Night in the Woods

BY : Fugitoid101
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It was at the point of dusk, where an orange glow washed over the sky as the sun was going down. In the forest outside of town, were two teenage girls and secret lovers Sakurako Urushima and Amika Kurebayashi.

Sakurako was wearing sandals on her feet, blue short shorts, and an orange top. Amika was also wearing sandals, white short shorts, and a aqua blue short sleeved blouse. The girls were walking with duffel bags in hand and sacks on their backs.

They reached their destination being the lake which was wide open. The two stopped and set down their bags.

“So this is the place?” Sakurako asked her friend.

“That's right.” Amika confirmed, “We should start setting up camp.”

“Yeah.” Sakurako agreed, as the two opened their camping sacks up and started setting up a campsite.

Soon enough they pitched up their tent which was big enough for both of them to move around inside and not just lie. After gathering enough firewood and sticks they were able to start a campfire. After their campsite was all set they looked out at the lake, and each other smiling.

“Are you ready?” Amika asked Sakurako, who smiled and nodded.


And so the two started taking their clothes off to reveal they were wearing their swimwear underneath this whole time. Sakurako was wearing the same blue bikini she wore at the beach during the summer, and Amika wore the same green bikini that summer where the two worked at Takeru's uncle's beach house that summer.

The two teenage girls looked each other over feeling flustered, until Amika spoke up, “You look cute, Sakurako.”

“Really?” she asked looking embarrassed.

“Yeah.” Amika confirmed.

“Thanks,” Sakurako smiled, and eyed her up, “And you look sexy.”

Amika blushed, and asked, “You mean it?”

“I do,” Sakurako nodded, and eyed her chest, “Especially with your breasts popping out like that.”

“Sakurako.” Amika blushed, as she looked away in embarrassment.

Sakurako spoke, “I mean it. They look beautiful.”

Amika looked back at her,and down at her breasts. She smiled and cupped them herself, “I may not be big like Hikari or even Jennifer, but I do have a good pair, don't I?” Sakurako nodded, unable to take her eyes off her friends chest.

Amika smiled as she stood before her friend seeing just how much taller she was than Sakurako. The taller girl spoke, “You know what this reminds me of, sort of?”

“What?” Sakurako inquired.

“The day we had our first kiss.”

“Really?” the short redhead asked.

“Yeah. I mean it was accidental thanks to Kimi, but still it was our first.”

Sakurako blushed, as she remembered that event. The two were giving a demonstration to their friend Takeru about how to let the alien girl Hikari know how he really feels about her by pretending to kiss. Then a few minutes later they gave the same kind of demonstration with Takeru's cousin Mari, only that time their second friend Ryo's little sister Kimi accidentally bumped Amika from behind causing her to lip smack with Sakurako.

“Despite how we felt about it before, now I'm glad that happened between us.” Sakurako admitted.

“So am I,” Amika agreed, as she wrapped her arms around her friends waist, “I remember we did it like this.” she puckered up and closed her eyes.

Sakurako blushed as she remembered her friends beautiful puckered up face as she leaned in closer towards her own. Sakurako closed her eyes and puckered her own lips before leaning in close to her friend. Both girls lips met, and the two passionately kissed while their tongues wrestled each other. Sakurako's arms leaned around and wrapped around Amika's waist so both girls held each other close.

When they parted, they gazed blissfully into each others eyes and smiled. Amika released Sakurako's waist, as the redhead did the same.

“Come on, Sakurako, let's swim.” Amika suggested.

Sakurako nodded in agreement, “Ok.”

Sakurako turned and began walking for the lake, and suddenly jumped as Amika gave her a playful slap on the butt. Amika giggled, “Sakurako, you got such a firm ass.”

Sakurako giggled in response, “I know.”

The two jumped into the lake and recoiled from the cold sensation. Once their bodies got used to the temperature, they started swimming around laughing and cheering. The two dove under the water and swam around a bit before resurfacing for air.

