Mewtwo's Pent Up Energy

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Chapter 1: Mewtwo Reveals Himself

It was a day like any other for Mewtwo.  He was sitting in his lair he formed out of a cave, using his psychic abilities to see the outside world.  Watching in anger as he saw trainers battling their pokemon time and time again.  All of a sudden he focused in on a group of two teenage boys and a Pikachu walking through Viridian Forest.  They seem to be travelling with camping gear and supplies to last a few days.

"This looks like a good time to get a little revenge on humans for treating pokemon the way they do and get some pleasure at the same time," Mewtwo thought to himself.

Focusing in on the group, Mewtwo learns the names of the group, Ash, Gary, and Pikachu.  He also learns that they are going to be camping in the forest for a few days.

"This is so perfect," Thinking to himself again, "no one will be expecting to see them for a while, plenty of time for me to have my revenge and give them time to recover from it"

Still watching them, he notices they found a clearing and about to finish setting up their camp.  Now was the time to make his move.  He has to act quickly in order to prevent the trainers for releasing their pokemon to fight and to keep Pikachu from attacking him.  He took a few deep breaths to prepare and teleports himself to the middle of the clearing a few feet above the ground.  As soon as he appears he gets his psychic powers working, stopping Ash and Gary from reaching their pokeballs and freeze Pikachu in his tracks.  Using his powers, he undoes Ash and Gary's belts and send them off in the distance.

"Greetings humans and Pikachu, I am Mewtwo.  I have been watching you and other trainers treat their pokemon poorly by battling them until they can barely move."  "What are you going to do to us?" asked Ash, "I'm going to make an example of you 3 and since I am still a virgin, you will also be my mates until I am fully satisfied."  Ash, Gary, and Pikachu let out a loud gasp at the same time, "You can't do this!" said Ash, "This is wrong!" said Gary, "Pika Pii!", Pikachu said

"Yes I can do this and you will see that it will be just as enjoyable to you as it is for me," said Mewtwo, "by the way while I am here I will use my powers so everyone can understand what Pikachu is saying," suddenly, a purple glow appears around Pikachu's neck.  "What are you doing to me?" asked Pikachu, Ash and Gary look dumbfounded suddenly able to understand a pokemon speak.  "Making it so you speak in the human's language, it is temporary and will fade once I leave"

Mewtwo throws all three of them against nearby trees and with his powers, grabs the rope from the camp and ties them to their individual tree.  "Now that you won't be going anywhere, you are now free to squirm until it is your turn to have my way with you, are you all virgins like me? I'm asking so I don't cause any permanent damage."  All three of them clearly trying to fight their way loose from the ropes reluctantly say "Yes" in unison.  "Good, now Ash is going to be the first, you two pay attention as you will be doing the same thing one at a time with me, then to each other"

Clearly frightened by this, they started crying, screaming, and trying to get free.  "Fight all you want, no one is close enough to hear you and the rope will never loosen under my power, just relax and this will be quick and pleasurable, I promise to not cause too much pain as long as you cooperate.  I have been observing human and pokemon mating enough to notice a few things I want to do."

Suddenly a purple glow appears around Ash and his rope falls to the ground.  Mewtwo moves himself and Ash into a position so that Gary and Pikachu have a view from the side.  While Ash is still crying, Mewtwo, using his powers, forces Ash's hands to slowly take his clothes off and throw them to the side, first his vest, then his shirt, he unbuttons and unzips his pants, and finally his boxers.  With Ash's hands at his sides and legs spread a bit, standing their naked, his flaccid uncut cock hanging, Mewtwo says "Oh yeah, you look good for a human, I can't wait to take your virginity, now come here."  

Mewtwo makes Ash walk toward him and pull him into a deep kiss.  Still trying to fight, Ash keeps his mouth closed tight.  Mewtwo uses his powers to force the young trainer's mouth open and shove his tongue in Ash's mouth as far as it could go, exploring every inch of his mouth and going far enough to explore his throat, making Ash gag in response.  Ash could feel something warm and hard rising from Mewtwo's crotch.  It was his cock, coming out of his genital slit.  After a few minutes Mewtwo broke the kiss, "Your taste was something I wasn't expecting, so good and addicting."

Mewtwo and Ash look over to Gary and Pikachu.  They were still crying and squirming, but they couldn't believe what they just saw.  "Ash you have to fight it, you can't let this happen, it is wrong!" said Gary.  "I..can't..he's too strong." "Come on buddy, you can do it," said Pikachu.  "It is no use, you guys are too weak to resist," Mewtwo chimed in.

"Now Ash, kneel before me," Mewtwo said using his powers to make the young trainer kneel in front of him with his cock in front of Ash.  "I've been holding this in for a while now, and I'm sure you are a little thirsty after that long kiss."  With a slight grunt a yellow liquid started coming out his cock landing right on Ash's face.  Ash tried to close his eyes in disgust, but Mewtwo's powers forced them to stay open.  Mewtwo used his hands on his cock to guide the stream all over Ash's body, covering him in the pokemon's piss.  After Ash got a good coating of the yellow liquid, Mewtwo forced his mouth open and put his cock in Ash's mouth with the stream still in full force.  Immediately, Ash gagged and wretched wanting to spit out the warm liquid, "Now, now, Ash, there will be no spitting and no vomiting, you must drink every last drop."  Realizing he has no choice, Ash started to swallow.  With the stream giving out so much, so fast, he couldn't believe none spilled out.  Suddenly the stream stopped and Ash felt relieved.  "Don't get too comfortable yet, I want you to suck it."  Mewtwo placed his pale hands on Ash's head, forcing him to bob up and down on his cock. Ash is already feeling a warm gooey liquid slowly drip from Mewtwo's cock, wincing at the salty taste as Mewtwo starts releasing a good amount of pre into Ash's mouth.  "Oh Arceus, your mouth is magic, so warm and feels so good, remember to swallow every drop that comes out of it." Using his powers, he forces Ash to stroke him and use his tongue, licking his piss slit and entire length of his cock while sucking on it.  "I'm getting close, don't let up."  Suddenly, Mewtwo couldn't hold back his orgasm any longer and started to spasm.  Ash felt another warm liquid fill his mouth, it was thick and creamy, there was so much more it than pre, he could only assume it was Mewtwo's cum.  The sweet and salty taste made him gag a bit at first, then he swallowed it.  After 10 minutes, Mewtwo's orgasm subsided and pulled his cock out of Ash's mouth noticing some cum slipped out the side.  Using a finger, Mewtwo scooped it up and put it in Ash's mouth, "You missed this, drink it up."  He had no choice, and drank down the cum Mewtwo had scooped up.

