Stellar Mistakes

BY : Rhov
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A/N: Inspired by the otome "Irresistible Mistakes."

Stellar Mistakes

a Fairy Tail fanfic

by Rhov


Chapter 1

What Happened Last Night

Sunlight burned Lucy's eyes. A familiar ache pierced her head. A hangover? Did she drink a lot?

As she opened her eyes, she saw a vast window with an unfamiliar skyline. The bed felt too stiff. There were two chairs, and clothing tossed all around. To the side was a small table with leftovers of two meals, red-stained glasses, and three empty wine bottles.

Yep, she drank too much.

But where was she? This was not her apartment. Was it a hotel?

As she sat up in bed and the sheets tumbled down, she realized she was naked. She gasped as she saw red ovals on her breasts, and felt a similar ache on her neck. Hickeys! She realized the clothing scattered around was both hers and some man's, with a tie draped limply over a lamp and boxers underneath her bra.

Her addled brain woke up instantly as she realized what apparently happened.

'I … Oh God, what did I do?'

It was obvious even to her, yet she could hardly believe it.

'Who did I do?'

Who? What a question to ask! Yet she could not recall anything at all. Whose clothes were these? What happened? Where was she and how did she get there?

Whom did she sleep with?

'Oh God, did we use a condom?'

She leaped as she heard a toilet flush, followed by the sound of a shower running in the bathroom. The man was still there. Whoever had spent the night with her was in the shower.

Her heart began to race. How could this happen? She had never let herself end up like this before. Shame flushed her cheeks, and fear of consequences made her want to flee right away. For all she knew, this was a rapist or serial killer or…

Well, there was a glass of water by her side of the bed, a bottle of Aspirin, her phone had been plugged into a charger, and someone had set out a fluffy robe. A courteous rapist? No! Obviously she got drunk, went to a hotel with some man, and had sex. Dammit, who? Did she even want to know? Her throat at least desperately needed the water, her head needed the Aspirin, and she felt too exposed, so she pulled around the robe.

She picked up her phone as if it could protect her. She was careful not to make a noise as she tiptoed to the bathroom. Peeking through the steam, she saw the frosted door of a shower, and on the other side the silhouette of a man. Who, though? She wanted to know and yet didn't. When she stepped in a little closer, the water suddenly turned off.

"You're awake."

Lucy gasped and pulled back. Crap!

"How about a shower?"

His voice was muffled through the steam and shower door, but the deep sound still thumped through Lucy's heart. This man and her… He sounded amiable, at least. She had definitely been drunk, but really, what happened?

He was waiting for an answer. Timidly, Lucy replied, "Ah, no thanks."

Just as she was wondering what to say, the phone in her hand buzzed with a text. It was her manager at work. 'Your storyboards that were due this weekend are now due today.'

Lucy panicked all over again. Storyboards? Crap! She wasn't done with them, she thought she had a few more days. She needed to get to work in a hurry.

"I'm sorry, I have to go," she said in a rush to the mystery man.

"What?" he asked, not clearly hearing her voice through the shower door.

Lucy yanked back, ran into the main room of the hotel, and pulled on her clothes. They were rumpled, reeked of some alcohol she had spilled, but she needed to get out of there. Just as she heard the shower door opening, she slipped on her heels, grabbed up her purse, and raced out of the room.

Two Hours Later

After stopping off at home to shower, change clothes, fix her hair, and feed her dog Plue, Lucy made it to the train station and to work. She had wanted to get to work early that day, but instead she got there just barely on time.

'What a disaster,' she sighed to herself as she looked up at the building.

Pieces of the night before began to come back to her. She had gone out to a bar with a large group from work. They were all celebrating, and Lucy recalled now, she actually had quite a lot to drink. It was fun to hang out with everyone from Fairy Tail, but they did tend to get rowdy. She had allowed herself to get swept up into the chaos. They were drinking, cheering, someone began to sing…

It faded after that. Lucy had no memory of leaving the bar or arriving at that hotel. Then she left without even getting a look at the face of the man she had slept with.

'I'm the worst,' she lamented.

Just as she let out a weary sigh, her phone rang. She assumed at first that it was her manager, but the number on the screen was unfamiliar. Who could it be? She almost clicked Accept out of reflex, but her finger stopped just before tapping the screen.

