Marimo Kids

BY : AngelWings
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece or its characters in this story. They all belong to Eiichiro Oda and his creative genius. I do not make money from writing these stories. This is just for fun and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story. This is just for fun and I hope you enjoy reading it.



Marimo Kids


By Angelwings Sorrow


Settling In


There is never a dull moment aboard the Thousand Sunny. Everyone was adjusting well to one another after being separated for such along time. The children of the Sunny were all really happy to have their families’ whole once again. Raiden and Mokuba now roomed in the men’s quarters with brook Usopp and chopper as Luffy Franky and Zoro had moved out and into private rooms with their wives. Both boys were too old for the nursery plus they were really happy to be reunited with each after so long apart. They even had some new skills to show off that they had learned while they were away.


Akihiko and Shizuka had a slightly harder time to all the changes and new people. Akihiko was not as shy as his younger twin but he was rarely allowed out of the house to wonder the Kamabakka Kingdom of Momoiro Island. Even though his mother hated being there he missed his Auntie Ivan and Auntie/Uncle Inazuma who would baby-sit him when his mother challenged a Newkama Kenpo Master.


Shizuka was even less sure of crowds. While he was with his father he only had Uncle Mihawk and Aunt Perona around for company. All three adults we soft spoken and the battle monkey avoided the castle so he was unsettled by the loud noise from the crew. That was why he stuck close to his parents as much as possible but if they weren’t around he and Akihiko would hide in the Mikan grove.


“Good morning Little Prince and Tiny Swordsman.”


“Morning Uncle Takumi.” Akihiko stopped kicking his ball through the grove and smiled to his transparent relative.


“Hn.” Shizuka paused briefing in his Bokken training to bow to his uncle before returning to his exercises.


“I’m happy to see everyone is together again. How are your Mama and Papa doing? I know it was difficult for them to be apart for so long.”


“Mommy was mad at Daddy when got home. Now he and daddy happy.” The little blonde cheered. “Where Auntie Kuina?”


“She’s visiting her father’s dreams, but she said she’ll visit your dreams real soon. What’s wrong Shizuka-kun?” the ghost child asked as a grim expression over took the Tiny Swordsman’s face.


“I don’t think they happy. They yell and fight.”


“Oh, Shizuka-kun just because they fight doesn’t mean that they are unhappy. Your Mama and Papa are unique and that’s how they show they care for each other. They are not the same as other married couples. They are two of the most powerful fighters in this New World and their love is ten time stronger so they have to express it in a very powerful way.” A ghostly hand stroked the soft green hair.


“Hn.” Chibi swordsman frowned but continued training striking his bokken down over and over again.


“Zuka missed Mama. Daddy is quiet and he no smile.”


“Ah, yes I see.” Translucent arms wrapped around the sad child. “Little Blackleg-Roronoa, I know it doesn’t seem like it but you Mama and papa do love each other. They also love you and Aki-chan very much.”


“But…” Shizuka tried to hold in his emotions just like his papa but his bottom lip began to quiver.


“No ‘But’s’ Mini Marimo.” A warm voice cut off the, would be, rant. Takumi smiled at the new arrival before fading back into the dream world.


“Mommy!”  Akihiko’s face lit up as their mother came towards them carrying a tray with their afternoon treats.

“Mama?” Sanji set the tray down on the nearby picnic table then scooped his youngest son into his arms.


“Your, Dad and I will always love you and your brother. Never doubt that my son. Why do think that we don’t love you?” two little arms wrapped around his neck and held on tight.


“You yell at Papa. You hate papa’s ugly face. I have face like Papa. You haft hate me too.” Warm tiny tears began rain upon his shoulder.


“Oh, my Mini Marimo, I could never hate you. You are a very handsome little boy just like Akihiko. Don’t worry a bout such a silly little thing because you both get your good looks from me. Now as for your Father, well, he and I say a lot of stuff that isn’t very nice when we are mad at one another. But we never truly mean what we say. If we did then were would each other’s feelings. At the end of every fight we still love each other.”


“Ah, my little Prince, are you still fighting your love?” a voice whispered in the chef’s ear.


“No Aniki, I’m not fighting; I’m just trying to keep the Marimo in line and his meals healthy. The green ape thinks that Sake is a food group.”


“Who are you keeping in line?” A gruff voice asked. “And what are you talking about? Sake is a food group that belongs with every meal.”


“DADDY!” The little chef shouted as he was suddenly tossed into the air and then landing on his father’s broad back.


“Oi! How many times do I have to say it?  Sake is not and never will be a food group, stupid swordsman.” Sanji snapped at his husband.


“Hn.” Zoro smirked He loved to rile up his wife. He enjoyed watching those pale cheeks flush with irritation even more so when they were colored with arousal. Just then the green haired man noticed his youngest son clinging to his wife with tears rolling down his little face. “Zuka what’s wrong?”


“He’s just having some adjustment issues right now. He’ll be fine with a little reassurance and a lot of love.” Sanji’s expression softened into a warm, loving smile as he cuddled his distraught child. Letting go of his mild irritation towards his lover was easy because it was just teasing. Unfortunately their son didn’t think so. For two long years the only communication Shizuka had witnessed between his parents, were on transponder Snails filled with loving words and heartfelt sentiment. The Chef could see how his son would be confused by their behavior.


“Hn” Zoro’s smirk relaxed into a smile before ruffling the soft hair of his little swordsman.


Before he could offer his son a comforting word the ship rocked hard with a loud “POW! SPLASH!”. The family was tossed to one side of the ship and sea water rained down on them. The Sunny was under attack!


“It’s time to go to work Marimo. Chibis hold on tight.” The twins gripped their parents with all their might as they suddenly felt the wind rushing past them.


