Akame Ga Kill Conquest

BY : Storm-Master55
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A/N: This is a request from a beta I’ve got, Soulvanguard, that is going through some tough times and I decided to try and cheer him up by doing this. I hope you enjoy. This will be a simple four chapter story that will be of the three sexiest ladies of the series: Esdeath, Lion and Akame

P.S. Sorry if a character is a little O.O.C. If they are, I didn’t mean for that to happen.

Warning: Femdom, BDSM, blow/tit-job & anal.

I own nothing of Akame Ga Kill.


It had been one year. One year since the young Tatsumi came to the Empire and joined the army. One year since he caught the eyes of the Strongest General because of her seeing his potential and claiming him as her lover. While he didn’t like it at first, her being so pushy, he began to return her feelings and was now madly in love with her.

And, right now, they were in her personal tent outside of the Empire. Her army was headed out to the North to claim the territory with the general, Esdeath, leading the charge. Tatsumi had also gained rank in the year he spent working, attaining the rank of lieutenant; a rank below his lover.

Said lover was a gorgeous woman who appeared to be in her twenties. She had long, flowing, light blue hair and matching blue eyes. Esdeath wore a general attire with a scarf wrapped around her neck. The shirt showed a large amount of her cleavage, with a tattoo just above her large bosom.

Esdeath was leaning over her lover, ravaging his mouth with her own. Her pleasure came from the fact she was dominating her lover that always tried to fight back before losing and letting her do whatever she wanted. Ending the kiss, she smirked at her blushing lover. “My, my, Tatsumi. You’re putting up more of a struggle every time. You don’t like it when I fuck you?” Esdeath teased as she let her fingernail trail up his strong chest. Her sadistic nature greatly enjoyed her lover squirm under her.

“N-No I don’t.” Tatsumi tried to deny but the stutter only made the sadistic smirk on her face grow. “Esdeath-Mhp!” His words were stopped when Esdeath ripped off his shirt, showing his strong chest from all the training sessions with Esdeath, and was now face-to-face with her womanhood, which was now free since she took off her pants and underwear, that was suffocating him.

“Now, now. No talking, Tatsumi. Please me while I suck you off. If you do a good job, I might even let you be on top.” The drowning in juices male knew that was a lie. Esdeath never let him be on top. Ripping his pants off, she gave a shuttering sigh at the large, eleven-inched tool. “Hm…Seems this has missed me.” She rubbed the shaft slowly, making sure to go so slow that it was painful.

Tatsumi was moaning into her dripping mound as the slow back of her hand-job was agonizing. The vibrations from his voice increased Esdeath’s pleasure but kept control of her speed. ‘She tastes just so good!’ The male thought as he loved the taste of his superior.

Esdeath licked her lips as she saw the head of her pleasure stick leak some pre-cum. “How cute. Seems your cock wants me to lick it. It’s all wet and sloppy now. Don’t mind if I do~.” Leaning down she took only the tip of her mate’s tool into her mouth. Her tongue teasingly licked at the sensitive head while humming softly, driving him wild.

He would have grabbed her hips, wanting to dig his tongue deeper, but couldn’t as his hands were tied to the small post at the head of the bed. All he could do was continue to lick and dive deep into his love’s juicy walls.

“Yeah. That’s good.” Taking her lips off his head, while still licking and stroking him off, Esdeath purred. “But, I know you can do better. Really get in there.” She demanded, squeezing his cock a little harder.

The pain in his spear and the fear of what she might do caused him to do what he knew she liked. He took his tongue out and gently lick her sensitive clit, making her scream in pleasure. “Yeah! That’s right! Keep going, my love slave!” She encouraged before diving back down, going full speed on her blow-job. Her hips dug deeper into his lips that were forced to frame her lady lips with his tongue going back into its home.

“Ugh!” His voice was muffled by her pussy lips. Tatsumi moaned out harder at the pain of Esdeath’s teeth grinding against his foreskin. The mixture of pain and pleasure made him buck his hips slightly into her mouth, her juices poured out into his waiting maw. “Ow!” The teenage suddenly let out pained yelp when Esdeath slapped his leg hard.

“Now, now, Tatsumi. No moving. Your mistress will tell you when to move.” Taking her hot mouth off his tool, she reprimanded her lover while shaking her hips along his wiggling tongue. “Just keep licking me.” She demanded before going back on his tool. Her hands holding his hips down firmly so he couldn’t surprise her again.

‘Fuck! She’s so good!’ The lieutenant thought to himself as her smooth tongue licked at his shaft while bobbing on and off him. He knew he was close to cumming and he could feel Esdeath getting closer as her walls constricted against his tongue. ‘I just can’t get enough of her taste!’ Tatsumi thought in a dazed lust as he continued to eat her out.

Esdeath moaned against his meat rod. His oral skills have improved drastically since the first time they fucked. She wiggled her hips along his tongue, letting it hit her sides. Her own tongue went to licking his slit while her lovely hair flew in the air. She could feel her walls tighten around her Tatsumi’s tongue and decided to make him climax before her. Letting one hand slid down his leg, she let her finger slip into his bottom.

Tatsumi’s eyes widened the second her finger slipped in his ass. ‘Shit!’ Shouting in his mind, he lost all control over his lower half and let his seed spurt straight into his lover’s mouth. While cumming, he lightly sucked on Esdeath’s clit. The teenager opened his mouth wider to drink the incoming squirt from her climax. Both blowing lover loved the taste of their mate’s essence as they gulped all they could until they ended with a little shake.

Sighing, Esdeath took her mouth off his tool that shot one more blast that soaked her face. She moaned happily at the heat on her face. It caused her core to heat up once more and let out a small squirt into her lover’s maw. “Hm~. So delicious, Tatsumi.” Esdeath teased.

Panting, the green-eyed military man nodded weakly. “It was amazing for me too, Esdeath-sama.” While he didn’t like saying it, he knew it made Esdeath hot when he called her that.

Like he expected, the blue-haired beauty blushed at the suffix. Giggling, she took her mound away from his lips and let herself hover over his standing prick. “Why thank you, servant. Why don’t we get to the main part?” She asked rhetorically before flinging off her shirt. The jiggling orbs of flesh was followed by his eyes. “Fufu. You really like my breasts.” Esdeath said, knowing her lover liked her breasts from the amount of time he played with them while intimate.

Tatsumi nodded dumbly. He wouldn’t deny loving her breasts. They were so big and beautiful, like the rest of her. “Yes, Esdeath-sama. They’re so beautiful.” He said with a bright blush she shared.

“Good boy.” She said, letting her delicate hand rub his cheek. “You deserve a reward.” Her smile turned seductive as she let her dripping hole take his leaking head in, teasing him by just letting the tip in. Esdeath greatly enjoyed the pained whimpers she received. Lightly grounding herself against him, she felt herself losing control of herself.

Tired of this teasing, she stopped her grounding and let herself drop on his prick. “Ahh~!” Esdeath sighed in bliss as she let her lower mouth take his eleven-inched dick. No matter how many times she took him, she shook like the first time they made love. Leaning her head back, she began to ground her hips along his shaft before sliding up and down his shaft, getting it nice and wet. The beauty moaned harder as she continued to ride his giant prick.

