The Manager is a Dormant "Succubus"

BY : Eternal_Erotica
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of Haikyuu! This is purely made for fun.

Author Notes: Shimizu Kiyoko might be a bit OC, nothing too bad. She is not an actual succubus, but she acts like one towards Hinata.

Pairing: Shimizu Kiyoko x Hinata Shōyō

Chapter 1: The Dormant Succubus is Born

Shimizu Kiyoko was one of the most beautiful girls any guy from Karasuno High has ever seen. She was also smart, athletic and cool. Her slender body was described by many, including the female student body, as perfect. Her long legs, her smooth skin, her well endowed bust, her black medium length hair and gray eyes made her look like a model and the mole under her lips emphasized her beautiful face perfectly. She was by all means, hot.

She was also someone who felt a bit intimidating to approach. Her cool and calm demeanor made her both attractive and scary. Not that she was a scary person, but every time someone would try to talk to her, they would get flustered, stutter or back away from her.

Kiyoko, didn't let it bother her. She honestly didn't care how others viewed her. She knew who she was, although she honestly felt some of the things she heard about her felt a little exaggerated. She knew she looked beautiful, but she didn't flaunt it or constantly told people like some arrogant princess. She was fine with how her high school life has been and she honestly didn't mind it at all. She had her friends and occupied herself with being the manager of Karasuno's male volleyball team.

She did find the new freshman who joined the club unique in their own way. She was happy that the volleyball team were getting new members so she welcomed them all with a smile and a respectful bow. There was one new freshman that intrigued her a bit and that was the orange haired boy, Shōyō Hinata. He was energetic and always looked like he was having fun playing volleyball. She was glad a person like that was on the team. It brought up the spirit and cheerfulness of a team that was struggling to find members and trying to get back some of the old ones who left. She was also impressed with how high he could jump. When she first saw him do so, her eyes widened and her glasses fell down slightly. It honestly looked quite amazing.

It was then that Kiyoko discovered something inside her that she either didn't know about or laid dormant inside her. She was asked out by countless of people and yet none of them made her act the way she did when he triggered the secret emotion in her. Yet, this orange haired boy did...and he didn't have to utter a word.


The incident between the two first started during the team's first practice match as one, against another team, Aobajōsai High. Hinata had been struggling with nervousness and an upset stomach which resulted in many attempts by other members of the team to try and cheer him up, all ending with failure. When Hinata returned from the bathroom, he was still a nervous wreck. The team's Captain, Daichi Sawamura, tried to cheer him up, but it didn't work out and Hinata felt even more nervous. It was then, he asked Kiyoko if she could help out with the situation.

"Hey, Manager?" He approached her as Kiyoko turned her head towards him. "Do you think you can say something to him know cheer him up...?" He asked her as Kiyoko tilted her head to the side to glance behind him over at Hinata. She looked back at him and gave him a slight nod. She didn't know how she would be able to help, but if the captain of the team needed her help with something, as the manager, she was obligated to fulfill his request.

She then slowly made her way towards him. Hinata frowned as his eyes roamed all over the gym. She could see how nervous he was and called out to him to get his attention. "Hey..." He turned his head as she stopped just in front of him. He looked at her with a slightly surprised face, probably surprised she was talking to him. Kiyoko calmly just placed a hand on his shoulder and told him with a gentle and cool voice, "I'm counting on you."

There was a brief pause before Hinata did something that surprised her. His face, no his entire head, became as red as she had ever seen on a person's body and she swore she saw a puff of smoke appear from just above his head. His mouth was gaped open and he trembled as well as Kiyoko backed her hand away from the freshman.

She wasn't sure what the reaction was or how she warranted it, but there was one thing running through her mind when she saw it. She found him cute...adorable and pleasant. In fact, she never found anyone to have all these emotions at once, yet he was able to do so. It made her, excited. It made her cheek get slightly warm. It made her feel something she never experienced before, but with her knowledge, she knew what it was. It made her aroused.

"I-I'm sorry Hinata...I didn't know..." Daichi started to apologize to the freshman as he wasn't aware at how bad he was with girls. He was going to apologize again, but then stopped when he saw Kiyoko raise her hand.

"I think I can help him." She suddenly said as Daichi blinked at her.

"Y-You can?" He asked as she nodded, her bangs covering her eyes.

