One hell of a hangover

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One hell of a hangover

“Ugh…my head”

When Sonic slowly woke up the first thing he realised was that his head hurt, a lot, and not in the usual ‘smashing rocks with his forehead to increase his endurance’ post training kind of hurt, this kind of pain was more inside his head rather than on his head, as if his very brain was pulsating in discomfort

Blinking a few times to clear the sleep from his eyes the Ninja then slowly pushed himself up on his hands finding his arms uncharacteristically weak, shaking under his weight as he then found the very act of movement made his head feel like it was going to explode prompting him to fall back onto the bed hard


That realisation prompted Sonic to shoot up into a sitting position ignoring the explosive pain in his head as he realised he wasn’t in his small camp in the woods that he normally slept in but instead he was in a large comfortable queen sized bed “what the fuck? How did…what happened last night?!” he thought as he tried to remember what had happened in the hours beforehand, his mind a foggy mess with only a few flashes of what he had done, there was…music…laughter and…drinking? “What the hell? I don’t drink!”

As he wracked his brain trying to get more information out of the hazy memories Sonic then realised that he wasn’t alone in the bed, the sound of something moving next to him making him jump clean out of the bed landing hard on his feet before stumbling slightly as his legs felt as weak as his arms, realising a couple of moments later that he was naked which only added to his confusion

Staring in shock at the bed as the covers continued to move Sonic was then surprised when he saw a woman sit up and rub her eyes obviously suffering the same level of hangover as he was, her hair a sleek black and cropped short, styled in a way that Sonic immediately recognized “hold on…isn’t that…the Tornado’s sister?!” he thought in a slight panic as Fubuki sat up

Moaning with discomfort as her head throbbed Fubuki massaged her temples with one hand whilst holding her other out in the direction of her bedroom door, the sound of the tap running in the kitchen being heard a second later before a glass of water floating in through the open doorway into the Psychic’s hand to which she took several deep gulps from it to quench the dryness of her mouth and throat making Sonic realise that his mouth felt like sandpaper, another bad side effect of his hangover

Finishing her drink Fubuki set the glass aside before taking a long stretch, her full heavy breasts bouncing slightly from the movement making Sonic gulp more audibly than he had expected as Fubuki froze at the sound, the Esper slowly turning to face the Ninja to which they stared at each other for a few heavy seconds before Fubuki let out a shriek and sent Sonic flying back against the wall with a Telekinetic push

“AHH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” she cried out as she covered herself with the bed sheets, holding them too her as her other hand remained outstretched to hold Sonic against the wall with enough force to prevent the Ninja from moving

“Ah! Damn it let me go woman! I have no fucking idea why I’m here!” Sonic barked back and thankfully Fubuki seemed to believe him as the mental hold she had on his limbs disappeared allowing him to fall to the floor with a loud thud “ah damn it!” he cursed as he landed hard on his tail bone “where the fuck even am I?”

“My apartment, how the hell did you even get in here?”

“If I knew that I wouldn’t be asking!”

Scowling at Sonic’s tone Fubuki then winced as her hangover made itself even more known to her “god how much did I drink last night?” she muttered to herself as she tried to remember what had happened the night before, normally she wasn’t one for parties but when Saitama had said that he was holding a small get together with King and Bang to play video games until midnight as a small New Year’s party she had managed to get herself an invite too and when the Caped Baldy revealed that he had purchased some alcohol on the latest sale she didn’t want to seem rude by refusing a drink

Wait…wasn’t Sonic at the party?

Furrowing her brow she tried to focus through the haziness that was her memory of the night before, she remembered turning up at Saitama’s shabby apartment with…Tatsumaki? Yes, yes her sister had come along as well, the tiny Esper still adamant that she didn’t hold any affection towards the Caped Baldy but still took every chance she could to visit him, King and Bang were already there when they had arrived playing a new video game whilst Genos prepared the drinks in the tiny kitchen

Yes, it was all coming back to her now….

(The previous night)

“WHAT THE HELL KING?! GIVE ME A CHANCE!!!” Saitama exclaimed as once again King claimed a flawless victory over him in his new fighting game, the controller in Saitama’s hands splintering into countless shards as he applied a little too much pressure to it

Rolling his eyes King simply pulled out the broken controllers wire before reaching into a bag he had put next to him to retrieve yet another controller, plugging it in and handing it to Saitama “you keep making the same mistakes, you need to learn from them rather than just button bashing”

“You’re button bashing!” Saitama shouted back in a childish attempt to argue simply making King roll his eyes again as he set up another match

“It’s a little weird seeing him show so much emotion isn’t it sis?” Fubuki commented as she and Tatsumaki sat at the little futon table in the centre of the room “I can see why you like him”

“I don’t like him” Tatsumaki replied curtly taking another sip of her drink “he’s a means to an end, nothing more”

