The Shota Tales

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. This is a work of fiction and should always remain fiction. I do not condone any of the actions involved in these stories.

The Shota Tales

Part of the Shota Tale Collection. These stories contain shotacon lemons. If you do not like, then don't read. It is that simple. May contain incest and lolicon as well. Anime/Manga/Video Game series only.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. This is a work of fiction and should always remain fiction. I do not condone any of the actions involved in these stories.

Tale 1: A Momonosuke Tale I

Series:  One Piece
Pairing:  Momonosuke & Nico Robin

Momonosuke was in heaven. He was standing just outside the bathroom of the Thousand Sunny, watching the beautiful archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates undress herself. He was living the dream of many men as he watched in awe as she removed her bra and panties, revealing her nude back and ass to him. He gulped, his entire body heating up and feeling nervous.

Robin turned around and smiled at the younger boy, her breasts swaying along with her movements, making Momo blush and stare at them like a man possessed. Her pink nipples looked gorgeous and her clean and shaved crotch made him want to run towards it and smother his face into it. However, he restrained himself as he looked down to avoid looking at her, clutching his kimono as his body began feeling weird.

Robin knelt down in front of him, which allowed Momo to get a glance at her womanhood. He blushed harder and turned his head to the side. "Momo-chan, let's get these clothes off. You can't really take a shower with them on, right?" She smiled at him. He nodded his head slowly, still averting his eyes from the beautiful woman. She giggled at him before reaching her hands out towards him and began to undress him. She removed the sash around his waist, opening his kimono slightly. She then pulled his robe down, revealing his fundoshi. Robin found it to be cute and giggled, making the younger boy flustered. She grabbed the sides of it, but Momo grabbed her hands and shut his eyes.

"I-I'll do it!" He told her as she smiled and nodded. She let go of his fundoshi and watched patiently as Momo grabbed one side of it and began lowering it, while covering his crotch with his other hand. He switched hands and did the same to the other side until he got it completely off. He covered his crotch with his hands and stared down at the floor, feeling embarrassed. He could feel her gaze at him and it made him slightly shake.

"So, shall we?" She asked him and he nodded. She took one of his hands and stood up. Momo gulped as she lead him towards the bathroom and locked the door behind them. Robin led Momo towards the shower heads and turned on the water. She told him to sit down on one of the small chairs and he did so as she took the shower head and moved it above her, spraying herself with water. She hummed in delight as the warm water flowed down her hair and skin, rejuvenating her body.

Momo gulped again as he felt his body heat up at the sight of the water running down her gorgeous back. She was one of the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes on and he was getting a full view of her. He gritted his teeth when he felt something in his crotch get bigger and push his hands slightly forward. 'Damn it...'

Robin lowered the shower head and and ran a hand through her hair. She then turned to Momo and smiled at him before walking over to him and knelt down behind him. "Close your eyes, Momo-chan."

"Hai..." He nodded and did as she asked. He soon felt the warm water from the shower head run down his body as she cleaned his body with it. What surprised him the most was when he felt her hand run down his back as well, as he quickly straightened up. He felt the water go down from his head as she moved her hand up and down his back and even his arm. Momo gritted his teeth as he felt his crotch get tighter and bigger at her touch. He had a vague idea of what was going on, but this was still something he never experienced before.

"Are you okay? You feel a little tense?" Robin asked him as she felt his muscles tighten up whenever she moved her hand over them.

"H-Hai...I just...the water feels good...that's all..." He told her. As she blinked at him. She kept the shower head above him as she leaned slightly over his shoulder to see he still had his eyes shut, but was gritting his teeth as if he was in pain. She looked down and saw his hands that were covering his crotch and noticed they were also twitching slightly. She smiled as she realized what was going on with him.

'How cute...' Robin thought as she began to adore the younger boy. Her smile soon turned mischievous as she suddenly leaned forward, pressing her large breasts against his small back. Momo squealed at the sudden contact as his body became stiff, including the part of his body in his crotch. "Oh, is something wrong?" She asked playfully as Momo shook his head.

"N-N-No...nothing is wrong!" He shouted as his lips quivered. His face became completely red at the soft and warm touch of her mounds against his back. He could feel her nipples rub against his skin, causing a wonderful pleasure to course through his body. She giggled at his reaction as she suddenly started to slowly move her breasts up and down his back. This made Momo moan and his hands push slightly forward again. "R-Robin-san...what are you...?"

"Hmm?" She hummed as continued to move slowly. "I'm just cleaning you, Momo-chan. Do you not like it?" She asked playfully.

"N-No...I do...but...I never been cleaned like this before so..." He stuttered.