"Eww, that was gross, how could you do this and force us to watch?" Said Gary, "because I can," responded Mewtwo in a condescending tone.  "Once the two of you have done this with me, you will be doing it to each other, then more fun begins, so get comfortable."  "WHAT?!? This is so wrong, I won't do it," Gary and Pikachu said in unison.  "You have no choice, I am in control of all three of you, now silence or I will silence you, you are spoiling the mood!"  "Bu.." Gary tried to speak but Mewtwo used his powers to prevent him from speaking further.

Turning his attention back to Ash, he forced Ash to stand up with his legs spread while Mewtwo was near his cock.  "Ash, I know you had a lot to drink and you need to pee, just let it out."  With that said, and his cock still flaccid, he started to pee.  Mewtwo grabbed a hold of Ash's cock and forced the stream to cover him in the young trainer's piss.  "Ohh, this feels great, I've always wanted a golden shower."  After he was covered in piss, Mewtwo took the trainer's cock in his mouth, swallowing the remaining piss the trainer had in his bladder.  Mewtwo moaned with the trainer's cock still in his mouth and went to work sucking him off.  It took a little bit for Ash to get hard since he's straight and never wanted this kind of sex.  Tears still coming from his eyes, Ash moaned in pleasure.  He's never had a blowjob, so this was a new experience for him.  Mewtwo licked and sucked his cock like a porn star, sticking his tongue in and out of Ash's piss hole and jerking him off.  Ash couldn't help but put his hands on Mewtwo's head and pumping his hips a little.  Mewtwo could feel Ash's cock start to release pre.  It started slow and after a minute was coming out quite fast.  He loved the taste of it, very sweet, not salty at all.  "Mewtwo, I think I'm gonna..."  Ash cut himself off and cried out as he came.  Mewtwo felt the cum blasting out the cock, it felt like a lot for such a young human.  The taste of it was a bit fruity and sweet.  He held the trainer's hips as close as he could and could feel him spasming in his orgasm.  After a few minutes, the orgasm subsided and Mewtwo swallowed half of the cum and brought his face up to the trainer's giving him another kiss.  This time he pushed the trainer's cum out of his mouth and into Ash's.  Ash was shocked at first but swallowed the cum.  After the trainer swallowed the cum, Mewtwo broke the kiss, "I hope you enjoyed that."

Gary and Pikachu watched, still crying and shocked at what they are watching.  They can't believe what's going on and how they're going to be doing the same thing.  Pikachu is especially worried given his small size in comparison to Mewtwo and humans. How will he be able to take their cocks if they fuck him?  Mewtwo could sense this worry from Pikachu, "don't worry little Pikachu, what you don't know is that Pikachu's are a bit stretchy, as long as we're not too rough, you'll be able to take it."  Pikachu didn't care what Mewtwo said, he was still worried and panicking more than ever.  Mewtwo saw the panicking Pikachu and used his powers to make the creature still.

"Ash, lay down on your back now."  Using his powers, Mewtwo forced Ash to lay down on his back with his arms at his sides.  Without warning, Mewtwo moved and almost sat all the way down on Ash's face, keeping his ass just slightly in front of his mouth.  Ash could feel Mewtwo's powers forcing his mouth open and his tongue started licking around his asshole.  Mewtwo started moaning in pleasure as he felt the wet tongue on such a sensitive area.  Suddenly Ash felt something warm come out of the asshole, Mewtwo was so engulfed in pleasure he farted.  Ash winced at the taste and smell.  "Keep going Ash, remember you must swallow anything that comes out of me, that includes things coming out of my ass." Ash gulped in fear, was Mewtwo going to do what he was thinking or was he trying to cover all the bases?  He wouldn't have to wait long to get his answer.  Mewtwo let out a loud grunt and Ash could feel the hole open and a solid object coming out and into his mouth.  Ash is clearly disgusted by this, but doesn't want to upset the pokemon controlling him.  He chewed the object before swallowing it, gagging at the taste and texture.  "Good boy Ash, you are learning, I got more for you."  After Mewtwo said that, Ash could feel more objects coming into his mouth from the pokemon's ass.  He kept chewing and swallowing every single one that came out.  After 20 minutes of eating Mewtwo's shit, Mewtwo let out a final grunt and the largest piece yet came out.  It was so big, Ash couldn't eat it as a single piece, he chewed and swallowed as fast as he could, he had to eat it in about three pieces.  After the last piece was swallowed, Ash could feel his stomach churning, then suddenly calmed down.  "I don't want you throwing up anything I give you, so I will prevent you from doing so," Mewtwo told Ash, "now, get to work cleaning me up inside and out."  Ash reluctantly obeyed.  He first cleaned up around his mouth, eating what was left over, then he licked around Mewtwo's ass.  After a good licking around the hole, he shoved his tongue inside, making Mewtwo gasp at the new feeling.  Ash continued licking inside the hole and started poking his tongue in and out for a little bit.  After a few more minutes of this, Mewtwo got up and turned around looking at Ash, whose mouth was still open, "looks like your mouth is still dirty, here have a drink to rinse it out."  Mewtwo pointed his cock at Ash's mouth and let out just enough piss to fill his mouth, "close your mouth, swish, then swallow and show me."  Ash did as he was told, Mewtwo getting turned on from the site of him swishing and swallowing in a big gulp.  Ash opened his mouth, "much better," said Mewtwo, "now get on all fours."  The trainer did as he was told and Mewtwo brought his face to the trainer's ass.  Sticking out his tongue, he gave the asshole a quick lick, making Ash shiver at the new sensation.  Mewtwo continued lick over and around the hole before pushing into it.  Ash gasped and cried out in pain at the intruder.  The sound didn't stop the pokemon who was working his tongue into the trainer's rear end as far as it could go, then he started fucking the trainer with it.  After a few minutes he stopped.

