Digimon Tamers: Lost Identities.

BY : LiquidPhazon
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Nearly four years had passed since both the D-Reaper and the Parasimon army were stopped by the Digimon Tamers, who were all seen as heroes and had many fans who admired them for all they had done.

But with their fame, their time in the spotlight eventually faded.

Now Takato and the others resumed their regular lives.

However, being famous, be it only brief, the lives of the Digimon Tamers had changed, to which not only had Takato, Henry, Rika, Jeri, Kazu and Kenta enrolled in the same college together, but with his enthusiasm, Takato had managed to convince his friends to start a band, not only to add another curriculum to their records, but to share their talents, as well as express their thoughts and feelings.

While Takato had taken to the guitar, getting lessons from his father, he was not only recognized for his skills, or the fact his guitar was red and had several familiar black markings on it, making it look a little like Guilmon, but continuing to follow his dream to draw, Takato focused most of his time and classes on drawing and art, leading to him mainly drawing Digimon related pictures, several Digimon Card designs, which eventually lead to him making his own web comic series, following the events of the Legendary Warriors, DATS team and the Fusion Fighters.

And while he enjoyed making these stories, part of him felt as though he had met the characters in his stories, but just decided to push it out of his mind, completely unaware that he, as well as Guilmon and his friends had met and even fought with the other Digimon heroes, but after Quartzmon was defeated, in order to prevent any unforeseen problems, all Digimon teams, excluding the Fusion Fighters had their memories erased.

Henry, following in his father's footsteps wanted to become a programmer and focused his classes around technology, computers and programming, which he used to help make cds, covers and other related products to the band, making it that more popular.

And while Takato and the others had many fans of their music, Henry had his own fan, Hiromi Koizumi, who had long, brown coloured hair, glasses and was a fellow student of Henry's martial arts teacher and turned out Henry had actually saved Hiromi from the very same neighborhood bully he beaten up.

She developed a crush on the young boy, learning everything she could about him.

And despite her somewhat pervert nature, and with a little help from Terriermon, Henry warmed up to her, eventually falling for her unique charms.

It also helped that Hiromi's body was a little more 'mature' compared to the other girls in their class, to which her figure was more womanly and her breasts were a cup bigger.

But even with that, Henry liked her not just for her outer, but inner beauty, finding her one he could talk to and spend his time with doing things that both enjoyed.

Kazu loving being a Digimon Tamer and being seen as a hero, made up his mind and went into law enforcement, while Kenta, knowing not only the dangers Kazu and the rest of his friends often put themselves though wanted to help them, as well as others, went into medicine.

Jeri decided she wanted to become a teacher, helping in bringing knowledge to future generations, while Rika, after being encouraged by her friends, especially Renamon and Takato, opened up and revealed she wanted to major in music, which they all supported her in, which was shown when they made Rika the lead singer of their band, while Jeri was on keyboard.

While Rika was hesitant at first, thanks to her friends, especially Takato being so supportive towards her dreams, Rika became a music major, no longer afraid to hold back and was glad to sing.

Ryo, decided to remain in the Digital World, along with Cyberdramon, to keep policing the Digital Plane, making sure no Digimon tried anything funny that could cause conflict in either world, or in case The D-Reaper's programming was ever reactivated and it decided to emerge once again.

Alice McCoy, who everyone thought had vanished after giving the Tamers the ability to Bio-Merge was eventually found in the Digital World, but Ryo on his first return to the realm, reuniting her with family, something she would always be grateful for.

And while it took her a while, she managed to get reaccustomed to life in the Human World, befriend the Tamers, especially Jeri.

The two formed a close bond, that grew stronger over time, even letting Jeri learn something about herself; that she was attracted to not only men, but women as well. The moment Jeri had this revelation occurred during a weekend trip at a mountain hot-spring with just the girls.

However, while Rika and Renamon had accompanied their companions, Rika didn't feel too well that night and headed back to her room, where Renamon tended to her, leaving Alice and Jeri alone.

With her and Jeri alone together, it just happened, a kiss, while small and innocent, awoken something in the young woman.

Add the fact she would have the occasional wet dream where she would not only have sex with Takato, but Rika or Alice as well only increased the spark.

And despite the changes in their lives, it didn't stop them from being close with their Digimon partners, whom also had changed over the last few years.