"I see...well, this is how I help clean others." She whispered in his ear as she continued her movements while having the shower head directly above him. Momo couldn't believe what he was hearing. Her voice rang in his ears so seductively that he felt a shiver run down his spine. He gulped as his crotch started twitching again, this time a bit faster than before. This was not left unnoticed by Robin. " seem to be in pain, Momo-chan...are you sure your okay?" She asked him.

"Y-Y-Yes! I'm...ahhh...fine..." Robin smiled at the moan he let out in mid-sentence.

"I see..." She whispered to him. "...but, it seems you are having some sort of trouble..." She paused and reached her free hand around and placed it over his hands. " this area..." Momo gasped and arched his back slightly as he felt her soft and smooth hand over his in an area that was really sensitive at the moment.

"Ahhh...Robin-san...that's..." He moaned loudly as she rubbed her hand over his. She smiled as she felt his hands twitch every couple of seconds, knowing exactly what it was that was causing this. She found all of this to be adorable and, at the same time, arousing. She wasn't sure why it made her feel that way, but it did and she didn't plan on stopping. She lowered her head onto his shoulder and suddenly turned her head to nibble on his ear. Momo squealed again as he felt her wet and warm mouth attack his ear lobe, sending an incredible feeling throughout his body.

"What's wrong, Momo-chan?" She teased him. "Don't you like it?"

"I-It feels...weird..." He replied, shaking a bit as she continued nibbling on his ear and rubbing her hands on his.

" it a good weird or a bad weird?" She asked him.

"I-It's...I don't...I don't know..." He replied back.

"Do you want it to feel good?" She asked playfully.

"H-Hai..." She giggled and let go of his ear. She took his hands and started pulling them away from his crotch. He resisted a bit, but soon allowed her to pull them away as his penis sprang forward, revealing it to her. She looked down and stared at it in awe and loved how cute it looked to her. She could see his foreskin still over his mushroom shaped tip, but she expected his penis to be that way.

"Oh cute..." She told him with a smile as Momo's face got red again.

"I-It's not cute...I'm a m-m-man..." He replied back weakly, trying to correct her, but it only caused her to find him even more adorable.

"I see...yes, you are a man...which means..." She shocked the boy as she reached own with her hand and wrapped her long and slender fingers around his penis, earning him a loud gasp. The feeling of her hand around his member was other worldly. It was the most incredible feeling he ever felt. Her warm hand electrified his body. It was definitely much better to have her hand around it than his own. " can be treated like one." She seductively told him before beginning to move her hand slowly up and down his shaft.

"Ahhh! Robin-san...what are you...ahhh...w-wow...that feels...good..." He moaned in delight as Robin giggled and continued stroking his phimoses penis. His toes curled as he felt something inside him getting close to erupt. "Robin-san...I feel this...?" He told her as she smiled and sped up her strokes.

" is...just let it out..." She told him as she started to peel his fore skin back. He hissed slightly, but the pleasure and the feeling of his release approaching distracted him from it as his mushroom shaped tip became exposed.

"Ahhh...Robin-san...I think I'm...I'm cumming..." He shouted as she moved her hand faster and before long, he finally released his first ever orgasm. Robin watched in delight as Momo's sperm shot out of his penis and onto the bathroom floor, splattering his white semen all over the place. His thick white cum would also smear all over hand as she kept it around his shaft, feeling it twitch with every spurt that came out. She was amazed at how much semen he was pumping out from someone like him. She figured it was his first time, so it was understandable that he had so much pent up semen.

Momo arched his back and tilted his head as he came for the first time. He could feel his semen pumping out like jet streams as his body shuddered with every spurt. He continued for several more seconds before his release died down. He panted and opened his eyes halfway to look up the ceiling before leaning back and landing his head in between Robin's large breasts. However, he didn't notice as he was coming down from his all time high.

Robin smiled down at him as she released her hand from his shaft and observed the semen on her hand. She licked her lips and then started moving her tongue all around her hand, tasting his cum. It tasted delicious to her as she found it to be addicting. Whens he finished licking her entire hand, she looked down at him and smiled. "So? How was it?" She asked him. He continued to pant as he looked upa t her.

"It felt incredible..." He panted as she giggled.

"I'm glad." She told him and then looked over to his crotch to see his penis also covered in semen. She licked her lips again as she once again became horny. "Ara, ara. It seems you made a mess." She teased him and lifted him softly off of her into a sitting position again.

"I'm sorry..." He told her as she shook her head.

"No need to be, let me clean it up for you." She crawled around him to the front. Momo's eyes widened as he blushed at the way her breasts swayed with her movements and how sexy she looked. He at first thought she was talking about the semen on the floor, but when he saw her ignore the floor and position herself in between his legs, he felt his face get red as she stared directly at his once again, erect penis. He gulped, wondering what she was going to do. "Now then, let me clean you up."