The two observers looked like they just saw the most disgusting thing they ever imagined.  Still being forced to watch and unable to look away, they started praying that all this was just a dream and they would wake up soon.  "I can assure you, this is no dream, this is very real," Mewtwo said while reading their minds.  Their eyes burning from all the tears, their muscles sore from trying to break free.  Suddenly, they calmed down, not quite accepting what was happening, but too tired to even try to escape anymore.  "I think we all need a drink," saying that, Mewtwo caused a gallon of water to appear in front of himself and each human, and a canteen of water in front of Pikachu.  Using his powers, he forced everyone to drink the water in front of them as he drank his gallon.  "Good, that should give us enough piss when the time comes, and to ensure no one goes early..."  A purple glow engulfed Gary and Pikachu's crotches, sealing up their pee holes so they couldn't pee if they wanted to.  "Now that is taken care of, time to finish up with you, Ash.  Gary, get ready, you will be next"

"On your back again Ash," he did as he was told.  Mewtwo lifted Ash's legs up and put the tip of his cock against the young trainer's tight hole.  Ash tried to close his eyes in anticipation, but Mewtwo wouldn't allow it.  Without warning, he thrust into the trainer hard and fast and stopped when he was all the way in.  Mewtwo relished the sight of Ash being in so much pain.  Suddenly, Ash felt something warm filling his ass and starting to leak out, Mewtwo was peeing inside him.  As Ash looked up, he noticed Mewtwo had a relieved look on his face.  After a few minutes, the stream subsided, "I hope you enjoyed that, the next bit will hurt a little."  Without giving Ash time to process the statement, Mewtwo started fucking him as hard and fast as he could.  Ash cried out in extreme pain and started yelling for him to stop.  "I'm not stopping until I finish," responded Mewtwo, smiling at the young trainer's agony.  After what seemed like a lifetime, Mewtwo thrust in as far as he could go and cried out as he came.  Ash could feel the cum shooting in his ass, some of it leaking out, making him cringe.  It took half an hour for Mewtwo's orgasm to stop.  Once his orgasm stopped, Mewtwo leans down and strokes Ash's cock until he becomes hard.  Mewtwo places his ass just above the human's cock and starts descending, using his hand to guide the cock into his ass.  Once it's all the way in, he sits there for a bit. "Pee Ash, I know you want to."  Without taking a second to think, Ash starts peeing full force into the pokemon's ass, filling him up quickly and feeling some leak out onto his balls.  After a few seconds Mewtwo forces him to stop, "that's quite enough for now, time for the fun."  He starts moving up and down forcing Ash to fuck him.  Moving faster and faster, Ash didn't have the energy or will to last very long.  After about 10 mins, Ash cried out loud as he came.  Mewtwo moaned as he felt himself being filled with the human seed.  After a few more minutes, Ash's orgasm subsided and Mewtwo climbed off him.

"You did a good job Ash, you deserve a rest."  Using his powers, he took a pole from one of the tents and placed it firmly in the ground in front of the tree Ash was tied to.  He floated the human over to the pole in a sitting position and took the unused rope from the tree to tie Ash to it.  "Don't get too comfortable, you will be forced to watch the others do what you just did."  Ash just sat there crying, feeling humiliated and violated in front of his best friend and rival.  Gary cringed knowing he is next and doesn't want to lose his virginity to a male, much less a male pokemon.  Gary was straight and didn't have any interest in guys.  He always thought he would lose his virginity to one of his cheerleaders, but now it looks like he was going to lose his virginity whether he wants to or not.

"Gary, prepare yourself, you're next and it won't be any better for you than it was for Ash over there."  Gary gulped and let out a sigh as his ropes were loosed and fell to the ground.  Just like with Ash, Gary and Mewtwo were positioned so the two observers had a good side view of them.  "Now, take off those clothes."  Slowly, under Mewtwo's power, Gary started undressing tossing his clothes to the side, first his shirt, then he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, finally his boxers.  He was standing there naked and afraid, his legs were spread a bit with his arms at his sides, his flaccid uncut cock dangling between his legs, his balls slightly larger than Ash's. "Ohh, you look a little better than Ash over there, I'm gonna love you."  

Gary, still worried and under the pokemon's power, walked up to Mewtwo and started kissing him.  Just like Ash, Gary clenched his mouth shut, not allowing Mewtwo the pleasure of using his tongue.  "Now, now, we'll have none of that."  Mewtwo said with his mind as he used his powers to force the trainer's mouth to open wide.  As soon as the mouth opened, Mewtwo shoved his tongue in there, exploring every inch of it and shoving it down his throat causing him to gag.  Gary winced at the taste, he could taste Ash's ass, piss, and cum as it lingered on Mewtwo's tongue.  "Enjoy that taste young trainer, you'll be tasting that and more soon."  That got Gary even more worried and disgusted, he tried to groan and cry out, but it only turned Mewtwo on more as he became more rough with the kiss.  After a few more minutes, Mewtwo broke the kiss.  "Your mouth tasted just as good as Ash's, not any better or worse."  That hurt Gary's ego and only made him feel worse.

"Now, on your knees, just like Ash did."  Gary tried to refuse but was forced to get on his knees anyway with the pokemon's cock in his face.  "You know what I want, I would rather not have to use my powers so much to make you do it, but I will."  With a look of disgust, Gary reluctantly took the cock in his hand and licked it from the balls, slowly up the shaft, and put the head in his mouth.  He licked in and around the pokemon's pee hole slowly before putting more of the cock in his mouth.  When he got to the base, it was part way down his throat, he felt Mewtwo's hand on his head.  Mewtwo pulled Gary's head half way up the cock, "now remember, you have to swallow everything that comes out, get ready."  After a moment, Mewtwo let out a groan and Gary felt a warm liquid shoot into his mouth.  It had a very pungent taste and was powerful, it made him gag for a moment before he started swallowing.  "Good boy, drink it all up."  Gary was getting worried he wasn't going to be able to swallow it all with how fast it was filling up his mouth, but after a minute, the stream died down to a trickle and stopped.  He let out a sigh of relief before Mewtwo started humping his mouth, which stopped when Gary started bobbing his head.  "That's good, you got the idea."  He didn't enjoy the feeling or taste of cock, but he didn't have a choice, he had to take it.  He started sucking and stroking the cock as best he could.  After a while, Mewtwo moaned and shoved Gary's head down his cock as he released.  Gary screamed before he started swallowing, not expecting such powerful shots or amount of pokemon seed.  It seemed to take forever for Mewtwo to finish, when he did, he had Gary look at him and open his mouth.  After seeing the trainer swallowed every last drop, Mewtwo let him close his mouth.  "Time for your shower," Mewtwo said with an evil grin.  He pointed his cock at the boy's head and started letting out a stream of hot piss.  With his hand on his cock, he moved the stream up and down the human's body, making sure to completely cover him in the golden liquid.  After the boy was soaked from head to toe in piss, Mewtwo stopped the stream.  "You look even hotter like this young trainer."  Gary looked down in embarrassment knowing just how much the pokemon humiliated him in front of others.

