Proper ladies High School

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This is the first part of a multi part story. If you want a specific girl, pairing, or kink in the story PM me or leave a comment. Chapter two will be Rangiku matsumoto being triple teamed by 18, Aquarius, and Tsume.  

Android 18 (DBZ) Futa 10 Inches

Aquarius (Fairy Tail) Futa 10 Inches

Tatsuki (Bleach) Futa 10 Inches

Ino (Naruto)


Proper Lady High School

Coach 18 was furious, her star player was caught smoking pot under the bleachers and was now suspended from playing any sport. 18 stormed through the gym towards the girls locker room. Slamming open the door she startled the girls who were currently changing out of their gym clothes.

“Everyone but Ino get out,” As 18 spoke she moved to stand in front of the blonde. The other girls hurriedly threw on there clothes and fled from the locker room. Ino remained in her gym clothes seeing no point in hurrying. As the last girl left 18 slammed the door shut and locked it.

“What the hell were you thinking. This is your senior year you won’t be able to play any sport this year.” Ino sate down on the bench that ran through the room and rolled her eyes. 18 was now lived but before she could say anything Ino replied.

“Why the fuck do i care. Atleast now i can go to the party this weekend instead of the game.” That was the last straw, 18 was furious that this little brat had just threw away her chance to play sports and potentially get a scholarship and all she could do is think about is going to some party.

“Don’t worry coach I hear Rukia invited some boys from the local fraternity so i’ll still get a good workout.” As she spoke Ino flicked her ponytail over her shoulder. 18 snapped she stormed over and grabbed Ino by the base of her ponytail and pulled her up so that there nose’s where touching.

“You want a workout you spoiled brat i’ll give you a workout.” 18 shoves Ino to her knees before undoing her pants and pulling out her dick. 10 inches of cockmeat spring out and slaps Ino across the face with a loud thwak. Ino falls back as 18 finishes removing her pants and pulls off her shirt.

“Your a fucking man, you stay in the locker room as we change you sick fuck.”

18 grabs the top of Ino’s head with one hand and with the other she reaches down and raises her ball sack showing a glistening pussy.

“I’m a futa bitch.” 18 then shoves Ino’s face into her cunt. Looking down 18 smiles as she sees her balls resting on Ino’s face, her large balls covering Ino’s eyes.

“Start Licking.” Ino tried to shake free but only managed to grind her face into 18’s pussy and balls. By now 18’s dick was at its full 10 inches pulling Ino’s face from under her balls and shoved her dick too Ino’s lips. Ino pressed her lips together in an effort to prevent her mouth from being invaded. 18 was to focused on Ino she didn’t notice the door open. Pulling her key from the lock head swim coach Aquarius walked into the locker room followed closely by Tatsuki the Health teacher, both stopped dead at the sight of 18 trying to force her dick down Ino’s mouth. Seeing her salvation Ino managed to wriggle her head free and yell.

“Help me this freak is trying to rape me.” 18 managed to gain control of her head again and resumed trying to force her dick into Ino’s mouth.

“This is completely uncalled for.” as Aquarius spoke she walked over to 18 and Ino. “Calling coach 18 a freak Ino Yamanaka you should be ashamed.” pulling her swimsuit to the side Aquarius exposed her dick reaching up to fondle her incredibly large chest threw her swimsuit the blue haired girl began rub her dick on Ino’s face. Tatsuki quickly shut and relocked the door before moving to stand next to 18. Tatsuki had always been one of Ino’s favorite teachers but any hope of rescue disappeared when Ino saw Tatsuki stroking her dick. As all three futa began to bounce there dick’s across Ino’s face the blonde began to cry. The tears that streamed down her cheeks were smeared all over her along with copious amounts of precum which seemed to be streaming from the end of Aquarius’s cock. Soon Ino’s face was smeared with a mix of tears and Aquarius’s seemingly endless precum. Pulling away 18 walked behind the poor girl. Squatting down 18 slide her hands under the top of Ino’s jersey. As 18’s fingers played with Ino’s tits she moved her mouth to Ino’s ear.

“You need to watch who you call a freak.” 18 bite down on Ino’s ear while twisting her nipples causing the young girl to scream. Ino’s scream was cut short when Tatsuki shoved her dick into Ino’s mouth.

