Clash of Realms

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Clash of Realms

CHP1: Daughter of the Knight



It was just after eight PM that he received the call, following added adjustments to his new office space and sections throughout the lab. The timing couldn't have come at a better time, but even so he was scheduled for a meeting early the next morning and still had paperwork to sort through before then and so he kept that in mind. But he promised to help out a friend and there was no backing down. And so he stepped into facility which required an eye scan and when inside he ran a hand over a glass case and smiled. All week long Luke Fox had been busy with agency work and to get the call with a chance to suit up was invigorating.

The glass container unbolted in the press of a button as he stepped out over the platform with the suit remotely shaping over his body and the helmet lowering last. A nearby control panel was used to open the roof which he took off and flew. After minutes of travel he landed atop a roof making his way inside through a door. Living the life of both Luke Fox and Batwing was exuberant and brought on a rush that he just couldn't get enough of. On his way down the steps he took notice of the large computer screen and what was on it, which further indicated what the subject matter might evolve around.

"Batman," Luke smiled as he removed the bat mask/helmet off his head. "Glad you called me in, I've been looking forward to getting my feet wet for the past week."

Luke's eyes then ventured across the room and that's when he spotted another, this individual wearing a black cape/hood combo on the exterior and with a yellow interior. He wore a green mask over his eyes with white lenses, a red tunic with an R in yellow over it, yellow utility belt, green gloves, black under armor, green knee pads and green boots with red laces.

"Robin," Batwing raised an eyebrow looking at the caped crusader's ally. "I was listening to the radio a little earlier and I heard something about the Titans tangling with some meta in San Frans..."

"Already been taken care of," Robin crossed his arms. "That's old news and we've got bigger fish to fry, Fox."

It was then Luke looked to Batman who had his back to them both.

"So when will the briefing begin?" Batwing inquired.

"Shortly," Batman typed away over the keyboard. "After he arrives."

"He, who else is coming?"

Not a second later a door across the room to the space opened and with each step taken her boots clicked as even Batman turned around and saw someone he wasn't expecting.

"Canary," Batman stepped forward as he approached her. "Where is Oliver?"

"Busy," Black Canary replied as both she and Batman stopped a couple inches short of each other. "And so I came in his place."

"I take it you know a little bit about what's been happening with the break-ins? We believe this group will strike again tonight, here in Gotham."

"Of course, who doesn't," Dinah replied.

And with that Batman turned and returned to the computer as Robin pushed off the wall and joined the two behind the dark knight. In just a few clicks video footage appeared on screen and for the first couple seconds Batwing and Black Canary had no idea what it was they were looking at. There were two persons on screen, the first dressed in a dark blue ninja gi and mask carrying a sheathed blade, standing at about 5'10 and beside him an individual covered in all black armor from head to toe and standing at around 4'9. Batman paused the footage as he turned and faced the group.

"These two have appeared on every scene I've uploaded from each burglary, and I believe the one in black is an android or robot of some sort," Batman stepped aside as he again played the footage.

The group watched as the smaller criminal effortlessly punched through a wall as security gunfire was fired directly at it and the bullets did nothing to faze the target. Black Canary watched in shock as the small character went to work disarming ten officials which surrounded it and just as quickly took their feet from under them and with supernatural movement knocked them all out while they were still in midair. They were met by another group of security as they made their way to the second level as the smaller figure was again unaffected by any of the bullets fired, as it flipped into the air wrapping its legs around the neck of one and forcing him off the railing and downward over the second level. The two way combo made short work of the officers before simultaneously kicking down a steel door together.

"Remember ZH Seven, we've got about five minutes before backup arrives so we need to act quickly in finding that canister."

"Okey dokey," the one in black replied in a robotic tone. "Need a drink, running low on energy, need to pee pee."

The ninja opposite of the one in black groaned as he rolled his eyes.

"You can do those things when we get the hell outta here, and if you're good I'll get you another of those books you love so much."

"Oh really!" the one in black jumped up and down with a robotic voice. "Can I pick, please, pretty please?!"

"Silence!" the ninja shot. "We get outta here unscathed and I'll get you whatever you want."

Batman immediately paused the footage and looked back to the group.

"This footage is from two weeks ago when they hit one of Lex Corp's facility's and made off with an undisclosed item. Somehow they're able to disrupt security footage, blacking out the portions to make a clean getaway with their items of choice without leaving behind evidence of what was taken."

"Yeah that's all nice and dandy but what was up with that android's speech pattern, it just seemed adolescent, like a five year old. And frankly it didn't make a whole lot of sense."

The dark knight tipped his head as he had noticed this exact thing the first time he reviewed the video.

"It's either one of two things," Batman went on. "The system program attached to that thing or more likely they're speaking in code, but I have not yet deduced what."

Dinah smiled at this, taking a moment to appreciate the caped crusader's abilities to uncover and think outside the box whereas others wouldn't.

"There is however another small piece of info you should all be aware of, something that hasn't been publicly displayed to the masses," Batman typed over the keyboard once more and brought up another few screens, all of which sharing something in common.

"Those are... pictures of you, Bruce Wayne," Black Canary looked the photos over and each of the photos had slash marks through them.

"Our two team bandits have worked their way through Wayne Enterprises, Queen Industries and Lex Corp as well as two other major industries but there's been a difference when they've raided storage facilities linked to my enterprise."

"How so?" Batwing inquired.

"When finished taking what they've needed, facilities and buildings under my name have been blown to bits and photos like the ones on screen of myself left behind. With Lex Corp and the others it's different as they get in and out, taking what they need and that's the end of it," Batman responded.

This bit of information had both Batwing and Black Canary lost whilst Robin had already known of this bit.

"Whoever is behind this has a personal vendetta with my alter ego, and it's just a matter of finding out who and why. There's that and more importantly finding out what they've been stealing. Once we catch them in the act..."

Batman was interrupted by a loud beeping sound that came from the computer screen which was a distress signal.

"What is it?" Robin stepped forward.

Batman pressed down over the keyboard.

"It's the Royal Auxy, just a mile from Gotham harbor and in route. That ship is carrying four Wayne Enterprises cargos," Batman's eyes narrowed. "I thought they'd wait until after the shipment was loaded on land before they'd made their move, but I was wrong."