“Right, and the constant thinking of him in quite obscene ways is just for your own stress relief is it then?” Fubuki teased back making Tatsumaki choke on her drink before glaring at her younger sibling “you don’t keep your mind walled off all of the time, you’re an open book whenever you two are arguing or whenever you remotely glance at him” the younger Esper continued as Tatsumaki blushed her, the petite woman retorting with a simple grunt as if not wanting to gratify her sisters remarks with an answer though it was obvious that she simply didn’t have anything to say to defend herself

As King handed him yet another humiliating defeat Saitama turned bright red starting to make little angry noises warning towards an emotional meltdown “why don’t you let Bang have a turn?” King suggested hinting to the old man who had been sitting silently next to them simply watching everything unfold

Sighing Saitama obliged holding his controller out for Bang to take only to stop when a Shuriken struck his wrist and bounced straight off, the action prompting everyone to go silent as they looked towards the open window where Sonic was now crouched, his arm still outstretched from the throw as he looked as shocked as them “that was solid Obsidian, how did it not cut you?!” the Ninja exclaimed in shock and exasperation, it had taken him weeks to find the appropriate tools to craft such a Shuriken and he was positive that it could cut through anything but yet it bounced straight off of Saitama like it was made of rubber

After Sonic’s exclamation the silence was further disturbed by the sound of Genos’ heat generators whirring into action, the Cyborg aiming his right palm at the Ninja preparing to fire at him when Saitama raised his hand to call him off “Sensei?”

“Relax it’s New Years, I’m not in the mood for this today” Saitama replied shrugging off the assassination attempt as if Sonic had simply bumped into him in the street “come on man do we need to do this ‘eternal rival’ stuff today? Come on in and have a drink” he offered to everyone’s shock including Sonic’s, Saitama acting like they were simply training buddies rather than ‘assassin and guy too oblivious to realises he’s a target’

Staring the longest out of shock Sonic then let out a tired sigh “fuck it, fine” he relented climbing in through the open window and sitting down on the floor next to Saitama taking the drink that the bald man passed to him

The first hour or so of Sonic joining them was understandable awkward despite how nonchalant Saitama was about it, Genos constantly glaring at the Ninja who gave the same back as more and more drinks were had

With enough alcohol in their systems however, Genos having gotten an upgrade to allow his Cyborg body to synthesise alcohol so that he could actually enjoy drinking, the awkwardness melted away and Sonic found himself talking and joking with Saitama’s group as if he was an old friend “so you’re telling me that you’re only S Class because you look scary?” Sonic questioned after King had accidentally let the little fact slip, the scarred man nodding as he set down his glass

“Yes, I had scared off a Dragon Level Monster and since then people have deemed me the world’s strongest man and before I knew it I was in S Class of the Hero Association, I never wanted to be a Hero but it pays my bills” King admitted with a sigh, not noticing the wicked grin growing on the Ninja’s face until Sonic suddenly lunged forward shouting ‘boo!’ making the larger man jump in shock with a cry of terror, the action making Sonic and Saitama burst out laughing whilst King calmed himself down

After another hour and yet more alcohol the conversation happened to turn more adult as Fubuki’s teasing of her sisters infatuation with Saitama became a group activity “it was a onetime thing!” Tatsumaki tried to defend herself, her words coming out slurred and almost childish as the alcohol weighed heavily on her

“And then a second time thing and a third and a fourth” Genos pointed out earning a glare from the tiny Esper “unless you mean to tell me that you kept kicking me out of my own home to simply speak with my Sensei”

“What can I say? She digs me” Saitama couldn’t help but smirk with an almost arrogant shrug making Tatsumaki blush even harder as she struggled to think of a comeback, the booze in her system having removed her trademark sharp tongue and wit

Chuckling at Saitama’s comment Sonic then turned his attention to Fubuki taking a moment to take in her elegant features “well moss head over here likes bald people, what kind of thing in a guy gets you going?” he asked, his Dutch courage adding to his curiosity catching the taller Esper off guard

A little taken back by his question Fubuki would normally not grace such an inquiry with an answer but after a few drinks her tongue was a lot looser than normal “I’d have to say I like a man with a few battle scars, something that shows that they can hold their own in a fight, take damage and still walk away breathing” she admitted to which Saitama elbowed King in the arm

“Hey King, you’ve got a chance!” he jovially exclaimed making the taller man laugh nervously as he rubbed his now aching arm

Watching as Fubuki glanced at King with some approval in her eyes Sonic suddenly acted in a way that he thought he never would “you call those scars?” he exclaimed grabbing hold of the top half of his bodysuit “these are scars!” he declared proudly as he then proceeded to rip the top off of his suit off exposing his scar covered body, the action making Saitama and Genos laugh as the Ninja stood proudly before them, Tatsumaki letting out a small giggle whilst Bang and King rolled their eyes

Fubuki on the other hand had a different reaction as her cheeks flushed at the sight of Sonic’s scarred muscles and six pack, the Esper immediately hiding her flush behind another drink before anyone could notice

