Digimon Adventure: Pleasures of the Body and Mind

BY : LiquidPhazon
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Taking a break from their partners and the Real World, the chosen Digimon had returned to the Digital World as part of a little vacation.

Even the best of partners needed space, where in Veemon, the Digimon of Courage, Friendship and Miracles was by himself, making his way to Digitamamon's restaurant, thinking of two things.

How much he could eat before his stomach would give out on him and the Digimon of his dreams, Gatomon.

All the years he had known the Digimon, he still longed for her, to hold her, to kiss her, to claim her as his mate.

But unfortunately, Gatomon only saw him as a friend and nothing more.

"If only I could show her how much I care for her." Veemon sighed, continuing to think of Gatomon, before a strange stand near Digitamamon's restaurant caught his eye.

In the stand, Veemon saw dozens of books on shelves behind the counter, while in front of them was a strange Digimon who was dressed in white and red robes that had a hood which covered his face, leaving only a pair of yellow eyes to be seen.

And about to pass, the Digimon spoke.

"Woman troubles?" He asked, surprising Veemon a little and causing him to approach the mysterious Digimon.

Curious, Veemon asked. "How... how did you know?"

"Thanks to my many years of study, I have learnt to read others as if they were books. And your tale is one I have read many times. You long for a lovely woman, though her feelings are not returned. However, I might have something that could ease your troubles." The Digimon said, before turning, grabbing a book off one of the shelves, where he handed it to Veemon, causing the 'V' marked Digimon to look confused as he read the title, Through Her Body, You Can Win Her Heart.

"If you take the time and read this through, as well as follows what is written, then Gatomon will be yours'." The Digimon told Veemon, who gave him a puzzled look.

"Wait. How did you know it was Gatomon? And who are you?" Veemon questioned, finding the Digimon both mysterious and a little creepy.

"You are Veemon, one of the heroes who defeated MaloMyotismon, you are very well known." "As for me, I am a seeker of knowledge, a being of advanced wisdom, but you can call me Wisemon." Wisemon replied calmly.

Veemon blinked in surprise, having heard of the mystic Digimon before, but as soon as he went to pay for the book, the robed Digimon held out his hand and replied.

"No need for the exchange of Digi-Dollars, my friend. Think of this as a token to say thank you for all your heroics." Wisemon replied, before his eyes closed in a curve, like he was smiling with his eyes.

"Besides, I am a sucker for stories where the hero gets the girl." He told Veemon.

From Wisemon's words, Veemon just nodded his head happily, not believing his luck, causing him to open the book, where he started to read the first page, his cheeks gaining a light pink hue as he walked away from the stand, while Wisemon smiled to himself, interested in seeing how things would turn out for the Digimon of Miracles.

-A few hours later-

After having his lunch and finding a secluded spot in the woods to read, as well as hiding his erection if some of the images or sentences in the book got a little too hot for him, Veemon continued to read through the chapters, finding he was unable to put the book down.

Part of him was actually surprised that he was reading and actually interested in its contents.

'I don't get why Davis complained about having to do this in high school. Reading ain't so bad.' Veemon thought, remembering the various books Davis would bring home and complain about having to read and study for.

And after several more minutes, finishing the book, Veemon's face was bright red, but he remembered everything he read as he put the book in a safe place and began to walk through the forest, where he then thought. 'I hope this does help me with Gatomon, otherwise she might claw my face off.'

However, Veemon broke from his thoughts when he heard some splashing nearby, causing him to head towards the sound, where he saw the white cat Digimon, lying before a stream, her paw wet from splashing through the water as she tried to catch some fish.

Veemon took a moment to admire her beauty as she laid there, his heart beating fast as he thought. 'Well looks like it's time to see if that reading payed off.'

Approaching the feline Digimon, Veemon smiled and said, his tone full of kindness. "Hi Gatomon, fancy seeing you here."

From hearing the familiar voice, Gatomon looked up, where she saw Veemon smiling down at her, making her smile back.

"Hey there Vee, just trying to catch some lunch." She told him, removing her paw from the water and giving it a little shake to dry it off.

Gatomon then went to sit up, only to groan as she felt pain in her shoulders, having moved her arms a little too much trying to catch a school of fish.

And seeing her wince in pain, knowing where she was hurting, Veemon thought. 'Now here's my chance.'

"Are you alright?" He asked curiously, earning a nod from the Digimon of Light, who replied. "Yeah, but my shoulders are a bit tight."

"Maybe I can help?" Veemon offered, putting his new knowledge to the test, where he then carefully moved so he was standing above Gatomon, blushing a little from being in a position where he was on top of her, but focused and placed his hands gently on her shoulders and began to move his hands around them.

Gatomon was about to tell him it was all right, but soon sighed when she felt her muscles relax, causing her to close her eyes and let Veemon continue.

"Veemon..." She sighed, feeling the pain melting away as Veemon, feeling encouraged after hearing Gatomon say his name in such a relaxed manner, decided to move forward, moving his hands down her back and gently rubbing areas mentioned in the book, but making sure not to rush into things or get intrusive.

Gatomon was soon feeling nothing but bliss, not caring at all that Veemon had moved his hands, before she started to feel aroused by his actions, causing her to moan lightly. "More..."

