Corrupted Innocence

BY : goldenhatcher
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Gold looked at the bracelet he had been given when he first came here. He made no move to take it off. "Gold." Red said softly as he approached the younger male. Gold stared up at Red, slightly confused. Why was this person here? No one called for him. "You'll have to leave." Gold said as he smiled slightly. "No. Gold. I'm here to take you home." Red said sternly. Gold frowned now. Take him home? This was his home. "I think you're confused." Gold said as he stood up. "No! We've all been worried about you! It's time for you to come home!" It had been many years since the young boy, now a young man, had come here. He was taken against his will. Gold had been kicking and screaming when he was kidnapped. Gold had cried, he remembered that he had been told why he was taken. It was because they couldn't have Red.

/~*~/ /~*~/ /~*~/ /~*~/
"Fuck! Let me go!" Gold hissed. Hands were all over his body, god it was awful. A hand quickly covered his mouth with something. Gold started to struggled but in a few minutes he was out like a light.

Waking up had been horrible. They shoved Gold into a chair, he had on no clothes. The young boy felt confused. He was only 10 and had no idea what was going on. "What the hell do you want from me?" Gold asked slightly dazzled. One man began to speak. "The Boss wanted you here. It's because we lost sight of Red. You were the next best thing~" The man said. He had green hair and green eyes. The gaze the man gave him scared Gold. "Now we have to clean you all up for the Boss~ He doesn't want a dirty boy." Another man said, he had purple hair and black  eyes. Gold let out a whimper as the green hair man flipped him over. "W-what are you doing?!" Gold asked. His question was answered in the next few seconds when Gold felt his anus start to hurt. They were putting shampoo into his asshole.
/~*~/ /~*~/ /~*~/ /~*~/

Gold shrugged his shoulders. He didn't want to leave. He was fine right here. "This is my home now." Gold said as he played with the bracelet on his wrist. Red shot Gold a disgusted look. Yes. The young boy had changed into a complete stranger. "Gold. Stop. Look at you. You're like one of them!" Red spat out. Gold couldn't help but smile. Yes. That was what he was. One of them.

/~*~/ /~*~/ /~*~/ /~*~/
Gold let out a wail as they threw him into a bathtub. The grabbed a shower head and began to wash him. Gold hated this. The four people seemed happy to do this. There was the green haired man which Gold learned was Proton, the purple haired man named Petrel, a man with teal hair and teal eyes named Archer and a lady with red hair and red eyes named Ariana. Gold screamed as Archer started to pour the shampoo in his hair.

The soap wasn't too bad. Gold didn't really mind when they covered his whole body with it. It was actually kind of comforting. After having his hair soaked with shampoo and his body covered in soap they used the shower head to wash him down. It was easy to handle and take. "You're behaving much better now." Archer had commented.

Gold had been taken to a room and sent to bed. He was wearing nothing yet and had crawled under the sheet, he was exhausted after all. It had only been a few minutes before they came in the room again. Proton was holding a blade. "W-what are you doing?!" Gold asked as he tried to back away. It was then when they had carved a 'R' into Gold's chest, marking him as theirs.
/~*~/ ~*~/ /~*~/ /~*~/

"Come home Gold." Red said as he looked at Gold with sorrow filled eyes. Gold shook his head before turning away. "Red. I'm living here now. I'm with them. I swear if you come back I'll kill you." Gold said coldly. Red was shocked. This young man was no longer the caring boy he had used to be. No. This was now a complete stranger. "Gold. Your mother misses you." Red said. "I'm not going back. Leave now!" Gold hissed as he turned around. Gold's teeth were bared, it didn't mean anything to Red. "Come home. Please."

/~*~/ /~*~/ /~*~/ /~*~/
"Take this bracelet my pet." Giovanni said as he approached Gold. "I don't want it. And I'm not your pet!" Gold hissed as he glared at the man before him. "Nonsense. Take it." Giovanni said as he grabbed Gold's wrist and put the bracelet on him. It was basically just a string of pearls with an amber coloured gem in the middle. Gold had hissed and spat at Giovanni who had slapped him. Gold had promptly shut up after that.

"This 'R' means that you belong to me my pet~" Giovanni purred. Gold was silent. He just wanted to die. He wanted to go home and he mainly wanted to see Silver again. Giovanni stroked Gold's cheek. Gold flinched slightly. Giovanni just laughed. "You're still so scared! Aren't you? Don't be! I won't hurt you. That much." Giovanni said with a smirk. 
/~*~/ /~*~/ /~*~/ /~*~/

Gold had learned not to react to anything that his five captors did or said. It helped make sure that he was hurt too badly. Gold sighed before staring at Red, a scared look in his eyes. "I can't go. I can't leave." Gold said in a monotone voice. "You're scared. Aren't you? You just want help. Come with me and I'll help you." Red said as he held out his hand. "I'm not going anywhere with you. This conversation is over." Gold said as he left the room.

It was hard to walk away from his savior. Surely Red would be the one who was his savior. But he was too scared to leave just yet. Giovanni walked up to Gold. "You ready my pet?" He asked. Gold just nodded his head. He knew he couldn't fight what was coming next. "Good. I'll be waiting in my room. Don't take too long." Giovanni said as he took off. Gold just broke down crying. This was insane. He couldn't keep living like this.

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