Bianca's true love

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Bianca’s true love

“I’m not so sure about this Ash” said Bianca as he closed the door of the lab that they were in. Ash had returned to Unova after a few years and on his first day Pikachu that was at level 100 lost to a level 5 Pokémon, now the professor of the region was healing Pikachu which allowed Ash and his friend Bianca to catch up. She was always clumsy and how she got a job in a lab fill of breakable things was beyond Ash’s knowledge, but he knew the moment he saw her that he had to feel the tight walls of her pussy.

Now Bianca was having second thoughts and Ash couldn’t have that because he really wanted to have sex with her, it would be payback for all the times that she pushed him into water when he was hanging out with Iris and Cilan. It made him all wet and not the kind of wet that he liked. The kind he liked was when he would grab his Pokémon master cock and shoot his seed on the face of the girl that he was with on a journey.

He also was no virgin; he had sex before with Misty, May and Dawn. Iris would only suck his dick, but he took whatever he could get. Now it was her turn, but he wanted her to want his cock.

“What is the matter?” he asked as if he cared about her

“I just think if we want to do this we shouldn’t do it in the professor’s bed. I could get fired if she finds out we used her bed to have sex” said Bianca.

“Bianca, Bianca, Bianca” said Ash “A real Pokémon master like myself has sex wherever and whenever he wants to. I’ll clear things up with the professor if she finds us, that is unless she wants to join us, where I’ll gladly use my Pokémon master cock on her pussy too.”

“Alright Ash, I’ll make love to you or with you however it works” she said with her eyes closed, she didn’t want a hot guy like Ash to know that she was a virgin, even if it was very much obvious from the way that she was acting. Ash didn’t mind he loved having sex with virgins. The only non-virgin that he ever had sex with was May because she had a few boyfriends before he met her and the last he knew she was using some of her Pokémon as her personal sex slaves, not that they had anything bad to say to that, they loved having sex with her. It was a known fact that Pokémon loved making love to humans and for humans it was great to have sex with Pokémon because they were so great at it.

Ash pulled off his pants and underwear. Bianca slowly got on her knees and Ash smacked his cock against her cheek, she opened her mouth wide and took a deep breath as she took every inch of his tasty cock inside of her wet hot mouth. She started to suck it as if she was having a cool treat on a hot summer day; Bianca moved her mouth back and forth as her lips moved along Ash’s impressive length. She placed her hands on his legs for extra support, he was so big, and she never had anything this huge in her mouth before. She didn’t even know how she was taking all of him in without gagging at all.

“This is amazing Bianca, I didn’t know you were so good with your tongue” he said as she rolled her tongue around his hard piece of meat, he grabbed some of her hair in his hands and started to pump her mouth like he owned it, he was surprised when she pulled away

“Well, I am a motor mouth” Bianca reminded him and then she when back to his thick cock because she hated to say it, but she loved the feeling of it inside of her mouth. She wanted this cock inside of her mouth for the rest of her life, no matter what the professor said. She knew inside of her that she was turning into a slut like May was and the worst part was that she didn’t care; in fact Bianca wanted to turn into Ash’s personal slut.

“I’m cumming Bianca” said Ash all of a sudden, Bianca tried to pull away from his mouth, she didn’t want too, but it was either that or get her mouth filled with his seed and she wouldn’t be able to stand that. She tried to pull her mouth away but couldn’t. Something was holding her back. It was Ash. He had a hard grip on her hair and kept her in place as he kept up his pace inside of her tight mouth, her tongue lapped his cock on autopilot. It didn’t take long, in under a minute, Ash let out a small growl as he released inside of her throat. She felt the warm cum fill her mouth to its limits and some nearly came out of her nose; she could feel the warm jizz slowly move down her throat.

Ash let go of her hair and Bianca went down to the floor coughing the cum out of her mouth. She knew that Ash had feelings for her and that he was really caught up in the moment, she wasn’t mad at him, maybe a little disappointed.

“I never said you could ejaculate inside of my mouth” Bianca told her friend

“Sorry, you also didn’t say I couldn’t cum inside of your mouth. May and Dawn didn’t mind” said Ash

“I am not Dawn and I am definitely not May” said Bianca, the worst part was saying the word May since everybody in the Pokémon world knew that she was a grand festival winner turned Pokéslut, everybody knew about what she did with her Pokémon, which seemed to work for her since her Pokémon won almost every battle they were in, as if they had some type of reward afterwards.

Bianca stood to her feet; Ash was waiting for her with his cock still hard and ready to fuck her. Ash pulled Bianca and placed her on the bed, and then he slipped off her panties. Bianca was shy as Ash looked at her bare pussy, but Ash smiled as he liked what he saw.

“You want this, don’t worry” he told her, he pulled up her dress. Then Ash slipped his cock inside of her pussy, Bianca let out a soft moan at the intense feeling that she got when she felt him move inside of her. He started to pump faster and faster as he placed his hands on the bed next to her loving how tight she was. Virgins always made Ash feel so good. He remembered his first time with Misty, he was a virgin back then too, but they learned the more they slept together. May made him learn so much under the sheets since she was skilled in love making before he even met her. Dawn was clueless about sex and fucking her was a blast as Ash was able to have his way with her.

Ash moved his hands down to her hips as he moved deeper inside of her, he kept pumping inside of her and was panting like this was the hardest thing he ever did in his life. Bianca covered her mouth with her hands because she didn’t want the professor to hear them, she didn’t know how much longer she could take Ash’s cock before she lost control.

“Ash, please slow down” she said as she uncovered her mouth quickly to talk to him, but Ash didn’t listen to her, if anything he started to thrust inside of her even faster. She could feel her eyes rolling to the back of her head; she was going crazy from Ash’s big dick.

“CUMMING!” Ash screamed and flooded her pussy with his jizz.

Bianca stayed on the bed with her panties rolled up in a ball in the corner of the room, her hands fell from her mouth to her side as she lose strength in her body. Ash pulled his cock out of her vagina, a few drops of his cum dripping to the sheets below her. Ash walked to the center of the room and pulled up his pants as Bianca watched him.

“That was a great fuck Bianca; I didn’t think I was going to have that much fun. I have a date with Misty to get to, so I’ll be on my way, but the next time I stop by we can do this again alright” he told her and he walked out of the room.

Bianca stayed on the professor’s bed, she and Ash just made love and then he leaves her to go out with Misty, she couldn’t believe it. She finally had sex with Ash, her one true love; she knew that when she would meet Ash again, he would screw her again and make her one of the happiest women in Unova. Slowly she pushed herself up on the bed. She had to hurry, she wanted to write down every detail of the sex she had with Ash in her journal because she didn’t want to forget one thing because it was the best day of her life and she wanted to have it with her forever.

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