"Stand up, legs spread, arms at your sides."  Gary did as he was told, not realizing his cock was hard as a rock.  "For someone that is only into females, you sure get aroused by guys," Mewtwo said teasingly.  Gary looked down at his cock and blushed a bright red.  "No need to be embarrassed, it is normal to be aroused at this kind of treatment."  Mewtwo took the human cock in his hands, used his powers to uncover the pee hole, and licked his balls, then moved slowly up the shaft, licking in and around the pee hole, causing Gary to moan in pleasure.  Putting the cock as far into his mouth as he could, "I know you have to pee really bad, just let it loose."  Gary groan and started peeing in the pokemon's mouth.  He could feel Mewtwo swallowing making him feel dirty for doing this.  Before he could finish, he felt the pokemon's power close up his bladder forcing him to stop.  "I want you to still have some later, don't worry, you'll be empty by the time I leave."  With that said, Mewtwo went back to work giving the human a blowjob.  He sucked and licked the boy for all his worth.  After a short time, Gary cried out and spasmed as he came hard.  Mewtwo relished the taste, it was a sour taste, but still good.  After a few minutes the orgasm stopped and Mewtwo swallowed half of the cum in his mouth.  Pulling the cock from his mouth, he moved up to give the boy another kiss, forcing him to taste his own cum.  Gary tried to fight it, but gave up after a moment and swallowed the cum the pokemon gave him in the kiss.  "Yeah, you like to drink your own cum don't you?"  Gary tried shaking his head no, but under the pokemon's power, he could only shake his head yes.

"Now Gary, you know what do next, assume your position before I make you do it."  Knowing he has no choice, Gary laid on his back.  "Count yourself lucky, Ash ate most of what I had in me, I don't have as much to give you, but you will get the last of it."  The trainer winced at the thought, but knew he would have to eat the pokemon's shit whether he wanted to or not.  Mewtwo placed his ass just above Gary's head.  He lifted his head and started licking around the asshole for a bit, then felt the pokemon fart. "It must be coming now," he thought to himself.  "You got that right," said Mewtwo, reading the boy's thoughts, the pokemon grunted heavily as the first piece started coming out.  "Better get it over with," Gary thought as he pressed his mouth against the hole, trying to help the pokemon by sucking the shit out of the hole. "Ohh, you get the idea, good boy, here it comes."  After another grunt, the piece comes completely out and into the boy's waiting mouth.  He grimaced at the taste, but chewed it and swallowed, coughing after.  "Get ready for more."  Another grunt and more came out almost faster, than the boy could eat it.  After 5 minutes, Mewtwo pushed out the last piece, "that's the last of it, human, you know what I want now."  He swallowed it and went to work with his tongue, cleaning all the shit left around the hole, then moved his tongue into the hole, cleaning all the shit off the pokemon.  Once the trainer finished the cleaning, Mewtwo got up and opened the trainer's mouth, seeing how dirty it was.  "Time to clean that mouth of yours."  He placed his cock near the open mouth and filled it half way.  Gary reluctantly swished and swallowed.  After a quick look, Mewtwo had him get up on all fours.  He used his hands to spread the boy's cheeks and licked in and around the boy's asshole, causing the trainer to moan.  After a few minutes he got back up.

Mewtwo looked at Ash and Pikachu.  Pikachu was dreading his turn, he knew it would be soon.  Ash was still crying from the rape, but not as bad as earlier.  "Ash, things will be easier now that the big thing is out of the way.  Pikachu, you should feel lucky, I don't have any more shit to give, that will be the only thing you won't have to do."  That did make them feel a little better, but after this ordeal, the three of them will never be the same.

Turning his attention back to Gary, "I hope you had a good few moments of rest, we still have to fuck each other."  "Please don't, I don't want a pokemon to fuck me and I don't want to fuck a pokemon, it isn't right," Gary thought, knowing Mewtwo could read his thoughts.  "It must be done, I don't care if it's right or wrong, you will do as I wish."  "Alright, let's just get it over with."  Gary laid down on his back again waiting for Mewtwo.  The pokemon took his position and lifted the trainer's legs up, placing his cock at the boy's entrance.  Without warning, he shoved the cock in as far and fast as he could, making the boy cry out loud in pain.  Waiting a few moments for him to calm down, Mewtwo stayed there.  Once the boy calmed down a bit, he felt something warm shooting in his ass.  Mewtwo was peeing inside him, it was overflowing, making him cringe as he felt it running out his ass.  After a few moments, Mewtwo stopped the piss and started fucking the trainer as hard and fast as he could.  Gary moaning and crying in both pain and pleasure, wishing for the pokemon to stop, but the pokemon just ignored him at this point.  After what seemed like an eternity, Mewtwo shoved his cock deep into the boy's ass and shot load after load of cum.  Gary could feel each shot and could feel it overflowing out his ass and joining the piss that was there from earlier.  After 10 minutes of cumming, Mewtwo pulled out.  Seeing as the boy's cock was still hard, he assumed his position and immediately pushed the boy's cock as far into his ass as it could go.  He released the hold on the boy's bladder and forced him to pee in the pokemon's ass.  After a minute, the hold was placed on the boy's bladder again.  Mewtwo started moving up and down on the cock, forcing the boy to fuck him.  After a few minutes, the boy came hard into the pokemon's ass.  His orgasm lasted only a minute or two, and the pokemon stood up, removing the cock from his ass.

"You did good Gary, now you and Ash get to watch me do it to Pikachu." After hearing that, Pikachu started to squirm like there's no tomorrow, "NO NO NO, I DON'T WANT TO DO IT, PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME DO IT!!!"  "Hush little pokemon," Mewtwo said as he calmed Pikachu down with his powers, "it won't be so bad, just don't resist and it will be more pleasurable, trust me."  Just as he did with Ash, Mewtwo levitated a pole from one of the tents over in front of Gary's tree and planted it firmly.  He levitated Gary over to the pole in a sitting position and tied him to it with the unused rope from the tree. 

"Ok little Pikachu, your turn." Mewtwo loosened the ropes around Pikachu and levitated him to their faces were only an inch apart.  "Don't fight it, just let it happen and it will be pleasurable."  With that said, Mewtwo brought him into a kiss.  Pikachu went limp, trying to not resist and hoping it will end quickly.  Mewtwo explored every inch of Pikachu's small mouth and throat with his tongue.  Pikachu winced at the taste of the invading organ, knowing it wasn't the normal taste, but the taste of what the larger pokemon has been doing with the humans.  After what seemed like forever, Mewtwo withdrew his tongue and broke the kiss.  "See Pikachu, when you don't resist, it gets over with quickly and can actually feel good."

