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Disclaimer: I do not own any anime or Highschool DxD. Actually, let's just say I don't own anything so I don't have to deal with this. I make no money from this story.

Well, one thing I have to mention there is a hell of a lot crossovers but all of them are now in the DxD verse now. So yeah, enjoy this I guess. I write this out of boredom but that doesn't mean I'll give up on it.. Probably. Lol

Here's all the people from each anime who will be in this story.

Every one of these girls will be wearing maid outfits other then the ones that have ( Whatever this says). They will be wearing this usually unless I say so in the story or something.

Sekirei- Miya Asama (Miko).

Absolute Duo: Imari Nagakura, and Rito Tsukimi 

Campione: Liliana

Irrregular at Magic High School: Miyumi Saegusa (Regular School Outfit from anime).

Infinite Stratos: Touki Shinonono and Tabane Shinonono

Saijaku no Bahamut: Krulcifer (Blue Dress) and Relie

Strike the Blood: Sayaka, Kiriha, and La Folia (Pink Night Gown)

Problem Children from Another World: Kurousagi and Asuka.

Qualidea Code: Asuha (School Uniform) Maihime

Fate/Stay Night: Sakura, Caster/Medea

Shinmai Maou no Testament: Mio Naruse (Red Dress). She will be Trihexa in this story by the way.

Fairy Tail: Hisui (Green Dress)


Everyone in the list is in the harem and for the DXD characters who will be in here as well.

Irinia Shidou, Akeno HImejima, Momo Hanakai, Reya, Xuelan (Qipao), Rossweisse(Business Suit with a skirt), Kuroka (Kimono), Tiamat(White Dress), Gabriel (Angel clothing? I don't know white silk or something).

THIS IS A MASSIVE HAREM! I'm also going to add some people from Hentai but I need to think of who.. By the way, there is only lime in this chapter and just a bit of lemon? but it won't be mentioned that much.

It was a normal day for the Occult Research Members and Student Council.. Well except for the part they were asked to meet at the Occult Research Club by an unknown woman in a Miko outfit called Miya Asama.

When they walked in they saw ALOT of girls inside of the club room and only one man who was sitting on the chair where Rias is suppose to sit. Issei was basically drooling with Saji as they stared at the ladies in the room who were almost all of them, were wearing a maid uniform except for a few.

"Oi, who is this creepy guy." A red haired girl wearing a school uniform with two guns on her thigh said. Some were surprised that she had a gun, especially in school.

"Why are you sitting on my chair?" Rias narrowed her eyes dangerously but the man was too busy looking down for some reason. She didn't like ANYONE sitting on her chair. No matter who it is. Him ignoring her is just making her more pissed off even more as she radiated her aura and killing intent on him. This time he paid a bit of attention but his eyes showed a bored look.

"Hold on, I'm busy here." The man said boringly as he looked down again. Rias eyes twitches at this so she just gathers a ball of Power of Destruction and threw it towards him surprising some people in the room. Right when it was about to hit him, three gun shots were heard expelling the Power of Destruction surprisingly. They turned to who it was and saw it was the same girl who commented on Issei and another beautiful woman with long black hair and red eyes. Though, she did not have a gun on her but something weird on her wrist. It was highly advanced as well.

"Please do not do that again." Miyumi said narrowing her eyes dangerously at Rias who narrow her eyes as well.

"We're done!" A voice yelled cheerfully as three people got up from where the man was sitting. Everyone (except for Zero's servants/harem) were surprised as the three people got up. The three girls were very beautiful. The one who yelled out Maihime. Maihime has long white hair with two pigtails at the sides of her head and Pink beautiful eyes who was currently wearing a white uniform (What she wears in the show of Qualidea). The second one was Krulcifer. She has light blue colored hair with black hair trimmed tied In A Ribbon. She has a thin and ill proportioned body with no features and blue eyes of cold light. She was currently wearing a maid outfit with stockings. The last one was someone who they all knew and were very shocked to see. The last one was Xuelan who was wearing a blue qipao. What shocked them all though was all three had white stuff/cum on their faces making everyone (except for Zero's servants) blush and were as red as Rias hair.

