Pokemon: Fun in Alola

BY : Dragon1234
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Disclaimer: I do not one any rights to Pokémon, nor the characters. I also do not get paid by writing this story.

As Ash was in class at the Pokémon School in Alola, he was unaware of the events that were about to change his life.

"Good news everyone, we have five new students going us starting today," said Professor Kukui as he walked in. Five girls then walked into the classroom, causing Ash to nearly hit his head on the ceiling when he saw who they were.

"What are all of you doing here?" asked Ash as he stared at Misty, May, Dawn, Iris, and Serena.

"We heard you were here, and thought we would come check out the Alola region," said Misty who had a blue tank top and short jeans on.

"How do you know all of them, Ash?" asked Kiawe.

"I traveled with them back in their home regions," said Ash.

"He also ran away from us when," said May who was interrupted by the bell ringing in the distance. She was wearing her red bandana, a red bikini top with a black jacket haft way zipped up, and a skirt that stopped right before her knees.

"Well, it looks like class is over," said Ash as he ran out of the room, Pikachu following behind him. Later, Ash was hiding out in a secret spot he had made in the forest.

"I can't believe they are here, mom probably told them I was here," he said as he sat on the ground in a small cave. Pikachu was sitting beside him with a confused expression.

"You know exactly why I ran from them, they wanted me to choose between them, and I just can't do that," said Ash.

"Told you that's why he left," said Dawn as she and the other girls stood at the entrance to the cave. She was wearing an outfit like her original, but under her now blue skirt were black stockings, the white shirt she normally had under her black shirt was also smaller now, revealing some of her cleavage.

"How did you guys find this place?!" asked Ash who was startled.

"Professor Kukui told us about it," said Iris. She was wearing a cream-colored t-shirt and pink skirt.

"Knew I should have never told him about this place," said Ash.

"Look, I can't choose between all of you, I like all of you in the same way," said Ash who was blushing bright red.

"Then it's a good thing we have a back up plan," said Serena as she and the other girls made their way to the bed that Ash had moved there. Her hair was still short, but she was wearing a black shirt tucked under her small jean shorts.

"What do you mean you had a back up plan?" asked Ash.

"We'll all be yours," said the girls as they all pulled their shirts up, flashing their bras to Ash.

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