Gremory Claimed

BY : Hiro
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Sometimes, a dream just comes true; even a wet dream. Hiro had been laying in his bed in the small house he was living in while he was attending Kuou Academy. It'd been a couple weeks since he'd joined the Occult Research Club, and subsequently transformed into a devil to fit in alongside the others. The fusion of the "evil" power had caused some problems with Hiro's innate divine powers, causing them to mutate, but also rage with have unexpected side effects. The biggest issue that resulted from the power-up and the destruction of most of his human inhibitions; was his sex-drive. It was out of control, he'd have lusty thoughts about almost all of the female members of the club. 

He had no clue about what he was; having been born a half-god from the Norse pantheon from a daughter of Odin; meaning the all-father was his grandfather. But apparently he had enough human in him to act as a neutral ground to allow for the opposing powers to mix and mesh in a way that preserved the humanity in between them. The amplification of his sex-drive was the major issue he had, needing a way to vent it before it became overpowering. Usually it was never as bad it was right now; maybe it was the beast inside having grown drunk on power? 

Hiro had unbound his normally ponytailed blonde hair and shook it out, with his wolf ears poking out through it; normally they were a light grey color but now they'd darkened to a smoky color instead. His wolf tail had also changed; growing dark in color along the spine with the rest of it following suit by a shade. He hadn't tried to shapeshift into his animal form since there; afraid of what it'd do.  But at the curren tmoment, he was actually whimpering faintly as he stroked his exceptionally hard dick, seeking release. 

It'd been building since the alteration and it'd taken all his self-control NOT to jump on Rias or Akeno right in the club's main room. He had to admit; given a chance- he'd breed with both of them. It was almost like his lusty thought had some power as the Gremory symbol etched itself into his floor in a glowing red that marked a transportation spell. Hiro sat up, his ears flattened back a bit as he stopped what he ws doing and watched. 

The symbol flashed and the red-haired princess herself would step through, and immediately began to flush a bright red as she caught sight of his nude body. "Oh! Er..uhm.." she started, flustered; but then seemed to be hit by something, the reason she was there. 


"Lady Rias?!" he jolted, trying to hide his throbbing erection. 


She didn't say anything and instead crossed over to his bed and got up on it, sitting on her knees before straddling over him and crawling up. The motion making him fall back a little and stare. "I know this is really sudden. But...." A look of desperation crossed over Rias' normally calm features. She'd reach up so they were face to face, holding her body a few inches over the tip of his boner. "I need you to take my virginity.." she panted a little, feeling the intense heat of him against her thighs. "It seems like you're already prepared...." she said, undressing without so much as a moment of hesitation. 


THAT pitched him for a loop, and made him throb in need. "If that's what you really want...." he blushed, he wasn't about to tell her no; and the way she was moving so fast told him that she wanted to do it in a hurry. "it's going to hurt if you just go down on it like that though." he muttered, staring at her lovely pert breasts. 


"Well then let's just start here then." she purred, pulling his hands up to her chest encouragingly. He knew what to do and would gently grasp her exceptionally large, ample breasts and began to tease and stimulate them, eliciting soft moans from her as she began to roll her now-nude hips against his, invariably rubbing the outermost part of her pussy against the underside/vein of his erection. "Ahhhaha~" She moaned, feeling the rigidity between her thighs. "W-wow, I wonder what's caused this to be so hard." She said, still moving her hips and thighs. 

Hiro knew just what to do and expertly teased her breasts, pinching and tugging gently on her nipples, using his strong arms to bring her in close and reached out with his tongue and prodded her stiffening nipple with it and bit it lightly with his lips. 

"Kyah!" she yelped in sudden pleasure, the moisture down between he legs growing into a warm, wet, throbbing sensation that rushed up then down her spine; flicking all sorts of internal switches on. 


"Wait.. why..." she said as she noticed his wolf ears flicking a bit as he teased her. 


He paused, thinking she had a direction for him about what she wanted. "hmm?" he blinked, his ears twitching then perked foward, but his hips still worked along with her motions; bucking up against her-- hot with need. 


"I didn't know that you're..." she panted, reaching out to touch them as if she didn't think they were real. 


"H-hey, don't rub my ears..." he groaned as she did anyway, his tail waggin and thumping hard against the bed uncomfortably. "I've always been one; I just hide it at school." he admitted. But it was getting to be too much; he didn't know what he could do, his actions slowing but becoming more sensitive and applying more pressure to her body. 


