Good Thing

BY : Marionette
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It was 2:00 in the afternoon and it was a beautiful and sunny day. Cross Marian was on his way to play house with one of his many beautiful women at a brothel. When he reached his destination he was greeted by an older but very beautiful lady. She let Cross Marian in and offered him a glass of wine while he waited for one of the ladies to get him and go to her room. It was a good day for sex and Cross Marian wasn't going to waste time doing something else. His favorite thing in the whole world was sex, sex, and more sex.

Cross Marian decided to take advantage of all the wine offered to him while he waited for the lucky lady he was going to make happy. He spent nearly half an hour drinking wine by himself when a beautiful and shapely woman with straight blonde shoulder length hair appeared. She was wearing a short and very tight black dress. Cross Marian was mesmerized by her beauty as soon as he saw her. This wasn't their first time together. They made love to each other once and it was so precious that they never forgot about it.

"Come to me, Cherry", Cross Marian said as he motioned with his finger for the beautiful woman to join him for a glass of wine. Cherry wasted no time and sat next to him. Cross Marian filled another glass with wine and gave it to Cherry. She was thrilled to be once again with this perfect man. "When you came here the last time I had the best time of my life with you. After that first time I wanted to see you again but you never came back and I thought I would never be with you ever again. I tried hard not to think about you because your absence made me feel so empty inside", she told Cross Marian, who was already all over her kissing and caressing her just like their first time together.

The horny exorcist took a break from kissing his woman and replied, "I'm sorry I left and didn't come back to see you but I had a lot of things to do. I will make it up to you right now in bed. Let's go to your room." Cross Marian and Cherry went to her room and closed the door and they started taking each other's clothes off. As soon as they were naked in bed they started kissing and caressing each other even more. Cross Marian loved how soft and lovable Cherry's body was and the way she kissed him and played with his beautiful long red hair.

Cherry moaned passionately as Cross Marianentered her sexy and beautiful body. He was deep inside her filling her with his hard and throbbing manhood. Cherry wrapped her long and shapely legs around Cross Marian's waist as he thrusted harder and harder each time. "Oh Cross, please don't stop. I love you", Cherry whispered breathlessly as her manly lover reached deeper inside her with each thrust. Cross Marian nibbled and kissed Cherry's neck making her want him even more. "I love you too, Cherry and I want you to belong only to me and not any other man. Is that understood? If I ever catch any man near you, I will tear him to pieces. You are only mine!", said Cross to Cherry. "Yes my love, I belong only to you and no one else", replied Cherry to Cross as he emptied all his love inside her.

Cross Marian and Cherry rested in each other's arms after their lovemaking. Cross Marian stared deep into Cherry's eyes and told herin a loving voice, "You are a very good thing and I don't intend on letting you go. I will love you for the rest of my life." After hearing Cross say that to her,Cherry gave him a long and passionate kiss and told him, "I don't intend on letting you go either." They started making love to each other all over again.

Cross Marian fingered Cherry, making her moan and scream out his name. He kept at it until he became very hard and horny Cross Marian then slipped his hard and huge penis again deep inside Cherry as she thrusted her hips up against Cross to catch him deep inside her. Cross Marian started going in and out violently making Cherry wet and slippery , even more than what she was before. Cross Marian kept doing what he did best, going so deep and hard inside his beautiful lover again and again and again. He released his seed inside Cherry and kissed her deep on the lips. "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, Cherry. I will love you and make you happy forever, my love. You are indeed a good thing."



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