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Okay, so this got stuck in my head a while back. I’m not sure how far I will go with it. But I feel confident enough on this sie to go ahead and post it here.

I’m not sure if this counts as an Omega-verse kind of thing, but there are Alphas, Omegas, and Betas. There will be some kind of explanation about any differences this chapter. Through narration! XD Because it’s fun.

Warnings: There will be mentions of incest, yaoi, and mpreg. Nothing explicit will be written for this story unless I feel otherwise. If these are not to your taste, turn back now.

Here the Story Starts


If this world were a different world, then perhaps things would not be as they are. Perhaps everyone would be equal. No Alphas. No Betas. No Omegas. No mysterious powers. Just people.

I know it is only wishful thinking. After all, this is our world. Perhaps there is another dimension where we are all just people. But that is not this world.

This is a world where people born are Alpha, Omega, or Beta. Where random powers can manifest into random individuals, though this has never been understood. Most say that a child is more likely to develop powers if both parents have powers, yet each power is unique. Some are similar, but with different features. Some people have powers without either of their parents having one. It is a mystery that not many really delved into.

As for our lives… Well, what can be said?

I am an Omega, like my carrier. The thing about the system is that any gender can be born into any status. Not all Alphas are male and not all Omegas are female. Some females are Alpha. Some males are Omega. Anyone who does not fall into these categories are Betas.

Alphas are powerful and assertive. Sometimes, they fight with each other over petty things simply because that is how they are. But if one is mated, whether their mate be Omega or Beta, and that mate is threatened, the rage they act upon is nothing to scoff at. Alphas are also known to be heads of their family, no matter where they are born in the family line. Should the first born be an Omega or Beta, and the second born be an Alpha, the younger child is named as the heir.

Omegas are something else entirely. Female Omegas do not have much of a problem in social standing. It is the male Omegas that struggle. Some are lucky to be born into wealthy families or be mated to Alphas that will take care of them. The difference between male and female Omegas is just gender. So long as one is an Omega, they can get pregnant and give birth. Because this is generally typical of females, the males are the ones who are treated as though they are scum to some people, while others treat Omegas like they’re made of glass.

Let me tell you right now. I am not glass, and neither is my carrier.

Betas are what I call ‘simply people’. The males don’t worry about getting pregnant or falling into vicious instincts. And the females don’t have to worry about much, either. Most Betas would couple with other Betas. Few mate with Alphas, and fewer with Omegas. They simply exist with no expectations thrust upon them.

This is our world.

My world in particular? I don’t know my father. My carrier is always moving us around, running from his Alpha older brother. I have very few memories of him, and I didn’t understand why we are always running when I was a child. Despite our constant moving, I am not behind on any studies.

If fact, I take most classes online and already finished high school courses by my sixteenth birthday. I do, however, wish to go to an actual medical school in order to become a surgeon, but I do have to get my college courses done first. It’s been difficult to get those started with our constant moving, but I did manage to get my basics done online, as well as what could be classified as my first year.

I didn’t know why my carrier fears his own brother so much. He simply tells me that his brother was mentally ill, borderline insane, and obsessed with a pure heir. I only understood that when I was a teenager. The thought churned my stomach when I realized what my carrier was not telling me. He doesn’t tell me much beyond that, other than it being obvious that someone else sired me.

And it angers his brother. My carrier worries what he will do to me.

"He said I can keep you," is all he ever told me about that. I know what he worries about. He worries what his brother will do to me now that I am older. He worries that, because of my appearance, I can be used to find my father if my uncle knows what to look for. If not that, then for something else entirely different.

What I do not understand now, though, is why we moved back here. If we are hiding from his brother, why move back to this city where he practically rules with an iron fist? Police are in his pocket. Mafia and gangs pay him for protection. This city is his playground.

I asked. All I received in return was a small smile, a sealed envelope, and a card. "If anything happens, find this man and give him this letter. He will help you."

Narration End

Golden eyes scanned over the crowded street, taking in the sights and colors. The sounds threatened to swallow him whole. He was used to more quiet places. His carrier feared going to crowded areas would reveal them that much faster.

"This was a bad idea," he muttered to himself, scratching the small goatee growing on his chin.

Dressrosa. While a beautiful city, even the most colorful of places have darker streets, alleys, and corners. Every face is a mask. Every smile a hidden frown. Every light threatening to shatter into shadow.

