Everything You Hoped For

BY : Digitriangel
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Content warning: dom/sub, body writing, light exhibition.


Takeru had always wished he could see the world through another’s eyes. 

Not to live a day in their shoes, although he’d would like to experience that as well.  No, he wanted his eyes to be magically replaced with someone else’s.  Nobody really knows what colors look like through another’s eyes.  We can all agree that a certain color is green, and that shade is distinct from red.  Since ‘green’ is universally accepted most assume that it appears the same way to everyone else.

But what if one person’s green was another’s purple.  What if glistening gold was really a sea blue, or passionate red a dull grey?  Could a rainbow, with all its profound symbolism, appear uniquely to everyone? The same painting could hold millions of different interpretations based on what ‘colors’ one saw when looking.  There was a wonderful world out there to experience and Takeru wanted to see it a million different ways.

Takeru wasn’t sure where his new eyes came from on that strange Friday, only that it certainly wasn’t a human. 

All the shades were the same to his vast disappointment, but the yellow bubbles floating over people’s heads were certainly not normal.  Takeru had seen not normal often in his life and crossed off all the boxes. 

Peculiar? Check.  Out of a fantasy novel? Check.  Happening to him? Check.  Involving a parallel dimension filled with data-based life? He wasn’t quite sure on that one yet.

His mom had left before he woke up; it wasn’t until he went out into the street that he realized he was crazy.  They were everywhere, three or four bubbles hovering over each person. To his new eyes the street looked like a carnival featuring exclusively yellow balloons. 

The orbs didn’t completely obscure his vision, in fact quite the opposite, he could see the street just as well with them there.  They weren’t translucent either, he wasn’t seeing through the bubbles.  His brain was simultaneously showing him the world he recognized and this strange new bubble filled world at the same time, like quantum goggles on overdrive.

He would ask Koushiro, the chosen of knowledge might know what was happening.  Or maybe not, Koushiro was very logical, and this was as far from logic as a car with square wheels.  Also Koushiro might tell some of the others, which might lead to them putting him in a mental hospital.  Then again, Takeru would prefer to be in a psych ward than put up with Yamato’s mothering.  If Yamato found out his brother was seeing things there was no telling what he might do.

Takeru lost his balance slightly, he needed to pay more attention to where he was walking.  The child he just bulldozed must have felt that way too.  The kid was on his hands and knees, papers scattered on the ground. 

As Takeru reached down to help the kid up, he noticed the two bubbles over the boy’s head.  Not that he hadn’t seen the bubbles before, they were the only thing he could see when he entered the street, but he hadn’t really looked at one before. 

Unfamiliar patterns swirled across the surface of the bubbles that resided above the child’s head.  There wasn’t anything close to characters for any language Takeru knew.  If they were taken as pictures, then even the freest post-modern liberal arts professor would be hard pressed to discern meaning.  And yet Takeru perfectly understood the messages they conveyed:

I hope this guy is worth the trouble

I hope I find Flufflepaw

He looked down at the one of the pictures, a small calico cat, with a number to call if found. 

“Flufflepaw I presume.” he said.

“You found him?  Please tell me where he is.” The boy looked up at him with wide eyes.

I hope this guy knows where Flufflepaw is

I hope I find Flufflepaw

It was then Takeru realized that the flyer didn’t contain the cat’s name, he had lifted that information directly from the bubble. How exactly was he supposed to explain his situation to a little kid?  Then again an eleven-year-old brat might believe it.  Yamato and the others had been pretty accepting of the digital world after all.  He supposed he could match wits with a kid, even if he had to break his heart.

“No, sorry he just looked like a Flufflepaw.” Takeru said turning to leave quickly. When he found himself sufficiently away from the distraught child he took note of the other bubbles around him:

 I hope I make it home in time for dinner,

I hope the Jaguars win today

I hope these guys leave me alone.

Was he really reading thought bubbles? Like out of some manga?  But something about that felt wrong, people had to think about dozens of things on their commutes, from the decor of the street vendors to the strangers they passed to reflections on their day.  All he was seeing here were problems, trivial but not what he would expect. 

Suddenly the last one hit him.  It was the thoughts of a street vender, a woman in her early thirty’s surrounded by three younger men with tattoos emblazoned on their faces. Takeru wanted to help her, but as decent as he was in a fight he didn’t fancy himself against three at once. 

Instead, possessed by some instinct he was not aware of, Takeru focused on the woman’s thought bubble.  He didn’t know what he was expecting until it happened: the vendor’s bubble turned from yellow to a deep green. 

He waited a few seconds, then a motorbike sped past.  The three tattooed men looked to each other, exchanged a few panicked words, then chased after the motorbike.

Had he done that?  He was pretty sure he had.  From the instant the bubble turned green Takeru knew something would happen even if he was unsure of what.

He turned back to the vendor to find the green bubble gone, a new bubble adorning her head in its place.

I hope they come back, take me into a dark ally and rape me.

He rolled his eyes at the woman’s inability to make up her mind.  Then turned back to the kid, hoping to make up for his earlier faux-paus.  If he had the power to turn people’s thoughts into reality the least he could do was help a young boy find his cat.  When his searching eyes found his target, the child’s attention was moved focused on the middle of the nearby lane now occupied by one Flufflepaw the cat.

The cat was low enough to skirt under the moving vehicles and could be reclaimed when traffic cleared up, supposing all the vehicles stayed in their correct lanes. The boy wasn’t about to take the chance.  Fearing for Flufflepaw’s life the kid ran headlong into the oncoming traffic holding out his arms as if to stop the car with his bare hands. 

Takeru’s body immediately reacted instinctively to the dangerous situation, but even an Olympic athlete could not close the distance in time.  All the basketball and lifesaving adventures in the world would not help him now. 

He looked around for a thought bubble that might help, but only a few people’s thoughts had strayed beyond themselves.  Even the kid’s thought bubbles stuck to the safety of his cat, not his own person. The driver who was slamming on the breaks resigned himself to the accident, hoping for minimal personal damages and fines, not focusing on whether he could stop in time or the kid would be alright. 

Then, agonizingly slowly, Takeru saw a bubble appear overtop of an observant old lady, his salvation was wedged between thoughts of her grandchildren and hopes a teenage rival would expire.

I hope that handsome young man saves them

The thought was vague and oddly flattering, but beggars can’t be choosers.  Takeru focused his energy on that woman’s bubble, willing it to turn green.  When it did felt a boost of strength unlike any he had before in his life, digital misadventures included.

