Melody of the White Cats Purr

BY : Darkwolves
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“Come on Sisti” Rumia hefted Sisti along the hall, supporting her under her arm as she did her best to guide her adoptive sibling back to their shared room after their practice on the beach. “We’re almost there”
Reaching the door to their room presented an entirely new challenge, having to divide her attentions between supporting Sisti and withdrawing her key from her skirt pocket. She manged to wrestle the key into the lock, despite Sistis best efforts to slip free of her grip. 
“Rumi… Rumia…” Sisti continued to ramble idly beneath her breath as Rumia hefted her into the room they were sharing with Riel for the duration of the school trip. As her strength finally began to leave her body Rumia hefted Sisti to flop unceremoniously onto the bed in front of them. Despite the load being lifted from her Rumias endurance finally reached its limit and she quickly fell to her knees at the foot of Sistis bed.
Sisti embraced her bed with renewed passion, burying her face in the sheets and allowing the silky softness to whisk her fatigue away. “Ah, soft comfy sheets”
Despite her exhaustion Rumia quickly realised the error in her judgement. Summoning what little strength had returned in her momentary rest she pulled herself to her feet. “Sisti, come on. You need to get up”
Sisti by contrast quickly fell into such a deep sense of calm that any attempts to rouse her were met with little success. “Come on, you’re goanna get your uniform all wrinkled”
Rumia began by pulling off Sistis boots with gentle care before laying them down at the foot of her bed. Rumia set about unclipping Sistis tights from her garter belt, slipping her dark blue stockings across her shapely legs and laying them aside on the bed. An illicit purr emerged from betwixt the White Cats lips as Rumias fingers brushed her bare skin. “That feels so good”
Rumia now found herself faced with a rather more complex conundrum. “Sisti, I need you to roll onto your back so I can get your top off”
Only a low moan of contentment came in response. This swiftly changed to a moan of frustration as Rumia removed her hand from Sistis leg, Sisti lamenting at the sudden absence of Rumias contact against her skin. “Tell you what, if I promise to rub your leg some more will you roll over so I can get your top off?”
Sisti wordlessly rolled herself over onto her back. Reaching out with her right hand Sisti blindly pawed for her water bottle sitting on the bedside table, her fingers searching it out instinctively. Sisti found the bottle and drank from it with gusto, losing as much to run down her neck and drench the edge of her top as she manged to drink. The white material was beginning to turn see through as the water seeped down her chest, spreading further down her front revealing the trim of Sistis sky blue underwear beneath. 
Rumia forced herself to keep her mind on the task at hand. Rumia slipped Sistis deep blue jacket from her shoulders, folding it and laying it aside on the bed. Rumias fingers undid the clips of the straps holding Sistis skirt to her top, a deft flick of her fingers releasing the clasps in quick succession. Rumia set upon her next task, unclipping the buttons of Sistis top revealing her bra without it being filtered by the thin material of her shirt. Rumia worked Sistis top free of her arms, having to tempt Sistis assistance by tenderly massaging her arm as she moved.
Having unclothed Sistis top half, apart from her bra, Rumia now moved on to the most crucial part, Sistis skirt. Rumia steeled herself as she prepared to unclothe her best friend in the world.
Keep it together, Rumia. You’ve done this a dozen times before, there’s nothing going on at all.
Slipping Sistis skirt across her shapely legs Rumia soon found herself standing at the foot of her friend’s bed. Rumia stared down at Sisti laying on the bed clothed only in her matching bra and panties, the thin film of water droplets left from the bottle seeming to make her body glimmer in the afternoon light shining in through the window.
Even with the overwhelming heat a distant memory Sisti continued to whine softly beneath her breath. Rumia knew what she really wanted.
“Do you want me to rub some more?” Rumia said.
Sisti sighed softly in response. “Yes please” Sisti rolled herself over onto her front, presenting her curvaceous back and her long legs to Rumia.
Rumia started out safe, passing her hands across the smooth rise of Sistis calves. Making a slow advance past the dip of her knee to rub her fingers across Sistis thigh Rumia soon found herself drawing perilously close to the smooth rise of Sistis shapely buttocks. Rumias hands slowed and drifting to a stop, deciding if she was going to do this she was going to do it right.