"Yes. The game isn't for another 20 minutes, correct?" She asked him and he nodded. "Then that's enough time." She told him and then walked forward and grabbed Hinata by his wrist. "Follow me." She told him, but Hinata was struck again with another surprised reaction as he unconsciously followed behind her. Daichi watched the two leave the gym with a confused face, but decided to let the manager help the freshman out. He trusted that she knew what she was doing.


Hinata didn't understand any of this. His mind was all over the place and his body was so hot he felt like melting. He couldn't believe the situation he was suddenly in. There he was, inside what looked like to be a gym equipment closet, and was with possibly the most beautiful girl he ever laid his eyes on. Except she was doing something he never imagined someone would do to him. Not when he first started high school or before his first ever high school practice match...hell he didn't expect something like to happen to him at all. However, it was and it was the most incredible feeling he had ever experienced.

Kiyoko Shimizu, the manager of the Karasuno volleyball team, a beautiful third year girl, was giving Hinata Shōyō, a orange haired, hyperactive guy, a full blown blow job.

He heard her moan as she bobbed her head on his erection as he gripped one of the stacked blue gymnastic mats tightly, trying desperately to not collapse under the pleasure. He didn't understand why she was giving him a blow job. All he remembered was following her into the equipment closet and then suddenly getting pushed into the gym mats. He remembered vividly the feeling of her hands roaming against his shirt and down to his crotch as she quickly pulled down his pants and boxers and began licking his penis until it got erect. Once it did, she immediately began sucking on it and bobbing her head back and forth. Hinata couldn't help the moans and screams that erupted from his mouth the moment she started working on his penis.

He was in such a pure blissful state that his mind couldn't comprehend anything that was going on. Why was she doing this? Why with someone like him? Why would someone as hot and beautiful as the Shimizu Kiyoko do this to him? It didn't make any sense. However, at the moment in time, all Hinata could think about was how amazing his first ever blow job was and how warm her mouth felt. His face was completely red and flustered.

She made slurping sounds as she took in almost his entire erection into her mouth. Her nose would at times touch the base of his crotch as her tongue covered his entire length with her saliva. She moaned and flicked her tongue against the tip of his cock before going back down.

"S-S-S-Shimizu-senpai..." Hinata barely stuttered as she moved faster. That did not help him at all as her quickened movements made his entire body feel hot and the pressure in his stomach grow stronger. "W-W-Wait..." She moaned, ignoring his stuttering as she moved even faster. "Ahhhhh...S-S-Shimizu-senpai...ahhh...w-w-wait...I f-feel...ahhh..."

Hinata couldn't hold it in anymore and quickly took on of his hands and placed it behind her head, pushing her towards him as he released his sperm into her hot mouth. Kiyoko closed her eyes as she concentrated on taking all of the younger teen's semen. Some of his thick white cum escaped her mouth and trailed down the side of her mouth. She grunted as she felt his cock twitch insider her mouth as he let out powerful spurts, one after the other until his penis calmed down. Once she felt the last twitch, she waited a moment before pulling back and removing his penis from her mouth. She swallowed the remaining cum inside her mouth and wiped away the remaining semen from around her mouth with her hand.

She looked up at the boy and saw him panting and struggling to keep himself up as his knees shook. She wasn't sure what came over her. The moment she saw that adorable reaction, his red and flustered face and how cute he looked, sparked some sort of dormant feeling inside her. A sudden arousal that made her want to touch him, to do things to him that she wouldn't want to do with anyone but him. Almost as if he was some sort of reverse succubus for her. She didn't understand this feeling, but she wanted more. She wanted to feel him against her.

She took his hand and then suddenly pulled him towards her. She pulled him towards the floor as he was surprised by her sudden action as he hit the floor with a soft thud. His back was on the floor as he watched the beautiful older teen crawl over him as his face became flustered and red again. He couldn't believe such a beautiful and hot girl was right above him. Her silky black hair flow down the side of her face as she was giving him one of the weirdest smiles he ever saw. It was a smile filled with her arousal.

"Hinata..." She moaned his name which sent a chill down his spine. It felt incredible hearing his name come from the mouth of such a beautiful person. Her cool and mature sounding voice tingled his ears and he could feel his penis get erect once again, touching against her jacket. She giggled when she felt his erection twitch against her.

She straddled him and started to unzip her jacket. Hinata watched her with wide eyes and a flustered face. His eyes trailed along with her hand as the zipper moved down her body until it disconnected at the hem. He gulped in nervousness as she removed her jacket and then reached down her shirt to lift up slowly. His cock twitched in excitement as she stopped her shirt just under her breasts. She smiled down at him before removing her shirt with one swift motion. Hinata's eyes bugged out as he stared up at the white laced bra that the older woman wore.

