslow's fault for making him think weird things.

Freed finally cleaned off the brush and set it aside.

It's all Bickslow's fault! He made me think some weird things.

It was just a toothbrush. The fact that it had been in Laxus' mouth meant nothing. He had washed it off, so it was not like anything lingered. It was just sharing an item.

An item … that happened to have been inside Laxus' mouth.

Freed ignored that and undid his hair. He began to take off his boots and loosen his jacket in preparation for washing. Laxus rose out of the river, and Freed could hardly help but look.

Damn! This was the best part about following after Laxus had bathed: clean and fresh, wet and breathtaking, that body on full display for no one else but him.

Oh shit!

Laxus normally finished washing, handed over the soap, dried off, dressed, and left, nothing else. This time, he was staring at Freed.

Shit, he caught me looking.

Laxus caught the gaze, all right! Freed's eyes had trailed over his body and down, lower and lower, and he had bit his lip ever so slightly. What was that? It couldn't be…

No, this was all Bickslow's fault, making him think weird stuff. Freed's eyes just happened to be on him, that's all.

it's sort of like he's tongue-fucking you.

Shit! Not now that I'm out of the river and exposed!

He grabbed his towel and wrapped it around before anything rose to trouble. He practically slammed the soap into Freed's chest.

"Thanks for letting me borrow the toothbrush."

"Oh, sure," Freed said in distraction. Even with the towel wrapped around his middle, the bulge of Laxus' crotch protruded.

Laxus was really shoving it into his mouth.

"Um … do you need a comb? You can use my brush. It's back at the camp in my tent."

"Much oblige." With just that, Laxus turned aside and began to dress.

Freed finished undressing in awkwardness with Laxus right there. They looked in opposite directions, both too terrified to glance around their shoulders, lest the other be looking as well.

Finally, Laxus was in his clothes. "Don't be too long. I don't want Evergreen out here when it gets dark." With that cold warning, he walked off.

Freed watched him go. Laxus had not even bothered to wait until he was fully naked. Of course, it wasn't like he was interested. Laxus had only been with women. Freed chastised himself. It was shameful to keep lusting over a heterosexual man. Laxus was not interested, his sexuality was not going to magically change overnight. (Okay, so there was a rune that actually could do that, but Freed would rather slit his own throat than force Laxus into sex.) He should feel honored to be so trusted and not do anything to break that bond.

He pulled off the last of his clothes and waded out into the river. After adjusting to the cold, Freed dunked down to get his hair drenched. Then he began by washing his hair as the river tried to sweep it downstream.

Laxus had walked off, but he paused in the trees. Freed had normal hearing and did not have the sensitive nose Laxus did, which meant that Laxus could hide and Freed would never know. As he watched from behind a tree trunk, he could see Freed in the river, glorious and graceful.

I shouldn't be looking at him like this. It's not right. I'm a pervert spying on a bathing man.

Still, part of Laxus admired Freed. He looked thin in his clothes, but once those came off, his abdomen was sculpted, and his arms were all taut, sinewy muscles. He was damn strong, Laxus knew it all too well, but Freed's real power was his mind. Laxus was envious sometimes about how smart Freed was. Hell, he was one of the most prolifically educated wizards in all of Fairy Tail, Makarov included.

So yeah, his body was hot—oh God, don't think that way; he's your teammate—but what was most impressive was Freed's quick wit and ability to redirect the flow of a battle.

That was what attracted Laxus to Freed first. His brains.

Freed adored him, Laxus knew that, but so did the rest of the Raijinshuu. Freed would sometimes grab him and celebrate, but so did the rest of the Raijinshuu. Freed went out of his way to pamper Laxus and did absolutely anything Laxus asked of him, from back massages to killing a person…

… but so did the rest of the Raijinshuu.

Laxus knew those three admired him to extreme levels, but the man he admired was Freed. How could a man so genius and refined ever dedicate himself to a oaf like him? What had Makarov blackmailed him with to make him agree to act as Laxus' bodyguard? No person would agree to that sort of job willingly.

They were on the same team, but the two of them shared no similar interests. They fought well together, but that alone was not enough. Freed was so serious, so sophisticated, so goddamn beautiful.

He was everything Laxus admired in a person, and that put him on a pedestal. Laxus did not want to tarnish Freed with his harsh touches and blood-tainted hands.

He turned away as Freed began to scrub down his limbs. He needed to stop doing this. Even if he could somehow convince Freed to date him, what could he offer? He made a lousy boyfriend, he knew that from experience. He barely understood the concept of love, and romance eluded him. No, even if Freed would date him out of pity, Laxus could never be a man worthy of Freed's love. Friendship was enough. He walked off and returned to the camp, feeling sickened that he had spied on Freed like that, as if even his eyes could taint the purity of that pristine man.