“Galley Love-Cook.” Zorro drew his swords and deflected any attacking invaders in their way.


“Right.” Sanji held tight Shizuka as he did a one handed flip over the railing to the lower levels. Both Parents managed to make it to the galley and hand off their sons to Mokuba and Raiden’s waiting arms at the same time. “Be good you two. Your dad and I will be done soon and then we’ll have a nice lunch.  Keep an eye on the chibis boys, oh and Raiden stay out of the frig. I swear you have your father’s stomach.”


“Yes sir.” The four boys watched the two pirates rush off to battle.


“I don’t eat that much, do I? My mom says I’m a growing boy.”  Raiden blushed as he sat Akihiko in his high chair.


 “Well than Uncle Luffy must be still is growing too cause he eats a lot more than you. But all the food has made him stronger because he’s SUUUPER strong. And you will be too one day.” Mokuba smiled as tried to keep a hold on his wiggly charge.


“I want to watch Papa fighting.” Shizuka managed to squirm out of the older teen’s hold and run to the window. He didn’t see the Galley burst open with an unwanted visitor as jumped on a chair to see through the port window. The Intruder never made it passed the threshold as he was blown back outside with a,


“SONIC BOOM!” courtesy of Mokuba’s new arm.


Little Shizuka ignore the small battle to secure the door between the two older boys and an enemy pirate and stayed focused on finding his father’s fight. There were many battles going on but he zeroed in on his father green hair. He was surprised to see his blond mother fighting back to back with his dad. Shizuka had seen his dad fight many times, all Challengers that came for Uncle Mihawk, but he had never seen his mama battle before.


His Papa had told him that his mama never used his hands in battle. That his legs and feet were his weapons, the only things he would ever need in a fight. Shizuka didn’t understand how a man can fight without using your hands. Even if you didn’t use a sword or other weapon you had to use your fist right? Nope, not his Mama; his Mama kicked anyone that dare to try to get close to attack his Papa’s back. A few of those pirates hit the wall of the galley hard. If any other shipwright but Franky had built the Sunny the enemy would have busted through said wall galley and straight out the back wall. If anything this was a well built ship because Shizuka saw his mama kick a pirate off the ship and into the horizon.


His blond-haired mother was protecting his father just fiercely as his Papa defended his mama. Was this love? You wouldn’t protect that which you didn’t love right? The tiny swordsman watched for what seemed like hours but really it was only about twenty minutes when his brother came and stood on a chair next to him. They both watch their parents battle together with flawless teamwork.


“See Zuka, Mommy does love daddy. That means Mommy love you too.” Akihiko smiled at his twin before pulling him away from the window. “Let’s make lunch. They be hungry.”


“Hn.” Shizuka shrugged his little shoulders and followed the tiny chef to the kitchen. He wanted to watch the end of the battle but his brother was right everyone would be hungry. He and Akihiko started rummaging through the kitchen and getting thing out to make sandwiches much to the protests of their sitters. They put together sandwich after sandwich as the noise slowly came to an end. The food may not have been pretty but they did their best. Just then the door swung open.




“Hn.” Zoro followed his captain in to the galley tiredly. Shizuka looked up to see a fallen pirate that Raiden and Mokuba push out stand up ready to stab his papa. Before the chibi could give a shout the attacker was gone having been kicked out to sea by his angry mama.


“Seriously Marimo you need to check the kills before you walk over them.” Sanji snarled as he calmly straightened out his suit.


“Hn. That’s the wife’s job.”


“Keep that up and you won’t get dessert tonight.”


“Well can’t have that. I need my dessert.” The swordsman smirked.


“I want you to finish cleaning up the deck of bodies and set out the tables. It’s a lovely day I think we’ll eat outside today.” The cook then placed a kiss on his lover’s lips. “If you can do that then I’ll have your dessert waiting in our room tonight.”




“No dessert for you! I don’t care if you are my captain, you broke the washing machine when you bazooka-ed a pirate into the wash room! Now I have to do laundry by hand until Franky can fix it. Now go help Zoro take out the trash while cook.”


“Okay but I want lots of meat!” the Bouncy man ran out of the galley eager to get to work. The sooner the deck was cleared the sooner they got fed.


“Oi, Love-Cook, since I’m doing all the heavy lifting I want some of that honey Sake too.” Zoro smirked and headed out the door not waiting for a reply. He knew his little wife would make sure the sake would be warm waiting for him tonight.


Shizuka and Akihiko saw their mother blush a bright red silently nodding the retreating figure. They watch the chef walk on wobbly legs into the galley and towards them. Shizuka had a slight frown on his face as he took in everything he had just seen. Akihiko smiled and greeted his mommy.


“We made lunch Mommy!”


“I see My Little Prince. Thank you I am proud of both of you, but think were going to need a few more. Uncle Luffy eats a lot more then the rest of us. Why don’t you take Shizuka-kun with you to wash up and I’ll finish with lunch.” Sanji ruffled their hair and placed a kiss on each of their forehead.


“Okay, Mommy. Let’s go Zuka.” The younger twin was once again pulled by hand through the kitchen and out the door. Once the two were away from the galley Shizuka was able to voice his thoughts.


“I think you right Aki. Maybe, mama does like papa.”


“Yes I am. He loves papa. Like Auntie Kuina says, ‘Hafta know were to look.”  The blond grinned and pulled his brother toward the bathroom to wash like Mommy had said.


They left the battle forgotten and lunch to look forward as the doubt lifted from their hearts. Their Parents were okay and they knew they were loved.



The End



A/N: Okay this is the first in a series of One Shots. Little Snips of Time after Baby Marimos. I don’t know how many there will be so or how often I’ll post so I keep this marked as complete. I still got stories to complete so I’ll post to this one as ideas come to me. Thanks for reading and keep Reviewing.

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