She smiled at his reaction as his cock continued to twitch against her. She tossed her shirt to the floor next to her, next to her jacket before reaching behind her. Hinata's heartbeat was at an all time fast as he was about to see his first ever breasts. He heard a click and he held his breath as she dropped her bra onto his stomach. However, he didn't care about it as his face became such a deep red color that it almost looked like it was on fire. He couldn't believe that this was happening to him. All he thought that was going to happen was being in his first practice match with an actual team. Yet, he was experiencing something as well for the first time and with such a beautiful person to boot.

His eyes couldn't be taken off of the beautiful and large breasts of Shimizu Kiyoko. It was his first time ever seeing breasts before and they looked as amazing as he thought they would be. He wasn't one who was like other boys his age. He didn't go after girls or ogled over their bodies, but he knew about it. A girl's body and doing something like this was on the mind of every young man in high school. He still didn't think that he would be experiencing this in his freshman year in high school, but he was and it was exhilarating. His heart raced even more when she suddenly started leaning back down towards him. Her breasts pressed up against his shirt, sending a shiver throughout his body.

"S-S-Shimizu-senpai...y-y-your b-b-b-b-breasts are..." She giggled at his nervousness. She rubbed her body against his, making him scream slightly in surprise. Kiyoko smiled at him and leaned her head down to his neck and planted a few kisses on it, making hims cream and shiver all over his body. "Aaaahhh..."

She giggled against his skin while giving him a few more kisses and then trailing her tongue down his neck. He moaned again as she began to rub herself on his body. His erection was sandwiched between her abdomen and his, getting stimulated by her movements. She gave his neck a few more licks before lifting her head and staring down at his face. She gave him a seductive smile. "Hinata..." The younger boy looked back at her and his eyes widened as she leaned down and kissed him on his lips before he could say anything back. He made a noise in surprise as his face got hot again.

Her soft lips were pressing against his and it felt incredible. Her warm wet mouth sent his own to another world, filled with pleasure and so much goodness that it felt unreal. He still believed this to be nothing but a dream, but it felt too real to be so. Part of him was glad that this was the case, however, another was just simply confused as to why such a bombshell of a senpai is doing this with him. He hardly interacted with her except for a few instances during practice, but it usually always ended with him nodding, stuttering or walking away with nerves at such a high level. She felt her moan against his lips as her tongue was asking entrance into his mouth. He quickly opened his mouth and let her inside. The kiss suddenly became 10 times better and Hinata reached a new state of euphoria that he didn't know existed.

Their lips danced with one another as she roamed his mouth, licking every nook and cranny. He moaned when she started to suck on his tongue and continued to move against it with her own. Their saliva mingled together even after she pulled away from the kiss. A strand of saliva was all that kept them connected with another before it broke apart as well. She had that same seductive smile on her face as she looked at him, licking her lips.

Hinata panted as he looked back at her. "S-S-Shimizu-senpai..." He moaned as she shifted her body a bit forward. She smiled at him and then lowered her breast down to her face. Hinata eyes widened again as he felt one of her pink nipples brush up against his lips, asking for him to put his mouth on it. Without hesitating, he quickly lifted his head and clamped his mouth over her breast and began sucking on her teat. Kiyoko moaned loudly when her breast was attacked his his warm mouth. She could feel him suck on her breasts with so much eagerness and force that it made her body feel both hot and aroused. The things he was doing was fulfilling that former dormant feeling she didn't know she had and it made her so overjoyed.

She took a hold of his right hand and moved it towards her other breasts and allowed him to grab a hold of it, giving it a squeeze. She moaned loudly as both her mounds were being taken care of by the orange haired boy. Hinata wasn't sure what the manager of the volleyball was going to do when he felt her grab his hand, but his face became red when he felt something soft against it. He opened one eye to see what it was and it was indeed her other breast as she moved her hand along with his to stimulate her body. She had her eyes closed as she allowed her body to give in to the pleasure he was giving her. It felt so incredible that it almost felt like a jolt of electricity continuously entered her body, making her feel so much bliss.

