Tentacle Universe

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Disclaimer: I do not own Tenchi Muyo, Tenchi Universe, or anything else in the franchise. I am not making any profit off Tenchi Muyo either.

WARNING: The following fanfic contains material that is suitable for mature audiences only. It features tentacles, tentacle rape, bondage, brainwashing and breast expansion. If you don't like any of these things, I suggest you look elsewhere.

Tentacle Universe:

Above the planet of mars two ships shot across the sky, trading beams of light between them that scorched each others hulls. Their battle became steadily lower in the atmosphere, until at last both sides were shot by the other. The fleeing vessel, a ship of dark crystal, plummeted down to crash upon the red planet below. The pursuer, a red galaxy police cruiser, limped on for awhile, trailing fuel, before falling out of the sky to land with a crash upon the surface.

Smoke arose over the barren surface of mars, as two figures made their way out of the crashed ship, coughing. The first was a blonde with dark skin, clad in an orange and purple jumpsuit that clung to her curvaceous form. The second was an equally curvaceous woman with long blue hair and pale complexion, clad in a blue and black jumpsuit.

'Kiyone,' said the blonde 'was that my fault?'

'No Mihoshi,' said Kiyone 'we were hit bad. Do you have the distress signal?'

'Uh huh,' nodded Mihoshi, taking out a purple box. 'I remembered Kiyone!'

'Good work,' said Kiyone 'alright I need you to set up the distress signal. Make it quick, we need to track down the space pirate Ryoko before she gets away.'

'Are you sure?' said Mihoshi, sounding worried. 'The space pirate Ryoko is one of the most feared and terrible criminals out there. No one who has ever gone up against her has got out alive.'

'I know!' snapped Kiyone 'But we just shot her down! If we capture her, we'll get promoted. If we fail, we'll get kicked off the force for losing our ship. Now come on, lets move.'

They made their way through the deserts, heading in the direction of the crash sight of the ship of dark crystal. After a few hours they found the vessel in the shadow of a great mountain, still smoking. Above them in the cliffs a cave could be seen near the top. As they got closer to the wreckage, Kiyone spotted a beautiful cyan haired woman, clad in a low cut orange and white outfit and lying unconscious on the ground. Was this the space pirate Ryoko?

Kneeling down by her, Kiyone smelt the scent of alcohol.

'What now Kiyone?'

'We'll cuff her.' said Kiyone, removing hand cuffs from her hands. Turning the voluptuous space pirate around, she set the cuffs on her hands. 'These things are designed to restrict her powers.'

'Kiyone, look!' said Mihoshi, and Kiyone followed her gaze. 'A storm is coming!'

Mihoshi was right. A vast wave of dirt and sand was heading towards them, covering the land in a cloud of brown. Kiyone hoisted Ryoko over one shoulder and stood. 'Come on, we need to get moving.'

They fled up the slopes, struggling over loose stones and scaling steadily higher. The wind whistled through the rocks around them, chill as ice. Ryoko was a muscular woman, and was not easy to carry. As they scaled higher they reached a dark cave leading into the rock. Kiyone and Mihoshi fled inside it just as the storm washed up behind them. They went deeper in until the wind no longer reached them, and set Ryoko down. Kiyone breathed in relief, then eyed the darkness within the cave warily. They had already gone quite a distance into the earth, yet still it went on.

'How deep does this cave go anyway?' asked Kiyone.

'I dunno, Kiyone.' said Mihoshi 'Is something wrong?'

'I just feel like I'm being watched, thats all.' said Kiyone. 'Like there is some sort of… audience waiting for us to fail. This place gives me the creeps.' Her hand went to her pistol as she stood and made her way forward, peering into the gloom.

'Oh your awake finally!' said Mihoshi in a cheerful tone behind her.

'What the- who are you?!' snarled Ryoko as she pulled herself up.

'I'm Mihoshi, and this is my partner Kiyone, and we're-'

'Will you cut that out!' shouted Kiyone. 'You aren't supposed to be fraternizing with criminals.'

'I'm just being polite…' said Mihoshi.

'Well this is a laugh,' said Ryoko 'I had a hangover when I ran into you. Otherwise a couple of clowns like you never would have been able to shoot me down. And if you think these cuffs will stop me-' She pulled on them. '-you are dead-' she pulled again. '-wrong! What are these things made of?!'

'Their specially designed handcuffs meant to control super powered individuals.' said Kiyone with a smirk. 'its useless to struggle against them. Their state of the art.'

'Yeah, yeah, whatever,' said Ryoko, before looking at her slyly. 'so where is your ship? Shouldn't we be there instead of here?'

