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Warning: the following story is not for the faint of heart. If you have problems with murder, gang activity, rape, torture, drug usageselling, smut, or any other dark things, I highly advise you clicking away from this story. It is not meant to be a pretty story. You have been warned.

Heya. Posting this here incase it gets taken down from FanFiction. This is a very graphic story with many bad things in it. I do not condone any of the things listed up top, nor am I responsible if they trigger any kind of memory or bad thing with you as you've been warned plenty of times. Enjoy!

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For some, life is to work for what you enjoy. Some are born into lives of luxury, never having to work for a thing they want. They just naturally have all these talents and are able to make it in life. Those are the stories that everyone knows about. Nobody ever knows, or cares, about the other lives - the lives where people struggle to make it day by day.

That's what this story is.

Growing up in the poorest area of Celadon, Ty never had the easy life. For the first half of his life, his parents were lucky to get food on the table every other day. With Celadon being the richest part of the Kanto region, and Ty growing up in the poorest area, you can only imagine how that went in school. He was looked down upon, made fun of, harassed.. everything a kid in elementary shouldn't have to deal with, he did.

In most fairy tales, the protagonist will have a hard beginning in life, then somehow gets their way and be happy for the rest of their lives, right? They'll get some lucky break where everything magically turns around and becomes good. That's what everyone is used to, right?

That's not what this story is.

When Ty turned fifteen, his parents were murdered. To this day, a little over ten years later, the investigation is still open. Nobody has ever been able to figure out why they were targeted. Ty had his suspicions on what happened, but that's all they were. Now, while losing one's parents is sad and hard enough, that wasn't the only thing he lost. His families Pokémon was also taken from him - murdered in cold blood in the exact same way his mother and father were. Of course, the Pokémon and him didn't get along, but the message behind it remains.

Why was he left behind?

When Ty found out about his parents' deaths, Ty never felt safe. He was put into a foster home but ran away days later to live on the streets. He was never able to trust anybody. It was him, and him alone. Each day was a struggle to survive, but he managed. He never gave up. He always pushed forward and bettered himself. Of course.. those ways of bettering himself may have not been the best.

With no education because Ty dropped out, he was never able to get a job. That meant no money. So he had to resort to stealing and, while it wasn't hard to get away with, that didn't mean he never got caught. For the next ten years, Ty developed a criminal history. He was never arrested for anything serious but the charges were still there.

Even through everything, Ty never gave up on life. He did what he had to to survive. And that's what brings us to where Ty is today. He stood by himself in a small enclosure behind a large building. Two small trailers sat on both sides of Ty, with one on each side. A chain link fence mixed in with boards of wood ran around the perimeter, stopping when they met the two trailers. There was only one way in, and one way out, and Ty made the decision to enter.. and it would change his life forever.

Ty looked up at the trailer to his right where a group of people and Pokemon were. Some sat with their legs dangling over the edge while some stood and watched. They all dressed pretty similarly, with each of their defining characteristics being the same. Each one wore a black bandana that they had tied around their faces, covering their mouths and noses. On this bandana was a set of fangs with the letters 'FB' written between them.

"If you wanna roll with us, you gotta make it through our initiation and prove you're down with the set. You make it through the first test, you move onto the next. Make it through the final, you'll get our colors and be fully welcomed to Frostbite," one of men told Ty. "The first way to tell if you're Frostbite material is to see how to rumble," he said. Ty looked up at the man as he motioned one of the others to go.

The man that got the signal to join the pit with Ty did as told. Ty and the guy looked each other up and down before locking eyes. This was Ty's first test. If there was ever a time for Ty to give it his all, it was now. If he could make it through this, he would finally have a place to call home.

"Let's see what you've got," the man in front of Ty said to him in a rather gruff voice. He raised his fists in a fighting stance, to which Ty put up his own stance. Slowly, the two advanced on each other, waiting for the first punch to be thrown. Ty knew from growing up on the streets that he had to take advantage of any chance he had, and he knew that he needed to get the first hit in.

So, when he was close enough, Ty threw the first punch, hitting the bandana-covered man right in the jaw. He watched as the guy stumbled back but quickly regained himself. Not wasting any time, Ty quickly charged the guy and grabbed at his lower legs and tried lifting him, but he was met with a lot of resistance. He had ended up digging his feet into the dirt below, not allowing himself to be lifted.

Instead, Ty felt the guy wrap one arm around his midsection, holding Ty where he was. He was then met with a flurry of blows to his gut, quickly knocking the wind out of him. Not wanting to give the guy the upper hand, Ty let go of the guy's legs and tried to back away. Thankfully, Ty was quick enough and was able to slip through his grip, but was met with a mean right hook to the jaw as he escaped.

The two were already breathing quickly as they held their stances. Just from the last hit alone, Ty could taste blood. He brought a hand to his lips and found that he was bleeding, but not massively. That was good enough for Ty. Even if he didn't survive his initiation to become a member of Frostbite, he would never forget this moment.

The two once again advanced on one another, swinging when they got the opportunity. Both were quick in their movements, neither landing a hit. Being a fast learner when it came to fighting, Ty quickly began to realize the guy always took two steps forward, swung wide, then backed up. When he did swing, he left himself extremely vulnerable.

So Ty waited until his next swing. Each time he swung, Ty advanced closer and closer and, soon, Ty found he was extremely close to the fence that enclosed them. His opponent seemed to notice as well and, in an attempt to break free and gain some ground, tried to lunge at him with his signature punch, but Ty saw it coming.

With his opening, Ty quickly dodged under the punch and swung his fist up at him, effectively uppercutting the guy. Once more, he stumbled backwards, dazed and confused, and Ty knew this was his opportunity. He quickly charged at the guy and had him pinned to the fence, where he continued his assault. His punches started in his gut and slowly moved up his chest, then to his face.

As the fight went on, the crowd around them watched, waiting for their order. The one who had initiated the fight originally watched on, slightly impressed with how it was going. He leaned to one of the other members and whispered, "He's got strength and wits. That's good."

"He does. So he can handle himself," the man responded with a nod. "But this is a one-on-one. Streets ain't always fair, Warlord."

"Aye," the guy nodded. The two turned their attention from the fight, where they both nodded. Then, the one who mentioned streets not being fair jumped in. With no time to waste, he charged to the fight and jumped in. He grabbed Ty by the shoulder and spun him around, where he sent an extremely power swing to his gut, sending Ty to the ground.

He gasped as he hit the ground, desperately trying to catch his breath. He looked up and was met with a swift kick to the temple, sending him rolling away from his original fight. The guy who got Ty off his original aggressor turned towards his battered friend, making sure he was okay. When he got a nod from him, the two turned back to Ty, who was slowly getting to his feet.

At once, the two men rushed with fists raised. He saw the guy he was originally fighting was a lot slower and knew that if he could get him down, Ty would have a better chance of making it through this. So, when they rushed, Ty quickly rolled away then ran towards the first fighter. Too slow to move away, the guy was grabbed by his black and blue jacket then thrown towards the small trailers, where he slammed into them hard.