Hinata continued to suck on her breast and nipple, even adding his tongue to flick it against her nub. The taste of her breast felt so good in his mouth. He even tried nibbling her nipple, which earned him a loud moan from the girl above her. His cock twitched with excitement. His hand continued to massage her other breast as he pinched her other nipple in between his fingers, while also giving a light pull to stimulate her even more. Her waist rubbed against his as Hinata felt a wetness in her pants that wasn't there before. He wasn't sure what it was, but he didn't care for it at the moment and continued to suck on her breast.

He continued to do so for a couple of more seconds before Kiyoko pulled his hair back and he let go of her breast with a pop. He blinked at her in confusion as she panted while looking down at his reddened face. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Her glistening skin made her look even more stunning. He never seen someone looked more beautiful than her and he was probably the only one to ever see her like this. His face became red again at the thought.

"H-Hinata..." She spoke as he jumped slightly at her voice.

"Y-Y-Yes!?" He asked quickly as she panted.

"I can't hold it anymore...I need it...I need you..." She moaned to him. Hinata was not sure what she was referring. "We only have about 5 minutes so...let's do this quickly..." She told him.

"D-D-Do what...S-S-Shimizu-senpai...?" Hinata asked as she smiled again at him.

"You'll see..." She replied and to his surprise, she lifted herself up from him and started taking off her pants.

"W-Wait Shimizu-senpai...I don't k-know if I'm r-r-ready..." He told her, but she ignored him and removed her pants, leaving her only in her white panties. Hinata blushed again, something he had been doing constantly now. She lowered herself down to rub against the underside of his length. Hinata groaned and moaned as he felt her wet panties rub against his erection, causing it to twitch in excitement. She didn't do this for long as she craved to have him inside her. She lifted herself up and hovered above his erection. She used one of her hands to move her panties to the side and lower herself down on his erection. She felt his mushroom shaped head touch against her opening, sending a jolt up her spine. Hinata threw his head back as he groaned at the feeling of his erection rubbing against her vagina. Their juices mixing together as she began lowering herself on to it.

"Ahhhh..." She moaned as she felt her walls stretch to welcome the intruder. Hinata gritted his teeth as he felt her tight walls wrap around his erection like a constrictor. It was such an unreal feeling that nothing could describe it. No pleasure he ever felt, whether it was the blow job, feeling her breasts against him or any volleyball game he had ever been apart of compared to this. It was just so euphoric. She continued to lower herself until she felt his cock make contact her her hymen. She didn't wait long until she pushed him past it. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth at the sheer pain of losing her virginity. She stayed still, shuddering a bit as the pain coursed through her body. Hinata was unaware of this as his mind and body were too consumed by the pleasure.

He didn't know why she suddenly stopped, but he hoped it wasn't because she decided to change her mind. However, the pleasure was just so great that he was completely lost in it. Kiyoko stayed still until she was able to withstand the pain. There was blood dripping down from her opening, but neither cared about that for the moment. Instead, Kiyoko finished lowering herself as she felt his entire cock fill her up completely. She could feel the tip of his penis hit against her cervix and she let out a loud moan in satisfaction.

Finally, the thing she wanted, the thing the dormant feeling wanted with every fiber of her being was finally inside her. It felt incredible. Her body shuddered with every twitch he made inside her. Hinata was so lost in the pleasure of losing his own virginity as well, especially with such a gorgeous person like Shimizu Kiyoko, his mind completely shut down and accepted the pleasure.

After a couple more seconds of enjoying each others warmth, Kiyoko began to move. She lifted herself slowly, all the way until just the tip of Hinata's penis was inside, before going back down. They both groaned as the stimulation they felt and wanted to feel it again. She moved back up and then quickly back down as she bounced on him, their flesh smacking against each other, making a noise that echoed throughout the equipment closet.

She began to ride his cock with a slow and nice rhythm. Their moans were in unison with her bounces as the two indulged in each other through the ancient dance known as intercourse. Hinata was simply lost in the bliss. He was having sex with such a beautiful woman and possibly the desire of many of the boys in school and he didn't even know what he did to get into this situation. However, he decided to just go with it and treasure this first experience of sex as if it was his last. His hands were shaking the entire time she bounced on him. He didn't know what to do with them, so he just had them resting at his side.

Kiyoko noticed his hands and how he wasn't doing anything, so she grabbed his hands and moved them towards her breasts. She placed them on her mounds and used her hands to make him squeeze her large breasts. She moaned in satisfaction at the feeling of his warm hands against her sensitive breasts. She wasn't sure what got over her, but she didn't regret what she was doing. In fact, she was more than glad she was doing this. It gave her such an incredible feeling that she didn't know she badly wanted. It was almost as if she was a succubus who laid dormant for so long and wanted to have sex so badly to help her with her needs.