Momo raised an eyebrow as Robin tucked her hair behind her ear and leaned forward. He was stunned when he saw stick her tongue out and flick it over the tip of his penis. He quickly tilted his head back at the incredible pleasure her warm and wet tongue produced in his body. He let out out a loud moan as Robin licked all over his tip and down his shaft. It wasn't as big as other penis' Robin worked her magic on, but there was something about his that she found both adorable and a certain need for it. She did like the way Momo-chan moaned along with her masterful work, his voice ringing in her ears like a melody of pleasure.

"R-Robin-san...ahhh..." Robin giggled when he moaned her name along with her tongue movement. Robin decided to stop teasing the boy and used her slender fingers to stroke his cock a couple of times. Momo groaned in response, earning another giggle from the older woman, before she lowered her head and slowly engulfed his penis into her mouth. Momo's body stiffened as his legs rose up from the bathroom floor in response to his first ever blow job. His toes curled as his body slightly shook from the incredible warm feeling of Robin's mouth.

Robin moaned, sending a small vibration through Momo's cock, making him moan her name once again. She smiled and started moving her head up. The whole time, Momo groaned and kept his eyes shut tight as the beautiful older woman went down on him. Momo clenched the edge of the chair he sat on. The incredible feeling of her warm mouth over his penis was euphoric.

Momo took a peak down at the archaeologist of the Straw Hat pirates and felt incredibly hot at the sight of her black hair going up and down on his penis. Momo couldn't believe such a feeling like this could exist. He didn't know what was going on, but he was enjoying every minute of it.

'Such a tasty cock...' Robin moaned as she continued sucking on his member. The taste and shape of it was adorable. She actually loved it. She bobbed her head head faster, licking his length with her tongue while doing so. She could feel his cock twitching, signaling her that he was getting close to cumming. She found it cute and went faster.

"W-Wait...Robin-san!" Momo tried to stop her, but it wasn't working as he felt something about to explode in his groin. "Ahhh! Robin-san!" He screamed and clenched the chair tightly. His toes curled as he erupted and shot his white semen into her mouth. Robin stopped as she felt him shoot out his essence as she closed her eyes and took all of his cum. She waited patiently as she drank everything he shot at her until his cock stopped twitching and let out the last spurt.

Momo's body calmed down as he panted, feeling completely euphoric after his first ever blow job. Robin slowly bobbed her head a couple of times to clean his penis before letting go of it with a small pop. She gulped down whatever remained in her mouth and leaned up to look down at the young shota.

"You look pleased." She giggled as he slightly opened his eyes.

"T-That was...amazing..." He told her as she giggled again.

"I'm glad." She leaned toward him as he blushed at the sight of her large breasts moving towards him. "Then...shall we go on?" She whispered seductively towards him, which resulted in penis to get instantly erect. "Ara, ara...seems like this little one is saying yes." Momo gulped as Robin moved closer to his face. "Then...let's begin." She told him before placing her hands on his cheeks and pulled him towards her, kissing him on the lips. Momo's eyes widened and toes curled as his mouth was covered by Robin's luscious lips.

Momo's eyes rolled up in lust as he closed his eyes and just allowed Robin to do whatever she wanted to his mouth. She moaned and inserted her tongue inside him. Both of their tongues danced around inside Momos mouth. Momo was so lost in the pleasure that he couldn't tell right from left. Robin's kiss was just that amazing.

Robin pulled away and saw the expression on the boy's face and felt her heart skip a beat at how cute he was. She couldn't handle it anymore. She needed him. "R-Robin-san..." He whispered as she took his arm and laid down on the bathroom floor, pulling him on top of her. Momo's eyes widened as he saw Robin in one of the most gorgeous positions he had ever seen.

"Momo-chan...I want you so much..." She told him as she snaked her arms down to his groin. She wrapped a hand around his penis, earning a light squeal from the boy. "Momo-chan...I want you inside me..."

"I-Inside...?" Momo was confused by her request. She smiled in understanding at how clueless he was. It only made him cuter.

"Here..." She took her other hand and spread her pussy lips for him. "...put it inside here." Momo's face got red as he saw his first ever vagina. He gulped as he let Robin lead him towards it with his penis. Both felt their hearts racing as Momo rubbed against her walls, moaning at how wet she felt. "...that's it..." Momo began to move along with Robin as he inserted the tip of his penis inside her. He gritted his teeth and shut his eyes as he could already feel his penis getting wrapped around by her walls. Robin moaned as well as Momo's penis was devoured by her pussy. Momo lifted his head and let out a satisfying moan at being inside such a gorgeous woman.

Robin made sure he stayed put, placing her hands behind him on his back and butt. "Ahhh...R-R-Robin-san...t-this feels...i-incredible..." Robin smiled widely. His hot and hard penis was nicely fit inside her pussy. It made her arousal go to another level. His penis couldn't go all the way inside her, but that didn't matter. How long has it been since she had a cock inside her? She couldn't recollect, but she loved the way Momo's cock, despite the size, fit inside her. Almost as if it was needed to be in her.