"How can you say for certain it's them?" Batwing questioned.

"It's them."

Those were the only words Batman said before stepping aside and pressing down over the hidden panel within his gauntlet.

"We move out, this is our chance to stop them," the dark knight inferred.

There was still so much more he wanted to tell them, but there was no time and soon the bat plane appeared atop the roof and just so happened to be one of larger models to fit them all. He had studied the pattern of the two criminals and so he had a pretty good feeling they'd touch down in Gotham within the week. Batman sat up front and just about halfway into the flight he gazed back at his passengers.

"Plan is Robin and I confront them and the two of you to maintain a defensive position and out of sight until it looks like they might get by us."

"Gotcha," Batwing responded.

It wasn't long before that very ship was within their sights and the bat plane lowered as each unbuckled and readied themselves for the jump. Batman set the controls to autopilot as they did exactly this, Batman and Robin gliding down as Black Canary held onto Batwing as he flew them both down. As they touched down over the front deck seven crew members were found lying unconscious, the caped crusader straightaway setting his lenses to detect mode. Black Canary and Batwing did exactly as he instructed, staying behind as both he and Robin continued forward, dropping to a lower deck and then making their way inside and it was there they stumbled upon more unconscious ship crew.

The mode inside his lens picked up on excessive movement on the lower levels and it was also the same area where the cargos were held and so the two masked heroes picked up speed as they got down there fast. The last of security was taken down right in front of them and a Wayne Enterprises cargo blown open by explosives. Batman's approach to spring a sneak attack was thrown out the window as Robin took off ahead and charged. And it was the very two he expected, the ninja, but this time dressed in light blue and the smaller robot in black. As Robin had already revealed himself Batman had no choice but to expose himself as well, both enemies taking notice of them.

"Batman and Robin!" the robot jumped up and down. "It's Batman and Robin, so cool!"

The other aside from the robot stood with wide eyes specifically looking to the caped crusader.

"They're the enemy ZH Seven, there's nothing to be excited about!" the ninja grimaced, knowing their very presence could cause a problem. "Hold them off while I get the fragment, Vlet is counting on us."

The one in black didn't immediately respond to his demand and so he bit back.

"Don't get your panties in a bind, I said strike!"

Without delay the android didn't waste a moment charging the dynamic duo, jumping into the air and performing a spinning somersault which knocked Robin backwards and toward Batman who dodged off to the side.

"I did it, I totally just dropped Robin!" the opponent spoke in a distorted tone.

Batman was next to challenge the much smaller opponent as his first couple strikes were eluded but managed a knife hand to the left side of its neck and then a knee to the stomach which knocked it back on its side. Acrobatically flipping up, ZH Seven soared upward and landing its legs around and behind the neck of Batman.

"Tug, tug, tug," the enemy laughed pulling at the ears over his cowl. "Giddy up bat pony!"

ZH Seven pulled only once more before Batman reached up just as it hopped off his shoulders kicking at his chest and the dark knight stumbling back but shot out the cable from his grapple gun. The cable wrapped around the ankle of his target midair as he sharply pulled ZH Seven back and punched it in the face as the enemy soared through the air and fell flat on its face but popped up just as quickly and removed the cable.

"Fun, so much fun," ZH Seven looked back to the ninja. "He's really good Jitzie-sama, I can't believe I'm fighting Batman!"

As the enemy had dropped its guard Robin went after the ninja who perceived him from the corner of his eye and threw out a kick which knocked the boy wonder back in the opposite direction.


Batman attempted running to his side but ZH Seven pulled at the back of his cape and tossed him fifteen feet in the opposite direction. By then the one who was seemingly in charge located what they'd come for inside a small box and smiled as he took it into his hand, but by then Robin was already in his face and kicked the box out of his grasp as it landed over the ground a couple feet away. Robin immediately went after it but the enemy leaped over him in a single bound taking hold of the item as he performed a spinning kick and knocked Robin off his feet and in the opposite direction.

"ZH Seven we've got what we came for, time to get the heck out," he smiled beneath the mask.

"No not yet," the one in black dodged from side to side as Batman moved in with tremendous force. "Can I fight him a little bit longer?"

"No, we aren't here for fun and games!"

Those were his last words before a section of the ceiling above exploded and two persons emerged and it was the woman wearing a black mask over her eyes and long blond hair that screamed and disarmed the ninja of the box in his hand. His red eyes broadened as he looked to this woman and then the other next to her dressed in bat armor from head to toe.

"Looks like you two could use a hand," Batwing looked back and forth between Batman and Robin.

With his wings expanded Batwing kicked off his boosters, zipping forward and colliding with the ninja and forcing him into a wall in between two cargos. Robin raced for the box as ZH Seven did the same and he was beat to the punch but Canary's cry knocked down the one in black who also lost hold of the box. Even with his increased strength in the bat armor, Luke was overpowered by the one opposite of him and for a moment stared into his red eyes with a slit through them. He lifted Batwing up and over him and tossed him aside as he took off into the cargo he'd blown open. It was during his search for the small box that he came across it and knew he needed to do something to shift the situation in their favor, and to his greatest delight the weapon was already loaded.

"Heroes, you have one of two choices," he stepped out and took aim at the wall clear across the room and pulled down on the trigger as the missile was fired. "Stop us or save the ship crew!"

The entire section was blown to bits as large amounts of water poured through and filling the room and with this distraction the ninja quickly recovered the box.

"Jitzie-sama, are you trying to kill us?! Water will..."

"Quiet ZH Seven, I've got the fragment and now it's time to go," the ninja opened a sizeable portal using a small item over his wrist and he gestured for the smaller ally to follow.

The ninja jumped through and ZH Seven followed but as it leaped forward Batman met it halfway into the air and tackled it to the ground as the water was now ankle height.

"It's closing!" Black Canary ran fast as she could with both Robin and Batwing doing the same.

She and Batwing made it through but Robin was too late as the portal closed right before his eyes.

"Get me outta this, help me!" ZH Seven kicked around waving its arms, but its movement quickly slowed as its voice died down and then no movement at all.

Batman's eyes narrowed at this, questioning if the water had completely fried its circuits. A quick scan of its body using the sensors in his lenses came back negative, but even so he took the 4'9 figure into his arms and lifted it up over his left shoulder. His next thought was to look for the others and that's when he saw only Robin.

