A Rekindled Pokémon Relationship

BY : Haunter_Rayne
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A Rekindled Pokémon Relationship


(Hello again everyone. This is going to be a much friendlier piece than my previous works. I'm going for more of a romantic and affectionate feel to this one. A female trainer has grown up while still remembering the joys of young love back when she was just a girl with her first crush. Complicated emotions developed for her when she fell in love with someone she shouldn't have. Then  unexpectedly she ended up losing her virginity to a Pokémon that she also grew to have feelings for. But that was many years ago back before she left on her Pokémon adventure. Whether or not either of her two first loves would still live in her hometown she would have no way to know.


This is going to involve a heavy incest relationship, not just implied play. Also direct human to Pokémon Pokephilia will be heavy in this one. This will also be my first story involving Pokémon on Pokémon sex. All characters this time will be OCs instead of grabbing npcs from the games like I usually do. The setting I am also going to leave vague to focus more on the story and character interactions. Tags include: OCs, incest, Treecko, Grovyle, Sceptile, Skitty, Delcatty, young trainers, teen trainers, virginity loss, Pokephilia, Pokesex, romance, deep throat, anal, double penetration.)


- - -


It was a nice peaceful day outside the Pokémon Center. It was early summer morning but the sun was shining, happy people went about their day, stores opened to customers and trainers made their way to the local gym to further their adventure. But two teenaged trainers remained alone in their sleeping cot together in the very back room of the PokéCenter as everyone else had already left for the day. A skinny blonde lass with perky bubblegum pink nipples was leaning over the cot face down while a pale dark haired boy was having anal sex with her from behind. “Mmmm deeper.” Amber moaned loving the feeling as her 34C breasts swung slightly from the boy pushing her body forward and back. Her curly amber locks bounced from her head around her shoulders as the boy and girl breathed heavily together to keep from being too loud and getting kicked out.


“This feels so good! This always feels so good! I can't believe you always let me do this to you!” The boy huffed in pleasure to the girl he sort of knew but had slept with many times before.


“Shut- up- Auh, just don't, don't stop, mmmm.” Amber moaned while simultaneously pleasuring herself. The skinny blonde was leaning forward supporting herself with both knees and her left hand but her right arm was down under her stomach rubbing her clit between her legs. “And I'll let you keep doing this as long as you promise not to cum inside. You know I don't like that. Now push it deeper! Mmmmmm.” Said the experienced little temptress from over her shoulder as the boy held her ass in his hands and continued pushing his dick in and out of her sphincter.


“Bobby I'm cumming!” She whispered to him swiftly before she bit her bottom lip and her legs started shaking.


“Oh, oh! You're tightening up! It's so good! Me too!” The boy replied not more than a minute later, holding her hips loving the feeling of fucking this girl in her ass as she came from it.


“Bobby shut up!” She hissed out at him as he started to get loud and obvious about what they were doing from their sounds. “Hey, wait! Take it out!” She said before forward pulling her ass off his dick and she flipped herself around as quickly as she could to face him. “Here!” She encouraged sitting on her pussy while kneeling forward to him with her tongue out. She held her mouth open as wide as it would go until she felt his first spurt of cum shoot into her mouth. As soon as she felt cum on her tongue she leaned forward wrapping her mouth as tightly onto his piece as she could. She giggled seeing Bobby's eyes roll back into his head with pleasure as she instantly began skull fucking herself on his price back and forth letting him spray down her throat. Even though she was young she milked his cock like a professional and didn't gag even once.


She smiled with his cock in her mouth as she looked up at the expression on her face knowing full well how talented she had become at pleasing boys. She opened her mouth running her tongue up and down along the shaft that had just moments ago be plunged deeply into her little asshole. She wanted to make sure she lapped up every last drop of cum not really being worried about him being dirty from fucking her because she kept herself clean inside and out. She frequently loved to receive anal sex so she stayed prepared for it. “Enjoy yourself?” She asked him and could hardly contain her grin as she did so.


“Oh yeah. Definitely.” Bobby said before sitting down on his bottom and laying back on the cot. Bobby was a full year older than Amber and was several inches taller than her. His facial features were handsome and developed for his age making him look older but he was no more advanced in Pokémon training or life than any other boy his age. He was just a handsome boy who treated her nicely and never had any weird requests. Amber had sex with him regularly because she liked how he could make himself feel like he was deeper inside her during anal even though he wasn't any much bigger than most boys.


She leaned her naked body over his letting her hard candy pink nipples push into his chest before kissing him on the lips. “Good.” She said confidently with a bit if finality to her statement. After that she leaned off of him as she looked around the floor for her socks. “I promised to give you closure Bobby and now I have. I wouldn't deny you that after all we've been through.” She said standing up as she started to pull her purple lace panties up her slender pale legs. “I know you're going to miss me but I really, ugh, Bobby move over you're on top of my bra.” She said with a bit of annoyance but knowing he wasn't doing it on purpose to stall her as he handed her the matching top piece to her lingerie set. Despite her age Amber still dressed very well for herself having grown out of her childlike preferences to things long ago.


Bobby looked her over admiring her body as she got dressed. He knew she wasn't a slut, in fact she wasn't that kind of girl at all. She just liked sex and wasn't ashamed of it. She was confident, assertive and really knew how to handle herself no matter what life threw at her. It was inspiring to be around her whether she was Pokémon battling, shopping, or rocking her body like a rock star. “Do you really have to go?” He asked her knowing she was right about him going to miss her. Their relationship wasn't romantic but they were sort of friends anytime she'd pass through town and definitely the only girl who would let him get anywhere close to having anal sex with her.


“I told you Bobby, I'm going home. I haven't been back there since I started my journey. I've thought of home after every gym battle I ever had and now that I've completed in the league I want to go home to tell them in person how far I got and all about my journey. I might be planning on staying at home for awhile. I need to decide what to do with my life. And besides…” she said, her voice trailing off to herself a bit now, “I have old faces I want to see.”


“I know all that. The way you've always carried on about your folks place you'd think that your home town were a tourist city or something.” He said playfully.


“Haha, no definitely not.” She said with a smile pulling her shirt up over her head and then buttoning up her shorts making her fully dressed. She looked down to Bobby still laying nude on the cot and poked him in the side with her foot before sitting down to put on her shoes. “You are walking me out you know.” She told him rather than asking him. “You might be a bit cold if you walk out like that hehe.” Bobby smiled bashfully and quickly scrambled to get dressed.


- -


“Thank you for staying with us, you're Pokémon are fully healed.” Nurse joy said with a smile handing Bobby his Pokémon first and then handing Amber hers. But as Amber reached for her pokeballs Joy placed her hand softly over Amber's. “I… hope you enjoyed your stay.” She said giving the young blonde girl a knowing look.


Amber was quizzical for a moment before her eyes went wide and her brow flushed a heavy scarlet. The young trainer quickly grabbed up her pokeballs and smiled whispering out, “I did, thank you.” Then she scurried out the door with Bobby in tow.


“So, this is it.” Bobby said while they stood outside the PokéCenter. He stared into Amber eyes knowing they would part soon. The road to her hometown lead behind her. The path to his home back into the city lead the other way behind him.


“Kiss me good bye Bobby. You never know when or if you'll ever see me again.” She said before closing her eyes and lifting one foot back. The eager boy didn't need to be told twice as he leaned forward planting his lips firmly to hers for a passionate kiss. When they finally broke apart he was a little embarrassed seeing a few people having taken notice but she kept her arms around his neck as she looked into his eyes.


“You need to let me go Bobby.” She said to him with a rather serious tone.


“Uh, you're the one still holding onto me.” He said.


“Ugh, not, that isn't what I meant.” She said feeling a little annoyed and wanting him to take her seriously. She looked him square in the face. “What I mean is you need to let go of me inside. I can still see the desire in your eyes when you look at me. You've been a good friend to me so I am not going to let myself become some heartache for you as soon as I turn and leave. Next you'll go thinking about how much you miss me and you'll want me back. You'll be depressed and lose that confident charm you have and maybe miss a sweet girl who'd actually be the one for you. And I will have been responsible for ruining your whole life. You're too nice a guy for me to let that happen to you.” She said with perfect eye contact. She didn't even blink, wanting to make sure she got through to him.


“So come on and grab my ass or put your tongue in my mouth. I already let you have sex with me one last time so do whatever you need to do to get me out of your system. I need to be that girl who was just a hot summer fling for you but nothing more. You can tell all your friends that a hot blonde let you ass fuck her, just don't tell them who I actually am.” She said all this with a smile, just wanting to know he would be ok once she left. “Oh and Bobby, stay the nice guy who I met. Ok?” She smiled as he pulled her close and kissed her again passionately. He did indeed fish their tongues together in her mouth but he didn't feel the need to grope her in public. She just cooed happily kissing him back until he eventually pulled backwards leaving a series of short pecks on her lips.


Once their kiss was broken he let out a breath and smiled. When he opened his eyes he looked at her like she was just a girl and that made her smile. “Good bye Amber.” He said extending out his hand.


“Good bye Bobby.” She said shaking it and they both turned from each other to leave. Amber walked out of town and trotted along down the road for about two hours before she finally stepped off the path to take a rest under a shady tree. “Phew, this is going to be a long walk. Come on out Delcatty.” Amber said sweetly as she opened a pokeball and a happy yellow feline emerged to greet her.


“Hello there girl.” Amber said as Delcatty stretched and then looked around. “Oh no girl, he isn't with us anymore. Don't worry, I let him down softly. Always leave them better than how you found them.” She said and laughed seeing Delcatty just turn her head quizzically. “Don't worry about it. Anyways, I have big news for you. Guess what? We are going home girl!” At this Delcatty gave a leap and cuddled up to Amber purring. “We are going to go home and see mom and dad and neighbor lady Gamma. If we're lucky we might even see Michael there!” Suddenly she stopped herself as she thought of her brother who she hadn't seen for so long. “Oh Michael.” She said softly. She had always been very close to her brother. but when she was younger she had left on her Pokémon journey very suddenly. She found out during a phone call to her parents that Michael had left home shortly after that but he had traveled to an entirely different region and hadn't kept up as close ties as she had with her parents after he left.


A warm squirming in her arms brought her back out of her thoughts as Delcatty had climbed into her lap. “Aww who's a sweet girl?” Amber asked before kissing her Pokémon on the top of her head. “Alright but that's enough rest for now though, we've got a long way to go still.” She said standing up as Delcatty hopped out of her lap. Amber lifted he pokeball but Delcatty meowed out softly. “Oh, would you like to walk along with me? Sure thing girl. Alright, let's go.” Returning to the trail the two of them walked together taking in the sights and exploring a bit as they made their way home. But frequently during their trip Amber could not help but have her thoughts wonder back to her memories of her brother.


-Several years ago-


“Stop it!” A scared little blonde girl stood crying in the middle of a playground surrounded by a small group of bullies who were picking on her.


“Wut’s wrong Wahmber?! Gunna cry?!” Taunted her bullies.


“Shut up, you're stupid! Don't call me that!”


“Why dun you make us? Gonna call your wittle baby Skitty to pwotect you wittle baby Wahmber?” Amber again started to cry,feeling trapped. She didn't want to call Skitty out now, afraid that Skitty would just get bullied by all of their Pokémon like she was and being a responsible little trainer she wanted to keep her Pokémon happy and safe. Just then a larger boy with ear length wavy dark hair appeared out of nowhere and plunged his fist right into the face of the boy who had been calling Amber names.


She wasn't sure at first what was happening. Only that all of a sudden Michael was there and there was blood flowing from the other boys nose. Then all out chaos broke out as there was a group of angry children trying to dog pile Michael and he was wrestling off all of them. It didn't take long for teachers to arrive and try to break up the struggle. By the end of it there were three boys with broken noses, two bratty girls who had been kicked in the stomach and there was Michael with nothing more than a scrape on his chin and bruised knuckles from hitting Amber's bullies. “Oh Michael.” Amber thought to herself as she walked down the path with Delcatty, the afternoon sun moving lower in the sky. “You were always so quiet, never opening up to anyone but you were also so protective of me. I doubt those kids ever even realized I was your sister.” She thought, smiling again at later teasing from her schoolyard bullies that they thought from then on that Michael had been her ‘b-o-y-f-r-i-e-n-d.’


Michael had come to her aid many times growing up. She learned to rely on him as she got older. Their parents at home both were retired now but back when they were kids the house was almost always empty. When they were in school they were in separate classes. So any chance that Amber got to spent time with Michael, she was always right by his side. “Oh Michael, you never complained or showed if you got tired of me always being so close to you. I was such a silly girl and must have been such a bother.” She remembered the last time she saw him and blushed heavily at what a foolhardy young girl she had been.


It had been late that autumn day with the sunset already bathing the world in its orange glow. Michael had been sitting alone on a hillside overlooking the sunset but Amber knew he was really there sulking from the day's events. Michael had just gotten into another fight again and their parents had yelled at him good for it this time. She had been feeling guilty because it was over her of course but when their parents asked him why he just kept his mouth shut and said nothing. What he wasn't telling them was a boy had cornered Amber and was trying to force her to give him her first kiss. Michael showed up just as he started grabbing at her and broke the young boy's jaw. Their parents had called him a delinquent but she knew he was a hero.


“Hi.” was all she could squeak out as she walked up behind him on the hillside. She instantly regretted it knowing that was probably the dumbest thing she could have said at that moment for the situation they were in.


“Go away.” He said to her with it being obvious she was the last person he wanted to see right then. But he didn't yell and his tone wasn't that harsh. Even though she was who he had gotten in trouble over he knew it wasn't her fault and that she hadn't actually done anything wrong.


“Listen, I'm sorry about what happened today. And I wanted to thank you for what you did.” She said as she walked next to him. He looked at her through his angsty wavy hair but then shifted over giving her room to sit beside him. “Everyone got so mad at you for getting into another fight again but no one acknowledged you for the good thing you did for me.” Sitting next to her brother in these quiet moments like this were special to her. She suddenly wrapped her arms around his sides under his arms and held him very tightly.


Michael had been sitting there trying to still be upset but no matter how hard he tried Amber always managed to get right through his defenses. He kept his face turned away from her to not show the smile that her kind words had given him. He cherished her and would do anything for her. The frequent absence of their parents and his personal lack of social skills in making friends made it so she was all he had to rely on as well. However when his cute little sister embraced him around his sides so closely he couldn't help but flush crimson in his cheeks. “Y-you shouldn't be so close sis.” He said in a stern voice trying to hide his nervousness.


“Oh stop being so stuffy.” She giggled to him. “And besides, I came out here for a reason.” She said, looking up to him now with a serious face but it just made her look that much more adorable to Michael.


All her brother could really muster to do at this point was raise an eyebrow. “Oh?” He asked, trying to maintain his self control. “What is wrong with me?” He thought to himself in his head. “Stop thinking she is cute, this is your sister. Your little sister!”


“That boy was trying to make me give him my first kiss but I didn't want to.”


“There you see? It's not only wrong, she is also way too young for anything like this.” Michael's mind raced.


“It's not like I'm not interested in boys.” She continued.


“What?!” Michael's mind screamed.


“It's just, he isn't handsome or kind or any of the wonderful things that I imagine the person who I give my first kiss to being. You're the only boy that I know who is anything like that big brother.”


“Oh come on!” Michael laughed to himself and did a mental facepalm while just smiling to his sister as she was talking. “So, you said you came out here for a reason?” He asked, finally breaking his silence.


“Yes, that's right. I wanted to give you something to say thank you for saving me.” She said in the sweetest voice.


“Okay.” Michael said happily and outstretched his hand to receive whatever she wanted to give him. “Do I have to close my eyes first?” He teased her.


She took his hand and smiled at him. “Yes please, actually.” Michael was a little surprised because he had been joking but didn't really mind and closed his eyes wondering what she'd place in his hand.


All of a sudden there was a shift in his balance as Amber leaned right in against him. It all happened so fast. Something warm and soft and wet was pressed right against his lips. Michael almost jumped out of his skin in surprise and disbelief but knew exactly what had happened. He definitely didn't pull away from it as his sister kissed him on the lips.


The moment was perfect to Amber as she held her lips happily to the most perfect boy she knew. They were alone on a grassy hillside. He was so handsome with his rugged wavy hair. He had been there for her like a hero time and time again. And of all things it was a perfect sunset right at this moment. Michael didn't pull away or reject her token of affection she gave him which made her smile around the corners of their kissing lips. This felt dreamy to her, like a long fairytale kiss that held that moment forever.


