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Matt wasn't sure how it had happened. He and MetalGarurumon had been wandering in Puppetmon's forest, simultaneously trying to find the other Children while avoiding being seen by them. He briefly remembered Sora telling them the same thing, trying to help the others from the shadows while she cursed her own Crest's inability to activate. But thinking of Sora made him think of Joe and thinking of Joe made him feel funny.

So he shook his head and pressed on, ignoring the worried looks his partner was giving him beneath his armor. He clenched his fists at his sides and stormed onward, deeper into the forest that was more like a tropical jungle.

MetalGarurumon wanted nothing more than to talk to his Tamer. He wanted to use his large paw to push Matt down, to hold the boy still until he said anything even if it was just telling him to get off. But he remembered his promise to remain by his side always, and if Matt needed a silent partner, that was what he would get.

The cyborg-wolf's nose glowed faintly in the shadows of twisted trees, the humid heat making condensation cling to his muzzle. He worried deep inside that he would rust, and briefly wondered what that would feel like. But that was a silly idea, he knew. He would run out of energy and return to Gabumon long before his mechanical parts could rust.

Matt pointed silently at a viciously entangled group of vines and MetalGarurumon stepped forward, twisting so his bladed tail could cut through. Matt watched as the plants writhed in pain, mouthless vines shrieking in pain before exploding into digital dust to reveal a small clearing. He thought to himself, Had he just destroyed a Digimon? Or were even the plants in this twisted world capable of agony?

He would have continued in this way, listening for the voices of the other Chosen Children. Listening and debating whether or not to go back to them, had that terrifying giggle not echoed throughout the trees.

“I~ see~ you~” Puppetmon called, freezing Matt's heart. His breath caught in his throat and he backed up, crashing into MetalGarurumon's flank.

“Where are you?!” Matt snarled, glaring everywhere. That child-like Mega could be anywhere, in any tree. Watching and waiting, plotting how to destroy him. “I'll kill you for what you did to TK!”

“All I did was play around a bit,” Puppetmon whined, like a child told he couldn't have a cookie before dinner. Before that child murdered that person and took the whole jar. “It's not like I managed to hit him, or anything. Damn sightscopes need to be recalibrated.”

“Fuck you!” Matt screamed, pulling into himself. He could hear his mother's voice in his ears, I want to play a special game with you, Yamato... “Leave me alone!”

“Hmph, it seems like you got lucky this time,” Puppetmon grumbled from the tree above Matt. “I can see my house from up here, and I think it's getting bombed.”

MetalGarurumon stepped forward, snarling up at the Dark Master who leapt to the branches of another tree. “Stay here and fight me, you rotten piece of driftwood!”

“Hmm... No.” Puppetmon fell into a giggling fit, almost falling to the ground as though he'd told the world's greatest joke. “But, I will leave you with a parting gift – it's a virus Machinedramon made! And I stole it right out from under his big ole dragon nose!”

“Matt, get down!” MetalGarurumon yelped, as Puppetmon reared back, a glowing bundle of something in his hand. The mechanical wolf grabbed Matt by the collar of his mock turtleneck and threw him aside as Puppetmon threw. Tiny pinpricks of pain exploded on his neck and flank, little pink machines burrowing deep past his armor and into his flesh. MetalGarurumon howled in agony as Puppetmon fled, laughing to himself.

“MetalGarurumon?!” Matt screamed. His partner was glowing, thrashing in pain. He could feel, through the bond that connected them deep in their souls, the twisting fire that was crawling through MetalGarurumon's insides.

The creature that was no longer his partner stumbled, giant paws digging into the ground as the light faded. Gone was the cool blues and striking golds, replaced by black fur that absorbed the light and rich silvers that reflected Matt's terrified face. Red eyes, once so comforting, were yellow and glowing with something that wasn't rage.

“M-MetalGarurumon...?” Matt whispered. He knew that look. That look that Nancy wore. The one that told him he would spend the night convincing his father that she'd hurt him, even though it felt so good. His hands shook, and he knew what he had to do.

Matt stumbled, unable to get to his feet, and crawled. He scrambled and tried to run as far from BlackMetalGarurumon as he could.

But the creature was drawn to movement. So lost in fighting the virus, he couldn't recognize his Tamer. He could only see the small form trying to escape, smell the wonderful scent of fear, hear the quick, heavy breathing.