"Batwing and Canary," he called out to him. "Where did they go?"

"Through the portal with the other one, to who knows where," Robin responded.

He grimaced but he didn't at all have time to think about that as the ship was sure to sink and between himself and Robin there was no way they could get all the unconscious passengers off in time. And if that wasn't hectic enough, the water had already risen to Robin's waist.

"Damian I need you to get out of here!" Batman shouted.

"And leave you here, no way! What will you even do?"

"I'll think of something..."

Batman was unable to finish as the ship tilted roughly to their left with a loud cracking sound as both he and Robin were thrown off balance. They didn't realize until nearly twenty seconds later that the water levels were drastically decreasing and not much longer after that the ship weighing nearly 1,000 kg completely lifted out of the water and carried through the air by two green constructs in the form of hands. It was gently lowered over the docks and not long after that a woman appeared through the section of the ceiling that had been destroyed, her attire a combination of black and green with white boots and gloves. She had long brown hair, glowing green eyes and a green aura around her body.

"A Green Lantern..." Robin murmured.

"Cruz," Batman breathed a sigh of relief as she lowered herself in front of him.

"What happened here?" she asked.

Batman sidestepped the question and was more interested in what Jessica Cruz was doing in Gotham city.

"Never mind, forget it," Jessica shook her head with a smile. "And I'm only here because Superman sent me."

"What about?"

"Something concerning updates to the watchtower, he said that..."

"I know," Batman cut her off. "Thanks, not only for that but for this."

The Green Lantern smiled as she took to the air and waved.

"Don't mention it, see you whenever you find the time."

The dynamic duo stood and watched as she disappeared through the night sky and even after she was gone they said nothing for a long while. It wasn't until Robin spoke that this silence ceased.

"Father, what now?" Damian asked.

"We take this thing back to the cave and run some tests. Even if its systems were damaged during the exposure to the water it's nothing that I can't repair. The answer to all the burglaries between each corporation might just lie inside this thing."

"And what about Batwing and Canary?"

"Luke's suit is trackable through the bat computer due to a chip implanted inside his suit. There's nowhere he can go that we can't find them. ZH Seven referred to him as Jitzie, which in all likelihood a code name and he might have gotten away with what he was after, but we won't be far behind."

From there Batman returned to the cave with ZH Seven while Robin had something else to do and so they went their separate ways. Alfred was there and awaited Batman in the cave and looked on curiously as the dark knight carried an unidentified foe over his back and to lower levels and the butler followed. Batman unlocked a containment cell specifically designed for Meta humans as he entered through and dropped ZH Seven over the table and tied it down with constraints.

"Computer initiate scan and provide a full scale diagnostic."

"Affirmative," the computer software confirmed.

"Master Bruce," Alfred approached and entered the cell. "What is that you have there?"

"An android, but I don't know for certain. On the way back I tried peeling through its armor but with no luck, it's more firm than it looks. The systems inside the cowl have been unable to identify it so I'll give this a try."

Alfred followed him as both men exited out and the door behind them closed in the press of a button.

"I'm heading to the watchtower to take care of something, radio me if anything out of the ordinary occurs."

"Very well sir, I'll keep an eye on the chamber."


The Parlienta had become one of her favorite spots, a similar setting to most libraries, any and all information she needed right there, but most of all it was away from everyone and so it served as a location she could get away from it all, from everyone. Even as she'd been away from humankind for years, she found other ways to fulfill her needs and desires. In addition to providing a global common ground throughout Makai, its queen took a more front and center role as her adoptive father before her. This decision created a better environment and gave inhabitants a better feel for their ruler and also gave them the opportunity to connect with her.

Makai as a whole was in much better shape than it had been in years due to her efforts and taking such a strong stance on important matters. For most her life she chose to ignore her duties, but that was in the past and was the primary reason for her long absence from the world of man, but she would soon return, if for nothing more than that special person. She'd never forgotten and how could she, as she now had something that was a constant reminder of him.

As she stood over the balcony of her quarters and stared down over her kingdom, she thought back to her many visits to the human world. Human males were her prey and her enticing beauty was both her bait and her trap. It was late and she had a huge conference with all the noble leaders set for early that next morning but she didn't care, enjoying the cool night air and view. This moment however didn't last for very long as two persons called out to her and she looked over her left shoulder as it was both Lucien and Mudo, her two closes attendants that approached.

"My queen," both bowed and it was Lucien that spoke. "Hate to disturb you at such a late hour but we have distressing news. The house of Glorwes was attacked and their village set to fire with an ancient fragment stolen. We've been told the attack was led by Q-Bee and that she retreated to the human world. There were at least twenty casualties, lady Aensland. What shall we do?"

Morrigan stretched out as she yawned and proceeded to pace around and mumbled Q-Bee's name before coming to an eventual stop.

"I'll handle this matter myself, if Q-Bee is responsible then I have to believe Jedah is pulling the strings. I will not risk manpower against him and I will need for the two of you to represent the Aensland house at the meeting tomorrow morning."

"Lady Aensland, but…"

"No but's Mudo, I'm leaving within the hour," Morrigan stepped away from the balcony. "I leave you two in charge of everything until I get back. And look after my little angel while I'm away, protect her with your lives and if you have any problems, you know how to contact me."

They didn't speak a word as she walked passed them and into her spacious bedroom where a wide grin occupied her face. This would mark her return to the human world in over seven years and though her mission was to seek out Q-Bee there was something else she also looked forward to doing.

"I'll finally see you again, my special one… my knight," she murmured as she chortled. "And I've got a surprise for you, but not yet, hehe we'll hold off on that for a bit longer."


The day had come and she couldn't be more nervous, but did her best to hold it together. The silver haired vampire stared at herself in the mirror and behind her was Ruby who brushed her hair. Her anxiety was at its highest all week thinking 'what if she were to screw this up? What if something went wrong or an enemy crashed the event? These thoughts freaked Moka out, but it was hers and Tsukune's big day and she needed to keep a clear head.

"Moka, Moka," Ruby spoke causing the vampire to jump.

"What is it?" Moka stuttered, feeling so much nerves.