With another couple of hours and the countdown to New Year’s having passed with the group watching it on Saitama’s crappy TV the Caped Baldy decided that the night should come to an end, there was an early sale on in the morning that he wanted to get to so he couldn’t oversleep

Tatsumaki seemed to have a different idea however as whilst Saitama was letting King, Bang, Fubuki and Sonic out of the door the bald man was surprised as Genos was telekinetically forced out with them and before he could say anything the Esper slammed the door shut and locked it with her mind leaving the group outside staring at it with surprise

Blinking a couple of times Genos then sighed “that makes….an eleventh time thing” he commented checking the small computer that had been installed on his wrist “another night spent outside of my own apartment”

“You can crash at mine tonight” King offered to which Genos gratefully accepted whilst Bang just bed the group goodbye to walk back to his Dojo alone

As the first three left Fubuki sighed as it became blatantly apparent that Tatsumaki wouldn’t be leaving for a while “looks like I’m walking home myself for once” the younger Esper sighed until noticing that Sonic was still stood next to her having expended for him to have been the first to leave “unless you want to walk me home? Behind that whole bad guy image I’m sure you’re a real gentleman”

The journey back to her apartment was a total blur to Fubuki as even her advanced brain struggled to piece together what had happened between Saitama’s home and her own, whatever had happened must have been good however as when they had arrived at her apartment they were all over each other

Moaning as Sonic slammed her up against her front door with his mouth at her neck Fubuki used her mind to unlock the door, both of them practically falling in only saved by the Esper’s mental grasp she had on both of them as she slammed the door behind them

With the door safely locked Fubuki led Sonic to her bedroom to which she mentally took hold of him and threw him onto the bed, her mind weighing heavy on his limbs to pin him into place as she shrugged off her fur coat revealing her form fitting dress underneath “forcing me down? That’s a little underhanded for a hero” the Ninja smirked as he struggled against the mental binds on his wrists and ankles, he could smash through solid walls and lift several tons but under Fubuki’s mental grasp he couldn’t move an inch

Smirking at his comment Fubuki just undid her dress letting it fall to the floor leaving her naked save for her silk stockings, the Ninja obviously liking what he saw as the bottom half of his body suit became tented at the groin making Fubuki bite her lip lustfully

With a wave of her hand Fubuki did away with the rest of his body suit ripping it to shreds to reveal his growing erection, licking her lips Fubuki then sauntered her way over to Sonic before dropping to her knees between his legs “never expected a high and mighty hero to do this for a mere villain” he commented as Fubuki wrapped a hand around his cock to slowly stroke him

“Consider this one of the first steps towards rehabilitation” Fubuki breathed before silencing the Ninja by taking his length deep into her mouth, sending a shudder of ecstasy up his spine making him arch his back whilst her tongue worked his girth

“Fuck…” Sonic groaned struggling harder against the Psychic barriers that had been placed on his wrists and ankles, his struggles making Fubuki titter around his cock as she showed off her lack of gag reflex, her throat bulging out around his shaft as her cheeks flushed, the alcohol seriously getting to her head but it didn’t stop her from showing how much she enjoyed the act of giving oral pleasure betraying the guise of authority she held over people below her rank

Tilting her head to let his cock bulge her cheek Fubuki then pulled back gasping for air as saliva trails connected Sonic’s dick to her lips, her soft hand smoothly stroking him as she then stood up and moved to straddle his waist, her cunt glistening with arousal as she moved to press it to his throbbing manhood

Hissing with pleasure as his cock made contact with her needy slit Fubuki ground her pussy along his manhood, completely soaking it before taking the head of it between her delicate folds, the Esper throwing her head back with pleasure as she took him to the hilt, her mental grasp on him failing at that moment allowing him to move

The moment he could move Sonic threw himself at Fubuki, winding his arms around her as he sat up grabbing hold of her thick ass as she cried out from the new deeper angle his cock took inside of her, the sudden act of his cock slamming against her cervix sending Fubuki spiralling into her fastest orgasm ever and further making her mind a hazy mess to the point that she could no longer focus on anything, the world spinning too fast for her to focus on anything but Sonic’s cock moving at speeds she couldn’t fathom inside of her forcing her to just hold on for dear life

(The next morning)

“And the next thing I remember is waking up….” Fubuki sighed as she refinished recanting what she could of the night before, Sonic nodding in agreement every so often to show that he was remembering the same as well before the two fell into a somewhat uncomfortable silenced, both of them giving each other occasional glances as they tried to decide what to do next, Fubuki couldn’t exactly tell the other Heroes that she had spent the night with someone deemed a dangerous Villain and Sonic was less eager to admit that he had enjoyed the night before in its entirety

Noticing how Fubuki’s eyes kept flicking along his naked body the Ninja decided to risk something “want to go again?” he asked with a small laugh showing that he was somewhat joking, ready to bolt of she attacked him again but instead Fubuki just bit her lip

“Sure, why not?”

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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