Then what happened next came as more of a surprise to Amber than the kiss was to Michael. His lips parted open and then closed again kissing her much more passionately than she was expecting to receive. Her entire face immediately turned as red as a Charmeleon. “Oh, what?! My brother is…” Her mind raced by the second as she felt Michael's lips kiss her like that again and again. “...Michael is, making out with me?!” Her lips were instinctively following his nervously. Then suddenly Michael gave a slight moan of delight in kissing her and leaned forward more.


Amber just couldn't handle the nervousness she felt and with this kiss becoming far too real for her. She suddenly threw herself away from Michael onto the grass behind them. She just stared at him wide eyed unable to believe the situation she was in. “What did he just do?!” She screamed in her preadolescent mind. “What did I just do?!” She thought next. Michael just looked to her, his face a little surprised and waiting for her to say something. But her immaturity at the time had gotten the better of her and her flight reflex kicked in causing her to run from her brother even as he called after her.


-back to the present -


“What a silly girl I was.” Amber said aloud to herself as she thought back to how that moment between them ended. Suddenly she heard a loud meow from below her which brought her back to her senses as she looked around. “Huh, what?” She stammered before looking up right into the front of a tree. It was too late to react and there was a loud thud as Amber absentmindedly walked right into it. The tree shook from the impact causing several berries fall from the branches.“Oww.” Amber whined, finding herself sitting on the ground with her the whole front side of her feeling sore. “That was really stupid. Thanks for trying to save me Delcatty.” She said rubbing her face a little embarrassed with herself.  


“Oh my gosh, how did it get so late?” She exclaimed looking at the darkening sky. “Did I seriously just day dream away the entire day thinking about my broth-! I MEAN, just losing track of the day?!” She looked at Delcatty who seemed a little bushy around her leg fur from walking all day. Amber then realized her own legs were killing her. “Ok well I definitely think that is enough walking for one day. Let's pack it in for the night girl.” She called and laughed a bit as Delcatty just tipped herself over collapsing sideways on the ground exhausted. “Awww haha, you're so cute. Come here.” She said picking her Pokémon up in her arms and moving into the trees a bit so they weren't so directly on the trail.


Amber was an experienced adventurer by now well passed the normal skill of just being an Ace Trainer. She had her sleeping bag rolled out and a little fire with a meal cooking in no time at all. She pulled Delcatty close and they had a nice little dinner together. Amber even used some of the fallen berries in her cooking as a treat since she was responsible for forgetting about their lunch today. “Mmm that was good. How are you feeling Delcatty? Want to go to bed early tonight and get an extra head start in the morning?” Amber asked as she laid herself down in her sleeping bag. Delcatty started walking over to Amber but stopped when she heard something from the bushes a little further off. Amber had already dosed her fire to get ready for the night but she thought she saw what looked like a Poochyena walking up to them.


“Oh wow, I don't think I've ever seen one of those in this area before.” She whispered softly more to herself than anyone. But then she noticed Delcatty take a step closer while looking at the wild Pokémon and Amber noticed how her tail shifted a bit. “Oooh I see. Is that a handsome Poochyena that you see?” Amber asked smirking. Quickly and quietly Amber got back into her sleeping bag making herself as still as possible while watching Poochyena walk over to eat some leftover berries that were still on the ground. “Go ahead girl. Just because I said goodbye to my boy toy earlier today doesn't mean you can't have fun when opportunity comes by.” Delcatty smiled to Amber before hopping over to the canine in a few quick skips across the grass.


The Poochyena looked at her and growled a bit not wanting to share the berries it found. He relaxed a bit seeing she wasn't going anywhere near the food and seemed to be just more interested in him. He watched as she strutted back and forth before him a bit. She lowered her head and crawled onto her back submissively before him making the little Pooch step closer to her curiously. She wasn't another female Poochyena of course but he could still recognise the signs that she was displaying. As he came closer he sniffed her between her legs showing potential interest and Delcatty turned herself over onto her stomach to raise her hind end for him so he could mount her. Delcatty had closed her eyes excitedly and was lifting her tail for him but then became confused for a moment when she didn't feel his weight suddenly lump onto her back. She turned and looked around just as Poochyena bit her on her hind leg and then went scurrying off back into the bushes.


“Hey you little bastard!” Amber screamed immediately jumping out of her sleeping bag and yelling out at the direction he ran off to. “My Delcatty is 10 times as cute as any other stupid Poochyena would be!” She hollered in defense for her Pokémon’s dignity. Instantly she was a little embarrassed as she saw two boys on the path staring at her like she was crazy for yelling at night. Obviously they were just traveling the road late at night. “Oh I'm sorry.” Amber said to them. “I just had a wild Poochyena attack my Delcatty totally unprovoked.” She explained to try to curve her embarrassment a bit.


“Is your Pokémon ok? Do you need any help?” One of the boys asked politely.


Amber smiled at how neighborly other trainers could be. “Oh that's ok, thank you. I have a potion right here so she'll be ok. But you know, if you would like to do a girl a favor you could go find that Poochyena and kick it's ass for me with your own Pokémon. It shouldn't be hard to find because there aren't normally Poochyena around here.” She asked them in her sweetest, pretty please voice. The two boys looked to each other questioningly at the unusual request made of them. Amber saw this and clasped her hands together bowing to them but really she was just using an excuse to show them her cleavage. “Please? I'll give you both a kiss each?” She asked again. She smiled when without even giving a response they each pulled a pokeball off their belt and went running into the bushes in the direction she had been yelling.


A few minutes later Delcatty was laying curled up in Amber arms as she held her against her chest in her sleeping bag. “There, there girl. It'll be ok. I can already tell you feel much better now. And just think, any minute now that stupid Pooch will be getting the stuffing knocked out of it when it could have been having your sweet little love hole instead. Serves it right. Even if he was stupid enough to not be interested in you he didn't have to bite you before he left.” Amber sulked, still insulted on behalf of her Delcatty that she loved so very much. Delcatty looked up to Amber and licked her chin before giving a meow and turning in her arms. “Oh really girl. Still feeling left hanging by him huh?” Amber asked sympathetically and Delcatty nodded. Amber just smiled and said, “Ok girl.”


Delcatty crawled out of the sleeping bag but then laid down very close by on the ground before turning onto her back with her legs spread apart. “That pup really doesn't know what he missed out on hehe.” And with that Amber lowered her face into Delcatty’s crotch area and licked her Pokémon right on her little slit. Delcatty’s vagina was so small when compared to Amber but it was still big enough for the trainer to use her tongue to toy with it. The blonde moaned a bit finding her Pokémon’s slit to be wet and the juices tasting very sweet to her. “Who's my pretty girl?” Amber teased complementing Delcatty whose tail shifted in delight. “Such a sweet pretty girl. Mmmm.” She said humming a bit on Delcatty’s slit as she licked it more. Her Pokémon had started breathing harder really enjoying the oral stimulation it was receiving.


Then feline gave a loud cry of pleasure as Amber slid one of her well manicured fingers into Delcatty’s pussy. “Oh yeah, that's the spot huh girl?” She asked while gently pushing into and out of her Pokémon’s love hole. Delcatty was reeling in bliss meowing loudly in pleasure. “How's this feel girl?” She asked leaning down returning to licking Delcatty while her finger continued to slide in and out. Amber wasn't surprised when Delcatty’s response was clearly favorable. “This sure has become a lot easier since you evolved a few months back. Remember when we first started this?” Amber giggled as Delcatty was clearly too lost in the action to listen but Amber remembered as she lowered her mouth back down.


-A few years back-


A young Amber lay in her bed huffing and panting naked from the waist down with wet sticky fingers on right hand. “That feels SO good! I can't believe I went my whole life and never knew that I could do that until just last week.” She spoke out in her room. “Isn't that funny Skitty?” Amber smiled in the afterglow of her young adolescent masturbation. But then she paused for a moment and looked around her silent room. “Skitty?” She asked aloud in her room but still got no response. “Hey, where did you go?” Quickly she pulled on her shorts, not even bothering with underwear and rushed to wash her hands in the restroom.


Once she was finished she darted outside to look for her Pokémon. “SKITTY!” She called.


“Hey, cut that out!” Called an older boy's voice. “What are you yelling about?” Her brother asked her coming around the side of the house with a book on advanced Pokémon move techniques in his hand.


“It's Skitty! I can't find Skitty!” She said, her eyes starting to well up.


“Hey calm down.” Michael said. “Your Skitty is fine. She hopped out of your window and right into my lap as I was reading about half an hour ago.”


Relief washed over her as she smiled to her big brother. “Aww thank you. I was so worried.  Sooo umm, where is she?” She asked looking around behind Michael not seeing her Pokémon.


“Oh she fine. She just wandered off into the trees over there to explore a little.” He said reassuringly to his little sister with a big smile.


“WHHHAT?!” She screamed, her outburst being so loud and sudden that Michael was almost started into falling backwards. He couldn't help but notice a few neighbors looking over too. “Skitty ‘wandered off’ and you just let her go without watching out for her?!”


“Amber please, I am watching out for her. Really I am. You don't understand.” He said trying to calm her. Also he wanted her to stop yelling so the neighbors would stop staring.


“I don't want to hear it!” Her young voice cut him off being a bit bratty now. Michael just facepalmed himself in embarrassment hearing a couple of the older ladies laugh seeing that there was nothing wrong and the predicament the poor young lad was stuck in. “You weren't helping, you were reading! EEERRRRR! I need to go save Skitty!” She said before running off before her brother could explain.


“Amber, wait! Oh man.” He said full of teenaged angst and annoyance. “That girl is always making trouble for me.” He grumbled seeing her already darting into the treeline.


Amber climbed through the tall grass and the tree roots as she made her way deeper into the woods. She cupped her hands to her lips and whispered out, “Skitty!” She wanted her Pokémon to hear her voice but at the same time Amber didn't want to be attacked by a wild Pokémon for her yelling in the forest. Fortunately it didn't take her longer than a few minutes to actually find Skitty but when she did she had the surprise of her little life. “Oh there she is. Wait, oh my gosh!” She gasped. Her Skitty was laying on the ground with a frantic Furret behind it and at first Amber thought Furret was tackling Skitty or something but then she realized, “They're not fighting...”


She dropped to the ground behind a tree in embarrassment at what she just caught her Pokémon doing. Looking back again to be sure confirmed what she thought, the Furret was humping wildly into Skitty and her Pokémon seemed to be quite enjoying itself as this was happening. “Oh my gosh, Skitty!” Amber thought to herself. “Well. I suppose I shouldn't be upset. I was just pleasing myself a little awhile ago. I guess it's natural that Pokémon want that too. But oh my gosh,does Skitty know that Furret or did she just meet him? Wait, does that even matter for Pokémon?” She wondered turning her head to watch again. “Hmm well these are animals in nature I guess. Now that I think about it Skitty must be lucky. She doesn't have to do it by herself like I do. It really looks like she's enjoying it. Oh wait, are they finishing?”


Amber watched as eventually the two Pokémon separated from each other and appeared to go their own directions. While Skitty was clearly headed back towards the house the Furret seemed to be headed right in her direction. It seemed quite startled and a bit upset when it saw her suddenly. “Oh my, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to sit here and watch you. I mean I didn't watch, I didn't see anything really. I mean, I did but… Look, I'm really sorry.” She said backing away from it as it got madder and madder. Then she noticed Skitty see her. It looked at her confused as to why she was there. Skitty tried rushing over but she wasn't close enough and Amber screamed as the Furret lounged forward to tackle her.


Just then the Furret was repelled back by a Bullet Seed that came out of nowhere. It growled angrily but couldn't see the Pokémon that had attacked it. “W-what?” Amber asked questioningly. “Could it be? The wild Pokémon that protects me?” She asked herself softly. Then as Furret looked around suddenly a green blur swept through the treeline slamming a Quick Attack right into the little rodent before disappearing into the trees again. Being extra angry now the Furret just fled off into the bushes leaving Amber standing there alone. Just then Skitty arrived and Amber turned to her, “Did you see it Skitty?” It was that mysterious Pokémon again. The one that shows up sometimes when you're struggling in battle or if I get attacked by a Pokémon before I can call you out of your pokeball.


Skitty just looked up to her but then gave a bit of an embarrassed cry. “Oh Skitty, are you ok?” Her little Pokémon just bashfully looked down. “Skitty, you don't have to feel bad about what I saw you doing.” She said sweetly. “What you were doing was perfectly normal, there is nothing wrong with it. We'll I don't know how common it is for a Skitty to mate with a Furret, I thought you'd only be interested in other Skitty but if you're into other species than I'm fine with it. And it definitely isn't something that you have to hide from me. Ok?” Amber didn't know how long Skitty had been sneaking out on her escapades for but after that day Amber sure made a habit of watching.


From that day on, every so often Skitty would get anxious and want to go into the woods. Amber would just smile and give her Pokémon a head start before she quickly followed along behind her. Amber was impressed with Skitty’s ability to seduce all kinds of male Pokémon and with each one Amber masturbated herself from getting turned on watching Skitty get her own pleasure. Amber watched from behind trees or over ledges as her Skitty got itself mounted by all kinds of things. Furret, Sentret, Rattata, Bidoof, even a wild Bulbasaur once. Of course when they were finished Amber jumped out and tried to catch it but the Bulbasaur got mad. It wrapped Vine Whip around Skitty and tried to run away with her into the forest until she fought it off. Amber learned from that mistake and promised Skitty to never try to catch a Pokémon she had just mated with unless they wanted to join them.


-Back again to the present-


Delcatty was giving loud pleasured moans from Amber’s tongue and finger as she starting to kick her legs a bit approaching her building climax. Amber gave a loud buzzing moan into Delcatty’s pussy to stimulate her further as she gently held her Pokémon’s legs apart with her free hand. Amber loved being able to please her partner herself when there wasn't another Pokémon around to do it for her. It felt like it strengthened their bond and trust for one another. “Mmmm that's it girl.” Amber’s muffled voice said as she finally felt Delcatty shake and a warm dripping ran across Amber's licking tongue as she continued finger Delcatty through her orgasm. “You're so sweet tonight after having those berries with dinner. I hope I helped you feel better this evening. Take a well deserved rest for the night. Good night girl.” Amber said affectionately as her  Pokémon lay there panting with satisfied eyes glazed over in pleasure. In a moment Delcatty disappeared into a beam of red light as Amber recalled her to her pokeball. Then she laid back in her sleeping bag with her eyes closed and a horny smile on her face feeling proud of herself.


“What a fucking slut you are!” An aggressive voice spoke out loudly coming from directly above her.


Amber screamed in fright with her eyes shooting open as her heart raced feeling completely startled by the voice. She looked up seeing two boys standing on both sides of her sleeping bag and staring down right at her. Normally she wouldn't have reacted like this but they had taken her completely by surprise. “What?! Who are you?!” She shrieked terrified thinking she was about to be attacked or robbed.


“Whoa, whoa, calm down. You asked us for help, remember?” Asked the other boy who wasn't the one who made the outburst which had frightened her. “You know, with the Poochyena. We found it.” He said, smiling at her.


She just looked up at them blankly for a moment until she realized what had lead up to this in the first place. “Oh, right. I'm sorry, I actually forgot about you boys.” She said and could tell from their reaction that they didn't particularly expect that to her be next choice of words. Quickly she rose both her hands in peace and said, “So, did you teach that mutt a lesson?” She said hopefully, just a twinge of that desire for revenge present in her voice.


They both smiled triumphantly raising their fists. “Oh yeah. We knocked it out cold with our Pokémon.” They said but Amber wasn't really paying attention. From her vantage point looking up to them from the floor she couldn't help but notice that they both had a slight bulge in their shorts. She knew they caught her licking Delcatty red handed but she wondered how long they had been watching for. Also she noticed their eyes were obviously looking her up and down. Nice boy #2 had taken notice that her shirt got pulled down exposing a lot of cleavage and not quite but almost was exposing one of her nipples. Startling boy #1 was looking at her face she thought and followed his gaze with her hand which brought it to her lips. Feeling a wetness there she became horribly embarrassed realizing she was talking to them with Delcatty’s cum smeared on the side of her lips and cheek. She blushed scarlet and whipped the cum with a finger into her mouth and boy #1 just grinned.