‘I…want to lick them!’ Tatsumi thought as his eyes never left her swaying tits so close, yet so far from his grasp and lips. Resting her hands next to his head, Esdeath smirked at the look he was giving her. “You want to suck my tits, don’t you? You want to have them in your mouth, don’t you, my love?” Esdeath’s voice was soft and husky as she continued to bounce her hips against his cock.

Breathing heavy, Tatsumi nodded. “Hai. I want to suck them. Please, my love. Let me suck them.” He begged with a submissive look. With a large blush and victorious smile, Esdeath leaned her body down so her teats were lightly touching his lips.

“Come on, Tatsumi. Lick them. I know you want to.” The beauty demanded/teased her love while shaking her womanly hips along his tower. She waved her melons in front of his lips. “Ahh~!” Esdeath sighed/moaned in bliss as his hot mouth captured her hard nipples as she let her hips go up his shaft before bringing herself down, spearing herself on his pole.

The light brown-haired male was losing his mind as the hot cunt of Esdeath contradicted her cold skin and it made him shiver in pleasure. His lips and tongue continued to lick at her hard nipples while letting her do all the work, something he knew she loved. His hips slowly started to buck against her slapping thighs.

Esdeath felt her love thrust up, but that only made her hotter. She could feel her insides ache and tingle in pleasure as she continued to fuck her lover. Her heart rate was beating a mile a minute and she could feel his was the same, as he hands were resting on his chest. It made her smile, liking she had this effect on him, even after the numerous amount of times they’ve fucked over the past year.

“Oh~! That’s right, Tatsumi! Keep going! Your long, hard, cock feels so good inside me!” Esdeath moaned in bliss with a large blush on her pale cheeks. She smirked when all she could hear was his muffled voice as he wouldn’t take his lips away from her breasts. “You’ll do whatever I say, right?” She asked, taking her swinging tits away from him.

Needing her, Tatsumi spoke in a lust crazed voice. “Yes. I’ll do anything you tell me to do, Esdeath-sama.” He said, looking at those blue eyes he loved so much. He groaned a little in pain when Esdeath pulled him by the hair.

With him near her lips, she lightly bit into his ear, drawing blood and a loud scream of pain and pleasure from him, before speaking. “Good. Fuck me. Fuck me harder, you big dicked bastard. Shove that big dick up my hot cunt. If you cum before I do, you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.” The sadistic beauty warned her lover while she continued to bounce her luscious booty on his shaft.

Following her demands, he bucked up harshly, making the beauty scream in pleasure, her voice was music to his ears that still bled. “Holy shit, Esdeath-sama! Your cunt feels so wonderful around my cock! Thank you for letting me inside you!” Tatsumi thanked the woman on top of him with a dazed, husky, voice.

Esdeath was blushing up a storm at his words and his praise of how good he felt inside her. “Thank you, slave. I make my pussy hot and tight for you, and you alone.” The beauty said with devotion and love for her man. Her light-blue eyes soon widened to the max as she felt her insides quiver. “T-T-Tatsumi~~!” Screaming, Esdeath shook heavily as she climaxed all over her lover.

Her orgasm set off Tatsumi’s. “Esdeath-sama!” Yelling, the brunette shot his second load of the day into his lover’s molten hot pussy. After filling the other up for one minute, Tatsumi fell back in a huff with Esdeath leaning down, pressing her large bust against his chest.

“As usual, my love, that was the best.” Esdeath purred with a sultry smile and soft voice. “And you as well.” Tatsumi said, his voice weak and face sore from the rough fucking from his lover. He should be used to it by now, but it still hurt sometimes when they screwed. Esdeath and Tatsumi moaned a little as they left their connection and sighed happily as she buried his bead between her heaving bosom.

Tatsumi was used to this hold as she held him like this for the year they had been together. In fact, he always looked forward to the night to be buried between his personal pillows. His body relaxed the sound of her calming heartbeat and followed her in the gentle embrace of sleep.

Green eyes slowly opened. He was introduced to the sight of his blue-haired lover smiling in her sleep while holding him. Seeing her like this made him smile. No one ever got to see this side of the ice woman and he was honored he was the only person who could see her weak side. Wanting to take a little walk, seeing as he’s up, he managed to get out of her hold and replace himself with the large pillow she snuggled into after groaning for a few seconds. Smiling, he softly brushed her hair of her face and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Taking a deep breath of fresh air after stepping out of the tent, he looked at the moon over head. “What a nice night.” Tatsumi mused before making his way out of the campsite and into the forest. As he walked, he felt a pull in his chest, making him frown a little. It was a feeling he never felt before and his body was reacting on its own, trying to find the source of the feeling.

His green eyes wandered the clearing he was in. “Weird. This is where that feeling was coming from. But, I don’t see anything.” Tatsumi spoke aloud as he was seriously confused. Since he wasn’t paying attention to his behind, he never saw the narrowed red eyes that locked onto his form.

It was only because of his year of training with Esdeath, that he managed to dodge the incoming strike from behind. He rolled a little on the ground until he got up in a crouch. “What the hell was that?” Tatsumi asked, his green eyes now sharp as he searched for whatever just attacked him.

His answer came in the form of a low, threatening, growl. Out of the bushes came something he never expected to see. “A…fox?” He wondered as it was not like any fox he had ever seen before. The fox had red fur and instead of one tail, it had nine tails, lashing out in the air that seemed to burn a little from the motions. Tatsumi could only assume it was a Danger Beast.

Growling louder, the nine-tailed fox rushed it’s pray once more, sharp teeth ready to dip into his flesh. Muscles tensed, Tatsumi waited for the right moment to strike. Stepping to the side of the speeding fox, he managed to land a solid punch to the head, making it yelp in pain. It was Tatsumi’s turn to groan in pain as the fox quickly moved its head around to bite his forearm.

“Stupid fox!” Yelling, Tatsumi swung his arm around, bringing it high enough for him to lash out with a kick to the stomach, making it loosen its tight grip around the male. ‘Should have brought my sword.’ He berated himself for not bringing a weapon in case of this happening.

Tatsumi grabbed its tail, but it was a mistake as it soon charred his hand. “Ahhh!” He let out a pained yell, his body recoiling from the heat. The fox saw his prey weakened by its tails so he used that to its advantage. All nine tails came rushing at Tatsumi, who was blowing on his smoking hands.

Eyes widened as he felt the burning sensation in his shoulder. He didn’t need to glance as he knew its tail was lodged into his shoulder. Tatsumi grunted as he harshly pulled himself away from the tail and dived to the side, dodging the other eight tails that would have killed him.

Feeling the blood rush from his wound, he covered it up with his hand as he glared at the fox who didn’t let him rest. Jumping to his feet, he ran as fast as he could, thinking of what he could do to this fox who he could head was chasing him. Taking his hand off his shoulder, he let his left hand crush into the tree he ran past. Said tree fell down, blocking the path.

‘Thank you Esdeath.’ Tatsumi thanked his lover for his strength. He wasn’t surprised to hear the burning of the tree and the crushing of leaves. The brown-haired youth continued to punch trees to help him get further away from the rushing fox.