'I…' Kiyone remained silent. 'We're the ones in charge here!'

'I shot it down didn't I?' asked Ryoko 'Oh well, too bad. There you were on your way to the top and then you got stranded on an alien planet.'

'We're no more stranded than you!' snapped Kiyone in a voice which was slightly petulant. 'And anyway, its only until we get rescued.'

'Right,' said Ryoko 'assuming that its the Galaxy Police or another lawful authority that does the rescuing.'

'Shut up so I can read you your rights.' snapped Kiyone, drawing out her id. 'Space Pirate Ryoko, you are charged under galactic law-'

But she never finished the sentence. For behind her out of the darkness lashed three tentacles which grabbed her around the neck, the waist and the legs, and dragged her into the deeper parts of the cave. Kiyone had just enough time to scream and then she was gone, only the echo of her cry remaining. Ryoko stared, stunned by what had just happened.

'Kiyone!' cried Mihoshi, drawing out her gun and running forward. 'Kiyone, wait there I'm coming-'

Then the tentacles burst forward, grabbed Mihoshi and dragged her in to join her partner. Ryoko forced herself to her feet without her hands, and ran for the exit. Even as she reached it, she halted and was forced back by the storm. A tentacle snatched her by the leg and pulled her back. Ryoko fell to land face first on the ground and was halted back across the floor, struggling. More tentacles grabbed her arms and waist, before hauling her into the darkness as well.

The three were dragged deeper and deeper into the cave system, their arms and legs wrapped in tentacles as they were hauled onwards. Mihoshi and Kiyone were forced into a spread eagle position and put side by side with each other. Ryoko meanwhile had her legs cocooned in tentacles and was put forward, her face mere inches from Kiyone's. As they struggled, they came into a well lit cavern, still leading ever further downward.

'Where are they taking us?' asked Mihoshi.

'How should I know?!' cursed Kiyone.

'This is your fault!' snapped Ryoko 'If you hadn't hand cuffed me I could have blasted us out of here!'

The air became heavier, as they walls ceased to be of natural stone and became an organic, fleshlight substances. An oozing smell was in the air, and their senses were deadened as they were dragged down into a pulsing pit, filled with tentacles. On the walls could be seen many naked woman, their faces, hands and feet covered in violet goo. Their nipples were erect, and they were extremely moist. Kiyone found a blush coming to her face as she realized how close she was with Ryoko.

Her gaze fell down upon Ryoko's ample cleavage, less than a foot beneath her. She struggled to take her eyes away from it. Something about this place was effecting her, and she didn't like it.

'You know…' said Ryoko, looking whoozy. 'you are kind of sexy…'

Kiyone's blush intensified, and she turned her head away. 'You think so?'

'Oh yeah,' said Mihoshi 'you have a really nice body Kiyone.'

'Shut up bubblehead!' snapped Kiyone, now beat red. 'I know that… already…'

Their minds were clouded, and as the walls closed in around them, and the tentacles shifted Ryoko and Kiyone so that their breasts were pressed against each other. Their lips were nearly touching, and the attraction between them was becoming unbearable. They leaned in and pressed their lips together, their tongues reaching out to explore each others mouths as they ground against each other.

Suddenly they were pulled away from each other and dragged down the floor. Many smaller tentacles reached up from the floor and began slipping their way into their clothes. Kiyone felt them entering her jumpsuit, and watched as they did the same to Mihoshi. They also slipped into Ryoko's clothes. After a few moments the tentacles had reached over their entire bodies, reaching up their necks and inserting themselves into their ears.

Kiyone could feel the tentacles sending tiny tendrils into her brain, and found her mind freezing in place. For a moment she felt terrible pain, and screamed, and Ryoko and Mihoshi screamed with her. Then it was over. Kiyone realized that she could not move even her fingers. The tentacles released her and Ryoko, and Mihoshi, and set them down on the ground. Ryoko's cuffs were destroyed.

She couldn't move. Kiyone had no command over her body. And yet she found herself moving on its own. Kiyone felt oddly detached, as though she had become an indifferent observer to her own body. She suddenly had a feeling that she was being watched by an audience, and found herself filled with an urge to entertain them.

Kiyone, Mihoshi and Ryoko began to circle one another, their hips swaying side to side as lust filled their veins. Their hands reached up, and took hold of their clothes, slipping out of them. Ryoko let her skirt fall to her knees, revealing her sexy body as she set her hands behind her head and stuck out her chest with a lustful look on her face. Kiyone and Mihoshi began slowly began to pull off their jumpsuits with incredibly slow, almost sensual movements. Finally all three of them stood there in their underwear.

