It All Started With A Tentacruel

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Disclaimer: First chapter features Tentacle rape. Only Chapter to have rape. The story is part of the pokemon fandom and I don't own Pokemon or any of the characters or make a profit off this story.

Prolouge: Catching Tentacruel

Author Note: I originally wrote a story a few years ago titled: Misty, Her Tentacruel, and an Unexpected Guest. This story is a rewrite of the first two chapters of that story and I will continue it as a series. I deleted the account a while back but I still have the original story which I will not be posting as the writing is low quality.

It was a warm day, and the sun shinned bright as Misty entered Pewter city. People were outside to enjoy the good weather, and a few men stared at her as she walked by. She ignored the looks that her tight outfit drew to her. She walked toward the local pokecenter as she adjusted the camping gear on her back. 
Cool air blew out of the building as the doors slid open. Misty walked up to the desk that one of the many Nurse Joy’s sat behind. “Hi, can I get my Pokemon checked?” Misty asked while she passed over the Pokeball that held her Psyduck.
“Sure, give me just a second,” Nurse Joy said as she placed the ball in a machine beside her, and started scanning the Pokemon inside. “I heard you turned 18 a few days ago?”
“Yes,” Misty replied.
“I’ve heard quite a few people talking about it around here. More then a few men seem excited that you’re now legal. You better watch out,” Nurse Joy winked at her.
Misty blushed at the comment. “I don’t know about that,” She replied.
The machine finished the scan of her Pokeball with a beep. Nurse Joy handed back the Pokeball.
“It’s healthy, and ready to fight. Only one though?” Asked Nurse Joy.
“I’m not here to fight, only to observe. I’m looking into the appearance of Tentacool’s in Virdian Forest which aren’t native to this area. This is for an emergency,” Misty finished holding up her Pokeball. 
“Okay. Be careful,” Nurse Joy smiled as Misty turned to leave. “I’ve heard of Pokemon acting up in this area. It seems there has also been an increase in wild Pokemon around here. I suspect mating season might have come early.” 
Misty nods absentmindedly in reply, her mind going back to what Nurse Joy had previously said about people being excited for her Birthday. She had a picture stuck in her head of anonymous guys touching themselves to the thought of  her bring legal. Despite her disgust at the thought, she felt her self getting wet, a part of her imaging what she could do to make it a day to remember for all those pervs.

Standing on the edge of Viridian Forest, Misty stared at the thick trees clustered together. Voices drifted from the forest, the sounds of many trainers, and their different Pokemon. Misty needed to travel deep into the forest, but the thought of the bug Pokemon that filled it kept her from leaving the edge of the forest. She still had a hatred for bugs.
She shook her head clearing her mind, and forced herself past the tree line. The trees soon surrounded her as she couldn’t follow the main path, her goal was much deeper into the forest, and the main path only moved through the edge of the forest. The trees were thick, the smell of oak, and pine surrounded her. Branches reached out to scratch her arms, and she felt sharp stings as small cuts were made by the trees grouping hands. Misty stopped walking, and grabbed at the branches in front of her trying to break them, and throw them away from her, but they swung back into her face, knocking her onto the ground. Her orange tank top caught on a branch on the way down, and tore open to reveal her chest, she didn’t wear bras often thanks to her perky tits, and probably wouldn’t even if they sagged..
“You’ve got to be kidding me!” She screamed at the open sky as she ripped the rest of her top off her body, and threw it to the ground. She put her bag down, and opened it. Looking through the bag she searched for her machete. Once she found it she pulled out the sharp blade from it’s sheath, and then swinging her bag up onto her back she continued forward into the forest cutting the branches in her way. She stayed topless due to only having a sweater, and since she doubted anyone would see her deep in the forest she didn’t want to make her self unnecessarily warm. 

Toward evening she came across her destination, a small lake deep within the forest. There had been a few rare reports from a few trainers who came this deep into the forest that were getting attacked by a Tentacool in the water of the lake. It sounded like it was a single Pokemon on its own and Misty wanted to find it.
After putting down her gear she first gathered some food from her bag to leave by the shore in the shallow water to draw out the Tentacool. Then she went about setting up her camp. She pitched her tiny tent and collected wood in order to make a fire. She hid her food, and stashed whatever gear she didn’t need inside the tent.
 At some point the Tentacool had come close to shore drawn by the food. Despite the food it kept its distance, watching the half naked trainer for any quick movements. Misty had deliberately left her Psyduck  in its Pokeball so as to not scare off the Tentacool. As she crawled out of her tent, after storing her gear, she spotted the Pokemon. Standing up she gave it a friendly smile.