After running for an unknown amount of time, Tatsumi picked up the scent of water. ‘Yes!’ With glee, he thought as he came up with a plan to kill this fox. Running for another few yards, he spun around and caught the jumping fox, ready to bite his head off. “Not today!” Yelling, Tatsumi pushed it off him with a powerful kick that sent the yelping fox into the river that was behind them.

Rolling on his stomach, he smirked a little as he saw the fox thrash and wail in pain as the water soaked its whole form. After a few seconds of thrashing, it stopped and looked straight at Tatsumi.

Tatsumi was shocked at the sudden look he was given and was unprepared for the fox to suddenly jump out and sink its claws and fangs into him. His brain and body could only accept the immense pain that he was feeling. A strangled yell left his lips as his eyes rolled up a little. Before he passed out from the pain, he felt the same thing from when he came out of the tent, only stronger. “Uga!” Blood spilled from his lips as he felt the claws and fangs leave his body.

Falling, he waited for the beast to finish him off, but green eyes could not find the creature. “H-Huh?” He could only mutter as his body was racked with pain and his muscle sore. Laying down for an unknown amount of time, trying to make his body move, he groaned as he flipped himself over and shakily got up. “Wonder…where that…fox went?” Tatsumi asked himself.

“Water!” Green eyes widened comically as he felt his throat was on fire. His head was dunked into the water with the thirsty teen taking giant gulps of water. Filled with water, burning gone, he burst out of the water with a happy sigh. “Damn!” He cursed as he wiped his head and face.

Opening his eyes, the reflection in the water was something that made him stumble back, his ass hitting the ground. Blinking multiple time, he hesitantly crawled back to the water and the reflection was the same as before. Instead of brown hair, it was now red with a hint of his original brown. His teeth were now long, like an animal, with his nails sharing the same length as his new teeth. In place of his green eyes, they were now crimson with vertical slits. But, the most shocking thing was that he had nine tails, like the fox, swirling behind him. “What the hell is going on!?” Tatsumi yelled to the sky in fright and confusion.

While Tatsumi was freaking out, Esdeath was groaned as she let her hand roam the bed. Blue eyes shot open when she felt the distinct lack of Tatsumi. Her body shot up, not caring if she was naked. “Tatsumi. Where are you, my love?” Her head whipped around frantically. Throwing her feet off the bed, she grabbed a lose shirt and some pants before sprinting out of her tent. Sharp eyes locked onto the footprints of Tatsumi’s that led to the forest.

Narrowing her eyes, she followed the footprints until she found the field he was in. Fear sank into her body as she saw some burn marks on the ground and footprints and pawprints heading further into the forest. Thinking he was attacked by a Danger Beast, she rushed to make sure he was alive and kill the mindless beast that would dare to attack her mate.

Jumping over burnt wood, she saw what she was looking for. Relief filled her body as he looked alright, but shock and worry were the next feelings to follow as she saw the new additions to his body. Tentatively walking to her lover, she slowly reached her hand out and touched his shoulders.

Because he was looking at his form, he didn’t know Esdeath was behind him until her hand rested on his shoulder. Thinking it was danger, he sprang into action. New clawed hands pushed the hand off before pouncing on whoever touched him, teeth snarling like an animal.

Heat ran through her body as she stared into the feral eyes of her lover. Her body felt like it was on fire and she knew her face was bright red from the blush on her lovely face. “Tastu?” She asked.

The sweet voice of his lover knocked him out of his crazed state and now realized what was going on. “E-E-Esdeath! I-I-I’m so sorry!” Tatsumi apologized as he got off her and helped her to stand. He now noted that he was as tall as Esdeath, when he used to crane his neck to look at her.

The new height also shocked her but she was more interested in what happened. “Tatsu. What happened? Why are you out here and looking like this?” She asked, her face losing her blush and now serious.

His face mirrored Esdeath’s as he spoke as seriously, something he picked up from the time they spent together. The boy began to tell his lover of the feeling that called to him from the night and following it to the fox, who was giving off the feeling. He explained the fight and what happened after he knocked him into the water. “…Then I went to the river and saw my new appearance.” He ended.

Esdeath rested a hand on her chin and hummed at the story. “Truly interesting. I’ve never heard of a Danger Beast biting someone and giving them their power.” She smiled brightly at her lover, making him blush as he was on the end of it. “Like I thought, you are the most special person on the planet.” She praised, blushing as well as she found his blushing face cute.

“Th-Thanks, Esdeath.” He thanked, scratching his head in embarrassment. Before he could talk, his body froze as his nose picked up a scent and something inside him began to burn when the sweet scent reached his brain. He knew what he was feeling. He was horny but he didn’t know why as he had just fought. New eyes looked at Esdeath and the feeling increased to maximum levels.

Concerned at his sudden freeze, she asked. “Tatsu. What’s wrong?” She asked, her blue eyes showing worry. “Ah!” A yell escaped her lips as she was tackled to the ground, Tatsumi over her with his lips firmly on her lips. Unprepared for this, the teen had taken the advantage and let his tongue slip past her lips and ravage her mouth. For some reason, Esdeath’s body froze but soon moaned hotly as she found her insides growing hot. Her hands soon came to grasp his hair, pulling him deeper into the steamy kiss.

Ending the kiss, much to her displeasure, the beauty moaned as his lips soon kissed her neck, making her skin sear in heat. Her muscles quivered at the strong hold. ‘He’s…like a wild animal!’ She thought between moans of his kisses.

Stopping in the kisses of her neck, he leaned up, his eyes glowing in the night. Under the stare, she felt her arousal skyrocket and her womanly parts begin to moisten. “Fuck. You…taste so good, Esdeath. I don’t know why, but I feel hornier than usual.” Tatsumi said through labored breaths, not understanding his wildness himself. He showed his new arousal by grounding her hard prick against her womanhood, making her moan as well.

“Same here.” Esdeath purred, her hands finally breaking the hold and ran rub and down his new built. “Your new body is making me so hot. I don’t think I can hold out.” She said, her eyes darkening in animal lust.

Groaning at the touch, savoring it, he showed his fangs. “Sorry, Esdeath…but I’m in control now.” Before she could tell him that he was crazy, she found herself restrained once more by his tails. The pain from the heat of the tails was oddly pleasing.

Growling, liking how she looked, he pulled down his pants. Both were surprised at what was shown. Esdeath’s maidenhood shot out more juices at the member. “T-T-Twelve inches!” She squeaked out in shock. Her lover used to be a pleasing nine inches.

Smirking, he let his hand run against her soaked pussy. “Wow. So wet already. Never knew you liked being on the other end of this.” He noted as he was quickly beginning to want to see her like this, under his control, every time they made love.

Esdeath huffed harshly as she tried to glare at her lover. It didn’t work as her face was lit in red. “D-Don’t get cocky, Tatsu. Wh-When you are done…I’ll punish you for doing this…to your master.” She promised between moans as he inserted a finger into her garden.