Rias giggled a bit then moaned softly then bit her lip as she felt him actually seem to get larger; pressing hard against her virgin body. "We have to hurry before someone finds us out." she breathed. "Wha... KYAAH! "she yelped loudly in surprise as Hiro flipped her onto her back. 


He didn't speak to her, just it's too much; he felt it inside- he had to mate with her right there, right then. Not like she'd complain. He nudged between her open legs with with his hips and reached down to press the head of his cock against her. "It's going to hurt at first. Nothing I can do about it but it'll feel really good after." He warned her and pressed inside of her slowly and would feel her hymen blockin the way and gave her a sharp thrust to break through it then stopped. 


Rias nodded, breathing hard as she tried to focus; but that look in his green eyes. It was intense, focused and had the glow of primal instinct; when he pressed against her she reflexively withdrew but then relaxed back. She moaned sweetly as she felt his stiff organ enter into her sticky, hot body. Then the loss of her physical virginity made her grab his shoulders and claw in a bit since it did hurt. It made her breath quickly and shallow at first as she got used to it.  But just like he said, in a few moments she'd nod for him to move again, when he did that first withdraw then another sharp thrust made her let out a loud, husky moan of pleasure.


Once inside and given the nod to continue; Hiro, for all intents and purposes- lost his rational though. All that was left was the beast inside, the primal desire to breed her; to fill her belly with his seed. His motions were measured at first; letting her get used to the feeling of a throbbing; thick dick in her. Her pussy was unbelievably tight though; every time he pulled out a bit; she was trying to suck it back in, the two of them making loud, naughty sounds. Hiro held her down by pressing his hips against hers in a way that held her against the bed; helpless to resist. 


Rias panted at first, then moaned softly; but as Hiro's thrusts grew harder, doing in deeper; The Gremory Heiress would begin to try to bite back her moans as they grew progressively louder. On reflex, her legs flexed up and wrapped, then locked around her lover's waist; flexing as he moved to press it in further. He was stabbing so deeply into her that it was striking and rubbing those tiny areas inside of her body that were driving her crazy with pleasure. Her arms went around his neck and pulled him down to her and the two met in the middle with a deeply passionate kiss. It was her attempt to suppress her building desire to scream and moan louder; it was terribly embarrassin for her but it felt -- Right. 


Their tongues teased, brushed and danced with each other as his body slid deeper and deeper into her until he was in as far as physically possible. There was no slowing of pace, in fact; when Rias suddenly broke the kiss and tossed her hair back and clawed into his shoulders and screamed in ecstasy as her pussy went into orgasmic spasms. Hiro reacted to it by using the additional lubrication to pound her harder and faster, pushing the newly popped virgin into another little orgasm immediately after her first. 


That's how it went; the animalistic fury with Hiro pounded Rias sent her into orgasm after orgasm, steadily pushing her rational thoughts away with each heart-hammering climax. After her third one, Hiro stiffened and suddenly slammed it into her; pressing his balls against her skin as he throbbed.


"Wha?!" she jolted, feeling his cock jerk and seem to swell a bit inside of her. "A-are you..." she panted looking up at him, blushing brightly; her skin shone with sweat from her exertion. Her sweet pheremones filling the air and obliterating all rational thought in Hiro's mind. 


"I am. And right now; you can't stop me Lady Rias." Hiro smirked at her, shuddering as he continued to pump his seed into her.


She looked to the side, a crimson sash crossing the bridge of her nose ear to ear; her legs just squeezed firmly; like her body desperately wanted that! "It-it's ok." she smiled and pulled herself to whisper in his ear. "I want you to keep filling me with your seed. Cum inside me all you want." she moaned. 


It'd take a moment or two for him to stop creaming into her; he'd pull out some with a loud, wet squishing sound. But he could only go as far as he legs let him. Even though, to Rias, her legs began to feel like noodles but she wanted him to stay inside of her like that. It kept them face-to-face and she found she liked that. To her surprise, she'd notice one tiny thing: they had the same eye-color, except his were glowing at that moment. 


Just as Hiro began to thust back into Rias's sensitive; swollen pussy they'd both jolt to a stop as they heard a loud gasp after a flash of light. Rias looked over from where she was. "Grayfia?!" she asked then moaned as she felt her body squeezing. 