Ty turned when he heard the sound of shoes running on dirt towards, where he had no time to avoid yet another blow. Blood flew from his lips as he took yet another blow, this time sending him to the ground. Ty found himself becoming more and more exhausted as the fight continued on. Fighting was normal to him, but they were usually small scraps. This was a new type of fight to him, and, as much as he hated to admit it, he was unprepared for it.

Each time Ty tried to get up, his was met with a kick or punch, sending him back down. He hated to admit it, but he was down. He turned his head to where he sent the other guy into the trailer and saw he was gone. He turned back to the one currently assaulting him and saw that they both were now there. The guy who just joined in the fight never ceased his kicks, where Ty soon felt a second set of feet kicking him anywhere they could find.

The man who got Ty down looked up to the one who ordered him to jump in. With a nod, the guy waved in more of the people and Pokémon outside, who jumped down without hesitation. The second their feet hit the dirt ground, they jumped in on the assault, where a total of eight different people and Pokémon were stomping and hitting any spot Ty had vulnerable.

"One.." the man began counting. Ty knew that this is the part where he had to lay there and take a beating. As bad as he wanted to defend himself and fight back, he couldn't, lest he lose his chance at joining. "Two.." he heard. The rough side of shoes and boots slammed Ty's head repeatedly into the ground, where claws and fists bombarded his legs, torso, and arms. "Three.." the guy continued counting.

Ty's body ached. It hurt beyond words. He even swore one of them had to have been wearing steel-toed boots because of how much it hurt every time he was kicked. "Four.." If Ty couldn't taste blood before, he definitely could now. With each blow, more and more wind was knocked from him. But he couldn't give in. He couldn't lose. "Five.." He wasn't fighting a physical fight anymore. This was a fight for his pride.

"Six.." Grunts and groans could be heard coming from all around the arena. The man atop who ordered the beating watched on, analyzing what was happening. He couldn't help but think that either this man knew that he couldn't fight back, or he was already done in. "Seven.." Whatever the answer was, he was impressed he even made it this long to begin with. "Eight.."

Ty's head was pounding as the assault seemed to never stop. He was dizzy, barely able to even focus. "Nine.." What had only been nine seconds, felt like nine minutes. These men and Pokémon.. they were strong.. very strong. He knew that, should he, for some reason, not make it into Frostbite, he would never mess with them. Obviously, everybody knew a one on eight fight wasn't fair at all, but this was different. These men and Pokémon.. they were stronger than your average person.

"Ten. That's enough!" Ty finally heard. As quickly as the beating started, it had ended. Finally, the onslaught of feet, paws, claws, and fists had stopped, giving him a sliver of time to think.

"Come on," one of the men said, grabbing Ty by the arm. He helped him to his feet, where Ty found he was barely able to stand without help. "You're alright," he told him as he patted the dirt off. "Yo Reggie!" he heard him call out, "Get the guy some water, yeah?"

"On it!" another responded. Ty's head was hung low as he regained himself, blood slowly dripping from his mouth. He looked up and saw the various others slowly catching their breaths, which kind of surprised him. All they were doing is assaulting someone for ten seconds.. nothing more.

Another couple minutes passed where Ty slowly regained himself. He wiped away the blood he felt running down his chin as he looked up. He looked himself over and saw he was covered in dirt, minus where the guy helped him get it off. His shirt was slightly torn from the shoes and claws, but he could deal with it.

"Aye, good job out there," the guy next to him said. He turned to the guy and saw it was the guy who joined the fight first. He held his hand out for Ty who gripped it, where the two soon were brought into a small hug of respect. Then, one by one, the others approached, doing the same thing. The last guy to come up held a water bottle, where he gave it to Ty, followed by the respected handshake and hug,

"Thanks," Ty said with a nod. The guy named Reggie nodded in response before leaving Ty to himself. Ty uncapped the bottled water and took a quick swig of it before spitting it out along the fence, watching as nothing but a red liquid come out. "Fuck.." he groaned to himself. He leaned against the trailer and took one more drink of the water and saw it was already half empty.

"Congratulations," Ty heard someone say behind him. He turned and saw it was the guy who started the series of fights, "you did well out there. You definitely know how to handle yourself one on one. You adapt well, and when Merc jumped in," he nodded to the guy who effectively put Ty down, "you still managed for a minute; longer than most have."

"Thanks," Ty said with a small smirk to him. He huffed tiredly and shook his head, "Years of fighting got me used to this kind of thing. Wasn't ready for that suddenness though."

"That's the point." he told him. "You expect it, you act different. If it surprises you, then we can see how you really perform. Here," the guy paused. Ty watched as he reached into his back pocket, "Cover your face. Nobody wants to see that shit." he said, handing Ty his own Frostbite bandana. "You've yet to earn that fully. You want to keep it?" he asked Ty, to which he nodded, "Then we're moving onto the second part of your initiation. Put this on and follow me." he told him.

With a sense of pride, Ty took the bandana from the guy and tied it around his face, just as everyone else had. Instantly, he felt.. different. For the first time in years, he felt pride for something. Now, he knew he couldn't fail. This was his moment.

"What's your name, kid?" he was then asked.

"Tyler; Tyler Mackenzie," he answered.

"That's your normal name. You'll go by Ty when you're with us," he told him, holding his hand out now. Ty gripped it and the two embraced in a tight hug, showing their respect for one another, "You can call me Roark." he told him.

Roark turned around and made his way out of the arena. Being told to follow him to move on, Ty did just that. However, outside the entrance stood the guy Ty had beaten in his one on one. He wasn't as bad looking as Ty, but he still looked pretty battered. In a sign of respect, Ty tossed the guy the remainder of his water, to which he got a nod of appreciation in return.

Roark led Ty to a door on the backside of, what looked to be, an abandoned building. It was just outside of the fight ring, so they didn't have much of a long walk. There were a set of metal stairs that led to the roof of the building. Looking at the building, Ty was able to tell that it was two stories tall; what it had been used for prior, though, he had no clue.

With the door opened, Ty was motioned to follow Roark inside. Doing so, he was met with a long hallway that led to a flight of metal stairs. As the two ascended up to the next floor, Roark spoke, "So you did good out there, Ty. But being able to rumble will only get you so far in this crew," he told him. Ty turned his attention to him as he spoke, "You need to prove you're down with us; show you're able and willing to do the work the higher-ups don't do. So, that brings us to the second part of your test. Come," he said, motioning him to follow him.

Once up the stairs, Ty looked around at the room. It was pretty beat up looking. A couple of older looking couches were sitting in the corner of the room with a slab of wood that rested on a pair of cinderblocks sitting in front of them. Ashtrays and beer bottles were littered through the table, and room for that matter. A old, rickety table was next to the stairs with a radio sitting atop it as music blared from it.

People and Pokémon were all over. If he had to guess, he would have said there were thirty people and Pokémon there. Some were talking with each other, some were passed out drunk or high, while some just blatantly made out. Ty was appreciative of the whole uncaring attitude. From the looks of it, nobody cared what others thought of them or what they did. They were just out to have a good time, which Ty suspected they did.

"Let's get you patched up," Roark told him. He led Tyler over to the couches in the corner where they took a seat on opposite sides. Roark then turned and waved to one of the other guys, where he took off down a different flight of stairs. He then turned back around, "Take the bandana off. Someone's bringing one of the healers to get you fixed. While she does, we'll discuss your next test. Got it?"