“I don’t think so.” Tatsumi hissed, his eyes bearing into her. “It’s my turn to be the master and you the slave.” He told his lover, his voice growling in hunger. With his other hand, he pushed his cock against her lips, giving it a shine of his pre-cum. “Lick it clean, bitch.” He didn’t know why he was like this, but he couldn’t deny how much he loved this. Tatsumi could see Esdeath was too, if her aroused blush and gushing mound were indicating anything.

Esdeath couldn’t stop herself from following his command. Opening her mouth, she gagged a little as her beast-like lover shoved his member, to the hilt, into her throat. Her tongue pressed against his head, giving it sloppy licks as he kept still, cock stuffing her lips. She used her skill, and knowing what he liked, to make the blow-job sloppier and better for them both. Esdeath moaned loudly, throat sending vibrations along the member, as she felt Tatsumi slip two fingers into her mound.

“Yeah! Your throat is fucking tight! I’ve never felt it like this before! I could get used to it!” Tatsumi groaned, still fingering his blue-haired sadistic lover’s dripping lady-lips. The feeling of finally being dominant in this relationship was something he didn’t want to let go of.

‘So could I.’ Esdeath thought to herself with a large blush as she continued to suck at his penis while sliding her tongue along the shaft. His pre-cum landed on her tongue and she increased her suction, making the brunette on top of her growl in pleasure. She tried to scare him into being submissive again, wanting to show him she was still his boss, by glaring at him but he responded with his own glare that shocked her as he never glared at her. If she was honest with herself…she found her fingering pussy get wetter around his twirling fingers.

Tatsumi smirked, showing his sharper teeth, as he felt her pussy getting tighter and wetter than before as he glared at his beautiful lover. “Damn. You’re such a whore. Who knew you liked being dominated?” He mocked with a cocky voice. His face was scrunched up a little as he tried to hold himself from coating her throat in his jizz. The brunette curled his fingers, scratching her walls at new angles that made her moan around his prick, making him growl in lust.

Esdeath did nothing except gag around the dick she loved so much. Her face lit up in a large blush as his other tails went to her chest and squeezed them around his tool, making the feral male growl. “Yeah! That’s much better!” Tatsumi said in satisfaction of having her breasts encased around his rod. If there was something Esdeath knew better than anything about Tatsumi it’s his love for her big boobs.

“Come on, Tatsu. Give me your cum. I want to taste it.” Her seductive muffled voice told her lover as she looked at him with lustful light-blue eyes. Red eyes darkened at his lover’s vibrations around his tool and her slutty words.

“Fuck!” Roaring, he slammed his prick deep into her cleavage and into her mouth, spraying his load deep into her stomach. His fingers were soon coated in her own climax. Esdeath moaned heavily into the squirting cock as she let her own climax hit her like a train. ‘There is so much~! Much more than usual!’ She thought, amazed at the amount still pouring into her body. Light blue eyes widened as she felt the familiar heat in her chest. “Mhaaaa!” The beauty screamed around his spurting tool as she came on his thrusting fingers, prolonging his orgasm which prolonged her own.

The feeling of her tight throat, soft breasts, and squirting cunt was unbelievable. Tastumi couldn’t believe he was doing this and it was so hot he didn’t want to stop any time soon. His new feral mind was going through all the things he’d make Esdeath do during their little trip to the north, getting her back for the year of her being dominant in this relationship. Groaning huskily, he slowly pulled his leaking prick out of her mouth and sighed in bliss at the sexy look she sported.

Her face was flush, mouth wide open, showing his cum, with her eyes out of focus. “Tatsu~.” Esdeath’s voice was slurred from the liquid inside her maw. Making sure he was watching her, she slowly closed her mouth and made a show of her swallowing his milk. Once she was done, she opened her hazy eyes and licked her lips. “You taste even more delicious.” She said in a weak with lust voice.

Smirking, he pulled his wet fingers up to his face. “You smell good too.” He said, smelling his fingers. The stiffening of her body told him she liked it. “Now for a taste.” Licking his fingers, he made sure to savor the taste of his ice-powered lover. It was just as delicious as ever; tasting like sweet honey which was funny because she was anything but sweet to anyone other than himself. Humming in pleasure, he took his fingers out and smirked. “Delicious.”

Getting off her body, with his tails still holding her down, he framed her face, his lips inches from connecting with her own. “This will be fun.” Tatsumi teased with a dark grin that made Esdeath shiver within the hold.

Wanting to take this somewhere else, somehow his powers answered his wish and, in a burst of flames, they disappeared from the clearing and ended up back in the tent. While it confused both parties, Tatsumi decided to hold off on his wonders of his new powers to fuck Esdeath like he always wanted.

The blue-haired bombshell couldn’t get any syllable out as Tatsumi rammed his enhanced prick deep into her dripping mound, her juices making it easier to slid into her. Her shrieks of pain/pleasure were stopped when his tongue raped her own. ‘Fuck! She’s even tighter than usual!’ He thought in delight at the new hold her wall had over him. Animal-like growls escaped his lips as Esdeath began to buck her hips against his own.

‘Holy fuck! His cock is even hotter than before!’ Esdeath marveled at how his bigger dick was different than before. She guessed it was a side-effect of these new powers. Not that she was complaining. Being dominated like this…was a new feeling that wasn’t unpleasant. But, wanting to try and show him she had some form of control, she wrapped her freed arms around his neck, pulling him deeper into the steamy kiss.

A hot growl rumbled from his chest at how responsive she was being. ‘No wonder she liked this! It’s great!’ Tatsumi mused to himself in deep arousal at being on top, fucking Esdeath like a bitch.

Needing air, he forcibly pulled away, making her eyes widen at the sudden strength he possessed. The now red-eyed Tatsumi looked at his lover with unashamed lust. “Damn, Esdeath! Who knew you liked being fucked like this!?” He said in dark amusement that increased when she blushed. Grabbing her face, he made her look at him. “No, no. Not this time. I’m in control and I want to see this sexy face of your when I make you squeal like a bitch in heat.” The feral lover told his sadistic beauty without mercy as he jammed himself in and out of her dripping pussy faster, hips a blur.

“Fuck~!” Esdeath screamed the instant his hips blurred into motion. “You’re…fucking me…so…hard!” She moaned as the beauty was taken over by overwhelming pleasure of his hot prick warming her insides.

“Good!” Tatsumi hissed, his body heaving as he pounded his lover into their shared, temporary, bed. “It’s no wonder you like being on top so much! Seeing you like this is amazing!” The feral teen said with delight as this side of Esdeath, her being dominated and screaming like a bitch, was welcomed to the usually dominated Tatsumi.

The beautiful Ice Queen couldn’t speak. The only thing that came from her lips were pleasured whimpers and moans as he continued to hit all the right spots. Blue eyes locked onto crimson as Tastumi silenced her whimpers with a kiss. Esdeath tried to fight for dominance in the kiss, but his bigger cock buried inside her was too amazing and she couldn’t focus on the kiss for long and lost the fight, letting her love ravage her mouth.