A break in the traffic, finally. He sprinted across the road before another vehicle could interrupt that break, slowing to a stop once he was on the sidewalk at the other side of the street. No one gave him a glance as he walked towards the apartment building made of classical red brick.

Most would take the elevator to the level he had to go to, but he wasn’t most people. Due to their constant moving, his body is mainly tanned skin and lean muscle. Most would look at him and call him lanky. Well, at least until he punches them for trying to target him. So opting out of the cramped elevator, he decided to climb the stairs up to the fourth floor.

Looking around to make sure no one was following him, he walked down the hall and unlocked the door, glancing out of the corner of his eyes for any suspicious shadows. The door clicked before he tuned the knob, the door allowing him into the living space of him and his carrier.

Letting out a low sigh to attempt relaxing himself, he locked the door again and dropped his keys on the nearby table. "I’m back!" he called out.

A clatter of a couple pots and a few choice words alerted him to his carrier’s location. Rolling his eyes with a teasing smirk, he went to the doorway to the kitchen and leaned against the frame. One more thing he did not inherit from his carrier would be the height, which would probably be why his carrier is so unbalanced. Still, at his age, one would think he would figure it out.

"You’re not supposed to be in a kitchen, remember?" he teased.

"Oh, be quiet," the tall Omega lightly scowled. "It’s not my fault my equilibrium is screwed up."

"I’m still amazed I wasn’t miscarried," the dark-haired young man chuckled.

"That’s because everything around me was padded, I stayed in the bedroom downstairs, and I wasn’t allowed out of the house," the blonde pointed out with a pout. "So, Law, how did it go?"

Law shrugged. "Well enough. I turned in my paperwork. They will contact me before the semester starts." He looked out the window in thought before turning back to his carrier. "Why are we here?"

"Dressrosa, believe it or not, actually has some of the best colleges in the country," the blonde informed him as he refilled the pots with water. Thankfully any he spilled simply went down the sink drain. "You want to be a doctor, so you should go to the best school available."

"But your brother runs the city," he pointed out lowly. "He’ll find us soon enough."

A low sigh and a shrug of the shoulders before reddish-brown eyes turned to his only child. With a snap of his fingers, the outside world fell silent. Not even the sound of wind blowing reached their ears. "Let me worry about Doffy," he told him. "Remember, it’s mainly me he’s after. He doesn’t know what you look like now since you were just a couple years old since he last saw you. And all that ink on you will throw him off your trail if he tries to find you."

Scowling, Law glanced down to his tattoos, DEATH spelled out across his finger, a letter per digit, and other designs of his own making from the back of his hand all the way up to his shoulders. His teenage rebellion phase, is what his carrier called it. More were on his chest and back, swirls that made the shape of a large heart. "So now you like them," he accused.

"Well now, they’re somewhat useful. Unless someone figures out you’re my son and uses your tattoos as a description that makes it easier for Doffy to find you. But like I said, it’s mainly me he’s after."

"Mind telling me why now?" the younger Omega asked.

"I’d rather not."

"Come on, papa. I’m not a little kid anymore."

"You’re my little boy until I say otherwise."

Law stuck his tongue out at his carrier, earning a chuckle in response. "So what should my family name be this time?" They tend to change their family name every time they move in order to throw off potential pursuers.

"I’ve been thinking something different," the blonde Omega said with a smirk, turning towards his son. "Trafalgar."


"Hey, just because we can say it properly doesn’t mean everyone can, and good luck to them to try spelling it," his carrier pointed out. "Besides, I think it fits."

"Trafalgar Law," he tested, letting the name roll of his tongue. "Less suspicious than Donquixote, definitely."

"Well changing my name won’t do me any good," he pointed out. "I’m afraid here, I’m stuck as Donquixote Rocinante. We Donquixote tend to have obvious appearances."

"Not me."

"Well, you took after your father, thankfully."

"Am I going to learn who he is while we’re here?"

"Sorry. You’re not that lucky."

"Damn." He shook his head before letting out a low sigh. "Does he know I exist, at least?"

"Yes, actually. I told him about you when I was still in my first trimester. Never met you face-to-face, but he does know you’re his son. Of course, he may not recognize you off the bat either."

"So much for that idea. Don’t mess with the stove!"

Rocinante jerked slightly from the sudden exclamation, his hands pulling back from the dial. "Law, I’m not going to burn down the apartment just by turning on the stove."

"You did before."

"That was a gas stove," the tall Omega informed. "This one is not. Difference."