“Hey there. How did you get out here? Do you want some food.” Misty points to where she left the food in the water, but it made no movements toward the food. The behaviour slightly unnerved Misty so she backed away from the food, and turned to get out her bikini so she could change.
Misty walked to a bush near by, and grabbed her suspenders pulling them from her shoulders, and away from her perky C Cup breasts that had been left for the world to see. Her nipples had hardened from a light breeze that made its way toward her as she set up camp. She then pulled at the button on her tiny jean shorts, and bending over slowly, pulled them down while pretending to be putting on a show for an audience that wasn’t there. The shorts themselves barely covered her round ass, but she loved them anyways. She knew people stared at her round bubble butt, and she loved using it to distract people during battles when they thought she hadn’t noticed. She also loved yelling at anyone who she caught staring outright. It made her so wet thinking of embarrassing those few perverts who couldn’t keep their eyes off her young body.  She then looked down at her grey boy shorts. They were damp from her arousal as she had spent the afternoon thinking of strange men pleasing themselves to her body as she worked her way through the forest.
As Misty pulled down her boy shorts she pictured the invisible audience and what would have happened if she caught them. Then her imaginary audience turned into one particular boy. A young boy that sometimes travelled with Ash and his older sister May. Her, May, and Dawn another friend of Ash, knew Max liked watching them, and they would try to turn him on as much as they could, the poor boy was given more masturbation fodder then he could handle. Even his own sister teased him, and the three girls could tell that Max and May’s shared blood didn’t stop Max from thinking all kinds of filthy things about her. Misty even once decided to catch him and let him spend a while worrying that she was going to tell his sister since she did threaten to do it. She enjoyed his confusion when before she later left the group she had whispered in his ear. “Enjoy the peeping Tom. Maybe I’ll be around again sometime for you to spy on.” After winking at him she had grabbed his crotch and felt him squirt out a load. She was a little surprised though that he stayed hard even as she was walking away, maybe because he was watching her tight ass walk away. She pictured herself humiliating Max and all the other unknown people watching, and calling them perverts. She would make enough noise to draw other trainers near by, and humiliate those watching her by telling any trainer who showed up that they were being complete perverts. She started to rub her clit picturing herself feigning an attempt to cover up while yelling out insults. Unfortunately she had work to do and soon stopped before she started to slide a finger in. Misty cursed herself for trying to do her job instead of just laying back, and getting off. It was hard to be a responsible adult.
Misty reached down, grabbed her blue bikini bottom, and pulled it up against her pussy soaking the fabric almost instantly. She then reached for her top, and pressed it against her hardened nipples, then attached the clasp behind her back. The fabric rubbed against her chest, and made her moan slightly. The Bikini itself did not cover much, and left little to the imagination. The sides, and top of her tits were exposed, and the material stretched across what little it did cover as her chest pushed it out. Any one staring at that area would have seen her hardened nipples outlined against the fabric. The bottom was almost a thong, covering about a quarter of her ass, and although the front covered her pussy if she bent forward anyone could see her pussy lips, and the fact that she was clean shaven except for the triangle of hair above her pussy. Her bright orange pubic hair could be seen at the top even as short as she kept it. The Bikini didn’t cover much because she hated wearing clothes, and would spend as much time as possible naked, or as close as naked as she could get. She only wore this tiny bikini because if someone came across her naked it would distract from her work if they made some kind of noise at the unexpected surprise. She had been tempted in the past to fight gym battles nude as she preferred being in the water, and liked feeling water against her bare skin, but it would be an unfair advantage against many young trainers, and it would be something frowned upon by the Gym Leader Union. 
“What is going on today? Why am I so horny?” She asked herself upon feeling how fast her bikini bottoms got soaked. Picking up her clothes she returned to camp still wet, and wishing that she could have laid down for a few hours to finger fuck herself while she rubbed her clit. 
At camp the Tentacool was in the same spot as before, but it had ate the food she left. She smiled at it, and watched for signs of movement. It seemed to not fear her, but it also did not trust her. Misty sat down by the water, she knew that she had to approach it, but she didn’t want to in case it was startled easily. She had no intention of fighting it, only wanting to discover how it got here.  