“Damn.” Tatsumi growled between the kisses as his hands went to her big breasts, fondling them while pinching her hard nipples. “These tits are just too fucking great to leave alone.” He smiled into the kiss as her arms wrapped around his head, preventing him from leaving, with her legs spread wide, allowing him full access to her womanhood. Her eyes fluttered close as her mind was lost in the pleasure of Tatsumi over her, fucking her like a wild animal.

“I love you.” Esdeath whispered, her pale, porcelain, skin red. “I love this new side…it feels fucking fantastic~!” She squealed when he left the kiss and her hold.

Tatsumi, wanting more of her insides, left the kiss and grabbed her thick leg, bent up a little, and shouldered her leg. The teen took a second to just stare at her. Her naked, sweaty form entranced him. The giant chest he loved heaved for breath. His orbs then went to their connection. Licking his lips, he straddled her other leg and used her leg in his hand to push himself in and out of his squealing lover.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!” Esdeath cried the mantra, her eyes and body submitting to the rough fucking. “More! More! Fuck me harder, big big dicked hunk!” She begged her lover with droll rolling down her lovely face that was twisted in ecstasy greater than anything she’s experienced when she was on top.

“My pleasure. By the end of this night, you’ll be my slave!” Tatsumi promised, his new fangs baring. Bending down, pressing her leg into her jumping bosom, he let his fangs dig into her delectable flesh. For some reason, the taste of her blood made his body heat up and his tool run deeper and stronger into her snatch.

“AHHH!” Screaming at the top of her lungs, Esdeath’s walls tightened around his prick. Her body shook as the strongest orgasm of her life hit her like a train. The combination of him drawing blood, his bigger cock inside her, and the sudden change in demeanor drove her wild. Blue eyes crossed from the pleasure of climaxing across his still ramming shaft.

Crimson eyes widened at the pulse of his lover and her liquids staining his prick. Biting his lip, he tried to hold it off, but he couldn’t. With a roar befitting his new powers, Tatsumi shot himself deep into Esdeath, her bed finally giving way under the pressure, before shooting his dick-milk straight into her womb. “TAKE IT ALL!” The male roared in a deep voice as he climaxed harder and longer than he ever had during their sessions.

It was because of such an intense orgasm and seeing her passed out with a fucked-stupid smile on her face that made Tastumi smile. Chuckling gruffly, he grabbed her supple body, brought her into his hold, and laid down on his side. Esdeath subconsciously snuggled into his chest and purr in her sleep. The changed teen soon joined her in sleep after giving her a neck a light lick.


The great ball of fire that was the sun rose upon the army of the Empire, waking them all for the continuation of their march north. In the main tent, it was Tastumi who woke up first. Stretching his sore muscles overhead, he let them fall and yawn.

Opening his sleepy eyes, they widened when they saw the condition of the bed he was on. It was broken and Esdeath, instead of her usually using him as a body pillow, was resting on her back. “What?” His eyes widened when he remembered last night. ‘It wasn’t a dream!’ The transformed lieutenant thought in shock that what happened last night truly happened.

As he was having a mini freak-out, he didn’t realize his lover was stirring awake. He only realized she was awake when he felt her soft, supple, lips against his. Esdeath giggled lightly as she saw her lover freak-out a little when he saw that last night wasn’t a dream. The beauty could tell he was the same as before, but in the bed, he was different. Tatsumi was an animal and, she loved it!

Ending the kiss, she gave her love a sweet smile. “Good morning, my sweet Tatsumi. Did you have a good sleep? I sure did. My body is still a little sore.” The blue-haired sadist lightly teased as she rubbed her toned stomach, smirking inwardly as she saw his eyes lock onto her breasts that swayed with her movement.

“A-Uga…” Tatsumi sputtered a little, his normal personality returning at being teased by the beautiful general. “Y-Yeah, I did. And…sorry about last night. I didn’t know what came over me.” The brunette said with a nervous smile.

“Don’t be. I certainly enjoyed it.” Esdeath said with a smirk before turning serious. “But, it’s strange that you now have a Tengu. I’ve never heard of a Danger Beast giving a human it’s power willingly.” She mused as she rested her chin on her hand in thought.

“Believe you and me, I was shocked too.” Tatsumi said, still shocked about his new powers from the fire fox he beat. “What do you think it means?” He asked his thinking love as she had more experience with this stuff.

“…I don’t know yet.” Esdeath admitted before shaking her head and looking at her lover with a smile. “We’ll figure it out when next we camp. Let’s go.” Standing up, she gave him a smirk. “Watch me later.” She advised him, making Tatsumi blush as she had caught him staring at her red bottom.

Dressing, both walked out of the camp to meet the tropps who were shocked to see their lieutenant looking completely different from last night. They were told what happened and were shocked but pleased at this. With his new power, he’d make this mission much easier and they could make it back home sooner, hopefully.

The group covered much ground in that day and were now at the boarder of the north. Esdeath stopped and commanded them to set up camp as they would be arriving at the front in the morning to end the war. Now, the beautiful general and lieutenant were standing a good distance from the camp so they could get a good grip of his powers.

“Alright, love. Show me what you can do.” Esdeath called out as she unsheathed her signature rapier, her once full of love orbs were now cold, ready for battle. Taking a deep breath, Tatsumi’s eyes became cold too, before flexing his hands, showing his sharp nails. ‘Later.’ Esdeath thought to herself as she was aroused at his change, only thing showing her feelings were the light blush on her face. Whenever he fought, he gained this look that made her quiver in desire.

A single snowflake that gently landed between them was the single to start. Tatsumi ran his clawed left hand against Esdeath’s rapier in a clash of sparks. The beauties eyes widened for a fraction of a second at the force behind his strike. It was much stronger than the last spar. ‘Interesting.’ Esdeath mused to herself, her battle lust surfacing.

Tatsumi let his other hand swing at her but was met with a small ice shield that blocked the claw. What happened next surprised even Tatsumi, not that he showed it. The claws that dug into her ice began to heat up, melting through her power. Thanks to years of experience in life and death battles, Esdeath easily dodged the flaming claw by kicking her lovers arm away before spinning around for another kick that sent him flying.

Blue eyes were even wider at what just happened. ‘So, the fox beast gave him power over fire. How appropriate for my love.’ She mused with an aroused smirk. Losing the smirk, Esdeath launched herself at the skidding Tatsumi, now prepared for the fire attacks that would come her way.

Using his tails, he propelled himself over the incoming thrust and flipped a few times in the air before facing her. Taking a deep breath, he felt a burning sensation through his chest. When it became too much, he let the breath out in a large stream of flames. Esdeath created a stronger wall of ice that took the flame attack with ease. Again, his new powers shocked and impressed her as it appeared that her ice was beginning to melt.

Smirking, she summoned a pillar of ice underneath her, propelling herself over the flames and on top of Tatsumi, her back facing him. Whipping around, she sent a powerful roundhouse that Tatsumi cross-blocked. Even though he softened the blow, it still hurt like a bitch. He felt some of his bones creak under the force of her attack as he was sent crashing to the ground in a cloud of dust.

Tatsumi, his new hearing helping him out, shot out of the dust cloud when he heard the soft thud of Esdeath landing. His claws ready to shred her. She wasn’t the strongest general for nothing as she parried his claw strike with grace and ease before lashing out with a jab to his rib that made him flinch. Even with the blow, he didn’t stop his attacking and came with another claw swipe Esdeath kicked away, showing the flexibility he loved so much. She soon lashed out with a back-fist Tatsumi caught with only a wince.