Feeling even more emboldened, Veemon continued to massage Gatomon's back, even moving down close to the feline's tight ass cheeks, which just caused another sigh to escape Gatomon's lips, followed by a moan as she felt Veemon's hands on her back.

'His hands are so good...' She thought, while staring to wonder how else he could make her feel good, blushing lightly as more erotic thoughts entered her mind.

"Lower...please…" Gatomon said without thinking, lost in the pleasure she was feeling.

"As you wish." Veemon said in a calm voice, though inside he was ecstatic, before he moved his hands lower and began to gently massage her ass cheeks, causing Gatomon's moans to turn into purrs.

"Oh Vee..." Gatomon purred as her arousal grew, her mind was soon filled with images of her and the 'V' marked Digimon having passionate sex.

He made her feel so good, and she wanted more.

But curious and concerned at the way she was acting, Veemon had to ask. "Gatomon, are you feeling alright?"

Gatomon just smirked at Veemon's question, before giving her answer.

"Yes, but there is another area where I'm sore." She told him, catching the Digimon of Courage and Friendship off guard as she pressed her paws down and shifted around so she was on her back, staring up at Veemon with lust.

Veemon was at first taken aback by her look of desire, only having of dreamt of seeing Gatomon smiling at him in such a way, before the feline Digimon wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a passionate and lustful kiss.

Quickly coming to his senses, Veemon returned the kiss with equal passion, moving his hands to her sides and gently caressing them, as he had read to in the book, causing Gatomon to moan into the kiss, where their tongues wrestled for dominance.

And after several moments of kissing, Veemon broke the kiss, causing the two to pant as they gasped for air, before Gatomon looked up at him with the same lustful look as she all but begged. "Take me Vee, I want... No, I need you! I'll do anything, please!"

With Gatomon submitting, Veemon felt his dominance taking over, causing him to lower his body, making Gatomon moan as she felt the lower sections of their bodies rub, while Veemon's head moved to her left ear, where he whispered. "Be mine."

"Yessss..." Gatomon moaned with desire, causing Veemon to smirk, before he made Gatomon moan and gasp a little as his lips gently began to move around her neck.

Veemon then silenced her for a moment as he captured her lips with his for another passionate kiss, before he began to kiss down her body, reaching her chest, which aroused Veemon upon seeing that from the stimulation, Gatomon's nipples had emerged from her fur, showing just how aroused she really was.

He then began to gently lick her right nipple, causing Gatomon to all but scream in pleasure, while his right hand gently massaged the left, before continuing down as he kissed her stomach.

He then noticed Gatomon spreading her legs, causing Veemon to smirk as he saw her wet pussy as she begged. "Please take me, please make me yours!"

"Anything for you, my sexy kitten." Veemon replied, which made Gatomon shiver in pleasure from the sudden pet name she was given, before the Digimon of Light arched her back when she felt Veemon's manhood slide inside of her waiting vagina.

"Veemon!" Gatomon cried out at the sensation, her already high arousal increasing, especially when Veemon began to move his cock in and out of her.

"Oh, Veemon... Ah... it's so amazing... Ah... it feels so good inside me...!" Gatomon moaned out from the pleasurable sensation of Veemon's cock inside of her, causing Veemon to nod and groan in agreement as the Digimon of Courage and Friendship continued pushing and pulling his dick out of Gatomon's womanhood.

As Veemon's cock continued to enter and exit Gatomon, the Digimon of Light continued to moan out erotically, wrapping her legs around Veemon's waist as she moaned loudly. "Oh, yes, Veemon... that's it... Ah... Don't stop... please don't stop...!"

"I wouldn't dream of it..." Veemon groaned out in reply, continuing to not only let his cock slide in and out of Gatomon's wet folds, but added to her pleasure by moving back down, rubbing her left breast, while licking and biting her right nipple.

For over an hour, Veemon and Gatomon continued to mate, with the Digimon of Light feeling her mind became foggy, unable to think clearly, but she didn't care, the things Veemon was doing made her feel amazing that part of her didn't care if she couldn't think, so long as Veemon was there with her.

But after several more thrusts, both began to move around frantically, causing the 'V' marked dragon to groan out in warning. "Oh, Gatomon... I can't hold on much longer...I'm going to cum soon...!"

"Me too, Vee... Ah... Veemon... I'm cumming too...!" Gatomon moaned in reply, unable to take anymore and cried out in pure ecstasy as she reached her climax, releasing her love juices all over Veemon's manhood, which caused him to reach his peak and he yelled out in pleasure as he released his warm seed into Gatomon' waiting womb.

And as the afterglow of their mating wore off, Veemon removed his member from Gatomon's threshold, before he rolled over to her right side and took time to catch his breath, smiling as Gatomon snuggled up to him, resting her head on the left side of Veemon's chest and looking at him with love and devotion.

Looking back at Gatomon, Veemon asked as he cupped her cheek. "How did that feel?"

"Wonderful. Thank you for such an amazing experience. I love you, Veemon. I am yours'." Gatomon replied in a content and warm tone.

"And I love you, Gatomon." Veemon happily replied, before he and the Digimon of Light shared another passionate kiss.

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