Guts Gets Sucked Off By a Dragon

BY : Vesperia
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The creeping of the Astral World brought about a wariness in all things, including the beasts of the wild. Sensing the disturbance, wild instinct strangled beasts into constant defense, unleashing their wroth upon each and humans alike. The common man would go the creek to refill his waterskin and be set upon by the ire of tusks and claws. This had become an obstacle for the warrior couple that glided among the low trees. Resting, eating, and especially bathing, had become a risky task, and Kia was loathe to kill animals whose meat would go to waste. Their solution would come to them quickly. As Kia took upon her true form, even the most choleric of creatures buckled under the Queen of Beasts. Her sheer size, her overwhelming presence, scattered the predators to their dens– and brought about a little patter in the swordsman's chest. They had found safety under her wing.

With her paws regally folded over each other, the red dragoness stared pensively into the beyond. As Guts immersed himself to the waist in the lukewarm pool, he pondered how the world was seen through her eyes. Did a beast so glittery like gemstones see color differently? How had the hundreds of years of her life shaped the world before her? He was used to his beloved mate washing his back and splashing up frothing waves, not being lookout. The revelation that the loner mercenary had become needy for her attention expanded his pupil gazing upon her scaly hide. Filmy rocks clattered when he trodden upon them, seeing the tip of her tail distort in the water's reflection. A single pull upon her tail shattered her concentration, and her head darted to look for a potential threat. What she did not expect was her paramour pulling upon her appendage like a frisky puppy.

“You're so serious.” Words she never expected out of the normally dour slayer who wore a rare grin on his sun-kissed face. “Nothin' is gonna happen. Come join me in the water.”

“I am trying to keep you safe. Just get the blood off yourself quickly.” A small knot in his chest formed from her, albeit well-meaning, spurning. He scrubbed off only the outer most layer of grime he accumulated with a bar of soap. Meanwhile, Kia tore herself from the horizon to watch her sudsy mate rinse off. A small grin plucked at her huge, toothy maw; he was always a feast for the eyes in the nude. Spying her intrigue, he approached again and managed to lift her thick, muscular tail onto his shoulder.

“What would the Red Queen think if I just decided to stick myself inside her beastly self?”

When she huffed in amusement, smoke drifted from her nostrils. “I'd ask if a mosquito bit me. No matter how endowed you are, you are still just a human.” Guts swore under his breath. He had originally meant it in jest, but he could deny he had...curiosities.

Soggy with a touch of chill giving his arms goose flesh, he slogged to the shore and beseeched her.

“How about using those oversize lungs of yours to dry me off, Your Scaliness?”

“Watch your mouth, Loyal Mutt, or my breath will flay the skin right off your bones.” But he held his arms out, stump waving, as if to say 'Try me, Dragonlady!' Chest expanded as she took in a great gulp of air, but instead of the hurricane he expected, her warm breath gently brushed by him. His hair tussled, and a new type of shiver made its way up his back. He could've sworn Kia was eyeing him, those vast pools overflowing with passion. His Adam's apple undulated when her breath hit his thighs, and his member pulsed to life. Such overwhelming heat– he wanted to be enshrouded in it. The keen dragoness had not missed his stiffening.

“Some dragonslayer you are. Does even this form make you ache?” With a tightened lip, he managed a single nod. Kia's teeth flashed. Such great power in every muscle as she eagerly rested on her haunches, like a cat waiting to pounce. Those paws, four deadly fingers and one thumb upon each, wrapped around his arms and pinned him to the ground. The human who had normally towered over his petite mate, suddenly felt so small– and he loved it. Kia's snout neared him, his view of her eclipsed. Her jaws parted and her thick tongue lulled out. Its wet texture glided along his abdominals, as wide as his body. A single pass of her tongue could cover him. He clenched at her muzzle. Why do I like this so much?

Manipulating his limbs like a doll, she spread his legs wide for her, feeling the breeze on every hole. Her tongue ventured on his underside, sliding against clenched muscles, feeling it stir in a forbidden place. He inhaled and arched his back; everything was so strange but he didn't want it to stop. The very tip of that muscle waggled against his fleshy pair, the flesh between his legs he was hardly aware of so energetically stimulated.

“Ah, K-Kia.” His prideful plead for more but too modest to say. He loved his hole to be licked by her, his taint stimulated, and her breath on his pair. His chest labored every time a pulse would force the clear fluid to form and then to sloppily drool down his shaft. The swordsman was absolutely ravenous to be dominated by the beast queen, to be reminded how small and vulnerable he was. She was never one to let him be messy without a taste, and the flat of her tongue rubbed against his leaking tip, bucking his hips towards the source of pleasure. Eager to show him what a dragon was capable of, her whole tongue curled around his shaft. Every inch was wrapped, feeling the bumpy nodes on her tongue and it squeeze and wriggled. It was almost too much; he thrashed, but her claws kept him caged to the ground. Dragon saliva was so hot and thick, pooling at base of his cock. “Fuck, Kia, what are you doing to me?” His shifting and struggling only made his tip rub against the dragoness' fleshy tongue. The pressure tightened then loosened, tightened then loosened, bringing him to the brink, ebbing away, then brought so dangerously close again to release. Sweat stained his brow. He didn't know how much he could take. “Please, let me cum.” At his pleading, the dragon paused and seemed to take him into consideration as Guts tried to capture his panting breaths. Her great maw affectionately nuzzled against his member, pulsing near to explosion. His nails raked into the dirt as her mere breathing coiled her inner heat against his shaft, a single thick vein throbbing against the surface, his tip reddened and ripe to burst. The end of her tongue waggled as it sized up his rigidity. It dangled from her mouth, searching for his weakness, until it slowly brushed against the root, trailing up each pulsing inch until it flicked the underside. Guts let out a gasp as the pressure released, an eager mouth of teeth opening to accept the flood that gushed from him. Even the long strands that escaped him in each shocking wave were easily lost on the vast surface of her tongue. He collapsed to the grass, feeling like she had flayed him raw with that draconic magic. She looked amused when she licked her chops, an explosive finish so minuscule to her.

After his knees has ceased their quaking, he sought the tenderness of his mate. Even as a dragon, she would not break their ritual. The grasslands trembled when she came to a full rest, laying her head upon her lover's naked lap. A powerful voice rattled his bones, as the content dragon rumbled low in her throat, purring at the satisfaction of her dearest, taking in his natural musk. He stretched his arm to stroke at her horn, affectionately brushing the flesh that held the ivory in place. Soon after, fingers raked under vibrating throat, the scales more smooth underneath. She insistently nudged her muzzle against his cheek, and he finally rewarded his queen with a kiss, leathery hide brushing against his lips. In return, she lapped at his scarred visage like a giant fire-breathing puppy would. A small grin broke through.


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