Tyler nodded and did as told. Reaching behind his head, he undid the knot of the bandana and pulled it away. Just as he did, a Gardevoir teleported right next to him and kneeled down, beginning to examine the damage. "So, like I told you, you need to prove you're willing to do the stuff others don't do. That brings us to your next task." he said.

As he talked, Tyler eyed the Gardevoir's small hands which began to glow a bright pink, "This won't hurt." she told him quietly. She then placed her hands on his face, where a small aura began flowing from her hands to his face, signalling the healing process had begun.

"So, as I'm sure you know, Frostbite, and all gangs for that matter, run a collections system. Do you know how that works?" Roark asked.

"I do. Each week, or two weeks depending on how it's run, a business is to pay a fee of protection. If said business doesn't, then there's consequences. If a business we own is taken by a rival, we make it known that they listen to us and not them. Right?" Tyler answered.

"Correct." he said in response. "Collection is considered a thing for grunts to do. They go in, get the money, then return it to us. Every time you collect, you get a portion of the money. Now, as if the timing is perfect, we have someone who owes us money tonight. I'll be sending you in with two other Pokémon to collect."

"Got it," Ty nodded. "I can do that."

"Good," Roark nodded. He then turned his attention to the Gardevoir, "How long, Grace?" he asked her. As if on cue, she lowered her hands from his face,

"Just finished. Bleeding is stopped, wounds aren't there, but pain will be in the morning. I suggest ya smoke a joint or take some pills to dull the pain." she told him. "If you need either, find me. I'll hook you up." she told him as she got up.

"I will. Thanks," he nodded to her. She nodded back and turned to Roark,

"Anything else?"

"Yes. You'll be going with Roark on his collection run. You able to now?" he asked her. Again, she nodded,

"Yes, sir."

"Alright. Meet us in the parking lot. Bring Tide," he told her. Grace gave a small nod before teleporting away to find whoever Roark requested. He then stood up, "Come on. Get your bandana on and let's go. You've got business to take care of," he said.

Once more, Ty quickly tied his bandana around his face then slipped the hood of his jacket over his head. When they got back outside, Roark led Ty to a small parking lot in the front of the building. It was empty, minus one black SUV. Standing outside of it was Grace and another Pokémon, a Poliwrath. The two of them had their arms crossed as they waited.

"This is Tide," Roark said, introducing Ty to the Poliwrath. "He's the silent type. He and Grace will be going with you on this, so get used to each other," he told them both. The two nodded to one another before shaking hands like all the others Ty had met. "And you already met Grace. But she's going as well, but to keep watch."

"Pleasure to meet you," she bowed slightly. Though she didn't shake hands with him like the others, she did bring him into a hug, which he returned.

"Thanks again for the help with.. you know.. my face.." he chuckled. She nodded to him, remaining relatively emotionless.

"Right, so," Roark spoke up, "this place you're going to is a little gas station. The manager is a guy in his late thirties, and he always works nights because he doesn't want his other employees dealing with us. Smart guy," he said as he opened the trunk of the SUV. He reached in and pulled out a little box then handed it to Ty, "That's if things get extra dicey. You never know," he told him.

Opening the box, Ty was met with a small flip knife. Flipping it open, Ty was in awe of how clean it was. The grip of the blade was a dark black with the signature Frostbite mark on it. He pulled it out of the box and gripped it in his right hand then did a slicing motion. To him, it felt perfect, "Awesome. Better watch out.. Ty's in town.." he mumbled to himself with a smirk. Closing the knife, he sat it in his front pocket then turned to Roark who was back in his SUV, rummaging around.

"How much does he owe you?" Ty asked him.

"5,000 Poké," he answered him. Ty watched as he soon pulled out a weapon, a baseball bat, then handed it to him, "Now, I've had a running problem with this guy and I'm sick of it. If he doesn't have my money, trash the place. Do whatever the fuck you want. You too, Tide," he told the Poliwrath. He got a single grunt in return, which was good enough for Roark.

"Got it," he nodded. The bat rested against his shoulders as he stretched himself, "Where's this place? I'll get your money."

"Down the road, but I'll be driving you down there this time," Roark pointed. "Grace and Tide know. They've been there many times for this exact reason. Should you ever be told to collect from there, Grace and Tide will go with you."

"You got it, Warlord," Ty said to him. Roark smirked at him,

"You adapt very quickly. I like it. Now come," he said, motioning for Will to get in after the others. Doing as told, Will got in the front while the two Pokémon hopped into the back. The drive was incredibly short, no more than a minute or two, before they got to where they needed. Will was the first to get out, who took a minute to check out the place.

It appeared to be an everyday gas station, minus the fact it looked a bit run down. Paint was chipping from the walls and gas pumps, so Ty wouldn't have doubted if this place was open well before he was born. He turned around as Grace and Tide got out, where they soon stood next to him. Roark had yet to get out, seeing no need to as they'd leave as soon as they finished collecting. With a nod to go from Roark, Tide, Ty, and Grace all left to do what they had to. As he watched them all go, Roark could help but feel.. something about this guy was.. different. He did not know what, but something was. He knew he definitely needed to keep his eye on him.

"If things get heated, call me. I'll be in in a flash." Grace told Ty. "Be warned he has a guard Growlithe, but he's not a threat with Tide going with you. Know that there's no going in or out while you're here. When you've got everything, let me know. I'll let you out. Good luck, kid," she told him with a small smirk.

Ty eyed her with a similar smirk, "You enjoy doing this shit, don't you?"

"I live for it. Now go, don't keep the boss waiting." she told him. With her psychic energy, the door was opened for Will and Tide, where they both entered. Once in, Ty heard a little ding of a bell, signalling customers. An oriental man looked up from the counter where he was helping someone and Ty could see his expression change in an instant.

Not wasting any time, Ty approached the man, bat in hand. Just as when he got it, the bat was resting against his shoulders, waiting for it's moment to be swung. There was already a lady in front of him, but that mattered none to Ty. When she saw him with the weapon in hand, she backed away slowly from the counter, knowing exactly who he was. Or rather, who he came from.

Ty eyed the girl up and down. She had to be in her early twenties and was actually quite a cute girl. He pointed the bat at her, "Not smart being out so late looking like that. Lot of guys like me would enjoy taking you home for the night," he said with a smirk. The girl continued to back away from him before he motioned to her, "Sit down. Do as I say, and we'll be out before you know it."

Out of fear, she did as told and sat on the ground, which Ty smirked even wider at. He then turned back to the man behind the counter. "I'm here for collections. Sooner you give me it, the less of a problem we'll have." Ty told him.

"I told you guys business been slow this week!" he quickly answered. "I don't have full payment now. Here," he paused and reached off to the side and pulled out a stack of bills before handing it to Ty, "That's all I have. I have rest next week."

Ty took a moment to count the money. When done, he concluded that he didn't even have half of what Roark was expecting. Sighing to himself, Ty pocketed the money and eyed the guy, "That's not good enough. Give me the rest of your owed money."

