"Worse Than a Cave Troll"

BY : Griffith_Did_NThing_Wrong
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( Don't Read Unfinished ) Before they had come it was nothing more than a small farming village, living season to season. It had all the essentails, a little bakery, a smith, a small inn with no more than three rooms for travellers, nothing speical stood out about the village, most passers by would later call it, " A dull shite stain of a village, with nought a thing to do. " The villagers didn't mind though, they were a simple people with simple dreams, get married, have children, run a good farm, grow a good crop, sure it wasn't changing the world but it was a life the villagers enjoyed.  

It was a day like anyother for the unnamed village, the men awoke early to tend to the crops, and the women were later woken up by excited children jumping around, impatient for the day to begin. One of these women was a mother of three, Clara, a slender woman, with long blonde hair that she kept tied tight in a bun. 

Clara's children jumped on her bed attempting to wake their mother, so she could take them with her while she completed her daily errands. She stayed motionless in the bed for awhile until she suddenly jumped up.

" Boo! " Clara screamed in a playful manner, as she scooped up her startled children and tickled them till they were petrified with laughter. 

" Stop... Hahahaha! " the children gasped between laughter.

" Alright my little monsters. " Clara sighed. " But it'll cost you. I'll take a kiss each. "

" Okay Momma " The children chuckled. Clara ceased her ticklish assualt, and the three children kissed her on cheek. 

" All of you get dressed and we'll start on the town. " Clara demanded. The children excitedly ran from Clara's bedroom. She closed the door behind them and undressed herself, removing her night gown in one smooth motion. Revealing her naked body, which besides her children was Clara's only pride and joy. Everything was tight and exactly where it should be, nothing sagged, her breasts were the perfect size, tipped with small pink nipples. Her ass was large and drew the eyes of every man she walked by, a fact she often noticed and loved. Her favorite thing about her own body was her cunt, it had adorable fat lips that made pleasuring her husband feel amazing because of how soft they were, she loved seeing his face as he entered her when ever they would decide to " make love " as her husband called it.

As much as she loved seeing her husband's reaction whenever her cunt devoured his cock, Clara never cared much for " making love " she believed such a term should be reserved for wedding nights, and virgin girls having sex for the first time. No Clara prefered fucking, hard, sometimes painful, hair pulling fucking. Her husband was less enthused about " fucking " he was less excited about sex in general, despite how much he enjoyed himself, Clara's husband didn't like breaking his religious beliefs and fornicating without the purpose of impregnating his wife. Clara loved her husband dearly but this fact upset her. It upset her so much that sometimes she wished a strong male figure would bust into her home and take her away for night after night of hard, mindless fucking (a wish she would later regret). 

Clara finished admiring her own body and stepped into a tight dress that complimented her figure.

She made herself and her children a quick breakfest of porridge. Once they were all done, the family set out to complete their errands. Clara checked the children's clothing for holes and stains, their clothes has a few of each but noting to noticable. 

As they left the house Clara took a quick glance at her list of errands she had written the night before.

1. Buy a loaf of bread at the bakers.



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