Complications Arise

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Okay, I read this wonderful story called ‘Cops and Robbers’ by Kyna, and then I got a similar idea in my head. There will be similarities and differences, no plagiarism. But the idea got stuck there, so I thought to give it a try.

This is not my first gender-bender fic. On fanfiction, I gender-bent Harry in ‘The Emerald Rose’. This time, however, I am gender-bending Luffy. The name won’t change, but Luffy will be a girl in this fic. And maybe a little smarter. We’ll see!

So enjoy it! Hope this goes well, stepping out of my comfort zone here.

Here the Chapter Starts

There can be perks to the job. Certain places give discounts, depending on what they are. The pay isn’t that bad. He has the respect of his peers. Even his boss respects him enough to back off and let him work however he feels is necessary.

Then there are the downsides. Some of the other officers or investigators would pass down difficult cases to him, expecting him to solve all the problems in the city. Such as the current case he was flipping through as he stared through the glass to the whistling girl fidgeting at the table.

His partner, more like the only person he got along with long enough for the others to stop holding their fingers over the number for an emergency ambulance, snickered over his shoulder. "Well, looks like she’s in again," he commented, rubbing at his rectangular nose sheepishly. "What did they bring her in for this time?"

"Assault," he answered with a low sigh, dark eyes lowering to scan over the file. Page after page, case after case, yet no charges pressed. There would have been a charge this time if it weren’t for the countless witnesses claiming the girl was reacting in the defense of a friend.

It would have been a hit-and-run, the victim a young boy of thirteen currently being operated on in a hospital emergency room. The only reason it didn’t get to the ‘run’ part of the crime was because the girl jumped into the car’s open window and forced the other to stop, beating him to a pulp when he started claiming the boy was in his way. A stupid thing to claim when the boy was originally on a sidewalk, meaning reckless driving was involved and the car hopped onto the sidewalk to hit the boy.

"Charges being pressed?" his partner inquired.

"No, they were dropped when other witnesses claimed he was driving recklessly and she was stopping him from driving away," he answered calmly, snapping the folder shut.

They often dealt with this girl, generally one of Smoker’s cases. She has multiple assaults under her belt, but all her victims were scum of the earth and she reacted in defense of her friends or family. She didn’t start anything, but she often ended it. Harshly. It wasn’t that charges wouldn’t be pressed out of the victim’s fear, but because the victims were often on the wrong side of the law anyway. Mafioso. Drug lords or dealers. Gangs. Even common criminals.

The running joke with her was to send a crying child over to her claiming some random person hurt them and she would tear apart the city in the name of revenge. That wasn’t entirely true. She doesn’t care much beyond those she claims. When one of her own gets hurt or is threatened, it was difficult to forget her lineage.

One such case was a Mafioso clan lead by a powerful man named Don Krieg. That started simple enough. One of the men was starving and the girl’s friend fed him. When he came back with his equally starving boss, that friend, ‘Black Leg’ Sanji, was stopped from feeding him by his co-workers, though his boss fed the man anyway. Then he demanded food for his men. It was given, mainly because the chef and Sanji bonded together because of suffering from starvation. They opened that restaurant with the guarantee to feed everyone, rich or poor or penniless. Their payment in return? Don Krieg tried to destroy the restaurant. And the girl, once learning of the Don’s intention, gathered her friends and they battled against him. A group of four battle against an entire Family, and the small group won.

Another was when a drug lord named Arlong was exploiting one of her friends, a young orange-haired woman named Nami. A cat burglar with a knack for getting out of any scrape with the most cash. As it turned out, she was collecting the money for him in order to pay him into releasing her and her sister, who was being held just to keep Nami in check. When a corrupt officer (one he put away with much glee, not that anyone could tell) stole that money, as well as accepting payments from the drug lord to stay silent and out of his way, there she went. Within a few hours, all of Arlong’s men were beaten down and the two sisters were freed. Nami, to this very day, still follows the girl.

Monkey D Luffy soon became a name that any criminal wanted to take down, and one that had police skeptical. True, she is the leader of her own gang, and her father, Monkey D Dragon, is far more dangerous. She gets into trouble at the drop of a hat. Yet she is also their superior’s granddaughter, which made some nervous until Garp started yelling at them to stop fooling around and arrest her after she assaulted a business CEO named Crocodile. Granted Crocodile is also a drug lord, but he shall digress.