"You'll do fine out there, stop worrying so much. Tsukune loves you and you love him, and after today you will be man and wife," Ruby gently caressed Moka's shoulders. "Try and relax some. You look very beautiful and Tsukune will love it. And don't forget that we're all by your side."

Moka nodded as half a smile shaped over her lips and there was one person that wouldn't be there and that person was her mother. It had been over seven years and counting since Akasha sacrificed herself to stop Zelliatos from opening. Two knocks at the door caught the attention of both ladies as the door had been left unlocked.

"Father," Moka looked up.

Issa was dressed in a dark gray suit, black tie and brown under shirt.

"Everyone is just about ready, do you…" Issa paused as he looked his daughter over in all her beauty, already in her wedding dress. "My, Moka my beautiful Moka… you look so lovely."

Issa smirked holding back emotion as he pulled her into a hug.

"I'll be waiting outside," Issa patted her shoulder, waving at both Ruby and Moka as he exited.

Inside another room Gin tried straightening Tsukune's tie as both stood in front of a mirror. "Thanks for the help Gin-san, I very much appreciate it," Tsukune smiled.

Stepping aside Gin allowed Tsukune room to observe himself alone in the mirror, and to the left of them the entrance door swung open. Marching in was Issa Shuzen and he stopped short of Tsukune.

"We've had this discussion before, Aono. Treat my daughter well, take care of her and make sure she never has a broken heart," Issa snarled as he came face to face with Tsukune. "Harm her in any way, or fail to protect her and it is you that will be broken… by these hands."

A few years back Tsukune might have trembled but now he felt confident in his own abilities as he'd done his share of training. But the older vampire was still the more skilled combatant, which neither could argue.

"You don't have to worry about a thing, I love Moka-san more than anything in the world," Tsukune responded looking Issa off.

"Fair enough," Issa grinned. "I shall see you soon."

And with that Issa exited and Gin let out a breath that he didn't realize he was even holding. In just minutes Moka stepped out and met with a smiling Issa and took his arm. She was so nervous tightening her grip on his arm, and this caused him to chuckle. In front of them was a young girl at just the age of five carrying a basket of flowers who was the third child to Mizore Shirayuki and her husband.

"Relax my gorgeous Moka, everything will work out," he whispered, his words calming her.

The two vampires walked slowly together, while the small girl threw rose petals left and right. There was nothing the silver haired vampire feared, but this whole experience was turning out to be more challenging than she anticipated. She took a deep breath, her cheeks burned a deep red as she felt herself come to a stop. Issa gave her a final hug.

"I'm proud of you," he whispered giving her hand to Tsukune.

Her soon to be husband helped her up the steps, Moka's face blushing the entire way. A pastor stood before them. All of Tsukune's family was in attendance, family friends and of Moka's sisters Kokoa was the only one in attendance. All of their friends were sitting in the upper rows, each of them with smiles over their faces. Following their human wedding Tsukune and Moka were to be officially mated later that evening in the yokai realm which would be even larger with hundreds in attendance.

"We're gathered here today to unite these two. Aono Tsukune and Akashiya Moka. If anyone has a reason that these two should not be united then speak now or forever hold your peace"

There wasn't a response from a single of them, but that didn't mean there were some without regret. This couldn't have held truer for the succubus Kurono Kurumu. It was like love on first sight when she and Tsukune met and that love never diminished, but it was clear his heart belonged to Moka and only Moka. And to sit there and watch them be married wasn't exactly easy but she wasn't going to ruin their big day and she respected both far too much for that.

"Now may I have the rings," he asked as the rings were immediately handed to him. "Moka do you take Tsukune to be you're lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold, through rich or poor, through sickness or health, forsaking all other. Till death do you part," he asked.

"I do," she whispered.

The same was asked of Tsukune and he gave the same answer, his eyes deadlocked with Moka's. The desire and passion was felt between them as he pronounced them husband and wife and they locked lips in front of the cheering audience. Kasumi Aono cried over the shoulder of Tsukune's father, overwhelmed with joy that their boy found himself such a beautiful and intelligent woman. Throughout this entire exchange there was another who cried, but none of her features visible because of a dark red cloak with hood over her head. She stood in the back in a far corner of the room where no one could see her and a bright silver neck choker.

"I love you Tsukune," Moka whispered as their lips parted.

"And I love you, Moka-san," Tsukune held her close.

As the bride and groom made their way down the steps they were applauded. With Tsukune and Moka leading the way everyone headed for the ballroom where the hired musicians awaited them and from there everyone took to the dance floor and moved along to the music's pace. Tsukune and Moka were at the center of the crowd, the silver haired vampire smiling at him and put her arms around his neck. Tsukune lowered his hands over her waist and pulled her against his figure as Moka giggled and followed his steps.

"I've dreamed this moment so many times and now that it's here, I still can't believe it," she whispered, laying her head on his chest.

"You and I both, Moka-san but there isn't any other I'd want to spend all of eternity with," he whispered kissing her left cheek.

For minutes the two vampires danced and even got lost inside each other until Issa came in between them requesting a dance with his daughter which Tsukune had no problem with and stepped aside. It wasn't much longer that Tsukune made eye contact with someone through the crowds who just so happened to be leaning against a wall with her arms crossed and he couldn't believe his eyes. Tsukune trotted off the dance floor. She stood at 5'7 with pale skin, dark green eyes, light blue hair which was tied loosely with a bow of purple silk and in a dark purple dress with black boots.

"Eris," Tsukune said happily as he stopped in front of the Valkyrie who had become someone he considered a great friend in the past couple years. "I didn't think you'd show until the yokai ceremony."

"Congratulations," Eris responded, pushing off the wall. "I hope you make each other happy."

"We will," Tsukune grinned. "That much I know. But whatsup, surely you didn't come all the way out here for the festivities, did Apollo send you?"

"There's been suspicious activity, yes. You're a newlywed, so you need not worry yourself with such matters until after the honeymoon. But even so with someone of your position you should hear some of the small details."

"Go ahead and shoot," Tsukune replied.

The vampire recalled the first time he met with the yokai emperor seven years back and how terrified he was when they first met, but over time he turned out to be quite friendly and understanding. Had it not been for Moka's turning of him there likely wouldn't have been so much tension in the beginning.