“Thank you for that. And now I suppose you're back because you want that kiss I promised each of you?” She said trying to sound willing as opposed to how hopeful her question had actually been after them catching her being a Pokephiliac.


Her smile fell as they laughed and boy #1 said, “Oh you're going to kiss us alright, you little Pokémon slut.” He had hardly finished speaking before both of the boys reached down and literally pulled Amber out her sleeping bag. Instantly boy #2 pushed his lips eagerly right against hers and she gave a little gasp as boy #1 reach around her from behind and grabbed her breasts through her shirt. Despite their forwardness though she didn't resist and willingly opened her lips apart letting the tongue of the boy in front of her dance around in her mouth. It felt like less than mere minute to Amber before the two boys were dragging her panties down her ankles and she felt the cold night air hit her wet pussy.


Amber gasped as the pushy boys had their way with the horny girl. Her lack of resisting them urged them on to desire her more and more. She moaned as she was manhandled by two horny teenagers and moaned softly when one of them rather suddenly thrust their dick into her pussy without warning. She laid their allowing herself to be thrusted into while she had the other impatiently shoving himself into her mouth while he waited his turn. They switched places before either of them came causing her to have to suck her own slick juices off of the first boy who fucked her.


Amber didn't know how long this went on for that night as they took full advantage of her willingness to let them ravish her. “Hey, please? Aren't you guys tired yet?” She asked panting for breath after several orgasms but their only response was to snicker as one boy stayed inside her and the other took his cock out of her mouth and slid down behind the naked girl. “What are you doing? Oh my gosh, are you going to double team me? Aaahhhhh!” She screamed feeling a cock slide right up her ass while another was already in her vagina. The boys used her shoulders and around her ribs like handlebars as they held onto her and pistoned their hips back and forth. Amber had never been double penetrated in both ends at the same time before. “You're stretching me apart!” She yelled as they drilled her in and out and she started to have a screaming orgasm from over stimulation. “Please cum! How can you both last so long?! I can't take anymore!” She whimpered through their ravishing.


Mercy for Amber was not quick to arrive for her that night however as the boys occasionally slowed their pace to steady themselves and keep going as long as they could. Despite her exhaustion Amber remained a willing participant though never feeling forced by the boys and very much enjoying the new experience. However, with a girl as pretty as she was allowing the boys to enjoy her body to this degree their lust for her overwhelmed Amber's physical  endurance. She had already been exhausted from accidentally walking all day without rest and now keeping up with the two of these boys proved to be more than she could handle. The little blonde they held in their arms eventually had her eyes roll back as her lithe body started to fall limp in their embrace. Sweat ran from her every pore as she passed out, now bobbing lifeless in their arms like a literal fuck doll for them to use. Encouraged by her last words begging them to finish they kept fucking her as she slipped into a deep exhausted sleep and her mind filled with sexual memories of the past inspired by the sensations her sleeping brain continued to feel from her body.


-Back to Several Years Ago -


“I can't believe I'm kissing him! Michaels lips taste so good!” Her young mind raced in a panic of delight. There she was in the most romantic scene she had ever been a part of in her life. The sunset was beautiful. There had been just enough trouble in the day to create some tension that needed relief between them. He was so handsome and he had totally just defended her like a White Knight and in Amber's naive opinion heroes who save the damsel in distress deserved to be rewarded. “I'm giving my first kiss to my own brother and it feels wonderful. His lips are so soft! This doesn't feel wrong or guilty at all and he is letting me kiss him for so long. It's perfect!” She giggled in her mind but struggled to control her facial muscles so she didn't break the kiss.


“Oh no, he's moving! What if he's pulling away?! I know, I'll lean in more and maybe he'll understand I don't want this moment to end yet!” Her young adolescent mind raced at a mile a minute with each microfraction of movement between them. Michaels smooth lips opened against Amber's and then closed gently pinning one of her lips between his. “Wait he isn't pulling away.” She thought to herself. After feeling Amber move closer Michael open mouth kissed her again. “He's… still kissing me. He is… is he sucking on my lips in between kisses?” She naively realized. “Well it's nice. I'm not sure what is going on. Am I supposed to move my lips with his? Oh well, that doesn't feel too bad at all.” She thought as her eyebrows raised enjoying being kissed like this but she kept her actual eyelids closed.


Michael was enjoying this greatly. He had always found Amber to be an attractive girl. He loved his sister not because of any nefarious reasons but he did adore her personally in a way that he always felt he shouldn't have. But now that had changed. He was kissing her and she was kissing him back. There was nothing about this that felt wrong anymore. He couldn't believe that Amber was not just allowing him to be passionate with her but was returning his affections. “Does she… have romantic feelings for me like I do about her?” He wondered. But now wasn't the time to stop to question. He didn't want this to stop at all for anything. “Her lips are so tender and they're a little wet. Gosh, her mouth tastes sweeter than Oran Berries. I've never had anything more delicious than my sisters lips. I could kiss these forever.” His mind continued to swim as he lost himself in kissing Amber.


Amber however was then taken by surprise when Michael gently put his arms around her and pulled her in tight. “Oh my gosh, this is nice but WHAT IS HE DOING?!” Her eyes popped open now in surprise as they continued to kiss each other. “He is making me nervous! He's holding me! He's kissing me so weird. Why is he… OH MY GOSH THIS ISN'T JUST A KISS!” Her screamed in realization. “Michael is trying to make out with me! WHY is he trying to kiss me like a girlfriend?! Does he want to stick his tongue in my mouth? Wait, why did I even think about that?! Why would Michael want to kiss me like I'm his girlfriend?! Does Michael like me, like me?! If so, for how long and why?! Wait, that shouldn't even matter. I'm his sister! Why would he even kiss me like this in the first….” Amber stopped in mid thought as she realized that she herself was also sitting there, in Michael's arms, mouth wide open sucking in his hot breath as they kissed each other, passionately, forward and back. “WHAT AM I DOING?!”


Amber wasted no more time in pulling her lips away from her brothers and throwing herself backwards on the grass out of his reach. He had been trying to hold her sensually, not forcefully so she had no trouble with slipping out of his hands before he realized what was happening. When she looked back up they both just stared at each other with shocked expressions on their faces. Amber couldn't wrap her head as around how many questions her teenaged mind was brewing about her brother. He looked like he was surprised the kiss had stopped and was staring at her expectantly waiting for her to say something.


“What the hell?!” Amber screamed in her head but she just sat there as motionless as he was. “I know I started it but why did he kiss me like that?! Why did he try to hold me like that?! What is it he wanted from me?! What might he still want from me?! Does my brother really have a crush on me?! Do I like him back?! AHHH NO, don't think like that! He needs to say something! I deserve answers from him right now!” She had been spastically running through these thoughts in her head while staring at him with a heavily blushing face.


Eventually Michael made the first attempt to break the silence but unfortunately it was in vain. “AHHH! He's about to say something! This is too weird, I'm not ready!” The teenaged girl screamed in her dramatic adolescent mind and before sound could leave Michael's lips she was up on her feet and then sprinting as fast as she could away from him.


“Amb- H-hey! Wait!” Michael yelled after her seeing her run off into the woods. “What was that? Where are you going?!” He called with a little bit of loss in his voice as he looked at her back while she ran. “Silly girl.” He said to himself before lifting himself to his feet.


Meanwhile now deep in the woods Amber stood there hunched over resting her hands on her knees while she panted to catch her breath from running so far. “WHAT THE HELL?!” She screamed out loud finally now that she was alone. “AAHHHHH! Why did I run away?!” She yelled at herself. “Why am I so stupid?! Why did I think my own brother would be a good choice for my first kiss?! Well, to be honest he was a great choice. I can't think of anyone in the whole town who would make a better choice. He was such a good kisser ooohhhh. I still have chills from his lips.” She said aloud, reminiscing. “But why did he kiss me back?!” She screamed again, these emotions being a bit too big for her to be ready to handle at this stage of her life.


Putting her foot down in mild frustration she began marching forward into the wood not really knowing what good it would do to walk around but it felt better than just standing still. “I wonder where Skitty is? She wasn't at home when I left to find Michael. Did she come out to the woods for some fun?” She wondered as she began searching around. “Oooh Michael made me so mad. You know  what, I hope I do find Skitty out here. I could do with burning off some frustrations.” A surge of teenaged hormones had gathered between her legs as tends to happen from most things with young teens.


On this evening though Amber had time for her rushing hormones to grow and boil over in her mind as she did not find Skitty after wandering around the wood for over 20 minutes. By now her young loins were a frothing mess of virgin desire aching for release and she was about to strip down and masturbate on her own before she finally thought she heard something from just a few trees away. As she got closer she smiled excitedly while listening to the noise. “That's definitely Skitty’s sex noise. And from how loud and rapid she's sounding something must really be giving it to her good.” She thought. Amber had been horny before but hearing this now made her clit swell in her shorts. She could hardly walk from being so turned on that she almost came just from the anticipation.


She peeked around a corner and saw Skitty bent over. Quickly Amber leaned back and pulled her clothes off in advance before getting settled into a closer position. She learned on previous occasions that stripping can be time consuming and nosing so she got into the habit of removing her clothes before she got too close. “There, totally naked this time. I want to really enjoy this.” She said before sneaking around the trees to lay down where she could watch Skitty being hammered into. As she leaned back and spread her legs to start touching herself she was shocked as she realized what it was that had her Pokémon bent over in carnal passion.


A Pokémon stood on two legs behind Skitty holding her hips with hits toned arms. Green leafy skin and a little muscular body flexed as it thrust its cock into her little pink Pokémon under it. Skitty cried out lost in lust because she was really being hammered much harder than the local rodent Pokémon were capable of. “Is that a Treecko?” Amber said in amazement as her hand went right to her open pussy. She didn't know whether to be more amazed by the Treecko or her Skitty. Even Amber thought the grass Pokémon looked sexy. His little body was amazing. He was so well toned and must have been a very high level already.  She almost even envied her Skitty for the first time taking that shaft in and out.


Amber couldn't help but trying to finger fuck her slit instead of just rubbing her clit to an orgasm. Skitty was turning Amber on more than ever before. Treecko was actually shaking Skitty while he was fucking her and the feline was almost screaming from it. If Amber didn't see the big goofy smile on Skitty’s face she would have thought Treecko was killing her. She had never seen Skitty like this before. Amber wanted to know how good it felt for Skitty too but being a virgin she could only touch so far inside herself before it hurt so she had never pressed her luck before. Despite the fact that she couldn't feel it Amber sure enjoyed looking at Treecko’s dick as it slid back and forth. It was the largest one she had seen yet. It still wasn't much more than a finger thick to her but it must have been long because she never saw the end of it as he slammed Skitty’s hips again and again.


Then suddenly as she was looking at Treecko she had a realization. “Is this my silent protector? Is Treecko the mysterious Pokémon that keeps protecting Skitty and I whenever we are in danger?” The fanciful young girl wondered staring at the grass Pokémon with adoring eyes. Amber was surprised when Treecko turned his face right towards her direction and winked at her. “Oh gosh, he spotted me. Did he hear me? He doesn't seem upset.” Treecko just kept staring at her while humping Skitty so Amber thought it safe to go ahead and just come out of hiding. The naked girl walked up to a few feet from them and laid back down with her legs open to keep playing with herself while watching.


“Are you my secret Pokémon hero Treecko?” She asked him sweetly as she rubbed her clit still watching his prick sliding in and out of Skitty. He nodded to the blonde. “Well then thank you for all of your help. It seems like you've always been looking after us. I'm glad that at least Skitty can return the favor for you. It looks like she is enjoying herself so much.” Looking down at her Pokémon Amber realized Skitty looked exhausted. Her pink and white fur was matted with sweat. Her movements were sluggish even though she energetically cried out in bliss. Her pussy sounded so wet being plugged by Treecko as it was. Then much to the teenagers dismay, Amber suddenly got an image in her mind of her being the one bent over and sweaty like that with Michael being the one behind her ramming her pussy for all it was worth.


“Ohhhh UUHH!” She screamed out initially disgusted by the thought but then taken totally by surprise when it gave the one of the hardest orgasms of her life. Being too blinded by sensation to care she pushed her morality aside for the sake of this fantasy and rubbed her clit while she climaxed. “Oooh huhh yesss! Fuck me!” She yelled envisioning Michael's body pumping above her own. She imagined his sweaty hair bobbing as he pounded her. “Fuck me, fuck me! Please, I want it!” She called out with her eyes closed in total bliss imagining giving not just her first kiss but all of her first times to Michael. “Yes! I want you to take my virginity and fuck me! Please fuck me brains out!” She cried as she reached the crescendo of her orgasm.


After that she collapsed onto the dirt and the leaves of the ground panting for breath and having a smile on her face. “Oh Michael…” She thought dreamily. “What did you put in my mind with that kiss? Hehe. I've never thought if you like that before.” She took a deep breath feeling peaceful. But then she realized it was sounding too peaceful around her. “Uh, why can't I hear Skitty still having sex?” She wondered. Slowly she lifted her head and saw Skitty laying totally sprawled out on the ground. Amber couldn't even tell if Skitty were awake or not but she wasn't moving. “Wait, where is Treecko?” Amber asked seeing an absence of a strong grass Pokémon sinking his dick into her Skitty.


Amber jumped as all of a sudden there was a bright light shining from right between her own open legs. At first she was startled not knowing how she missed something standing so close to her but looking at it now she realized the shimmering mass was definitely a Pokémon that seemed to get bigger and bigger until it was leaning over her. “Grovyle!” It suddenly shouted as the shiny white gleam disappeared revealing a hardened leaf green form. Amber's eyes spread wide as she looked the creature over. She had never seen a Pokémon this advanced before and she was stunned by it. This was no longer a small happy little Treecko. Grovyle looked tall and seemed to now be about as big as she was.


He had a smooth but sturdy looking belly while the rest of his green scaled body almost looked like slick armor that bent elegantly with his every movement. He had a long leaf sprouted from the top of his head which made him look handsome. Again she had a sudden flash of her brother standing there instead of this Pokemon. The longleaf being Michael's dangling curls, Grovyle’s impressive frame being Michael's broad shoulders and toned abs. Amber's sudden daydream fantasy held onto her mind when she imagined what her own brothers penis might look like for the first time in her life. She imagined it hard and dangling between his legs as he brought it closer to her. Then Michael would reach out and push her thigh out of the way as he stepped closer holding her leg with one wet, clammy, long fingered hand.


“Huh?!” Amber was suddenly brought back to reality by the awkward touch realizing it wasn't her brother gently and romantically taking her to cloud nine. Shock filled her stunned little face as realization began to set in. “Grovyle is standing between my legs? Oh no, when I was shouting out thinking of Michael Treecko must have thought I was asking for HIM to fuck me!” With Skitty now completely spent Grovyle leaned over the young girl who made more of an appealing partner now to satisfy his agitated lust. “Did Treecko evolve to Grovyle just so that it could more easily have sex with me?” She thought nervously but still blushing and feeling a little flattered.


“Wait!” She suddenly screamed as Grovyle lined his cock up with her young slit and started to push into her. It stopped and looked to her when she called out. “Oh my gosh, you can't be serious!” She gasped looking at it now for what it was. This was the first good look she had at the phallus and it really had been the biggest she had ever seen at this point in her life. No longer was this a pinkie finger thick little rod. Her small pussy was still young and budding. Her mound was puffy with her slit having very small lips around the entry hole to her virgin love canal. However Grovyle’s tip now dwarfed her hole almost filling her puffy mound between her slit with an erection about two of her fingers thick. His length was impressive looking to be about 5 inches long which to this teenager seemed huge.


Grovyle was proud to be admired by the young girl but he had already been amped up and ready to go. He gave a shove with his hips which made Amber jump and he made a soft growl to encourage her on. “Oh I'm sorry.” She said realizing she was teasing him unfairly and this was her fault anyway. “Well, you've been more than kind to me. You're not Michael but you're still another kind of hero to me, my Pokéhero. And I don't think I've ever been so wet down there before so that should help. I guess that means I'm ready.” She said willingly but her voice cracking with nervousness. “Ok then Grovyle, you can have my first time.”


