Stirrings In The Dark

BY : Okita_Kamiko
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Chapter 1: Beware of handsome men

"Ne, China, are you even trying?"

"Shut up, stupid sadist! I swear I'm going to shove my umbrella so far up your ass that-"

"I had no idea you were such as S, China. We should share ideas."

"I'm going to crush you like a bug!"

"Oh, like Sadaharu#28?"


Kagura swung her umbrella down onto the bench where Sougo had stood but moments before. Her umbrella crashed through the wood sending shards flying off in all directions. Sougo jumped backwards once more and quickly lifted his arm to shield his face from the scattering debris. Before he could land, however, Kagura lunged forward, her umbrella aimed at his face. A metallic ring sounded through the area as the two weapons clashed. Blue eyes glared at mocking red ones.

How many times had this scene played out and yet the result was always the same? One would catch sight of the other, insults would be thrown back and forth till eventually the exchange would take a violent turn that would lead to their current situation. Usually, either one of them would call the fight off for some reason or another or a member from the Shinsengumi or Yorozuya would appear to break them up. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Sougo sighed as Kagura backflipped away from their skirmish and readied herself to charge him once more. He was getting bored of this routine. He had reached a point where he was no longer surprised by her responses or her actions and really, where was the fun if you knew what to expect every time? He no longer gained anything from these brawls. He enjoyed playing with the girl, she was always so responsive but he found that he was no longer satisfied with the way things were. He wanted more for his efforts.

Sougo watched as she charged in, once again preparing to swing her umbrella down on his head. He watched and waited as he saw her twist her body to the left to catch him off guard with a side strike instead. He lifted his sword once more to guard against the blow, raising his leg and kicking her in the stomach. Kagura flew backwards a couple of feet as she gripped her stomach in pain and glared at him.

"If you like being on your knees so much, China, I'd be happy to put your efforts to better use while you're down there"

"Give me two minutes and you'll be on the floor on your back!"

"I guess we could try you on top but a beast like you needs to be held in place."

"Who the hell are you calling a beast, sadist?! Let's see you call me that when I'm done remodelling your stupid face!"

"Oi, oi. You're hurting this police officer's feelings, doggy."


"It's "grr" or "woof", doggy."

Kagura charged in once again at Sougo but Sougo didn't wait for her to reach him. He charged in too, blade poised behind him gipped in both hands. Kagura swung her umbrella from her right side to strike his head. Sougo raised his sword once more to parry the weapon away failing to see the grin on Kagura's face. Just as he went to deflect the blow, Kagura suddenly dropped down and swiped his feet from underneath him with her leg. As Sougo fell, he reached out to catch himself on his hand only to have Kagura quickly pivot and kick him across the field. Sougo's body hit the ground once as he flew before catching himself and flipping back to an upright position. Kagura left him no space to breath and followed him, rearing her arm back to return the previous punch to her stomach.

Before she could make contact, Sougo's hand reached out caught her by the wrist. He pulled her down hard and swiftly. Before Kagura could recover, she felt something push down on her chest and something sharp held to her throat. She looked at the boot on her chest and followed it up to the smirking face of her rival; Okita Sougo.

"Look, I taught the doggy to lay down." Kagura attempted to lunge forward and grab him but stopped when she felt the steel press against her throat. "Shall I teach the doggy to play dead too?" Kagura just glared up at him not saying a word. Sougo just stood there in silence looking down at her. After a couple of seconds passed he sighed and turned, sheathing his blade as he did so. As he began to walk away, Kagura leapt to her feet.

"Oi! Running away already, coward? Too scared of the awesome might of the Queen of Kabukicho?!"

"This isn't a challenge anymore. I've got better things to do and Hijikata-sans to kill."

"You've been saying that crap for years. If you really could, you would have done it by now, sadist."

Sougo just waved it off with his hand before putting it in his pocket. "Whatever, China. Come and find me when you develop some skills. I don't feel like playing baseball anymore."

"Hah! If I tried, you'd be dead, idiot! I really would crush that round head of yours and then I'd have to deal with Mayora complaining about a lack of staff!"

Sougo stopped walking. He didn't say anything and he didn't move. Kagura just watched him, waiting for a response of some kind. It was unusual for the sadist to go quiet. He normally just kept running his mouth on and on until you wanted to commit seppuku. Time was passing by and Kagura was getting impatient. She resisted tapping her foot or sighing however as she didn't want to give the sadist the satisfaction of knowing that he was aggravating her. She looked down at the ground and wondered if she should just walk away. If she headed back to the Yorozuya now, she may catch Otae-san before she left.

"Do you really think you could win a fight against me, China?" Kagura's eyes darted back up to the sadist. He hadn't moved the whole time but she was sure she had heard him correctly. Kagura squared her shoulders and stood up straight. She wouldn't show anything but confidence to the idiot who underestimated her.

"Tsk, of course I could. I just don't want to be the reason you get kicked out of the Shinsengumi. Maybe Honjou-san can help you out. I think you'd be better off serving others!" Kagura burst out laughing at her own joke. She bent over with her hands gripping her sides as her laugh grew in volume.