Since Pikachu was small and had a short tongue, Mewtwo knew he couldn't be rimmed very well from the little pokemon.  He grabbed Pikachu and turned him so the small ass hole was right in front of his face.  "Such a nice hole you have, looks tasty."  Mewtwo quickly went to work eating out the small pokemon, licking all around the hole.  Pikachu cringed at the feeling, not liking the feeling of the wet appendage at his rear entrance.  Suddenly, Pikachu felt something penetrate the hole and gasped loudly.  Mewtwo pressed his tongue hard into the hole and started exploring around inside, enjoying the taste of another pokemon.  After some more exploration, Mewtwo withdrew his tongue.  Pikachu sighed in relief, "finally he finished."

Mewtwo sat down on the ground putting Pikachu in front of his cock.  "You know what I want now, I understand you won't be able to take much in your mouth, but you can still make it feel good."  Pikachu knew he had no choice, he got to work on the cock in front of him.  He started licking the pokemon's balls, going slowly up the shaft.  Once he got to the tip, he put it in his mouth.  Pikachu flinched slightly as he felt Mewtwo's hand on his head, "don't worry, the others did this as well, remember?"  Just as he said that, Pikachu felt a warm liquid fill his mouth, it had a very strong pungent taste, making him gag.  "Now, now, you have to swallow every last drop."  Gathering up as much strength as he could, he started swallowing as fast as he could.  The stream didn't last long though, as the larger pokemon's bladder was mostly empty by now.  After the liquid stopped flowing, Pikachu went back to work on the cock in his mouth, licking around and inside the pokemon's pee hole.  Then, he bobbed his head and used both hands to stroke the cock.  After a short time, Pikachu heard Mewtwo moan louder and louder.  Suddenly, the hand on Pikachu's head forced him to stay still as another warm liquid filled his mouth, this one was slimy and had a salty taste to it.  Reflexively, he swallowed, knowing that was what the larger pokemon wanted, and he didn't want to upset him.  "That was good, but not as good as a human."  Mewtwo brought Pikachu's crotch to his face, his cock still in its sheath.  He stuck out his tongue and started licking the pokemon's furry balls, then moved his tongue up to the furry sheath, trying to get the cock to come out.  After a short time, the pleasure was too much and Pikachu started to succumb to the pleasure as his cock started to poke out.  Mewtwo continued licking the cock as it grew to full length, then put the entire cock and balls into his mouth.  He uncovered the pokemon's pee hole, "go ahead and piss, I know you have to."  Pikachu closed his eyes, he didn't want to pee in another's mouth, but knew he had no choice.  He gave a short grunt and started the flow.  Mewtwo felt the golden liquid fill his mouth and enjoyed the taste, not as pungent as the humans', he swallowed all the pokemon gave out.  After a few seconds, the stream died down and the larger pokemon started licking around and inside the pee hole, trying to get the last drop.  He then went to work on the small cock in his mouth, moving his head and tongue as much as he could.  After a short time, Pikachu felt his orgasm close in.  Mewtwo could tell the small pokemon was getting close, he put the whole cock and balls in his mouth and started a quiet hum.  This new vibration sent Pikachu over the edge, crying out loud as he came.  Mewtwo enjoyed the feeling and taste of the cum, very fruity with a hint of salt.  The orgasm lasted about 10 minutes, Mewtwo let the cum fill his mouth, once the orgasm finished, he swallowed half of it.  Mewtwo lifted Pikachu into another kiss, sending the remainder of the cum into the smaller pokemon's mouth.  Pikachu swallowed even though he didn't like it.  Mewtwo broke the kiss.

"Now, since you're too small to fuck me, we only have one more thing to do, you should feel fortunate your treatment isn't as bad as those humans over there."  Pikachu started crying, worried about the pokemon's large cock compared to his small body, how was he going to be fucked and not get permanently hurt? "Don't worry, it won't go in too far, plus I said earlier, Pikachu's are a bit stretchy, so you can take more than you think.  I won't be too rough, I promise."  Still holding Pikachu, he lowered the pokemon so that his rear entrance was touching the tip of his cock.  Suddenly, Mewtwo pushed Pikachu down hard onto his cock, burying it as far into the hole as it could fit.  Pikachu cried out as loud as he could at the pain.  Mewtwo waited a moment for Pikachu's cries to die down, then all of a sudden, Pikachu felt something warm fill his ass.  He quickly realized Mewtwo was pissing in his ass, filling it up and dripping a bit.  "Feels good, doesn't it?" Teased Mewtwo, "No, it feels dirty."  Responded Pikachu, the larger pokemon just giggled at the response, knowing it was supposed to feel that way.  When Mewtwo finished, he started moving the small pokemon up and down his shaft, like a masturbator.  With the tight hole, it didn't take long to send him over the edge.  Mewtwo moaned very loudly and pushed Pikachu down hard onto his cock as he came.  Pikachu could feel shot after shot of cum in his ass, cringing at the feeling of being filled with another male's seed.  It took about five minutes for the orgasm to end, but it felt like a lifetime to the small pokemon.  He laid the pokemon on its back on the ground, pointed his cock at him, then let out a stream of piss.  Pikachu squirmed, not wanting to be covered in piss, but has no choice.  Mewtwo moved the stream until Pikachu was completely soaked in the golden liquid, then stopped the stream.  "Your fur looks so much sexier when it is soaked with so much piss."

Mewtwo levitated Pikachu back to his tree and tied the ropes around him again.  "Now that the three of you have had your time with me, it is time for you to do it to each other while I watch with the other tied up.  You better make it a good show or I will use powers to force it on you.  I would rather see you do this on your own without my intervention, but you know I will if I have to."  Very reluctantly, all three of them nodded, knowing they have no choice but to do as they were told.  There was no way to fight a power as strong as Mewtwo's, their only hope was to get this ordeal over with as quickly as possible.  "First up, the two humans," Mewtwo sat with his legs crossed and levitated over next to Pikachu as he loosened the ropes around Ash and Gary.  

With Mewtwo in position, the two humans took their positions a few feet in front of the two pokemon observers, looking at each other in sorrow, knowing they didn't want this to happen.  Slowly they closed in and started kissing.  Their tongues going to work in each other's mouth, exploring every inch, and tasting the treatment Mewtwo had given them.  Mewtwo was still probing their minds, he could tell they were actually starting to enjoy each other, "aww, that is cute, looks like I turned these two humans into being gay for each other."  Ash and Gary were too engrossed with each other to listen to the larger pokemon.  They started kissing more passionately, moving their hands to feel each other up, even jerking each other.  After a few minutes, they broke the kiss and looked at each other with lust.