Removing her hands from Sitis legs Rumia climbed off the bed, kicked off her boots and began searching through her things for what she was looking for. 
Sisti remained lying on the bed as she heard noises from across the room, even as the rustling intensified Sisti couldn’t bring herself to turn to see what it was. A sharp pop, a wet squelching sound. Was she-
Sisti suddenly felt the cold press of moist hands against her back, the contact between the warm skin and the cool oil on Rumias hands was mesmerising. Rumias hands ran across Sistis skin, having done it many times before Rumia was very familiar with Sisti and could pinpoint the constellation of soft spots with practiced ease. Rumia set about tracing lines between them, causing the pointed white ears of her headband to flicker with barely contained excitement. Rumia never understood how Sisti could seem to control the ears of her headband in such a way but enjoyed it as a cute indicator of Sistis true mood even if the rest of her may not be quite as honest.
Sisti felt the soreness and pain which had been blighting her simply melt away with every pass of Rumias hands. Sisti felt herself being overcome by a total sense of tranquillity, a blissful sigh escaping her lips. “Rumia, can you do one of your ‘Special massages’”
Rumias hands slowed as her mind processed Sistis request. “You want that?” she asked.
“Yes please” Sisti sighed blissfully. “All across my back”
Without another word Rumia removed her hands from Sistis back and clambered off the bed. With practiced efficiency Rumia disrobed, removing her uniform top and skirt before laying them aside to avoid staining them. Reaching behind her back Rumia unclipped her pink bra and allowed it to slip from her shoulders and laid it aside with the rest of her clothes. Rumia embraced the air, feeling the wash of frigid air across her bare skin bringing her nipples to attention. 
Rumia climbed back onto the bed to straddle her legs across Sistis back, a swift flick of her hands all that was necessary to unclip Sistis bra and remove it from play. Taking up the massage oil bottle she did away with using her hands as an intermediary and instead applied it straight across her chest, using her hands to spread it across her bust until her skin was glistening.
Rumia leant down and began passing her breasts across Sistis bare back, the soft purr escaping Sistis lips intensifying at the fresh contact. Rumia began to move up and down in smooth motions, tracing Sistis back and moistening her skin with a fresh layer of lotion with each pass.
Sistis fingers pawed at the covers in time to Rumias movements, drawing more and more of the loose fabric to her side with each thrust of Rumias chest. Sistis free hand dared to shift further down, tracing her fingers across her flat stomach until they caressed the boundary of her swiftly moistening panties.
Sisti dared to pass the lip of her underwear, feeling the silky soft material passing effortlessly across her fingers and rubbing against her engorged pussy lips. The touch of her fingers combined with the press of Rumias breasts against her back was mesmerising. Sisti dared to slip a single teasing finger beneath the lip of her underwear, the experience of the fresh contact no longer muffled by the material of her underwear. Sisti began to trace elongated circles around her lips, drawing closer and closer to her warm core with each repeated pass. A part of her yearned for this to be Rumias fingers, to have her touch and caress where no other had dared venture. At the same time an even greater part of her didn’t want to distract Rumia from the amazing things she was doing already, Sisti would handle this part herself. Sisti pressed a finger inside, a sharp yelp escaping her lips as a cascade of pleasure rocketed through her body. 
As her excitement grew Sisti began to stir beneath Rumia, the combined pleasures becoming almost too much for Sisti to bear. Sistis movements grew more erratic and bold with each passing moment. As Rumia lifted her chest to begin another pass Sisti saw her moment to act, turning herself over so that she found herself facing up as Rumia descended. Swiftly Sisti once more sealed their embrace as she pressed her lips to Rumias.
While distracted with her mouth Sistis hands made their move, cupping the swell of Rumias breasts in her open palms. Rumia elicited a yelp of surprise which only served to entice Sistis roaming hands further. Sisti felt the smooth warmth of the oil a delight as the pale skin moved effortlessly beneath her touch. Her desires growing in intensity Sisti began to paw at Rumias ample breasts like a cat softening a particularly comfy pillow, her fingers tracing like claws across Rumias bust. Sistis attentions became more focussed, her fingers circling and grasping at Rumias swiftly engorging nipples.