The Pokémon grinned happily and was going to start pushing again but he paused for a minute. He leaned down and taking Amber quite by surprise kissing her right on the lips. Amber giggled and almost rolled her eyes, “Geez, just every boy everywhere wants to kiss me today.” She thought to herself but she didn't pull away this time and allowed Grovyle to kiss her feeling that with her already laying naked with his erection pressed against her vagina was a bit too late to shy away from a kiss. Pulling back now Grovyle was pleased to see that the kiss had greatly subsided the girls nervousness and then reached down holding her hips to return to the task at hand. His eyes closed and his mouth opened as he tilted his head back in bliss. She was so tight and warm inside as he started to push into her.


Amber gasped as she felt was it was like to be penetrated for the first time. His girth pulled at her muscles down there making them feel greatly stretched apart. What had hurt before when she touched herself was now dulled a bit with her mind recognising that this was the real deal and she was offering herself to being penetrated. Grovyle looked down feeling resistance on his tip. He rubbed her around a bit inside to coat her in his precum as he made sure he had a good angle. Then he held her tightly and gave a firm steady push with his hips which he did not relent from. Amber's eyes slowly bulged as she felt him sink forward. Her insides felt like they were being stretched until suddenly there was a splitting release in her tightness. She felt his length fill out her entire vagina in a single stroke. “Ow-OWWW!” Amber screamed in pain tightening her legs around him as her hymen ripped apart.


She hadn't expected losing her virginity to hurt so badly and mere seconds later she gave a follow up scream feeling her vaginal muscles stretched apart when they had never been touched before this moment. “AHHHH! It's too much! I can't take it!” She screamed holding onto Grovyle. But he kept her still in his arms not allowing his erection to move from inside her. She panicked for a minute but after an additional moment or two she seemed to settle down from the initial pain of having her hymen torn.


As soon as she seemed to have calmed Grovyle pulled his cock back making a loud throaty gasp escape from the girl's lips. The grass Pokémon was extra excited from how good this girl was feeling and was in a rather impatient mood now to have his own satisfaction. As soon as his length was pulled back to just the tip he rushed in shoving it right back in. Amber screamed again but this time not from pain. She continued to gasp with each thrust as Grovyle got into a rhythm wanting to try out his newly evolved cock.


“AAHHH!” GIIAHH!” OOHH, MMYYY, UUHHH!” Amber felt like she was being punched in her stomach. She was inexperienced and Grovyle was being rather rough just as he had been when he was a Treecko fucking her Skitty to the point that Skitty was being shaken back and forth. She had never imagined it would feel like this. She could hardly understand at first how the inside her could be pushed open like this and for her to still be ok. But as Grovyle started to pick up the pace slamming into her even faster she couldn't help but to be delighted. “This!... Feels!... So!... Fucking!... Good!” She groaned pushing her hips back into Grovyle now. “This!... So!... Amazing!... Never, thought… it would feel… like this!” As this went on Amber noticed movement out of the corner of her half open eye.


Skitty was just waking up and seemed a little surprised to see her trainer naked and having sex with a Pokémon. Even more so when Skitty looked closely recognising that it was the same Pokémon who had just been fucking her but had evolved while she was sleeping. Amber wanted to say hi and acknowledge Skitty but she just couldn't focus as it was difficult to even think. But as she caught eyes with Skitty she smiled knowing she didn't have to. “This is just how you felt when I walked up and saw you with Treecko, isn't it girl?” Amber thought to herself. “I'm seeing in from your point of view now. Oh Skitty, this feels so good. Is this Pokémon going to wear me out too like he did to you?” She wondered as she watched Skitty just lay down and watch her trainer enjoy herself.


Amber's pussy was beginning to feel a bit sore and throbbing from the attention. “I think…” She gasped out. Grovyle suddenly started fucking her much harder making her grunt repeatedly from every shove into her. “Uaghh! I, I think, uh, uh, I think I'm gonna, uh, uh!” Suddenly Grovyle grabbed Amber around her ass and lifted her hips up off the ground. Then without warning her started fucking her at lightening speed back and forth. Amber's eyes popped open and her mouth gaped apart in a soundless scream. Grovyle was hitting something inside her and she didn't know what. But it made her insides feel like a bunch of rubber bands that were all snapping at once.


Very quickly it became more than she could take and she found her voice letting out a deafening scream through the woods as her legs began to quiver. Amber shook from head to toe as she had her first deep vaginal orgasm instead of just playing with her clit. Muscles she didn't even know she had flexed and tightened bringing Grovyle over the edge as well making him flood her insides with his warm sticky cum until it leaked out around the sides of her pussy. “Auh! He's cumming in me!” She gasped. “He's cumming in me while I'm still cumming too. It feels sooo good!” She whimpered in ecstasy. “There's so much cum!” She moaned as Grovyle laid Amber's naked body back down on the ground. She was delirious from having been pleasured so hard on her very first time. It was a pleasure that she would find herself addicted to for years to come.


-Years later back to the present -


“There's so much cum… there's so much cum.” The naked blonde girl mumbled in her sleep. Leaning over her a bundle of yellow and purple fur was frantically licking at her face trying to wake her up. “Mm-mm mnngm wh-ut?” Amber mumbled groggily starting to wake up. Opening her eyes she saw a fuzzy little face staring right down at hers which suddenly screamed a loud meow down at her trying still to wake her up. “AHHHH!” Amber screamed in surprise and fright making Delcatty jump back surprised as well. Amber sat up but then instantly regretted it. She doubled over holding her sides and abs which were so sore that they burned from any movement she made.


“Oowwwie! Okay, who hit me with a Tauros?” She groaned to herself as she rubbed her lower abs. It was then that she took notice of her surroundings. The air was warm, the sun was in the sky and Delcatty had apparently opened herself out of her own pokeball to check on her trainer. “What?! It's morning?!” Amber yelled looking around. That's when she was laying on the grass almost out in the open off the road stark naked with everything on display for anyone who walked by. Quickly she grabbed her clothes and threw all her belongings onto her sleeping before dragging it all further away from the road behind some bushes and out of sight.


Delcatty crawled up to her affectionately and used her mouth to bite away a little twig which was stuck to Amber's sweaty skin. Then she tried brushing dirt off Amber's well fucked body with her paws and tail. “Aww it's ok, Delcatty. I'm alright, see?” She said petting her Pokémon reassuringly. “Remember those two ‘good samaritans’ from last night? Well they showed back up again just as you and I were finishing up again last night. Let's just say that after seeing me licking you they wanted more than just a kiss. But don't worry, they didn't do anything that I didn't like. Phew, they sure wore me out though.” She said with an exhausted smile.


But Delcatty wasn't convinced and meowed at her loudly trying to paw between Amber's legs. “What is it? What wrong girl? There's nothing-” She was saying as she reached down between her legs to feel herself with her hand. She suddenly froze as she felt a slick, slimy, clump of goo stuck to where her neat and clean pussy should be. “What the..?” Amber muttered bringing her fingers up and then quickly looking down. She realized her pussy was entirely dripping with cum. It was leaking out of her slit and seemed to have run down her groin as she slept. Reaching lowered her eyes spread wide as she found a second mess of cum leaking from her anus which was still a bit swollen from the intense fucking it had received. “Eewww, ew, ew, ew! YOU SMALL PRICKED BASTARDS!” She shouted at no one in particular knowing they had likely left her like this hours ago.


“It's so gross having cum in my ass.” She whined. “I don't have a shower, this is going to take forever, I surely don't want to walk the rest of the way home like this.” She dropped her head into one hand. She didn't regret having fun with the boys. It had felt fantastic. But she wished she had asked them to cum in the grass or at least in her mouth. However, just then a solution presented itself in an unexpected form. Delcatty had still been standing there between Amber's spread legs and was now sniffing Amber's cummy slit while her trainer sat there in her frustrations. Without waiting for a response from her trainer the little feline just reached forward with her tongue and lapped up a large glob of semen that was mixed with Amber's own cum.


Needless to say the blonde girl was rather startled and looked down as Delcatty quickly gave a second followed by third lick right up in between the folds of her pussy. “Uuhh Delcatty… whu- what are you… doing?” Amber moaned in surprise to her Pokémon’s tongue feeling incredible on her sensitive opening. Delcatty simply began licking the cream and spunk off the insides of Amber's thighs and slit even faster. Delcatty acted like a dog eating as fast as it could as if someone would try to take its treat away from it at any moment. However when Delcatty put one paw up on Amber's hip to steady herself and then started dipping her tongue down into Amber's pink little fuck hole the blond just lazily collapsed on her back having absolutely no intention of stopping her Pokémon. “Uuh, oh, Delcatty, your tongue, it feels so good, uuhhh, how are you licking inside? Ohhhh yes please!”


Amber felt like her eyes were swimming. She still had a surge of euphoria from having such intense sex last night but now Delcatty’s little mouth was bringing it all back. She couldn't believe after how many times during their adventure she had licked Delcatty’s pussy that she had never thought to have Delcatty lick her back. “Oh holy shit Delcatty!” Amber suddenly screamed in surprise as with no warning her feline friend pulled her tongue out of the girls pussy and started lapping up the cum right around her asshole. “Delcatty are you sure?” Amber questioned but the flicking little tongue did not stop so she relented and lifted both of her legs to give Delcatty better access to her hind end. Delcatty was eagerly plunging her happy tongue to the trainers little star hole.


“Arceus… Mew… Giratina, why does that feel so amazing!” Amber swore as she started seeing stars from pleasure while being rimmed by her own Pokémon partner. “Uuuuoooohhh, Delcatty! That feels amazing! Uuh, Delcatty, Hey, Delcatty sweetie, you're gonna make me cum! Aaahhhhh, Delcatty I'm having an orgasm from you licking my ass!” She panted as sensitivity plus pleasure overwhelmed her young body. To Amber's surprise she felt an animalistic pounce between her legs as Delcatty’s lips darted from Amber's asshole to her pussy. It was so fast as if the feline were leaping to catch a mouse to eat but in this case Delcatty caught Amber's orgasm just as she juiced herself with climax. The yellow purple Pokémon lapped up every drop of the twitching blondes cream.


Amber laid there on her back completely naked under the morning sun with the biggest cheesy grin on her face. After a moment she felt her Pokémon snuggle up under her arm affectionately and she held Delcatty close to her. “Hehe, Ohhhh that felt so good girl. Thank you for that. You have me giggling from how wonderful that felt. You must have really liked the taste of licking all that cum off of me.” She said smiling down at her partner. As she hugged Delcatty the feline gave a little burp from the heavy meal the feline just lapped up. “Oh excuse you hehe.” This time Amber reached down and felt herself with her fingers all along her slit and even her asshole. She felt as smooth and clean down there as right after a shower, Delcatty hadn't missed a drop.


Looking at her Pokémon, Delcatty laid in her arms with her eyes closed with the sweetest expression of contentment of her face. “Awww I guess you really did enjoy that. Well, I guess I don't have any reason to complain about a boy cumming in me anymore do I? Not when I have the world's cutest little cum cleaner on my side. Get some rest girl.” She said sending Delcatty back into her pokeball. Amber stood up and stretched. She felt great after that but as she heard footsteps coming down the path she quickly hid back down behind the bushes giggling as she remembered she was still naked. She got dressed and gathered her belongings back up. She still had a while to go but knew she could reach home by this afternoon if she tried.


-Later that Day-


It was late in the afternoon but the sun was still relatively high in the bright blue sky. The tired girl smiled at the familiar sight of home after her long journey of competing all over the region. “Finally. I'm back.”


“Oh my gosh! Amber!” Called another girl's voice. Looking over a bit surprised, there was another girl just a little younger than Amber with long bushy black hair and a pale face glimmered with a few fair colored freckles across her nose and cheeks. She wore tight fitting sporty clothes over her toned figure. “Is that really you? You're home?!” The raven haired teenager said with excitement coming up to hug the blonde.


“Marceline, hi!” Amber greeted her with an earnest hug. “It's great to see you! It's been so long! What are you doing here in town? I would have thought you'd be out adventuring by now. You've had your Pokémon for at least a year now right?”


Marceline smiled and replied nonchalantly, “Oh yeah, don't worry everything is fine. I started my Pokémon journey awhile back ago but I just make frequent trips back here as I go. I managed to get 4 badges already but this is my second time coming home just like I did after I got my first two badges. I'm in no hurry really to finish my first run of the region and I don't like feeling that I'm not still living here anymore. Camping out and staying in hotels is fun for awhile but I try to avoid the feeling of that just being how I live now.”


Amber tilted her head thoughtfully. “Huh. Yeah I guess I can see what you mean. I was always in such a state of excitement traveling around and seeing new places that I couldn't wait to earn all my badges and compete in the local league fast enough. I never looked at it that way before. Well at least I'm home now.” She said with a smile. “Have you seen my folks? How are things around here?”


Marceline laughed lifting her bushy hair back. “Oh things are great. Your parents should be at home, you should go see them. There might be some other people our age around but not many. Most of the other kids we grew up with are still out in the region having their journey. Other than weirdos like me who come home all the time you are the first one of us to make it back home.”


“Oh, I see.” Amber said, looking down for a moment in contemplation.


Marceline looked at Amber in surprise seeing her childhood friend lose herself in thought for a moment. “Yeah so as I was saying, it's really great that I came home when I did. I got to lose my virginity to Michael and everything has been fantastic since then.”


“Yeah… that sounds like it would be fantas-Hey, Wait, WHAT?!” Amber screamed in surprise realizing what her friend just said.


“Hahahaha!” Marceline burst into laughed at seeing Amber's surprise and she then continued to laugh even harder as she spoke, seeing how mad her friend got. “Haha, don't worry! I'm kidding!  Hehe, you spaced out on me there. That wasn't very polite you know so I just had to pull one over on you. Don't worry if never betray our friendship like that.” She said with an earnest smile that Amber trusted and the blond settled down. “Besides, I don't need a boy in my life. I have… other interests in satisfying myself.” She said with a wink.


“Ooh, how mysterious. What a tease haha. Do tell.” Amber chimed back playfully.


“Nope!” Marceline said giggling as she decided to apparently keep this secret to herself for now. “Besides, you have family you need to go see. Go tell your parents you are back in town and tell them all about your adventure. You and I can catch up later.” She urged as she grabbed Amber by the shoulders and started leading her friend in the direction of her house.


“Alright, alright! I'm going!” Amber laughed trying to push her friends hands off her.


“Oh, and if you do find him wherever he wandered off to around here make sure to say hi to your brother too.”


Suddenly Amber stopped in her tracks and looked back to Marceline. “Wait, Michael is actually here? He's home?” She asked shocked.


“Oh yeah, I was kidding about sleeping with him but he did get back in town also just a few days ago and if you don't mind me saying so, boy did he grow up!”


“Grow up?” Amber asked confused.


“Oh yeah, you might not even recognise him the way he is now. He's still bit of a loner though but he's definitely matured from being that hot head who got into fights all the time. He's all sophisticated now.” She said but noticed a slight flush to Amber's cheeks. “Hey you know, when I was teasing you about Michael I thought I heard you almost agree that what I was saying would be a good idea. You don't… have a thing for your own brother, do you?”


Amber jumped up straight to defend herself against what she knew to be very much the truth. “Listen Marly, I lost my virginity a long time ago and it wasn't to my brother.” She said trying to sound proud.


“Oh my.” Marceline said with surprise. But a moment later her lips curled in the corners like a cat who caught the canary. “But that isn't what I asked you though. You didn't actually answer my question.” She said like a detective solving a mystery and putting the pieces together.


“Oh will you shut up?” Amber laughed giving her friend a playful shove. “I'll see you around later and we can catch up then. I'm dying for a decent shower.” The two friends hugged and parted ways leaving Amber feeling in good spirits as she practically skipped most of the rest of the way home. Despite her enthusiasm she still blushed as she walked through her front door and into her mom who gave her a very loving warm welcome.


-A few hours later, early evening-


“Yeah so that gym leader was really the hardest challenge that I actually faced but I still don't think that getting place #42 out of over 500 people completing in the league is too bad.” Amber said, regaling her adventures to her parents.


“Oh sweetie, we are so proud of you.” Her caring mother said, eyes full of tears of pride for her daughter and happiness to have her baby back home.


“Bah, you're still #1 around here princess.” Her father said sounding even more proud of her. “You did it! You completed your adventure! I couldn't be more happy with you. You don't have to win the league to be a success, you already are a success.” The old man said full of love in his heart.