With a single leap he reached pet and owner, scooping the kid in one arm and the cat in his other. Takeru jumped straight up, higher than he’d ever before, even if he wasn’t carrying 80 pounds of cargo.  The car went under him, the next one stopped and Takeru landed safely between them. 

The boy looked up at him in wonder “Wow, Mister, th-thanks for that.”  Flufflepaw was less appreciative, having rooted all four claws and into Takeru’s left arm mid-jump, the feline now found it appropriate to have his fangs join them.  Takeru winced and dropped the confused cat out of pain. The boy picked Flufflepaw up with a much kinder reception as the three of them moved off the street.

The driver left his car to meet up with the kid, who was still more elated at finding the runaway than surviving his near death experience. Takeru quickly ducked out in the ensuing chaos, not wanting to explain his superhuman feet to a crowd. As fate would have it, he did not go as unnoticed as he liked. 

“Yo, Takeru what happened here” Daisuke asked “What’s with the crowd? What happened to your arm?”  If there was anyone Takeru didn’t want to know about his newfound superpower, it was Daisuke.  His childhood rival would take the news with animosity and entitlement, demanding Takeru do things for him and blab to everyone anyway.  Takeru elected to tell a partial truth.

“A cat ran in front of a car, I managed to save it.  It wasn’t very grateful.” he joked.

“Saving cats now?  How much does that pay?”

“Hey save a Tailmon and next thing you know you have an Angewomon owing you a favor.” the blond said with a grin. Their quips werre automatic after eight years of Daisuke’s one-sided rivalry.  Takeru’s attention was held instead by the bubbles dangling over Daisuke’s head as the two verbally sparred.  

“Yeah like you’d get any good ‘favors’ from Angewoman, she’d break you in two for trying.” But the gogglehead’s voice betrayed the fact he was smitten with the thought.

I hope he is alright

I hope he doesn’t realize why I’m here

I hope I could have sex with Angewomon

I hope Hikari will hook up with me at the party tonight

He had to roll his eyes at that last one, but that was Daisuke.  Reject him for seven years and he’s still trying year eight.  Even though Takeru was certain it would take more than one miracle for Hikari to hook up with the goggleheaf.  The girl had quietly confessed to Takeru last year that she saw Daisuke as a more childish version of her brother, certainly not someone she wanted to date.

“Anyway I kinda have an appointment to keep and am running a little behind due to cat related endeavors.” Takeru said, hoping the second option meant Daisuke would be willing to leave soon and not realize Hikari lived two blocks away and that she was his ‘appointment’.  It came and went, but every once in a while Daisuke still put up a fuss about how much Takeru and Hikari hung out.

“Man all these pussies give you so much trouble, you should just quit them.  I always thought you were gay.”

“Bye Daisuke.” Takeru said with a cold smile as he turned away.  The other chosen did not follow, and Takeru made it to Hikari’s apartment complex uneventfully.  On the way up the elevator Takeru amused himself by looking at the boring thoughts of the people in front of him, and a pattern soon emerged.  He actually kicked himself for not seeing it before.  No matter who he looked at the lines always started the same ‘I hope

He wasn’t seeing people’s thoughts; he was only seeing their hopes.  It was fitting, given his crest.  But did that mean Yamato and the others had powers like this too?  Or was he strangely special.  Daisuke certainly wasn’t able to read any of his thoughts, that gogglehead would have let it slip somehow.  He simply held no restraint when it came to gloating.  During their senior year when the soccer club knocked the number one team out of regionals the entire school heard about it until graduation.

Takeru decided to keep his newfound power discreet for now, just in case.

He made his way to the Yagami’s door, an apartment he had spent almost as much time in as his own in high school.  Opening the door led to an irritated Hikari whose third thought bubble ‘I hope It’s Takeru this time’ disappeared upon seeing him.  He observed her other hopes were focused on school as she let him in, with one switching to an ‘I hope he’s alright’ when she saw his arm.

“You would not believe the day I’m having” he said playfully.

“Oh yeah?  War wound from sleeping in ‘till noon?” she bantered back as they always did, but he could see a bubble ‘I hope he gets a job soon’ appear over her head.  He really wished people would stop focusing on that, He was the only chosen both out of school and without a job, but that was hardly his fault. 

He relayed his story back to Hikari, once again omitting the supernatural parts with bubbles and jumping the car.

I hope he’d stop lying to me

She always could see through him.  Even half truths.

“You’re right I don’t believe it.” she giggled “For one thing calico cats are females only you dweeb.  For another you wouldn’t be here if it were true, instead you’d be knee deep in swooning ladies impressed by your heroic pet rescuing talents and ‘dashing good looks’.” she teased back.

“If you’re into grannies and housewives” he quipped. “and the family must have got it wrong then, you don’t have to go all Queen of Cats on me.”

She smacked his shoulder, then stood on a nearby chair.  “That’s ‘Your Majesty the Queen of Cats’ to you.  The foremost expert on all felines in two universes.”

“All Felines? Your Majesty?” he said with a grin she knew to fear.  “Even Maine-coons?”

“I have an advisor for that.  Mei-Mei, the Maine-coon Princesses and her Maine-coon Mei the Meikoomon.”

“Too many Mei’s”

She laughed coming down off the chair. “As if you could have too many Mei’s.  My god you crushed on her for like two years in middle school, I thought you were going to die when she went to college.”

“I did not crush on her” he defended cheeks pink. “I just thought she looked cute when she was flustered.”

“Right and that’s why half the girls in our year went out and got Maine coons.  The pet shop never knew what hit them.”

Takeru was delayed by an aberrant thought bubble from Hikari

I hope he w ould look at me the same way he would look at her

Hikari continued on, unfazed by his lack of response. “I never got why you never dated in high school, do you even know how many girls asked me for your number.  Like come on ladies grow some balls and ask yourself.”

Takeru attempted to protest “Hey what can I say, I was waiting for Miss Right?”

“There were at least three Miss Rights there buddy.”

They moved to the living room and put on a movie.  A forgettable romantic comedy that the pair were more interested in critiquing than watching. Hikari’s hopes mostly returned to school work, but Takeru couldn’t get the one off his mind.  He’d been chasing after Hikari for as long as he knew what romantic love was, she’d been his first and most persistent crush.  And she could normally read him on anything, why then hadn’t she noticed? 