She is also one of the few people taking down the main criminals in ways the police can’t. It wasn’t that she was doing it for the good of the world, but because those people kept threatening her friends. He’s fairly confident that she would battle the government itself if they ever targeted one of her close friends. And she has quite a few friends in high places willing to do everything in their power to keep her out of trouble.

Sighing heavily, he pulled himself out of his thoughts. "I can handle her myself, Kaku," he informed.

"You sure, Lucci?" Kaku asked, tilting his head. "I hear she can get pretty rough at times."

"I don’t doubt she can, but from Smoker’s notes, she’s easy-going and is a horrible liar," he answered calmly, tucking the folder under his arm. "Talks easy, too." Nudging his head towards the desk, he suggested, "Call the hospital and see if you can get an update on that boy. I will see if there are any guardians we can contact after I speak with the girl."

Nodding in acceptance, Kaku turned to the desk while Lucci grasped the doorknob. A slight twist was all it took for the door to grant him access to the room, as well as expose his ears to the off-key humming the girl was doing now. She stopped once she noticed him, perking up with a bright smile and sparkling brown eyes.

"Hi!" she chirped. "I’m Luffy! Who are you? It’s usually Smokey that talks to me here. He’s funny. I wonder how that girl Tashigi is doing. Zoro kind of likes her, but he won’t admit it."

Well, Smoker’s notes did say she talked easy. They didn’t mention how much of a chatterbox she is.

"My name is Rob Lucci," he introduced firmly, tossing the file onto the table yet not taking the seat. He hated sitting at the table with a criminal, eye level with them like they’re an equal. No, he preferred standing over them, looking down at the scum that dares to tarnish the world. He upholds justice, protects the weak and helpless from scum like that. They’re not his equal. He is far superior to them. Refusing to be lever with them often proved that point, and they subconsciously accepted his role.

This girl, however, beamed even brighter than he thought possible. "Nice to meet you! It’s kind of funny that you’re a cop and your name is ‘Rob’. Kind of… what’s the word? Robin told me it once… Wait a second, it’s on the tip of my tongue…"

Quirking a brow, he offered, "Contradicting?"

"Yeah! That!" She laughed lightly, rubbing her shaggy black hair.

He let out a low exhale. Maybe he should have let Kaku handle her, he could already feel a headache forming. "I have a few questions for you, then you can go," he explained, resisting the urge to rub at his temple. "Can you tell me what happened this afternoon at one thirty-three on Drum Drive?"

"Yeah! Sure!" Luffy said happily. "My friends and I were getting Chopper to go to that new arcade that opened near Franky’s Pop, that soda place across from Blueno’s Bar. But we were closer to Kidd's Auto when it happened."

"I am familiar with the locations," he assured.

"Well, when we were on our way there, we heard this screeching sound. Then this huge white car came out of nowhere and hit Chopper! Zoro, Sanji, and I got to the guy driving before he could bolt. Then he got mad at Chopper, saying that he shouldn’t have been in his way. He was on the sidewalk!" She looked thoughtful for a moment. "Is Chopper going to be okay? Nami called emergency while we were chasing that fat bastard down. Do you know which hospital he went to? If he went to Flevance Memorial Hospital, then maybe Torao is working on him. If he is, then Chopper will be just fine. I know it."

"My partner is calling the hospital for an update on the boys condition now. I assume a boy his age does have guardians to contact?"

Luffy nodded. "He lives with his grandparents, Hiriluk and Kureha. They work at Sakura Hospital. I don’t know if they were called yet or not. Knowing Robin, she probably called them once Nami called emergency. They’re probably wherever Chopper is right now. I’m sure they’re both acting crazy. They always are when it comes to him."

Lucci nodded. "We will call them to make sure they are informed," he stated. "Originally, you had charges of assault being pressed against you. But after receiving witness accounts and your own, we will be investigating the driver as well as other security footage from nearby buildings. The charges were dropped when enough people called him out. You are free to go."

"Thanks!" she exclaimed happily, jumping to her feet. "Do you know where they took Chopper?"