"Lady Rias!" The gray-silver haired "queen" exclaimed. "This...this is..." she blushed, trying hard not to stare at the fact she had a full view of JUST HOW DEEP Hiro was inside of Rias' body and the small indication of blood flow on her part. "Your father and brother are going to be very disappointed. This is beneath you." She sighed, trying not to become aroused herself. Lest she be drawn into the event herself. 


Undaunted, Hiro pulled back as if he was about to dismount her. Instead! He suddenly slammed it in deeply into Rias' pussy; making her scream loudly and shudder all over as her body exploded in another orgasm; her hips pushing up and rolled in her desire. "


Well they're going to have to be disappointed." He said and winked at Rias and gave her a deeply passionate kiss; her arms flexing and pulled herself up more into it as he drove his organ into her repeatedly- fully intent on breeding her. "If you keep watching, I'm going to charge you for it." He smirked at Grayfia after they finished. 


Rias looked at her with this confident grin of hers; that she wore when she knew she'd made a winning move. "You can tell my brother that I've found a better man to be with." She said. 


Grayfia was taken aback by how...shameless this all was. She knew at that moment, she had to leave. She had to leave right then, lest her body win over her rationale. With a flash of magical energy she vanished through the symbol. 


It would go on for half the night; HIro with nearly unlimited stamina and Rias able to keep pace. She'd had lost count of how many mindblowing orgasms she had, nor did she know-- or care how may times he'd cum inside of her. The next day at school would be awkward since they'd both be quite late; but to was worth it.


Little did she know that, inside of her womb; his strongest sperm had found her egg and began to batter it like little kamikaze pilots to weaken the wall around the egg for one of them to get in. And just before Rias woke up; all snuggled up to Hiro's chest and just enjoyed feeling of his muscular arms holding her gently, protectively. "Hiro-chan... wake up..." she poked at his cheek; they were already late and they both really had to shower before going.  She wanted to keep it a secret as long as possible from the students. 


She just watched him sleep a bit, his sunlight-blonde bangs half covering his face as he did; though his ears did twitch toward her as she spoke. He'd made her feel so good, so much like a woman; though she didn't know what she liked best. The face-to-face missionary position they'd started in? Or perhaps it was bending bent over with her face in a pillow as he took her from behind like the typical alpha male. "Come on, we're going to be late.." she said. 


"I know." he said, looking at her. "I'm just enjoying holding you close while I can. I do this at school, the rumor mill will explode." Hiro smirked

"I don't care, do it anyway." She smiled warmly

. "Just don't let everyone know you're a werewolf ok? That'll freak them all out even more than the fact..." she blushed. "that you were my first."


"Maybe I'll nip at few of them and freak'em out?" he asked, making a fake little biting motion and nuzzled her. 


"Don't do that either." She directed with a false look of authority. 


"I know. I know." he laughed and let her go gently and sat up, stretching out his well-defined torso, much to her delight and shifted to sit on the edge of the bed. "Though, showers before going would be good."


"Mmm maybe we can share?" she suggested with a wink. 




Later that same day in the Occult Research meeting room, Rias was busy giving out directions to the pawn while the knight and rook were being summoned away to respond to the flyers that the pawn had been passing out for the afternoon. Most of them had "normal" clients that they either had pacts with or were working toward them; pacts were a way devils gained more power for their peerage. Hiro was a different case; being a half-god; he was far more powerful than any of theory.

 Fact was, that other than his shapeshifting powers alongside some others passive abilities inherent in his state as a werewolf; he didn't have the magical power one may expect. His strength was in his versatility and in physicality; easily matching Akeno and Koneko's physical power and defense. 


He was resistant to alot of attacks and being a truly immortal and divine being; he was also immune to light spears- they'd just bounce off or he'd catch them. His shapeshifting powers could be used in different ways: he could blur his form, momentarily existing only as a spiritual presence until the change finished or physically transform slowly like "normal" werebeasts might, or just release it all in one concussive burst and take on a powered up hybrid form. It was probably because of these powers that alot of female devils found him alluring; that sheer primal might he carried promised boons for their faction and future children. 


Currently, he was hiding his presence from the others by dozing on the floor behind Rias' desk in his large grey wolf form, curled up in the slot built into the desk for the chair. Apparently Rias liked that feeling, she'd slipped off one of her shoes and was curling her toes in his soft fur as she spoke.


When she dismissed her pawn and the others departed, presumably summoned away; Akeno would finally come over noticing the president's distraction. She knew Rias and Hiro dealt with each other in private; having been there a couple times; but she wondered why the prez was hiding his presence from the others? 