Ash was the first to kneel down and start licking Gary's balls, moving his tongue slowly around each of the orbs before moving his tongue up the shaft.  Mewtwo released his grip on Gary's bladder, and Ash could sense it, moving back a few inches.  Gary pointed his cock at Ash's head and started peeing.  Moving the stream to cover his rival in the heavenly liquid.  Once Ash was completely covered, he took the cock in his mouth drinking down the remaining liquid, the taste was pungent, but not as much as the pokemon's.  Once the flow stopped, Gary let go of his cock, placing his hands on Ash's head.  Ash loved the taste of his rival's appendage, moving his head and hands like a porn star.  It didn't take long for Gary to let out a loud moan as he came.  Ash completely engulfed the cock and balls as he felt shot after shot of the slimy liquid fill his mouth.  Relishing the taste for moment, he swallowed it.  After a couple of minutes, the orgasm stopped and Ash stood back up, allowing Gary to kneel and take his turn.  Gary did like Ash did, licking his balls and shaft.  This didn't last long as Ash had to pee really bad.  He gave Gary a slight nudge, letting him know it was time and he moved back an inch.  Ash barely pointed his cock at Gary when he let loose, soaking Gary rather quickly with a strong stream of piss.  After he was soaked, Gary took the cock in his mouth and drank the remainder of the golden liquid, it wasn't very pungent and easier to swallow than the pokemon's.  After Ash finished peeing, he took his hand off his cock and Gary started licking around and inside his rival's pee hole.  Once he was sure every last drop was out, he started sucking and jerking Ash off.  Ash didn't last long before he let out a loud moan and came in a somewhat violent orgasm.  Gary tried to hold Ash close with his spasms.  He didn't have time to relish the taste of his rival's cum before swallowing it as there was so much.  He loved what he did taste, much less salty than the pokemon's and more sweet.  After a few minutes, the orgasm stopped and Gary swallowed the last few drops of cum.

They both knew what was next and winced at the thought.  Neither of them wanted to rim the other, much less eat the other's shit, but they knew they had to.  "It's nice to see you two coming to terms with what is happening, makes it easier so that I don't have to waste my powers so much," Mewtwo said.  Taking a deep breath, Ash laid on his back and Gary put his ass in his rival's face.  "It's ok Gary, I'm ready for what you give me."  With that said, Ash started licking around Gary's hole.  Gary knew he had to go, but didn't want to give Ash too much.  He grunted and Ash could see the first brown object come out of the hole.  Without a second though he opened his mouth and put it on the hole, sucking.  Gary was thankful for the help and kept pushing it out.  Ash greedily sucked as hard as he could, as his mouth was filled with Gary's shit, he chewed and swallowed as fast as he could.  Piece after piece came out, Ash started to wonder how much Gary had to give.  After 30 minutes, the last piece came out, Ash quickly chewed and swallowed it.  Once he was finished, Ash went to work licking around the hole until it was cleaned.  When that was done, Ash shoved his tongue into the hole, exploring as much as he could.  Gary felt pleasure at the moving appendage in his ass.  After a few minutes, Ash pulled his tongue out and they switched places.  Gary did what Ash did earlier and licked around the hole in front of him. After a few seconds, Ash grunted very loudly and Gary put his mouth on the hole and started sucking hard.  He could feel the first piece come out a bit slowly.  It seemed to take forever since the first piece was so long.  When his mouth was almost full, Gary started to chew and swallow quickly.  He knew Ash hadn't gone in a while and Ash probably had a lot to give.  He was right as Ash sent piece after piece into his mouth.  He had to chew and swallow quite fast to get it all.  After 45 minutes, Ash was finally empty and Gary quickly went to work licking around the hole.  Once the outside was clean, he pushed his tongue into the hole, moving it around vigorously.  Ash moaned in pleasure as the tongue moved a lot more than Mewtwo's.  After a few moments, Gary withdrew his tongue and they both stood up.  Mewtwo chimed in, "instead of rinsing your mouths out with each other's piss, I want you two to clean your mouths out with each other's tongue."  Knowing there was no choice, they embraced each other in another kiss, making sure to hit every nook and cranny in the other's mouth.  They broke their kiss a few times to see if they got everywhere before continuing.  Once both were clean, they stood there for a moment admiring each other's body.

Ash was the first to lay on his back, wanting to get this part over with quickly.  Gary knelt down between Ash's legs, his cock hard and throbbing.  He looked at Ash, "Ready?"  Ash nodded.  Right then, Gary shoved his cock into his rival, down to the hilt.  Ash cried out in pain and Gary held there for a few seconds for Ash to adjust.  After Ash adjusted and wasn't in pain anymore, Gary let out a relieved sigh as he started peeing in Ash.  Ash could feel the warm liquid filling his hole quickly and moaned as he felt pleasure from it.  After Gary finished, he started fucking Ash as hard as he could.  Ash and Gary started moaning louder as their pleasure increased.  It didn't take long for Gary to reach his orgasm and Ash felt it.  Shot after shot came out, filling Ash's ass and overflowing a little.  Gary's orgasm didn't last very long, once it was finished, they traded places.  When they were in position, Ash wasted no time in shoving his cock all the way into Gary's ass as fast as he could.  Gary cried out in pain, but it quickly subsided.  Once Ash saw the pain die away from Gary's eyes, he looked at his rival in complete lust and let loose his bladder.  Gary could feel his ass being filled his rival's warm golden liquid and moaned in pleasure.  It took a few minutes for Ash to finish, once he was done, he wasted no time in fucking his rival hard and fast.  They both moaned louder and louder as the pleasure built.  After a few minutes Ash let out a very loud moan and the orgasm hit him as he violently spasmed, shooting load after load into his rival.  Gary moaned louder than before feeling the cock inside spasm and shoot the pleasant, slimy liquid inside his ass.  It took 10 minutes before the orgasm stopped and Ash pulled out of Gary, cum running out of his hole.  After one last kiss, they stood up and looked at Mewtwo.

