Bestial nature

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Bestial nature

Every year was the same

Around the mid to late winter time as the frozen chill clung to the air Chopper began acting very strangely, his normally endless patience becoming much shorter and unless he was needed for medical aid he holed himself away in his cabin for days at a time only leaving to get food before running back to seemingly hide

For the first couple of years of sailing together after meeting Chopper the others thought of his behaviour as weird but eventually they came to just ignore it, the Medic never did anything aside from go a little antisocial for a while and he never neglected his job during it so they saw no reason to disturb him

When he began to get violent however that was a different story

His short temper quickly began to lead into arguments when his bedside manner was no longer up to its usual par leading to shouting contests between the Reindeer Doctor and mainly Zoro when Chopper’s stitching needle dug in a little deeper than necessary

What seemed to be the final straw for Chopper however was when Sanji scalded his hand from a split second break of focus batting Luffy away from his latest culinary masterpiece which led him to place his hand on the red hot stove, when Chopper had attempted to apply some cooling salve to his burned hand Sanji had made a comment about wanting Nami or Robin or both to play nurse to make the pain go away and seemingly out of nowhere Chopper lost it

“I CAN’T WORK LIKE THIS!!!” he screeched tossing the salve at Sanji before storming out of the room and towards his cabin, bumping into Usopp on the way out

“Hey watch it!” the Sniper complained as the Doctor barged into his shin “watch where you’re going will ya?!” he then snapped pointing an accusing finger right between Chopper’s eyes making them go momentarily red and bloodshot

The scream Usopp let out a Chopper then bit down hard on his finger echoed throughout the rest of the ship sending the rest of the crew running to check what had happened “he bit me!” he exclaimed clutching his hand as Chopper then stormed off out of the room “he actually bit me!”

“He’s getting out of control, I think we’ll have to muzzle him” Zoro deadpanned before snorting at Usopp telling him to stop being such a baby

“I’ll go check on him” Robin stated as Usopp continued to freak out over his throbbing finger wailing something about rabies as the Archaeologist made her way out of the room and towards Chopper’s cabin

“I wonder what has gotten into him? He’s never been violent before” Robin pondered to herself as she approached the Medic’s room “he’s acting like he’s going through puberty, wait, how old is Chopper again?” she then thought realising that since Chopper was technically an animal he aged differently than the rest of the crew meaning that despite being one of the smartest members of the Straw Hats he was technically still a child by human standards and his mood swings did match that of a growing teenager

Upon reaching Chopper’s room Robin decided it was best to respect his privacy and not just walk in like normal, knocking gently on the door only to get the immediate response of “go away!”

“Chopper, we need to talk” Robin stated firmly only to get another defiant order to go away in return, rolling her eyes at his tone Robin then tested the door handle finding it locked “of course” she sighed before using her Devil Fruit power to conjure an arm on the floor on the other side of the door using it to unlock it

Upon unlocking the door Robin promptly kicked it open to show Chopper she wasn’t going to take any bullshit from him, the Doctor jumping on his bed from her sudden burst entry “what are you doing?! Get out!” he snapped with a mixture of shock and anger in his voice

“Oh no you don’t!” Robin retorted summoning a pair of arms through Chopper’s mattress, both hands snapping shut around his small frame to hold him in place making him exclaim in surprise “you’re going to sit there and tell me what the hell is going on with you” she ordered him as he squirmed and struggled in her grasp

Hissing and growling in response Chopper struggled harder, even trying to bite at the hands that held him before finally giving up, breathing heavily as Robin stared down at him awaiting his answer “I’m….” he started before trailing off with a low mumble

“What was that?” Robin asked using one of her summoned hands to raise Chopper’s face by the chin to make him look at her “I didn’t quite hear that”

“I’M IN HEAT OK!!!” the Reindeer then snapped making Robin jump slightly “well the male equivalent anyway, it’s mating season” he explained with slight shame in his voice, as if his bodily urges were unnatural

A little amazed that someone she had seen as almost childlike for so long actually had such urges “why haven’t you mentioned this before?”

“And say what? Oh by the way guys for the next couple of weeks I’m going to be horny as hell so stay away from me?” Chopper sighed dropping his normally conservative attitude when it came to his language “Usopp and Franky would give me hell for it and I bet Nami would never speak to me again if she realised that I actually have these urges”

“Chopper we’re a lot more understanding than you think, yeah Franky and maybe Brook will pop in a joke or two but we’re here for you, you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence, and Nami would never hate you”

“Oh yeah? Remember what she did to that guy who tried to cop a feel last time we dropped anchor? I don’t think his tone will ever drop to its natural base again so how do you think she’ll feel if she finds out that I’ve had thoughts about her?” the Medic retorted before immediately clamming up as he realised what he had just admitted

“You think of Nami that way?” Robin asked more curious than disgusted, surprised that Chopper could even feel attraction to a human believing that he’d just have the base urge to mate with his own species

“Only when I’m in my breeding cycle, otherwise I see you guys as just friends”

“Wait…guys? You don’t just think about Nami?”