"I believe it was Flevance Memorial, though I am sure you can call one of your friends," Lucci told her calmly as she walked to his side. His brow quirk as she inched closer to him, leaning closely. Thankfully the window to the rest of the office area is closed, but the mirror window wasn’t. At the angle they’re at, questions can be raised if Kaku was still in that office.

"Have I ever mentioned how hot you are in uniform?" she whispered with a snicker.

"Get going before you get me in trouble," he scolded her. "Remember, we never met before."

Humming an affirmative, she trotted to the door. "Thanks! Bye!"

Huffing out indignantly, he rolled his eyes. One of these days, she is going to get into trouble. And he is going to fall down that hole with her.

A chime sounded from his pocket, his phone signaling a message being received. Fishing the phone out, he unlocked the screen and read the message.

‘Seriously, we need to role-play first time meeting again. It was fun! See you later, hot stuff!’

He scoffed then locked his phone again. It was more surprising that she managed to pull it off. Smoker’s notes don’t come close to his personal knowledge of her inability to lie.

Well, at least she wasn’t sexting him again. That would have been awkward.

Here is a line!

If her brother tried to be any more incognito, he would probably be naked. After all, someone hiding their identity, especially in front of a police station, tends to wear more clothes instead of flashing the Family sign tattooed on their back.

"Shishishi, Ace is dumb!" she declared, earning a playful scowl from her older brother.

"I’m not the one always being hauled into the police station," he shot back as they got into his car. "So, what did old Smokey have to say this time? He realize that you didn’t really start it?"

"It wasn’t Smokey this time," she told him.

"Gramps didn’t get you, did he?" he asked worriedly.

"Nope! Lucci!" she chirped, earning a sigh from her brother.

"You know that he’ll probably put work before you," Ace informed as he pulled away from the station. "Seriously, out of all the guys you know, you had to date a cop. An older cop. I think I would feel better if you were still dating that doctor friend of yours."

"Nah, Torao likes Kidd," she brushed off, not even mentioned that Torao is seven years older than her. "How’s Chopper?"

"Well, as to be expected, Trafalgar is the one working on him," the other explained calmly. "The other doctors thought it was too personal for him to handle, with him knowing you guys and all. He just gave them this look and told them that he wouldn’t trust the life of his friends in any of their hands. Then he just walked right in and got to work."

"Shishishi, that sounds like Torao!" she laughed. "Is he still-?"

"Nah, Chopper’s out of surgery," Ace replied, patting his sister’s knee comfortingly. "Last I heard, he’s awake. He has a couple fractured ribs, a broken arm, and a bad gash on his side. It didn’t cut into any organs, thankfully. It looks like he’ll have quite the recovery to look forward to, but he’ll be fine."

Luffy let out a low sigh. "I’m glad." Her eyes narrowed dangerously. "What about the guy that hit him?"

"Trafalgar left him to the care of the other doctors," the older raven chuckled. "I think his words were along the lines of finishing the job you started if he got anywhere near the fat-ass."

"But Chopper is okay," Luffy accepted with a sharp nod. "That’s good."

Ace hummed in agreement, fighting to keep his eyelids open. "I’m pulling over," he suddenly announced, parking on the side of the road.

Already assuming what was happening, Luffy popped out of the passenger side and started making her way to the driver side. She recognized the car as Marco’s, surprised that the man let Ace borrow it considering his narcolepsy. With the right medication, Ace can tell when he’s about to have another episode and attempt to prepare for it. So long as he remembers to take it.

Opening the driver’s door, Ace was already asleep, draped over the steering wheel with drool dripping from the corner of his mouth. She shoved him over to the passenger seat then buckled him in, plopping herself down in the driver’s seat.

Thankfully, Sabo taught her how to drive from an early age in case Ace ever managed to get a license. That way, if she was with him, then they could still get around to where they need to go. Hopefully. Luffy’s sense of direction, according to everyone else, is only slightly better than Zoro’s. And Zoro is the one that thinks North is Up and that the buildings move to confuse him.

"Shishishi," she snickered to herself. "Zoro’s so stupid."

Here is a line!

Trafalgar D Water Law, a savant concerning medicine and illness and surgery, knew the second his ex rushed through the doors. They almost flew off the hinges and her voice called out for her hospitalized friend. When he rounded the corner, he saw one of the receptionist talking with her, apparently trying to deny her passage into the hospital for her boisterous behavior.