What if it was the guy from the hotel?

What should she do? Pick up? Ignore it? If it was that guy, what could she say?

The phone kept ringing, so she clicked to ignore it. She rushed on, but the phone rang again with the same number. In sheer panic, she clicked again to ignore it. She felt like she was running away from something horrible as the phone began to ring yet again with the same number. Lucy smashed her finger down to ignore the call. She was close to turning her phone off just to stop this taunting. Instead, she put it on silent and shoved it deep into her purse, where she could ignore its vibrating.

If it was that guy, that meant he knew her number. But how? Did she give it to him last night, or … or was it someone she knew? She had been out with people from Fairy Tail, after all. What if she actually slept with someone from work?

She slammed her anxiety down and put up a confident exterior as she walked into the corporate building where she worked.

Fairy Tail was the second largest ad agency in Fiore, just behind Sabertooth. Lucy had been there for a few years already, and there was not a day that she did not push herself in writing powerful commercials that would resonate with their clients as well as the consumers.

"Good morning," she called out to coworkers, beaming a smile.

They replied with a good morning, and she was glad to see that their weariness turned into a smile at her cheerfulness. She enjoyed cheering up others.

That morning, though, she felt like she was the one who needed a little light in her own life.

It was a morning rush of employees coming in, some hurrying to elevators to go up to their divisions, some stopping in the foyer to chat with coworker friends until the crowd thinned out. Lucy did not see her friends from work, so she tried to make it through the crowd. Suddenly, a group of women near her began to talk excitedly.

"Isn't that Mr. Leo?"

"You're right. God, he's handsome!"

Lucy heard a sharp clacking of shoes drawing nearer. She felt a little nervous as she looked around and saw a gentleman with brilliant orange hair walking through the foyer toward where she was by the elevator.

"Ah! Good day to you, Mr. Leo," came an enthused greeting.

"Morning," Loke said absently, but the employee looked honored to have been greeted.

A lady boldly stepped up, but not in his way. "Good morning, Mr. Leo."

He tipped his head as he walked on by with barely a look in her direction. "Morning."

Loke Leo the Lion! He was Creative Director and the star of Fairy Tail. He was called the Lion for two reasons: he fiercely fought for ad spots on television, and he was a known flirt, although never at work. He was impeccably dressed and carried himself gracefully.

Lucy thought to herself, how could anyone, male or female, not be captivated by his perfect form walking through the foyer? He truly was in a class of his own. They had never actually talked nor worked together, but Lucy felt honored just to have him as the head of her department.

With that high position of his, although they worked in the same office, they might as well be on different planets. His world was not hers. She was merely a concept writer.

"Did you hear, Mr. Leo won another award yesterday?" came a few whispers.

"How can he come up with so many stellar ideas? He's brilliant."

Lucy knew he was. It was a commercial he had created years ago that made her want to work for Fairy Tail. He truly was her inspiration, her idol, and she felt nervous being anywhere close to him. Now he was the distinguished head of her department.

Loke drew closer on his way to the elevator, and Lucy was about to bow and greet him formally when Loke paused in front of her.

"Good morning, Miss Heartfilia."

Her mouth dropped. Wait … he knew her name? She was just some lowly employee. Why had he singled her out like that?

Before she could even muster out a "Morning," he walked on, heading straight into an elevator that was nearly full with other workers, yet she felt his eyes were still on her until the doors slid closed, sweeping him away.

"What … just happened?" she muttered.


She jumped as she heard her friends Levy and Cana running up to her. Judging by their excitement, they had witnessed what happened.

"Did Mr. Leo just talk to you?" Levy asked, her words spilling over in a rush.

Lucy felt stunned by the honor. "It … It wasn't talking so much as … as just saying hello."

Cana playfully nudged her shoulder. "Are you sure about that? He singled you out over everyone else. He didn't greet anyone else by name, barely even looked at them, but you! He stopped in front of you and gave you a personal greeting. He even knows your name."

"Well, we do work in the same department. He probably just heard my name from somewhere."

"Uh-huh," Cana said, crossing her arms over her chest. "Come on, spill it. Something happened last night at the bar."

"What are you…"

Lucy froze. Another part of her memory came into focus.