After their movie he cooked supper for the pair of them, with her being an abhorrent chef it normally fell to him.  It was nothing too fancy, trout with some rice and greens, but they still took it as an excuse to pop open the wine she smuggled in.  The two laughed and Hikari elaborated on how much harder college was than high school.  Takeru noticed a new thought over her head:

I hope I get to spend more time alone with Takeru like this

After dinner Hikari got herself ready for the party while Takeru played with Miko, who despite her old age was by far the most pleasant cat he’d dealt with that day.  Even after she hacked up a hair ball and he’d had to clean it up he’d take Miko over Flufflepaw any day.

“God you’re positively domestic today.  First you take care of a child, then you cook dinner, now you are cleaning the place.  Forget finding you a job, I should just make you my house-husband” Hikari laughed. 

Takeru took the comment unreasonably hard, she had both insulted his masculinity and his employment status.  He thought of a hundred snide quips to snipe back at her with, but all of them disappeared as she moved into his vision.

Hikari was wearing a red dress that he’d never seen her in before, and it must have been a machination of Miyako’s.  The dress had a single strap that went around her neck keeping her dress up, exposing the full of her back and revealing she wasn’t wearing a bra. Following the strap lead to more cleavage than Hikari had ever willing let Takeru see outside a couple of wardrobe malfunctions, and the cut off above the knee was more leg than Hikari had shown outside of a pool.  Her makeup too accentuated features of her face he’d always know she had but never quite adored before.

Takeru slowly stood up and walked towards her, watching her shoulders scrunching up as he approached.  Eye contact never dropping.  “Yes” He said in a low voice as he looked down at her when they were a foot apart, “let’s do that.”

She looked down at herself nervously and he chanced a glance up, to find the one bubble he was hoping for:

I hope he kisses me

Takeru didn’t need any superpowers to make that one come true.  He leaned in and wrapped his arms around his best friend as he drew her into a kiss.  Time stood still as they made out.  Takeru really didn’t need any more than this right now, enjoying their lips locked together, soaking in Hikari’s presence.  Eventually, cruelly, Hikari pulled away, far too quickly in his opinion. 

“Takeru,” she managed to get out through shallow breaths “what about the party? We are already late.” she said. Takeru hadn’t been aware so much time had passed with them just standing there kissing.   At this point he didn’t much care, her hopes betrayed her true intentions, regardless of what phrases passed between her lips.

I hope we skip the party

I hope he takes me and ravishes me right here

Ravishing was going a bit faster than he ought to, but Hikari was clearly on board and he was loving every second of this.  He’d had enough with romantic uncertainty.  Turning girls down because he didn’t think they’d last, or he was scared they’d go too far before leaving him.  Now his greatest romantic enigma was laid bare before him, hoping that they could lose themselves in their inhibitions and truly express their joint love. 

He’d had enough with uncertainty, if in the morning they decided they were better off as friends, he could make that happen.  Tonight he just wanted her.

“We’ll have our own party, right here.” He paused to kiss her again, this time moving a hand to her breast. “and I think you’ll enjoy it very much.”  She let out a moan, but tried to protest anyway.  He took his free hand to her backside and crushed her against him, letting her feel his hardness.

At that moment she knew. They knew.  Tonight they would give themselves to each other.  Tomorrow the would worry about the consequences.

Pushing and pulling throughout kiss the pair made their way back to her room where they could explore each other more fully. Both of their hands roaming familiar yet unfamiliar flesh all the while.  Whenever he felt safe to, Takeru glanced up and soaked in the fantasies running across Hikari’s mind.  He really was learning a lot about his best friend today, and he liked what he saw.  He wondered just how far she would go.

He’d held back a smirk when he saw the “I hope I will make him feel good” cross atop her head, she wouldn’t have to do anything and he’d still love it.  But then when “I hope he will make me feel good” popped up anxiety flushed through his body and Takeru automatically greenlit it.  The he went back and applied the first, for fairness sake.  With their mutual satisfaction assured he decided to stop using his power, except to read her hopes.  He didn’t want to cheat and accidently force Hikari into something she was not ready for.

He started to kiss and suck down he neck, not caring if he left a mark.  His hand pulled down on the neckline of her dress popping her breasts free of restraints so they could great him properly.  the blond’s left hand took her right breast while his mouth took her left, Hikari moved mouth to muffle her cries.  His right hand snaked down the side of her body once it made it past her buttocks it snuck to her inner thigh working toward the treasure in the center.  Before it reached its destination he pulled it away.  A few seconds later Hikari heard a distinct clicking sound coming from under the skirt of her dress.

“Takeru.” she said pushing him back in panic “What are you doing”

“Taking pictures” he said, bringing his phone into view, she blushed profusely, and bit her lip but did not cover herself so he continued, trying to find her limit. “You want that, don’t you, for me to be able to show the world you are mine.” 

He was unsure if he had pushed too far, her face was a deep red he’d not soon forget.  All her hopes were for him to continue, and after a short pause she squeaked out a reply.

“What was that?” he asked knowing full well the answer, even if he could not hear her. “You have to be louder to get what you want.”

“Yes, I-I want you to be able to show the world I belong to you.”

“Good, then since you are mine you will do as I say.” It was not a question, but still demanded an answer.

Hikari had no idea how Takeru knew all her darkest secrets.  She hadn’t’ told anyone she was so embarrassed, and some she had only started to have recently.  She was torn between joy that Takeru was accepting her true self and fear she may get too caught up in the act. It was a one-sided battle; she wasn’t going to give up this chance to live out her fantasies with the man who stared in them.

“I will do whatever you want me too.” her voice was softer now, but firm and that satisfied the blond.

“OK,” he said with his trademark cheeky grin “start masturbating for me. Now” he ordered.

 She hesitated “You do know how right?” he pressed.

“I do… I just” she looked at his phone with reluctance, then gave in, knowing it would only make her feel better. She pulled her dress up past her waist exposing her panties for him.  They were red to match her dress and fit tight to her body.  The shape of her pussy could barely be made out beneath the wet stain at her crotch.

She rolled her weight to her back as she slid her underwear off, revealing her tight pink pussy before hiding it between her legs.  Takeru extensively documented the removal of the offending cloth.  She only freed her right leg, leaving the garment to dangle off her left ankle.  Takeru gave a few passing shots to the discarded underwear’s resting place before focusing on the prize. 

Hikari spread her legs as far as they could go and used both her hands to spread her pussy while smiling.  Not her normal routine, she was sure he’d forgive her.  Furious clicking signaled his approval.