“Oh you're just a big soft Ursuring aren't you?” Amber's mother teased her father playfully. “Oh but it's just a shame that Michael is missing all of your wonderful stories!” The elder woman said with a bit of a pout.


Amber perked up at the mention of her brothers name. “Oh so is it true? Is Michael really back in town as well? I ran into Marly on the way in and she mentioned she might have seen him.”


Both her parents smiled and nodded together. “Yes, it's true. He just arrived back a few days ago. He usually spends most of his time off in the woods you kids used to play in when your were younger. But he usually, hey, wait a minute, he usually comes home for supper at right around this time!” Her mother called out to her in surprise as the excited blonde girl went bounding happily out the door.


A moment later the young blonde trainer was tearing off through the side of the town toward the treeline. A few surprised faces called out happy to see Amber back in town. “Hi again! Yes in back in town. Sorry I'm a bit in a hurry at the moment, I'll see you to catch up again soon I promise!” She would call out as she ran passed with her yellow hair flowing behind her from how quickly she sped along. Meanwhile her mind raced with excitement and nervousness. “YES! YES! YES! YES! I get to see Michael! I can't wait! I miss him so much! I wonder how he's changed? I can't wait to tell him everything! Oh well, maybe not everything hehe, I have been a bit of a bad girl. Oh no! Has Michael been having sex with other girls? Why does that make me feel jealous? Why is that the first thing I think of? Dammit, shut up, shut up Amber. Just be happy to see your… Dammit, where is he? How am I even going to find him?”


Before she even knew it she was deep into the trees scanning through the woods wildly for any signs of movement. She found several Pokémon, a few trails, but no direct sign of her brother anywhere. “Why would he be in the woods anyways? Didn't he always prefer the grass fields when we were kids? I thought I was the only one who went into the treeline. I mean, the last time I saw him was when…” Suddenly Amber stopped dead in her tracks and froze. She stood at the ground in silence as panic swept through her emotions. “That's right, the last time I saw my brother… he was kissing me.”


“Hey there Amber.” A familiar voice called to her from someone approaching just a few trees away.


“What?!” Her mind continued to race now devolving into a disaster area of jumbled thoughts. “It's Michael! Why did we have to find each other NOW when I just started freaking out?! Why couldn't he have found me just like 4 seconds ago?!” She stood there like a Stantler in headlights as she waited to see the young boy who she had left sitting on a grassy hill. However the person she saw was very different indeed. Her eyes spread wide as the first thing she noticed was how tall he had gotten. They were barely a year apart in age but Michael was now stood over a head taller than her. His messy hair had filled in now looking thick and wavy like black streams cascading down from his scalp to frame his face in a picturesque manner. His facial features had sharpened giving him an Adonis look but in a sleek way, not in a bulky way.


“Amber, are you okay?” Michael asked staring at her. Amber's breath caught in her throat with her fanciful mind thinking Michael looked like some sort of elf prince from an adventure story. His shoulders had broadened and she could tell through the thin silky black shirt he wore that his figure was toned and sleek. He had very nice hips and Amber blushed as before long she realised she was looking at her brother's crotch. She looked back up to him and he was staring right into her eyes. She melted on the spot. His eyes were beautiful, his face and body were amazing. He was looking at her with an expression of empathy that made him look deep and soulful.


“This… is what I ran away from?”  She asked herself quietly in her mind as Michael just stared at her, waiting so patiently for a response.


“Amber, are you-” He began again but was quite startlingly cut off by his younger sister.


“Michael I'm sorry!” She yelled a little louder than she meant to suddenly to her knees from where she stood and started crying.


“Whu-, hey, wai-” He tried, mumbling from being unsure what to say while having no idea what was wrong.


“I'm so sorry Michael. I'm a bad sister, I'm a bad friend to you. I'm sorry for what I did to you!” She sobbed on the ground. Pent up emotions she didn't even know she had came bubbling up to the surface. These feelings she was so unprepared for had built up over time since she started her journey away from home.


The concerned brother knelt down before his sister and placed his hands on each of her shoulders. “Hey now, hey there. Calm down Amber.” He said softly trying to soothe her. However much to his confusion this just made her cry harder.


“What am I doing? I don't know why I'm crying?” She sobbed out loud not wanting to confess the swell of feelings that were really raging through her. She was nervous because she had missed him so much and didn't know if he had missed her or not. She had a massive amount of guilt rushing through her head for numerous reasons. She had a massive amount of desire running through her. He had grown to be so attractive she could hardly stand it. She avoided looking him in the eye afraid he would somehow know how turned on he made her which she didn't want him to know because she thought herself so dirty for feeling this way about her brother. Even just his hands on her bare shoulders sent ripples down her spine. But all of it just made her sense of regret feel worse. She was so embarrassed crying like a little girl in front of her brother who looked so mature and sophisticated.


“Amber, you aren't a bad sister.” Michael's voice came through her ears with earnest. She tried to calm herself a bit looking up at him with her face turning pink and puffy. “I said, you aren't a bad sister. You are an incredible sister. You have always been an amazing friend to me. I couldn't be happier to have such a smart, talented, beautiful girl as my sister.” He said charmingly placing one finger gently under her chin and lifting her face to look at him more. As he spoke she gave a weak smile from his compliments to her and he was happy to see her sadness fade a bit. He stroked her hair from her cheek to back over her ear and was surprised when she closed her eyes and leaned into his touch.


“Michael, did you just call me beautiful?” She said mischievously. Her voice was still a little huffy from having been crying but he didn't miss the innocent playful tone she said that with. His mind was no longer that of an immature prepubescent. He wanted to shout to her all the ways he had grown to appreciate about her. He stared at her for a moment before answering. His mind raced as he looked her over.


“How do I tell my own little sister that she is to die for? Look at how she's grown! When did she get those curvy hips and that sexy hourglass figure? She always used to be such a skinny thing. I can't stop staring at how smooth the bare skin on her legs look. Does she shave them? They look perfect, there isn't a hair on them. Her shorts let you see so high up the inside of her thighs. Her skin looks so smooth all over. Also Amber your breasts are amazing! How did your chest fill out so much in such a short time? They look heavy and full and I love how they drop from your smooth chest down from your slender neck and your darling baby doll face. You still have those same lips though. Those same full, tantalizing, mouth watering lips. I wonder if you still taste as sweet as you did that day. And even your eyes Amber, I know they're closed right now but I could get lost in-, wait, her eyes aren't closed. She is only closing one and she's peeking at me with the other one!”


“Whatcha lookin’ at Michael?” She asked him noticing he saw her sneaking an eye open. “Do you like what you see?” She said with a slight giggle in her voice. “Wow, you just took an eye full of me didn't you?”


Michael was a little embarrassed but mostly he was just surprised. “Is she flirting with me?” He asked himself in disbelief. But Michael had grown up as well and was no longer a shy boy who was unsure of himself. “And what if I did?” He jabbed back, smiling seeing Amber's confident shell cracking a little in surprise to him being so blunt. “And yes, I did call you beautiful. You are very beautiful Amber.” His voice was steady and confident like he was laying down a truth that could not be disputed. He enjoyed seeing the heavy blush that quickly rose on her cheeks and the look of a still shy girl in her eyes. He loved that about her and was glad she hadn't totally grown out of it.


“Michael…” She said bashfully but happily seemingly unsure of what to say now as she pulled her knees up and sat back.


“Amber…” He started and waited for her to get comfortable. “I am so happy to see you. But that wasn't quite the reunion I was expecting. Why did you get so upset when you saw me?” He asked with concern.


The young blonde looked down again being reminded of her sorrow. Instantly Michael seemed to move to try to comfort this but she raised a hand saying, “It's ok, I'm alright. I'm not going to cry again… for now.” She teased with a smile. Then she looked at him and spoke softly. “It's because… I felt bad.. About before.” She muttered not really wanting to admit face to face to him about what was bothering her. Despite that, she did make sure to speak loud enough for him to hear her though. For as much as she didn't want to say this aloud in the first place saying it twice to repeat herself felt like it would be worse.


Michael looked at her as he listened and sat perfectly still. He seemed statuesque in Amber's mind but to him he was just deeply paying attention wanting to know what had upset his sister so much. “Amber, you're referring to the last time that we saw each other aren't you? That night on the grassy hill just before the sun went down.” Despite his stoic appearance he felt his own heart fall as he saddened seeing his little sister's face give a steady nod of yes. “Oh sis, I'm sorry that day upset you so much. That is never what I would have wanted.”


“I know Michael.” She twirled a finger on the ground. “I know you would have never done anything to hurt me.”


“You don't have anything to be sorry for Amber, you didn't do anything wrong.” He said sternly trying to give her a supportive rock to bury her doubts with and to build her confidence back up on. However try as he might the caring brother's message missed it mark as she quickly snapped out in resistance to his words.


“But it IS my fault! I'm entirely responsible for what happened!” She argued instantly becoming upset again. “Michael I ruined everything! And then I ran away because I was afraid! I couldn't bring myself to confront you about it, I couldn't explain myself at the time and I just couldn't see you.” She held up a hand catching her breath. She was upset but was determined to get this out now that she had the chance. She didn't want to hold onto this pain anymore but she wanted to be able to finish.


“I trained all this time to make myself stronger. I went out and had adventures, I met people, I battled in gyms and even competed in the Pokémon League. Not really even to be a great Pokémon trainer but more so that I could be stronger when I eventually faced you again! I wanted to become brave… so that I could face the scariest thing I could think of at the time which was coming back and apologizing to you for being a stupid cowardly girl. It all seems so silly now that I couldn't just talk to you but I need you to understand how sorry I am.” She said to him in a pleading voice.


Michael sat there stunned. He listened to every word trying to envision it and imagine what she must have felt like all this time. He pictured her stressful nights spent alone thinking about what had happened between then and it tore himself up inside with guilt. “Amber.” He spoke softly, his deep but smooth voice felt like a magic carpet to Amber floating her across his every word. “I'm so sorry for the stress you went through. It pains me to hear this has burdened you for so long. I don't want you to carry this weight any longer.”


“Thank you Michael.” She said with earnest. “So does that mean you forgive me?” She asked him hopefully.


Michael looked to her feeling again a little confused. “Sis, you don't need to apologize. You still haven't done anything wrong.” He urged wanting to help but not understanding why she blamed herself so much. He could see Amber's nose crinkle up and she was getting upset as if he wasn't listening to her but he spoke before her trying to mitigate her anger she was getting from this conversation. “Amber please, I'm trying to help. Not start an argument. What is it you're so sorry about? Causing me to get into a fight that day? Speaking to me on the hill? You never told me why you ran in the first place.”


Her eyes went wide like she couldn't believe him. She looked furious like she was about to explode at him more and more with each thing he said. “Amber I'm the one who should be sorry. I never thought it would have hurt you this deeply for me to do what I did but you're not the one who caused this. I'm the one who got too forward with you not the other way around!” He said frantically now in one long stretched out breath still trying to calm her.


Amber already had her mouth open preparing to scream at him but just as she was squeezing her first word out she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. “Wait what?” She stammered in surprise.


Michael wanted to hang his head in shame for hurting his sister but he respected her seriousness in the matter enough to not break eye contact with her for this. “I pressed my luck with you. I took the sweet innocent kiss and overstepped my bounds. You aren't responsible for that. You're my sister and it's not your fault that I already had wanted to press my lips to yours. Please don't blame yourself for that.” He said calmly, desperately, not wanting his foolishness to harm his sibling he loved so much.


Amber's head almost moved sideways as her entire world spun on its axis for a moment. She brought her hand to her forehead trying to process what Michael had just said. “Wait you…” But then as her jumbled brain began to fit pieces into their places she suddenly seemed to calm down. Michael watched her brow unfurl, her shoulders loosen and the general air around her change from anger to something much more jolly even though that made no sense to him at the moment. “You thought...? Hahahaha!” It almost scared Michael in surprise as his sister started laughing with deep heavy laughs. “Oh my Arceus, Michael haha I'm so sorry but hahahaha. All this time hahaha you had no idea!”


Now Michael was starting to feel a little annoyed. Amber was laughing almost obnoxiously hard now and he certainly didn't get what was so funny yet he felt like he was definitely the butt of the joke. “Care to fill me in?” He said rather flatly but he wasn't really as upset as he made himself sound. At the very least his sister wasn't upset anymore.


Amber was almost red in the face and laid back flat on the ground now trying to catch her breath. “Phew, whoa, phew, haha, ok I'm, I'm good. I'm, hahahahaha! Ok no, I'm sorry hehe.” She said slowly decreasing her giggles and breathing to calm herself. “Come here Michael. Come closer and I'll tell you why I was laughing.” She still with a big smile on her face but Michael seemed to sense that it was because she was happy now, not necessarily because she had just been laughing. He leaned forward as she just stared up at him from the ground. “No, dammit Michael closer. If you don't come here I'm not going to tell you!” She said stubbornly as he leaned over her and she grabbed him pulling him down until he fell and was laying literally on top of her with them both being face to face. “There, that's better. Now stay here. I want to talk to you but you're too tall now you stupid boy. It hurts my neck looking up at you. Who said you could get so tall and handsome huh?”


Michael couldn't help but grin at her comment. “There she goes again.” He thought to himself. Enjoying this playful air between them much more than the seriousness of a moment ago he was happy to respond teasingly like a game he was playing with his sister who he hadn't played a game with in so long. “Careful there, all these nice things I'm not used to you saying to your old bone head brother. I might think you're flirting with me.” He smiled and prepared to dodge if she tried to smack him for his smart-assed comment.


Amber just smiled and had a devious look to her eyes. “That's because I AM flirting with you big brother.” She said with a perfectly straight face.


“Wut?” He said stunned in total shock.


“Oh my gosh haha don't make surprised face haha. You're gonna make me laugh again.” She said giggling at his reaction and actually trying very hard to control her glee at being able to get the better older brother. “Ok now listen.” She said regaining her composure and speaking to him I'm a serious voice. “I am going to say something to you now and I want you to listen to my words very carefully.” Michael nodded not wanting to interrupt. She smiled. “Good. Now, the reason why I was laughing and what I want you to understand is that I am not upset that you kissed me on that day.”


She paused for a moment to make sure he had time to process that sentence. She raised an eyebrow as she said her next line and wondered if he could feel how hot she was between her legs from having him lay on top of her like this. “I was upset, at myself…. for running away when I started to like it that you were kissing me.” She said slow and clearly almost in a teasing tone but Amber knew she was too inexperienced to know how to pull off a sultry voice so she didn't try. What happened next couldn't have been more perfect. Michael didn't have a nervous or goofy face from this. And he didn't look mad or creepy about it in anyway either. He looked at her like she was magical and she loved that look from him. She memorized that look on his face wanting to remember it forever.  


Michael's voice had just a hint of excitement but was full of acceptance just as Amber hoped he would be. “Really? So you were enjoying it when I kissed you?”


She nodded happily to reassure him. “Michael, the only thing that upset me about you pressing my lips against mine was when I stopped you by pulling away. I didn't want that to stop at all. My regret comes from not staying and letting you kiss me on that grassy hill all night long.” She was almost whispering now, knowing that if she spoke softly it would make him look at her lips that he kissed so long ago. “I want you to kiss me again Michael. I've wanted you to kiss me again ever since I made the greatest mistake of my life. I won't run away this time I promise. Do you… still want to kiss me Michael?”


Michael didn't hesitate as he leaned down, part of him not able to believe this was really happening. He closed his eyes and pressed his mouth down only to find Amber eagerly and willingly kissing him back. He thought immediately that his sister still tasted exactly the same. Those same soft lips, that same sweet taste, he had never forgotten. He held his lips to hers in eager satisfaction enjoying the moment for as long as he could. Although it was because of this that he was a little surprised when she made a noise and pulled her lips away.


“Michael, do you still think I'm pretty?” She said in a bit of a rushed voice trying to mask an urging annoyance. She was happy that it didn't take him long to respond with a strong affirmative. “Good. Do you like kissing me? Do I taste good?” She said, squeezing her breasts together a little for him as she asked and again he agreed. “Good. Then brother, honey, why are you kissing me like I'm your prom date?” She said at him, surprising herself as she pulled off being sultry for her first time completely by accident. “Have I gotten ugly to you? Do you not like me anymore all growMm-mm! yes MmmMMmm that's it!” She growled as her brother cut her off by shoving his tongue into her mouth.