Mewtwo clapped his hands returning Gary to his pole and tied him up, "good show boys, very good, now it is time for the good buddies to have their turn."  After hearing Mewtwo say that, Pikachu started squirming violently, "NO, I LIKE ASH AS A FRIEND, I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS, PLEASE DO MAKE ME!"  Mewtwo looked over to him in anger, Ash walked over to Pikachu ad held him as Mewtwo loosened the ropes.  "Buddy, don't worry, you'll realize this is pleasurable if you just play along, please just let it happen.  Mewtwo will force it one way or the other, no use in fighting it."  Pikachu calmed down, still crying, saying, "I trust you, buddy, but I never wanted this to happen."  "I know, buddy, I won't be too rough, I promise."  Pikachu's crying calmed down a bit, wiping the tears from his eyes, "Please make it quick."  "I promise," said Ash.  "Enough talk, I grow bored of this, take your position and start doing the deed, NOW!"

Ash and Pikachu nodded at Mewtwo and took their position.  Ash brought Pikachu to his mouth and started kissing him passionately.  Pikachu winced at the taste, tasting the shit and piss that Ash had been forced to eat and drink.  Their tongues explored every inch of each other's mouths.  Lost in the passion of the kiss, Ash took one hand from Pikachu and started rubbing his buddy's full body, rubbing his hand over the pokemon's sheath, balls, and tail hole.  Pikachu gasped in the kiss at this new feeling, but continued the kiss knowing what would happen if this didn't look good for Mewtwo.  "Good Pikachu, you are finally coming to terms with your situation, keep going," teased Mewtwo.  Ash and Pikachu kept kissing for a few more minutes before breaking their kiss.

Ash turned Pikachu so his ass was right in front the trainer's face.  "Oh Pikachu, your ass looks tasty," Ash said as he stuck his tongue out and started licking around the hole.  Pikachu felt the need to shit real bad and started grunting.  Ash heard the grunt and put his mouth over the hole and started to lightly suck.  The shit came out almost violently, but Ash had no problem eating it all.  Ash couldn't believe he was willingly eating his best buddy's shit, but he knew he was going to do it whether he wanted to or not, and he was enjoying it.  The shit kept coming out for almost half an hour and Ash ate most of it.  He wanted to give Pikachu a taste so he left a piece in his mouth while he turned the pokemon around and gave him another kiss, sending the last bit of shit into his buddy's mouth.  Once it was completely in there, they closed their mouths and Pikachu chewed and swallowed it wincing at the taste. Without warning he turned Pikachu back around and went back to work with his tongue, cleaning up around the hole and shoving his tongue deep inside the small pokemon, moving it around as much as he could.  Pikachu started moaning at the sensation, not wanting it to be pleasurable, but it was anyway.  After a few minutes, Ash withdrew his tongue and looked into Pikachu's eyes lovingly.

Ash put Pikachu down on the ground and knelt down an inch in front of the pokemon.  He grabbed his cock saying, "alright buddy, I don't have much piss to give you, so here it goes."  With a grunt Ash let loose, quickly covering Pikachu's fur with his golden liquid.  Once Pikachu was soaked, he put the head of the cock in his mouth and drank down the rest.  He was relieved it wasn't nearly as pungent as Mewtwo, but still gagged at the taste.  Pikachu had a hard time swallowing the liquid, but still drank every last drop.  After Ash finished, Pikachu licked the around the cock head and inside the pee hole to make sure he got the last drops.  After that, he started licking his trainer's balls, sucking on each one as he did so, causing Ash to moan.  Then, he slowly worked his way up the shaft licking all around it as he moved up.  When he reached the tip, he took as much as he could in his mouth, bobbing his head up and down, working his tongue and hands on the shaft while doing so.  Moaning louder and louder, Ash knew he was getting close and couldn't hold back.  He placed his hands on Pikachu's head and forced him to take as much of his cock as possible into his mouth, giving a very loud moan as his orgasm ripped through him like a tidal wave.  Pikachu squirmed and gagged with so much of the cock in his mouth, he felt the warm slimy liquid fill his mouth quickly.  Swallowing as fast as he can, he noticed the liquid stopped shooting rather quickly as Ash had given so much already.  Even though Ash had stopped cumming, his body still spasmed for another few minutes while the orgasm died down.  Once the orgasm stopped, he released Pikachu's head and Pikachu lifted his head off the trainer's cock, looking up at his buddy with a worried smile.  

"Nice to see some sort of smile on you, buddy, don't worry about giving me the shower I gave you, I know you don't have that much to give, now it's your turn," Ash said as he picked Pikachu up and brought the pokemon's furry sheath and balls near his face.  He started licking the balls and sheath, slowly sucking on each of the orbs while doing so and tasting the piss from his earlier treatments.  It didn't take long for the cock to poke out of the sheath.  Ash took this moment to concentrate his licking on the cock poking out.  Soon, the cock became fully hard and Ash took the whole thing, plus the balls into his mouth.  After his trainer fully engulfed his cock, Pikachu grunted and let loose on his bladder, sending the golden liquid into his buddy's mouth.  Ash loved the taste, not pungent at all and very pleasant taste.  He drank it all down as fast as Pikachu was letting it loose, causing Pikachu to moan in pleasure at the feeling.  When the flow finally stopped a few minutes later, Ash licked around and inside the pee hole to make sure he got every drop.  Once he was sure he got the last drops, Ash went to work sucking the cock as best he could, given the small size.  Before long, Pikachu couldn't hold back, and Ash could sense it.  A couple of seconds later Ash gave one last hard suck and Pikachu moaned as loud as he could as he came hard into his trainer's mouth.  Ash relished the fruity and sweet flavor, he wished the cum would keep coming forever.  He swallowed shot after shot for half an hour before Pikachu didn't have more to give.  After the orgasm stopped, Ash took the cock out of his mouth and looked at his best buddy in his eyes with a smile.  "See buddy, you loved that, now there is only one more thing for us to do and this part is over."  "Yes Ash, I did like that a lot, but I still don't like the idea of this," said Pikachu not wanting to continue.  "I know, but Mewtwo will make us do it anyway, so we might as well enjoy it."

Ash brought Pikachu down and put the tip of his cock in the pokemon's ass.  Without warning Ash started peeing, filling the small pokemon rather quickly and it started leaking out, down his shaft and onto his balls.  This didn't last long as Ash's bladder was mostly empty by now.  As soon as Ash stopped peeing, he started fucking Pikachu as hard and fast as he could.  Pikachu didn't like this, he squirmed as much as he could and cried out in pain.  Ash was in pure bliss at the tight hole he was shoving his cock into and couldn't hear his buddy's screams.  After a few minutes Pikachu's pain died down, replaced by pleasure, and the both of them were moaning louder and louder in pleasure.  When Ash finally reached his climax, both of their moans could be heard for miles.  While orgasming, Ash kept Pikachu pushed all they way down his cock to the base as he shot his load into the small pokemon.  To Pikachu, it seemed to take forever for Ash to finish, even though it was only a couple on minutes.  Once his orgasm finished, Ash slowly pulled Pikachu off his cock and set him on the ground to rest.