The passion of the moment became almost too much for Rumia to bear and she soon found her strength departing her body, able to do little else but fall forwards into her lovers embrace. Sisti accepted the weight of her companion into her open arms, Sisti nuzzling her face into Rumias soft neck. While Rumia was still reeling Sisti prepared her next move.
Shuffling herself further down the bed Sisti traced her tongue across Rumias front, tasting the delectable mix of massage oil and skin intermixed. Following the curve of her breast Sistis tongue traced across Rumias hardening nipple, a sharp concentration of nerves and flavour.
Sistis hands caressed further down across Rumias front, tracing her fingers along the edge of her panties. Slipping her fingers beneath the edge of Rumias panties Sisti felt the heat rise against her fingers and Rumias breath quicken at her approach. Feeling the slow rise of the nub beneath her fingers Rumia let out a startled yelp, urging Sisti further on. Sistis explorative finger traced along the outside of Rumias lips, feeling the warm juice moistening her fingers as traced her way up and down with slow passes. 
After a few repeated circles Sisti finally dared to delve deeper, the tip of her finger dared to press inside of Rumia as she spread her legs to accommodate her. Sisti knew Rumias secret, while her pussy was open and willing her breasts were the girls true weakness. Focussing her attentions on Rumias breasts meant that she was already on the verge of collapse, a little press would be all that would be required to unravel her. Sisti felt Rumias chest heave beneath her, her lips clenching tightly around Sistis finger.
Her goal achieved Sisti collapsed onto the bed interwoven with Rumia, the adrenaline that had been sustaining her fleeing her body as she was left to bask in the warmth of their shared experience.
Sistis eyes fluttered open in contentment to be met by a pair of big blue eyes staring right back at her. 
A round face and bright blue hair?
“Looks fun” Riel said flatly. “Can I join you?”
The resulting shriek escaping Sistis lips could almost certainly be heard the length and breadth of the resort.
“Trust me Sisti, it’s not nearly as bad as you may think it is” Rumia attempted to reassure Sisti for what felt like the umpteenth time that morning. Even as they sat down to eat breakfast the next morning the burning red tint had refused to fade from Sistis cheeks as her face was buried in her hands. “I’m sure everyone’s already forgotten about it”
Sisti knew in her heart that it was partly her own fault for not conceiving that Riel might have been in the room. “How could they forget about something like that?”
“Come on, you’re overreacting” Rumia persisted. “We both know it could have been far worse”
Sisti finally mustered herself to meet Rumias gaze. “Then please, explain to me how it could possibly have been-”
“Hello ladies” 
Sistis cat ears shot up in an instant. She knew that voice, yet she couldn’t bring herself to accept it was true. Turning to meet them she found her worst fears had become reality. As if summoned by some conniving hand of fate Professor Glenn Radars had appeared from nowhere.
Before Sisti could respond Glenn took the free seat across from them. Sisti was convinced her embarrassment had reached its peak, his mere presence a cackling taunt that once more she was destined to play the role of the universes idle plaything. How naïve she was.
“So, Rumia” Glenn said with a wry smile. “I heard you and Sisti had a pretty fun evening. I think everyone on campus heard”
“Yeah, I bet they did” Rumia laughed, smiling politely as she took the thinly veiled implication in her stride. 
How could she have so much confidence? How could she possibly stay so calm at a time like this?
“So, how’d you do it?” Glenn leant forward, his words snapping Sisti out of her idle thoughts. “Now I’m not asking for the gory details mind, I know a girl has her secrets. But one has to wonder what you possibly could have done to turn our pure little white cat into a howling banshee. I mean, you must have been doing something rig-”
Thunder sprites shock!
A sharp pulse of energy that was becoming an unwelcomingly familiar sensation tore through Glenns body, leaving the professor slumped haphazardly across the table. The lingering smell of burnt meat clutched to the back of Sistis throat as she departed the canteen for her first class of the morning.

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