The ground trembled under Matt's body as BlackMetalGarurumon leapt to cut him off. The creature, suddenly so huge and towering, growled deep and low. One giant paw pushed him down, holding him to the grass, and he struggled to breathe. He cried out, trying to reach his once partner. Even the bond they shared was cut off, leaving him empty inside.

The large nose came closer, sniffing his hair, his neck. Matt's panicked breathing left foggy patches on the armor as he was inspected. The jaws opened, revealing rows of sharp metal teeth and a long tongue swept up his face. A warm, wet trail started at his vulnerable neck and slithered up to his cheek, tasting the tears he didn't know he had been crying. It crawled up him again, the other side of his neck now, and it paused at his mouth. Somewhere inside that was still Gabumon remembered seeing Matt and Joe press their lips together, remembered seeing their tongues meet.

Matt gagged as that thick tongue pushed into his mouth. The Digimon's breath was hot, his tongue warm as it invaded him. He tried to pull away, but he couldn't. He could only whimper, using his own small tongue to try and push it away.

The feel of the small muscle against his, the soft ridges of his teeth that pressed gently onto his own tongue, sparked another warmth inside BlackMetalGarurumon. The feel of his Tamer's shuddering and quivering making a fire burn in his icy belly.

Matt rolled onto his side the moment BlackMetalGarurumon lifted his paw. He gasped for the air he'd been denied, spitting the taste of his partner to the ground. He wrapped his arms around himself, and cried softly, “MetalGarurumon, please...”

'Please', Gabumon has always been told, was a polite way to request something. And there was only one thing BlackMetalGarurumon wanted right now.

Matt cried out as those strong, metallic jaws took hold of his throat. Gentle enough to not break the skin, but forceful enough to make sure the blonde didn't squirm. He whimpered, looking into those mindless yellow eyes. He tried to find the kind, loving partner he'd always known, only to meet with terrifying lust.

A gloved hand reached up, touching the side of BlackMetalGarurumon's face in a futile attempt to bring back the gentle beast. His breath was hot, puffing against Matt's throat, and he growled. A gentle rumble shook the blonde as BlackMetalGarurumon began dragging him away like a naughty puppy. Deeper into the forest they went, further away from the mild protection of the clearing. Here, now, even if the other Children were to pass by, they couldn't hear anything through the trees.

With a toss of his head, BlackMetalGarurumon threw Matt to the ground. The boy whimpered, reaching out for the very vines he'd destroyed earlier. He tried to pull himself up, but those large silver paws pushed him back down. Terrifyingly large claws hovered above his chest, and for a moment, Matt thought the virus coursing through his partner's body would make him a murderer.

But then BlackMetalGarurumon tore through the thin green fabric, exposing the pale chest to the humid forest air. Matt turned away, once again trying to crawl to safety, and those metallic jaws grabbed his belt. He growled, chewing through the fake leather and ripping off the dark jeans. The strong stench of sex flooded the forest, overpowering the strange floral scents that had been assaulting them the whole time.

Matt couldn't stop the heat building up inside him as BlackMetalGarurumon's tongue once again lashed over his skin, tasting the fearful sweat dripping down his spine. It was a warm feeling, a gentle tickle that went straight to his thighs. He remembered his mother's hands doing the same thing to him, and he bowed his head in shame. His nude body completely exposed, being looked over hungrily by the very creature created to protect him. Sharp teeth gripped his hip, sending eager tingles to his budding arousal.

He heard the hiss of hydraulics as BlackMetalGarurumon's paw set down by his head, digging into the grass and dirt. There was a large, cold weight over him as the creature stood over him. The icy armor of the Mega pressed against his back, raising gooseflesh along Matt's shaking arms. There was a heat, however, long and hard moving against his hips. It pressed against him, sliding along his own length, and Matt couldn't bite back the groan that escaped him.

BlackMetalGarurumon heard the noise in his sensitive ears. His internal sensors could read the heat building up under him, and he lowered his head with a low huff. Again, he bucked his hips, feeling his Tamer's ache along his. He was leaking a sticky wetness, and it made it easier to move along Matt who couldn't stop his eager whining.