She soon felt Hinata start to squeeze and move his hands on his own, making her moan in delight. She let go of his hands and just concentrated on her movement, trying her best to get the best pleasure she could from the younger boy. The sound of the flesh smacking each other and the wet sound of their juices mixing with every bounce echoed throughout the entire room, only being overtaken by their random moaning and groaning sounds. They continued their intercourse until they felt their orgasms start winding down.

"Ahhh. S-S-Shimizu-senpai...I feel something..." Hinata moaned as he tilted his head back, but continuing to play with her breasts. He felt a pressure similar to the one he felt before in the pit of his stomach. He was going to cum soon and he needed to let her know.

"Me...too..." She replied back with her own moan and rode his cock faster. Hinata began to worry a little about the possibility of him cumming inside her, but he was not in control and he honestly wouldn't be able to get her off of him. The pleasure he felt made him so weak, along with his nervous and flustered personality made him completely vulnerable right now.

Kiyoko continued riding him, going faster with each passing second as her orgasm was quickly approaching. Their movements soon began to get erratic. She could feel his penis twitch more often, telling her that he was going to cum any second now. He gave her breast a squeeze as he gritted his teeth and arched his back. He couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Shimizu-senpai!" He screamed as he gave his first thrust and released his orgasms.

"Hinata!" She screamed back as she felt his warm thick semen shoot inside her, coating her walls and entering her womb. Shot after shot of his white sperm erupted from his penis, filling her womb completely. Her own orgasm erupted at some point as his penis was coated with her cum, mixing with his as some of his semen managed to escape from her opening. She could feel her insides become hot from his climax and she shuddered at the incredible pleasure coursing through her body.

Hinata felt like he was on a cloud as his release was the most incredible feeling he ever felt. It was as if he died and went to heaven. Her walls tighten around his erection to squeeze him of everything he had and he welcomed it. He saw her arch her back like he did as he held on to her breast during her orgasm. He noticed her nipples twitching with excitement along with his bursts.

The two stayed like so until the last load of his semen came out of the tip and he relaxed his body. His hands fell down to his sides as he panted, trying to catch his breath. He felt Kiyoko's hands land in his chest to keep her up after such an explosive orgasm. She too was panting for air and her body slightly shook. She lifted her hand and tucked her hair behind her ear and looked down at Hinata and smiled seductively down at him.

"S-S-Shimizu-senpai...why...?" He decided to at least ask her why she did this with him. She chuckled and continued to smile at him with those wet pink lips.

"Because..." She began and leaned forward more towards him. "...I wanted to." She then kissed him, surprising Hinata. She moaned in his mouth before pulling away. " you feel relaxed...?"

"Huh...? Umm...I don't know..." He responded unsure as he continued to pant. She didn't respond back as she looked like she was waiting for the right answer to come from him. "...Yeah...I do..."

She smiled and kissed him one more time. She broke the kiss and lifted herself as his penis left her vagina, some of his semen oozing out of her. She then sat down next to him.

"'s time to go back...otherwise you'll miss you first practice match." She told him with a smile and then went to grab her clothes.

"Ah...right...the practice match..." He propped himself on his elbows before getting to a sitting position. He looked over to the older girl and saw her begin to put back on her sweat pants. After a couple of more seconds to regain his strength, he went for his pants and started putting them back on. At this point, Kiyoko was finished dressing and started fixing her hair.

She then turned towards him and and to his surprise, she looked as if she returned to normal with her cool expression and demeanor. "Let's go, Hinata. The others will probably start searching for us if we don't get back soon."

"R-Right..." He wasn't sure how to respond to that. Heck, he didn't know how she was able to return to normal after what they did. He felt really nervous on how to act around her now after what they did. He watched her head towards the door and quickly followed her. She suddenly stopped in front of the door, causing Hinata to stop as well. She then turned around and leaned towards his ear.

"Do your best...and you'll get a reward later..." Hinata's face got extremely red as she leaned back and smiled at him seductively before turning around and opening the door. She walked out of the equipment closet with the same smile. She wasn't sure what was going on with her, but she didn't hate it. She loved it. She loved having sex with Hinata Shōyō. As if she was a succubus specifically just for him to grant her her desires.

This was just the beginning to their sexual adventures.

To Be Continued...

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