Chopper’s eyes widened as he realised that he had let something else slip, his heart hammering in his chest as Robin bent down to look him straight in the eyes “do you think about me Chopper?” Robin asked to which she got no answer, the Medic looking away whilst shifting uncomfortably as much as he could in her grasp

Inspecting closer as Chopper refused to speak Robin moved the fingers that were covering the Medic’s lower half and as she had expected she found his pants heavily tented “is that a yes?” she couldn’t help but smile flattered that she had had such a reaction on him

“You are very pretty” Chopper admitted expecting a slap from Robin at any moment but to his surprise one never came

“Just pretty?” Robin teased as she summoned another pair of arms from the floor to lock the door as she used her real hands to start unbuttoning her top

“W…what are you doing?!” the Medic exclaimed as Robin undid her top letting her full heavy breasts fall free, the sight of them making Chopper’s eyes widen to the point of bulging as the Archaeologist tossed the top aside before unclipping her skirt letting it fall to the floor revealing her bare womanhood underneath

“You need help Chopper, you do so much to help keep us safe and healthy yet you take nothing back so you can’t expect me to let you just suffer in silence” Robin cooed as she then took hold of Choppers shorts, his little kicks legging and flailing as his erection sprung free

In proportion to his small size Choppers manhood was only a mere two inches, Robin wasn’t surprised or put off though as she leaned in to place a kiss on the head of his manhood sending a jolt of pleasure straight up the Medic’s spine “R…Robin…stop…” Chopper tried to protest but Robin just ignored him taking his cock passed her lips into her warm wet mouth

A split second later the Archaeologist felt Chopper twitch between her lips before tasting his salty release as he came all over her tongue, surprised at first Robin then took it in her stride letting him completely unload in her mouth before swallowing what he had given her leaving him a panting mess “there, feel better now? Was that so hard?” she tittered as she released her grip on him dispelling her extra hands believing that she had drained Chopper completely dry

However something inside Chopper snapped upon his release, the human side of his mind shrinking away to make way for pure animal instinct catching Robin by surprise as he suddenly transformed to his larger more muscular human form, standing up as Robin fell back on her ass from surprise “Chopper?” she gasped as any shock and fear she had melted away at the sight at his now much larger throbbing cock, his manhood now standing at a massive fifteen to sixteen inches in perfect proportion to his now huge body

Staring at the Medic’s massive cock Robin could feel her mouth watering as her pussy moistened “you want more?” she breathed look up at him as lust clouded her eyes “I’ll give you more” she told him happily moving back in to press her huge bust around his shaft, his cock now far too large for her mouth to she resigned to focus on pleasing him with her tits

As the Archaeologist got to work Chopper simply breathed heavily as he watched her pump her breasts along his throbbing length, the Medic now pure animal with the sheer bestial urge to mate and breed as he stared down at Robin, his dark animal eyes sending shudders of arousal down her spine

“Such a big delicious cock” she purred as she ran her tongue along the broad head and first few inches of his throbbing cock, his musk making her head feel light and fuzzy as her cunt dripped onto the floor, the smell of her own arousal making Chopper rumble primal-ly from the pit of his chest

Licking along Chopper’s cock a few more times Robin then gasped when the Medic reached down to grab hold of her thick thighs and fat ass, using them to lift her up until her dripping cunt was pressed against the head of his cock “oh fuck, oh god!” she then screamed as he pushed her down all the way making her take every inch of him, her eyes rolling back as her groin bulged around his girth, her entire body shaking with ecstasy as Chopper began to move her along his cock like she was a sex toy

Thankfully the walls of Chopper’s bedroom were thick enough to mask most of the sounds Robin made lest the others thought she was in pain, her screams of pleasure echoing throughout the room she bounced along Chopper’s cock, her ass clapping against his balls as his primal grunts joined her screams “oh fuck Chopper! Just like that!” the Archaeologist screamed as she started to cum on his cock, her breasts bouncing harder as she went limp in his grasp, her brain feeling like it was about to explode as she then felt Chopper cum inside of her making her black out from overstimulation

(One hour later)

Slowly awakening from her post sex mini coma Robin moaned to herself as she felt her body ache blissfully, sure that she wasn’t going to be able to walk for at least the rest of the day until she felt her toes wiggle and also felt something being rubbed on her thighs

Lifting herself up onto her elbows Robin looked down to find Chopper had returned to his normal petite form and was rubbing some kind of balm on her legs “hey, feeling better now?” Robin asked with a tired smile enjoying the warming feeling of the balm against her aching thighs

“Much better thank you” Chopper returned with his signature beaming grin “this is just a warming lotion, your legs were really bruised when I came to, I must have done a real number on you”

“Yeah you did, haven’t been fucked like that in…well ever, don’t go feeling bad about it though, you’re easily the best I ever had” the Archaeologist complimented and for a moment she could swear that she could see the blush under his fur “so how long does your heat season last?”

“Another week or so then I’ll be good for another year” Chopper explained with a sign as he closed the lotion pot “so I’ll be back to being an ass by morning”

“Well I could always help you out again, can’t have you biting Usopp again otherwise Zoro’s going to muzzle you” Robin reached reaching down to scratch behind one of Chopper’s ears “so no more hiding yourself away, the moment you go into heat you come find me ok? Hell Vivi thinks you’re cute so I’m sure she’d be more than willing to help you out” she added and this time Chopper wasn’t so against it

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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