The night had barely just begun and already this was their second job, the eight of them wearing blue ski masks. They drove in a black pickup truck and as they pulled up in front of the bank they exited and looked around for a few seconds before coming to a stop in front of the building. Inside, those behind the counters were getting ready to close up and on her way out a woman stopped short of the doors as she looked up at the T.V.

"There have been a series of break-ins through not only Lex Corp, Queen Industries, Wayne Enterprises, but Fueler Tech as well and this includes oversea storage facilities. Thirty six year old Bruce Wayne is the only CEO of these to come out and speak. No casualties as of yet during these heists and the FBI have now gotten involved and have pleaded to bring these crooks to justice."

The woman watching only shook her head as she walked away from the T.V. and headed for the exit but the automatic doors shot open and with eight men entering, carrying guns and wearing ski masks. She immediately dropped to her knees with both hands positioned over her head as they aimed at her. One reached out grabbing hold of her wrist and forcing her to her feet as she was pushed along. Another pulled out a gun aiming it at the person standing behind the main register as the remainder of the crooks gathered up everyone else.

"Alright pal, you know what the hell is going down. Unlock the safes and we'll handle the rest from there!"

They carried long leather bags and once the safes were open they began filling them with money. This process went on for several minutes and by then they anticipated the police were likely on the way or soon would be. They instructed the hostages to remain seated in the corner of a room until five minutes passed and with fear for their lives they did exactly this and stayed put while the gunmen made their exit into their parked vehicle.

"Oh buddy, would you look at all this money! Boss is gonna be pleased," the one sitting in the passenger seat exclaimed.

The one driving only smiled, keeping his eyes on the road ahead of them. But not a moment later there was a quiet thump from the bottom of the vehicle and to their surprise they were quickly hovering off the ground. With distress in his eyes the gunman in the passenger seat rolled down his window, but couldn't see what it was lifting them, and they were already too high to jump out. Becoming panicky the gunmen began firing off at the floor of the vehicle in hopes of damaging whatever it was beneath and holding them up. Their attempts were for nothing as whatever it was wasn't affected by the bullets. They were carried along and the vehicle tossed down on its side away from civilians. The criminals suffered minor bruises and cuts as they kicked open the doors on the side of the car which wasn't planted into the ground.

"Who the hell did this?!" the one in charge fired off stray bullets. "Show yourself!"

"Up here."

He hovered nearly twenty feet over them, clad in blue armor, S symbol over the chest, red boots and his red cape blowing back and forth.

"It's him, Superman!"

"Smoke him!" another added.

All together the eight fired at him but their bullets bouncing off his body and in a rush of speed he was out of sight. Not a second later their weapons were discharged from their hands and in a perfectly stacked pile off to the left of them. And to the opposite side was Superman rubbing his hands together.

"Well gentlemen," the kryptonian smiled. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way."

The eight thugs all glimpsed at one another and then back at Superman as they all simultaneously dropped to their knees with their hands behind their heads.

"Good choice," Superman stepped forward.

From there the authorities were notified and the criminals booked and taken into custody while Superman flew the stolen money back to the bank and afterwards boomed himself to the watchtower. Awaiting him inside the conference room was Green Lantern/Jessica Cruz, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Arrow. The man of steel approached the group standing in front of a sizeable monitor.

"Have we begun system calibration? We can't update the software until that happens," Superman directed the question at Batman.

"That'll have to wait," the dark knight looked to Superman. "Something else came up and it isn't good."

"What happened?" Kal-El inquired with crossed arms.

It was then Green Arrow who took the initiative stepping forward.

"There's been a series of robberies stemming from the larger corporations in the world with both Wayne Enterprises and Queen Industries targeted on more than one occasion. We're in the process of trying to figure what it is they've been after."

"I contacted Green Arrow shortly after the encounter tonight," Batman spoke up. "Batwing, Robin, Black Canary and myself confronted the persons tonight and they've been a two man team in these robberies, but I'm certain whatever they're up to is much bigger than what it appears and many others are involved. But to the point, Black Canary and Batwing managed to follow one of our retreating enemies through a portal and I believe Batwing's suit was damaged during this jump."

"In other words, Batman hasn't nor any of our systems in place here have been able to track them," Wonder Woman added. "Dinah was carrying a communications device and we've had no luck linking or making contact at all."

Superman quietly sighed at this and found it relatively troubling.

"There is however a positive," the Flash chimed in. "Among this two person team, one is an android or cyborg of some sort and Batman managed to snag it."

"This true?" Superman looked to the dark knight.

"ZH Seven is what its called and as we speak I'm running..." Batman's voice drifted before ceasing as the communications device inside his cowl went off. "Excuse me, I need to take this."

He stepped aside and spoke with Alfred who was on the other end. The conversation was short, but from Batman's tone it was clear something wasn't right.

"Is there a problem?" Jessica asked.

"Nothing I can't handle. I'll be back soon as I can," Batman exited out and headed for the teleportation dock.

Of them all Green Arrow was visibly the most affected by everything that was happening. He knew Dinah was a strong woman that could take care of herself, but that didn't stop him from worrying.


A beam of light appeared inside the cave in front of the bat computer as Alfred stepped back and Batman stood there as the light died down.

"You said it had vitals," Batman looked to Alfred. "Are you positive?"

"Very much sir, you can have a look for yourself and I've already contacted Master Damian who will return to the cave after he's finished with his task."

Batman marched down the steps and around the corner where the containment cell was located and there he saw with his own eyes the struggle of ZH Seven. It was no more than two steps Batman took as the constraints holding down ZH Seven were destroyed and it roared in a distorted tone as it jumped off the table but fell completely flat, moaning and groaning as if it were in pain.

"Feed... must feed," ZH Seven slowly and weakly crawled over the floor, panting and gasping for air before eventually taking notice of the cape crusader. "Batman, help me! Must feed please, or die..."

Batman prolonged with moving toward the containment chamber and stopping short of it with questioning eyes.

"What do you mean feed?" Batman questioned.

ZH Seven was barely able to look up at him before falling forward.

"Must unlock panel on back, passcode three, eight, five, nine."

"What's that?" Batman inquired.

"Passcode is three, eight, five, nine..."