Evergreen went to the river next, and Freed soon returned, hair wet. He stayed by the fire to let the hair dry as he brushed it out. Laxus could barely look at him, feeling guilty for spying on Freed earlier. Then Evergreen returned, refreshed and ready to sleep. Yet there was one more problem.

"I thought for certain you brought your sleeping bag," Freed exclaimed.

"Don't look at me," Laxus snapped back. "I know I did. Or at least I remember rolling it up."

Freed shook the magic satchel. "Then where is it?" He leaned his head into the large pack, and although it did not look deep, his head went all the way down to the shoulders as he searched around. "Did you bring it and forget to put it into the bag?"

"Isn't that what you were supposed to double check?" he snapped. Laxus slammed his mouth shut; he did not want to end the night yelling at his best friends. "Shit," he grumbled. He knew he brought the sleeping bag when they all met together. He specifically remembered rolling it up, bringing it to Bickslow's place, and they all put their items into the satchel for the journey. He remembered bringing it!

Freed pulled his head up from the satchel and sighed in frustration. He had taken inventory. He had a checklist he always went through. Granted, it did not take into account every single article of clothing and toiletry item—he made a mental note to also check for toothbrushes from now on—but it definitely included four tents and four sleeping bags. He was positive at least that much was in there. How in the world had he overlooked something so important?

"You'll have to bunk up," Bickslow pointed out.

Evergreen had already set up her tent. "Not with me! My sleeping bag isn't big enough for someone of your size."

"Mine barely even fits me," Bickslow said with an apologetic shrug. "It's hard to find one large enough for guys as broad as us. Two of us together would never work."

Freed dropped his head into his hands. Why was this happening today of all days?

"Mine … might be wide enough. But it'd be tight."

Laxus cursed under his breath. Like hell would he rely on Freed yet again after the toothbrush incident. "I'll sleep by the fire. It's fine."

"No!" Freed said, determined and stubborn now. Laxus really would sacrifice a night of sleep for the sake of his friends, and Freed was not about to let him. "I'm thin, I have room. I will not allow you to sleep out in the cold and end up sick. Put your things into my tent. Sleep with a shirt on. I'm not having you sweat all over my back. That's final!"

Laxus loved to watch when Freed took charge, but not today, not for something like this. In battle, it made Laxus proud to see his team rise to a challenge, and Freed … damn, he was sexy when he shouted out commands to the others like a general leading an army. (Laxus liked to boast that him and the Raijinshuu had the combined strength of an entire army.)

But not for this! Not when he was feeling like this.

He knew though, there was no arguing with Freed. He was the most stubborn man Laxus knew, and he would probably bind Laxus in runes to force him into that sleeping bag if he put up a struggle.

And Laxus hated to admit that he thought something like that would be hot!

He shoved that fantasy aside, put his unopened tent gear back into the large satchel, and stomped off to dress for bed, with sweat pants and a shirt so he did not have to feel Freed up against his bare skin. He felt like he might go insane before morning if any more lurid thoughts formed.

The rest of the evening was uneventful. They talked about the mission, planned to get to a town the next day and buy any gear that was forgotten, and then put out the fire and went into their tents. Bickslow excused himself for one last trip into the bushes to pee, but he waited until he saw Laxus and Freed disappear into Freed's tent. Then he tiptoed back to his tent and pulled out an extra sleeping bag.

Just as he was sneaking over to the satchel, Evergreen appeared, looming and glaring at him. The team had realized how sensitive Laxus' ears were, so years ago they all learned sign language so they could talk after Laxus went to sleep and not bother him with noisy chatter. Evergreen signed to him.

'Did you steal Laxus' sleeping bag?'

He grinned impishly and held it up for her to see, it definitely was his. Then he shoved it down as deep as he could into the magical satchel, hiding it behind things.

'Freed is going to be pissed when he finds that it was there all along.'

Bickslow signed back to her, 'Laxus will react even worse when he starts to wonder if Freed claimed he couldn't find it on purpose just to get him to sleep with him.'

Evergreen's lips went tight as she held back a chuckle. 'I don't know whether to hit you or hug you. Getting those two together is impossible. Did you steal his toothbrush and comb as well?'

'No, that was all his own forgetfulness. I noticed before we left, but I didn't say anything. He also forgot his razor.'

'Laxus has such a bad memory. Seriously, he needs Freed with him as a husband so he can pack his supplies.'

'Then let's keep working on them. We know they like each other.'

'Yes, but getting either one to admit it has been impossible. It's so annoying, how stubborn they are. Like, just kiss already!'

'Like you and Elfman do?'

Evergreen gave him a hand gesture that needed no interpretation, and she stomped off to her tent. Bickslow slipped away into his tent just as he heard Laxus start to snore. It would be an interesting morning.

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