After half an hour there had been no progress. The Pokemon still floated in the water only staring at her. She then went to stand when she realized her hand had been down her bikini bottoms. She hadn’t realized she had been playing with her clit, and fingering herself. Her head spun, and she quickly removed her hand like she had been caught doing it by another trainer. She couldn’t understand why she had been doing that. She felt unsure about herself, having found herself doing things she had been unaware of. She then shook her head, and tried to mentally set herself on the task of her work. She stood having made the decision that she would try to make contact with the Tentacool. She wanted to know more about it, and had waited long enough, night was close by. She moved toward the water, and let it lap at her feet.
The water was cool against her feet, and felt nice compared to the heat of the day. She started to slowly move deeper into the water. As it came up to her bikini bottom the cold water was a shock against her wet pussy. A moan slipped out from her lips, and she shivered. The water was thick, swamp like, and felt slimy against her skin. Although she loved being in water a part of her was grossed out. This was not a place she would go swimming in any other circumstances. The sand felt like mud between her toes, and she silently prayed that there were no leaches in the water. She wouldn’t be able to stop herself from screaming if there were. Misty took a deep breath, and then let it out. She was getting herself worked up, and it was only distracting her. She needed to focus, and go further into the water.
Misty had walked until the water reached her chest before she realized to late that she should have turned around, she had again been distracted by her thoughts, but this time as she got closer to the Pokemon her thoughts became more and more sexual. one hand was even against her pussy. The tentacles of the Pokemon were raised out of the water, and she had gotten within reach of them, a bad idea with a wild Pokemon. She moved too slowly as one slapped her hitting her face, and going down her chest. She moaned from the hit, and the slap stung. The tentacle grabbed at her top, and pulled on it. The other had come up around her neck, and as she tried to move away it held her in place. Misty started to feel panic rise, and she tried to take a deep breath to calm herself, but all that came out was a moan as her body shook in orgasm. At that point panic had taken hold. She knew that something had gone wrong as her body continued to shake from pleasure instead of fear. Her body was not having a natural reaction, and she couldn’t fight the Tentacool as it pulled her close by her neck and top, due to being paralysed from a long continued orgasm.
The tentacles holding her were coated in some kind of slime that was getting on her skin, and running down her body. Her mind was starting to go hazy,  but managed to connect her orgasm to the slime being excreted onto her. She had stopped fighting, and was riding out the waves of orgasms, having not had one in a few days, something not normal for her, when a thought occurred to her and horrified her. “It might be some kind of poison.” The thought sobered her up, and she started to thrash in the water.
Misty kicked at the water to push her self away from the Pokemon. She ripped at the tentacle around her neck while kicking. It let go when she dug her fingers into it. The other pulled on her top, but as she continued to kick it just stretched the top till it broke and then she was free.
Misty felt herself suddenly surge back through the water, she turned around to face the shore. Before anymore could happen she dived down into the dark water, and swam as fast as she could. When she reached the shore she came out gasping onto the land topless, and shaking from the cold water.
“What the fuck was that!” She yelled toward the Tentacool that had attacked her, as she stood up. She then turned toward where she kept her own Pokemon to release it for protection.
Pulling the ball out of her bag she pressed the button to release her Pokemon, the Psyduck appeared in a flash of light. 
“Psyduck?” It spoke in a questioning manner.
“Just make sure that thing stays away from me, but don’t let it leave as well.” Misty pointed at the Tentacool that continued to watch her. “Fuck you!” She screamed at it giving it the finger.
Misty turned away, and looked into her tent. She searched in a manic state until she found her towel, and pulled it out. She rubbed the towel against her skin trying dry off the water while standing in front of the tent.. The water came off, but the slime from the Tentacool spread across her skin. 
“No no no no,” she was starting to panic again, “why won’t it come off.” Misty threw down the towel, and rubbed at the slime with her hands. The slime stuck to her hands. She looked down at it. It had a blue tint to it, but was mostly clear, it was thick as well. It had started to warm up. It felt like she was covered in warming lube, though it was thicker then normal lube. Her arms and chest had been covered by her trying to rub it off, and she had spread it to her stomach. Some of it had started to run down to her waist, and some of it started to soak her pubic hair.
“Oh god no. Not there.” She tried putting her hand in the way, but it went past her hand, and started to soak the bottom of her bikini. It warmed her crotch, and she let out a moan as her pussy started to drip in response to the heat. Misty fell to her knees whimpering, and crossing her arms across her chest. The slime made her body warm, and suddenly anything that was not covered felt cold. She started to shiver, and realized that she was naked except for the small bikini bottom she wore, and the sun was almost set. She didn’t think about building a fire though, instead she slowly started rubbing the slime across her breasts which were already mostly covered. It seemed to warm her up, and didn’t dry. 