"I think I'm going to go get a shower now that that's taken care of." Rias yawned, stretchin as she got up, it'd been a long day and she was still oddly tired from it all. As she got up and headed off with Akeno in tow; Akeno noticed the slight difference in how Rias moved, the way she seemed to be feelin achy. 


"President? Are you ok? You look like you're aching somewhere..did something happen?" her queen asked, blinking. 


"Oh? No it's fine... I've just been sitting down too long." Rias replied with a smile as she began to undress for her shower. Her mind would flash back to the previous night and a shiver ran up her body; she still felt Hiro's hands and lips on her breasts, his organ inside of her body. She hurried up to do her normal routine and stepped into the shower and turned it on, letting out a yelp as it was cold. IN her hurry she hadnt' turned the knob far enough to make it run hot. 


Over the next few days Akeno would get an answer to what was going on with Rias; when she came into the Club meeting room early on, before classes let out fo the day she'd come in to a sight. Rias was on the couch, straddled over Hiro, her hips moving up and down slowly, despite the fact her uniform was in place Akeno could tell what was going on.

 Made clear when Rias arched up, pushing her hips down and moaned, her large breasts bouncing slightly as she spasmed in climax. The sounds and scent of hot, raw sex hung in the air like a miasma; compelling Akeno to watch, entranced by the sight. 


It did not take her long to begin looking for a place to hide, she hadn't been noticed yet; she didn't want to interrupt but she also wanted to continue to watch. Akeno found a small place in their blindspot to stand and watch, trying to resist the temptation to start touching herself in response. Her mind filling with dirty fantasies, placing herself in Rias' place as she filled in the blanks of what her naughty, perverted mind wanted to do. What ultimately broke Akeno and made her reach into her panties and began to rub her wet pussy was the sight of Hiro's seed oozing out of Rias' body and down his shaft as it remained buried in the redhead. 


Akeno had a powerful urge to join in, to slink over and clean that mess up with her tongue. To ask that she be next, her fingers working with increasing fervor- shoving her steadily toward an orgasm herself. She jolted when Rias began to pull up and off with a wet, suckling sound ending with a faint pop; a long thick string of semen connecting her pussy to Hiro's quivering penis. They'd change position with Rias crawling on the carpeted space with her hips in the air invitingly. 


They'd speak a bit with Rias encouraging him. Akeno's eyes widened as she bit her lip hard enough to draw a bit of blood as Hiro quickly mounted her from behind and shoved his thick, throbbing dick as far into Rias' willing body as possible. Rias tossed her hair about, orgasming again as he grabbed her hips and, from Akeno's perspective; savagely...animalistically took her again. Akeno had never seen Rias submit like that to anyone, but seeing her..hearing her was driving her crazy. The queen's fingers trying to imitate Hiro's powerful thrusts and going up into her own body, nearly making her orgasm but it lacked the impact, the physical sensation of being stretched out. 


HIro knew Akeno was watching, the moment she drew blood; his keen sense of smell picked her out and was purposefully pushing her around like that. He was enjoying dominating Rias as well, the redhead's pussy tightened around him, her whole body shaking hard as he felt her love fluids squirting out from around his dick a little, dripping ot the floor. Lost in the primal pleasure of being taken in such a way; Rias helplessly tried to maintain her stance though her arms were tiring, her legs were growing weak. Ater a few more deep thrusts, Hiro shoved into her all the way and then something odd was felt; like something just swelled up slightly preventing him from pulling back. Then came the distinct hard jerking motions as he came inside of her, Rias couldn't feel it per se but she knew he was flooding her womb with his seed.


It felt too good to Rias, he was breeding her; she knew it...she welcomed it. "Ahhh damn it feels so good!" she moaned loudly, drooling faintly from it all as she looked over her shoulder at him then shuddered again. 


Akeno panted too, desperate to orgasm but she couldn't or wouldn't. She wanted to feel that too! She wanted to feel what was it would be like to have a man bend her over and shove his thick dick into her sopping wet pussy. When Hiro finished, he sighed a bit and pulled back from Rias and sat back down, allowing her to start to slump a bit but could catch her and cuddled her in close. Rias hooked her arms around his shoulders and snuggled in. "that was so much... I think you're going to get me pregnant..." she muttered and glanced at Akeno and smirked a bit. 


"Akeno, we know you're there..." They both said. 

She jerked he fingers away from her aching pussy and embarrassedly shuffled out, her eyes hot and full of need. " I want it too... please President.... allow me to be mounted too." she panted, staring at Hiro's stiff organ still.




