Blowing off some steam

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Blowing off some steam

“Mom…mom listen to me…mom…it was one F! No you are not pulling me out of the college soccer team! I’m not a child anymore! My studies are fine! Mom…MOM! Ugh I can’t talk to you right now!” Sora snapped down the phone before harshly hanging up on her mother, the brunette nearly throwing her phone across the soccer field in sheer frustration after her mother had called her after her soccer practice to chastise her over a single failed test she had gotten that term

Stopping herself from destroying her phone at the last moment Sora instead took a deep breath before pinching the bridge of her nose, the brunette had been having more arguments with her mother recently and it was seriously wearing her down to the point that she was dreading going home some nights knowing that another argument awaited her there, she knew her mother was only trying to look out for her but the way she still acted like she was ten years old sometimes seriously grinded on her nerves

Deciding it was best that she calmed down before heading home Sora opened the contacts on her phone scrolling all the way down before pressing call “come on Tai pick up” she muttered impatiently before the second ring even sounded but thankfully Tai picked up on the third

“Hey Sora, what’s…” Tai greeted her before he was quickly cut off by the brunette

“Tai I need sex, bad” Sora stated bluntly not even bothering to glance around to check if she was alone

“…..another fight with your mom?” Tai asked all too familiar with the situation whenever Sora called him with such a demand

“She’s spent the last fifteen minutes biting my ear off over one bad grade and I just need something to blow steam off otherwise we’re just going to spend tonight screaming at each other” Sora sighed resting back against the tree behind her “can I just come over?” the brunette asked to which Tai readily obliged her, telling her that he was the only one home at that moment bringing slight relief to Sora as it meant that she could be as loud as she wanted

Ending the call Sora grabbed her bag from the ground and made an immediate beeline for Tai’s place, completely blanking her team mates as they said bye to her as she walked passed, her mind already filling up with the kind of depravity she would need to go home without biting her mother’s head off, she needed it hard and she needed it dirty

Upon reaching Tai’s place Sora let herself in, the pair having a rule of ‘unlock your door when I’m coming over’ so that they didn’t have to waste time with knocking and waiting, the moment she shut the door Sora then did away with her clothes throwing them around haphazardly feeling almost relief to bare her naked body “Tai? Where are you? I need your dick here now!” she demanded as if expecting Tai to have been waiting their naked like some kind of perverted butler

When Tai didn’t come to her call Sora growled with frustration as she marched towards Tai’s bedroom “Tai Kamiya! If you’re not here with your dick inside of me in ten seconds I swear I’ll…” she started only to be cut off when she entered the living room and was grabbed from behind, feeling Tai’s strong arms wind around her as his cock pushed between her legs “ah fuck!”

“Surprise” he husked in her ear as he firmly grasped her breasts making her hiss with pleasure “this what you needed?”

“Just shut up and break me on your cock” Sora hissed back before gasping as he suddenly pulled her to the wall face first, the sudden jolt of pain only adding to her pleasure as she then let out a choked moan as Tai forced his cock balls deep into her needy cunt pushing her up onto her toes “oh fuck Tai!”

Digging her nails into the wallpaper the brunette started to buck back hard against her friend/fuck buddies cock, loving how his girth reshaped her insides to suit him with every thrust whilst he pressed her face and tits to the wall

“Damn you’re wet, you really needed this didn’t you?” Tai grunted as Sora clenched tight around him, her core dripping down his length and onto his balls as he slammed into her harder

“Yes I fucking did” Sora moaned as a jolt of ecstasy shot up her spine with every thrust, reaching back to clutch at Tai’s arms “harder, make it hurt” she panted digging her nails into his forearms as she felt her first much needed orgasm building up “god I needed this!”

Grinning Tai then leaned in to bite down on the back of Sora’s neck making her gasp and shudder as he bent her over fully, letting her breasts bounce as he took her harder from behind, her ass cheeks clapping loudly against his groin as her toes curled “yes! That’s it! Harder Tai!” she screamed as her climax then struck her hard making her body shake violently against Tai’s

Hissing with pleasure as Sora squeezed tighter around him Tai wrapped his arms around her waist before picking her up, keeping her impaled on his cock as he carried her to the couch, sitting down upon it and sitting Sora down deep on his dick making her eyes cross from the even deeper penetration

“Oooh fuck, you want me to ride?” Sora panted as she reached back to hold onto Tai’s arms, the brunette starting to gyrate her hips as she squeezed tight around him “you want me to ride this fat cock?” she moaned looking back over her shoulder with a devious grin before starting to ride him with everything she had, bouncing on his cock like a woman possessed, crying out shamelessly with pleasure as her groin bulged out around Tai’s cock

Groaning with pleasure Tai reclined back on the couch to let Sora work, watching her firm bubble ass clap against his groin as she slammed herself down mercilessly on him, her moans becoming unintelligible babbles as she strove towards another hard orgasm “god I love your cock!”

“That’s it, show me how much you love it” Tai panted back spanking Sora’s ass hard making her cry out with delight

“Ah fuck yes! Hit it again! Beat my ass!” Sora pleaded leaning forward and resting her hands on Tai’s knees to present her bouncing ass more to him to spank, loving the ‘abuse’ as her core tightened again “I’m cumming again!” the brunette then screamed as she orgasmed again all over Tai’s manhood

“Ah shit” Tai groaned as he felt his climax building up, his cock throbbing inside Sora’s cunt filling her with precum as she continued to ride him as fast and hard as she could

Feeling his cock throb and fill her with precum Sora forced herself to ride him faster “that’s it Tai…cum in me…I fucking need it…” she moaned rolling her hips before gasping as Tai grabbed hold of her arms, pulling them back as he thrust up into her making her bounce harder on his cock “yes just like that!!!”

With a few more hard thrusts Tai hit his limit, making Sora scream his name as the explosion of cum inside of her set off her third much needed orgasm, her toes curling in the air as her body seized up, her eyes rolling back as she drooled through her clenched teeth, her pussy becoming a tight vice around Tai’s cock refusing to let him go until they were both finished and sated

Cumming for nearly a full minute Tai then collapsed back against the couch panting heavily as Sora laid back against him, sweat pouring down both of their bodies as they got their breath back “thanks…I really…needed that” Sora breathed as she nuzzled back against Tai’s chest just enjoying his scent and the feeling of his cock still inside of her sated pussy “I might be able to go home now without biting my mom’s head off”

“Yeah, can’t have you doing that” Tai panted back winding his arms around her to hold the brunette in place making her hum

“Yeah….one more round though…just to be sure”

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