She’d shaved, ever since her awakening a few months ago Hikari had been looking forward to this more and more, Taking bolder and bolder risks.  To many she still had catching up to do, but the progress made had been phenomenal.  Truthfully, Hikari was starting to consider a one-night stand, even though she knew it could not give the true pleasure of her fantasies.  Still her newly found need was why she wore such a bold outfit, and why she was so eager to give in now.

Hikari paused long enough for him to take a few pictures then moved on.  Her left hand moved up to toy with her nipples while her right dutifully began fingering herself.  It felt so wrong doing this in front of her best friend, and yet she was so turned on she knew she wouldn’t last long.  She jumped right in the deep end.

“Please Takeru, I need you. I need your dick.  Please fuck me and give me the pleasure only you can.  I’ll do anything.  I’ll do everything.  Anytime, anywhere you want me too, just please” Her begging worked, he shed his clothes. The phone moved first to his left hand, and was then discarded entirely as his right hand began pumping the cock of her dreams.  The idea that Takeru could be deriving pleasure of any kind from her, unthinkable a month ago, happening in front of her now: the joy set Hikari over the edge and into a world of bliss. 

Once her orgasm subsided she looked over at Takeru, still desperately finishing himself off.   “Why don’t you let me take care of that for you?” she asked as sultry as she could.

“No touching, yet.” he ordered “Besides you wanted me to claim you, here’s my claim.” he said moving closer.  He positioned himself to her left, manhood close to her face but too far for her to reach out and taste.  Riding the high of her last orgasm she obediently did as he asked even if she didn’t understand what he wanted.

Then he erupted over her face errant shots hitting her hair and bed table. Some of it went in her mouth, so she swallowed it.  Hikari had heard men like you when you swallow, but she didn’t think Takeru noticed.  He grabbed the abandoned phone and took more shots of her disheveled and marked state before he grabbed some tissues off her desk to clean her.

Hikari was disappointed they ended so quickly, she had hoped to go so much farther than just playing with themselves in front of one another. Just like every other time that night he Takeru knew exactly what to say, before she could even raise her complaint. 

“That was just an appetizer, we have the whole night.” he went back to her body, playing with her breasts while kissing her neck.  She wanted to say it was too soon, that she wasn’t ready yet. Then he found a spot where her neck met her shoulders proving her instincts wrong.  With a moan louder still than even the ones she allowed during her climax, she let him continue. 

He worked his way back up her neck and whispered in her ear “Let me know when you are about to cum.”  Suddenly his hands left her tits as he shot down to her legs.  He lifted them up and spread them as his mouth dove between.

She truly enjoyed the way he held her legs, he was playing with her like she was his doll.  She had already surrendered to him, and he could use her in any way for his own pleasure.  He found the most in rewarding her.  She would be sure to give him a special thank you for it. 

She also needed to thank him for his tongue.  Hikari had never had one inside her before, and while she was unsure how it was supposed to feel she liked it far more than her fingers.  Especially when he moved up and started sucking and teasing her clit.  She moved her hand to her breasts to push herself closer to blissful end.

“I’m close” she cried, scared she may pop off before she could warn him. To her disappointment he cruelly withdrew his mouth, the dismay was replaced with mild excitement when she saw he’d recovered his phone.  Hikari noticed his erection, reappearing far sooner than she’d expected as he looked down and began to line himself up with her entrance.  “Now?” she asked “Like this, shouldn’t I undress more first?”

It felt preposterous even as it left her mouth, all of her good bits had been exposed and captured on film, and only her ass hadn’t been played with yet.  But Hikari had always thought she would be naked for her first time, without the annoying barrier of clothes, and that her partner might wear a condom despite the fact she was on the pill.  Takeru chuckled at her.

“No, I want you like this.  I want you to remember your first time and remember what a dirty girl you are.” 

He tousled her bangs. “Cum stains in your hair”

He grabbed her nipples and pulled them as far out as he could without hurting her, then let them bounce back. “Tits popped out of your dress and erect.” 

“A dress covering almost nothing.” he added grabbing the sides of her buttocks.

“Your entire lower body exposed, including a needy pussy.” he slid a finger in and toyed with her, then looked down her legs. 

“Panties hung over one ankle, too desperate to be properly removed.” he looked her in the eye and hovered over her. “and most importantly:


He kissed her roughly, allowing her body to burn in sweet submission.

He moved back between her legs. “Spread it” he ordered, and she could feel a hand moving down to comply.  He guided himself with his left hand while taking pictures with his right.  She could feel him enter, stopping every so often when he liked the picture.

As a byproduct of this unusual entry he slowly tortured her until he was fully inside.  She’d never had anything this big before, the sensation of being stretched this far was new, but wholly pleasant.  She had expected it to hurt more, despite the other girls’ reassurance that was an old wives’ tale that would not happen with a skilled lover.

She gave him a signal she was unaware he was waiting for, and he started to move.  It was better than she’d expected, she could feel every inch of him as he slid in and out.  She’d already been so close, she looked up at Takeru’s adoring face as it looked back at her, his eyes occasionally going to their hips or rolling into his head. He hit a particularly deep spot and she came hard, her back arching as her body grasped at his member.  She lost all speech functions, a single moan her only refuge, she didn’t care if the neighbors heard. 

“Christ Hikari, can you do that again?  That felt amazing.”

She looked back up at him, panting.  “Only if you can finish me off again.”

He took as a challenge, speeding up and thrusting deeper. She felt her body getting worked up again, and closed her legs around his back.  He couldn’t move as well as before but now she guaranteed he wouldn’t pull out. “In me” she said almost disbelieving the words.  “I want to feel you finish inside me” 

That increased his vigor again, and, far too soon for her liking she felt his thrusts become erratic. She wanted to cum again before he finished.  Suddenly he focused above her head, and her third orgasm exploded over her whole body at once with sinful pleasure.  She had not been expecting it, and was unready for the sensation running through her body as her toes curled in pleasure.  Hers triggered his, and she could feel her beloved’s sperm enter into her, even though she did not dare release her hold on him.

After finishing he collapsed on her; waiting for himself to fully soften.  When he had, he disentangled himself from her limbs and grabbed his phone.  He took a few pictures of her satisfied face, a few of her cum-leaking cunt, and one of the whole package.