"It’s alright, Ikkaku," he told the young woman, who looked at him curiously then nodded. "Mugiwara, keep in mind that this is a hospital. Keep your voice down or you’ll disturb the other patients. How many times have I had to tell you?" He looked around curiously. "Where’s your brother?"

"Ace fell asleep in the car," she answered with a shrug as she practically pranced up to him. He managed to avoid staring at the bouncing mounds on her chest, her shirt threatening to reveal them to the world if she didn’t calm her strides. "You worked on Chopper, right, Torao? Is he okay?"

"He will be fine," Law sighed as he lead her down the hall to the teenager’s room. "A couple fractured ribs, a broken humerus, and a cut roughly fifteen inches long. It was a deep one, too. I believe Robin said he was thrown into a fence. It’s possible that’s where it came from. He’s on fluids now and had to have a blood transfusion. But he is awake and he will recover. I’m sure his guardians will make sure he takes his medication."

"Yeah, they will," Luffy agreed with a nod before standing on her toes and giving his cheek a quick peck. "Thanks for taking care of him, Torao!"

"You know, your current boyfriend might have a fit if he ever saw you doing that," he pointed out.

"Nah, he knows," she shrugged off with a bright smile. "How’s the fat bastard that hit Chopper?"

"I’m not even touching that," he growled under his breath. "I may need to be disinfected just by being in the same room as him. Good job roughing him up, though. Heard you got taken to the Precinct 9 for that one."

"Yeah, but no charges."

"Smoker talk to you?"






"That must have been fun. Let me guess, never met before. Right?"


Law sighed as he stopped his feet, Luffy taking two more steps before stopping and looking to him curiously. "I know that our relationship was frowned on, but I didn’t hide it like he does. Are you really that comfortable with him behaving like that?"

"It’s just at the station," she explained. "Or when one of his coworkers is around. It’s a bit more difficult than it was with us. You were still in school. He’s an officer. The backlash he would get is a lot worse than what you would have gotten."

"Except we just dated, had a make-out session here and there," he commented boredly then furrowed his brows and crossed his arms. "You two aren’t sexually active, are you?"

"A little," she answered, her shoulder jumping up momentarily.

"A little?" the doctor repeated then sighed and rubbed his forehead. "You know what? Not touching it. I don’t need the headache."

"You act like I always give you a headache," Luffy pouted, playfully punching his arm.

"You give everyone headaches," he shot back, earning another punch. "Here’s Chopper’s room. Please, for the sake of peace, don’t get too loud and disrupt the other patients. And don’t rile Chopper up. If he gets too active too soon, there’s a chance of his stitches tearing and his wound would open again."

"Sure thing," she tried to promise, smiling brightly and nodding her head. Planting another peck to his cheek, she chirped, "Thanks, Torao!"

She rushed into the room, calling out her friend’s name joyously and earning a cry of her name in return. Peeking in, he saw she was on the bed, hugging the young boy tightly as he cried into her stomach about how scared he was. She comforted him like she always does, holding him gently and petting his hair while letting him say whatever he wanted to say.

He pulled himself away, knowing he has other patients he needs to take care of. His phone suddenly beeped, signaling a message being received. Curious, he flipped the phone open, seeing it was from his lover. ‘Get anyone in for a car crash? Cops just came into the shop asking for security footage of the street.’

His fingers flew over the screen, typing his reply. ‘One of Luffy’s friends got hit. Both him and the driver are in the hospital. I think they just want to make sure that they should charge the driver for reckless driving and not Luffy for aggravated assault.’

The phone didn’t stay quiet long. ‘Lol! Dumbasses!’

‘Those are not real words.’

‘Fuck you.’

‘Maybe later tonight. I’ll bring the beer.’

‘Now you’re talking!’

Smirking, he slipped the phone into his pocket. Well, despite how his day has gone so far, maybe tonight can make up for it all.

Here is a line!

Lucci sighed as he hung his jacket on the hook by the door, releasing his hair from the tie that bundle it from his face. They managed to get what they needed to bring up charges of reckless driving and assault with a deadly weapon rather quickly. They even have a couple guards posted outside the driver’s hospital room to make sure he didn’t run. And the good news was that the victim will recover without permanent damage and potentially little scarring.