Alfred stood only a couple feet behind the dark knight and even he was clueless as to what was being conveyed. In just a couple seconds Batman noticed a small panel on the left shoulder of ZH Seven who was lied out on its stomach and realized that's what it referred to. Alfred watched in skepticism and even wanted to stop Batman as he unlocked the cell and entered.

"Sir, are you sure that's such a good idea?"

Batman didn't respond and instead lowered himself down and beside ZH Seven. His lens mode had been set to the detection but even so it picked up on no vitals like the machine had, which he believed had to do with the suit/armor covering the enemy's body. There was also nothing that suggested ZH Seven was a bomb ready to detonate if he punched in those numbers and so with a deep breath he did exactly that. A ringing sound followed as he jumped back and smoke shooting out from the neck area as ZH Seven pushed up, tugging at and pulling off the helmet/mask and tossing it aside. Batman didn't get surprised often, but this was a complete shocker as the one in black looked up at him, and was no longer an, it.

"You're just a child and a... a girl!"

"Please Batman," she begged with unfocused eyes. "Must feed, please help..."

"Oh dear!" Alfred felt his throat go dry at the scene unfolding in front of him.

Her eyes were a dark blue with fair skin, shoulder length hair in the color of black but with long pink streaks at the ends. Her voice was so much different than with the mask on, so vibrant, elegant and soft.

"You keep saying feed, what do you..."

"Blood," she hissed, baring a set of sharp fangs. "I need blood, so please help."

Wide eyes and all Batman stepped back with astonishment, but this very reveal answered a handful of questions. The strange speech patterns of the girl, having such strength at such a size and even being affected by water in the way that she was.

"You're a vampire," Batman exhaled.

"Yes," she nodded. "Will you help?"

Batman didn't answer and instead walked passed her, stepping out of the chamber as she pleaded with him to help, the vampire falling forward with the side of her face against the floor.

"I don't wanna die, please don't let me die!" the vampire cried as she kicked her feet up and down.

The dark knight passed Alfred who quickly followed after him.

"Sir, with all due respect she's only a child and..."

"I'm not leaving her to die, Alfred," Batman responded. "She needs blood."

"And what do you plan to do, a trip to the blood bank?"

"No, half a gallon of my reserves should do."

It wasn't what he expected to here, but nevertheless Alfred smiled at the idea the young master was so easily giving up his blood without question. No matter how he was perceived by others or what Bruce thought of himself, Alfred knew deep down he had a good heart and was certainly one of the more genuine men he knew and couldn't have been more proud with the man he'd become. Batman recovered a small container with his blood inside from a storage area and returned to the containment cell and ZH Seven still crying but looked up as he reentered.

"Is... is that blood!" she asked happily jumping up with unforeseen energy, on her knees with puppy eyes and her hands clasped together. "Gimmie, gimmie, please Batman-sama!"

ZH Seven bowed down to him several times over as Batman watched in shock at her instant change in demeanor and attitude.

"I beg of you, please give me some, even a little drop," she begged some more.

This was all unexpected and given her state of mind, coupled with being a child he had a feeling this was going to be a whole lot easier than he thought.

"First off no sama, it's just Batman. ZH Seven, is it?" he asked.

"Yup, that's me," she nodded.

"How about I make you a deal," Batman took a knee as he looked her in the eyes. "I have a few questions and if you answer honestly it's all yours."

He waved the entire container in front of her as she reached out for it but he pulled it back.

"Not until you answer some questions first," Batman again stood.

"Ohhhh, no fair," she stuck out her lower lip and pouted. "Can I have a little, just an incy bit?"

"No," Batman glared while she silently wined. "Let's begin, what have you and your friend been stealing?"

"Wait, what, no!" she shook her head. "Jitzie-sama said I can never talk about those things, zip lock, key thrown in trash can't do it."

"He isn't here and what's said stays between us. You have my word," Batman again held the blood out in front of her. "You want this, don't you?"

At just seeing the blood and the scent of it venturing up her nostrils the child vampire drooled from her mouth with dazed eyes.

"Smells so delicious, must have," she wagged her backside in anticipation as Batman again pulled it back.

"Answer the question, what have the two of you been stealing and why?!"

The vampire's shoulders lowered as she grumbled as her thirst for blood grew.

"A puzzle, small pieces that connect but Jitzie-sama never said what for or why. He gives orders I do stuff, no questions. We take orders from master, but me don't think Jitzie-sama like him very much?"

"Does this master have a name?"

"Beats me," the vampire shrugged as she clasped her hands together. "May I feed now, please?"

"Don't get ahead of yourself, I'm not yet finished," Batman sighed and felt she was being truthful.

She was only a child and because of that it wasn't farfetched to assume they'd keep info from her.

"Fair enough, but what of the inconsistency with Wayne Enterprises? Lex Corp and every other target spot that you hit was left unscathed after taking what you wanted, but not with Wayne Enterprises. Every warehouse and location under his name you destroyed and photos such as these left behind," Batman pressed down over the panel under his gauntlet and revealing a holographic view with pictures of Bruce Wayne left behind at each crime scene. "What is the reason behind Jitzie's hatred for Wayne, or is it your master..."

"Don't speak that name!" she hissed baring her fangs as Batman stepped back in surprise by her outburst. "He is a traitor, coward and the worst of the worst, lower than dirt, just like that witch!"

Batman's eyes widened as she growled and he perceived the hatred in her eyes, but maintained his stance.

"What did he do?"

"I dunna wanna talk about it," ZH Seven looked from him with her arms crossed, sadness in her eyes. "Please don't make me..."

She curled up in a ball with her arms wrapped around her legs and her face buried in between her knees.

"Listen," Batman spoke sincerely as he took a knee and rested a hand over her shoulder. "I don't intend to hurt or put you through pain but I can't help if you don't talk. I want to help, so please tell me. You said Wayne did you wrong and you mentioned someone else... what did they do?"

ZH Seven grumbled but with her face still buried in between her knees and she didn't budge even in the slightest. It wasn't until after a minute that she looked up at him but with watery eyes.

"They abandoned me," she whimpered with tears rolling down her cheeks. "I did nothing wrong, I was born and they just left me, my own parents. I so badly wanted to be loved, and they weren't there, they were never there!"

Batman's heart raced at these words and his throat constricting.

"That's a lie," the dark knight grimaced.