“Now this is more like it!” She thought to herself as she sucked on her brother's tongue and lips. She wrapped one hand behind his head running her fingers through his hair. With the other hand she grabbed his hand which had been feeling her legs and moved it right up to squeezing her ass which she happily turned sideways to give him better access to. “Mmmm Michael.” She moaned loving the feeling of his tongue rubbing sensually all around hers. “This is what I imagined it would be like. Mmm that's it Michael, I love you sucking on my tongue.” She thought haughtily to herself. “That's it, touch my ass. Show me what you want from me, what I've missed out on since running away.” All of a sudden Michael pulled his lips off hers and then dropped his lips to her neck where he kissed and licked and nibbled her skin. “Aahh! MICHAEL! Hahaha!” She giggled like a schoolgirl as Michael gripped her ass harder and ran his tongue down her collarbone.


As he leaned to the side to get to her neck while she squirmed she used this to her advantage flipped him over onto his back. “Ha!” She declared, plopping down onto his lap triumphantly. However almost immediately after setting her crotch right down on top of his did she suddenly jump back up with a shout of surprise feeling something hard right against her pussy. “Oh my gosh, I made my own brother hard!” She said with stunned shock. She looked up and saw the same surprised look on Michael's face. He didn't seem nervousness but was definitely unsure of the situation and how to respond.


“Shh, shh, shh it's ok.” She said quickly, actually being a bit nervous herself but she was more worried about him thinking she'd be upset again than anything. “It's ok, I'm not mad.” She said and smiled to him as she placed her hand on his erection through his pants and began to softly rub it. “I'm not upset, see? It's ok, it doesn't bother me.” She said leaning in and giving his lips a gentle peck. “You being interested in me won't upset me.” She whispered kissing him again while still rubbing him. “I want you to grab me Michael. I want you to put your arms around me and hold me like you tried to do when we were kids.” He required no further convincing and they slowly returned to making out with their tongues noisily slurping along one another's but she kept her hand in his erection.


“You know…” She said between deep kisses and gasps for breath, “I'm kind of flattered really. Mmmm, you are REALLY hard. I mean, Mmmm mmmmmm that's really impressive down there. You must really…  OH Michael!” She gasped as he suddenly pulled her top up over her breasts. She smiled as she lifted her arms helping him to remove her top leaving her sitting in his lap in only a bra and her shorts. She giggled enjoying exposing her skin to Michael and stretched to show herself off a bit. His gaze made her feel sexy like no one else ever had before.


“Lay back big brother. Hehe, your little sister has a present for you.” She said as she lifted her hands to the bra clasp behind her back. “Your little sister… isn't so little anymore.” She said teasingly, dropping her bra to the ground and revealing her open chest to her brother's eager eyes. For whatever basis Michael had to call Amber beautiful before her last action had just rewritten the definition for him. Her chest had filled out to two lovely breasts that were even larger than he had expected. She was incredibly horny at this moment so his first glimpse of her chest was with her nipples poking out as far as they could point. “Like them? Hehe.” She asked knowing full well that he did.


Michael didn't hesitate and Amber was glad for it as he suddenly leaned up taking both her breasts in each hand. He followed this by burying his face between the two meaty orbs. “Ohhhh yesss!” Amber hissed cradling her arms around Michael's head. He was squeezing her breasts so well, not too hard and definitely not too soft. It felt fantastic as he pinched downward towards her nipples pulling on each one separately. She gasped as his warm mouth latched onto one of her nipples and sucked it deeply into his mouth. “Uuhh, yes Michael. Suck harder, that's it, oooh!” She panted absentmindedly rocking her hips in his lap while she still sat atop him.


She giggled when she felt his hands leave her breasts and slide down to her back towards her ass. “Whoa hey! Hehe.” She shouted in surprise as Michael's hands slipped down under her shorts instead of over them and he began squeezing her bare bottom cheeks even underneath her underwear. “Enjoying yourself? You seem to want to explore more of your sister than just the skin she's showing you.” She said with a coy smile shaking her perky jugs in her face.


“I want to explore all of you.” He said to her flat out and sincerely.


His directness caught her off guard and she blushed in surprise. “You want to see me naked?” She asked him trying to sound sweet while in reality she was completely soaked in her panties just from how far they'd gone so far.


“I do. I want to see every inch of you.”


Michael was being so confident and dominating. She had never been with a boy like this before who was so mature and sure of what he wanted. “Michael, you're embarrassing me a little.” She said covering herself with her arms but smiling to make sure he knew she wasn't really upset. Amber was used to horny boys with fumbling hands who were easily over excited and clumsy. Her brother was only about a year older than her but made her feel like she was an immature girl trying to play adult with an actual grown man. It excited and thrilled her. “Lay me down Michael.” She said smiling down at him. “I'll let you see anything you want. Lay me down.” She submitted softly giving into his confidence and was happy to let her big brother guide her.


Michael placed his arms around her back and held her gently rolling her onto her back as he flipped on top of her once more. She licked her lips and took a breath to steady herself for what she was preparing next. “Here, scoot down just a little. I'm going to… I want you to just watch me Michael. I've never done this for anybody before, not once. You can tell me later if you like it but if you talk right now it will make me nervous.” She said before closing her eyes and building a little tune in her head that she softly started humming. She lifted her arms above her making her torso bend and making her breasts rise. Then she lowered her arms while turning and began to do a slow tantric belly dance for Michael, right on the ground while she laid beneath him.


“Wow.” He breathed out softly almost unable to believe his eyes.


“Shh!” She said quickly stopping for a moment. “This is harder than it looks to actually do on the ground and if you talk you'll break my concentration.” She said in a mock stern voice. But then she looked away avoiding eye contact but added with a more bashful tone, “Also this is a little embarrassing, I've never tried this before and I don't know how I'm doing. But I also never thought my own brother would ask to see my pussy. I'm fine with it because my brother is you but I want to make this nice for you the first time I let you look at me down there.” She knew she couldn't hide how red her face was while saying this but she was trying to be strong and mature like how she saw him to be. She knew that full grown adults talk about things like this all the time when they are with each other and she wanted to show her brother that she could be at his level too.


“I don't know what you're worried about. You know I've seen it before.” He said teasing her.

She suddenly shot him a surprised look with daggers in her eyes. “Yeah, when we were babies you jerk!” She growled unable to believe his statement and punched him in the shoulder.


“Oww, Oww, ok, I'm sorry hehe.” He apologized trying to get her to stop punching him. “Sis listen, don't worry. I just wanted to break the tension for you. Admit it, you're more relaxed now aren't you?” He asked giving her a raised eyebrow. She looked like she wanted to argue but then stopped and nodded to him. “Good. And besides, there's no need to worry. You're doing fantastic.” He leaned down and whispered that last sentence right in her ear seductively and she melted.


A shiver went right up her spine as she felt Michael's soft breath as he whispered in her ear. Her toes and fingertips tingled from that possibly being the sexiest thing she had ever experienced up to that point. Her response was electric and automatic as her tongue found its way quickly right into her brother's mouth. “Put your hands back on me Michael.” She said more demandingly than pleadingly as he took hold of her breasts and she returned to dancing for him. She kept her lips pressed to his dancing their tongues together with a hot fiery passion.


After a minute or two though she pulled back letting him again take in an eyeful of her topless body while she grated on the floor for his viewing pleasure. After only a few seconds she unsnapped the button on her shorts exposing more of her lower stomach to Michael. There was no more shyness or hesitation in her at all. Amber was feeling sexy and was very hot between her legs. She wanted her shorts off now even as badly as Michael did. She shook her hips and gyrated her tits for Michael really giving him a proper lap dance but with him on top and being allowed to touch her all her wanted. She pulled her zipper down and danced out of her shorts. “Do you like my underwear Michael? Are my purple lacy panties sexy?” He didn't even respond. He just looked at her with desire and she loved it.

Once her shorts were off her hands went right to her purple waistband. She bit her lip and thrust her hips up and down slowly. “Do you want to see your grown up sisters pussy?” She giggled.


Michael just looked down at her and spoke to her in a deep commanding voice, heavy with lust. “Do you want to show your little pussy to your own big brother?”


Amber felt something flip in her lower stomach. This didn't feel like a question at all. “Yes sir.” Her lips and voice moved on their own obediently to him. “What?! What did I just say?” Her mind screamed in surprise of what came out of her mouth as just an automatic response. She didn't even mean to say that and hadn't even processed a response yet but just as her mouth had responded on its own her hands were now moving her underwear passed the length of her thighs. Amber seeing this though made no attempt to stop herself and then laid there on the ground with her legs open letting Michael's eyes range from her face to her toes. Absolutely nothing obstructing his view of her bare sex which dripped in excitement because if him.


Michael didn't say a word and the silence between them was deafening. Amber didn't know what to do thinking it was his turn to respond seeing as she was the only one who was naked and he was still fully clothed. Then with no words he moved closer between her legs. She saw his hand moving. “Michael…” She whispered and jumped a little when she felt his fingers stroke her puffy mound. She was incredibly turned on so her entire slit was swollen and wet with desire. She closed her eyes as his fingers explored her touching her opening. She gasped as he pushed first one and then two fingers inside her. “Michael!” She whispered again as her head started swimming. “I'm being fingered by my own brother!” Her mind screamed. “What is he doing?!” She thought in a panic feeling his body move but not daring to open her eyes.


“Oooohhhhh mmmmyyyyy ggoooosssshhh!” Amber groaned out hard and loud as her entire body suddenly went rigid in pleasure. Amber recognised the feeling immediately as a warm tongue slid deep into her slit and licked upwards between her folds circling her clit. “Oh Michael! Oh Michael! OOOOHH Michael!” She panted with both hands rushing down into his hair and grabbing him by the back of his head. “Michael on gosh! How?! HOW?! Ohhhh fucking shit! How are you so good at that?!” She screamed being taken almost immediately to an orgasm as his tongue flicked through her sex muscles in just the right way. “Michael wait please! No, I'm cumming!” She cried in embarrassment at being so easily manipulated into having an orgasm after less than a minute.


Amber screamed as she came harder than she had during most of the times she had ever been fucked by a boy. Michael drove his tongue upwards into her vagina licking it as she creamed his tongue from her clenching pussy. Amber was seeing dots as he ate her out and her fingers clawed in the dirt around her. Just as she thought the torrent of pleasure would subside Michael started humming which at first she thought to be very strange. “Wha-what are you… Ooh f-f-f-uCK!” She screamed as that sensation vibrated through her pussy and made her climax stretch out prolonging her unrelenting orgasm.


Michael grinned as he held the blonde girl by the hips as she thrashed in pleasure above him all the while savoring every drop and wondered if she could feel him actually drinking her juices. “Mmmmmm.” Michael moaned and continued to hum.


“M...MI.. OKAY miCHAel sTOP!” She eventually screamed. Using all her willpower in a single burst she planted her feet to the ground and pushed her groin away from her brother's mouth. Once free she just collapsed on the floor of the woods trying to catch her breath while her abs and thighs were left quivering on their own from having such intense stimulation. When she finally settled down Amber was left a giggling mess moving only limply on the ground and feeling very pleasured but she was still very horny. “Michael, wow, what the fuck did you just do to me? I've never had any boy make me cum that quickly.” She moaned out softly.


He crawled up closer to her since she had kicked herself away from him and he smiled down at her. “Is there a problem?”


She smiled wide and shook her head back and forth to say no. Eventually she looked up at him, legs wide apart and her nipples still sticking out like bullets. “Michael, takeoff your clothes.” She said eagerly because she knew he was very hard still but she was the only one who had revealed herself.


He smiled and started unbuttoning his shirt slowly. “Oh? My clothes? You want me to take off my clothes?” He snickered a bit.


She responded immediately by sitting up and leaning forward onto her hands and knees kissing him. She had a few leaves and little specks of dirt on her back but she didn't mind as her brother's tongue rolled across her own. “Well yeah, if you don't take off your clothes then how can your little sister put her big brothers dick into her mouth?” She teased trying to sound as cute and innocent as possible. She could see how turned on that made him and she smiled watching his shirt open up as he pulled it off.


“Oh Michael… hold on a second.” She said, kneeling up and stroking his abs. “Oh my gosh Michael's body is amazing! Look at these abs! His chest is so broad. He's not all bulgy with muscle and gross. He is thin and toned and sleek. Wow his body is perfect!” She thought in wonder mentally drooling over her brother's torso. He smiled letting her fingertips trace up and down his muscles. “Hey Michael…” She said lightly. “I want to try something. But I don't want you to judge me for being weird.” She said never taking her eyes off his body.


“Hey, you let me play with your chest all I wanted. Whatever it is you're thinking about, go for it. I'm not ticklish.”


Amber knelt there feeling a little unsure for a moment but then leaned down and extended her tongue quickly licking Michael from the center of his waistline up between his ab muscles all the way up to his chest before leaning back. She blushed a bit but happily rubbing his chest and the line she had made with her saliva. “Mmmmmm that was nice.” She whispered more to herself but not minding that she was letting him hear her thoughts.


“Want more?” He chuckled as he flipped open the button on his pants.


She giggled and leaned forward. “Definitely. Here let me help you with that. I'm sorry brother, you've been having all this fun with me and I haven't been giving you much attention. I can feel how hard it is. It must be so tight for you down here. Let your little sister pull these down and… MICHAEL WHAT THE FUCK?!” She screamed in surprise and actually fell backwards after pulling his pants and boxers down.


He looked at her in surprise as he knelt there exposed with his shaft not quite fully erect but still very hard and hanging down between his legs. “What's wrong?”


“What a wrong?!” She shrieked. “What do you mean?! Are you ok?!” She asked him. She saw the confused look on his face and continued as she sat back up not wanting to get dirt on her pussy which was still wet. “Does that hurt? It looks like you were stung by a Beedrill or something.”


Quickly he looked down a little panicked and observed himself. He lifted his dick and looked it over. There were no sores or injuries on him anywhere so he didn't see what she was referring to. “What do you mean?” He asked feeling legitimately confused and now a little embarrassed.


“What's wrong? Why the fuck is that so big?!” She screamed again. She couldn't believe what she was looking at. Of any boy she had ever big with she had never seen anything like Michael's equipment before. It was thick and hung down long from his waist. It was already hard but it dropped from its own weight.


Now Michael totally blushed but he was relieved she wasn't disappointed or disgusted in what she was seeing which is what he first had thought. “What really? This is too big? This is just normal for me, I never thought of it as anything special.” He said, greatly appreciating the compliment but trying to remain humble about it.


“Oh yeah, right. That is a fucking monster, there's nothing normal about that at all. Most of the boys I've seen are no more than a finger or two thick and usually not more than a finger or so long. Michael! That looks like a fucking arm sticking out of your stomach!” She said still shouting in disbelief.


Michael had the cheesiest grin on his face. He just couldn't help it. No one had ever said anything like this to him before and he didn't really know what other boys his age were like down there so he had no basis for comparison. “Well thank you… I think?” He chuckled. As much as he enjoyed the praise he also couldn't miss the hesitation in her voice. “Does this mean…” But that was a thought that Amber chimed right in to not let him finish.


“Oh no, I don't want to stop. I'm totally horny and one orgasm definitely hasn't satisfied me. Secondly, you're fucking gorgeous Michael. If you aren't already planning to try to fuck your little sister tonight then she's just going to have to fuck you then. I'm just scared because I don't see how that's going to happen and it not hurt for me.” She said with a nervous giggle, now reaching out with trembling fingers to actually touch him directly for the first time. She smiling finding that it was smooth and warm just like any other penis she has felt. “And lastly, don't worry Michael. I'm not going to have you give me a fantastic orgasm and leave you hanging, hehe, unsatisfied. I would never do that to you.”


And that was the last thing Amber said before she outstretched her tongue and tried to wrap her mouth around her brother's bulbous end. Michael smiled down watching and not wanting to miss a moment of this. He watched his younger sister stick out her tongue and lick around his tip. She took her time with it licking up and down the shaft repeatedly then circling her tongue over the tip again. The cute blonde looked up to Michael, took a deep breath and then pushed her face down on his rod until it filled her mouth. She sucked in as much of his cock as she could breathing heavily through her nose for air.