Many people from the ad agency were at that bar, all celebrating the award Mr. Leo had won. Their department had attended the awards ceremony, then headed to the bar for drinks. Of course, Loke himself was there.

With the stars of all the various departments of the agency present, Lucy felt this was the perfect atmosphere to introduce herself to top people she never got to interact with during working hours. However, she was nervous to speak to the likes of Erza, Gildarts, Laxus, and especially Loke. She had taken one drink as a sort of liquid courage to go up to Erza. She would share a drink with one, then move on to another, share a drink with them, and on, until…

He was in front of her, and she was not ready at all. Those green eyes sparkled behind glasses, and his orange hair looked like a sunset under the dusky lights of the bar.

"Miss Heartfilia," he said, and his voice rolled musically.

He knew her name! How? He was worlds above her.

"Mr. Leo," she greeted anxiously.

"That bottle of wine next to you—"

She jolted and realized she was standing near a table with some wine.

"—I happen to like that type. Mind if I have some?"

She moved aside as if he might run her over. "Oh, it's just one of the bottles they brought out for us. It's all yours."

He smiled brightly as he poured the wine into his glass. Lucy thought he looked so elegant as he lifted the glass to his lips and sipped. Here he was, standing next to her, the sexiest man in her department, and possibly all of Fairy Tail! Her heart began to race, and she downed what was left in her glass, hoping to calm herself. All it did was heat up her cheeks.

Loke looked at her a little longer, actually taking in her face. Lucy could not budge under his gaze. Then, without a word, he tipped the bottle over and poured some of the wine into her glass. Lucy truly was amazed. Her idol, her inspiration, her boss, was pouring wine for her. She tried to force herself to calm down. She had been in Fairy Tail for years. This should not be strange at all. Yet it was. How many people in the company had had their glasses refilled by Loke Leo the Lion?

She took a sip, trying her hardest to act cool and composed in front of him. She saw a hint of a smile on Loke's lips. It made her happy to see his smile, and nervous, and she kept drinking the wine, and…

It went blank again, lost in Pinot Noir.

"Helloooooo? Are you listening?"

Lucy blinked in surprise. Cana's voice snapped her back to reality.

"Oh, sorry," she muttered.

Levy giggled. "You really look spaced out. How late did you stay there last night?"

"How late?" Lucy asked. "Did you go home before me?"

Cana laughed loudly. "Oh my God, you drank yourself into amnesia."

Levy looked worried. "Do you not even remember everyone leaving? They wanted to go to karaoke, but you said you wanted to stay a little longer. You were in the middle of drinking with a bunch of men."

"A … a bunch of men?" Lucy cried out. "Who? Why don't I remember that?"

Cana put it bluntly, "Because you were drunk out of your tits."

Well, that was true, but she didn't have to say it so crudely.

"Who … um … who was there?" Lucy asked timidly.

Cana sighed. "You seriously were smashed, huh? Mr. Leo was there, of course. Natsu was with you, which is why I figured it'd be okay. Gray Fullbuster was there, and Freed Justine from Account Planning, but everyone knows he's gay. Then there was that doctor. Um, Caprico?"

"Dr. Capricorn," Lucy realized.

"Right, him. There was also that super-cute bartender. Damn, he was hot! It was only you and those guys left at the bar, so I was really hoping maybe something good would happen between you and one of them. Or hell, you and all of them."

"Cana!" Lucy almost screamed. "As if I would do that. Nothing happened."

Yet something had. She had woken up in that hotel room, naked, hickeys that even now she hid with makeup. Something most definitely did happen, and odds were it was one of the men at the bar who must have been the one in the hotel room. Lucy had not looked around closely enough to figure out who it might be. She could have looked at his shoes, his watch, checked his phone, or even stayed around long enough to see his face. Instead, she ran in shame and terror. Now she was stuck knowing she slept with someone, and she had no idea who. She dreaded to know how awkward this might make things in the office.

She almost never saw Loke himself and was too intimidated to talk to him, but he was known to be a flirt. Capricorn was the on-site doctor and a man Lucy had gotten to know and trust, since he seemed to care a lot about her … but, just how much was too much? Natsu was safe, they had been best friends since childhood and he never once flirted with her, but every boyfriend she ever had always ended up asking her just how close she and Natsu were. As Cana said, Freed was gay, but there were rumors that he swung both ways. Gray was almost as sexy as Loke, to the point where judging between the two would be a hard choice, and he worked in her department, so he was one of the few Lucy had actually talked to more than on a rare occasion. Any one of these men were seemingly impossible choices for her. She would never even dream of sleeping with any of them.