Glancing at the clock, though already guessing what time it was anyway, he reached for his phone and flipped it open. No messages. No missed calls. No voicemails.

Shrugging, he figured she was still visiting her friend or was at her home with her brothers, both of them criminals. In fact, the house was practically full of criminals, but he never said a word about who lives where. If he did, he would be looking at another promotion, a huge pay increase, maybe a medal or award for keeping the city safe by removing some of the more dangerous criminals.

He concluded, though, that it wasn’t worth it. It’s not worth the absence of that bright smile. That cheerful voice. Those random hugs, quick kisses, or even the stupid conversations that could give him a headache if he didn’t enjoy them so much.

He knows that if they’re found out, he is the one that would be in the most trouble. Not just because he knows information that the police has been after for years, but because his girlfriend is still (technically) a minor. She will be eighteen in two weeks, and he is patiently waiting for that date. In fact, he has big plans for that day in particular.

A ‘coo’ drew his attention over to the white pigeon perched on top of the couch. He held up his arm invitingly, the pigeon accepting and flying down to him. "Hattori, what are you doing out?" he asked, stroking the bird’s chest gently. He’s pretty sure he left his avian companion in his cage before he left for work this morning.

"Oh, I let him out," a light voice answered, causing Lucci to slowly turn and his eyes to grow wide in surprise.

Wearing nothing but a towel stood Luffy, rubbing another towel over her dark hair. His eyes trailed down to follow a water droplet from her neck to between her breasts that strained against the towel binding them. They looked ready to break free of their fabric prison. Swallowing thickly, he tried to lower his gaze, yet that proved to be a mistake as well. Quite a few drops were still sliding down her creamy thigh and slim legs.

"You’re an evil temptress," he announced.

Curious, she looked down at herself then back at him. "What do you mean?"

"You know I don’t mind you coming into my apartment and using my shower," he told her as Hattori hopped up to his shoulder. "I simply wish you would not test my self-control so much."

She smirked up at him. "Feeling a little warm under your collar?" she asked coyly.

He quirked a brow up at her before suddenly picking her up and pressing her against the wall, Hattori quickly flying from his shoulder and back to his previous perch on the couch. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he pushed against her body, the tugged towel corner becoming free and lowering to reveal the soft mounds. One hand stayed on her hip as he pressed his lips to her, his tongue diving in as his hand reached up and cupped one of her breasts, squeezing it firmly and flicking a fingertip over her perking nipple.

She moaned into his mouth as their tongue danced, her hips rolling into his and brushing against his growing erection hiding under his pants, begging to be freed. Her legs wrapped around his waist, not allowing him to step away as she pulled back one of her hands to fully remove the towel.

Pulling away, he repeated in a pant, "Evil temptress."

Luffy giggled, meeting his smoldering gaze unflinching. "Need some help?" she offered, tugging on his belt. "We’re at your place. So unless your boss bugged it to find out if you’re playing with an underage girl, I think you’re safe."

"I just might be," he answered, removing her legs from his waist as his mouth descended to nip and suck on her neck. His knee tucked between her legs, keeping them open as he slowly trailed down. His teeth pinched her teat, tongue rolling over the mountain before moving to the next. Done playing with her breasts, he slowly knelt in front of her, his mouth still trailing down her tight stomach until meeting the triangular nest of thick dark hairs.

Picking one leg up, he placed it over his shoulder and held it with one hand while the other slipped between her wet folds. His lips kissed back up to her stomach, tongue swirling around her bellybutton before he moved over to his waist, nibbling the sensitive skin as his fingers dove into the tight heat.

Luffy moaned, hands digging into his hair as her leg bent around his shoulder. Her other leg trembled, but not from baring too much weight. Despite her size and strength, Luffy did not weigh a lot, making it much easier for Lucci to pick her up no matter the occasion. Often it was the drag her from trouble, unless they were in his apartment.

"Lucci," she panted, grabbing his ponytail and tugging it. "Couch, please."