"Uhmm.. Nice to see you all again." Xuelan said somewhat akwardly.

"You bastard!" Issei cried in tears of jealousy at the man who just rose his eyebrow.

"Is he alright?" Zero asked pointing to Issei while Krulcifer just suddenly got on him and looked at him seductively before grinding her ass on his dick which was still hard from the blowjob Xuelan, Krulcifer, and Maihime gave him. The Occult Research members and the Student Council blushed again as they saw Krulcifer grinding on him while Akeno had lust in her eyes.

"What are you doing in my room!" Rias shouted in anger and embarassment.

"Well, they were giving me a blowjob and right now Krulcifer is grinding me." Zero said blinking a few times. At this some of his servants just sighed at him for some reason as Krulcifer just stopped grinding and got lower to him. She looked at his cock for a few moments before licking the tip and started sucking him off.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Devils of.. Universe 666? Hmm.. Is Mio here? I might have to check that later. Anyways, my name is Zero Akatsuki" Zero said as he looked at the green haired woman in what seemed to be princess clothing.

"Hisui, come here and help Krulcifer. La Folia walk over next to me." Zero ordered looking at the two as both nodded and smiled.

"Alright Master." Hisui said as she walked over to the desk and got down as she helped Krulcifer suck him off and La Folia walked up to him. She was wearing a pink night gown showing her blace laced panties and brawl. When she got next to him he snapped his fingers creating a chair as she sat down. When she did though, unknown to almost everyone in the room, Zero began groping her firm ass causing her to moan a bit much to the embarassment of most people in the room. Issei at this point was crying even more while also having a slight nosebleed.

Rias, who was trying to keep her calm and act all high and mighty just stood in front of him while acting a bit intimidating.

"Why are you here in my territory." Rias said looking at the Zero who just looked at her back with a bored face as he moved his hands into La Folia's panties and started fingering her.

"That's a stupid question. I am here because I want to, and this is not your property. All of this world belongs to Mio." Zero said calmly before looking back to Hisui and Krulcifer who was licking the tip of his dick.

"Krulcifer Hisui, I'm about to cum!" Zero said as the girls backed away just a bit and stuck there tongue out as he came all over there faces. Krulcifer drinked the cum on her tongue before licking her lips seductively. Hisui also drinked his cum before she wiped her face with her hand and gathered all of it on her hand as she drank it all.

"Alright, next is..Yeah, Miya come over here and suck me off as well. Just you." Zero ordered as Miya smiled brightly at that and came over shooing Krulcifer and Hisui as they pouted and stood next to the other girls(Servants before she got down and deepthroating him as he groaned.

"Damn.. Your as good as always Miya.." Zero smiled as Miya eyed him seductively as she bobbed her head up and down. Everyone in the room was bright red and a few people even passed out. Kiba, Koneko, Issei (from bloodloss. Probably even died) and Ruruko.

"WOULD YOU STOP DOING THIS IN MY CLUB ROOM!" Rias shouted at him with a red face. Right when she did that though multiple magical circles appeared in the club room. The first magical circle was all four Maou's. Sirzechs, Serafall, and Ajuka. The second magical circle was Odin, Rossweisse, and Thor. The third one was Azazel and Albion. The third one was Michael and Gabriel (Who has long blonde hair and green eyes and said to be the most beautiful woman in heaven). The last one though was something that actually got Zero's attention as a little girl in gothlic clothes appeared, Ophis.

"It's nice to see you again, Ophis." Zero said blinking a few times as he stared at the girl. The moment he said that he caught everyone's attention as they turned to Ophis with eyes in shock, fear, and surprise.

"What the fuck?" Azazel exclaimed blinking a few times. He turned his head back to Zero and saw the girl next to him who's face was filled with lust and was red.

"Master, I can't hold it anymore! I'm cumming!" La Folia yelled as she came with her tongue out. This of course caused Rossweisse, Michael, Ajuka, Sirzechs, and Thor to turn red. Azazel was just laughing his ass off while Gabriel just tilted her head in confusion.

"Unhand her you vile man!" Thor shouted summoning his hammer and charged towards Zero who just looked back at him. He just pointed his finger at Thor looking at him with uninterest as a miniture size small red ball charged from his fingertip.