Ash knew he was next to watch and took his place at his pole while Mewtwo used his powers to tie up the boy.  "Good, not as good as the two humans, but good enough.  This next time, I want less talking and more doing."  After saying that, Mewtwo loosened the ropes holding Gary.  "No talking, just do it."  Gary nodded and went quickly to pick up Pikachu.  The small pokemon was still breathing heavily, not quite recovered from the previous acts.  Gary quickly pulled him into a kiss using their tongues to explore each other's mouths with a passion.  Pikachu still breathing heavily sending air between them, allowing them to hold their kiss even longer.  Gary loved feeling his tongue in the pokemon's throat, it felt tight, like there was a vice grip on it.  After half an hour of passionate kissing, they broke the kiss, looking into each other's eyes, breathing hard.  They both saw the worry and lust in the other's eyes.

Gary turned Pikachu so he was looking straight at the pokemon's ass.  He stuck his tongue out and started licking around the hole.  Pikachu felt another need to shit and started grunting.  Gary heard the grunt and put his mouth over the hole and started to suck.  The shit came out, but less violently as last time, Gary had no problem eating it all.  Gary couldn't believe he was willingly eating a Pikachu's shit, but he was enjoying it.  The shit only came for a few minutes as Pikachu gave most of what he had to Ash.  After eating it all, he went back to work with his tongue, cleaning up around the hole and shoving his tongue deep inside the small pokemon, moving it around as much as he could.  Pikachu started moaning, the sensation becoming more pleasurable the more it was being done.  After a few minutes, Gary withdrew his tongue and looked into Pikachu's eyes lustfully.

Gary knelt down and placed Pikachu in front of his cock.  Pikachu, wanting to get this over with quickly, started licking and sucking at the boy's balls, then slowly licked up the shaft, when he got to the tip, Gary tapped him on the shoulder and he moved back slightly.  Gary smiled and pointed his cock at Pikachu, who was a bit scared, he didn't want another soaking of that golden liquid, but he knew this would happen no matter what, so he just let it happen.  Gary let out a slight grunt and the liquid started coming out, hitting Pikachu in the face.  He moved his cock, completely soaking the small pokemon and relishing in the sight on his fluid mixing with the earlier fluids already matting the pokemon's fur.  After Pikachu was thoroughly soaked, he took the head of the trainer's cock in his mouth and started drinking as much as he could.  Gary didn't last much longer as his bladder had almost nothing left from earlier.  When the liquid stopped coming out, Pikachu greedily licked around and inside the trainer's pee hole, getting the last drops left over.  Once that was done, he went to work with his mouth, tongue, and hands, trying to get the trainer to orgasm as quickly as he could.  Gary was moaning louder and louder by the second.  Pikachu got a quick idea that might get the trainer to orgasm even quicker.  He let out a light electric shock on the trainer's cock.  This seemed to do the trick as Gary let out a moan as loud as he could and came hard in Pikachu's mouth.  Pikachu was shocked at first, but quickly drank down the cum as fast as he could.  He had no idea the trainer could cum so much, each shot felt like an entire glass of liquid pouring into his mouth.  Even swallowing as fast as he could, some spilled out the sides of his mouth coating his already soaked fur.  After what seemed like forever, Gary's orgasm subsided and Pikachu pulled his mouth off the cock.  Gary, smiling at the pokemon, picked him up and rubbed the spilled cum deep into the pokemon's fur.  Mewtwo seemed very pleased with this, but didn't intervene, he just let them continue.

Picking Pikachu up, Gary brought the pokemon's crotch to his face and started licking and sucking on his balls, loving the taste of the piss soaked fur.  After a moment of this he started licking the furry sheath and the cock started to poke out.  When it got long enough, he started sucking on it, tapping Pikachu to let him know he was ready.  Right on cue, Pikachu grunted slightly and started peeing in the trainer's mouth.  Gary liked the taste a lot more than Mewtwo's and drank it down greedily.  Pikachu, having a now empty bladder felt the stream slow down.  Once the stream stopped Gary licked around and inside the pee hole making sure to get every last drop.  He then started sucking hard trying to bring the pokemon to orgasm quickly.  He would not have to keep going very long before Pikachu let out a loud moan and started spasming as his orgasm hit him hard.  Gary felt a few shots of cum and drank it down, loving the taste, like a delicious berry.  Pikachu's orgasm didn't last long as his balls were nearly empty by now.  When the orgasm stopped, Gary was getting ready for the next part.

Not giving Pikachu time to rest, Gary shoved him down on his cock hard, burying it deep in his ass.  He pulled the pokemon halfway up his cock and let out a weak stream of piss.  Pikachu felt the warm liquid, but didn't care, he was much too tired to do anything, he just stayed limp, letting the trainer do all the work.  Since Gary's bladder was mostly empty, it didn't take long for the stream to finish and he went back to work fucking the helpless pokemon.  He moved Pikachu up and down on his cock hard, fast, and vigorously, moaning in pleasure.  A few minutes of fucking Pikachu brought Gary to orgasm, his balls nearly empty already, he shot the rest of what he could give into the small pokemon.  The cum shooting in Pikachu's ass lasted only a few seconds, but Gary's orgasm lasted far longer.  After it was over Gary lifted Pikachu off his cock, seeing how weak he was, Gary took Pikachu over to the tree and held him while Mewtwo tied the pokemon up.  Gary then went to his pole and sat down, the psychic pokemon tieing him up as well.

Mewtwo stood up in front of the three captives.  "I see that you all are exhausted, lets have one last drink before a short rest."  Mewtwo glowed containers full of water to appear in fron of the four of them, a gallon for Mewtwo, Ash, and Gary, and a canteen for Pikachu.  He forced the three captives to drink the water in front of them, then drank his.  "So you don't accidentally go while you rest, your holes will be sealed until we start again."  After saying that, a purple glow engulfed the cocks and assholes of the captives, causing the holes to be completely sealed shut.  "Now get some rest, we have more to do when you wake up."  Ash, Gary, and Pikachu sat there depressed, humiliated, violated, wanting to cry, but their eyes burned so much from crying.  Eventually they fell asleep one by one hoping that when they wake up, Mewtwo will be gone and they can try to return to normal.

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