Smirking, his fangs popping out of his teeth, he pulled her hard and let her fly after winding her up a little. Like he expected, she wasn’t even fazed at the move and landed with practiced ease. Blue eyes narrowed as she had to evade the incoming, small but fast, blasts of fire that burned where she stood last.

The battle for there on out was a blur of swift punches, kicks, shouts, ice and flames flying through the skies as the two lovers spared. It finally ended with Tatsumi’s surprising victory. He had used his new appendages to knock Esdeath down from her ice pillar and pinned her to the snowy ground. Now, Tatsumi had her arms pinned by her head, panting heavily.

Both were covered in sweat and blood. The spar had been more intense than they expected and the clothing they wore were now tattered and showed off their forms. Tatsumi couldn’t stop himself from licking his lips as his lover’s outfit was cut around her chest, barely holding her generous cleavage, pants torn to show her panties that barely covered her sex. Her hat was gone, letting the beautiful tresses of light blue, which was disheveled, giving her an even more alluring look, flow into the snow. All in all, the only thing on Tatsumi’s mind was fucking this beautiful creature in the snow.

Esdeath was blushing brightly as well while her breathing was erratic. This was the first time she lost a spar against her lover and it shocked the hell out of her. His powers…were greater than what she expected. Normally, she would be angry that she lost, but the only thing she could feel was pride and deep arousal. It was because her mate that beat her in battle, showing how strong he had become in this last year, even though the power boost helped him. He still showed what he learned under her teaching and used it against her perfectly. And now, as she laid on the ground, with her lover’s heaving naked chest and animal eyes blearing into her own, that she felt so weak but happy.

Smirking, she cooed. “Well, what are you going to do now, Tatsu? Now that you have me under your grasp.” Esdeath teased as she let her powerful leg slid up and down his thigh, getting teasingly close to his arousal. “Will you use that big cock of your and fuck me like last night? Or, do I have to take over once more and show you I’m the boss?” The beauty, in a show of her strength, switched their position and held him down. “This position is much better!” She said with a triumphant smirk. “Should I make your start with licking my foot or-!” Her teasing was ended when Tatsumi’s hand shot out of her grip and caught her throat before switching them once more.

This time, Tatsumi was growling even harder, his crimson eyes shining in power and arousal. “Oh no, my dear Es-chan.” His voice was much darker and stronger than before. “Like I said last night; you’re MY bitch from now on.” The wild teen didn’t let her speak, or gurgle out a response, as he captured her lips in a firm, passionate, sloppy kiss.

Esdeath could only wrap her slender, cold, arms around his neck, pulling him closer into her lips while she grounded her barely clothed body into his strong form. The growl that rumbled through his lips told her he enjoyed her ministrations so she continued, hoping to get him ready, even though she knew he was.

Just as she was getting into the kiss, he abruptly pulled back and gazed into her eyes. Esdeath could only stare back with the same intensity as she tried to get her breath back from the long kiss. Said regained breath hitched when his hands ripped off the last of her top and roughly groped her milky white bosom, making her moan and arch into his touch.

Tatsumi could only stare in desire at the breasts he loves so much. It was one of her greatest features, other than her beautiful light-blue hair and nice fat ass. She was the perfect woman and he thanked whatever God gave her to him. “Damn. You’re fucking sexy with this body of yours.” His dirty words were music to her ears and she let out a shuttered breath of bliss. The thought of being his bitch…it was an even more arousing notion than she expected.

“Thank you, my love. My body is for you like yours is for me.” Esdeath purred with a sultry smile only he would see. Tatsumi smiled lovingly at his woman. He loved seeing this vulnerable side. It showed that she was as human as anyone else, instead of the Ice Queen.

“Good.” His loving smile turned feral, making her shiver and not from the cold. “Now, let me show you how much I love this body and you.” Tatsumi captured her lips in a passionate kiss with his hands roaming her body, spending a good amount of time on her titties.

Esdeath let her hands roam too, resting them along his strong back, shoulders, and hair, telling him that she liked what he was doing. If her hands weren’t enough, her sweet moans told him of her appreciation. Her moans increased when she felt one hand leave her left bosom and go to her leg, rubbing her thigh and teasing her puffy womanhood.

In the mood for something hot on his fingers, he ran his thumb through her beautifully trimmed thatch hair that crowned her beautiful cunt. Tatsumi let two fingers caress her swollen labia, causing her to bite his tongue, making him growl into the kiss. Ending it, he smirked at her craving face. “No, no. No kisses for biting me.” He told her, pushing her down when she tried to go back to kissing him.

She was pissed but that soon vanished when his skilled tongue descended to her heaving teats and slobbered them with his saliva. Esdeath loved having her sensitive melons licked by her lover and he knew it. “Ahh! Your fingers are inside me now!” Esdeath wailed, her body quaking as his index and middle fingers entered her heat and pumped in and out at an agonizingly slow pace, obviously torturing her. With a blissful sigh, she flung her head back and let him have his way with her breasts and drenched pussy.

“Hm.” Tatsumi moaned into her bosom, making her shake in his hold. “What a deliciously tight pussy you have. It makes me want to loosen it up with my hard cock.” He said with a groan as her vaginal muscles suddenly tightened around his invading tool. The hold tightened when he bit into her hard teat.

“B-Bite me harder~!” Esdeath begged, her shaky hands pushing his head into her giant tits while se arched her back, pressing the mammaries deeper into his mouth and tongue that continued to lavish it with attention.

He didn’t need to be told that as his new animal side took control. The only thing on his mind was to see his mate squeal as he fucked her in the snow until he was satisfied. Wanting that, he increased the force of his thrusting fingers and curled upwards. Her moans and shakes of ecstasy were music to his ears and told him to get rougher with her.

Esdeath thrashed her head around, her light-blue hair whipping in the air, as her lovely voice refused to stop yelling. “T-T-Tatsumi~! If-If you thrust that hard…I’ll-!” Her voice ended when he shoved another finger up her shoot, making her let out acking sounds as her body went ridged. “AHHHHH!” The bitch screamed like a whore as her female juices squirted all over his skilled hands.

Tatsumi let her wondrous pillows go and just watched as she came on his fingers. The lovely face of Esdeath cumming was something he savored. He took great pride that he caused this of her and it was him dominating the dominatrix. Minutes passed before her eyes regained focus and let out whimpers. “Glad you liked that, babe. Now that you got your good time, my cock needs some attention from that beautiful pussy.” Using his knees to spread her legs, he lined his prick against her maidenhood.

The feral Tatsumi growled in lust as he stared at the shamelessly drenched vagina that was letting him know how much she wanted his tool to take her. Groaning, her slowly pushed is hips past her opening, letting her body get used to the giant cock that destroyed her last night.