Her hand passed over her left nipple covering it, when she felt a sudden shock of pleasure. The slime had made her nipple harden, and she let out a mew of pleasure. She quickly covered her other nipple, and started to feel intense pleasure from having it on her nipples. They became extremely sensitive, and without touching them she was moaning in pleasure. As she shook from the singles her nipples were sending to her brain she ripped off her bikini bottoms, freeing her pussy, and freeing more skin that she could cover. Misty then laid back, and moved her left hand to her pussy while she worked the other one along her body spreading the slime as far as she could. She couldn’t reach her back but she got most of her body including her arms, legs, and ass. She rubbed the fluid into her pussy lips, and pressed it against her clit. As soon as the slime made contact with her clit an intense orgasm ripped through her body. “Oh shit,” were the only words she could manage. She hadn’t felt an orgasm like this before and could only thrash around while furiously rubbing her clit. Her other hand squeezed her thigh as her body shook. Normally it always would take her a lot longer to get off no matter how horny she was. 
Her vision had gone black for at least a few minutes as she recovered from her orgasm. Her head was spinning, and her mind was blank of all thoughts that did not have to do with her immediate pleasure. That was when she felt something between her legs, poking at her uncovered pussy. 
Misty’s eyes snapped open, and she saw that the Tentacool had come onto the shore. It had a tentacle wrapped around her leg poking at her entrance, while the other had come up between her tits, and was close to her mouth. It was to late for her to move away.
“Oh shit, Psyduck!” Was all she managed before a tentacle was shoved in her mouth, and the other pushed inside her soaking wet pussy. She gave Psyduck a pleading look, but it only stared back, not doing anything to stop Misty from being violated. The Pokemon thought its trainer had been trying to mate with the Tentacool.
“What the fuck? Am I being raped?” Misty thought as the tentacles started to slowly thrust in and out of her two holes. The one in her pussy was bigger then what she was used, her own previous experience with things inside her was with small vibrators, and never had she had anything living in her, human or Pokemon, other then the few times she fooled around with May and Dawn. The Tentacool’s tentacle was filling her up, and the other was being forced down her throat, but neither hurt. It felt good to have both inside her, and her mind had become clouded from the surprising pleasure despite it being unwanted, but then the voice of Nurse Joy came back to her.
“I’ve heard of Pokemon acting up in this area.  It seems there has also been an increase in wild Pokemon around here. I suspect mating season might have come early” Misty felt like she had been slapped, the Pokemon had mistaken her for a mating partner. She didn’t want to believe it, but she remembered she had been aroused since she had gotten to the lake, and had even masturbated in front of the creature, although she had been unaware of doing so. Her Psyduck had continued to watch, and did not act as if the Tentacool had attacked. 
“No wonder it’s fucking me. I must have appeared to be wanting it to fuck me” Then the tentacles picked up speed. The one in her pussy had started to stretch her as it went deeper causing her to moan around the one in her mouth. “This needs to stop. It’s wrong. I shouldn’t be getting off on this.” Tears fell from Misty’s eyes, and her face burned red with shame as she came.
Misty managed to sit up, and tried to move away from the creature but it started to thrust faster. It was so deep inside her that it touched her cervix, while the other tentacle thrust hard against the back of her throat. The force of it pushing inside her mouth pushed her back down. As she went back to the ground her pussy clamped down on the tentacle, and she had another unwanted orgasm causing her body to shake, and make her unable to fight. She moaned loudly as she felt the tentacles slam hard against her a couple more times before releasing a hot liquid insider her pussy, and down her throat, warming her belly. 
It tasted like nothing she had before, a mix of salty with sweet. The liquid filled her pussy as well exploding from the tentacle in a giant burst. The force of it triggered another orgasm, this one more intense then any Misty had ever experienced. The Tentacool stopped thrusting and slid it’s tentacles out of her two holes as Misty’s body shook. It then wrapped one around her leg, and the other around her upper body and both arms.
Misty stayed still her head spinning from the whole experience. She no longer wanted it to end, and craved having the creature back inside her. Sitting up she looked at the Tentacool. 
“Tentacool?” The Pokemon asked.
“Oh fuck if only you had more then two tentacles.” As she said that the crystals on the Pokemon’s head started to glow. The light then became so bight that Misty tried to shield her eyes from it, but her arm was still being held, and she was unable to. When the light had cleared she saw that a large Tentacruel now sat were the Tentacool had been. It now had many more tentacles then before “Oh fuck yes! That’s a lot,” Misty said in excitement.