With a low growl, he stood and threw her onto his shoulders, earning a squeak as he playfully slapped her bare ass. He rounded to the front of the couch then dropped her onto the cushions. His eyes watched her large breasts bounce as she landed then tried to rearrange herself, ending up with one leg on the backrest and the other draping off the couch, her torso held up by her elbows.

Smirking, he pulled off his undershirt, earning a playful whistle as he tossed it to the side. One of her hands reached up and traced over the muscles of his abdomen while he undid his belt, yanking it from the loops and throwing it to the side. With her one hand, she undid the button of his pants then pulled down the zipper.

"Now who’s an evil temptress?" she asked, tugging his pants lower.

"A temptress is female," he pointed out as he shoved his pants off, quickly followed by his boxers. "So it’s still you."

"Then what are you?" she asked curiously as he knelt between her spread legs.

"An animal," he snarled with a grin, rubbing his hard cock against her wetness. "With a very delicious female before him." He rocked his hips into hers, earning a gasp and moan as she rocked back. "One that he would very much like to rut."

"You’re a bad kitty," she giggled, her arms wrapping around his shoulders as he pressed down against her, still rubbing his sex against hers. "You can put it in, you know."

"I know," he replied, reaching down to guide the leg against the couch over to his shoulder.

"We’ve come this far already," she continued to coax. "Why not just go all the way?"

"No protection," he pointed out, though was basically lying through his teeth. He’s bought condoms, even has a small stash of them up in his bedroom.

"Poor excuse," she scolded as she reached down to his cock and grasped it with firm fingers. He groaned as she tugged him, rubbing his tip against her entrance. She was dangerously close to impaling herself with him. "I found your condoms."

Growling lowly, he lifted himself off her, grasping her wrist and pulling her hand from his burning cock. "Maybe I don’t want our first time to be simple fucking on a couch," he told her sternly. "Maybe I want it to be special, something we can both remember for the rest of our lives."

She blinked up at him, surprised by the answer, before smiling brightly. "Okay! Then I’ll wait for that ‘special’ time," she promised, jumping up to kiss him. "But for now, let’s play a bit."

He smirked, continuing his rocking into her. He could feel the soft lips against the tip of his dick as he rubbed against her, her juices covering his shaft as he slowly started to increase his speed. His arms wrapped around her waist before he pulled back, bringing her up with him to sit on his lap. She started sliding herself up and down against his aching cock, her fingers twisting around the glans as his mouth went back and forth between her lips and her breasts

She suddenly tensed, gasping and moaning as she reached her climax, spilling her juices over his lap as she pressed her hips into him as firmly as she could. Her hand tugged him until he shot ropes of white across her stomach.

Panting, he leaned back until he was laying on the couch with her on his chest. Luffy snuggled into his stomach with a giggle. "Now I have to take another shower," she told him.

"That would be your fault," he informed. "You’re the one that tempted me when you came out in nothing but a towel."

Letting out a mocking huff, she pushed herself off him then planted her feet on the floor, pushing herself up before walking around the couch. He presumed she was heading towards her fallen towel then back to the shower.

"You didn’t seem to fight it," she shot back at him with mischievous joy in her voice.

He ‘humph’ed as he tucked one arm under his head. Then his angular brows furrowed upon spotting his bird staring down at him. "What?"

Hattori tilted his head sideways, his beak snapping twice.

"He’s judging me," Lucci stated, reaching up and shooing his bird from the couch.

"Or he’s jealous!" Luffy called back before closing the bathroom door for her quick clean up.

Here the Chapter Ends

That is actually a bit longer than I usually write.

So just to clear something up: Lucci and Luffy are in an already-established relationship. Luffy is still a bit underage, but will soon not be. Because Luffy can’t lie worth a damn, she also told her friends, brothers, and even her ex about who she is dating. Lucci told no one. Law was her previous boyfriend before Lucci, though they parted on good terms.

Details will be shared later on in little snippets of information whenever someone goes down memory lane. I don’t much care for flashback moments because it just cuts away from the storyline too much and tends to be a major distraction. I have to go back to try and figure out what I was writing as soon as a flashback is over. So I just summarize past events.

If anyone wants me to try and write a prequel, I will attempt but I will promise nothing. Hope you guys enjoyed this! It’s a bit of a trial run and a experimental step out of my comfort zone. Wish me luck, guys!

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