Most noticeably Guilmon and Impmon.

Not only had Guilmon matured mentally, but had also changed physically, bulking up in muscle, while losing most of the fat on his body, mainly his belly, while along with his body, mass, the red dinosaur had grown in height and now stood taller than Renamon.

Guilmon's maturity sparked something in Renamon, of course, she had always seen him as a dear friend, but as he changed over the years, she couldn't deny she had started to develop deeper feelings for him.

The tall fox found it very hard to express her new found feelings for her friend, the growing fear of rejection always gnawing at the back of her mind.

But what Renamon didn't know was Guilmon had felt the same way about her, much more longer than she had, in fact it had been one of the factors in him wanting to change the way he appeared around her.

However, that didn't stop the dino Digimon from having his own fears about expressing his love for her.

Impmon, over time had managed to learn how to control his ability to Digivolve, now maintaining his Mega form, Beelzemon, rarely did he ever revert back to Impmon, save only around his Tamer's Ai and Mako. And just like Guilmon, he too found love in the form of a vixen Digimon, only this Digimon was BlackRenamon, Renamon's twin sister.

Starting off as enemies, BlackRenamon had always been the opposite of her sister, believing she didn't need a human to help her get stronger and joined up with the wrong types of Digimon.

But after she had entered the Real World to have some fun and cause some trouble, she was soon betrayed after she learnt that the dark Digimon she had joined wanted more than to create a little chaos, they wanted to destroy the Real World.

It was Beelzemon who managed to save BlackRenamon who was betrayed by her fellow dark Digimon, he showed her that humans were not all bad, or even the Digimon that associated with them.

She was able to redeem herself, and also had her heart stolen by the Demon Lord along the way, course she always had a thing for the 'bad boy' type.

And after switching sides in taking down the dark Digimon, BlackRenamon learnt all the years she had sought power alone was a mistake and working alongside others who cared about her was the right path.

Perhaps it was destiny, or the help of a Digignome, but eventually she became Ai's, with Ai gaining a light pink D-Power, during the deciding battle, BlackRenamon gained the strength to Digivolve to her Mega form, Kuzuhamon, which wiped out the threat that had befallen upon Shinjuku.

Now, with the four years and the past behind them, the Tamers believed they could finally resume their lives without worry, how wrong they would soon find out.

While the Real World had learnt of the existence of Digimon and the Digital World, Yamaki, still the head of Hypnos, acted on behalf of the Real World as a diplomat where he established a bond between both worlds, allowing humans and Digimon to live as one, to which many Digimon headed to the Real World to find jobs, make friends, some even searching to see if there was a human out there that was destined to be their Tamer.

And thanks to Yamaki, the Digital World had progressed greatly, up to the point where humans and Digimon worked as one, building cities throughout the Digital World and allowing humans to start new lives in the Digital World or continue their old ones, but spread their ideals, ideas and products to the Digimon community.

But out of all the cities, the most famous was known as Omega city, which was not only the largest, but where most successful businesses thrived.

As after peace was established, and the passage of both worlds became regulated, humans and Digimon freely interacted, travelling between worlds, along with the good elements of humanity, so did the bad flow, for humans and dark Digimon alike were willing to expose the weakness of others for personal of financial gain.

One such group of Digimon were high-level Demon Lords, 'The Sisters' as they were called.

In a way, they were sisters, Virus Data mixing with that of Digimon to form a subset of Virus Digimon Lords, known as Succubi, and just like the actual demons of lust, they too fed off the sexual energy of Digimon, and surprisingly human alike.

There were three of them, Lilithmon the oldest, created first and most cunning.

Agrabahmon, created second, and considered the most sadistic of the trio, for Agrabahmon enjoyed watching humans and Digimon suffer, more mentally than physically if possible.

And finally, Naamahamon, created last, and perhaps the weakest.

Unlike her sisters who were Mega level, Naamahamon was only an Ultimate Level Digimon, something her sisters would use against her, especially Agrabahmon, who would often abuse her.

After learning about the human concept of gentlemen clubs and strip-clubs, Lilithmon and Agrabahmon decided to open a club of their own.

Why hunt for prey when it could come some willingly?

Unfortunately they found a snag, when humans and Digimon alike were unwilling to allow themselves to be cattle for the sisters to feed on.

However, Agrabahmon came up with a devilish plan.

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