Both smiled and embraced each other, before looking up at the sky seeing the moon and stars that were out. Sakurako spoke up, “You think they're still out there? Hikari and Akari?”

Amika seeing Sakurako was concerned, and answered, “I do. Just like Takeru told us, they'll come back someday.”

“I hope so,” Sakurako replied, “Ever since those two found their way into not only Takeru and Ryo's lives, but our lives as well things have been a lot more interesting.”

“Unless you count the whole monster attacks, and near end of the world thing, right?” Amika teased.

“Yeah, That I could so do without.” Sakurako agreed, and the two smiled at each other.

Amika then smirked, and spoke, “Why don't we try skinny dipping now?”

“Sure.” Sakurako agreed.

Amika reached behind Sakurako and undid her bikini top. When Amika removed it from her friend she tossed it onto the shore. Sakurako felt relieved as her breasts were freed from the top, and returned Amika the favor by removing her bikini top as well. When Sakurako tossed Amika's top on shore with her own, the two stepped out of their bottoms and threw them on shore with their tops.

“Let's have a few nude laps, shall we?” Amika asked.

“I'd love that.” Sakurako agreed, and the two started doing laps in the lake naked.

They swam around until they swam up to each other in a spot on the lake where the moon reflected off the water. The two looked at each other before passionately making it out underneath the bright glow of the moon. As they lip locked, Amika wrapped her arms around Sakurako's waist, and her hands grabbed the redhead's ass. Sakurako moaned in delight, as her lips remained planted on Amika's.

When they parted, Sakurako spoke up, “Don't you think we should get back to shore before we shrivel up like prunes?”

Amika nodded, “You're right. Race ya!” she released, Sakurako and started swimming for shore.

“Head start, no fair!” Sakurako laughed, as she swam after Amika.

When both got on shore, they dried off and were able to start a campfire. As the flames burned brightly and warm, both girls who were still naked were wrapped in a big blanket and were enjoying some food they made to bring with them.

They looked deep into the flames, as Amika spoke, “There's something magical about flames that just makes you wanna stare at them all night, huh?”

“I'll say.” Sakurako agreed, as she looked deep into the fire as well. She felt Amika snuggle closer to her, and she held the pony-tailed haired girl close to her.

“I'm really glad we could come out here, Sakurako.” Amika said.

“Me too. With finals and graduation underway we need some time to relax and relieve any stress.” Sakurako explained.

“I hear that.” Amika agreed.

“And it's been awhile since you and I had any real alone time together.” Sakurako added, asAmika nodded.

After they finished their dinner, Amika stood up and left the comfort of the blanket, “I'm going into the tent. You coming?”

Sakurako nodded, “In a moment.” she grabbed a bucket of water and put out the campfire. She crawled into the tent where Amika was sitting down.

“I hope you realize we're not going to bed just yet, right?” Amika asked.

“Hadn't crossed my mind.” Sakurako replied with a smug look.

“Then come here.” Amika finger motioned her friend over.

Sakurako crawled over and embraced Amika, as the two once again kissed before dropping onto the floor of the tent. Amika lied on the floor with Sakurako on top as they passionately made out, with their breasts pressing into each others.

When they parted lips for air, they smiled at each other, until Sakurako started moving downward, “What're you doing?” Amika inquired, still smiling.

“Just want to give you a little more pleasure.” Sakurako said, as she reached her girls pussy and stuck her two fingers inside of it, while moving her fingers around inside.

“Sakurako!” Amika moaned, as she was pleasured.

“It's so wet inside.” Sakurako said, as she fingered around inside Amika.

Amika moaned in delight, and spoke, “Oh, that feels good, Sakurako. Please don't stop yet.”

“Don't worry, I won't.” she answered, and continued working her fingers around.

“I-I'm going to...” Amika moaned, as she started releasing her semen out.