"No it isn't," ZH Seven shook her head. "Jitzie-sama doesn't lie and he told me..."

"And I'm telling you that it's a lie!" Batman retorted.

"No, Jitoshi... I mean Jitzie-sama would never lie to me!"

Ready to go off on her again Batman opened his mouth but kept quiet as the name Jitoshi seemed rather familiar and he gave it some thought and for a while he didn't know from where.

"Jitoshi," he looked her in the face. "This Jitzie wouldn't happen to be Jitoshi Ichiro, would he?"

"No, maybe, I mean... yes," she spoke nervously fiddling with her fingers. "I wasn't supposed to say, Jitzie-sama always said..."

"He won't know, I told you what's said here stays between us," but even so with this very detail confirmed he became a bit concerned but then asked another question. "And your mother, who is she? What did Jitoshi tell you?"

"No name. He only said she was a very bad woman, thief and beggar who did really, really horrible things and that she despised me the moment I was born. Jitzie-sama says he found me on the corner of a road where they left me to die and said I was trash."

"And so this is why you've been destroying the warehouse buildings under Bruce Wayne's name, to get back at him?" Batman played along.

"Yup, and Jitzie-sama agreed to help me as we've went through and completed our tasks."

With a deep sigh things were really starting to fall into place and unanswered questions so much more clear. But there was one question that remained unanswered and that was why she'd been deceived into believing Bruce Wayne was her father. But that wasn't the only question he had, looking to put the conspiracy to rest entirely.

"When were you born?"

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"How old are you?" Batman replied.

She didn't know why he asked such weird questions but she took it as him caring enough about her to dig further and know her on a personal level and that made her feel good.

"I just turned seven… two weeks ago," the vampire smiled as she looked him in the eyes.

"Seven, huh," Batman did the same looking into her eyes.

But he did so with intent and inspected her eyes more closely and those dark blue orbs of hers were so similar, in fact even almost identical to his own! And so he moved back slightly, inspecting her facial features and then her black hair with pink streaks at the ends.

"Pink," he whispered taking a portion of her hair into his gloved hands as she felt her body shiver. "Pink hair, seven years... vampire!"

Batman instantly jumped to his feet with broad eyes and ZH Seven gazed up at him and it looked as though he'd seen a ghost. And then with his back to her he took off toward the exit as the child vampire rose to her feet and the door closed behind him.

"Wait, where you going?!" she ran toward the exit.

In the press of a button over a panel just outside the containment chamber, the room filled gas as ZH Seven coughed and banged at the glass shouting before quickly losing consciousness and falling flat over the ground. By then Alfred had already returned to the manor up top and once the smoke cleared Batman stepped inside the chamber and took a sample of ZH Seven's blood while she laid asleep using a needle and then took to the upper level inside the cave. It had been nearly seven years and a half since that time and the relationship he shared with that woman, but this just wasn't possible. She died on that night, sacrificing herself to save all of Gotham and the entire world so it just wasn't possible. Even so it was worth looking into as he'd taken samples of her blood from way back and even studying it on various occasions.

With a sample of his blood, ZH Seven's and the third party Batman performed a comparison/DNA test and dropped in the computer chair as the scan proceeded. He sat there for nearly twenty minutes as the scan finally completed and the results displayed over the screen as he quickly jumped from the chair on wheels which fell back, and his heart zipping. His blood sample combined with the third party's was a 98% percent possible match to ZH Seven's and that meant two things. In that instant his world completely flipped upside down. Even so he didn't stop there as he went under the microscope and examined NH Seven's blood more closely and compared it with the third party. Within the next minute the elevators across the cave shot open and it was Alfred that exited taking notice of what was displayed on screen but he had no idea of the context behind any of it.

"Sir," he coughed getting Batman's attention whose eyes were glued to the blood beneath the scope. "The results have confirmed a positive match. A match for what, if you don't mind me asking?"

With his hands over the table Batman pushed up as he took a deep breath and looked to his butler, knowing it would come out sooner or later so there was no point in hiding it.

"I got to talking with our guest and she told me things," Batman continued on as his eyes fell over the ground. "Things that seemed impossible, but I checked."

Alfred hadn't any idea what he referred to but kept an open mind.

"And just what sort of things?"

"I put her to sleep and took a sample of her blood and compared it to my own."

"But why, what did she tell you and if I'm not mistaking she is a vampire is she not?"

"She is," Batman nodded. "But you've seen the results Alfred, and much as I wanted to deny it, what she told me is true."

"Wait, you don't mean..." Alfred's eyes expanded as Batman nodded his head.

"She's my," Batman bit back having a difficult time getting the words out as he had hardly even wrapped his mind around the reality. "She's my biological daughter, Alfred. Think back to seven years and the vampire I romanced..."

"You don't mean," Alfred felt a bead of sweat run down the left side of his face. "Miss Bloodriver, but didn't she pass?!"

"That's what I thought, what we all thought, but evidently not. That child is a combination of our DNA, but her mother's vampire blood overtaking my own which doesn't surprise. NH Seven is one hundred percent vampire, but I don't believe she's quite awakened her true potential, her inner shinso blood. I've studied the blood of Akasha time and again since those years and the density in her blood is to a different capacity than ZH Seven's."

"Oh dear!"

Alfred was beyond dumbfounded and had no idea what to say.

"When I broke things off with Akasha she was clearly already pregnant and carrying this child, but she never told me... but it's also possible she didn't know until sometime later, maybe after the fall of Fairy Tale. But this all begs to question, why did she keep from everyone her being alive a secret, as well as this child and where is she now? NH Seven doesn't know the name of her mother and she's been convinced by Jitoshi Ichiro that both I and Akasha abandoned her as a baby, which is false. Despite Akasha's flaws, as I remember her she would never desert her own flesh and blood. There's something very wrong with this picture and I'm going to get to the bottom of it," Batman said.

"And how do you plan to do that?"

"Find Akasha... eventually. But not until after I've completed this case," Batman looked Alfred off as he walked along with the container of blood in hand. "NH Seven should be awake now, our conversation isn't yet over."

"What will you say to her?"