"Common factor," Law countered, pointing to the blonde. "I’ll cook something."

Here is a line!

Despite his schooling being mainly online courses and his very late application, the school he applied to welcomed him with open arms after digging up all the information. Rocinante decided that he deserved some spoiling for being accepted into the university. Law swears he was only gone for a moment. When he returned, there was many flavors of ice cream with several different items for toppings.

"This will do bad things to our systems," Law commented, accepting a bowl of multiple scoops of ice cream, each scoop a different flavor.

"You deserve some kind of spoiling," Rocinante told him, patting his hat-covered head.

"Don’t get your sticky, ice cream covered fingers on my hat!" Law playfully scolded, ducking under the hand to spare his hat from further abuse.

The hat was a mystery to him. He remembered when they lived just outside of a small town, he was only ten, a package was delivered to their door. Rocinante seemed worried about it until he read the address of the sender. Then he couldn’t wait to see what was inside of it, but handed the contents off to Law for him to open since the shipping box was addressed to him. It was, apparently, a late birthday present with Law’s name on it. And Law loves his fluffy white hat, spots and all. Now that he thinks about it, he never did get to read the address since the present was in the shipping box and Rocinante took that box away.

"Alright, alright," Rocinante chuckled, dropping himself onto the couch with his own bowl of ice cream. "I just thought that we would appreciate ice cream more than cake."

Law shivered. "Even sweet, it’s still bread," he muttered, taking a bite of his ice cream. He walked over to the couch before gently settling on it by his carrier. Using his shoulder, he bumped the tall blonde. "Thanks for this. I mean it."

He should have known that something else would happen when Rocinante suddenly straightened up and looked around, mainly out the windows. Out of forced habit, Law ducked down more into the couch. For a moment, Rocinante didn’t move from staring out the window. Then he slowly relaxed into his seat. "Calm," he muttered, snapping his fingers.

"Something wrong?" Law asked.

Letting out a low exhale, Rocinante looked down to his son before smiling faintly. "Do you remember where I put the stuff?" he inquired.

Law rolled his eyes, though knew that it is an important question. "In the box, second drawer on the left side of the dresser."

"Which box?"

"The red tin with the polar bear."

Chuckling lightly, the blonde ruffled the younger Omega’s hair. "That’s my boy."

"Papa, tell me the truth. He already knows where we are. Am I right?" Law looked up to his carrier, worry covering his golden eyes in a glaze.

Rocinante shook his head. "I don’t think so. But don’t forget where the stuff is. And if something does happen, don’t think that you can go through everything on your own. Don’t be scared to ask him for help." His lips stretched into a wide smile as he dug himself deeper into the couch cushions. "Now, we are supposed to be celebrating!" He snapped his fingers again, dropping his soundproof barrier.

Here is a line!

A week has passed since his acceptance. He was glad that nothing of note has happened, yet he still looked over his shoulder. A shiver still coursed up and down his spine. Anxiety flooded his veins, causing his heart to race if he noticed anyone following his path for too long or watching him too close. More than once, he traveled through the dark alleys in order to lose a potential pursuer.

Today was no different.

The semester started today, meaning he was gone for most of the day to attend welcoming lectures and the first lessons of the year. Rules were placed and warnings given. It took hours when going class by class, despite attending the orientation the day before. Perhaps it was for those classes in particular, but it still took much longer than he would have liked.

He isn’t used to being away from his carrier for so long. Most would call him a ‘Mama Boy’ because of it. But it wasn’t because he sought warmth and comfort. It was because he wants to make sure his carrier hasn’t burned anything down, tripped down some stairs, or other such disasters that can cause bodily harm. And the blonde wondered why Law wants to be a doctor until he pointed all the mishaps out.

Arriving at the building, he was relieved to see a lack of ambulances and fire trucks. The window to their apartment was still intact with no black smoke residue. Perhaps he was overreacting. But he won’t decide that until he is inside the apartment and able to see his carrier for himself. The exterior signs may point to good news, but it was always a mess inside.

Practically jogging up the steps, he rushed to the door and quickly unlocked it. "I’m back!" he called as he entered the apartment.

Silence was his response. For a moment, Law was worried, looking around the apartment. Nothing was disturbed, papers still in the same place they were when he left and the kitchen spotless. Eyes scrunching up, he went to the bedrooms, gently opening the door to his carrier’s room.