“Hows my favorite student.” Tatsuki began to thrust into Ino’s mouth. 18 removed her hands from Ino’s breasts, before reaching down into Ino’s gym shorts. Still squatting down 18 pushed Ino’s hips up so they were level with her face. Pulling down Ino’s shorts 18 gazed at the tight teenage pussy inches from her face. Taking a moment to savor the sight before her 18 plunged her tongue into Ino’s pussy. 18 pulled her now drenched face from Ino’s crotch before standing up and aligning her dick with Ino’s pussy. Feeling the large head of 18 dick press against her pussy lips scared Ino. Ino tried to escape but Tatsuki still had a hold on her head 18 had her waist held tight and as she began to shake Aquarius grabbed Ino’s hands. Aquarius forced Ino’s hands onto her dick which was still leaking precum. Aquarius used Ino’s hands to smear her precum all over her dick. 18 had been rubbing the tip of her dick along Ino’s slit, but she was bored of toying with the girl. Gripping Ino’s hips 18 slammed the full length of her dick into her. 18 gave the young girl no time to adjust to her dick. As 18 slammed into Ino she forced the blondes mouth further down onto tatsuki’s dick. As the two teachers spit roasted there student the third teacher was feeling left out. Aquarius walked over to 18 and stopped the coach.

“Get under her. Let’s see how this brat likes being completely filled by freaks.” smiling 18 pulled out of of yamanaka and climbed underneath the girl. Ino heard aquarius but was to delirious to understand Tatsuki removed her dick from Ino’s mouth and used her dick to smear spit and precum all over the disheveled blondes face. Climbing under her student 18 pulled Ino down onto her dick. After 18 settled Ino down onto her dick Aquarius moved behind Ino. Aquarius lined her dick up with Ino’s asshole. Feeling pressure on her tightest hole ino started thrashing around.

“Your to big. I’ve never had anything in there please stop.” Ino turned back and looked pleadingly at Aquarius. “Please.” Aquarius smiled down at the tearful blonde before slowly forcing her dick into the teens anus. Ino’s eyes bugged out and her mouth opened into a silent scream. Aquarius grabbed a handful of Ino’s hair pulling her head back. Tatsuki shoved her dick into Ino’s open mouth. Ino now had thirty inches of dick in everyone of her holes. Ino continued to to be ravished as all three of the teachers continued to pump their cock in and out of her. Tatsuki was close the warm wetness of Ino’s throat was pushing her to the edge. she felt a tightening in her balls pulling out of Ino’s mouth Tatsuki groaned as she painted Ino’s face. Tatsuki looked down at Ino, the poor girls face was coated in cum her hair was maited to her face. Smiling down at the panting girl Tatsuki leaned back on the bench slowly stroking herself back to hardness. 18 and Aquarius were getting close to there finallys as well. Speeding up 18 continued to slam herself into Ino, pulling up Ino’s shirt 18 put her mouth over Ino’s right breast. Clamping her teeth down on Ino’s nipple the girl screamed. Aquarius had never been in a ass this tight she knew she wouldn’t last much longer. 18 and Aquarius both came at the same time sinking as far as they can into Ino before blowing there load. Ino felt the dicks inside her throb inside her before spewing there load. She felt 18’s dick begin to soften inside her, Aquarius on the other hand continued to pump Ino full of cum for close to minute. By the time Aquarius finished Ino looked bloated. Removing her dick from Ino Aquarius watched as the cum streamed from her ass. Ino had never felt so fool she could feel the cum in her bloated stomach. Ino was rolled onto her back as 18 climbed out from under her. 18, Tatsuki ,and Aquarius gathered around Ino as she sat up on her knees. Aquarius pushed her soft dick into Ino’s mouth while 18 and Tatsuki each took one of Ino’s hands and used them to begin stroking themselves. Soon all three Futa’s were back to there full hardness. 18 let go of Ino’s hand.

“I am tired of doing all the work. Start stroking.” 18 was a little surprised that Ino did as she was told. She was more surprised that when she saw that Ino began stroking Tatsuki too, even more surprising was when Ino began bobbing her head on Aquarius’s dick. The three teachers stood around Ino as she continued to work there dicks. Soon the three teachers were ready to blow again. 18 and Tatsuki came first blasting Ino’s face with several ropes of cum. Aquarius came shortly afterwards she came with such force that she filled Ino’s mouth in a matter of seconds. Ino pulled away coughing as Aquarius continued to to coat her in cum for nearly a full minute. Ino looked like she just got out of a bath of cum.

“Damn Aquarius you coated her.” as Tatsuki talked she ran her hand threw Ino’s matted hair, before bringing it to her mouth and licking her fingers.

“I have always came aloat. You should see what happens when i haven’t came in a while.” 18 walked over to Ino and squatted down next to her.

“You may not be playing sports anymore. But from this point on you are my personal cock sleeve understand.” Ino looked up cum running down her face.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good then clean yourself .” 18 pulled Ino into a sloppy kiss before turning to her clothes. After getting dressed 18 turned back to the broken girl.

“Clean up this mess while your at it.” With that last comment 18 and the other two teachers turned left leaving Ino sitting broken drenched in cum.




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