She arrived at her desk, looked at her computer, and shook her head like a dog after a bath. She needed to focus on the storyboard. Instead of the time she was originally given, to finish by this weekend, the schedule changed to today. If she did not focus, she would never finish in eight hours.

Still, all she could think about was the previous night. Why would a guy decide to pick her up? Unless she was the one making moves on him. Lucy shook her head. No way! She could never imagine herself being that flirty and bold.

Her manager, Jason, slapped her back, jolting Lucy out of her thoughts.

"Cool! Looks like it's coming along."

Lucy looked down. She had been typing pretty much on autopilot, but somehow she had about 90% of the storyboard finished. Even when her life was in turmoil, work was something she could definitely do right. Which was sort of pathetic.

Jason looked over the outline. "Is there anything you're unsure about?"

"Yeah, actually. The last line. I have these three choices," she said, pointing to the end of the outline. "I can't decide between them. The first and second ones are clearer. It's a brief commercial, after all, just fifteen seconds. But the third choice is my favorite. It's longer, but it's more emotional."

"Hmm … the third one's not bad," he said, inspecting each one closely. "However, it's somewhat wordy."

"I know," Lucy sighed. She had limited time, so she had to keep things clear and succinct.

Jason looked up as someone approached. "Hey, Mr. Fullbuster."

A man with messy black hair paused. "Yes?"

Lucy felt shocked. Gray Fullbuster was a rather famous copywriter, considered to be one of the best in the entire industry. He was slightly older than her with a brilliant mind, although sometimes reticent and aloof. Because of that personality, although Lucy had talked to him before, she tended to get the cold shoulder. Still, she somehow felt that she had talked to him recently. His voice and the smell of his cologne were all familiar.

Last night! Cana said Gray was one of the men who stayed late at the bar.

"I know you're busy," Jason said, "but could you take a look at this storyboard?"

Gray looked down at Lucy, and she gulped. He was looking really hard at her, and she felt his eyes glancing down. Was he looking at her breasts? Pervert!

Wait … was he the one she slept with?

He learned over to read the computer screen, and Lucy could smell his cologne even stronger now. His hands took her mouse to scroll up and down so he could read the whole thing. His hands looked so strong and yet held the mouse elegantly. A memory flashed in her mind of gentle hands on her breasts with fingers plucking at her nipples, getting her to arch back and moan.

'No, don't think of that when he's right there next to you!'

Lucy felt he was lingering there far too long. If he did not give her space, she might start to blush.

"So, what's the trouble?" he finally asked.

Lucy felt like she could not even speak, not with that lingering memory of sensuality in her head. Luckily, Jason spoke for her.

"She's stuck on the last line. Which of these three do you like?"

With barely a hesitation, Gray decided, "The third one. It presents the creator's vision most clearly. This is what you were trying to say, isn't it?" he asked Lucy directly, meeting her eyes again.

"Y-yes," she stuttered. How did he know? And she was glad he agreed with her. It made her feel like she somehow knew the right choice all along.

"Then stop debating with yourself. Stay true to your initial inspiration. A commercial with no message is meaningless and worthless. That line sums up the message in a way that leaves a lasting impression. The impression we give someone is most important, right?"

The impression … wait, was he referencing last night? Was the man she slept with actually Gray?

"Cool! The storyboarding is done," Jason declared. "Finish it up and give the final to me before lunch."

"Right, yes!" Lucy said enthusiastically. She was relieved and let out a little sigh. With this, she could get the storyboard done in no time. Not only that, the star of the creative department complimented her. "Thank you so much," she said to Gray.

"Not a problem," he replied, tipping his head to her.

Jason went back to his desk, and Gray began to walk away. However, he stopped abruptly and looked back.

"So hey, do you have an aversion to picking up your phone? Some sort of social anxiety thing?"

She blinked in confusion. "Sorry?"

"It's annoying when someone has to call you multiple times but you don't answer."

"Wha- …?"