He let out soft sigh of relief as the blonde Omega looked up at him and grinned from his spot on the bed, a collection of pictures spread over the comforter. He snapped his fingers, most likely keeping the barrier close to him instead of the whole apartment.

"I was just looking through the pictures," he chuckled.

"You scared me for a bit," Law informed, tossing his bag to the side as he sat on the foot of the bed.

"I do it all the time," Rocinante pointed out. "I just lost track of time. That’s all." He let out a soft laugh, picking a picture up before showing it to Law. "Remember this?"

Law took the picture, smirking and shaking his head as he looked over the image of him and Rocinante skating on ice. Of course, the picture was taken after they both fell, but their lips were stretched into wide grins. Law was sprawled across his carrier’s lap, his mouth as wide as it possibly could be due to his laughter.

"Why the memory lane trip?" the dark-haired Omega inquired, handing the picture back.

Rocinante huffed gently. "Call me sentimental. You know, it feels like it was just yesterday when you took your first step, said your first word, and had your first argument with me. Mainly it was you saying ‘no’." He shook his head slowly, gathering the pictures up again. "You have grown up way too fast for my liking. Now you’re in college and working you way to a degree then off to medical school with you. I swear, I’m going to stop blinking at this rate."

"You are getting old," Law joked, looking over the pictures. Each one was a different location, different age, different occasion. Each one swept back into a messy pile by a large hand.

"Maybe. How was your first day, college boy?" Rocinante asked with a grin, placing the pile of photos into the wooden box he kept them in.

"Twenty years old and finally in an actual college building," Law chuckled with a scoff, watching his carrier slide the box under the bed to be swallowed by the mass that is the clutter already under there. "It was boring, mostly. I spent most of the time wondering if I was going to come home and find out you did something to hurt yourself or damage the apartment."

Allowing the comment to slide, the blonde leaned forward. "So! Any potential friends? Love interest?"

Law gave him a bland look before rolling his eyes. "You are terrible."

"As your carrier, it is my duty to ask such things. Be glad your father isn’t here because he would not let something like this drop."

"Are you going to tell me who my father is now?"

"No. Now answer my questions."

"’No’ on the love interest. ‘Possible’ on the potential friends."

"Oh? Do tell!"

"Well, their names are Penguin and Shachi…"

Here is a line!

He knew moving here was a bad idea. After all, his carrier’s brother rules the city, whether people admit it or not. It was truly only a matter of time before something happened.

It was the fourth week of school. He did manage to become friends with a pair of students named Shachi and Penguin, a Beta and an Omega. Both wore hats, refusing to allow the public to see their faces. Penguin was the only one with his name on his hat, though.

It was because of him wanting to spend more time with his two new companions, something that he often denied himself due to the constant moving. It was because he didn’t come straight home as soon as classes ended.

"Papa?" he called out softly, hesitantly stepping into the apartment. The place was not completely trashed, but there were obvious signs of a struggle. "Papa!" He checked every room, finding spots of blood here and there, but not enough to point to critical injuries. A hole in the wall indicated someone missing their target, the distance from the floor showing that it was more than likely a kick rather than a punch.

His breathing increased, hands gripping his hair as he took in the appearance of the apartment. A struggle, blood on the walls and some furniture, items knocked around or flipped.

It was only a matter of time. They were found.

Inhaling deeply, he went to his carrier’s bedroom, practically yanking the drawer open and removing the red tin with a polar bear painted on the lid. Pulling the lid off then throwing it to the side, he pulled out the card. It was a simple business card for a company called Baroque Works. The name under the company title, Mister Zero. What kind of name was that? Then again, his name isn’t exactly ordinary, either. Under the name was the usual, the address to the office and a couple numbers, one for phone and the other for faxes. Then an email address at the bottom.

He took the envelope from the tin as well, seeing a different name written across the front of it in his carrier’s elegant cursive. Who was this man named ‘Crocodile’ to the Omega? He never mentioned him before.

Still, the fact that his carrier told him to go to this man meant one thing, at least. He can be trusted. And Law knows that he can’t help his carrier on his own. His uncle is too powerful to take on alone. He needs help. If this ‘Crocodile’ or ‘Mister Zero’ or whatever his name is can help him, then it is worth the risk.

Here the Chapter Ends

So how do you guys like it so far? I know that some are going to be skeptical about some things, like how Law and Roci look nothing alike. Well, nothing has to make sense here. It’s fanfiction! ^^ We make the rules to our stories.

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