“Don’t look so tired my darling, the night is young.” he said.  He watched a couple hope bubbles appear over her head: 

I hope Mom and dad don’t find us like this

I hope he can recover quickly

He decided to allow both. Enthused by his words, Hikari sat up and freed herself of the long abandoned dress, throwing it on the floor.  For good measure, she stripped off her socks and dangling panties too.  It meant this particular game was done, but he though she looked better naked anyway.  The socks joined her dress and his cloths on the floor, to be dealt with in a less passionate moment.  The panties did not join them, instead she walked over to Takeru’s pants, giving him quite the show as she bent over, and slipped the garment into his pocket.

“You can keep these, as a memento.  Boys like to do that right? Not that I’d do it for anyone but you.”   Takeru gave a hesitant nod.  In truth he didn’t think he knew anyone in real life who liked that sort of thing, but it was a good symbol of her submission, that she was giving her modesty over to him.  He allowed it for her sake.

Hikari’s phone buzzed as she got a text from her parents, explaining they had car trouble and would not be home that night.  The message went on to ask if she could duck out from her party early to clean Miko’s litter box.  With no chance of interruption, Takeru suggested they expand their horizons and move beyond her room.  Hikari meekly obeyed as he led her to his destination.


“Taichi’s Room?” she asked with shock.  “You know he still comes home sometimes, right?”

“I know, that’s why we are here.” Takeru said with a possessive smile. “If you heard as many speeches as I had about ‘preserving Hikari’s innocence’ and ‘getting beaten to a pulp for kissing her wrong’ then you’d want to degrade you in here too.”

She had heard all those speeches actually, been in the room for most of them.  It played into her submissive scenario well: Taichi was one of her most important people, but here she was, betraying his trust for Takeru’s pleasure.  There was no chance of her rejecting this from the moment she entered, Takeru could see right through her tonight and she loved every second of it.

“So are we just going to do it again here?” she asked lamely preparing to lay on the bed, embarrassed by her own inexperience, not being able to offer more. Takeru stopped her, then he went to rustle around in Taichi’s desk.

“No I’ve got a game I think you’d like” He pulled out a black marker. “I’m going to write labels on your body and you have to guess what it says.  If you are wrong then you take a punishment and have to guess again.  When you guess right, then you do what it says.”

She wasn’t about to deny any games he may have, especially not one so close to her desires.  But her voice was small and waivered “Will it wash off?”

“If you really want it to yes.” Takeru said, making sure to tick that box now lest it disappear from him in the heat of the moment.

He sat on the bed and had her kneel before him and hold out her arms. “I’ll start out easy” he said writing on her forearms , it was upside down to her, but easy to decipher.  She stumbled as she went over the content.

In her right arm: “This hand exists to jack of Takeru, whenever he wants it” on the left “This hand exists to fondle Takeru’s balls, when jacking him off.”

He smiled at her, and she proceeded. 

Her right hand moving up and down his shaft to mimic what she saw him do earlier, her left going to his balls and carefully fondling, so as not to hurt him.  This was her first experience performing, and it showed, but she was eager to take any advice he gave her.  She lost herself in the act of pleasuring her best friend.

Takeru had to admit he didn’t expect to so naturally fit on the other side of Hikari’s fetishes, but he could get used to this.  He always liked to tease her, and now she was playing a game, where if she lost she’d have to do whatever he wanted, and if she won she did what he wanted anyway.  And every so often he could see a message appear above her head.

I hope he lets me reward him for this

The power he held over his childhood friend rushed him towards climax more than her clumsy handjob.  He didn’t bother holding back.  He wanted to get through as many ideas as he could tonight anyway.  He did not announce when he came, instead enjoying the shocked look on her face when it was again covered in his seed.  He left to get a cloth to wipe her off, and returned with more props than he’d initially intended.  Before he allowed her to clean herself off he had her get on knees and he snapped another picture of her soiled face.

“Round two” he directed her to stand in front of him as he wrote on her face. “From here on out you don’t get to see them.”

She thought for a while before answering: “This face exists to be covered in Takeru’s cum, whenever he wishes?” His face lips twisted into a wicked smile and she knew she was wrong.

“Nice guess, but wrong.  Time for a punishment.”

He had her kneel on the bed, and shoved Taichi’s pillow in between her knees. he positioned one corner into her still dripping pussy then he taped a photo of himself, scavenged from her room, onto the pillow.  Finally, he directed her to cup her tits and make an erotic face, while he got behind his phone. 

 It was clear what he was going for, it would look like she was masturbating to him, in Taichi’s old room, using Taichi’s pillow. Further cementing the apparent power Takeru held over her in comparison to her brother.  The image took hold of her mind with gusto as she began to rub her tits and thrust her hips into the pillow.  Takeru had asked for only a picture not the full show, she gave it to him anyway as an extra reward.  Hikari showed him just how much she wanted his dick back inside her needy pussy.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard she bucked, the pillow corner made a poor substitute for the man taking the pictures.  She abandoned it in hopes she could get the real thing sooner.

“It has to do with your mouth, not your whole face” he said, returning to their game and giving her a clue.

She went silent again then said “This mouth exists to suck off Takeru, and swallow his cum whenever he wants it.”

“Naughty-naughty girl,” he said and she thought she’d won.  Of course he would want a blowjob.  “But not yet.  I have plans for our first blowjob, but not here or now.  You do give good ideas though” he grabbed the marker and wrote on her throat. “You don’t have to do that one,” he said, despite the fact she could not see it.  “But it’s not your punishment either.  We’re taking another picture.”

“Since you want to do it so much, get on your knees.” he said as he stroked himself to full hardness. “And put the tip in your mouth, like that.  Look up at me.  One hand on your pussy, the other on my balls, that’s it and urgh-poof.”  When he’d went to take the picture she gave him a teasing lick inside her mouth, testing his resolve.

“Easy there, I said later.  Now for you next clue, nothing so hard core, in fact we did this today.”

She thought back and then understood perfectly.  Takeru the romantic, even in this messed up situation.  “These lips exist for kissing Takeru, as often and as long as he wants it.”

“Very good” he said as he pulled her into a kiss, it was heated but not too long; as soon as she started rocking her hips against his he pulled away, not wanting to get her off too soon.

Takeru then had her lay down on her back as he wrote on the underside of her boob.

“Round three” he said.

She tried to focus on what he was writing, but it was too small for any of her ideas.  She might need a hint, and decided to take a shot in the dark

“These tits exist to be fondled by Takeru, whenever he wants to?”

“So selfish, suggesting your own pleasure.”

“You enjoy it as much as I do.” she sadi with a crimson blush.