The Pokemon shot out more tentacles toward Misty. Three went to each leg spreading them wide, while another slide inside her pussy. Three more wrapped around both arms, and one slid into her mouth. The two inside her started to thrust in and out of her, causing her to moan. She then felt two large tentacles wrap around her stomach as it lifted her above its head, and her pussy leaked juices onto it while she was being fucked. 
Misty cried out when she felt a sharp pain from her nipples. Two tentacles had covered them and when she raised her head and she could see that some kind of stinger had been pressed into the flesh making her bleed slightly before the tentacle thrusting down her throat pushed her head back. The tentacles then started to pull on her nipples as others wrapped around her tits squeezing them. She then cried out again thinking she had started to bleed as hot liquid shot out of her nipples. She moved her head the best she could with the tentacle that was thrusting inside her mouth, but she wasn’t able to until another tentacle came up to support her head, and pushed it forward. She could see a white liquid being sucked into the tentacles. It took her a minute with her brain as clouded by pleasure as it was to realize the Pokemon was sucking out milk. The realization made Misty shake from another orgasm.
Soon she felt something rubbing between her ass cheeks. She couldn’t tell what it is until it started poking at her hole. She then realized a tentacle was trying to enter her. “Oh fuck not there!” She thought, but she had no way to tell it to stop so she tried to struggle free of the tentacles holding her, once again scared. More tentacles just wrapped around her though and the tentacles already thrusting in her picked up their pace making her unable to think.
The tentacle at her ass pressed tightly against her hole as it shot out some more of the slime that had covered her before. The liquid was forced into her ass. The warmth made Misty moan loudly around the tentacle in her mouth. Then the tentacle at her ass proceeded to push inside. Misty felt tears leak from her eyes as it slowly forced it’s way inside her one hole that had yet to be violated. It moved much slower then the others, and started at a gentle pace, slowly sliding in and out. At first it felt painful as her ass squeezed down on the tentacool, but slowly she relaxed until the feeling started to make her moan. It felt so strange. The tentacles had a soft texture, but it felt rougher in her ass. She could feel every inch rubbing against her inside and it made her ass feel like it was being stretched. The tentacle also felt like it was twice its normal size. It made her moan and shake, and her pussy clamped down on its tentacle as an orgasm ripped through her. The orgasm felt so intense it was like she was having an orgasm through her entire body, and it felt like her whole body was being fucked by one giant object.
The Tentacrule then changed up the rhythm of its tentacles so each one was no longer in sync with its thrusting, all the tentacles were moving in different speeds and tempos. The sudden change overwhelmed Misty, and triggered another orgasm as she desperately tried not to bite down on the tentacle in her mouth. As she shook she felt another tentacle approach her pussy, and another at her mouth. Both tentacles already inside moved aside, and let the other in. She now had two more thrusting inside her.
The Pokemon was close to orgasm as it fucked the trainer, and soon started squirting its hot juices inside Misty while it picked up its speed to bring the trainer to another orgasm so close to the last one. When the orgasm hit Misty her vision blurred, and she almost blacked out from having so many intense orgasm’s close together. It squirted so much cum inside her pussy that it started to spray out as the tentacles continued thrusting inside her. Her stomach felt like it was being filled by the cum squirted into her ass and mouth. Misty’s mind was blank of thought, her entire being focused on the orgasm.
The Pokemon continued to fuck the trainer for a couple hours before laying her into her tent to pass out with the Pokemon’s cum leaking out of her pussy and ass, and all over her sleeping bag.
The next day Misty woke happily to find the Pokemon still there and instantly grabbed a Pokeball wanting to keep the amazing creature for herself. When it saw what she was doing it made a shrill noise of joy as she opened the ball to capture it. Still Misty was bothered though by the fact that it had been in the forest. She tried to come up with an explanation for it but there was no logic to how it got there as the lake did not connect to any bodies of water that held the Pokemon.
For a few weeks before returning to the gym she split her time between returning to the lake to gather samples and fuck her new Pokemon, and spending time on a computer at the Pokecenter contacting Pokemon Professors like Professor Oak, and other Pokemon Experts trying to discover how the single Pokemon got there. It was clear that it had not been trained before and released. No one could come up with an explanation so it was soon dropped. She returned home, curious still about the mystery of her Pokemon, but knowing that in the end it didn’t matter. She shouldn’t question her luck at discovering such a good partner in her new Pokemon, a good partner in terms of sex and battle. Misty was never one to look a Gift Rapidash in the mouth.

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