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Issei Hyodou,one of the pervert trio of kuoh academy was in his room reading for school.He was siting on a chair as he scrolled through some photos conatining nude pics of girls in his school.He and his friends placed a secret camera in locker room as they jerked off those photos.

He bought his 6 inch dick out as he saw the kendo duo katase and murayama kissing eachother naked.He masturbated to the lesbian duo as he saw that he have to go to school.After cumming once he cleaned himself as he went for school.He can blackmail a girl to have sex with him by showing her rhe photos but he didnt want to spend his school life in jail.


Rias saw issei coming to school as she wondered if her plan to recruit him will succed.She sighed as she heard the door opening as akeno got inside.She smiled saying"Still checking the boy rias.Why not just seduce him into peerage".

Rias shooked her head saying"No akeno theres something different about issei so i want to proceed carefully".Akeno just smiled sexily as she hugged rias saying"That aside rias.Iam horny.Please just one round before class.I cant take it".Rias kissed akeno on lips as she used her tongue to explore her mouth.She drew back to see a gasping face of akeno asking for more.

They began kissing again removing eachothers clothes while eating eachothers faces.Akeno knelt down as she licked rias pussy like a dog.A glow emerged from her pussy as a dick sprang from it.It stood 13 inches as akeno licked her lips in delight.

Akeno laid on table next to chessboard as she said"Come my king.Fuck your naughty queen.Fuck your slut with your cock"Rias smiled as she lowered herself to akeno level.She suddenly all her length inside akenos pussy as she screamed in pleasure.They have been doing this since there childhood so her pussy is shaped as rias cock."Yes rias thats it.Fuck me.Fuck this filthy slut.Fill my womb with your cum" akeno screamed in pleasure as rias ploughed into her.

The table rocked in motion as rias fucked her queen on the table not caring for outside world or school at all.


Issei was happy because a hot girl named yuuma asked him out.As he went home,he began his plan on how to make the date pleasurable because he wont be returning virgin after the date.


The next day issei meet up with yuuma as the proceeded with the date but unknown to yuuma,issei slipped aphrodisiacs into all her foods.

At the end of the date,yumma (raynare) decided to move her plan to kill the idiot but noticed something wrong with her body.She felt aroused as issei hugged her saying"wow the drug really works.Sorry yuuma but i cant control myself".

Raynare eyes widened as issei kissed her on lips.Her body betrayed her as she moaned into the kiss.She failed to notice tat issei removed both of their clothes as he moved to the fountain.The thrill that someone may find them in park aroused both of them.

After a heated makeout,raynare straddled him saying"iam going to show you heaven boy".She pumped his 7 inch cock which was big by human standards as she slowly laid down on his cock.

Issei moaned as his cock disspeared into her pussy.He cant believe that he is losing his virginity to a hot girl.Her pussy was hot,wet and tight as it sucked his cock further inside.

He held her hips as yuuma rode his cock gasping in pleasure.For raynare the cock was small than other people she slept with but its been so many years since her last laid so she is settling for this cock.

She cummed on his cock as she felt a torrent of cum entering her womb.She was amazed that a human can produce that much cum.She leaned down and kissed issei saying"Sorry issei but i have to say goodbye.I enjoyed our sex".

Issei was confused as yuuma changed into a much mature and sexy woman.She summoned a lighy spear as she pierced him with it.Raynare moaned in pleasure as issei cummed inside her as her new body was too much for him.Raynare dispelled the spear as she saw a gaping hole on his chest.

She removed herself from his cock as she kissed him saying"Iam sorry you are a good lay but blame god for giving you a sacred gear.By the way my name is raynare?".

Issei laid there bleeding as he was sad that he was dieing just after he lost his vvirginity.He want to complete his dream if harem king as a card flashed in his pocket.


The last thing he saw was bright crimson hair as he got unconsious.





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Episode 2 - Peerage.

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