They turned around and posed in a fashion which showed off their long legs, throwing back their long hair behind their hair as they gave their audience come hither looks. Gradually they began to walk backwards, swaying their hips as they leaned forward to show off their ample cleavage, knowing smiles on their faces. Finally their perfectly formed rears touched each other.

Then something was unleashed. All restraints were let loose, and for a moment Kiyone and the others had control of their bodies again. Even as they tried to respond however, countless tentacles shot out of the walls and grabbed them by the arms and legs. A compulsion now entered their minds, not to do anything, but to speak as the tentacles worked.

Their underwear was torn off, revealing their privates. 'Wait,' said Mihoshi 'don't do that!'

'Get off me!' snapped Ryoko.

'What are these things?' asked Kiyone. 'Nnnaaagh!'

Three especially thick tentacles were jammed into their bodies, breaking their hymens in a simultaneous assault. Moments later three more rushed out to plunge into their asses. Mihoshi and Kiyone found themselves moaning, as their bodies rebelled against them, while Ryoko continued to struggle.

'Stop!' cried Mihoshi 'I don't want this!'

'I can't think… it feels so good…' moaned Kiyone.

'Let me go!' cried Ryoko.

The tentacles began to pump in and out of their bodies repeatedly. New tentacles topped with suction cups rushed forward were set to their breasts, as long tongues entered their nipples and began to pump liquid into them.

'No, not my tits!' cried Mihoshi, desperate. 'Your going inside them!'

'Oh… oh god yes…' moaned Kiyone, lust in her tone.

'You… you can't do this…' growled Ryoko, wavering. 'I am a space pirate…'

Their breasts suddenly ballooned outwards, growing to five times their original size. At the same time the same liquid was unleashed into their lower regions by the tentacles. Their hips widened as their asses grew to become massive bubble butts. Their nerves went on fire with lust, as their bodies became attuned to each other. They suddenly realized that they were all connected with each other, and with the place all around them. They were living sexual organs, existing to entertain the audience.

A command forced its way into their minds, remaining present, waiting to be obeyed. Drunk on pleasure, they suddenly had the tentacles removed from them and they remained suspended. The lust continued to build within them, yet try as they might they could not do anything about it themselves. All they could do was ask. The audience wanted them to ask.

'I want…' said Mihoshi.

'I need…' began Kiyone.

'Give me…' growled Ryoko.

'YOUR COCK!' The three of them screamed in unison as an orgasm rushed through them.

And with that admission their fate was sealed. Once again the tentacles surged forward, and plunged into their every hole, this time forcing tentacles down their throats as well. The three of them sucked on them, their hands going free as they reached out to give two tentacles each a hand job. On and on it went, as they were passed from tentacle to tentacle, their breasts suckled for milk by suction cups.

Their legs were spread forced upwards so that their ankles were near their ears, and they were facing one another, their bodies inching apart so they could admire each others bodies. Blushes came to their faces as they were bounced up and down by the tentacles, their enlarged busts gainaxing up and down without end. When they were at their apex, they covered their faces, and when they were at their lowest their stomachs were invisible. Their tongues licked the tentacles with a newfound passion, as the limbs removed themselves from their mouths and spewed cum all over their bodies. The tentacles in their asses and cunts also were withdrawn, and spewed their loads all over them.

They were then released, and driven by mindless passion fell on each other, licking the cum from each others bodies. Ryoko plunged her hand deep into Kiyone's cunt, while the blue haired police officer did the same to Ryoko, her other hand inside Mihoshi. Ryoko's lips surrounded Kiyone's left nipple and began to suck upon it, drawing out milk, as Kiyone did so to Mihoshi, and Mihoshi to Ryoko. Then when an orgasm racked their forms, the tentacles descended again and continued to have their way with them.

On it went until all sense of time had gone. They had always been here, fucking each other, and being fucked by the tentacles without restraint. Little by little their minds became distant, as their memories faded and their thoughts became obsessed more and more with sex. Eventually they stopped being individuals at all, becoming mindless living husks, existing only to breed.

The tentacles continued to have their way with the three of them, until they believed to continue would be hazardous to their new slaves health. Kiyone, Mihoshi and Ryoko were then sealed inside a single pod, pressed closely together as tentacles were inserted into their mouths to feed them nutrients. They slept peacefully, as the tentacles contented themselves with groping them and providing a constant stream of low level pleasure.

The three women dreamed many wet dreams as they slept. And when they awoke, they lived one.

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