Hotaru's Lonliness

BY : Kurai-Kou101
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Hotaru was alone was usual in her room, she was thinking of her sexuality, she often found herself staring at her father-mothers figure and privates. She could feel herself getting wet at the thought and quickly got up to get a cold shower. That would help, well she found it online and it worked so far she grabbed a pair of clothes and went to the shower in her room.


As the young teen got in the shower she remembered when she walked in on Haruka just getting out of the shower and was naked, she remembered Harukas erect nipples and shaved sex. The Senshi of Death starting touching herself then, slipping a hand down her wet body to her own shaved sex and rubbed it, imagining it was Haruka touching her, of course the purple haired girl was still avirgin, she never took her own virginity.


"Haruka.." She whispered huskily to herself she put two fingers inside her and used the other hand to pleasure her small breasts and remembered what happened after it. She was embarrassed and blushing, Haruka was in a bit of shock when her child ran out apologizing, Hotaru didnt speak to Haruka for a week, too embarrassed to admit she made a major mistake.


After a long 20 minute bath Hotaru began aching, she hated it about herself, almost everything of herself she hated, her large bug eyes, her small breasts, how she was the Senshi with deadly powers. She got dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast, but found out no one was there then she remembered Michiru and Setsuna left for a week and Haruka must've been asleep so she went to her father-mothers bedroom and quietly opened the door.


"Pa-" Hotaru stopped herself when she saw Haruka basically passed out with no shirt on, probably was trying to get changed but fell asleep. Hotaru went to leave when she heard haruka groan a bit making the Death Senshi gasp quickly turning around with fear in her eyes and her heart basically coming out of her chest.


"Is something wrong Hime-Chan?" The blonde haired asked sleepily once she saw it was her adopted daughter. "You look like I was going to kill you." She commented.


"N-no, sorry if I woke you Haruka-Sa..Papa" She quickly corrected herself looking away slightly, blushing a bit.


"It's alright" Haruka said, her daughter had been acting strange, she had been more sad lately, and wanting to stay in her room all the time, above that Haruka often found har daughter staring at her body, it turned her on but she refused to accept it, and worse her little princess has barely eaten, Hotaru was even underweight.


"Come on, i'll make you breakfast." The Wind Senshi said ruffling her daughters head and they went downstairs.


For the first time in a month Hotaru ate a lot which made Haruka happy but she felt herself get wet, she had to do something about it even if it was with her daughter..

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