"I said I don't have!" he replied. Off to the side of the counter came the sound of a low growl. Ty and Tide looked and saw it was the Growlithe Grace had told him about,

"If you don't call off your mutt, you're going to regret it. Now." Ty threatened him.

"I'm not scared of you thugs. Get out of here before you embarrass yourself." he told Ty. With a sigh, Ty turned to Tide and they both nodded.

"Fine. Ma'am," he turned to the sitting lady, "I suggest you go sit back there unless you want to get hurt too." he told her. In an instant, the girl scrambled to her feet and took off to the back of the store, where Ty could no longer see her. He then turned to the Poliwrath, "Tide, have at it." Ty told him.

Before anyone could blink, Tide shot an extremely powerful Hydro Pump at that Growlithe. With no time to react to the attack, the jet of water slammed into the Growlithe's head, making it howl in pain. Ty figured that they had made their point known—that they had finished their objective there. But this was not the case. The Poliwrath approached the downed, whimpering pokémon, towering over it like it was nothing more than gum under his foot.

Tide then picked up the Growlithe by its two front paws before slamming it into the display racks on the counter, sending all types of lighters, snacks, and knick-knacks flying in various directions. "Stop!" the man yelled at Tide. Ty raised the bat at him, putting it mere centimeters from his face,

"Shut the fuck up unless you want to join your friend in that." Ty threatened with a glare. Turning back to the attack, Ty watched as Tide jumped up where the Growlithe was before pushing it to the floor with his foot. The small canine tried to get back up but was met with the large foot of Tide slamming it back into the ground, where it no longer moved.

"Please, stop. I pay you money soon. I promise!" he yelled, raising his hands to his head. Ty turned towards the manager with a glare and motioned him over,

"Come here. Pick up your mutt," he told him. Tide and Ty nodded to one another, where the Poliwrath backed down. The man said nothing and stood there, too shocked to even move. Ty growled and slammed the baseball bat into one of shelves of snacks, sending chips and treats flying everywhere. He then turned back to him, "Now!" he yelled.

"Okay! Okay! I go!" he said. The man scrambled from behind the counter and to the Growlithe. The second he was within reach, Ty swung the bat at the guy and hit the back of both of his legs. The man wailed in agony as he was sent to the ground, where he gripped his legs. As if that wasn't enough, Ty then began stomping and kicking the man mercilessly.

"Next time you better have the fucking money!" he yelled as he assaulted him. The assault on the manager lasted no more than a few seconds, but the meaning was entirely there. When all was said and done, Ty packed up from where he was and looked at the man who groaned in pain. He was curled into a tiny ball, desperately trying to protect himself.

Ty approached the man once more. He kneeled down by his head, where he then motioned Tide over as well. When the Poliwrath got to him, he gave him one order, "Hold his head up so he can see what I'm about to do," he told him. With a nod, Tide gripped the guys head tightly and forced him to look up. Ty could see a small stream of blood coming from his nose, making him smirk.

Standing back up, Ty used his feet to straighten out the manager's legs. With little resistance from him, he rested the bat one his right knee cap. Raising the bat, he was about to swing when the man yelled out, "Please! No! I swear! Just twenty four hours! I get your money!" he begged. Ty looked to Tide, unsure if he should believe him. Slowly, Tide gave a nod,

"You have twenty-four hours," Ty told him before lowering the bad. He went back to the man who sighed a sigh of relief before gripping his hair and pulled him close, "If you don't have my fucking money by tomorrow night, I will come back and make sure you never walk again. Then, when I'm done with you, I'll make sure your little mutt never acts tough like it did. Little runt needs to be broken in, and I know plenty of ways to do that.. Got it?" he threatened.

"Yes! Yes, I swear! Please, just go! I get money tomorrow!" he yelled at him. Ty and Tide nodded to one another before standing up together. Just before turning around, Ty spit on the man, making his point clear that he was absolutely nothing to him. Instead of yelling back, he simply took it, making him grin in return.

"Let's go," he told his comrade. The two made towards the exit before Ty suddenly stopped, "Wait." he said. Ty quickly turned around and went back to the back of the shop, where he found the same girl huddled into a corner, rocking slightly to try and calm herself. He walked over to her before kneeling in front of her, "What's your name?" he asked her.

She remained silent, too instilled with fear to even speak. He sighed and rolled his eyes before slamming the bottom of the bat into the ground, making her jump, "J-Jessie!" she answered.

"Alright, Jessie. Why did you come here? What were you here to buy?" he asked her.

"C-cigarettes." she answered quickly. Getting to his feet, Ty walked back to the front and jumped over the counter with ease. Since Ty had never smoked, he had no idea what "good" cigarettes were. So, he just grabbed a variety of different single packets for the girl then hopped back over the counter. When he got back to her, he held them out to her,

"Here, take them. A gift for a pretty lady," he said to her. Slowly, the girl reached out and grabbed the small packs but Ty never let go. Instead, he leaned in close to her and whispered, "You saw nothing here. If I hear one police siren that comes here, I will find you. And when I do.. well.." he said with an evil chuckle, "it won't be pretty. So don't try and play a hero.. Got it?"

The girl nodded a yes to him, which made him let go. Turning his back to her, Ty went back to the front where Tide was waiting for him. The two nodded to one another before Ty knocked on the glass doors, giving his signal to Grace he was ready to go. The doors quickly opened and Ty saw Grace leaning against the wall with her arms crossed as they exited.

When the trio got back to the car, Ty saw Roark was on his phone. He turned his attention from his phone to the car doors being opened, where Ty and the others got in. Putting away his phone, Roark cleared his throat, "How'd it go?" he asked. Ty sat the baseball bat between his legs and reached into his pocket then pulled out the wad of cash before giving it to Roark,

"I gave him twenty-four hours to get the rest. I wasn't going to but Tide said it'd be in his, and our, best interest," he told him. Roark slowly counted each bill before he pocketed it himself,

"I see. He's on strike two. Tell me, how did you handle the situation?" he asked him.

"Tide beat the ever-living shit out of the Growlithe, which I think was enough to get the point across. But the guy tried to get a bit mouthy and act like we'd stop. He told us he needed a week originally, but when I threatened to break his kneecaps and.. put his Growlithe in its place, he shut right up." Ty explained to him. "Let me go back tomorrow for the rest and, if he doesn't hold up to what I told him, then I'm holding up to my end of the bargain."

"That's if you make it in. You're onto your last test. Normally, your last test would be a lot simpler than what I'm sending you out to to, but change of plans," Roark told him. Ty looked at him confusedly, "I'll explain when we're back. This is going to take quite a few people. Grace, dear," Roark turned around in his seat and eyed the Gardevoir, "I know I've asked of you a lot tonight, but this is the last thing for you. I need you to get Titan, Amber, Tamara, and Sai ready. Tell them to bring their trainers, as well. Tell them what's going down and to be ready in ten. Meet in the parking lot again," he told her.

"Of course. They'll be ready," she said with a nod. In a quiet poof, Grace and Tide teleported away instead of enjoying the ride with them. Not that it was a long ride at all, but it wouldn't have really made too much a difference if she stayed. Either way, they were back where they originally were in mere minutes.