Michael groaned in pleasure with the feeling of Amber going down on him. Her mouth was so tight and warm sliding along his length. Although she tried as hard as she could Amber's mouth bottomed out in her throat and she gagged on his length before she could reach the end of it. She made a sound that was choked off as she knelt there with Michael's dick pressed almost to her gullet. There was little room for her to even suck because her mouth sheathed his manhood like as tight as a glove.


Eventually Amber had to push off from Michael's hips and pull his length out of her throat leaving her gasping. “Uuhh -cough- Oh Michael wow. I've definitely never had a dick like this before. I'm sorry but I can't even suck on it, it's just too big. Did my mouth even feel good on it like that? I promise that I'm usually better at this.” She said sympathetically hoping she hadn't disappointed him.


“Oh don't worry sis, that felt great.” Michael said encouragingly but Amber looked at his now raging hard on standing straight out from his torso.


Looking at it she took the massive phallus in her young hand and gave it a determined stare. “Michael, I didn't just spend my entire journey fantasizing about being with you again to give up now that I finally have you. Come here, stand over me.” She said while leaning back on her elbows with her naked body stretched out in front of him. She motioned for him to step forward once he had straddled her. “There now this should make it a little easier. Your dick is just too big for me to suck right now. Maybe when I get a little older I'll be better at it and if you'd like I'd be happy to keep practicing for you until then. But for right now I'm going to let you put your hands on the back of my head to hold it while you fuck my mouth. It's about all I can manage for you right now, just don't push too far down my throat or you'll gag me ok?”


“I'll be careful sis.” Michael said with a smile on his face. He couldn't believe how forward she was being about them fooling around with each other. He had never met a girl who was like this before and he was impressed because she really knew what she was doing. Eager to feel her warm little lips wrapped around him again he stepped forward pointing his tip to her mouth while was greeted just as eagerly by his sister pushing herself onto his tip. She moaned a bit on his cock and flicked her tongue across it. With her pretty eyes open wide looking up at him she nodded while she sucked his tip to urge him on. Not needing to be told again the horny boy reached down and held his sister's head while pushing forward with his hips to stuff her mouth with his cock.  


Michael gasped in pleasure from the feeling of pushing himself into Amber's mouth. He watched amazed as he sunk several inches into her with each feeling better than the last. However it didn't take long before she moaned to him, tapping his ankle a few times repeatedly. Her eyes looked spread wider than normal and he thought he could almost see the top of her throat stretched a little bit but she struggled to look up at him while he stood impaled down her mouth. “Are you ready sis?” He asked looking down at her. She gagged a bit but gave a moan that buzzed on his dick. Then holding holding her by the back of her skull he pulled his hips back and pushed in again.


“Ohhhh yeaahh.” He sighed in contentment. Her mouth was so wet and her tongue and lips felt great rubbing against his skin. He pushed into and out of her mouth picking up a slow but steady rhythm. He repeated a pattern of looking down at her to moaning with his head back from how good it felt. Every time he gyrated she took a hard quick breath through her nose as if she were struggling for air. She did gag occasionally on about every fifth or sixth push but she wasn't choking and didn't struggle so he continued to hold her still so her neck didn't take the strain of his fucking.


Eventually, getting accustomed to the pressure pushing against her throat Amber began to settle into the motion that her brother set for her. She tried to breath when she had brief moments of getting around around his massive cock. She tried to focus on suppressing her gag reflex wanting to make her mouth as comfortable for him to fuck as she was able. After several minutes Michael had remained to a steady pattern of slow fucking which she appreciated as it made it easier for her to adapt to. Feeling a little confident she shifted to support herself on one arm while she reached up to stroke his balls gently with the other, wanting to be a good sister and please him any way she could.


Michael was lost in his bliss by this point. He had never felt anything feel as good as his teen sister's throat, which was easily two sizes too small, being happy to have him squeeze into for his fucking desire. His head was back and eyes were closed as he slowly skull fucked Amber's mouth. What he didn't expect though as she laid leaning back with her weight on both her elbows was for several dainty fingers to rise up and affectionately stroke his testicles from below. The sudden new sensation surprised the boy making him jump forward in his shock.


As Michael hopped forward his dick unavoidably sank completely into Amber's unexpected throat just as she was opening up and taking a breath. The blonde's eyes shot open and she attempted to scream but absolutely no sound came from her mouth as Michael's enormous rod pushed down her gullet stretching out her thin little throat until it nearly hit through her esophagus. Michael immediately knew what he had accidentally done but he couldn't react quickly enough having taking a moment to balance himself before being able to move backwards. There was a massive tightening around his dick as she heaved for oxygen and gagged, twisting on the ground like a wounded cobra. Michael tried to get off of her for Amber's sake but still could not help having his eyes roll in pleasure as this new feeling almost making him climax straight into her stomach.


Eventually they managed to separate,  Michael pulling back so quickly that he tumbled to the grass onto his backside and Amber lunging sideways while immediately gasping violently. She wretched heavily with spit hanging from her lips as she collapsed into the grass feeling her throat spasm for air from being wrenched through so. Michael had recovered from his tumble much faster than it took Amber to compose herself. She continued choking for nearly a minute after her throat was free. She looked to her brother whispering, “Mi- c, al.” However the sound that came out was horse and shallow. Trying to talk again caused her another coughing fit which lasted about another full minute.


Michael rubbed his sister's back urging her not to try to talk yet. Meanwhile he thought about what happened while staring at her naked body which he could see all of from this position. He had just been training in the woods, ironically trying to burn off thoughts of his sister from his mind. He had known she would be returning soon having watched all of her battles online when she competed in the league. However to see her suddenly standing there and then immediately confess her desire for him was not what he had been expecting this afternoon. Now here she was laying completely naked in front of him. She was stunningly beautiful. Her body felt delightful to play with. He had always had feelings for her but now that he knew how good she felt he was so horny for her he thought he'd go mad.


“Mich-a-el.” Amber managed to say out now,still with a hoarse voice but much more clearly. She looked up at him once she had regained control of her lungs. She wanted to tell him so many things. She wanted him to know she wasn't mad. She wanted him to know that even though it had hurt it still really turned her on. But then she saw that her brother was staring at her she followed his eyes and realized he was looking right between her legs at her open pussy. He was so hard and looked incredibly turned on looking at her pink slit which was dripping with her own excitement from how turned on she had just become. It was apparent how much he was desiring to actually have sex with her.


What happened next played out so smoothly that Amber thought it was like a scene from a TV romance novella. Michael didn't say a word as he just moved towards her suddenly. “Yes Michael!” Amber pleaded laying back as he climbed atop her and she instinctively opened her legs as wide apart as they would go. He went straight for what he wanted from her and met no resistance from Amber as he guided his tip right to her opening. Her vaginal ring felt tight but as soon as her inner warmth was around his head there was no stopping him from pushing in all the way. Michael moaned loudly feeling her squeeze down on his length like a tight sleeve. Despite the pressure though she was so wet that he pushed right in until he was all the way inside her.


“Michael!” Amber screamed digging her fingernails into his back. She had both arms and legs wrapped around him in a death grip as she felt him stretching her apart while pushing inside. “You're so big! It's so big!” She spouted out repeatedly until he had finally stopped. She gasped for breath and looked up into his eyes with a frantic animalistic expression. She felt so full inside more than she had ever experienced before. Her insides burned a little from being stretched to new limits. “Michael, aahh a-auh my gosh!” She stammered hardly being able to talk and not quite sure what to say. “You're inside me!” She exclaimed. She wasn't quite sure why she was surprised because she wanted this as badly as he did. “I can't believe that you're inside of me.” She said again, her shocked demeanor melting quickly to more of a naughty and excited tone. “How does it feel? Being inside of your little sister?” She asked him before biting her bottom lip loving every bit of this.


Michael tried to make sure to keep his hair out of her face as he looked down at her. His cock throbbed inside of her when she asked him how he felt and Michael was pleased to see her jump a little as it moved within her. “It feels great! You feel amazing Amber. I never thought that it would feel this incredible to be with you.”


Amber blushed at his words and playfully struck his shoulder giggling as he toyed with discovering he could make her jump just from the slightest movement of his hips. “Hey! Hehe.” Lifting her arms so that she placed her hands behind his head she guided him down gently. “Are you going to fuck me now Michael?” She said coyly knowing the answer was yes but for now just seeing him enjoying the feeling of being inside her at the moment gave her such satisfaction.


“Is that what you want?” He asked quickly not missing a beat. He smiled seeing Amber clearly enjoying herself so much as he was living out his greatest life's fantasy.


“Michael Oh my gosh!” She thought to herself, face turning red with embarrassment. She was trying to be the teasing one and wasn't expecting how he kept turning it back on her. “How could he ask me that so brazenly? I want to curl up and hide away now but I can't do that because he literally has me pinned to the floor!” Her realizing this only made her blush more but to Michael's delight it also had the side effect of making her pussy squeeze him tighter.


After a moment Michael got tired of waiting and decided to draw an answer out of her. He slowly started to pull back on his hips dragging the length of his cock back through her depths which succeeded as he expected in instantly making her much more vocal. “OOH! Yes!” She shrieked but then pouted when she felt him stop at leaving only his tip still inside of her. “Please don't stop! Yes! Yes! I want it Michael please!” He smiled and slowly pushed himself back inside her. He loved the look on her face as she opened her mouth while tilting her head backwards as he stretched her back open again. Then when he pulled out but did not hesitate in pushing right back into her again this time. “Michael!” She cried once more, her hands dropping from his shoulders to hold her own stomach as he pushed into her again. “Ohhhh! You're so big! It's never! I've never! Oh gosh you're splitting me apart!” She moaned as he repeated his entry into her.


By now Michael was moaning a bit as he savored the feeling of his sister's tight wet insides. “Does it hurt?” He asked her in concern as he continued his steady motions. At this point he was nearly biting his own bottom lip at how good it felt feeling like Amber's pussy was sucking on his dick trying to keep it inside of her.


Looking up at him and smiling she whispered, “A little bit. But don't worry, I like it. Fuck me brother. Show me how much you want me.” She said putting her arms back around his shoulders. Michael leaned down and then shoved himself inside her. “Ooh! That's it!” She whimpered, feeling him hit their hips against one another. Instantly Amber leaned up and kissed her brother hotly on the lips. She moaned into his mouth and when she felt his warm tongue she started rocking her hips in time with his. She bit her brother's bottom lip, not to hurt him but to encourage him on and was rewarded with the wonderful feeling of being filled out like no other boy had made her feel before.


“That's right, I'm not fucking a boy.” She thought to herself in bliss.”This is my big brother and he is no child anymore. He is still young, it's not like he's in his twenties yet or anything but he is a man now and that means I am fucking a man for the first time. Mmm it's wonderful.” Her mind purred as she broke their kiss to whisper seductively in his ear, “It… feels… so… good!” She moaned out between thrusts. “I love… having sex… with me brother!” That is when he surprised her by sitting upwards while still being implied inside her so his dick lifted into her upper wall which shot a electric surge of pleasure into the unexpecting girl.


“Aahh!” Amber screamed spastically. “There! There please!” She moaned out reaching out to him in desperation. Michael looked down to her surprised and wanted to ask what she meant but looking at his face she just quickly shouted, “Fuck me! Please! Right there! Just how you are!” She slapped the ground and bit her lip as he pushed forward I to her. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” Enjoying her loud robust response Michael pounded his little sister harder. He angled his hips so that his point dug more into the upper wall of her pussy and was not disappointed in her noticeable reaction. “Michael! What are you… OH GOSH!” She screamed humping her hips wildly in response. “Michael this feels strange!” She huffed as pleasure surged through her loins. “It's so good but I feel like I'm going to pee!” Michael didn't push any harder than he was but kept up the pace trying to bring Amber to new heights of pleasure she hadn't expected before.


“Michael wait!” She eventually gasped out between labored breaths. She looked like she was near the edge of one of the biggest orgasms of her life but she reached out to with one of her sweaty little hands and pleaded. “Stop. Michael please stop!” She pleaded in a weak squeaky voice, feeling overwhelmed by overstimulation to her insides. Hearing this Michael slowed his thrusting to an eventual halt and watched as Amber pulled herself on the ground until his now throbbing dick slipped out of her swollen pussy lips. She shuddered with her nerves burning and her mind in disbelief for what she had experienced.


“What the hell Michael?!” Amber spouted at him somewhat sharply. The older brother just stood there on his knees. His still hard cock dangled between his legs as he stared at his sister confused about what he might have done wrong. “Are you some kind of sex God or monster or something? What were you doing to me? I've never had any boy make my pussy do that before.”


“Uuh I'm sorry?” He asked trying to be polite instead of smug. “I'm not exactly sure what happened. You seemed to like it when I pushed upwards into you so I was just trying to do what seemed better for you.” He responded genuinely hoping she would pick up on that he meant no ill intent.


“Hmm. Well that's sweet Michael but you were hitting… something inside me. Maybe it was a nerve or something. I'm not really sure.It wasn't bad but it was just way too intense.” They both kind of looked down embarrassed and aware how much they both sounded like naive kids who had no clue what they were talking about. “I don't think I'm ready to be touched like that in that spot. At least not yet. But hey. That doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy what you were doing.” As soon as she had said it the naked little blonde was scrambling up to her hands and knees while pushing her older brother down onto his back.


Leaning over him she dropped her lips straight to his kissing him passionately while spreading her legs down to each side of his hips. Reaching down with her hand as her tongue slid into his mouth she held his cock firmly before easing her puffy slit back on top of it. “Oh fuck Michael, you really have the biggest dick I've ever seen. It feels like I'm pushing myself down onto a fence post. Hehe.” After she had felt him slide most of the way inside her she leaned her head up but kept her chest down. With her erect little nipples hanging in his face he needed no further encouragement to lean up sucking onto tightly between his lips while one hand squeezed the other breast with heavy desire. “Ooohh Michael.” She moaned feeling both nipples pulled on as she started a pattern of raising and lowering his hips feeling every inch of his meat drag through her.


Amber was in bliss as she put both of her hands on her brother's bare chest and rocked her hips. “This is the most satisfying sexual experience or my life.” She thought to herself. “This moment is more wonderful than I ever dreamed it would be.” Both mental and physical euphoria was filling the teenaged girl up and she was soaking in every bit of it.


“Hey there.” Michael suddenly said looking up at her. She tried to focus her eyes on his face while riding out the enjoyment of her life's fantasy coming true. “What's with that big smile?” He asked with his voice sounding just as blissful as she felt. “What are you thinking about while being on top of me?” He chuckled.


“Oh nothing.” She said coyly. Michael reached around her and took hold of both sides of her bottom. He squeezed her rump firmly in his hands which made her melt like putty. “Oh Michael, that feels so good. please squeeze my ass.” She hissed and purred like a kitten to his touch. She could tell how much he was enjoying this because she could feel him starting to swell and throb inside her. She just bit her lip excitedly while not minding one bit.


“Oh Amber. You feel amazing.” He praised her through his heavy breathing pressing up with his hips in time with her rocking. “Sis, I don't want to finish inside you.” She pouted a bit but he shook his head no.


Then the naughty blonde flashed a devious smile and leaned down to whisper into her brother's ear while she continued to hump him. “Michael… would you think less of your little sister if she suggested something dirty we could do?”


He turned to be able to face her and his eager smile did not show an ounce of hesitation. “What did you have in mind?”


Amber bit her bottom lip like a naughty girl and whispered out as softly as she could, “I don't mind taking it up the ass Michael.” She giggled feeling his cock jump with excitement inside of her as his eyes spread wide unable to believe what just came out of his little sister's mouth. “Well since you don't look upset to hear that...Hehe.” She snickered as she pulled herself off of her brother's cock and then crawled a few feet away so that she could bend forward on her hands and knees in doggystyle position. She remained there with her ass pointed back at him and she giggled again as she wiggled it for him enticingly. “Come get me.” She said with a grin.


The giddy teenager did a poor job of stopping herself from laughing as she saw Michael spring up with such eagerness. She leaned down to brace herself against the ground for when her brother would start pushing inside her. “Go ahead, I can take it. I promise.” She said with the sweetest voice as she wiggled her hips while he held her ass in his hands. She closed her eyes and smiling waiting to feel the warm bulbous end if his member against her puckered star. “MICHAEL!” She suddenly screamed in surprise as something entirely different touch her. Something smooth, wet and much warmer than a cock pressed against her rosebud. Amber looked down between her legs to see Michael leaning forward with his face pressed right into her backside. “Oh Michael, hehe.” She giggled realizing now that it was his tongue she felt which was now probing her little opening. “Stop teasing me baby. I want it.” She moaned out in barely a whisper.