Esdeath moaned hotly as her lover’s new cock stretched her slowly. Now that he was taking it slow, she could really enjoy the cock taking her to new heights of ecstasy. Light-blue eyes crossed as her back arched, making those beautiful jugs jiggle for him, as he filled her halfway up. A full-body spasm soon appeared when he shoved his entire length into her moist cavern. “Oh God! My pussy! My pussy is filled with Tatsumi’s cock meat!” She shouted, her body refusing to stay still. Her slender fingers curled into a fist and hit the ground below, creating a small crater, as her body was ruined by Tatsumi’s slamming hips.

A growl ripped through her feral lips as he savored her womanhood in his animal-like mind. Now that he had some time to get accustomed to these new powers, he could truly enjoy the feelings of Esdeath’s sweet, tight, and hot cunt muscles along his bigger tower. It was like his new body was designed to feel even more pleasure when he made love to Esdeath…not that he was complaining. Her woman walls had a vice-grip hold along his sliding member, getting it nice a lubed for him to thoroughly make her a screaming mess of ecstasy.

“Shit! Shit! Shit! This is better than usual!” Tatsumi growled lowly, his head lowered down and dipped into the crock of her neck, biting at her delicious skin. His bites only made her tighten her grip around his cock, making him put more power into his thrusts. A few more thrusts of just missionary passed before Tatsumi grew tired of it.

Esdeath’s eyes widened in shock when her lover suddenly stopped thrusting and took his dick out. It felt so amazing and she was so close to cumming but…he just stopped! “T-T-Tatsumi?” She asked, her voice mixed with anger and confusion. What she got was a fanged smirk that made her core heat up. “Iya!”

Tatsumi grabbed her by her wide hips before moving her on her hands and knees. The teenager took a second to take in the sight of his sexy lover’s back. Said back was arched beautifully, her ass sticking out against his hips, and the beautiful hair he loved so much was sexily draped against her shoulders. Sweat was also covering her form, making him lick his lips. “Now this position I like.” The feral male teased, making his lover blush and avert her eyes.

She couldn’t get her voice out, as she was growing weak with lust, and the fact that her lover shoved his giant man-meat straight into her caverns. “AH! FUCK! TATSUMI! TATSUMI!” The beautiful general couldn’t stop but shouting out her mate’s name as she was railed.

All the blood from his brain went to his penis as the lieutenant was fucking his lover like a wild animal and took great satisfaction of having his usual dominant lover being submissive and under his control. ‘Maybe…I’ll make…her wear…a collar.’ Tatsumi mused to himself, his mind almost fully gone to the fact of fucking the living shit out of the busty bluenette. Moving his hands up, his claws leaving small trails along her silky skin, they reached their destination: her big breasts.

“AHH!” Another yell ripped through her throat as Tatsumi’s clawed hands dug into her sensitive boobs. “TOO…ROUGH!” Even though she yelled this, he didn’t listen. In fact, it made him tighten his hold over her swaying jugs and increase his hip smashes, his hanging sack hitting her soaked thigh, making even more lewd slapping sounds vibrate through the cold air.

“Too fucking bad.” Esdeath shivered hotly and moaned as she felt Tatsumi’s stronger body lean against her with his lips right in her ear. The beauty loved the heat his voice, body, and cock provided to her usually cold body. To her, no other man could compare to Tatsumi. He is her soulmate. “I’ve been on the end of your domination for one year!” Tatsumi growled as he bit into her neck, making her squeal harder. She strained hard to keep the strength in her arms or else she’d be in the snow. “But now, I’m the dominant one.” He asserted himself by slapping her big ass. “Oh! You like that, don’t you?” Tatsumi asked hotly as he felt her womanhood tighten greatly the second he got rough with her asshole.

The beauty was too drunk on the ecstasy of being submissive she didn’t filter her words. “Yes! It feels amazing to have Tatsumi spank me while having sex!” Esdeath shouted, her head hanging with drool spilling from her open maw that let out continuous moans. She bucked her hips against him, telling her lover she was enjoying the session and bring him better pleasure so he would cum inside her.

“Good. Because You’re going to be getting spanked and degraded every time we have sex from now on.” Tatsumi said, brushing her hair to the side and looked her in the eyes. His feral stare made her look at him and she couldn’t look away. Her face bright red from the passion. “These giant knockers.” He said while groping her harder, making her moan. “Nice fat ass.” Another slap was given to the quaking woman. “And these lips are mine and mine alone. You’re my woman!” Asserting himself again, he let her tongue met hers in the air and they sloppily licked the other as they rutted.

“Yes…Yes…I’m Tatsumi’s…woman.” Esdeath muttered between tongue kisses. Tears ran down her lovely face as she was getting pounded. This was the best sex she’s ever had this entire year! “No…other man…can touch me…! They’re all…weaklings…compared to…you!” She screamed loudly when her lover slapped her flopping breasts while he brought her hips down harshly on his thundering cock.

Growls, grunts and wet skin slapping were the only sounds that were heard as Tatsumi and Esdeath didn’t feel like speaking. All they could focus on was inflicting more pleasure on the other. The male was having the time of his life fucking his lover as he played with her giant jugs. But, as he slapped her ass, he got another pleasing idea that would make her squeal like a pig.

Esdeath mewled in disappointment when he ended the kiss but that mewl of displeasure turned into a shout of utopia-like bliss as his hands grabbed her long hair and tugged roughly, making her back arch into his strong chest. “No~~! Tat-Tatsumi! Tatsumi is fucking me harder now!” The beauty’s voice was strained and barely heard by the fuck-drunk redhead.

“That’s the plan, bitch! I’m just fucking what’s mine.” Tatsumi growled as he pulled her harder against his thrusts, making her ass flesh ripple and boobs swing higher and higher into the air. “And, after I’m done fucking this nice fine pussy, your ass is gonna’ learn my new dick size!” Tatsumi promised his lover as he let his finger play with her bottom, getting it loose and prepared for the deep dicking it would receive soon as he felt his balls churn. And, by the way his sadistic beauty was shaking, moaning, panting, pussy tightening every thrust, and drooling was anything to go on, Esdeath was about to climax too.

Nothing mattered to Esdeath the second he pulled her hair up and fucked her at the new angle, his member hitting familiar spots in new ways that sent even greater shocks of unbelievable pleasure to run through her from. Light-blue eyes crossed and a happy fucked-stupid smile graced her once graceful face. ‘Yes! Yes! Being his slave…is a spectacular thought!’ Esdeath realized in her mind as being treated like this was something that got her heart beating even faster than torturing people, fighting, or spilling blood.

Pulling her hair higher, he made her face him and captured her cold lips with his hot ones, making warm shivers to shot through her. The heat increased when she felt his dick heat up to almost scorching degrees. While it was somewhat uncomfortable at first, she loved it after a second and squirted. Her shout was drowned out in their fiery kiss but was still loud to draw attention of any who could be awake at the moment. Body shaking, Esdeath could only blush as she climaxed all over her one true love.

Tatsumi’s eyes widened when he felt his gorgeous lover’s walls clench his rod like a snake and squirt all her nectar on his member. The shaking of her body against his, her hips bucking against his to get him deeper, and the sexy moans that were given were too much for him. His resistance shot, he thrusted one more time, with all his power, and pierced her cervix before shooting his massive load deep into his pet. That thought only prolonged his orgasm, which prolonged hers.