"Cero.Zero said calmly piercing Thor in the heart as he just dropped dead. Odin, and some of the people in the room had there eyes widened as they saw Thor dropped dead. Unlike the small devils in the room they knew that the man Zero just killed was a God! A God couldn't even die that easy unless he was completed annihilated! They turned to Zero who still just had a bored look on his face as he turned to Odin.

"Because you couldn't handle you're own god in this universe, Odin. I'll be taking a compensation." Zero said as his eyes turned to rings as he looked at Rossweisse who was in her valkyrie armor and just placed a palm in front of her as she blinked a few times.

"Universe Pull.Zero said as Rossweisse yelped in surprise as she was suddenly pulled in front of Zero as his eyes turned back to 3 red tomoes. He has to say, He loves the Sage of the Sixth Path's at this point for creating the Sharingan and Rinnegan. Most interesting being indeed for Zero in Universe 5. When Rossweisse was in front of him he just looked at the desk and said "Disappear" making the desk disappear showing everyone Miya who was sucking his 10 inch dick. At this point Serafall was also looking at him lustfully while the girls in the room were blushing a storm. Gabriel was also finally blushing as she saw Miya bobbing her head down on his cock as she fingered herself.

"You're mine." Zero said somewhat possessively as he wrapped his arms around her waist and did something that shocked her. He kissed her. She tried to struggle somewhat but he wouldn't let her go so after a few moments she just gave up and gave into the kiss as he wrapped his tongue around hers. He moved his hand around her ass and started groping it and used his other hand to play with her breast. After a minute he pulled away as a trail of saliva escaped Rossweisse as she looked at him and felt.. weird. She felt as if she belonged to him and him alone.

"Can you stand next to Hisui for me?" Zero asked pointing his finger towards Hisui. Rossweisse just looked at him for a few moments and nodded. "Appear" he said and the desk which disappeared just reappeared again much to everyone's surprise except Ophis.

"Who are you?" Odin said narrowing his eyes dangerously. Not only had he probably killed his son, he even made out with his bodyguard!

"I am Zero Akatsuki." Zero blankly said at Odin.

"I believe I said that.. 2 times today." Zero said sighing before he felt something and looked down at Miya who was deepthroating him.

"Miya, I'm about to cum. Drink it all okay?" Zero said as she just nodded her head and moved even faster. After 10 seconds he released inside of her mouth causing her to stop as she slowly began drinking all of his cum.

"Thank you very much Master. Let me move on to the main course." Miya said somewhat seductively as she turned around and removed her panties showing her beautiful pink pussy to Zero.

"You move by yourself. I am speaking with them, alright?" Zero ordered as she nodded her head and slid his dick in her causing her to moan and began moving herself as he felt her ass slamming on him. He nodded satisified as he looked back up to Odin and everyone else. He noticed one one girl who was looking at him seductively as he just stared at her.

"Do you want to join as well?" Zero asked directly at Serafall

"Mou~ You have such a big harem Zero-tan!" Serafall pouted and looked away. Zero just shrugged at her before turning his attention back to Sirzechs.

"You are one of the leaders of this world, yes?" Zero asked Sirzechs who just stared at him.

"No, I am one of the Four Mauo's of the underworld." Sirzechs said unusually calm surprising Rias as she never seen him like this except in serious cases.

"You are the 5th strongest here in this universe if we do not include the guy with the long beard." Zero said as he stared into Sirzech's eyes.

"What do you mean by 'this universe'?" Azazel asked him as he stared at Zero. Zero wasn't emitting any aura but just staring at him made Azazel feel a bit uncomfortable. What he said caught everyone's attention as they just stared at Zero curiously while Zero only blinked a few times and Ophis.. Well she still looked at him blankly.

"I am the creator of all Universes. I created 3 Multi-Verses. The Hentai-Verse, The Dark-Verse, and the Light-Verse. Oh and Miya, I'm about to cum." Zero said trying not to shout which he sucessively did. Thank goodness he has lots of self-control.. Well kind of..




"WHAT THE FUCK!" Everyone yelled while Ophis somehow was holding a chocolate bar chewing on it before her eyes widened in surprise.


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