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Disclaimer: I dont own Sword art Online nor Gun gale online.I dont make any money from this.The oc is my own.

My name is Akira Akihiko.The son of the game designer Kayaba akihiko.Iam extremly rich and have high grades.My life is all good but iam currently a NEET.

I learned programming frok my dad as i excelled in that.Hell i wrote many programs for the SAO itself.With money and talent i must be an accomplished student but everything gone wrong.

Even though with all the benefits iam not handsome at all.Iam obese with 6 feet tall.I have no girlfriends as they deemed me to be ugly.My only friend was a girl named argo who is a hacker like me.Being obese is not my fault because according to doctors it is a minute disease.I have done everything from exercising to fasting for days for nothing worked.The doctors also daid that the fat will not increase but it is not good for my health to remove the fat in operation.

On a unforunate day i was travelling in a train because car broke down.I saw many schoolgirls leaving from school.I was about to turn back but i saw a man molesting a girl from my school.Even though they dont talk to me i care for my classmates,so i decided to intervene.But that was my mistake.

As i was about to help her the groper leaned back as i tripped on the girl.She fell down as her skrit and panties were in my hand in suggestive position. She screamed at me calling me molester as the police arrested despite my pleas.

I spent many days inside prison as my father finnally btoke me out.When asked why was he late he said that a teacher of mine also complained that i once forced myself on her.I know that is bullshit because she tried to seduce me for money but i rejected her so she spread the rumours.

I remembered everything from being lonely to geting bullied and accused of crimes.Hell my degree was cancelled because i have many criminal cases on me.That was the last day the outside world ever saw me.

Now to present,I moaned as my 9 inch cock was getting devoured by a schoolgirl.Seeing her hateful eyes turned me on more.I groaned as i cummed deep inside her throat as she gulped in disgust.

She coughed some cum saying"That was enough right.Now according to the deal delete the photos".I smiled at her saying"What are you saying.The deal was spending your body once with me.Now in to the bed".The girl turned her face in disgust as a fat person like me kissed all over her body.

This is my hobby now.I thought i can form a relation online but every girl rejected me after seeing me in real life.With no education,job,lover and being alone in the world i chosed to change for worse.

I hacked into the computers of girls that i fancied as i learned their secrets.Then i will proceed to meet them offline as i blackmail them into rape.Some agreed quickly but some were fiesty.Blackmailing them using some footage and money was effective as i nearly fucked over 20 girls in two months from schoolgirls to wives.

I poked the entrance of the girl below me as she got scared saying"Please i beg you.Dont rape me.I have a boyfriend.Have mercy".I just smirked saying"Too late slut".

The girl screamed in pain as i tore through her hymen taking her virginity.Seeing her crying face aroused me as i increased my speed.The girl below me groaned in pain and slowly into pleasure as i fucked her raw in my bed.I blackmailed her using a footage of her shoplifting.She was a honour student so she fell easily.

After sometime i groaned saying"Iam cumming bitch".The girl screamed as she cried saying"Please not inside.I beg you.Dont ruin my life.I dont want to be pregnant".

I pushed forward touching her womb as i cummed inside her saying"I dont care for your life bitch.I only care about pleasring myself".She looked at me in fear as her womb filled with my cum.I drew back as she relaxed from my assault.

I flipped her saying"Our time is not over slut.Remember i own this body for another 2 hours".Her cries echoed through my room as i raped her to my content.

After 2 hours i sat on the edge of bed as the girl cried beside me looking at her defiled body.I was geting irritated as i said"I will delete the the pictures so get the fuck out of my house.We wipl never meet agaun understood.Here take this and keep it a secret".

I threw a wad if money at her face as she looked at me.She took the money and counted it with eyes widening.She silently took the money as she dressed herself leaving my house.I smiled thinking that money always solve the problems.

I cleaned my dick using a tissue as i went through the rules of SAO again.I smiled as i took the nervegear.

I put on the nervegear as i said "LINK START".

From that day my life took a weird turn as my father miscalculated my excellence in programming.




Hi guys this is my new story.I will make sure to almost break everygirl in sao verse.

As for my other stories iam busy with studies so the updates will be late please bare with me.

Iam starting the raping with silica.

Suggestions are duly taken about future chapters.


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