Eternal (Mikage x Tomoe)

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Tomoe rested his head in Mikage’s lap, lain naked as the day he was born; he spoke in low, defeated whispers, childlike and fragile, a vulnerability he'd seldom shown anyone.

"Please," he mouthed, while Mikage’s long fingers raked paternally through his hair, compassionately, a sort of gesture for which Tomoe had hungered with aching desperation; in the ethereal moonlight washing in through the window Mikage's eyelashes appeared shimmery soft, he turned to regard Nanami from under the swing of his hair.

What are we to do with him? He seemed to ask.

One week before, Nanami had managed to meet with Mikage; she had asked him for perhaps the third or fourth time to come and see Tomoe— and said that he'd longed for him painfully, that it had become too much for him to bear— that she, herself, felt troubled by seeing regularly the anguish in his eyes.

It had become all the worse when Tomoe realized that Nanami, herself, had met with Mikage now and again; he would watch her out the corner of his eye, too proud to speak outright of it, but she had registered clearly enough what he’d asked without words. She’d noticed the hitch in his breath when she’d admitted where she had been and with whom she had spoken, she’d noticed how his gaze lingered on her hand, where he wondered if perhaps she had touched his arm.

She understood well enough Mikage's reasons for avoiding a visit— but, despite that, she knew the torment Tomoe endured had become too heavy. It hadn't been easy to convince Mikage to finally meet with him again, and she hadn't said a word until the night when at last he'd arrived.

Tomoe, who had been busy preparing supper, paused with a mixing bowl in his arms, eyes wide, ears stiff at attention; his gaze followed the translucent path of immaterial wings which glittered subtly across the room.

From out in the hall, Nanami observed warmly while he seemed to turn in slow motion, breath suspended, the bowl forgotten in his arms; his old master’s name remained unspoken on his lips while he rushed out to the entry, like a loyal hound who’d been neglected.

Regardless of everything Mikage had said, Nanami knew that this was the right thing to do; she could feel it in the air, the love between them was innocent and virginal, delicate and feather-soft. She grinned fondly from just inside the temple while Tomoe watched with boyish anticipation, vulnerable in a way he rarely revealed, the white of his tail batting lightly in the evening breeze.

Now they remained alone at the innermost bedchamber, where Tomoe lay curled against Mikage’s lap; “You’re wrong,” Nanami said in response to the comment Mikage never said aloud— that was, that coming back would just make Tomoe more dependent on him, and that it did him no good.

In truth, she believed that he wasn’t, in fact, dependent— far from it, Tomoe was disciplined to a fault and quite strong in his own convictions; if anything, Mikage’s absence had only exacerbated the longing he’d already felt.

“He needs you,” she said with a gentle smile; “in a way that anyone needs someone they love.”

Tomoe flushed at that; he glared at her out the corner of his eye, still possessively clutching Mikage’s hand. “…Oi…!” he said, “Don’t speak about things you don’t understand…!”

But she only chuckled; “It’s all right,” she replied, “I understand, because I care for you just the same.”

Now Mikage tilted Tomoe’s chin up toward him and observed his face introspectively; “Shall we have a look, then?” he said at last, his hands glowed lightly with residual holy energies, an intrinsic power that remained in him even after he’d given up his position as a deity.

Tomoe felt a soothing serenity descend on him, he was reminded of a time long ago when his master would tend to his old wounds; he would lie disrobed in his lap just like this, and Mikage would carefully examine him, the healing warmth of his touch had become a knowing familiar.

Nanami hadn’t realized how intently she’d been staring, and flushed straight away when Tomoe accusingly met her gaze; “Ah—” she stammered, she rapidly turned her face the other way. No, no…! she thought; this is for Tomoe’s sake, not for your own entertainment…!

Even if those two looked really nice like that.

Wait, what are you thinking…! Get your mind out of the gutter, maybe it’s best to leave them to it and go do some studying in the other room.

Still, a small and betraying part of her mind really wanted to stick around and watch, but she knew self-restraint; she rose conclusively to her feet and said to Mikage, “Please take as long as you need— I’ll be in my own room, revising—”

Tomoe’s voice issued in a low bark of laughter from still within Mikage’s lap; “Ha!” he scoffed, “She’ll be outside the door, definitely listening in.”

At that, Nanami went beet red; she grit her teeth and huffed, “…as if…! Like I have nothing better to do than listen in on a stupid fox like you…!”

“I’ll bet you don’t have anything better to do,” came the reply; within moments they were bickering as per usual, while Mikage laughed softly and rubbed at the back of his neck.

“It’s going to be a long night, isn’t it?” he asked tenderly; at last, however, after a great deal of argument finally Nanami made her exit from the room, having convinced herself for the time being that she had absolutely no intention of listening in to whatever daft thing that idiot fox might be doing with Mikage, and that it definitely wouldn’t be hot.

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A/N: I would love to find someone interested in roleplaying Mikage/Tomoe or other m/m pairings from this anime (if this is still on here then I'm still looking, haha! Regardless of the date on the fic ^^ ) I've had an incredibly, incredibly hard time finding anyone interested in doing this, because fans tend to like strictly Nanami/Tomoe, and don't usually want to write Tomoe against another guy (I'm even fine with Nanami/Tomoe as a side pairing in the RP, but I do want m/m with him as the main pairing ^^ )

I don't mind at all if you haven't RPd these guys before, if English isn't your first language, if you're a little shy, or if you're new to this fandom or to RPing; I just like writing with someone else who's passionate about the same stuff =) If you feel like giving it a go and are over 18, then please reach me through the contact info on my profile. Thank you! ^^

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