Those words resonated with Batman as he made his way down the steps but didn't speak. Both men had a hard time grasping the info and really had no choice but to accept it and knowing the dynamic of their lives was soon to change. As expected the vampire sat upright with her legs crossed and looked up as he came into view and through the door of the cell. He was halfway surprised she didn't put forth more of an effort to escape, but even so he had made a promise and tossed her the container of blood. Her eyes were with sparkles in them as she quickly consumed it and moaned as she licked at her lips.

"So tasty! May I have more?" she gazed up at him and for the first time he really took the time to look her over with detail.

It wasn't something he saw at first but he saw so much of himself in her and it made him tremble, but she had also taken on physical traits of her mother as well.

"I'm sorry... sorry for hitting you," Batman said, thinking back to their encounter on the ship.

"What?" she licked the blood from her lips.

"Nothing," Batman shook his head as he stood straight. "How much do you know about me and what do you think?"

The female vampire chuckled as she sat forward, situating on her knees.

"Yaaaaayyy, you're Batman of the Justice League and work with Superman, Aquaman and so many other strong people! You're super heroes and I want to be just like Wonder Woman when I grow up, she's my idol and she just kicks so much butt! You guys are the absolute coolest and you care for and protect everyone."

Try as he may, the dark knight was unable to hold back a smile.

"And what about Jitoshi. How does he treat you?"

ZH Seven fell back on her bottom as she looked up at him and Alfred watching the two from outside the containment chamber.

"Everything is done on routine and at first it was really hard, being waken at dawn training for hours and hours without rest. And only took breaks to eat and sleep and if I was lucky sometimes read. I love reading, especially adventure stories."

"When did they start training you?"

"I dunno," she shrugged. "Maybe when I was two and a half or three but I never would have made it without Jitzie-sama, everyone else was so hard on me... especially master. Jitzie-sama would sneak me snacks and little plush dolls, even when master told him not to and said I was their weapon and nothing more. I... I wish I could have been like other girls in the stories, a loving mommy and daddy. Is there such a thing, or is it only fantasy?"

Batman grimaced at this and what he needed to do was becoming more and more clear. She was his daughter and she needed to know the truth.

"You must have been given another name," Batman looked down on her. "Your mother never would have approved of any of th..."

"She neglected me and left me to die just like my father, Bruce Wayne! He has it all, billions and an entire kingdom and he didn't want me...why, what have I done! I want to be loved and cared for by them. Sometimes I would pretend I was locked up in a castle and that they'd come for me, even though I knew they wouldn't. Whenever I fell behind in training, master reminded me of how I was dirt to them and it pushed me! I'm going to destroy Bruce Wayne's world and then..."

"You don't want that," Batman cut her off. "You've been deceived and they've filled your mind with lies."

"How could you know?!" she hissed. "You weren't there!"

"You're right, I wasn't but your father didn't forsake you," Batman took a knee in front of her. "I do know that. Now tell me ZH Seven, what is your real name?"

His voice was soft and sincere but she wouldn't look at him directly and even pouted. She didn't care if he was Batman or not, she'd been told something her entire life and here he was trying to say it was all a lie and she just couldn't accept that.

"ZH Seven, I've got no other name, pff..."

"You're lying to me," Batman glared. "Don't lie to me, what was your birth given name, the name your mother gave you?"

"What's it to you?! You aren't her or him."

"Answer the question!" Batman snarled.

His patience was becoming thinner, but held himself back from lashing out on her. All of what he was feeling, his agitation and anger directed at the person or persons responsible for keeping her existence from him and if that wasn't bad enough turning her against him.

"Your name, what is it? I won't ask again."

She bit back as she clutched her fists and rolled her eyes.

"It's a Sa...Sasha," she answered biting at her tongue. "My mother named me."

"Sasha?" Batman whispered.

The young vampire confirmed by slowly nodding her head.

"That's a lovely name," Batman lowered a hand over her shoulder. "You have nothing to be ashamed of."

Sasha slapped his hand away as she again curled up in a ball and her face buried in between her legs.

"I hate that name, just like I hate her..."

Batman let out a sigh as he stood and thought silently to himself. There was so much that needed to be sorted out, primarily what led to this child being separated from Akasha which he knew was a given and secondly where was the dark lord hiding and why? If she'd been alive all these years and with this child why didn't she come forth? Regardless of that he knew in his heart of hearts Akasha wouldn't have allowed Sasha to live a life away from her, so it was just a matter of uncovering what transpired behind the scenes.

"Sasha," Batman uttered softly. "Your mother wasn't a beggar, thief or bad person... her name is Akasha Bloodriver. She is the..."

Batman stopped as the young vampire laughed and gazed up at him.

"Me, daughter of the queen of vampires... if only. I appreciate your efforts to try and cheer me up, but don't tell lies."

He didn't expect such a response, but it confirmed Akasha was without a doubt not present during her upbringing. But it was also very interesting that this girl was made aware of the queen of her race, but with all the reading she did it wasn't a surprise, especially if raised in the yokai realm where the dark lord was such a prominent figure.

"That wasn't a lie Sasha and I'm sorry about everything you've gone through, having your childhood stripped away and forced to be a warrior. It isn't too late for you to have a normal childhood if that's what you want. I might not have been there in the beginning but I'll do everything in my power to make things right."

"Why're you saying creepy stuff, you aren't my mother or father and I don't need your help! I have Jitzie-sama and everyone."

"Listen to me Sasha," Batman took a deep breath. "Bloodriver Akasha is your mother whether you want to believe it or not. She and I were... were lovers. There was an incident seven years back which many of us believed cost Akasha her life, but you're proof that she lives. Earlier when I gassed this cell and you were out cold I took a sample of your blood and made comparisons."

The female vampire grabbed and pulled at her hair with both hands and shook her head.

"I don't understand," she looked up at him. "You're confusing me."

Batman sighed as he took another step back and felt he might regret this decision but it wasn't fair to her if he kept it secret any longer. She hated and wanted to destroy Bruce Wayne's world, but she felt the opposite about Batman. If she was to believe anything he said he had to be transparent and that meant taking chances and sacrifices. Without hesitation Batman removed the cowl off his head and tossed it aside as azure eyes met. Her throat thinned as she realized who it was staring back at her, as she'd memorized his face waiting for the day she'd get back at him.

"I'm your father," Bruce said, never looking away. "Believe me Sasha had I known about you, this never would have happened... I would never have abandoned you."

To be continued

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