Once there, Roark got out then motioned for Ty to follow him. The two walked around to the back of the SUV and waited, neither speaking a word. Ty was curious of what he was supposed to do next, but Roark said nothing. If others were getting involved, then Ty could only assume that it was something serious.

Ty took the few minutes he was given to recollect himself. His body was aching from everything he'd been doing so far, but he was going to push through it. He was so close to being done with the night and his tasks. Just one more thing and he'd finally have a home, somewhere where he'd be accepted.

He couldn't, and wouldn't, fuck this up.

After about five minutes, a small group of humans and Pokémon came walking from the gangs small hideout. He counted three Pokémon and two more humans. The two humans each carried an assortment of firearms, as if they were about to go to war. Truthfully, Ty didn't doubt that in the slightest.

"You called, boss?" one of the men spoke up. He was a black man who wore more than one bandana. He had dreads that were held back by one of the bandana's with two more being worn-one on each wrist. In his hands were two AK-47's, which he tossed one to Roark,

"Did. Hope all of you are down to spill some blood tonight," he said, looking at the group.

"Finally!" another yelled. Ty turned to the guy and recognized him as the guy who brought him water after his fights. Ty remembered his name being Reggie. Now with his mind more clear, Reggie looked considerably younger than the others here, having to be no older than nineteen. He had on black gym shorts that matched a similar black tank top. "I've been itching to knock some heads. Finally hitting Plasma back?" For a kid as scrawny and non-intimidating as Reggie was, Ty greatly admired his enthusiasm for the gang.

"We are. It's about time we take back what they stole from us." Roark told Reggie. He then turned to the guy who gave him the AK, "Jai. You ready to avenge Jade's death?" he asked. As if actions spoke enough, the guy named Jai held up his own AK and pulled the charging handle on it. A bullet was loaded in and ready to be shot, showing his desire to fight,

"These motherfuckers have no clue what they took from me. They made a mistake leaving me alive. Here, kid," he said, turning to Ty. Jai reached behind him and pulled out another pistol then held it out to him. Ty gripped it and looked it over, easily recognizing it as a Glock 17. However, unlike the normal size of magazine these had, these were larger, "You'll be needing that. Larger clips means less reloading. Gives ya more time to drop some bodies." he said to him.

"Before you ask," Roark spoke up, turning to Ty, "A group of Team Plasma assholes raided one of our hideouts about a week and a half ago. They killed everyone except Jai."

"They took my best friend and one of my fingers with 'em though, the cunts," he said, holding up his left hand. Like he said, a finger was missing; his pinkie, to be exact. "They tried to send us a message that they own us, but the message didn't go through."

"Fucking right it didn't. They started a war they'll wish they never started." Reggie said.

"Take it the new kid is coming, too?" one of the Pokémon spoke up. Ty and the Pokémon looked each other up and down, where Ty was soon met with a small glare. The Pokémon was a little shorter than he was, but his body was green. He had long, metallic blades for arms that were as shiny and sharp as a brand new butcher's knife. His bandana was tied around his neck, snugly resting against chest. He was, by far, one of the most intimidating Scyther Ty had ever come across.

"No shit, sherlock," another Pokémon spoke up. This one was a lot more feminine in voice and body structure. Her body was a lot curvier than a male's would be, which only confirmed she was definitely a female Pokémon. Her body was a darker red, with her belly being a beige. Three long claws showed on each hand and, just as the Scyther's, they looked incredibly sharp. She had a long tail behind her, where a flame was crackling in the night's breeze. Like the Scyther, she had a bandana tied around her neck, which also rested against her chest. "He wouldn't be here if he wasn't."

"Sai, Amber, not now." Roark spoke up. The two instantly quieted with a nod. "That's Sai," he nodded to the Scyther, "and then that's Amber. They're two of my best soldiers. They butt heads a lot, but put them together and they're a recipe for disaster."

"Like I tell everyone new I meet," Sai spoke up, "I'd shake your hand but you'll need it. So just a hi will have to do," he said with a nod. However, unlike Sai, Amber approached Ty and shook his hand, before bringing him into a hug,

"Then I'll do it. Hope you're ready to see some bloodshed, kid." she said with a smirk.

"Not with me around, he won't." the last Pokémon spoke up. Compared to everyone else, she was a lot smaller. She had dark blue fur that almost made it hard to see her. The only reason he was able to is because of the bright, pink feathers that came from the top of her head, around her neck, and from behind. Two giant claws protruded from her paws that looked like they could slash through metal with ease. On her right wrist was a much smaller bandana that was tied around it.

"And this is Tamara," Roark introduced her. "She's a fighter and our cover. Her trainer taught her Protect for situations like these. If we're going to move, she'll be right in front of us with her Protect up to stop the bullets. Keep in mind she can only use it so often before it fails."

"If I can't use Protect, you'll see me out fighting to let my Protect cool down. When I move, you move with me. Keep up, or you'll get hit. Got it?" she told him. Ty and the group nodded to her where Roark spoke up,

"Good. Now, Ty, this is the final test for you. Normally we'd have you take out a Plasma member, but.. after seeing how you fight, this was too well to pass up. So, you survive tonight and we get our old hideout back, you'll be welcomed into Frostbite. You ready?" he asked with a smirk. Ty smirked back, not even phased with what he was about to do.

"Let's do this.."

The drive to their old hideout took almost half an hour. Ty had assumed it was relatively close, but he found out it was, in fact, on the other side of Celadon. Thinking on it, it did make sense since so many gang members in such a small place usually did attract the attention of police. With it being more spread out, they were harder to place at crimes whenever committed.

The group had parked in an empty lot not too far from the building that was their target. As Ty looked it over, he saw that the front doors were boarded up, along with all of the windows. That gave it the illusion that the place was abandoned when, in reality, that couldn't have been further from the truth. From the outside, it looked pretty similar in height at two stories tall. He couldn't help but wonder if it was the same on the inside as the other hideout.

"Alright," Roark spoke up, pulling Ty from his thoughts, "Reggie. You and Ty are taking point. There's two ways in, but we're taking the lower way. The only way they could escape us is through the roof but we won't let that happen. Amber," he turned to the Charmeleon, "you are with Ty and Reggie. Give them chances to move with your fire. Aim for the Plasma members. We will be coming back and taking the place when the heat settles."

"You got it." all three said at once.

"Jai and Sai," he turned to the remaining two, "you're both with me. We'll work on clearing the upper floor. Be careful, they'll be able to see you three from the top floor since there's no more than a small rail at the edge. Tamara," he turned to the Weavile, "you're overwatch. If you see any of us struggling, or lack of cover, come in with your Protect. Use your speed to catch them off guard and ambush from behind. With you running around, they'll be focused on you, which gives us more chances to pick them off."

"You got it, Warlord," she nodded.

"Remember, in and out. Once we've cleared house and left our mark, I'll be calling for someone to come and get the place cleared of the bodies and anything else we find useful. Let's go," he said. They all nodded and quickly ran to where they building was. They were all running as silently as possible with their weapons in hand. Once they reached the building, they all pushed up against it with Reggie in the front.

"Quiet. We're going around back." he told them.