When Amber felt her brother's mouth pull away and his torso lean in close to her back she actually found herself getting nervous. She blushed with excitement like a virgin even though she had done this with other boys many times. This nervousness was short lived however. As soon as Michael pressed himself against Amber's hole and started to stretch her open the young blonde melted into Michael's touch. She gave a slight gasp of pleasure as his tip slid inside with a little pop and then she groaned feeling him eagerly wanting to be inside as quickly as possible.


“Aauhh, easy Michael. It's not built like a vagina back there. Remember, you're bigger than I'm used to. Give me a chance to open up to you.” She coached him feeling her insides stretch. After catching her breath for a moment she pushed back into Michael's hips feeling her brother's rod sink the rest of the way into her rectum. “Oh my gosh, Michael it feels so good.” She purred out sensually. “Do you like my ass big brother?” He didn't even say anything. Amber just felt the sucking withdrawal to her insides as Michael pulled halfway out and then pushed her insides open as he sank back in. “OOOooOOooohhh! Michael, fuck!” She swore feeling him pick up a rhythm and pushing in and out of her.


The two teens started to be quite noisy both moaning loudly in their bliss. Michael had never experienced anything so pleasurable before as sinking himself balls deep into his own little sister's backside. He held her hips up to him with one hand and gripped her shoulder harder than he realized with ecstasy in the other. Amber was trying and failing to stop screaming with pleasure. No boy had ever felt so deep inside her during anal sex and she loved it. Michael was touching places inside her that had never been felt before by anyone. She was using her arms to throw her hips back against him every time he pushed forward into her. She was not content with laying idly by while Michael gave her the most intense pleasure she had ever felt. She clenched her muscles making herself tighter and took an active role in bucking their hips together.


“UUGHH! Michael it feels like you're spanking me!” She yelled feeling his hips clapping harshly against her tender bottom until her skin started turning pink from the repeated impacts. She groaned out loudly again when she felt her big brother run his nails once down her back while still fucking her and then actually gave her right ass cheek a solid slap from his hand. She instantly dropped her face down to the floor in a submissive pose and smiled wide as she start to feel so wonderfully sore from being drilled for so long. “Michael…” She grunted to speak from her inverted position trying to force the words through the pressure he was building in her to orgasm. “Michael… when you finish… don't you dare cum anywhere except… except for inside of me! Do you… understand?!” She shrieked almost babbling on the edge of release.


Again she felt her brother's response was perfect. Without saying a word he reached down and pulled her head back by her hair pounding her into the dirt and leaves in doggystyle position. “EERRAAAHHH! Michael you are so fucking good at sex! This is insane! I think I'm dreaming!” She screamed, even scaring some unknown bird Pokémon out of the nearby trees. “Michael… Oh Michael, how can you last this long?” She whimpered feeling daunted by his stamina.”


His response came immediately and between labored breaths. “It's not easy..  I'm trying as hard as I can not to cum yet, I want to so badly. You just feel so good I don't want to stop!”


Amber's heart felt like it exploded with joy when she heard those words and she shot one of her hands down between her skinny little legs to rub her pussy. “Unngh, do I really feel that good?” She groaned rubbing her clit and toying the opening to her pussy.


“Oooh YES!” Michael groaned and she gasped feeling his cock swell. She thought he was going to flood her with cum right then but he managed to hold on a bit longer. Amber was overworked now with emotion and pleasure. She could no longer take the anticipation of final climax and was furiously fingerings her while Michael continued to stretch out her anal ring.


“Michael you feel so good!” She whimpered becoming frustrated. “It's not fair! I want to feel you back in my pussy but you feel so good in my ass that I don't want you to stop!” The sound she made was a wanting lusty cry of agony and desire. Michael had never heard anything like it before. However hearing this he got an idea on how to really pleasure his sister to the end knowing he was going to cum at any moment. “No! Why did you stop?! Please keep going!” He had only stopped for a moment as he reached for his pants which were outside of Amber's line of sight.


“Amber… you are my beautiful little sister…. I can't leave you wanting and I don't want to pull out of your ass either. So here… I have something for your sweet little pussy.” He said as he now clenched both of her ass cheeks in his hands squeezing them as he fucked her harden now.


Amber tried to look up but was feeling a bit dazzled from having the most intense sexual experience of her life. She had mostly registered in her mind what her brother had said but didn't quite understand until a sudden red light flashed brightly in front of her. “Sceptile!” Amber looked up as her older brother continued to hump into her. Two leafy green legs supported a tall upper body. A powerful lithe form stared down at her with large leaves sprouting from the arms and head of the creature. The Pokémon had a powerful tail that almost looked like a small tree sprouted from the back of it. Then realization hit her that she must be looking at her old forest protector, the same one who she gave her virginity to. She looked back shocked to see a pokeball in Michael's hand.


Michael paused his thrusting for a moment as Amber looked back to him in shock. “You!” His sister said to him in disbelief. “That was your Treecko back then? That was your Pokémon always looking out for me and helping me?” She asked, more trying to wrap her head around this surprising information than really asking.


Michael just smiled down at her with some of his dark hair sticking to his sweaty handsome face now. “I didn't want to encroach on your training as a Pokémon trainer. You were doing so well and working so hard. But you are my little sister and I love you so I had to keep an eye out for you to make sure you stayed ok.”


Amber was silent for a moment. She looked back and forth between her brother and his Sceptile until she looked to the ground thinking. Michael started to think that maybe she had become upset. He watched as Amber pulled herself off of his dick and then stood up. What he did not expect was when she pushed him down with her hands. Then she climbed onto of his lap and used one hand behind her to guide him back into her asshole as she slide down on his rod. Once she was firmly impaled all the way down she leaned in and kissed him harder on the lips than ever before without saying a word.


Amber drove her tongue into Michael's mouth wanting to kiss him passionately for how sweet he had been for her over the years. She rolled her hips returning them to a fucking motion while she danced their tongues together to show her immense appreciation for looking after her so many times. Once Michael began to understand he adjusted into an easier position and rocked in time with her hips happy to return her passionate kiss. His arms wrapped around her back feeling her up and down sensually.


Michael enjoyed holding his sister like this and not just because he was buried balls deep in her rectum but that certainly helped. He wanted this moment to continue forever but it was Amber who eventually broke the kiss and screamed out. “Michael! Oh my gosh, I can't take it I'm going to cum! Michael, I'm going to…” Her voice became more and more high pitched until her body tensed up as her loins exploded. Michael held her as she seemed to seize up digging her fingernails into his arms as his abdomen was splashed a bit by drips of wetness from her powerful orgasm. He enjoyed seeing her toes curl and how she clung to him so desperately as if she was afraid she'd fall off of him if she didn't hold on for dear life.


When Amber finally came down from her high she had to unclench just about everything. Her hands were sore from squeezing them and her head had collapsed onto her brother's chest. It took her a moment but she eventually realized Michael was leaning his lips in right beside her ear. “Turn around so that you are sitting in my lap facing away from me. But keep me inside of you.” He whispered. The little blonde gave an exhausted smile.


All of her limbs felt limp now as she sluggishly attempted to obey his request. “Michael, uuh I'm so tired. Aahh.” She moaned slightly feeling his shaft pull inside her as she clumsily attempted to rotate herself around. When she had finally accomplished her task she gave sigh of completion. Then she attempted to look behind herself at her brother but was surprised when his arms suddenly came in around her. Michael pulled Amber down until she was laying flat on her back against his chest. Then he lifted his hips and in this position Amber felt his dick slid all the way up through her insides. “MICHAEL IT'S SO DEEP!” She suddenly screamed. Both her hands shot to her stomach afraid his tip would plunge out the front of her. As he bucked his hips starting to fuck her again in this new position Amber threw her head back thinking she might have finally felt something going almost “too deep” into her little asshole this time.


“Go ahead Sceptile, I'm sure you've missed her.” Michael said as he grunted humping against gravity up into her. Amber's mind was on fire as she couldn't hear her brother talking to the Pokémon stepping between her dangling legs at all. It wasn't until she felt an overwhelming burning in her pussy that she remembered the Pokémon was there.


Looking down she saw the grass Pokémon licking up all of her juices from her earlier orgasm. From all of the sex she had been having her loins were now totally too sensitive for her to be eaten out like this. Her frail little hands pushed on the smooth scaled green head that was invading her and she yelped with a mini climax that almost hurt when he pushed his tongue up inside her. “No, too sensitive, Sceptile, please, stop!” She pleaded until the beast relented. She sighed in relief as Sceptile let go but then she stared up wide eyed in surprise as the Pokémon walked right up between her thighs with a massive erection pointed right at her. “Wha- wait, Michael what are you plan - oh MICHAEL! Eeyyaaaha!” The stretching feeling between her legs made the teenager scream. “You're Pokémon just stuck his cock in me while you're still in my ass!” She shouted to her brother.


“Fuck her Sceptile! Fuck her good!” Michael encouraged as Amber lay there completely shocked. She didn't get a chance to respond before Sceptile sank hard into her pussy and repeated his strokes with no hesitation at all. Michael thrust up into his sister's rectum feeling his own Pokémon’s cock grinding against his own through her insides. Amber didn't seem to be able to speak. Her crotch had never felt such an experience as she was double penetrated back and forth by human and Pokémon for the very first time. The position she was in made Michael reach new places like never before and taking a the cock of a 3rd evolution battle Pokémon balls deep in her vagina was proving to be no small feat to the frail girl.


Amber's brain was on fire when Sceptile grabbed her by the hips and started to jackhammer his cock through her just as his trainer had ordered. Sceptile had actually been a little over eager as well because he had indeed remembered how good it felt when he took Amber's virginity. Now that he had a chance to fuck her again he was taking complete advantage of it. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, my, my, my, my, gosh, uh, uuhh, oooh!” Amber called out. Sceptile was humping her so hard and fast that he was moving her ass which was still filled with Michael's firm erection. “I'm, I'm, soooooo, fu-, fu-, full!” She cried out and Michael bucked upwards and Sceptile hummed downwards into her.


Amber didn't know what to do or how to process all the sensory information going to her brain. She felt like she was being skewered alive. Her brain imagined panicked imagery of her insides being destroyed from this but then she realized after the surprise settled that she wasn't actually in any pain. In fact besides for some stretching pains the experience actually felt quite divine. She wasn't surprised to find herself cumming almost immediately from how sensitive she already was. But before she could catch her breath enough to voice her delight she found she wasn't the only one being pushed beyond her limit.


“Hrg, aauuh, Amber!” Michael finally groaned out through his grit teeth. He looked up and saw his little sister's eyes dart to his the moment he spoke. Then her mouth opened wide as she could actually feel his girth swelling with approaching climax. “I'm going to-”


“Do it!” Amber screamed, cutting off her brother's sentence. “I want my brothers cum in me!” She pleaded reaching down and rubbing her clit trying to cum in time with her brother. Michael had been holding her all this while but he suddenly changed his grip so that he grabbed her by both her hip bones and his fingertip dug into her firmly while pulling her down into him. It was so possessive and masculine which made Amber blush.


Michael held onto his sister tightly as he yelled out and let loose. “Arceus, Amber you feel so good! Aauuuhhhh!” He screamed out fiercely allowing bliss to overtake him. The older boy felt his balls tighten before his shaft flooded into the smaller girl's body cavity. Amber had normally always hated the feeling but now having Michael fill her backside with his sperm gave her pleasure like she never knew before. It was so warm inside and it really felt like he came a lot, spurting again and again into her belly.


Then as if this weren't enough Michael's Pokémon followed suit filling Amber's vagina with his warm seed. “It's so hot, there's so much cum!” Amber screamed feeling the tepid liquid boiling her insides as it was pumped deeply into her front and back. “It's too much, I can't, AAHHHHH!” She screamed between their thrusting bodies as her pussy sprayed all of their legs with a creamy splatter. Sceptile’s ejaculation had rubbed into her gspot which had already been triggered by Michael earlier. This pressure was enough to give Amber a squirting orgasm for her first time. The depth of Michael and Sceptiles cocks inside her prolonged the intensity making her squirt from her pussy repeatedly until her climax lasted much longer than the length of orgasms she was used to.


For as much enjoyment as Amber was in finally living out her greatest dream of having Michael's sperm inside her, the actual experience of this orgasmic threesome was more than she could take. Michael felt his sister collapsed on top of her even before the vaginal gush of her climax had finally ended. Blacked out from overstimulation Amber lay unconscious across her big brothers body. While Michael of course looked upon her with concern he could still see the smile of bliss that still held on her exhausted looking face. He and Sceptile laid there for a moment to both catch their breath. All three of them were a complete mess. There was sperm and juices from Amber's spraying orgasm all over all three of them. Sweat had started running from each of their pores but Amber was positively dripping from her hairline to her toes. Concerned about dehydration for his sister Michael finally mustered the energy to pull himself out of his sister's body and get ready to take her home to rest.


- -

2 weeks later

- -


Amber and Delcatty both laid side by side each other with their faces pressed into the floorboards while holding their exposed hips up in the air like a pair harlots right next to each other. They both moaned like sluts as Michael fucked her in her pussy and Sceptile likewise filled Delcatty’s tight furred vagina.


“EEIIYYAAHA! It's so good!” Amber screamed letting her brother's cock totally dominate her while she watched her beloved Pokémon mewing similarly right next. As Amber felt herself being pounded into total submission Delcatty looked like a helpless fuck doll underneath the overpoweringly sized grass Pokémon behind her. “Michael.. Uh… uughng.. Not so… hard! You guys… are hitting… Delcatty and I… in the cervix!” The blond pleaded. But looking down the boy knew that his sister and her Pokémon were both really okay as he watched both the girls simultaneously orgasm on each of their thrusting dicks.


“Oh fuck sis!” Michael gasped enjoying the sight so much that he happily filled Amber's pussy with his cum. She grunted like an animal until her brother finally let her go and pulled out of her. “Ok Sceptile, give Delcatty a break. I'm sure sis here will take care of you.” He said as he sat back onto the bed to watch the scene before him. Sceptile pulled his long shaft out of the feline Pokémon who dropped motionless to the floor but was clearly still awake and smiling.


Amber picked herself up from the floor and sat on her knees happily taking Sceptiles cock into her mouth. She gave a blissful moan tasting her Delcatty’s sweet juices as the grass Pokémon held her by the head and began to skull fuck her down into a deep throating position. A moment later Delcatty crawled along the floor until she could lick between Amber's spread legs. Michael watched his sister's tits jiggle as she sucked firmly on Sceptile fucking into her throat while Delcatty sat drinking Michael's cum as it leaked from Amber's pussy.


Later in the afternoon all four of them lay collapsed on the bed exhausted but smiling. The two girls had been fucked four times that morning and while Delcatty’s pussy had been well used Amber had semen drying around the corners of all three of her holes. Amber and Delcatty giggled feeling very sore between their legs as Michael and Sceptile grinned proudly. Michael thought back to when he reunited with his sister in the woods and the spectacular time he had losing his own virginity to his little sister. He chuckled remembering how flabbergasted she had been to learn that. After that threesome it took him and Sceptile both to carry her back home. She had bruises all over her hips and was not able to walk again for two days after that night from how vigorously they had used her. Michael and Sceptile had made sure to be more careful after that when fucking her.


Since then though things had been fantastic between them and his relationship with his sister had been forever changed. She had become his complete and eager slut to him and Sceptile too. Delcatty also followed suit and while the feline seemed to love drinking his and Sceptiles cum only Sceptile ever fucked Delcatty directly. Michael smiled as Amber reached over and hugged him, pressing her sweaty naked breasts into his side.


“You know mister… you need to start being careful with me.” She whispered giggling into his ear. “You're lucky that I got my normal period after how you've been fucking me for the last two weeks. But my period is over now. You're going to get me pregnant if you keep cumming inside me like that Michael. Well… if Sceptile doesn't beat you too it.” She giggled playfully. “Could you imagine, me carrying around a little Treecko egg in my belly?” Then suddenly her eyes went wide as she gasped, “Oh no! I didn't even think about Delcatty!” She shouted looking over at the feline who was lying blissfully on the bed with Sceptiles sperm leaking from her overfilled pussy.


The end.


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