He laughed, “True, but still wrong.  As a punishment, the next time I cum in this game, it will be on you.  You are not allowed to clean it up until the end of the game.” She balked and he smirked. “As for a clue, it’s not about pleasuring you.”

Hikari struggled with that but finally she got an idea.  He’d been so damn camera happy this evening, even if she felt a shot of arousal every time he took a picture they would contribute more to his enjoyment than hers in the long run.

“These tits exist to have pictures taken of whenever Takeru wishes, to be used for his pleasure.”

“You’re so creative Hikari but no.” He hadn’t even looked up, “For this punishment I need you to lie on the bed, legs and pussy spread. And I’ll take a video of you saying this:” he turned a white board to face her as he stood at the foot of the bed.

For performance sake she played with her clit as she recited the script, it was close enough to what she’d said before anyway. Takeru just wanted a video this time.  “Please Takeru, Fuck me, fill my needy pussy with your perfect Cock.  I need the pleasure only you can give me. Please? I’ll do anything.  I’ll do everything.  Just please, Fuck Me” he pulled the phone down.

“New clue” he said, satisfied. “think longer term.”

He was being intentionally cryptic, but he never intended for her to guess this one.  It was just an excuse for punishments.  She put in a good effort anyhow

“These tit’s exist to grow for Takeru, and to be fucked when they are big enough?” it was desperate, and he had not realized she knew what a tit fuck was.  It was also wrong.  “I guess you forfeit.  As a punishment, tomorrow before breakfast you will make me cum, and add the cum to your cereal.  As for the answer.  ‘These breasts exist for Takeru’s babies.’”

Hikari jumped up in a panic, “Takeru I don’t think it’s a good time to talk about-” 

“Relax,” he shushed her “It’s just a game, I’m not holding you to anything here” she calmed down at that.  Which was good, he feared he may have crossed a line.  Shock returned to arousal as she quickly fell back into character.

“Of course Takeru, It’s natural I would bear your superior DNA, please cum in me as often as you like.  I live to serve.” Her voice was steady, entrancing even, but Takeru made sure not to go near that subject again.

Despite her outburst, he was still rock hard from all her punishments.  He wanted release, and now was as good a time as any.  He had her close her eyes and spread her legs, Unsure of whether she could see his writing lying down. He wrote on the inside of her left thigh and quickly pushed her legs back together when he was done. 

“Round Four.  I’ll start with a hint this time.  It’s about your thighs, not your pussy.  That will come later.”

He’d stumped her for a while.  This was another one he wasn’t sure he’d get. Some of the boys in his basketball team had talked about it, and he admitted it made him curious.  There was no time like the present.  Hell he may never have a chance like this again.  Plus, she was surprising him with just how gutter minded she was.

Her answer was meek and slow, as if she didn’t trust the words.  “These thighs exist for Takeru’s pleasure, to run his cock through whenever he wants to”

“Naughty-naughty girl.” he said “With or without penetration gives you full marks.  But its close enough.” 

He grabbed her legs, still firmly pushed together, and lifted them up.  Her weight shifted to her shoulders as her butt and lower back where picked off the bed.  Holding her securely in his right hand, he used his left to guide his cock to where her legs met her pelvis.  He pushed his way through the soft flesh.  Takeru loved the feel, the thighs crushing down on him from three sides, pushing him towards her pussy.  He used its juices as lubrication, and could feel the heat radiating from it as he pushed forward.  it wasn’t nearly as good as taking her for real, of even the brief taste he’d had of her mouth.  Still he would certainly repeat the experience, given the opportunity. 

Hikari was not in a comfortable position, but the pattern of the cock appearing from between her thighs, then slowly working its way back mesmerized her.  Every time he thrust forward it rubbed against her clit. sending a spark of pleasure through her.  As he pulled back, she could feel him grind against her lower lips. Still she needed a bit more, and gave up on bracing herself so that her hands could tweak her nipples.

“If you have a free hand, you should use it to please me best you can.”  She obeyed him, moving her right hand down- that why it existed, after all – to play with the one eyed monster whenever it exposed itself to her.  Hikari found it hard to please him from this angle but soon she learned a few tricks: pulling up at the dick when it retreated, or squeezing at just the head.  In gratitude, he rewarded her with the stimulus she was missing.

“You like this, don’t you?  You like me using you for my pleasure.” He tried to keep his voice commanding and his thrusts even.  “It’s not just your pussy, It’s all of you, your legs, your breasts your mouth, your hands, your ass.  You are my cumdump.  All of you.  My little sex toy to do with as I please” she shuddered, and he could feel himself closing in. “Move your hand away.” he instructed as he sped up, crushing her legs together to get himself off. 

With one final thrust he pushed himself as far as he could go as he came. The first shot reached her head. while the others spread across her chest and stomach.  She looked shocked he could still come so much, and he felt a little ashamed of cheating.  Keeping her propped up he found his phone, snapping a few pics of her glory, then grabbed the pen and started writing on her airborne buttocks.  When he was done he gently lowered her back down.

“Do you need a breather?” he asked, as she assured him she was fine, they began round five.

“A clue, for miss super-hardcore. We won’t be doing anal tonight.” he wormed his fingers beneath her rear to make a poor show at grasping it “Time and place for everything.” Then he pulled his hand out.  “You need to get off your back more, This ass is way to fine to hide all the time.  We’ll rectify that later.”

She didn’t respond to his tease, instead her eyes looked queasy and she hushed out a small response “Sc-scat?” she asked forgoing the normal format out of fear. 

“No. no.” He quickly reassured her.  “I’ll only do things you like, and you don’t like that.  Even the baby thing, you liked the theory, if not the ... attachments.”  she moved to guess again, but he stopped her “It still counts as a guess.  Punishment time.”

He looked down at his flaccid member, unable to pick the punishment he wanted, he made one up on the spot.  “Have you ever had any fantasies involving other girls?”

“Yes,” she was unsure if she should continue but took initiative when he started stroking himself.  “For example: I sit here and get Miyako really drunk; Miyako trusts me to let lose around. She’ll do anything if she’s drunk enough, then I’d call you over and we’d humiliate her, write all over her body, make her beg to worship your dick, beg to kiss my ass. Maybe even send her outside nude.  I would film everything, and then give the tapes to you so you could blackmail her and have her anytime you wanted.”

“You’d really sell out Miyako, for me?” he asked, his power over her now starting to scare him.