It dawned on her a few seconds later. That morning, her phone kept ringing until she put it on silent. Did that mean Gray was the one calling her? How would a man like him have her phone number? Was he the man at the hotel? For a moment, she looked at his face, his pale skin and soft, thin lips, and she wondered what kind of face he made when he leaned in for a kiss.

She dropped her eyes and fisted up her hands on her skirt.

'Oh God, I should not be thinking about that! He's a coworker, and it's awful to think that way about someone at work. This is like internalized sexual harassment. Wait, is that a thing?'

"L-Listen, last night…"

However, when she looked up, Gray was walking away, heading out of the office.

Maybe he had merely called her about the article. However, she was the concept writer, and Gray was the copywriter. He was not working on this project at all. He had no reason to call her.

Unless … last night…

'I can't believe I might have slept with a coworker. This is bad. I screwed up big time. There are probably company rules about this sort of thing—'

"I will not tolerate anyone who breaks the rules!"

Lucy leaped at the shout. Cautiously, she peeked over her cubicle wall, along with many other heads popping up to see the commotion. Against the far wall, away from her section of writers, was the agency's Account Planning Executive, Freed Justine. He was a tall, lean man, dressed impeccably, with long hair that flowed down his back. He had an old-fashion charm to his appearance, like someone out of a Jane Austen novel, but he also had a notoriously harsh personality.

"We have specific rules about data gathering. If you make a single mistake, you have to redo the whole thing. Do you even know the rules of this company?"

The researcher had his head bowed, crushed by the harsh criticism. "I'm sorry, Mr. Justine. I'll redo it."

"You have thirty minutes."

"What?" the poor man shouted. "It took me two days—"

"And you screwed it up. I do not tolerate people who break the rules to cut corners. Thirty minutes!"

Lucy sat back down at her desk and shivered at the berating. It was not for nothing that he was known as Freed 'the Dark.'

A scene flashed through her mind again.

The lights of the bar were dim and colorful. She had a drink in her hand, laughing at a joke. There was a face—Natsu?—and Freed's, and … others. Shadowy, hazy others. They were all laughing. Then Freed leaned in so close to her ear, she felt his lips brush against her skin.

"Shall I get you another drink?" he asked.

She faced him with a bright smile and a word of thanks. He stood, green hair swished past her, brushing her cheek, and with it the smell of minty shampoo.

The shampoo at the hotel had also smelled minty.

No way! It couldn't be. Freed was known to date exclusively men. But there was that rumor about him and Mira, the front desk receptionist. Could he be…?

She shook her head. She needed to stop this. She took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

When Freed had said I will not tolerate anyone who breaks the rules, for a moment Lucy thought he was talking about her. Her chest still hurt from how hard it had pounded, and still it was slow to calm down. This was bad for her health. She got up, went to the elevators, and rode down to the floor with the employee break room to get some tea.

"This can't be good for my heart."

"Someone's having heart trouble?"

Lucy looked around and saw a kind face, a man with a goatee like a billy goat. It was Capricorn, the company's in-house doctor. Cana said he was also there that night, but Lucy was on good terms with the doctor. She never would have flirted with him.

Or had he seduced her? A distinguished-looking older gentleman might want a night with a young, buxomly woman.

"Are you not feeling well after last night, Lucy?" he asked with a gentle, concerned face.

After last night?

A vague shadow of a memory flashed into her mind. She was on top of a man, riding him hard, moaning as her back arched and her breasts jiggled from her enthusiasm, thrusting herself down onto a thick cock. A deep voice, distorted in her mind, wafted up to her.

"You keep that up, you'll be sore and walking funny tomorrow."

"You're looking pale," he said, looking almost guilty. His hand began to reach out, but Lucy jolted back.

"I … I'm fine, really."

"You overdid it in bed last night."

"What?" she screamed, stumbling backwards until she crashed into the wall, and even then she wished that she could retreat further. Last night … in bed … overdid it … Oh God, was it Capricorn?

"You're wondering how I know about that."

Her mouth dropped, but she had no clue what to say. Capricorn … them together? No way!

"Looks like I guessed correctly."

"Huh?" she said, the word dropping out numbly. Guessed? Then was it not him?

He glanced at her up and down, and his eyes seemed to linger on her breasts. He cracked out a slight chuckle and shook his head while looking at her breasts. What the hell was that sort of look?

