Explicit Trope Drabbles - Amber x Hei

BY : Omnicat
Category: +. to F > Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
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Need To Know Basis (Confessions)


"He started here," Amber says, calmly cupping her breasts. "Once I was inside, no more fanfare. He took me to the bedroom, groping all the while, made me strip and get on all fours."

Hei nudges her hands aside, replacing them with his. They’re not shaking. He’s not upset.

"First he stuck his fingers in me; then his cock. No condom."

Hands freed, she dips them between her legs. That isn’t worse. His throat doesn’t constrict.

"It wasn’t half bad. He fucked without a care for me, but he had nice girth."

She palms his dick one-handed. He’s not soft with nausea. He gets hard easily.

"He came all over me and slapped my ass." Chuckling, she kisses his neck. "Like bad porn."

Then she mounts him, sinking down in one slick, fluid movement, sighing blissfully.

"That’s when the wife finally burst in, and I killed them both. Mission accomplished."

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