The group quickly advanced through the alleyway and came to another corner. Ty watched as Reggie peeked around the corner before quickly returning his head so it couldn't be seen. He held up one finger, signalling there was one person outside. He nodded to Tamara who nodded. Being the smallest and fastest of the group, Tamara used her speed to quickly round the corner, where she stood right in front of the guard.

"Time to die, asshole." she said to him. Without realizing what was going to happen to him, the guy was quickly tackled to the ground by the small Weavile before his screams turned to muffled gurgles as she sunk her claws right into his neck. The guys throat gushed blood as Tamara pulled her claws free, "Come on guys, it's clear," she said just loud enough for them to hear it.

Just as Ty turned the corner, he saw Tamara impale her claws into the guy's chest, right where his heart was. He figured she was just being safe and making sure she killed him, so he thought nothing of it. He looked up just as Roark nodded to him and Reggie then to the door. The duo quickly went to the door where Ty stood in front of it with Reggie on the side,

"When I kick it down, you charge in. I'll be in right after. On three." Ty said. Reggie nodded and held his fist out to Ty, where they fist-bumped each other. He then did it to Roark, and then Jai, signalling they were all ready. "Alright.." Ty said. He flipped the safety off his Glock and gripped it in both hands then took a deep breath. "Three!" he yelled.

Ty charged at the door and slammed his foot into it, sending it flying open. Reggie charged in with Ty right behind. Once inside, the two quickly raised their guns and took aim at their targets. Two Plasma members quickly realized who they were and tried to turn and run but were gunned down by the duo as if they were nothing.

"Shit! What the fuck was that?" a voice yelled out from down the hall.

"Yo, Ace! You good down there?!" another yelled.

Ty and Reggie quickly ran up the hall, where another Team Plasma grunt rounded the corner. He locked eyes with the group and instantly yelled out, "Shit! It's Frostbite-" He was silenced as Sai charged the man in a speed he'd never seen a Scyther go before. Giant blades swung in opposite directions at the man's neck where blood quickly began to pour from it. Then, like his body was jelly, it crumpled over, with his decapitated head rolling away from him.

"Go!" Roark yelled. Ty and Reggie rounded the corner of the room. It was a small recreational room where human and Pokémon were working out. Punching bags were hanging from the walls as exercise mats littered the floors. Everyone in the room quickly realized what was going on and scrambled for any kind of weapon and cover they could find,

"Shit! Go, get 'em guys!" one yelled. Seconds later, a Marowak jumped from where it stood and charged at Amber. With her type being weak to Ground, Ty knew that this Pokémon was a major threat to them. As Reggie fired round after round at the people behind cover, Ty aimed at the Marowak and took a shot at it, where the bullet flew the Pokémon's leg. It fell over mid-run and gripped it's knee, but quickly let go as a second bullet soared through it's two skulls, blood and brains flying out the opposite end.

"Go, go, go! Get cover before they can start shooting!" Jai yelled. Ty turned and saw Roark and Jai pushing towards the opposite end of the room, where a flight of stairs led to the second floor. Reggie was also on the opposite side of the room, engaged in a fist fight with one of the grunts. Amber shot her Flamethrowers in small spurts in random directions, keeping anyone who dared charge at bay. Like Reggie, Tamara was in a claw to claw battle with a Zangoose, their claws intertwined with one-another.

"Ty! Behind you!" he heard Tamara yell as she fought. Ty quickly turned around and was met with a Plasma grunt charging him with a pocket knife raised. With no time to react, Ty was slammed to the ground with the man atop of him. He heard his gun slide away from him, leaving himself defenseless. The guy quickly slashed at Ty where he felt the cold steel of it cut his cheek. He hissed in pain but struggled beneath the guy.

The grunt raised the knife and went to slam it into Ty's chest but was met with Ty blocking his stab. He gripped the guy's hands and pushed back, desperately trying to fight back. Slowly, the knife inched closer and closer to Ty's chest, where he soon felt the tip of it digging into his chest. However, as quickly as the pain started, it ended.

A thud louder than the gunshots came from just above Ty. He was amazed when he saw Amber kick the grunt right in his temple with her clawed foot, sending him rolling off of Ty. Next thing he knew, he watched as Amber let out a massive, point blank Flamethrower on the guy, incinerating him where he laid.

Blood curdling screams came from the man as the flames went on. The smell of burnt flesh quickly overtook the room. When the screams stopped, so did the flames. She glared at the now-charred and dead human before she ran over and picked up Ty's gun, then ran back over to him, "You okay?!" she asked.

"Yeah.. yeah, I'm good. He just slashed me is all." he nodded to her. She held out her hand and quickly helped him up before taking the gun from her,

"Good! Now get going!" she yelled before turning and going back to the fight. Ty sighed and quickly caught up to Reggie, who pulled out a blade of his own from the skull of one of the grunts. The two looked over the room and saw that those who were in the lower portion were all dead.

"You good? Looked like you were struggling there for a minute.." he huffed with a smirk as he stood up.

"No clue what you're on about.." he grinned to him. Reggie patted him on the back,

"Right on. Come on," he said. Amber quickly caught up to the two who were now at the end of the hallway, "You two head up. I'll clear out this room." Reggie told them. The two nodded and proceeded up the stairs, where the constant sound of gunfire was heard.

"Tamara! Get us some cover up here!" Ty heard Roark yell from the top. As he ran up the steps, he heard the small Weavile whiz right past him where a large shield formed in front of her. Jumping the rail, Tamara held her paws out as she formed the Protect. Ty was right behind them as they moved from the stairs and to the main room.

"Over there," Ty pointed. A small, wooden bar was against the wall, which was just enough to give them cover. The group proceeded to where Ty pointed, popping off shots as they were able. He wasn't able to tell the exact amount, but Ty guessed there had to be around fifteen people and Pokémon left.

One by one, the group dove behind the bar and crawled below it, giving themselves much better cover. Wood and glass shattered all over as bullets hit the walls and bottles of alcohol. Once they all were covered, Roark took the second to speak up, "Alright. We've made it this far, just a little left to go. There's two rooms down the hallway at the opposite end of the room. One is where our weapons were stored when they raided us and another is a bedroom. We need to get these guys down quick before they can really arm themselves."

"I can give you guys a distraction to slip by," Sai spoke up. His blades were covered in blood and his body looked battered, but he had the absolute biggest shit-eating grin he'd ever seen on a Pokémon, "These cunts can't aim for shit. Tamara, you able to use your Protect and get Ty and Reggie to the rooms down there? Jai and Roark are more than capable of handling out here."

"Give me a minute to give my Protect a cooldown to be safe, then yes.. Where the fuck is Reggie?" Tamara then asked. Her question was quickly answered as Reggie literally dove behind the bar, where he almost slammed into Tamara,

"I found where they're keeping Pokémon. In the basement." he told them. "They're all caged up already. I think they were about to be shipped out."

"Good. Good," Roark nodded. "Less work for us. How many?"

"Twenty or so, mostly small ones. Eevee, Houndour, Poochyena, those kinds of Pokémon." Reggie said.

"Right. So quickly Reggie, you and Ty are going to clear out the hallway while Sai gives a distraction. Tamara, when you can move, tell us." Roark nodded.

"Right." she huffed tiredly.