"This isn't really the place for that sort of discussion," he decided. "We'll talk more another time." He left with a cryptic smile, rushing out of the break room.

Lucy blinked a few times. "What … was that about?"

She got her tea—although she felt like she needed a stiff drink—and returned to the elevators. One opened, but she saw a person was already inside. She gulped as she saw Freed Justine, standing in the elevator, reading over a report on a tablet. He glanced up as she walked in and gave her a brief nod, then looked back to his report.

Freed the Dark, the Evil Exec! And she had the bad luck to be in an elevator with him when he was in a foul mood.

She pressed the number for her floor, the doors closed, and she stood on the opposite side as him, keeping her eyes on the floor indicator, wishing elevators moved faster. She began to grow uncomfortable as the floors dinged, feeling like he was staring at her. Then Lucy realized he was walking up closer, approaching her. She had nowhere to run to in this tiny elevator. He was right in front of her, staring, but not at her face.

'Oh God, he's staring at my breasts as well!'

Freed was gay, right? A gay man would not stare at a woman's breasts like that. But there were rumors about him, and he had been drinking with her at the bar last night.

His hand reached out toward her chest. Lucy slammed her eyes shut. No way! This couldn't be happening. Here, at work, in the elevator, with the Account Planning Executive…

His finger tapped her blouse. "Your buttons are off, right here."

Lucy looked down at her shirt to where he was pointing. Sure enough, she had been in such a rush to get to work that morning, she had buttoned her blouse up wrong. How embarrassing! Freed took her cup of tea from her and turned aside, giving her privacy. Lucy quickly redid her buttons.

"Th-thank you," she muttered.

Was this why everyone seemed to be staring at her breasts all morning? Was it just that they had noticed she buttoned her blouse wrong, but were too polite to mention it? And here she had been cringing at the idea that half of Fairy Tail was becoming a bunch of perverts!

The elevator dinged and opened to the accounting floor. Freed handed back her tea and left without any reply. The doors closed, the lift continued up, and Lucy collapsed back against the wall.

Men normally did not approach a woman so closely just to point out a dressing error. He could have stayed in the corner and mentioned it, yet he had walked that close to her with no hesitation. It also meant he was looking at her closely enough to realize the wardrobe malfunction.

This elegant yet austere man had poked her blouse and stood so close, but he had not looked upset or offended that her clothing was in disarray. He had sounded gentle, friendly, as if they actually knew one another. She had never spoken to Freed before. She only knew him from reputation, yet he had approached her so closely.

He had been there that night. She vaguely remembered him getting her another cocktail. With enough drinks, would the stiff, homosexual-maybe-bisexual Evil Exec find interest in a woman? Her mind imagined how his long hair would look splayed across pillows, or draping down around them, curtaining her in, as he hovered above, whispering her name in reverence.

Had that happened, though? The man from last night, did he have long hair? Or did he have a goatee like Capricorn? Messy hair like Gray? Was he a ginger like Loke? Or could it even have been Natsu, although he was her best friend? No memory was clear enough to know. The body under her was a dark shadow, only the grasping of hands and that thick cock plunging into her were what she could recall, and there was no way she could ask the men at work to show her their penis or grab her breasts so she could figure out which one it was.

She also could not ask directly. After all, if it was not that man, they would know what she did last night, and a rumor that she had drunkenly slept with someone from work would ruin her reputation, maybe even get her fired.

"Get a grip, Lucy!" she scolded herself. The elevator finally arrived at her floor, and she stepped out. She had a storyboard to finalize before lunch.

End of Chapter 1

A/N: When I played Tachibana's story in "Irresistible Mistakes," it struck me how much he was like Loke. People call him "a lion amongst men" and "the star of the company," he's seen as being "worlds away, from another dimension," he's a flirt, a tease, yet when it comes to a fight he leaps in. Everything about Tachibana screamed LOKE! Then there's your character, a writer, naive but a hard worker, brilliantly creative, solving tough situations for her team. In other words, Lucy. Having a hotheaded best friend named Natsume made that character an easy match, the "Evil Exec" hellbent on following rules is totally Freed, the coldly aloof copywriter even sorta looks like Gray, and many of the characters fell into place naturally.

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