Sakurako pulled her fingers out seeing them stained with her juices. She put her fingers to her lips and licked them clean, “Sweet and tasty.” she desired more of it, and put her face to her womanhood and started licking around inside.

“Oh, Sakurako!”

Sakurako did not stop as her tongue entered Amika's lover hole and started cleaning up inside her. Amika moaned some more, as Sakurako kept up the pace.

“Are you almost there?” she asked between licks.

“Yes! Almost!”

“Then let me have it.” Sakurako pleaded, as she worked her tongue.

Amika moaned louder before finally unleashing her built up semen for Sakurako to drink up. Amika panted, “Sakurako, that was amazing.”

“Hey, I learned it from you.” she answered.

“I taught you well.” Amika smiled.

“I know.” Sakurako licked up the rest of Amika's juices until she was clean.

“Now let me have some fun with you.” Amika said, as she sat up and pulled Sakurako close to her so the redhead's back was against her chest.

Sakurako tensed up when she felt Amika's breasts press into her back. The girl started to relax as she sat in between her friends legs. Amika reached out from under Sakurako's arms and cupped her breasts into her hands.

“Oh!” Sakurako gasped, as the ponytail haired girl started rubbing and massaging her breasts, “Mm, Amika.” she moaned.

Amika smiled, as she continued to rub her friends chest, “I think your boobs are starting to come in even more now.”


“Yeah. Give or take another month or so and you'll have hit a good growth spurt.” Amika explained

Sakurako smiled as she thought about how nice it would be to have bigger boobs, 'Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get a rack as good as Hikari's or better yet Jennifer's. That would be nice.' she thought, as she enjoyed her breast massage.

Amika finally released Sakurako's breasts, “Sakurako, get down on all fours for me.”

Sakurako curious about what she was gonna do next, but knew it had to be something good did what she was ordered, “Like this?” she asked, while trying to look back at her friend.

Amika looked at Sakurako's nice plump ass pointed right at her, “Perfect.” She knelt at her friends butt and started rubbing her womanhood up against it.

Sakurako moaned, as she could still feel some of the wetness of Amika's pussy against her ass. Amika rubbed her right hand gently across Sakurako's right butt cheek, before slapping it.

“Ah!” Sakurako squeaked.

“Sakurako, your ass feels so good.” Amika giggled.

“Thank you.” Sakurako moaned, as Amika rubbed her left butt cheek.

“Since you got to pleasure me, it's only fair I return the favor.” Amike began fingering around inside Sakurako's butt.

“Oh, Amika!” Sakurako moaned, as she felt the two fingers rub up against her inner walls.

“You thought it was tight inside me? Well, it feels even tighter inside of you.” Amika teased her with her fingers.

Sakurako could already feel herself leaking out from the back, as Amika removed her fingers to sample it. Amika then stuck her tongue into her ass determined to get the rest of it.

Sakurako held on, as Amika's tongue slinked inside of her like a worm. She started shedding tears of joy from how good it felt, “Amika, I love you!”

“I love you too, Sakurako!” And suddenly the redhead unleashed all she had inside for Amika to drink up.

Soon enough both girls were lying in each others embrace, while gazing into each others eyes lovingly, “This has been wonderful night, Amika.”

“I know.”

We should really get some sleep.” Sakurako suggested.

“Yeah.” Amika agreed, as the two got comfy in each others arms, “Goodnight, my sweet Sakurako.”

“Mm, goodnigh my beautiful Amika.” the two kissed before closing their eyes and drifted off into a blissful slumber.

Unknown to them watching from the bushes near their campsite, was Shinichi and Daijirou who crept away.

They hid behind a tree, as Shinichi spoke, “You got it?”

“All on tape.” Daijirou held up a video camera.

“Oh, yeah. This is the perfect bit to jerk off too.” the spectacle boy said mischievously.

“Let's get out of here before those two wake up.” Daijirou said, as they left.

“So when do you think they'll tell us?” Shinichi asked.

“Maybe by graduation, hopefully.” Daijirou answered.

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