"Hmmm..." Hiro mused looking at Akeno as Rias tried to collect herself. 


"I don't know Akeno... It feels amazing and I think I may want to keep it to myself." Rias teased a bit but did notice just how desperate Akeno was to feel it. "Oh very well, but only on the condition that you keep it to yourself and not let the others know." She decided, she felt too tired to continue anyway and pulled herself up onto the couch, or better yet: she went into the shower to wash the smell of sex off her skin. 


Akeno jumped and immediately assumed the "bitch position", or crawling on her hands and knees. Her dress lifting up to expose how her black panties were pulled aside an her love juices trickling down her thighs; her pussy puffy and aroused. "Please don't leave me hanging. I need to feel it." She panted over her shoulder. "Breed me if you have to; but please give me your dick!" she moaned.


Hiro couldn't turn THAT down, he moved up behind he and took ahold of her hips and pressed the tip of his dick against her drooling virgin cunny. "If you're a virgin it'll hurt..." he warned kindly. 


"Even better!" she moaned. "punish me Hiro-sama, I've been naughty... " she said, her wings coming out with a "fwump" sound but while one was the normal devil wing, the other was a fallen angel wing. While that surprised Hiro he didn'tmind it. "I'm half fallen angel... please punish me for hiding it! Tell me how hideous it makes me" she begged. 


Hurt inside that she felt that way about herself; Hiro stroked her feathered wing and smacked her hips lightly before grabbing her. He held onto Akeno's hips and stabbed forward suddenly, eliciting a screaming moan of pleasure as the pain of her hymen tearing shot pleasure through her masochistic mind. "AHHHHHH IT HURTS SO GOOD!" she moaned, nearly orgasming right there. "It's so big... it's tearing me in half." she moaned, her pussy throbbing around his dick, still bleeding some but comfortably stretched from his girth. "Don't be nice! Fuck me! Make me hurt a little more!" 


Shocked by that, Hiro held onto her, clawing her hips a bit and bypassed the gentle fucking he started Rias on. He went straight to animalistically fucking Akeno; making her writhe and moan loudly, she continued to beg for more: harder. Deeper. It didn't take long for Akeno to flare her wings out and scream lustily in orgasm, her pussy spasming wildly around his cock. HIro fought the powerful urge to cum into her right there, wanting to clench it back to make the actual shot a major release. 


In few minutes after another brain melting orgam; Akeno looked over her shoulder at him, her long black hair fluttering as she did. It'd come loose from the wild fucking and bouncing around. "Don't leav eme hanging, I watched you cum into the president. Shoot your thick seed into me. Make me swell up with it." she moaned. 


Hiro powered into Akeno one more time, pressing his balls against her as he growled and bit the back of her neck hard enough to draw some blood. She moaned at the pain, but her voice thick with pleasure, her pussy clamping down in response. At that point, Hiro began to spurt his thick seed into her and just like Rias; the base of his penis would swell up, locking him inside of Akeno's vagina. To seal in the massive amount of sperm he was shooting into her. 


"Nggggh! Are you... " she moaned, realizing it felt like he as knotting her. "Oh you naughty guy. you're going to impregnate me aren't you?" she moaned, then after a second she moaned again. "Do it, fucking impregnate me.... don't leave me behind." she begged as Hiro continued to pump her womb full of sperm. 


Rias had come back in hearing Akeno's screams of pleasure and watched Hiro lock into her, his sac tightening, the loosening consistently as he came. "Well, maybe you'll be able to increase the size of the Gremory family." she smiled. 


Hiro soon relaxed and was able to slide out of Akeno's wet pussy with a slick pop and sat back down, panting, his dick oozing semen as his erection faded. Akeno turned around and crawled over and began to lick the thick cum off of him, suckling the head of it gently; bobbing her mouth along it. He'd tense a bit, spurting one or two last cumshots into her mouth, then saw her pull away and swallow it down.  He felt sensitive and unable to move for the moment. 


Rias would settle down next to him with Akeno hugging on him from the opposite side as Rias did as well and kissed his cheek. She whispered. "You realize taking my virginity means you're my betrothed now. If you leave me... I'll be untouchable, unwanted." she pouted, triggering that powerful alpha male urge to stay and protect her and Akeno. She began to grin as an idea struck her.


 "I think I like that actually. You're mine now Hiro-chan." she said, using the affectionate suffix.

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