"Momo-chan...your feels so amazing..." She told him, but Momo was not paying attention to her, so lost in the pleasure. Robin moved her thick thighs closer to him, rubbing them across his small frame. " can start moving..."

"M-Moving?" He asked, unsure what to do.

" and out..." She instructed as he nodded. Momo slowly started pulling away. He wasn't sure how far he should go, but Robin helped him with that but pushing him back inside with her hands when the tip of his penis remained inside her. He was surprised by the push that he was stunned for a bit. However, he did not mind it as the motion itself was euphoric. "Okay...go again..." Momo nodded and pulled away. He then pushed back inside by himself as Robin's breasts slightly bounced along with his motion.

Momo continued his slow pace, trying to get used to the act of sex. He couldn't believe this was happening. He was experiencing his first time with such a beauty of a woman. Someone who could attract anyone she wanted, but decided on him. He was young, but he knew about a woman's attractive nature. Breasts were his favorite thing and for the first time, he was seeing them while also doing the same woman.

He continued moving, Robin helping him from time to time. "T-This is amazing..." Momo whispered. He concentrated hard on his thrusts, making sure she was enjoying it as much as he was. By the sound of her moans, he was doing the job.

" feel so amazing...faster..." She pleaded.

"H-Hai..." Momo nodded and moved faster. His hands on her stomach to help him balance himself. Robin tilted her her back slightly as Momo was ravaging her pussy with his thrusts. She was amazed at how strong they were in.

"That's it...that's good, Momo-chan...keep going like that..." She encouraged him which invigorated the young boy. He looked down at her swaying breasts and became mesmerized by them. He badly wanted to suck on them. Robin looked up in time to see his eye son her breasts and smiled. "Go..." He looked at her with widened eyes. " want them, right? Then go..." Momo gulped and with her permission, he leaned down and took one of her breasts into his mouth. Robin immediately gasped. "W-Wow..." The moment his warm mouth clamped around her teat, a jolt of electricity ran throughout her body. 'This magnificent...'

Robin's entire body was stimulated from the boy's thrusts and sucking. It was nothing like she ever experienced before. Not with any other man. It was as if she entered a state of rapture. The slapping of their skins and the sucking sound coming from Momo's mouth filled the room. She took one of her hands and placed it behind the boy's head, pushing him closer to her breasts. He sucked and sucked on them as if he would never get to do so ever again. Robin, however, would gladly let him suck on her breasts any time he wanted, in privacy of course.

Momo let go of her breast with a popping sound and looked at Robin, seeing her beautiful face turn to that of a sex craved succubus. "Robin-san...this feels amazing...ahhh...I feel it coming again..." Robin looked at him and smiled.

"It's okay...let it out inside me...please..." She told him.

"H-Hai..." He replied back as he attacked the other breast and moved inside her faster. Robin tilted her head and arched her back in delight. His thrusts were more frequent as he was close to reaching his third orgasm.

"Faster...oh...I'm cumming..." Robin moaned as he did what she asked. His thrusts became harder and faster. He let go of her breast and concentrated on his thrusts. He was going to erupt at any moment. Robin moved her hands behind him, helping the boy with his thrusts as they soon became erratic. "Momo-chan...Momo-chan..." She could feel his cock twitch as he made one last thrust before sending both of them to heaven. Both let out screams as Robin's walls constricted around his penis and squeezing him of all the semen he had left.

Her caverns were painted in white as his sperm shot all the way up to her cervix and into her womb. His thick and hot essence flooded her insides making her body twitch. Momo had his back arched as he pushed as far as he could inside the older woman. He shot everything he had left inside her. The feeling of reaching his orgasm inside the woman was the greatest feeling ever. He now understood why men wanted to do this.

Both came down from their high as Momo was spent. He fell forward, landing onto Robin's body, his head nestled in between her breasts. His penis went limp inside her as some of his sperm, mixed with her cum, started leaking out of her. Both were panting.

"T-That was...the greatest thing...ever..." Momo managed to say in between his breaths. Robin smiled as she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him closer to her.

"I agree. Thank you, Momo-chan." She smiled at him.

"S-Sure...anything for you!" Momo replied back with pride, but felt exhausted to stand up and show off his manliness. She giggled at him, finding him as cute as ever. "Umm...can this again...?" He asked her nervously.

"Of course." He turned to look at her with widened eyes, surprised she said yes. He then gave her a big smile.

"Okay!" She smiled back, a brighter smile on her face.

"Well then...can't keep the others waiting...let's take that shower and meet up with everyone back on the deck." He nodded his head as the two took a bath.

Afterwards, later that everyone went to sleep...Momo, would get involved with another female on board the Thousand Sunny.

To Be Continued in Part 2...

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