When sparring gets hot and heavy

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When sparring gets hot and heavy

Meiling grunted as she blocked a kick from Syaoran with her forearm, her arm straining to hold him back as she then struck out at him with a kick of her own to force him away

Having realised that neither of them had truly trained for a good couple of months now since their studies and everyday life had taken over their free time Syaoran and Meiling decided that they needed a good sparring session if just to blow off some steam, the pair using the roof of Syaoran’s apartment building for their sparring ground as it gave them the best privacy

“Left yourself open!” Syaoran stated as Meiling recovered from her kick, her stance allowing him to rush around behind her, grabbing her arms and pinning them across her shoulders in a pseudo headlock “you’re not focusing!”

Growling with frustration as her arms were rendered useless Meiling tried to kick back at him, slamming her heels back against his thighs to little to no effect on him, his solid legs taking the blows like they were nothing “let go you asshole!” she snapped struggling hardly to which Syaoran just smirked, his hot breath teasing her earlobe sending a shuddering down her back

Smirking as he felt his cousin shiver in his grasp Syaoran knew he had struck a very sensitive nerve, moving one hand down to grasp at her chest drawing a sharp gasp from her “such a dirty girl, getting turned on in a situation like this” he growled in her ear before biting down on the lobe making Meiling’s knees go weak

“S-shut up” Meiling hissed back before gasping again as Syaoran moved a hand down to squeeze one of her breasts through her top, her resistance against his actions crumbling quickly despite her struggles as she felt herself getting beyond wet from his touches, her heat more than apparent to Syaoran as he moved his hand from her chest to between her legs making her flinch and hiss with pleasure “s-stop it…”

Ignoring her weak half-hearted protest Syaoran slid his hand into her spandex shorts making her gasp breathlessly as his fingers met her clit “no underwear? You’re just begging for this” he husked in her ear making her shudder as her struggles lessened even more, her legs starting to shake as her breathing got heavier

Feeling her soaking his fingers Syaoran pushed them in deeper making Meiling cry out as she clenched around his digits, her knees buckling forcing her to rely in Syaoran to hold her up “Syaoran…” she whined pressing her head back against him

“You’re getting so tight, you really wanted this didn’t you?” he growled hotly in her ear making her shudder harder “you had this all planned, admit it”

Biting her lip hard Meiling rolled her hips “yessss” she finally admitted clenching her pussy tighter around his fingers “I’ve been missing you, I didn’t want to share today” she moaned feeling her core tighten as her orgasm built up “oh god let me suck your dick!”

Smirking at her eagerness Syaoran released his hold on her arms moving his now free arm up to fishhook her mouth open, making her moan and drool as she sucked on his fingers, her hands immediately going down and behind her to grasp at his pants, desperately trying to free his cock as her orgasm grew closer and closer

As Syaoran pulled harder on the side of her mouth Meiling came hard all over his fingers, the slut pushing herself up on her toes as she gasped breathlessly clutching at Syaoran’s pants as she rode out her orgasm, her breathing coming out in ragged pants before her knees buckled prompting Syaoran to catch her before she could hit the floor

As Syaoran eased her down onto her knees and pulled his fingers out of her dripping cunt Meiling quickly turned around to resume removing her cousin’s pants, the slut borderline drooling as she freed his erection and promptly dove upon it, taking him deep into her mouth moaning at his heavy musky flavour

“That’s a good slut, show me how much you missed it” Syaoran groaned as Meiling frantically bobbed her head along his cock, her hands grasping at his pants as if trying to keep him from moving away as she orally worshipped his manhood, the slut looking up at him with wide worshipful eyes as she tilted her head to let his cock stretch her cheek out

Groaning with pleasure as Meiling’s tongue worked his shaft Syoaran reached down to grope her breasts through her tight top, every squeeze and grope making her moan and hum around his shaft before he pulled her top up to free her breasts, making them bounce and jiggle as she throated his cock deeper

With a few more hard sucks the slut then pulled her mouth off of him and sat up on her knees to press his manhood between her perky tits, cupping them to press them to his shaft as hard as she could as she felt him throb “that’s it, I want your cum on me” she moaned as she rubbed her breasts along his cock feeling him ooze precum onto her chest “cum all over your whore”

To her delight her plea was swiftly granted, Syaoran thrusting between her tits a few times before pulling back and aiming his cock at her face as he came hard, Meiling opening her mouth wide and sticking out her tongue to catch as much as she could as she let him paint her face white with his seed

When Syaoran had finished painting his cousin’s face with his jizz she promptly leaned back in to suck him clean and to drain any last few spurts out of him as she hungrily swallowed what had landed in her mouth “so good” she moaned around his cock before pulling away panting for breath as she looked up at him with pure worship in her eyes

Smirking down at her Syaoran then grabbed hold of her making her gasp as he then pinned her face down to the ground, raising her hips as he pulled down her shorts to expose her firm round ass making her breathing get heavier as her cunt got all the wetter

Gritting her teeth Meiling’s eyes then rolled back into her head as Syaoran forced his cock deep into her tight ass, her body shaking with pleasure as his girth reshaped her insides forcing her to take his length “oh my goooddddd!!!!” she screamed through her gritted teeth as Syaoran then started pounding into her tightest hole seemingly showing her no care or mercy, every thrust making her toes curl in her shoes as her body rocked and shuddered with ecstasy

“Fuck your ass is tight” Syaoran grunted as he forced his dick in deeper, no matter how many times he used that hole it remained virgin tight making it just as pleasurable for both of them every time he fucked her ass to the point that Meiling was orgasming in less than twenty seconds of the penetration, squeezing even tighter around him making him gasp with ecstasy

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck me harder! Fucking break my ass!” Meiling screamed as Syaoran grabbed her by her hair, wrenching it back to force her onto her hands and knees pounding her bubble ass doggy style, making her breasts bounce wildly as he drove into her faster and harder “shit yes! Use my ass! Use your fucking whore!”

With a few more savage thrusts Syaoran reached his limit, burying his cock balls deep in his cousin’s ass as she screamed with pleasure at the feeling of his hot load flooding her guts, her eyes rolling back even further as she then fell forward when Syaoran released her hair, her orgasm dulling the pain of landing face first on the ground as he emptied his balls in her tight ass

Whining as Syaoran then pulled out Meiling looked back over her shoulder at him with a tired smile “same time tomorrow?”

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