“Hey, she’s cool.  She’d probably thank me anyway.  You and Iori are the only two out of twelve Chosen she hasn’t messed around with, and she plans to blow him once he’s eighteen.  Just last month she was lamenting how you were gay.”

“I’m not gay,” he said before letting the ridiculousness of that statement flow over him.  Suddenly he was hit by a consequence of her words “Wait so that means you –“

“Well uh,” she looked down, caught. “Miyako will do anything if she’s drunk enough and I was curious.  We didn’t much farther than her fingering me though, I don’t think I’d like to play with another girl unless…” 

I hope he orders me to perform with another girl for him

It was unspoken, but he’d come too far now not to cheat.  He filed that, and the tidbit about Miyako, away for future use.  That night would take some planning.  For now, he was erect and ready for if Hikari failed again.  She understood his intent.

“These asscheeks exist for Takeru to slide his dick between and cum all over, whenever he wants too.”

“Honestly I need to find your porn stash.  It’s got to be way better than mine, with your imagination.” he chuckled, “Still wrong. as a punishment, another picture.”

He had her shift her weight back to her shoulders again, and spread her legs until her asshole was sufficiently exposed.  He stopped to snap a pic, then pressed his erect cock against her hole.  then he had her move one hand to play with her slit, and the other move to her cum covered chest.

“You know you don’t need to just take a picture.  I’d do it if you wanted too.” she asked, although her face betrayed trepidation.  Takeru decided it looked adorable and completed the picture perfectly.

“I know” he said, letting her relax and moving in to kiss her “But no need to be hasty, besides you like the pictures don’t you?” she blushed profusely at his accusation.  He wanted to see if he could push her farther “And I’d like to look at them later, they’d be good masturbation material.” 

“I’m not sure how much I like the idea of you masturbating while I’m here lonely” she said with a pout, then it changed to a devious grin. “Maybe you could look them over while I service you.”  The idea made him even harder, and he had to calm himself down before he had her suck him off right there.  Time, Place.

“Next guess” he said shifting his weight to hopefully divert some blood flow. “I wasn’t expecting you to be this creative, So I’ll give you most of it in this hint:  This ass exists for Takeru to Blank and spank, Blank Blank, anytime he wants to.”

“This ass exists for Takeru to molest and spank, and grope?, anytime he wants to.”

“Partially right: This ass exists for Takeru to molest and spank, Blank Blank, anytime he wants to.”

“This ass exists for Takeru to molest and spank…. At will?, anytime he wants to.”

He shook his golden locks.  “Nope, ‘In public’.  This ass exist s for Takeru to molest and spank, in public, anytime he wants to.”

He could see fear and hopeful anticipation fighting in her face and thoughts.  The sun had gone down, but there was still some light out.  If they went out like this someone would call the cops on them. 

“I will spank you twice for each punishment you took.  That’s sixteen times in total.  I want you to thank me after each one, or it doesn’t count.”  Her face was still full of anxiety, but she did not resist as he led her through the house.  “Don’t worry, we won’t get caught if you really don’t want to.” he said with authority.  He opened the glass door and stepped out into the night, and was pleased to find she followed him unbidden.  Oddly, he could even see that she hoped to give him a reward in the future, for forcing her into it.

He sat down in a patio chair, and bent her over his knee, the position was a little awkward, with her hand and feet on the ground, and his erect dick wedged between his legs and her stomach.  he traced his right hand down her back, stopping to paw at her backside.  the he lifted his arm into the air.

“One” Smack. 

He saw her body tense, heard her whimper, saw the jiggles of her butt and the parts of her chest he could see.  He even swore he saw some of his cum fling off her breast and onto the balcony below.  She did not give him the response he was looking for though.

“One” Smack

Hikari whimpered again, then realized her mistake: “Thank you.” she said softly.

“Two” Smack. Whimper. “Thank you”

“Three” Smack. Whimper. “Thank you”

As his numbers got higher her whimpers turned into yelps as her voice strained in pain.  She had trouble thanking him past twelve, but he suspected that was more because she didn’t want this to end. But like all good things, it did end. When the brunette served her part, he let her get up.  She turned away from him and her hands went to her backside, nursing her red rear and unintentionally giving him quite the show.

“Now for your punishment.” she looked back at him in shock. “That was the main game remember, you never took your last punishment. It’s just some easy pictures.”

First he had face him with one had covering her breasts, the other her pussy.  it was a farcical attempt to pretended to keep her modesty: that had been discarded long ago.  Next he had her stand in the same spot, but his time spread her legs uncover her tits and, make peace signs with her hands, and wink at him.  Then he moved to the main attraction, he had her brace herself against the balcony railing looking out, he pulled her feet back and apart while arcing her back down.  From directly behind her he could see both her holes, and took quite a few shots. 

An idea struck him, he put down the phone and moved his chair behind her, when he sat down he was much closer to her exposed privates.  Quickly and roughly he shot his hands out and began to kneed her tender rear.  She let out a sudden gasp as her knees buckled.  “This ass exists for Takeru to molest and spank in public, anytime he wants to.” He reminded her, and her protest died in her throat.

As he played with her, he allowed his hands to stay to the small of her back and her thighs, noticing a wetness on the latter.  “Does pain turn you on? Miss Yagami?”

“I don’t think so” she said, trying to keep her breath even.  “I think what turns me on is doing what nobody would expect innocent little Hikari Yagami to do.”

“Like let someone manhandle your ass after spanking you?” he asked, his hand moving to her cunt to finger her as they shot remarks back and forth.

“Or let someone spank me nude on the balcony.”

“Or let them write degrading things on your body in marker?”

“Or play naked with my childhood friend in my brother’s room.”

“Or let me take pictures of you that may end up god know where?”

“Or – or to get covered in cum and not, wash it off.”

“Or bend to my every will no matter how perverted?”

“Or let some unemployed boy take my virginity after half a glass of wine, ah, without even going on a d-date with him first.” she said legs shaking, dangerously close to orgasm.

Takeru paused his attentions in protest. “I’m not some neighborhood dropout you pulled off the street.”

“I forgive you.”

She said the words knowing full well it would deny her any chance of finishing.  His reaction was well worth it; he’d had no intention of letting her cum quite yet anyway.

Takeru got up from his chair and gave her ass one final slap in mock indignation.  He would let her win this round, instead he turned to enter the condo and ordered Hikari back inside.  He made it half way to his destination before realizing he left his phone behind in a huff and he had to go back to the balcony.