Moaning into the other’s mouths, they softly shook as they felt their bodies lose energy as they continued to cover each other in their juices for some time. “I don’t think…I’m stopping…soon.” Mumbled the fire user. Tatsumi had let go of her flowing hair and had his face in her neck, taking in her lovely scent.

“Then…don’t.” Finally able to get coherent words to form, Esdeath whispered weakly. She turned and looked at her cumming lover with nothing but affection and love shimmering in those beautiful light-blue orbs. “Just let all that delicious spunk…fill me.” Her eyes were closing but they were quick to shoot open when she felt the heat surge through her even stronger. “T-T-Tatsumi…?” She asked, hesitant as she heard a dark, lustful, chuckle.

His feral side showed up full force when she spoke. Just her voice got him going! Tightening his arms around her waist, he spoke, voice muffled by her flesh. “Remember what I said? I want to fuck that tight asshole of yours now. Doesn’t matter if I’m still cumming.” Tatsumi smirked a little as she went stiff in his hold and the little sputter in her voice.

“T-Tatsu…I-I’m still weak…I can’t possibly…!” Esdeath tried to make her lover see reason after the mind-blowing orgasm but it was useless. “No~~!” The beauty moaned out in lustful anger as he took his penis out of her womanhood. The combined fluids lost in the snow. Before she could yell at him, her head was thrusted into the snow and let out a loud moan, muffled by the snow, as he lined his leaking cock-head against her bubble butt.

“Yeah…” Tatsumi breathed out as he felt the heat coming from her bottom. “I’m gonna’ like this.” He said with a haughty smirk. Slowly sinking down, he split the cheeks of her back-door inch by inch. Esdeath’s shakes and moans only fueled his need to stuff his cock between these tight cheeks that were milking his entering member. His cock penetrated her rectum with slow yet deep strokes to make sure he didn’t cum too soon. Tatsumi wanted to enjoy her tight backdoor as long as he could.

“Oh God. Oh God!” Esdeath slowly breathed out in bliss of taking his cock up her ass. His new size stretched her wider than before and it hurt a little but, like when he fucked her last night, she grew to love it as he sawed his member in and out at a steadily growing pace. She bit her own lip, trying to hold in her hot voice but couldn’t as the pleasure was too much for her to not vocalize. “So…deep!” The beauty yelled, resting her head against the snow. The cold feeling of the snow contrasted with the heat of his prick sawing in and out of her bottom was unbelievably good for her.

“You like this dick, don’t you?” Tatsumi began to talk dirty as he fucked his lover, his hips picking up speed with each pump. “Having my new dick up your ass makes you horny, doesn’t it?” He asked while her let one hand reach under her and find her swollen clit and play with it. Tatsumi grinned as he heard the cry of pleasure Esdeath gave him that was muffled as she buried her face deeper into the snow.

“Y-Yes!” Esdeath yelled, slowly bucking her plump booty against his hips. She relished the brutal deep-dicking. It was so sensual and deep. The beauty opened her anal walls to greedily accept his member. He was hitting all the right spots and her anal G-spot constantly. He just had to add more pleasure by playing with her big fat clit, getting his strong fingers nice and wet. “Your hot cock…is burning my asshole! I…don’t think I can last long, Tatsumi!” The Ice Queen informed her lover.

“Well too fucking bad, bitch.” Tatsumi, after holding himself from blowing as he heard her melodious voice telling him that, cooed into her ear as he buttfucked her. “You’re not allowed to cum until I say so. So, until I’m done with this beautiful ass, you can’t climax. Is that understood?” He asked his moaning beauty as he let his hips smash into her tight hole harder each time while switching between flicking her clit, pinching, and rubbing.

“T-T-That’s unfair~!” Esdeath whined. Turning her head back, she looked at him with a fucked stupid face. “I-I-I don’t think I can hold on much longer!” She told her lover as she felt her boiling insides feel like it was about to burst and cover his fingers in female cum.

“Too bad.” Tatsumi growled, bringing his hips back before pushing back really hard, making her head hit the ground hard. “You’re not allowed to cum until I cum.” He ordered his lover before swooping down and capturing her limp tongue in a kiss she submitted to quickly. Esdeath was too drunk on the ecstasy of being dominated by her lover to even try to put up a fight.

Spanking her plump bottom, he growled into the kiss as he muffled her screams while he had to put more and more energy into his thrusting. He gave up on her clit to play with her plump milk jugs he loved playing with. “Esdeath…!” Ending the kiss, he stared deep into her lovely light-blue eyes.

Knowing what he was about to say, she tightened her anal muscles around his cock meat and whispered hotly. “Do it. Spray my dirty ass with your semen. I want to feel everything!” Esdeath begged her lover with teary eyes and large blush.

“Good!” Exclaimed the teenager. Grabbing her thighs, he flipped her over, back on the ground, before swooping down to hungrily kiss her while pinching her nipples…hard. With one final thrust, Tatsumi released his seed straight into Esdeath’s bottom. Light blue eyes widened in utopia-like wonder as his seed shot into her backdoor like a cannon. She moaned deeply into the kiss as she was able to bring him closer by wrapping her strong legs around his ass. Feeling his seed fill her butthole caused her own climax to appear. She shuttered into the hold as her womanhood stained his front with female jizz.

After minutes of grunting, moaning, shaking, and thrusts, their orgasms slowly subsided. Kissing for a few more minutes, this time being more soft and full of love than just animal lust, Tatsumi rolled to the side and let his cock slip out of her tight rectum. Ending the kiss, both panted with large blushes as they just stared at one another. “Spectacular…my love.” Esdeath managed to get out between rough breathing. “I never thought…being submissive would feel so…good.” She admitted with a shy blush.

“Heheh. It was good for me too and now you know I how felt for the past year.” Tatsumi said with a grin. His arms wrapped around her still cold body, which shocked him after the steamy session they had, and pulled her into his warm form.

Esdeath was quick to wrap her own arms around his neck. She relished the feeling of his warmer body heating up her usually cold form. The beauty felt so safe in his arms. Laying there for an unknown amount of time, just savoring being each other’s embrace, Tatsumi decided it might be time to get back.

Leaning away, ignoring the mewl of sadness of losing her heat source, Tatsumi picked her up bridal-style and made his way back to camp with his blushing general burying her face into his neck. ‘She can be so cute at times like this.’ The feral lieutenant mused to himself as he loved seeing the shy side of Esdeath whenever he did something like this. Seeing her blush like a school girl was always a reward.

Walking into their personal tent, he laid down with Esdeath at his side the instant they hit the mattress. The light-blue haired beauty was lulled to sleep by the calming heart-beats of her soulmate. Smiling softly, he gently placed a lock of her hair behind her ear and kissed her cheek. “I love you, Esdeath.” Tatsumi whispered as he pulled her close and soon joined her in sleep.


Well, that’s the first chapter and I hope you all liked this chapter. The next chapter will be just as steamy, I hope, as that’s going to be a threesome.

Also, sorry if the first scene didn’t seem that good. I’m not good at Femdom.

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