Northern Sinnoh

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Northern Sinnoh

Chapter 1= Colder than before

 “WHAT?” said both Ash and Dawn.

They had spent the night at the Pokémon center and didn’t know that Brock was up late last night fucking Nurse Joy. They were on their way up north to Snowpoint city for Ash to have his 7th gym battle.

“You can’t leave us Brock” said Ash “You know I can’t cook and I would fear to see Dawn make soup”

“HEY!” said Dawn, clearly offended by what Ash just said about her.

“I can’t be with you two forever and this is my place, I fucked Nurse Joy last night and I think she is pregnant, so I have to stay with her” Brock lied to his friends

“That makes sense” said Dawn, she was maybe clever with her contest moves, but she was clueless when it came to sex, since her mother never talked about sex to her daughter. Dawn learned about sex from her guy friend Kenny.

“I have a duty to do” Brock told them as he walked back inside of the Pokémon center.

“This sucks” said Ash “Now I have to learn to cook”

“Show some respect Ash Ketchum, Brock is doing the right thing. It’s not like he’s leaving us for Nurse Joy and to have sex 24 hours a day with her. He is leaving to take care of the baby that he made with her, now let’s go” she was mad mostly because she sort of had a crush on Ash, but he never seemed to notice her.

The worst part was the whole reason she wore this short red coat was for him to like her more and want her more, but it didn’t even work. The only thing it did was make her legs freeze as they walked around lost for hours in the woods. Dawn wanted to get to the next town so she could meet Zoey and Ash could earn his badge, but she always dreamed of Ash telling her he loved her.

Brock walked into the Pokémon center, as he watched Ash and Dawn walk away.

“They are gone baby” he told Nurse Joy.

“Did they buy the line of me being pregnant like I told you those idiots would?” she asked

“They sure did” and they locked their lips together in a kiss.

On the snowy route to town

“What will we do for food?” Ash asked

“I can cook” said Dawn

“Sure you can” said Ash “I think I would rather eat a rock”

“Do you want to eat or not?” Dawn asked him

So Dawn made the meal that night and even she had to agree with Ash that she was no Brock and that she couldn’t cook, her soup tasted more like hot water than anything else. It was going to be a long journey with no Brock around. At night both of them couldn’t fall asleep, they didn’t have a decent meal and it was getting very cold outside.

Ash was thinking about Brock, the tasty food he would make and then a vision of Brock having sex with Nurse Joy the night before flashed in front of his eyes, for some reason his cock got hard while he thought about it, then he looked at Dawn who was also still awake looking at the stars in the night sky, maybe she won’t mind helping him out in this case.

Dawn was also thinking about Brock, he had very interesting tales and stories to tell. Sure, she missed the great food as well. Then she too had a vision of Brock having sex with Nurse Joy. Dawn was so turned on right now, she looked at Ash next to her in his own sleeping bag, he was looking at the stars, she was glad that he was sleeping yet, maybe she could talk him into taking that cock out and they could have some hot fun in the cold night that surrounded them.

“Dawn, I need your help” Ash suddenly told her

 “What is it Ash?” she asked as she looked over at him again, her heart beating so fast, hoping that he would ask her to make love to him, it would be like a dream come true for her.

“I need a woman”

“I need a man” she told him, she hopped out of her sleeping bag and they kissed each other as she reached him. She couldn’t believe that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Her clothes and his soon came off as they made out and stated to make love.

“I just hope that I don’t get pregnant like Nurse Joy” said Dawn as Ash put his cock inside of her; she closed her eyes and let out a low moan as she felt how big he was.

“We’ll find out tomorrow if you are” he told her, it would be a night that both would never forget, each of them their first time having sex.


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