When they finally returned to Taichi’s room he had her spread herself before him, as he began to write on her pelvis, just above her mound.   Before he let her guess he took some pictures, wanting to capture the finished product.

“This final round is about your pussy” he clarified. “I think you already have a vague idea about what the prize is.”  He hadn’t let her cum since this game started, it seemed fitting to end it with a big one.  Hikari knew Takeru too well to expect this to be easy, there had to be a trick, no matter how pent up he was.

“This Pussy exists for Takeru to dump his cum into, whenever he wants.”

“Wow, you got the cumdump part” he said not at all shocked, “But the rest is wrong, I didn’t call it a pussy and you are missing one other thing too.  I’m glad, I was really hoping you would get this one wrong at least once.  Stay here.”

He dashed off returning shortly with her high school uniform.  She had no issue with him riffling through her closet, he had been in the room while she worked through her closet before and even helped her pick out an outfit on multiple occasions.  The only thing she had not let him do before was look through her delicates, but even before this happened she trusted him to do even that.  Unless he was going to steal them all and force her to go commando, but now the thought he might turned her on.

He only grabbed the button up shirt and the skirt to start, he didn’t want anything else.  For the first pick he had her only do up the bottom button and pull up her skirt while standing on the bed.  From the low angle, the camera could catch all of his writings on her at once. 

The second had her bend over and smile at him between her legs, while she hiked up her skirt to completely expose her lower half.  Both holes and relevant writing making encore appearances. 

The third picture had her sitting at Taichi’s desk, turned toward Takeru.  Her skirt was once again flipped up displaying her pussy, which one hand was spreading, the other hand was beckoning to him. 

She though it odd that he would take pics that feigned modesty when he had pictures of her butt naked.  He thought it was about the story the pictures told, and as a photographer she should agree with him.  She just did whatever he wanted to make him happy.

The final piece was a short video.  She thought it quite creepy, but couldn’t deny that turned her on more.  She properly dressed in her uniform, sans underwear, and brushed her hair over the left side of her face.  Her wrists were turned inward, like this none of the markings could be found.  Then she turned to the camera and smiled,

“Hello Takeru.” she “I know we’ve been friends for years, but there’s some stuff about me you don’t know”

Turned her wrists towards him: “This is my right hand, which exists to jack of Takeru, whenever he wants it, and my left which exists to fondle Takeru’s balls, when jacking him off.” 

She flipped her hair back “These lips exist for kissing Takeru, as often and as long as he wants it.” 

Then she undid her neckerchief.  “This throat exists to swallow Takeru’s cum whenever he wants it”

Next she took off her shirt and blazer, “These Tit’s exist to feed Takeru’s babies” she said toying with them as she went. 

Next she lifted up the left side of her skirt, while still covering the treasure in the center. “These thighs exist for Takeru’s pleasure, to run his cock through with or without penetration, whenever he wants to.”

She turned around and dropped her skirt, “This ass exists for Takeru to molest and spank in public, anytime he wants to.” she said, giving it a good smack. 

Finally, she turned around and spread her pussy.  “This cunt exists as Takeru’s Cumdump, to be used wherever he wants, whenever he wants.”

She dropped to her knees, “So please Takeru won’t you give my naughty body reason to exist?”

It was the worst part of pandering to his ego, and Hikari knew he didn’t need it.  But at this point it was practically true and by god did it get her hot and heavy.  He stopped filming and moved toward her.  With the last line there was no reason to continue the game, only to let her revel in her prize. Bringing her to her feet he brought her to the bed, kissing and sucking on her lips the whole way.  He laid her down, and proceeded to enter her again.

She came instantly around him, withering and moaning in her own heaven, but he pushed through it.  He liked the way she felt when she orgasmed anyway.  After her intense joy subsided, she barely had time to catch her breath before she felt herself building to another one.

Takeru’s technique was very basic, he simply moved in and out of her at as steady a speed as he could.  But after all that build up it was more than enough for her.  Orgasm after Orgasm hit her, each one longer and more toe curling than the last.  She’d long since given up trying to aid their lovemaking, or even form coherent sounds.  Her mind was only on the pleasure she felt, and the man giving it to her.  Surrendering herself to him again and again.

When finally Takeru’s thrust began to hasten and Hikari could see the strain appear on his face, she tried her best to egg him on. “Cum for me,” she paused to moan. “I want to feel it.”

That was about all she could handle before her sixth orgasm began to overtake her.  Her orgasm triggered his, and he thrust in to the hilt as he enjoyed her pulling at him.  He released all he could inside her, more than any previous load, and when he pulled out a small dollop of cum pushed out of her and onto Taichi’s old bed.   

“That’s my good Cumdump” he said unthinkingly.  Hikari’s mind had been blown out from the pleasure, those words were the only thing that permeated.  She was his good cumdump, and that’s all she needed to be.

Takeru had cheated like hell in that last round. He didn’t care, Hikari deserved better than he could humanly give her right now.  What was the point of magical powers if you couldn’t use them to give your partner what she desired?  A few extra orgasms here, higher semen production there and a touch of stamina.  As Hikari became more depraved, his options got larger, and he had to stop himself from changing the size of his cock or making her mind Takeru-centric for life.  Even if he was restricted to her hopes, she had some desires he had to stay away from for both their sanity’s sake.

“Morning Princess” he said when she regained cognitive functions.  “I was thinking we should try the shower next, wipe the marker off, and maybe have a little show.  Then the kitchen to rebuild stamina, I think you’d look cute naked apron.”

“Are you ever going to let me sleep?” she wasn’t complaining, feeling like that was worth skipping a little sleep.

“Maybe, but first I am going to fuck you in every room of this house, with photo evidence, naturally.  It will be the first step towards showing the world that You are Mine.”  he paused then added something that had been true for far longer than he cared to admit.  “And I am yours.”

“No” she protested “I am yours, but you are bigger than me. My master should be able to go out and fuck whoever he wants, then come back and use me like the sex toy I am.”

This response sent up a red flag, and he searched her hopes to find it confirmed. 

I hope I get to feel like that again

I hope he lets me repay him for everything tonight

I hope he builds a harem

I hope he will be a good master to me and the girls.

I hope I can be a good little sex-slave for Takeru

He hadn’t done more than magnify Hikari’s pleasure and push her into a few of her fantasies.  Had he caused this unnaturally submissive attitude?  Even if he had, he didn’t pursue the thought for fear it might ruin their night.  Tonight was about bliss; they could figure out what they actually were tomorrow.


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