Matt felt his Digimon's muzzle press into his hair, an unfamiliar growl, almost a purr, rumbling in his ear. He was panting, breathing heavily as BlackMetalGarurumon continued pushing against him. Heat built up in his loins, and he knew he was pushing close to the edge. Just a little more of the wonderful friction and he would be mindless in his own pleasure. His arms shook and he collapsed to his chest, shifting closer to the creature above him, now warm with his own arousal.

BlackMetalGarurumon felt the movement and the heat between his legs, growing ever larger, felt it: the soft entrance, twitching expectantly. He brought his paws closer, bringing one down on Matt's shoulder to keep him still and he pushed against it. The leaking fluids smeared between them, making it easier to push inside.

Matt screamed out as the strange length stretched him wide, wider than he thought possible. He brought one gloved hand to his mouth, biting the cloth harshly as more and more entered him. BlackMetalGarurumon groaned at the throbbing, wriggling heat encasing him. He pulled back, almost dragging the boy with him, but couldn't stay away. He pushed in again, forcing more than before into that wonderful cavern. His Tamer was crying out, yelping into his hands with every thrust, sobbing and begging for something until the creature paused.

BlackMetalGarurumon was fully inside, his aching length fully encased by his Tamer. He could feel the boy's pulse all along him, his stretched entrance twitching against his base. Matt was shuddering below him, whimpering over and over, “Please... Please...”

He begged so politely, BlackMetalGarurumon thought. He twitched his tail, the silver blade cutting through the suddenly overheated air behind him. He adjusted his back feet, almost sliding away had Matt's insides not gripped him so tightly, and dug his claws into the soft ground. He barked into the tick forest, thrusting suddenly in and out.

Matt yelped with every movement, screams buried under BlackMetalGarurumon's cries of pleasure. His insides ached from being stretched further than he ever knew he could go, though the dripping of his partner's sex eased the friction. He could see his own face reflected in those claws next to his head, tears dripping down his cheeks, scratches and cuts on his cheeks and throat. He was being physically lifted with every pull back, shoved deeper into the ground with every thrust. There was something inside him being rubbed against, making him dizzy with pleasure. His own ache pulsed, bouncing between his thighs.

“Please...” he called again. By now, he had no idea what he was begging for – BlackMetalGarurumon to stop, or to keep going until he reached that apex of pleasure. He reached out, hesitantly placing his hand on the paw almost crushing his shoulder. “M-MetalGarurumon...”

So lost in the feeling, the virus had trouble keeping up with the part of MetalGarurumon's mind that still knew Matt. There was a moment, then, where yellow eyes turned red, and he looked down at the quivering mess that had once been his Tamer.

“Matt...? What is...?” The boy throbbed around him and he groaned, unable to stop his thrusting.

“MetalGarurumon,” Matt whined. “I need... need you to....”

The large muzzle of his partner pressed against his ear, and the leg that wasn't holding Matt down slid to his waist. Large claws caressed his thighs and Matt felt his pulsing ache rub against them. He wiggled and moaned, tossing his head and twitching his hips. The pain inside him was gone now, replaced by an overwhelming pleasure that coursed through his mind. He would deal with what was happening later - right now, all he wanted was wonderful release.

BlackMetalGarurumon shifted his weight to his front paw, pushing further against Matt. He could barely draw back any more, hips twitching as they tried to bury his ache further than it could go. Matt was whimpering and whining, pushing back as much as he could. He tensed, clamping down almost painfully on his partner, and his release splashed across the claws on his legs.

The Digimon howled, body glowing and freeing itself from the virus with a wonderful release. Once more MetalGarurumon, he felt his own thick seed filling Matt, spilling out around his length to drip and splatter on the ground.

They stayed like that for a long while. MetalGarurumon's breathing slowed, his length softening and sliding from the boy with a rush of sticky white that spilled down their thighs. Matt tried to still his shaking, his body trying to relax after such wonderful abuse.

“Matt,” MetalGarurumon whimpered. “I'm sorry...”

“Don't be,” Matt breathed. He slowly pulled himself to his feet, balancing on a nearby tree. He looked at what remained of his clothes, wondering how long it would take him to empty. “It wasn't your fault.” He looked at MetalGarurumon, taking comfort in the familiar blues and golds. “We'll be sure to give that damn Puppetmon what he deserves. He won't get away with this.”

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