"Bring it on, motherfuckers!" Jai yelled out. Ty turned to him as he peeked over the counter and began raining down bullets upon the people and Pokémon. Bullet holes riddled the walls as the others joined in on the gunfire. Like the others, Ty joined in and sprayed randomly, hoping to hit anyone at any chance.

"We need to move! They're running back to where the weapons are!" Tamara yelled out. Ty turned to her and saw she was forming another protect, "Reggie! Let's move! Both of you stay as low and as close as you possibly can."

"Got it," they both nodded. Reggie took up the right side of Tamara's Protect while Ty went to the left. It was just big enough for them to hide behind it while crouched, which was good enough for Ty. Like Tamara said, Ty saw two humans running towards where Roark said they needed to secure. Ty popped off rounds at them but they only hit the walls around them.

Inch by inch the trio closed in on the hallway. A Wartortle stood in the hallway, a large stream of Water heading right to where Amber was. Acting quickly, Ty aimed around their cover and fired two rounds at the small turtle Pokémon. The jet of water stopped flowing at the others and, instead, began coming their way. "Push him, Tamara. Hold the protect up and close in on him. If we can get close enough, I'll take him out. Reggie, swap me sides!" Ty yelled.

Doing as they were both told, Tamara pushed closer to the Wartortle. Ty could tell Tamara was getting tired from holding the Protect from this Pokémon's constant attack, so he had to act fast. When they were no more than a few feet away, Ty passed his glock to Reggie, who began popping off rounds from both guns towards the opposite direction of the Wartortle.

Ty then reached into his pocket and pulled out the knife Roark had given him. Flipping it open behind Tamara's back so it couldn't see, Ty lunged from behind the Protect and at the Pokémon. It didn't expect such a brazen move as it went tumbling beneath Ty. The two struggled against one another but with Ty being much bigger than it was, he quickly gained the upperhand.

Not wasting any time with the Pokémon, Ty brought the blade up before slamming it into the Pokémon's chest and through its shell. The Wartortle screamed in pain as Ty did it again, and again, and then one more time where it soon rested in the Pokémon's head. The once-clean blade was now a crimson as blood leaked from the wounds and onto the black handle. Ty's hands were the same bloody crimson as he looked them over.

"Come on!" Reggie yelled at Ty. He looked up from the lifeless corpse below him as Reggie held his gun out to him, "We're almost done. Let's get these last few assholes." he said. Taking the gun from him, Ty turned to see Tamara had taken off with her protect down, nimbly running along the walls and jumping over everyone. As she did, she would slice her claws at them, drawing blood with each swipe. Ty knew this was their distraction.

Scrambling to his feet, Ty and Reggie quickly ran to the first door where Ty busted it down. Reggie stormed in first and Ty heard two gunshots before he went in. When he got in, he was amazed with all the weapons he saw. There had to be at least twenty different guns ranging from sub-machine guns to pistols all the way up to military-grade assault rifles. His attention went from the weapons as he saw a dead grunt on the ground, a bullet hole with blood trailing from his head and chest. "It's clear now," Ty quickly assessed. With the room being incredibly small, it was very easy to clear out.

The two left the room and walked further down the hall where they came to a single door at the end. Since two had come down this hall and only one was dead, that meant one more was here. Ty held his hand up as he stood in front of the door. He counted to three then slammed into the door, where Reggie, once again, went in first. Ty was right behind him with his glock raised.

This room, unlike the weapon room, appeared to be a bedroom of sorts. In a way, it almost resembled an apartment room. A small kitchen was off to the left with a small wall coming up that looked to be used as a bar of some kind. To the right of the room was a large bed and to the side of the bed was another room, which led to the bathroom. Ty signalled for Reggie to take the bathroom while Ty cleared the kitchen.

Quietly, the two went their separate ways. Ty never broke his gaze from the kitchen, watching for any sign of movement. Quickly rounding the bar, Ty saw nobody was behind it, meaning the kitchen was clear. "Clear!" Ty yelled out. "Anything, Reggie?"

As if to answer, two more shots rang out. Ty quickly jerked to where the shots came from and saw blood on the wall behind Reggie. He watched as Reggie then fell to the ground beside the bed, his pistol right next to him. The second he hit the ground, blood began pooling around and near his head, with a hole very visible to Ty.

Reggie was dead.

"Fuck!" Ty yelled. He quickly rounded the bar once more but, just as he did, bullets came flying at him as the grunt stormed out of the bathroom. Needing cover, Ty dove back into the kitchen and hid behind the small wall as bullets continued whizzing overhead. He cursed to himself as he knew he shouldn't have let the kid go by himself. He was mad at himself because he as the reason Reggie died. He could have been alive if Ty didn't tell them to split up.

"No.. not my fault. Reggie would have done the same thing.." Ty said to himself. Truthfully, he didn't know if Reggie would have, but that's how he came across. He also acted like the kind of guy who wouldn't want him to be upset over it. So he threw those feelings to the side and focused. He had to take this guy out.

Peeking around the edge, Ty poked his gun out and aimed it at the guy as he stopped shooting. Pulling the trigger, Ty was met with the sound of clicking, where Ty quickly realized no bullets came out of the gun. He had no ammo. Reggie must have shot all his ammo when he gave him his gun and didn't reload. Ty also had no more clips on him as he did a lot of shooting back in the lobby.

"Ha.. you're dead, motherfucker.." the voice taunted him. Ty figured the guy heard Ty's gun clicking and knew he had nothing to do. The bullets outside had stopped, leaving the room in an eery silence. The only sound that Ty heard was the footsteps of the Plasma grunt as he got closer to where Ty was hiding.

He had to improvise. His knife was still in the Wartortle, he had no bullets, and Reggie's gun was across the room. He saw a set of knives on the counter opposite of him but if he went for them, he would have been gunned down like nothing. He growled to himself and looked at his gun. That's when it hit him.

Getting to his feet, Ty quickly charged around the corner with no care of if he'd be shot or not. The guy was surprised and unprepared for such an act, which was evident by how he scrambled to step away from him. Instead, he was met with Ty's gun slamming into his face as Ty threw it at him.

The handle of Ty's glock slammed into the guy's cheek, sending him stumbling backwards. With such an opportunity, Ty grabbed the man and picked him up by the neck before slamming into the ground with a chokeslam. He felt the adrenaline rushing through him as he climbed atop the man and brought his fists down multiple times.

The guy had brought his hands up to his face to block the punches but it was nothing to Ty. He punched right through, where the resistance quickly began to vanish. Ty screamed with each punch, letting out his anger and hatred for this piece of shit who took someone he considered to be his friend from him.

Nothing mattered to Ty anymore. What felt like minutes passed as he continued his assault on the guy. His knuckles hurt and were covered in blood, he didn't know if it was his or the guy's, but it didn't matter. He could have gone on for hours, but was stopped as a voice yelled out to him, "Ty! Come on! Enough!" it yelled.

Ty brought his fists up and back down again and again as the voices got louder. He soon felt two people grab him by his arms and physically pull him away, where he quickly realized Roark and Jai were the ones stopping him. "It's done, dog. They're all dead. We did it." Jai said to him. "..Where's Reggie?" he asked.