"If you're so sure, why don't we make this interesting?" Kagura stopped laughing and tilted her head to the side. Sougo had yet to turn around and Kagura was unsure of what he meant.

"Interesting? Interesting how?" Sougo languidly turned around, his hands still in his pockets with a blank expression. Kagura studied his face looking for any inclination of his intentions. His face may have been blank but his eyes were anything but. They looked alert and very focused. A far cry from his usual disinterested glances.

"If you're so sure that you can win then how about you put your money where your mouth is." Kagura just stared at him. Money where your mouth is? She'd never heard of such a thing. Was he proposing they eat money? If so, he had better be providing the money because there was no way Gin-chan would sponsor her. Before she could ask anything, Sougo continued. "We'll each state our terms of victory. If you're still feeling confident, then we'll fight again and the winner takes all. Well, I'll take all." Kagura could feel her body tense up from the last few words. She knew that he was baiting her but she couldn't stand it when the sadist got cocky. She brushed off her clothes and walked towards him stopping a couple of feet in front of him.

"Confidence has nothing to do with it. Just don't come crying to me when you realise that I've been going easy on you, sadist. What are your terms?"

Sougo had to consciously restrain himself from smirking. This is what he wanted. He wanted change. He wanted something new. He wanted a challenge. "I'm a gentleman, China. Ladies first."

"Tsk, gentleman? Don't make me laugh. I'm sure you've never even heard of the word chivalry! You just want to see how high I'm willing to go, is that it, idiot sadist?!" She pointed an accusing finger at him, waving it back and forth in front of his face. Her voice was getting louder with each sway of her arm.

"Hurry up. I need to make sure Hijikata-san is back in his office by 3:45pm. Are you going to howl and fight or run with your tail between your legs?"

"I'm not a damn dog! I'm not a coward either, idiot! I'm going to destroy you, sadist!"

"Then state your terms, China." Kagura didn't respond straight away but instead remained quiet to think of what she wanted. She didn't really want anything from the sadist. Sure, he was a pain in her ass that rivalled Zenzou-san's haemorrhoids but she didn't want to hurt him. She continued to contemplate as she searched his eyes for any indication of how she should respond. He stared back at her, his face unchanging. Kagura sighed in her mind. She could always just ask him to buy her food. That way, both Gin-chan and Shinpachi-kun would be happy. Everyone wins. Except for the sadist but what goes around comes around.

As she was about to state her terms, Sougo scoffed and tilted his head up. Kagura could feel her ire rising as she saw his smirk on his face. She cursed him in her mind for always being so arrogant. In that moment, Kagura decided she would have no mercy on the cretin. This was his idea. He dug the hole, he could jump in and she would pour the cement on top.

"If I win, I demand that you acknowledge me as the Queen of Kabukicho and will never step foot within Kabukicho ever again." Kagura kept a straight face while delivering her demands but inside she was grinning. The sadist couldn't do his job if he couldn't enter the district and to top it off, he would forever more have to acknowledge her as his superior. She didn't know if he would accept the risks but either way, it was a win-win situation for Kagura. She waited, feeling triumphant, for him to respond.

"Ouch. One would think that you didn't want me around? You're really wounding me today, China. Guess it's my turn then." Sougo looked around the area as though he was thinking of what he wanted. He already knew what he wanted but as she had taken so long, he wanted to return the favour. He was also trying to remember if he had to get Hijikata in his office for 3:45pm or 4:00pm. Oh well, he'd find out soon enough. He glanced back at Kagura and was surprised to see that she had not faltered in her resolve.

"When I win, I want you to be my slave for a month."

Kagura just blinked at him. And blinked again. And again. Slave? Had she just heard him correctly? Did she suddenly warp into another reality? Had the sadist used the Sharingan on her and warped her mind? Sougo, watching her implosion, chuckled to himself.

"That's it, China. One month but for that month you must do everything I say. No if's or buts." Kagura just stood there processing what he said. She hadn't misheard him. He was serious. She took a deep breathe, held it and let it out slowly picturing all her frustration leaving with it.

It did nothing.

"What the hell kind of forfeit is that?! Do you think this is a game, idiot?! If this were a game I'd send you to the shadow realm you pervert!" Kagura's eyes were bulging out of their sockets and spit flew from her mouth as she screamed at the man in front of her.

"I thought you were certain that you'd been 'taking it easy on me', no? If that's the case then what's the problem?" Sougo remained unmoved and continued smirking at her. Kagura jutted out her chin and walked forward till she was practically chest to chest with him.

"Bastard, do you think I'm scared of a punk like you? I'm going to teach you to respect your betters, boy." Sougo leaned forward so that their noses were just a breath apart. Kagura didn't dare to move an inch and tensed her jaw even more. She would be lying if she said she wasn't at least a little unsettled by the grin Sougo was wearing.

"Then let the game begin, China!"

Metal sang against metal as the area erupted in smoke.

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