Ty forced himself free from Jai and Roark's grip where he immediately pointed to where Reggie's lifeless corpse was, "Motherfucker killed him.. A fucking kid.." he answered. He brought his hands up and looked at them. They were completely covered in blood before he wiped the blood on his shirt. He saw his knuckles were bleeding on their own now, which told him he had cut his hands during his assault.

"Fuck.." Roark mumbled. "Ty, listen to me now," Roark said. He grabbed Ty by the shoulders and made him look at him in the eyes, "Reggie died doing what he loved. I know you want to kill this son of a bitch, and we will, but not yet. Leave him to us. Right now, you need to go out there and.. Talk to Amber. He was her trainer.."

"Are you fucking serious.." Ty mumbled, unable to think of what to say.

"I am," Roark nodded. "I swear to you, I'll let you and Amber finish this motherfucker off. They tried to send a message, so now it's our turn. But go tell her. She needs to know.." he said, letting him go. Ty nodded slowly and turned back to the man who laid motionless on the floor. His face was bloodied and barely recognizable. His chest was barely rising up and down, which was a sign he was still breathing.

With a sigh, Ty left the room. He walked back into the main lobby where Tamara and Amber were wrestling with one last Pokémon: a Liepard. It knew it was outnumbered so, in a last ditch effort to get away, tried to turn to the staircase but was met with Sai standing there. He quickly tackled the Pokémon to the ground and held it still beneath one of his laws scythe's, "You move any and my blade will slice right through that fine fur of yours. If you want to live, I suggest you stay the fuck still." he told it.

"Amber.." Ty said to the group. They all turned to him and Ty finally got a good look at them. Tamara was gripping her arm where blood was seeping through her claws. Amber had a large slash against her chest, just beneath her bandana. And then Sai's left blade looked like it was chipped mildly while blood was covering almost his entire body.

"Holy Arceus, Ty, you look like a wreck. What happened?" Tamara asked. He ignored her and turned to Amber,

"Amber, I.. uhh.." he mumbled, walking closer to them. Even the Liepard had settled down when Ty got closer. Soon, he was with them all where he pulled a chair out from the bar. It was riddled with holes and tiny splinters of wood stabbed him through his pants, but he didn't care.

"Ty? You okay, dude?" Amber asked. She looked around and noticed he was alone, "Where's Reggie..?"

"I.. don't know how to say it. So I'm going to be point blank. Reggie's dead.." he said quietly. In no more than half a second, Amber's entire demeanor had changed,

"..What? He's.. dead..? No.. you're joking.. Please.. Tell me he set you up to say that. He'd do that. He did.. Right?" she asked him. It was instant when he saw that she had tears forming. It was as if.. she knew he wasn't joking.

"No.. I'm not." he told her. "The last guy we had to worry about.. He shot him in the head. It was instant. It's.. my fault it happened.."

"What do you mean 'your fault'? What did you do?" she asked him as she slowly advanced on him.

"When we got in there, the room was empty. There were two places he could have been. So we split up. It was.. a stupid idea. And Reggie paid for it. It's.. my fault.." he explained. "If we didn't split up, he'd still-" ty was cut off when he felt an insanely powerful fist collide into him, sending him barreling off the chair.

"You listen now," she said as she towered over him, "Reggie is the most genuine kid I have ever met. He was the kindest soul who got wrapped up in the wrong crowd. Him and I.. did this together. I wouldn't have ever left him. And the one thing he taught me is that, one day, one of us would lose the other. And I've learned that this would happen because he was so fucking headstrong. You didn't take him from me. It is not your fault. The bastard you killed did."

"Two things.. First," Ty groaned as he rubbed his jaw before sitting up, "the guy is still alive."

"He is?" she asked, instantly turning and glaring where Ty just came from. "If you're lying, I'll kill you right now. I don't have anything else to lose, so I don't mind dying."

"No, he's alive. He's in the last room with Jai and Roark. Believe me, the guy is knocked the fuck out. I would have killed them, had it not been for those two.." he said as he slowly stood up. Amber nodded and began walking to the room he told her before breaking out into a run, "Wait! Amber! What was that fucking punch for?"

"To toughen you up," she told him. "There is no time for being sad. Death happens, get used to it," she answered before she was soon down the hall. Ty couldn't help but smirk at her before nodding. Ty was about to ask how the others were before loud screams came from the room. He then heard Roark and Jai yelling for Amber to stop whatever she was doing, Ty figured he knew what, before they yelled to find her Poké Ball. Another few moments later, Jai emerged with a surprised expression his face,

"Jeez. Warning to you all, especially you Sai," he spoke up with a sigh, "Do not get in the path of a rampaging Charmeleon. She is fucking strong. Even both of us couldn't pull her off."

"What'd she do in there?" Sai asked. "It didn't sound pretty.. Or good."

"Well, the guy no longer has hit right hand.." he answered. "She literally sliced it off with her claws. I didn't even know that Charmeleon claws were that strong!"

"They're usually not.." Roark sighed as he joined the group. "But she's a fighter. She always took care of every detail of her body.. Who's this?" Roark asked, looking down at the Liepard.

"I thought that having one Pokémon would send the message we need to Team Plasma.." Sai answered. "You know, since I figured Reggie and Ty would kill the last two, I'd save her for our own message.." he said with a smirk.

"Nope, he's alive.." Roark mumbled as he walked down to the Liepard. Squatting down in front of it, Roark rested a hand on its head, where it recoiled,

"Please.. Don't kill me.. I'll.. I'll do anything.." it begged in an extremely feminine voice.

"Anything, huh?" he asked. Roark looked up at Ty and the group who all smirked, except Ty who had no idea what was going on, "Alright. I'll spare you. Actually, I'll give you the choice. See, there's no good option for you." he said as he stood up. "You can come with us willingly and without fighting to our own base. There, you'll tell us everything I need. You will do everything I tell you. Live like my fighter in how I choose. And i promise you, you won't like it. Or, I can save you all the pain you're going to have from that and kill you now. The choice.. Is yours.."

"Please.. Anything but death.. Please.." she begged. Roark nodded to Sai who gently lifted the blade from her neck. Before she could move, Roark kicked her hard in the head, sending her rolling where she laid motionless. He then sighed deeply before reaching into his pocket and pulling out his phone,

"Jai," he panted lightly, "you and everyone else get out of here. Here," he held out Amber's ball to him, "release her when you get back to the base. Find Grace and get her here now. The sooner we get all the guns and Pokémon out of here, the better. Also get her mate here. We have a lot of moving to do, especially with all these bodies. Ty," he turned to Ty, "Welcome aboard. We'd celebrate your welcome but that'll be later. For now, rest as best you can. You'll be part of what message I'm sending to Ghetsis and that motherfucker N. And the rest of you are to keep an eye on Amber. Make sure she's.. okay.. We'll get the Liepard there later, as well."

"You got it," they all said in unison. It kind of creeped Ty out how they all did at the exact same time but said nothing. Instead, the group all turned and hurriedly ran down the stairs, leaving Roark to himself. The only thing that Ty could think about, excluding Reggie's death, was that Ty finally did it.

He finally had a home.

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